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Can life ever be normal for Kyle? That remains to be seen as he enters university and tries to maintain a low profile.

Romance / Scifi
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S04 E01 The Morning After

Kyle XY S04 E01

The Morning After

AMANDA: Oh, my God. [Suddenly she remembers everything that happened between her and Kyle last night]. We’re married. [Her voice is hoarse].

She feels Kyle shift beside her and looks over to see he’s awake and watching her. He smiles and hugs her close to him. Her skin tingles in response to feel him press so intimately against her.

KYLE: Hi. [His voice sounds as hoarse as hers].

AMANDA [swallows nervously]: Kyle, we, [she rests her left hand on his chest], got married.

KYLE [lays his left hand over hers]: Yeah, we did.

She sits up and when the bedding slips to reveal her bra, she grabs and holds the blanket up to her chin. Of course her action causes the blanket to slip off him to reveal him in his undershorts. She glances away, feeling shy. Mostly however, she feels awful.

AMANDA: I feel like road kill. What did you do to me?

KYLE: I altered your body’s and my body’s chemistry so the drug could be expelled.

AMANDA [winces, remembering just how long they were both in the bathroom]: It felt like it went on forever.

KYLE [rubs his eyes and rolls over to check the time]: Three a.m.

AMANDA [groans]: We only had an hour of sleep?

KYLE: Amanda, we have to catch our plane back to Seattle.

AMANDA [suddenly realizes something as she reaches inside her purse on the nightstand and checks her cell phone, the battery on her cell phone is dead; a puzzled look crosses her face]: My phone’s dead. Oh, God. We have to tell our parents what happened to us. What are we going to do? We’re married! I know we didn’t, [despite the fact they were only dressed in their undergarments and in bed together, they didn’t consummate their marriage], have…um…you know, but still…we…we’re…

KYLE [sees his jacket on the floor and reaches over the bed to fish through his pocket to pull out his cell but the battery is dead too]: I know. [He thinks for a moment, his feelings are just as jumbled as hers]. We’ll have to tell them when we get back. [He rolls his gold wedding band around his finger, deep in thought]. With all that’s happened, maybe we should think of this as an engagement.

AMANDA [frowns at him]: What are you saying? You don’t want to be married?

KYLE: No, I mean, yes. We’ve had so many things happen to us, I just thought this would be a way to take back control. [She just watches him with a troubled look on her face, not understanding him]. I know we planned to be together after college but now that this has happened sooner than we planned, and considering the circumstances… we should get married when we want to get married. Do you know what I mean?

AMANDA: No. We wanted to be married. [She remembers enough of last night to know he wanted it too]. At least, I thought you did. Do you want to be married to me?

KYLE: Yes!

He sounds sure, but his confusing suggestion makes it hard for her to really feel secure he wants it just as much she does. She does want to be married to him except… her thought trails off.

AMANDA: Just not now. [She puts her cell phone back in her purse, giving her hands something to do, as she suddenly feels nervous around him].

She has said the one thing that cuts to the heart of what he really thinks. Heading off to university and becoming a freshman and having a heavy four-year course load in order to cram in as many majors as he can to further develop his career. He isn’t ready for marriage now. Despite her desire to be with him, he knows she isn’t ready yet either. So, where did that leave them?

KYLE: How do you feel?

AMANDA [glances away and swallows hard hating to admit she has her own doubts but knowing he knows]: I guess I’m not ready either.

KYLE: Do you want to be married to me?

AMANDA [glances back at him]: Yes.

KYLE [gives a half-hearted smile]: Just not now?

She gives a shaky laugh. They look awkwardly at each other and away again as she tries to cover herself when the blanket slips down.

AMANDA: What a night.

She finds herself remembering what Cassidy did and the embryo he created. She feels violated all over again, worse than the time he had Latnok put an implant in her to affect her memory and feels tears pool. She wipes them angrily away and sniffs, her feelings fluctuating from anger to sadness and back to anger.

Kyle feels her pain and is lost in his own pain. He still hasn’t told her he’s sterile. She wants children. Will she still want to be married to him if he can’t give her any? Somehow he knows she will but it will leave an unfulfilled gap in their life and his own doubts and fears churn around inside him.

AMANDA: I, um, need to…[She points to the washroom]. Do you mind if I use the washroom first? [She wraps the blanket around her and stands up].

KYLE: No, go ahead.

AMANDA: Thanks. [She starts looking for and picking up her clothes, trying to avoid his half-naked state].

KYLE [helps her]: Here, [he hands her the rest of her clothes].

She ducks inside the washroom, too flustered to thank him. He looks so adorable no matter how rumpled he looks. But what was he trying to say? He must be just as scared as she is. As soon as she sees herself in the mirror she groans.

AMANDA: Oh, I look awful! [She makes a face at herself]. We’ve certainly seen each other at our worst.

She starts getting dressed. In the outer room, Kyle puts his clothes on and heads over to a dresser and picks up their marriage license and certificate then he notices a bank draft. He picks it up. The amount is $10 million and he bites his lip as a flash of memory of their night together hits him.

KYLE [narrative]: The moment we left Preston’s party, Amanda turned to me and said she wanted to do this right. Knowing how she felt about waiting for marriage there was only one thing to do, find a place that would marry us. Unfortunately in the state of Washington when a couple applies for a marriage license there is a three day wait before they can marry. There wasn’t any wait for a license in the state of California or Neveda but the only flight available that late was to Las Vegas. With the drug flowing in my system it wasn’t long before I found myself wanting what she wanted.

Scene cuts to them driving away in his van. Amanda runs a hand through his hair as he drives.

AMANDA: I don’t like buckets seats. I can’t get close to you.

KYLE: Amanda, the beer was laced.

AMANDA: I don’t like beer. [She tickles his ear with her finger, tracing each curve].

KYLE [tries to concentrate on driving and not on how she’s making him feel]: We need to, or I need to find someplace.

AMANDA: Let’s do this right. Let’s get married.

KYLE [his heart rate speeds up and keeps his gaze focused on the road and swallows hard]: Married?

AMANDA: You do want to be with me, don’t you? [She runs her hand down his shoulder, along his side creeping closer to his waist].

KYLE: Yes. [He tries to block her hand but he needs to shift gears as the light up ahead changes to red].

AMANDA: I so wished it could have been our baby that was frozen. [He closes his eyes briefly against the pain her words brought to him].

KYLE: Me, too. [He stares straight ahead as his grief overwhelms him to mix and flow with the drug swimming through his veins. Thinking logically grew harder].

AMANDA [her hand drifts over to his arm and on to his hand over the gear shift]: Let’s be together. Forever.

He stops for the red light and takes her hand in his.

AMANDA: I love you so much.

KYLE: I love you, too. [Feelings drown out logic and reason at that moment].

Cut back to Kyle in the hotel room.

KYLE [narrative]: When she wished it had been our DNA that created an embryo, I wished it had been our DNA as well. I wished it more than anything, to have our own child. After that moment, I thought of nothing else. Later on, down in the casino, it was Amanda who suggested I use my special electrical ability.

