Season 4

S04 E10 Tension Mounts Part 1

Kyle XY S04 E10

Tension Mounts Part 1

Day 1

Oct 10 – Sunday morning

Scene opens in Lori and Hillary’s dorm room. Lori’s still in bed.

HILLARY: Last night was a total disaster. [She’s sitting on her bed talking to the back of Lori’s head, holding a mug of coffee].

LORI [groans]: Do I really want to hear the ‘how’ without coffee?

HILLARY: That’s why I brought you some.

Lori turns, eyes both Hillary and the mug then sits up, taking it when Hillary holds the mug out to her. After Lori takes a few sips, Hillary continues.

HILLARY: What is it about me that attracts the Charlies of this world?

LORI: What did he do?

HILLARY: The moment I arrived at the restaurant, Dexter was in the bar section, talking and flirting with another girl.

LORI: The slime. [She fortifies herself with more sips of coffee].

HILLARY: Then when I called him up on it during dinner, he acted as if I was the one at fault because I didn’t wait for him in the restaurant area like we arranged. Can you believe it?

LORI: Unbelievable.

HILLARY: After dinner, I said, don’t bother to call me, ever.

LORI: Why didn’t you call the whole thing off as soon as you saw him with someone else?

HILLARY: And miss a free meal? No way. I was looking forward to eating in that restaurant for a long time. The chef was from New York, the best French chef to open a restaurant here in Seattle.

LORI: Well, as long as the food was worth it, [she takes a few more sips].

HILLARY [excitement laces her voice]: Was it ever! I even met the chef. Dexter didn’t like how I was talking to him in French.

LORI: Hypocrite.

HILLARY: I hate men.

LORI: I don’t blame you.

HILLARY: So, where can I find the good ones?

LORI: New York?

HILLARY: Haha. Dexter is from New York.

LORI [winces]: Ouch.

HILLARY: I told him to catch the next flight back. [She looks lost in thought though with a slight frown on her face].

LORI: And then what happened?

HILLARY: The jerk kissed me and then had the gall to say, after I protested, that I liked it. [She huffs but then gets a dreamy-eyed look].

LORI: Jerk. [But Hillary still looks dreamy-eyed]. Did you like it?

HILLARY: The kiss made my toes curl. He was a great kisser.

LORI: Still…

HILLARY: Yeah, still. [She sighs]. I need a guy, a good decent, warm-hearted guy.

LORI: And one who’s a great kisser?

HILLARY: Definitely a great kisser. [She heaves another sigh]. Where can I find a guy like that?

Scene cuts