Cut to them down in the hotel casino.

AMANDA [has her arm tucked through his but every now and then she pauses walking with him to give him a kiss, sometimes on the lips, or his cheek or his neck, an amorous distraction]: Why are we here and not in a room, dear husband?

KYLE [looks at their cheap gold bands the minister had supplied them with in their haste to marry]: I wish I could afford to give you real wedding rings.

AMANDA: So, that’s why we’re here? You’re going to use the last of our money to gamble?

KYLE: I figured playing cards would be the best way to win some money. I’d be able to count what cards are being played.

AMANDA [makes a face]: That will take too long. [She suddenly has an idea]. Why don’t you play the slot machines and use your special electrical talent?

KYLE: That’s cheating.

AMANDA: Not really, not when you told me you wanted to build a health center one day. That will cost a lot of money. Think of it as an investment, as a faster way towards a good cause. [She runs her hand in a caressing motion along his chin like an enticing bit of encouragement].

KYLE [still hesitates]: That might cause too much attention; there are security guards and cameras all over the place.

AMANDA: Just play the smaller slots. [She kisses his chin and all he can think of then is to use his abilities as the fastest way to obtain money so he can be alone with her].

He finds his opportunity when two cameras are seconds from being turned away from the smaller slot machine and no one around them is paying any attention to him, except Amanda choses that moment to distract him with another kiss. His hand, charged with electricity, touches the bigger slot machine, the machine that had a $10 million dollar prize. That was also when their cell phones died as he jerked away and shook his hand. Soon they are surrounded by well-wishers and hotel staff members, with pictures being taken of them for the local newspaper. Amanda hangs on to his arm and smiles throughout.

Scene cuts to earlier when they are on the plane as he continues to remember. The two and half hour flight from Seattle to Las Vegas is spent with them sitting uncomfortably in the middle aisle, so as the drug continues to flow through their veins the effects seem to heighten their need for each other even more.

KYLE [to take his mind off Amanda sitting practically on top of him, he searches the web for chapels and possible ceremony ideas]: What do you think of these vows?

AMANDA [squints over his shoulder at the small screen on his cell phone]: Perfect.

KYLE: Which ones do you like, really like? [She rubs his arm and tries to distract her when he senses she’s about to kiss him again, he really wants this moment to be perfect]. We have two more hours to kill.

AMANDA [gives a puff of frustrated air]: All right, show me.

They smile at each other and settle in for the next two hours choosing wedding vows. It was as if the airline knew that when some couples only arrived in Las Vegas it was for the sole purpose of getting married as fast as they can, perhaps that’s why they built a chapel right inside the airport. But just before they head to the chapel, Kyle stops by a florist and buys a couple of roses. When they enter the chapel, there are several couples already seated. They walk over to the receptionist.

RECEPTIONIST: I have another two couples scheduled first so just take a seat.

KYLE [speaks over Amanda’s groan as he feels the same way]: Thanks.

They sit and wait. One couple comes out and another goes in. As Kyle waits, he feels himself start to sweat. When he had gotten drunk for the very first time, after a couple of hours or so, he found his body was struggling to handle the liquor. He solved it by altering his body’s chemistry and getting rid of the liquor. Now, he is finding the same thing happening, his body wants to get rid of the drug flowing in his system but the only way to get rid of it discreetly is to start sweating it out of his system.


LADY [seated next to a man]: Oh, we’re the witnesses. We’re still waiting for my sister to arrive.

SECRETARY [looks over at Kyle and Amanda]: I guess you’re next.

AMANDA: Fantastic!

They enter the chapel.

MINISTER: Do you have rings or witnesses?

KYLE: No. [He holds up the two roses]. But I do have these for a rose ceremony. And we would like this ceremony version. [He holds up his cell so the minister can see the title].

MINISTER: Sorry, we’re on the clock. We already have a standard ceremony version. [He calls to his assistant]. Do you have any witnesses?

KYLE: No. [He puts away his cell feeling disappointed].



MINISTER: We have rings on hand, twenty extra.

Kyle nods.

MINISTER [coughs to clear his throat as his wife and his assistant joins them]: Ready? [His wife holds the rings].

Kyle and Amanda take and hold each other’s hands.

MINISTER [recites from memory]: We are gathered at this place to witness the formal joining in the legal state of matrimony of this man and this woman, according to the order and the custom prevailing, and under the authority given and provided by the state of Nevada. There is assumed to be a desire for a life-long companionship…

KYLE [whispers to Amanda as they look into each others eyes while he speaks]: A definite desire for a life-long companion. [She smiles and nods in response].

MINISTER [continues unphased as if he is long used to interruptions]: …and a generous sharing of the help and comfort that husband and wife ought to have from each other, through whatever circumstances of sickness or health, joy or sorrow, prosperity or adversity, the lives of these parties may experience. A marriage ceremony represents one of life’s greatest commitments. Marriage is therefore not to be entered upon thoughtlessly or irresponsibly…

At this point, on hearing those words, Kyle frowns as if a nagging feeling is trying to push it’s way past his drug-induced and grief-filled state. It was as if sweating out the drug is starting to clear his mind, but as Amanda continues to hold his hands and look deep into his eyes the nagging feeling passes. This is what he wants.

MINISTER: …but with a due and serious understanding and appreciation of the ends for which it is undertaken, and of the material, intellectual and emotional factors which will govern its fulfillment. It is into this high and serious state that these two persons desire to unite and celebrate one of life’s greatest moments and give recognition to the worth and beauty of love, as you join together in vows of marriage.

MINISTER [to Kyle]:
 Therefore, do you, Kyle, take Amanda to be your wife?

KYLE: I do.

MINISTER: Do you promise to love, honor, cherish and protect her, forsaking all others and holding only unto her?

 I do.

MINISTER [to Amanda]:
 Amanda, do you take Kyle to be your husband?


MINISTER: Do you promise to love, honor, cherish and protect him, forsaking all others and holding only unto him?

 I do.

 Do you pledge to each other to be loving friends and partners in marriage? To talk and to listen, to trust and appreciate one another; to respect and cherish each other’s uniqueness; and to support, comfort and strengthen each other through life’s joys and sorrows? Do you promise to share hopes, thoughts and dreams as you build your lives together? Say, we do.

KYLE & AMANDA [say together]: We do.

MINISTER: May your lives be ever intertwined, your love keep you together as you build a home that is compassionate to all, full of respect and honor for others and each other. May your home be forever filled with peace, happiness and love. [He receives the rings from his wife].
 In asmuch as you have made this declaration of your vows concerning one another, I ask that these wedding rings be used and regarded as a seal and a confirmation and acceptance of the vows you have made.

[Minister hands the ring to Kyle, who places it on Amanda’s finger].

MINISTER: Wear this ring forever, Amanda, as a symbol of love and peace and of all that is unending.

[Minister hands the other ring to Amanda, who places it on Kyle’s finger].

MINISTER: Wear this ring forever, Kyle, as a symbol of love and peace and of all that is unending. [His assistant motions for him to hurry, the couple that was supposed to have been next has now arrived so the minister rushes the next few words]. And now, as you Kyle and Amanda have consented in legal wedlock, and have declared your solemn intention in this company, and in my presence, and have exchanged these rings as the pledge of your vows to each other; now upon the authority vested in me by the state of Nevada, I pronounce you ‘husband’ and ‘wife’.

The minister is in too much of a hurry for them to sign their marriage license so Kyle doesn’t get the chance to kiss his bride, but just as Amanda is about to sign, Kyle stops her. The minister taps his foot with impatience.

AMANDA [begins to feel alarmed he doesn’t want to marry her]: What?

KYLE: I was just thinking, I know how much your dad meant to you, if you wanted, you don’t have to change your name completely. Just add mine on.

AMANDA [a beaming smile lights her face and she throws her arms around him]: Oh, Kyle. Thank you! You are the best husband already. [Beads of sweat transfer on to her cheek and as she pulls away she rubs her cheek and looks at him closely]. Are you all right?

KYLE: Yeah, it’s just warm in here.

She quickly signs her name: Bloom-Trager.

Now, up in the hotel room, he finds himself trying to rush his bride to catch the next flight home.

Cut to the Trager house where Steven and Nicole are in the living room, along with a pacing and furious Carol Bloom.

CAROL [checks her watch]: If anything happens to her—

NICOLE: I’m just as concerned, Carol.

CAROL: They were drugged! Who knows what’s happening!

NICOLE: The police arrested the person. Two other students were drugged as well; they’re at the hospital. Apparently this student was a user and a dealer in the drug ecstasy.

CAROL: I never approved of the Preston’s allowing parties for their son. I admit his parties have been well-controlled until now. But why did it happen to my daughter?

Cut to Jessi in her bedroom. Lori and Josh are with her and both are watching her concentrate. Jessi has her eyes closed as she tries to mentally seek out and find out where Kyle is.

JOSH: And how will we explain to Mrs. Bloom how we found Kyle?

LORI: We’ll just say he called on our cell.

Scene cuts back to the hotel room in Las Vegas. Kyle feels a mental probe from Jessi, she’s trying to find him. He projects a mental picture of Las Vegas to her and the time of the plane ride back home. The lights in the room start to flicker on and off as he uses energy to project back to her.

Cut back to the Trager house and the lights are flickering on and off inside the whole house.

CAROL: What’s wrong now?

STEVEN: I’ll just go check the breakers it might be a fault.

He leaves the living room as Carol pulls out her cell phone and tries to contact Amanda. Steven heads to Jessi’s room.

STEVEN: Well? Anything?

JESSI [opens her eyes]: I found him. He’s in Las Vegas. He’s coming home. Their flight should arrive in Seattle by 7am.

STEVEN: Las Vegas? What’s he doing there? [He gets a bad feeling in his stomach]. Tell me they aren’t there, please.

JESSI: They are.

STEVEN [sighs]: Well, at least we know more than we did. I’ll try to reach him with his cell again.

JESSI: Wait. [She projects an image of a phone].

Cut to Kyle as he hurries to put on his jacket and lead Amanda out the door. They have barely enough time to catch their flight back. He suddenly stops in the middle of the hall as he receives another image from Jessi.

AMANDA: What is it?

KYLE: It’s Jessi. She’s sending another message. [He hears a ding of the elevator as the door opens and several people who were partying come staggering down the hall towards them. He lowers his voice]. I don’t have time to send her a message back, not now, not here. We have to get going. [He guides her around them so he’s between her and the partiers; she’s warmed by his protective gesture].

They make it to the airport just in time to catch their flight and they fall exhausted into their seats.

Cut back to Jessi. She frowns when she doesn’t get any signal back.

JESSI: He’s not answering.

STEVEN: Maybe he’s already left.

JESSI: Maybe.

STEVEN: Well, thanks for trying.

JOSH: Whoa, Vegas, the city of sin.

LORI: You don’t think they…[she bites her lip when her dad looks even more worried].

JESSI: They what?

Lori looks to her dad to explain the possibilities to her but he doesn’t seem willing to even contemplate any.

STEVEN: I better phone the police and let them know we heard from them.

He leaves the room.

JESSI [glances at Lori]: What do you think they did?

LORI: Uh, with the drug in their system and they way they were feeling at the time, uh…

JESSI: They’d have sex?

LORI: Yeah. [Josh is nodding].

JESSI: Simple biology. What about it?

LORI: Well, because it’s Kyle and Amanda.


LORI: So, they’re the types who don’t.

JESSI: From the way they feel about each other it’s inevitable.

Lori shakes her head, feeling sad for Kyle and Amanda. This shouldn’t have happened to them.

Cut back to the Trager living room as Carol tries to reach Amanda.

CAROL: No answer. Why isn’t she answering?

STEVEN [comes back in with the handheld phone in his hands]: Ah, I just checked with the police and I found out they are in Las Vegas.

CAROL [stares at him aghast]: Vegas? Vegas?!

STEVEN: They’re on their way home. They should be here before eight.

NICOLE: Oh, Steven. Vegas? How, why would they go there?

He shakes his head, unwilling to voice what he fears most.

CAROL: Why? Why else? [She starts pacing again]. Whatever he did to her, I’ll find a way to undo it.

NICOLE: Carol, Kyle would never do anything to hurt Amanda.

CAROL: Your son is too in love with my daughter just as she is too in love with him. What she’ll ask of him he’ll gladly do. Even if it’s marriage. [She rambles on as she paces]. I know my daughter. She doesn’t think straight where your son is concerned and if she’s drugged, well, then she’s really not thinking.

NICOLE [watches her pace and stares aghast as well, it’s what she most fears as well]: Oh, no. Not marriage. Not now. [She turns to Steven].

STEVEN: Let’s just wait until they come home. Then we’ll know. We have a few hours until then. Maybe we should, [he glances over at Carol who’s still pacing, rubbing her hands in agitation], rest?

NICOLE: I won’t be able to sleep. I’ll just wait on the couch. Carol?

CAROL: Oh, there’s no way I’ll be able to sleep either.

NICOLE [waves a hand at the couch]: Do you want to wait with me?

CAROL [sits down on the couch]: This will ruin her career.

NICOLE [sits beside her]: What will?

CAROL: Marriage!

NICOLE: We don’t know they’re married.

CAROL: What if she gets pregnant?

NICOLE [is rethinking on having Carol stay]: I’m sure they’ll take precautions.

CAROL: That’s the last thing they’ll be thinking of in their drugged state.

NICOLE [looks helplessly at Steven who shrugs as if to say, ‘you’re the one who wanted her here’]: Let’s not jump to any conclusions.

CAROL: Nicole, it’s obvious what the conclusion is. What other reason would you go to Vegas for if it isn’t for gambling? [Just then she has another thought]. Your son doesn’t gamble, does he?

NICOLE: No! [She turns once again to Steven]. Steven could you call the police again and find out if they actually did get married?

STEVEN: Actually, hon, I did ask them about that possibility.


STEVEN: They said they’d get back to me. [Just then the phone he’s holding rings and all three adults stare at it in fear. Steven answers]. Hello? [He pauses]. They did? [He stares back at Nicole and nods, confirming their fear that they did get married].

DETECTIVE’s voice: We’ve confirmed their flight back. It’s the time you gave us. Oh, there’s one more thing. [The detective pauses to long for Steven’s comfort].


DETECTIVE’s voice: They were in the paper.

STEVEN: The paper? Why were they in the paper? [He has another horrible sinking feeling].

Cut to the detective as he reads from his computer screen.

DETECTIVE: A pair of young newlyweds who were just married is now set for life thanks to winning ten million dollars, the Vegas Tribune wishes them the best of luck in their marriage just as luck was with them in winning the grand prize.

STEVEN [cut back to him as he stares blankly at nothing]: How much?

DETECTIVE’s voice [starts to fade as Steven tries to grasp that his son isn’t just married but super rich as well]: Ten million. Lucky boy you have.

STEVEN: Yeah, lucky. [He wouldn’t call it luck how Kyle and Amanda were drugged and the sole reason of how they ended up where they were].

DETECTIVE’s voice: I can send someone over in the morning to take their statements.

STEVEN: That sounds good, thanks. We’ll be here. [He hangs up and just stares at Nicole].

NICOLE: Steven?

STEVEN: Yeah, they’re married. It was in the paper.

CAROL: Oh, God. See? It was just as I feared. [She looks from one to the other]. Unless you approve of their marriage? I know you’re rather progressive about these things but, really—

NICOLE [frowns at Carol]: No, we don’t approve. Right? [She glances back at Steven].

STEVEN: Right.

CAROL: Well, that’s a relief. Thank you, for being on my side. [She frowns this time]. Why don’t you approve? You can’t think my daughter isn’t good enough?

NICOLE [sighs]: No. That isn’t the reason. She’s been nothing but help—[she cuts herself off as she realizes she’s about to slip how helpful Amanda had been with Kyle when his life signs were so low after he phased]. She’s a very good girl, the best I could wish for Kyle. But they are way too young.

CAROL: Oh, thank you. I agree. They are too young. [She studies Nicole]. What type of help?

NICOLE: Oh, nothing. I just meant how she’s so willing to help others. [She checks her watch].

STEVEN: Why don’t I make us some coffee?

NICOLE: Yes, coffee sounds good. Carol?

CAROL: Yes, extra strong.

Scene cuts to Jessi’s room where she’s listening in the conversation and relating it to Lori and Josh.

LORI: Oh, my God, they’re actually married?

JOSH: No way.

JESSI: Yes, you won’t believe what the detective said next. [She glances from one to the other]. Kyle’s rich. He won ten million dollars. [She tilts her head thinking how he might have won so much and holds up her hand, managing to generate a few sparks of electricity]. Something I should have thought of doing, so easy.

LORI: How? Wait, he’s what?

JOSH [looks dumbstruck]: How rich? Oh, right, wow, ten million rich. I’ll never have to work again.

JESSI [lowers her hand and touches her wooden night table to discharge, the hand on her electrical alarm clock spins madly around and around]: Technically it’s his money. His and Amanda’s.

JOSH: Amanda’s?

JESSI: They’re married now they share half of everything.

JOSH: Oh. Oh! [He’s too busy thinking to pay attention to the brief surge of electricity she generated].

LORI [too lost in thought as well]: My, God. They took graduation to a whole new level. Not that any of this was their fault or shouldn’t have happened and oh, my God.

STEVEN [opens the door and pokes his head in]: You heard? The whole conversation?


She looks scared at being caught out but when she senses Steven doesn’t seem overly concerned about it, she’s relieved. She doesn’t want to risk breaking more rules but she is just as curious as Lori and Josh to hear everything.

STEVEN: Keep it quiet, don’t say anything in front of Carol.

LORI: Why dad?

STEVEN: We may need a lawyer. [He closes the door and heads back to the kitchen to make coffee].

Back in the bedroom, Lori opens her mouth in surprise.

JESSI: What did he mean?

LORI: I don’t know.

JOSH: That doesn’t sound good. In fact, it sounds…ugly. Or like it could get ugly.

LORI: But, why would our dad, he must be thinking of Kyle’s best interests. [She sighs in relief as she draws her own conclusion]. You know how generous he can be.

JOSH: Right. Right. You’re right. [He’s just as eager to accept her conclusion].

JESSI: That makes sense. Kyle is awfully generous.

They all nod.

Scene cuts to Kyle pulling up in the driveway with his van. He looks over to see Amanda just beginning to nod off with much needed sleep. On the plane ride back she’d been too over-tired to sleep along with anxious and fretful. Side effects from the drug still lingers in her system. He didn’t have enough energy to completely dispel the entire drug, he’d been so tired.

KYLE [nudges her shoulder]: We’re home. [He checks the time; it’s 7:30].

AMANDA [grumbles, unwilling to move]: Mmhmm.

KYLE [heads around the van and opens her side]: Hang on. [He lifts her from the van and heads to the front door carrying her as she tucks her head on his shoulder, her arms wrapped around his neck].

Cut to inside the house in the kitchen. Nicole, Steven and Carol are sitting around the counter holding mugs of coffee.

NICOLE [sips her coffee]: They should be here by now.

Steven takes a large gulp of coffee and waits.

CAROL: Where could they be? [She checks the time; it’s nearing 7:30. Just then the doorbell rings].

NICOLE: Oh, I hope that’s them.

They head to the hall while Steven opens the door. He moves aside as Kyle carries Amanda in, they both look like washed out rag dolls with dark circles under their eyes. Jessi comes out of her room on hearing the doorbell ring to see that Kyle has come home. Lori and Josh come downstairs and hover on the landing.

CAROL: What’s happened?

KYLE: She’s sleeping.

AMANDA [tries to snuggle closer]: Mmm, you feel so good. Bed now?

Carol stares aghast. She definitely notices their wedding bands.

JOSH: Nothing like carrying one’s bride over the threshold.

Steven and Nicole give him a ‘cork it’ look.

KYLE: She’s very tired.

JOSH: I bet. [He receives another dark look from his dad and shuts up].

CAROL: I think its time, far time, to take my daughter home. [But she sees Amanda is too sleepy to walk on her own and realizes she’ll have to ask Kyle to carry her home].

Before she can ask for his help, Kyle heads inside the living room to place Amanda down on the couch. But her grip on his neck tightens and he plunks down beside her. He rubs his eyes. Steven and Nicole look at him in concern.

Jessi hovers inside the living room behind Carol. Lori and Josh come down the last couple of steps to see better.

STEVEN: You okay, Kyle?

KYLE [glances up]: Tired. [He checks his watch]. I have to go to work.

He stands up and tries to extract himself from Amanda.

AMANDA [suddenly sits up]: No! Don’t leave me.

KYLE: I won’t. [He takes a hold of her hands but checks her eyes and sees they are dilated. He needs to make her dispel the rest of the drug to lessen the side effects]. It’s okay. We’re home. [He caresses the back of her neck in a soothing manner].

AMANDA [shudders]: Cassidy’s back.

Nicole bites her lip and glances at Steven with an even more worried look.

CAROL [frowns]: Who’s Cassidy?

KYLE [to Amanda]: No, he’s not. [He lays his forehead on hers]. It’s okay.

AMANDA [pulls away, remembering their last kiss and the resulting time spent in the bathroom]: No, don’t kiss me.

KYLE [pulls back]: I won’t.

AMANDA: I don’t want to go through that again. [Her memories and feelings are all in a jumble].

CAROL [raises her voice]: Who’s Cassidy?

AMANDA [winces as she looks at Kyle]: Oh, no, my mom’s here. [She glances over to see her mom standing near them with her arms crossed]. Hi, mom.

CAROL: Kyle, would you mind taking my daughter home? Maybe by tonight the drug will have worn off.

AMANDA: No, I’m not going. We’re married now.

CAROL: Not for long!

KYLE [glances at his parents]: What kind of drug was it? Did you find out?

NICOLE: It was ecstasy.

Jessi relates the information she found on the computer earlier.

JESSI: It can last up to 24 hours. The side effects can last up to a week or more. Some of the effects are paranoia, confusion, severe anxiety, sleep problems, craving, and depression. [She sees that Carol and her foster parents are even more troubled and look on in even greater concern and worry at Kyle and Amanda. Perhaps now wasn’t the best time to impart that much information].

KYLE: Depression. [He and Amanda stare at each other and each start to have tears pool in their eyes, as if they needed depression added on to their already depression-filled state, an embryo she didn’t want and an inability to produce children he didn’t expect].

CAROL: All the more reason for you to relax and get comfortable, Amanda. Back home.

AMANDA: I’m not leaving.

NICOLE: You’re both welcome to stay, Carol.

CAROL: That’s not the point—[she’s interrupted when the doorbell rings].

Lori answers it and sees two women standing on the doorstep. One has a case in her hands while the other holds up a badge.

DETECTIVE: Hi, I’m Detective Reed and this is Officer Malor. Is Mr. or Mrs. Trager home?

LORI: Yeah, come on in. [She guides them inside the living room]. Mom, Dad.

Steven and Nicole turn to greet the detective.

NICOLE: I’m Mrs. Trager. This is Mrs. Bloom. And the two on the couch are Kyle and Amanda, they came home, at last.

REED [shakes hands with Nicole then Carol and looks over at Kyle and Amanda]: Ah, so you’re our missing couple. How are you?

AMANDA: Fine. [She grips Kyle’s hand].

KYLE: Tired. [He gives her a reassuring squeeze back].

REED: Do you mind if we take your statements now? Officer Malor will want some samples. It will help our case against the person who drugged you.

KYLE: All right.

Steven, Nicole and Carol wait in the dining room while Jessi, Lori and Josh wait around in the kitchen as Detective Reed takes their statements. When samples have been taken, Detective Reed hands them a card each.

REED: You both might find it helpful to see a counselor with all that you’ve been through. [Nicole and Carol enter]. And, because you were under the influence of a substance there are legal papers you can sign and it would be like your marriage never happened.

CAROL: Yes, that’s exactly what I’ll have her do.

AMANDA: No! [She glares at her mom]. Don’t let her take me, she’ll lock me up again.

REED [frowns and looks slightly alarmed as she glances from mother to daughter]: What do you mean?

Carol can’t believe Amanda blurted out something so private and what should have been just between them and feels doubly guilty. She had only been looking out for Amanda’s best interest, trying to get her to fly back to New York and the conservatory. It was the drug making her say things out in the open like this but it was still hard to take and glances away, feeling ashamed.

KYLE [picks up on Carol’s feelings]: Amanda, trust me. She won’t.

AMANDA: You know what she’s like.

CAROL: Amanda, I—[she takes a deep breath], of course I won’t lock you up.

REED [takes out another business card]: Well, if there’s a problem, call me.

AMANDA [takes the card and looks pointedly at her mom]: I, we, want to stay married. [She glances at Kyle and he gives her a slight nod of reassurance].

REED [glances at Kyle and Amanda]: Well, those papers are something to think on. How do you two feel about everything?

KYLE [glances at Amanda who looks just as tired and worn out as he does]: Overwhelmed.

REED: I don’t blame you. I highly recommend seeing a counselor at a time like this. [She looks around at the rest of the family]. For everyone. [She glances back at Kyle and Amanda]. Good luck, you two.

The detective gets up to leave along with Office Malor and Steven shows them both out. Amanda lays her head on Kyle’s shoulder.

AMANDA: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to put you on the spot. You know with wanting to stay married.

KYLE: You didn’t. And I do. [He checks his watch]. Amanda, I really have to go now.

AMANDA [frowns at him]: Where?

KYLE: To work.

AMANDA [looks at the couch they’re on]: Mind if I crash here?

Kyle glances over at Nicole and Carol.

NICOLE: If you like, Amanda, you can stay in Lori’s room. Carol, you’re more than welcome to stay.

CAROL: Thank you, Nicole.

NICOLE [turns towards the kitchen]: Lori!

LORI [comes out]: Yes, mom?

NICOLE: Could you make your bed ready for Amanda?

LORI: Sure.

KYLE [leans over to kiss Amanda’s cheek]: I’ll see you later. [He gets up and hurries to his room to get ready for work].

AMANDA: Later. [She watches after him then glances over at her mom]. Mom—


AMANDA: I-I really love him.

CAROL: Yes, Amanda. That’s more than obvious. But you two are far too young to be married right now. [She sees Amanda’s lip tighten and knows she won’t be able to reason with her]. Go, try and get some sleep.

Amanda follows Lori up to her room. Nicole and Carol glance at each other, each in sync. Neither wants their children to be married to the other.

Scene cuts to later when Amanda wakes up from a fitful sleep and sees her mom lying in a chair beside Lori’s bed.


CAROL [sits up]: I’m here. Are you feeling better?

AMANDA [sighs a deep sigh]: I have something to tell you.

CAROL [thinks she’s about to tell her something else]: Oh, ah…I don’t think I want hear—

AMANDA: I’m married.

CAROL [blinks and studies her closely]: Yes, I know. Don’t you remember?

AMANDA [rubs her eyes and sits up]: Oh, right. [She looks around the Lori’s bedroom]. Where’s Kyle?

CAROL [sighs]: Can you possibly for one minute quit thinking about him?

AMANDA: Of course I can. So, where is he?

CAROL: At work. So is everyone else, except Lori. She’s downstairs.

AMANDA: Right, he had to work today. [Suddenly she remembers]. I have to work today.

CAROL: Never mind work.

AMANDA: But I’m late.

CAROL: You have the day off. Josh is covering for you.

AMANDA: Oh, good. [She gets up and heads to the door]. I’ll have to thank him.

CAROL: Where are you going?

AMANDA: The washroom. [She leaves the room].

CAROL [talks to herself]: She’s avoiding me, I just know it.

Carol stands up and stretches, then starts folding her blanket, then begins making Lori’s bed. Amanda comes back in and hops back into bed just as Carol is about to pull up the blankets.

AMANDA [takes hold of the blanket and drags it over herself as she lies down]: Thanks, mom.

CAROL [raises her hands and drops them back down in defeat]: What’s the use? Amanda, we need to have a talk.

AMANDA [fears her mom wants to talk her out of being married]: Mom, I’m staying married to Kyle.

CAROL: Will you just listen?

AMANDA [sits up]: Why? So you can change my mind?

CAROL: So I can appeal to your common sense.

Amanda lies back down and pulls the blanket over her head.

CAROL: I see you prefer to bury your common sense.

AMANDA [sighs heavily, knowing her mother won’t stop until she makes her point and uncovers her head]: Okay, I’m listening.

CAROL: I know how much you ‘love’ him, that’s all I hear from you. And, I’m sure he’d make a fine husband, some day. You’re just starting out in life; you do still want to become a pianist, don’t you?

AMANDA: Of course I do, and I will. Being married to Kyle won’t change that.

CAROL: Well, what if something happens?

AMANDA: What do you mean, if something happens?

The only really horrible thing she can think of happening is if Kyle, when risking his life once to often, gets killed in the process. That’s what worries her most. He almost died saving Jessi. What if he dies next time? He’ll have died before he’d have a chance to live, or worse, be discovered and locked away forever.

CAROL: Accidents.

Amanda stares at her mother wide-eyed, beginning to feel alarmed and worried, visions of Kyle dying an early death now prominent in her mind.

CAROL: You weren’t protected. What if you get pregnant?

AMANDA: What? [She is so relieved her mother wasn’t talking about real accidents she didn’t catch the full meaning but then she caught on]. Mom! No, we didn’t…I’m not…[suddenly the memory of her and Cassidy’s DNA and the resulting frozen embryo made her sick to her stomach]. We didn’t. I won’t be pregnant, mom. [The way she choked out the words makes Carol think she is disappointed she won’t be pregnant].

CAROL: Well, thank goodness for that at least.

Amanda turns away, eyes filling with tears, a few leak out. Why couldn’t the embryo have been hers and Kyle’s?

CAROL [begins to worry even more]: Surely you don’t want a baby right now?

AMANDA [feels only loss for what could and should have been their embryo]: And what if I do?

Carol hangs her mouth open in stunned surprise.

Scene changes to Carol following an irate Amanda down the stairs. Lori is in the kitchen, munching on a snack and drinking some water.

AMANDA: Mom, I don’t want to discuss it anymore.

CAROL: You can have the marriage annulled, after all, you were drugged and under duress.


CAROL: Amanda, there is no way I’m going to let you remain married under these circumstances.

AMANDA: Is it the circumstance or the fact you just don’t want me to be married to Kyle? [She heads to the living room but has a feeling that Lori, even in the kitchen, can’t help hear her argue with her mother].

CAROL [not listening]: I’ll go straight to the bishop and make the arrangements.

AMANDA: No, mother, you will not!

CAROL: An annulment is best, you’ll see.

AMANDA: Don’t even think of going to the bishop! I’m staying married to Kyle.

CAROL: I knew it. You’re not willing to listen to reason.

AMANDA: Because you’re not being reasonable.

CAROL: If you stay married to him, Amanda, I’ll—

AMANDA: You’ll what?

CAROL: I’ll disown you.

AMANDA [stares at her mother in horror and hurt]: Fine. Fine.

She leaves the room and heads down the hall towards Kyle’s room.

CAROL: Amanda, wait! [She follows her].

AMANDA: I can’t talk to you. [She enters Kyle’s room and locks the door].

She hears her mom rattle the door, trying to open it.

CAROL’s voice [on other side of door]: Amanda, open this door!

AMANDA: You’ve disowned me, remember?

CAROL’s voice [grows quieter]: I’m sorry.

AMANDA: So am I. [She climbs into the tub and holds on to Kyle’s pillow, smelling his scent and taking comfort that if he’s not there in person his presence is].

She hears her mother try the door again, then hears nothing for a moment, then hears her mother walk away. What feels like a couple of hours later, she hears a knock on the door and another attempt to try and open it.

AMANDA: Go away!

LORI’s voice: Okay, but I just thought you might like to talk. Your mom’s gone home.

AMANDA [gets out of the tub and hurries to unlock the door]: Sorry, [she sees Lori standing there].

LORI: That was some argument.

AMANDA: She’s so single minded.

LORI: Yeah, I noticed. [From her tone though Amanda catches on that she thinks she’s also single minded. Perhaps she is where Kyle’s concerned].

AMANDA [heaves a sigh]: Okay, I may have been, too.

LORI: I didn’t say anything.

AMANDA [smiles]: You didn’t have to. [But her smile quickly fades]. She said she would disown me! What kind of mother says that to her daughter?

Lori gives a helpless shrug.

AMANDA [crosses her arms, looking just like her mother]: She’s impossible.

LORI: Mmm.

Scene cuts to later when Steven and Nicole return home from work. Nicole sees Lori in the kitchen.

NICOLE: Is Amanda and Carol still here?

LORI: Amanda is, she’s in Kyle’s room. Mrs. Bloom went home.

NICOLE: In Kyle’s room? What’s she doing in there? And why did Carol go home without her?

LORI: They had an argument. A big one. Amanda took refuge.

NICOLE: Let me guess, the more Carol tried to talk her out of the marriage the more Amanda wanted to stay married.

LORI: Yeah, that sums it up, how did you know?

NICOLE: Simple psychology.

LORI: Psychology, huh? For a moment I thought you could predict like how Kyle predicts.

NICOLE: Human behavior is usually predictable.

She hears the front door open behind her and turns to see who’s come home. Kyle enters, returning home from work. He sees Nicole and picks up three other heartbeats, recognizing each one and who is all home.


NICOLE: Hi. [She’s watching him closely and knows he looks even more tired then how he looked this morning]. How was work?

KYLE [takes off his hardhat and tool-belt and follows her into the kitchen, generating enthusiasm to keep her from being worried about him]: Good. Real good. I learnt how to drive a bobcat. [He sees Lori at the table and smiles a hello].

LORI: Sounds like fun.

KYLE: I was clearing away dirt and gravel.

LORI: Oh, [she crinkles her nose], that part doesn’t sound like fun to me.

KYLE: It was. [He looks toward his bedroom]. If you don’t mind, I’ll go and check on Amanda.

NICOLE: Kyle, [he pauses but she just nods], we’ll talk later.

Kyle picks up on her worry and fear of their situation and nods. He enters his room and sees Amanda lying in his tub. He sets his hardhat and tool-belt on his desk. The noise of the tools hitting the desktop wakes her up.

KYLE: Sorry.

AMANDA [sits up, glad to see him]: Hey. I’m so glad you’re back. [Events of last night, the argument with her mom take hold and her emotions churn erratically and she steps out of the tub and hugs him]. Very glad.

KYLE [hugs her back]: How are you doing?

AMANDA [didn’t want to let him know what horrible words her mother said to her]: Better.

KYLE [can tell she isn’t]: Amanda—

AMANDA [berates herself remembering she can’t fool him for a second]: Shh—

She does the only think she can think of to distract him, trying not to feel guilty for using kisses as a means to avoid talking.

KYLE [responds for a moment before gently breaking free]: Amanda—

AMANDA [cuts him off, feeling desperate]: I don’t want to talk about it.

KYLE: I didn’t use full strength in adjusting your body’s chemistry to expel the drug because I know your system couldn’t handle it like I could.

Amanda looks at him totally confused, not expecting him to talk about something so off topic.

AMANDA: What are you saying?

KYLE: You’re still feeling side effects from the drug. It will take a couple of more tries and you can be free from the effects.

AMANDA [gaze now focusing on his lips in trepidation]: You mean kiss me like you did before back at the hotel?

KYLE: Yeah.

AMANDA [shakes her head]: No.

KYLE: You’ll be free from the effects. The drug is making you feel worse.

AMANDA: Worse? How can it not feel worse? I have a—a baby from another man, a hateful man, my mother disowned me, and even you don’t want to be married to me.

KYLE [frowns]: Yes, I do.

AMANDA [steps back and crosses her arms]: Just not now, isn’t that what you said?

The more he looks sadly at her with his puppy dog eyes the more her churning emotions settle enough for her to think more clearly, knowing he is right. The drug is clouding her thinking, accenting emotions at a higher level. She tries to rub away the goosebumps on her arms, feeling confused and sorry for lashing out at him. He’s in as much pain as she is.

AMANDA: I’m sorry. [She can’t help but shudder]. Okay, do it. Just get it over with—

Kyle leans over, cups her neck and kisses her full on the lips. She feels a slight tingle. At first it feels wonderful but as the chemicals in her body shift she begins to feel queasy and the pleasant feeling passes.

He stops kissing her and holds on to her as she sways.

KYLE: You can make it. I’ll help. [He leads her upstairs to the bathroom].

Kyle joins Steven and Nicole in the kitchen as Lori goes upstairs to help Amanda. Josh comes home from work in time to see Lori about to head up the stairs.

JOSH: So, how are the newlyweds?

LORI: Well, thanks to Kyle, he altered Amanda’s body chemistry to get rid of the drug’s side effects.

JOSH: How did he do that exactly?

LORI: He kissed her.

JOSH: Oh, [he nods], he should be known as the kiss of health.

LORI: Ha, funny.

She goes upstairs but as Josh is about to enter the kitchen to say hello, he hears his mom and dad say to Kyle they need to talk and hovers in the hallway to listen.

STEVEN: Kyle, we need to talk. [He glances at Nicole for her to continue].

NICOLE: I guess there’s no delicate way to put this but, about your marriage to Amanda, have you thought more on what the Detective told you? That you can have it annulled?

KYLE [notices she and Steve are both watching him carefully]: You don’t want me to be married to Amanda?

NICOLE: Well, way in the future.

STEVEN: Right, way, way in the future.

KYLE: I haven’t discussed it with her yet but I want to be married to her.

NICOLE: We know you do but it’s just that you’re so young.

STEVEN: Let a few years pass so you can finish college and begin a career. Then you’ll be better equipped financially, well, (thinks on his winnings in Vegas), emotionally.

NICOLE: It was only two years ago you came out of that pod, I mean, what I’m trying to say is, you’ve only just begun to live your life.

KYLE [frowns]: Isn’t marriage a part of life?

NICOLE: It is, but when you’re ready.

KYLE [can tell they would rather not have him be married]: I’ll think about it but I need to talk to Amanda though.

NICOLE: Of course. [She’s a little more relieved he’ll at least think or rethink about staying married].

Steven smiles in encouragement as if that is the best and only decision Kyle can make.

Scene cuts to Kyle in Lori’s room. Amanda is lying on the bed, looking pale and washed out.

KYLE: I just wanted to explain more, what I was thinking back at the hotel. What if we treat our togetherness as an engagement? That way our parents will have time to accept our being married to each other and a year from now, have a more formal wedding.

AMANDA: My mother won’t accept it. She disowned me!

KYLE: She spoke in anger. [She looks at him as if that shouldn’t matter]. And fear.

AMANDA: Fear? Fear of what?

KYLE: Losing you.

AMANDA: Well, that’s what disowning would mean, losing me.

KYLE: I think losing you to me.

AMANDA: That’s ridiculous. She’ll have gained you, as a son.

KYLE: I know but, [suddenly he thinks on why that might be the reason Nicole and Steven wanted their marriage annulled, fear they’ll have lost a son].

AMANDA: But what?

KYLE: I know we were under the influence of a drug, but I still took the vows we made seriously. I definitely want you as my wife, [a sad look crosses his face], even if we don’t have our parents blessing.

AMANDA: I know we’re young but other couples have married just as young and have stayed together. Okay, very few, but I want to be one of those few.

KYLE: So do I.

AMANDA: A year. That seems so far away.

KYLE: I know.

AMANDA: I don’t know. I’m torn. It sounds like a good idea but…

KYLE: Let’s talk to them about it. First your mother. [He sees the sweat on her brow]. Can you make it downstairs to my room? I can hook up my cell to my computer and we can view her on webcam.

Amanda nods. Scene cuts to Kyle’s room where they are talking with Carol via webcam.

AMANDA [trying to win her mother over to her point of view]: He’s a great and caring and loving and special person…

CAROL [her image on the computer screen shows exasperation]: Yes, Amanda. I know how you feel about him. But you two are way too young. How do Steven and Nicole feel about this pretend engagement? [Beneath her breath and forgetting they can hear her]. I bet they’re okay; they are more progressive about these kinds of things.

KYLE: Actually, Mrs. Bloom, you’re the first to know.

CAROL [shakes her head]: I still don’t like it.

AMANDA: Mom, I’m, we’re staying married.

CAROL: Obviously I can’t appeal to my daughter’s common sense, [she glances at Kyle while Amanda silently fumes], but surely you can see the logic of waiting, far into the future, when you’re ready?

KYLE: Logically, yes. [Carol’s almost ready to sigh in relief but it’s short-lived]. But, to appease my parents and you, Amanda and I have decided to treat the next year as an engagement. We’d still be married legally but it will give everyone a chance to accept our marriage.

CAROL: No, I’m sorry, maybe five or ten years from now—

AMANDA: Ten years?! Mother, that’s ridiculous.

CAROL: I’ll thank you Amanda to never take that tone with me. Married or not married you’re still a child.

AMANDA [turns to Kyle, knowing if she stays she’ll really say something she’ll regret]: I’m sorry, Kyle. I need some air.

She leaves his room.

KYLE: Mrs. Bloom, won’t you think about looking on this as an engagement for now?

CAROL: How can it be an engagement? You’re married! No matter how you decide to treat it, it’s still a marriage. You both need to take full responsibility for it. No, an annulment is best.

KYLE: I’m sorry, Mrs. Bloom. We really want to be married.

CAROL: Then you’ll have to accept the full consequences and responsibilities to be married. And so will my daughter.

Scene cuts to the upstairs master bedroom where the phone rings and Nicole picks it up.

NICOLE: Carol! Hi. [She pauses]. Yes, their marriage should be—what was that? [A longer pause]. An engagement?

Scene cuts to Kyle. He finds Amanda out on the deck taking a breath of fresh air.

AMANDA: I’m sorry. She just gets me so mad sometimes.

KYLE: I noticed.

AMANDA: I won’t have her ruin this for us.

KYLE: She won’t. It’s our responsibility. It’s a lot to take in.

AMANDA: Yeah. [She looks off at the night sky]. A big responsibility. [She’s beginning to fear the enormity of their situation. Kyle feels it too].

Upstairs back in the master bedroom Nicole’s conversation with Carol continues.

NICOLE: A lot can happen in a year, Carol.

CAROL’s voice: Yes, but a lot can stay the same. I know my daughter.

NICOLE: Part of a counseling session the Detective recommended would address these issues. I could arrange something for you, and Steven and I to be a part of.

CAROL’s voice: That would be like agreeing to this marriage.

NICOLE: Not necessarily.

CAROL’s voice: I heard them, Nicole. They’re too in love.

NICOLE [sighs in defeat]: I know. That’s what worries me.

CAROL’s voice: Exactly my point.

Nicole shakes her head, Carol just had to get in the last word.

Scene cuts back to Kyle and Amanda.

KYLE: Well, time to face my parents with our idea.

She goes with him. Now she and Kyle are in the living room sitting across from Steven and Nicole.

NICOLE: Your mom just called, Amanda.

Kyle feels Amanda tense up and squeeze his hand in response, he squeezes back.

NICOLE: And we’re all concerned at how fast this has all been. I know you mentioned to view the next year as more of an engagement but, [she takes a breath and glances at Steen who nods at her to continue], the fact is, legally you’re married. That’s an enormous responsibility. Perhaps after university you could remarry.

AMANDA: I’m sorry, Mrs. Trager, but we are married and want to stay married.

Kyle senses her fear mingling with his own. They’re not just trying to convince their parents, they’re trying to convince themselves that this is what they want. He also senses more and studies both his parents and realizes it’s what he suspected earlier. They are afraid of losing him, especially Nicole. Like the time he went away to be with his fake parents the Petersons, she’s afraid to lose him again, this time to Amanda.

NICOLE: Try to see it from our point of view, [she looks from Amanda to Kyle worried they are to in love to see the seriousness of what they were considering]. It’s only been two years since you’ve been freed from that pod, Kyle, your life has just started. There’s so much more to experience and when you’re ready, then marriage.

STEVEN: Think of it this way, you’ll both be stronger for having waited.

Amanda looks away, suddenly afraid. She can see her point. Kyle never had any type of life. Is it fair of her to want him, and oh, how she wants him, as her husband?

KYLE [picks up on Amada’s fear and how Nicole’s words bothered her]: We’ll think about what you said, Nicole.

Amanda looks at him in renewed fear, wondering if he’s in agreement with Nicole.

AMANDA: I better go. [She barely chokes out as emotions start to overwhelm her].

KYLE: I’ll walk you home.

He stands up with her and follows her out the door, emotions churning inside him as well. Logically what Steven said makes sense, they will be stronger for having waited but emotionally it felt like giving up before they even had a chance to start.

NICOLE [glances in concern at Steven]: How do you think that went?

STEVEN: Hopefully they’ll realize it will make more sense to wait a few years. [Nicole doesn’t look convinced their words had any impact].

Outside, as Kyle walks Amanda to her door, he stops her from entering.

AMANDA [uncertain of his intention, knowing he wanted to talk but fearing what he’d say and rushes in]: You’re mom’s right. You never had a chance to live, I mean, normally.

KYLE [gives a sad smile]: I lived more these last two years than anyone. [He thinks of a saying]. Like a roller coaster ride.

AMANDA [tears fill her eyes]: Then maybe it’s time to step away from your wild ride for a more tranquil one.

KYLE [cups her cheek]: Not without you.

AMANDA [places her hand on his not wanting to let go]: Kyle, you heard your mom, she wants what’s best for you. [She takes a deep breath]. I do too and if that means, [she chokes up, she can’t say she’s willing to let him go when she doesn’t want to let him go].

KYLE: I know she does. But she spoke out of fear. [His thumb begins a caressing motion].

AMANDA [closes her eyes briefly, hungry for any physical comfort]: What do you mean?

KYLE: She’s afraid of losing me like she lost me before, when I left with the Petersons to be with Adam.

AMANDA [eyes widen in sudden understanding]: It’s like you said about my mom, only opposite. But she’ll gain a daughter, me. Oh, God, unless she doesn’t want me for a daughter.

KYLE: Yes, she does. She’s just not ready yet.

AMANDA: Then what do we do? Wait until both our parents are ready?

KYLE: That’s what the next year will be for; you and I together need to prepare them. Prove to them we’re ready.

AMDNA [gives him a studied look remembering their time in Vegas and admitting their personal fears]: Even though we admitted to each other we weren’t even sure we were ready?

KYLE [gives a helpless shrug]: Yeah.

AMANDA: Kyle, [she had to ask], do you want to be married now?

His slow smile is like a ray of sunshine to her.

KYLE: Yes. [But his smile dims as his doubt and fear take hold]. Do you?

AMANDA: Oh, yes. I do.

Her reassurance, like their wedding vow, brings back his full smile. When he leans over to kiss her, it’s the sweetest and gentlest of kisses he’s ever given her.

KYLE: I love you.

AMANDA: I love you.

Only then does he leave to head back home. Amanda enters her house, feeling more prepared to deal with her mother. They have one year to convince and show their respective parents they belong together, and to deal with their own self-doubts and fears. They had their work cut out for them.

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Verna Nowell: I was so excited throughout the whole book I could not not reading until I was done it totally kept my attention

Alejandra: It was new, but very interesting!Loved it

Mohammed Rahman: Very gentle vampire. Like to read more

Msplem: As always a great read! Love this series so much

Irina Faustino: I really like you storie. Just have a little mistake in Portuguese, but it’s just in this last chapter. But it’s really a good storie I’m looking forward for the net update.

thaliaberg: I really liked Izzy’s background story and Eric’s reaction to it. But Eric‘s actions sometimes got to irrational for me to be understandable in this situation.

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Tiphnie: I love the insight into marku, especially after reading IAOO 4 times, 5, I just finished it again today. Your an amazing writer and from my perspective an all around amazing person. I hope you forever find joy in writing, as I absolutely adore your books and would buy them all hard copy of I coul...

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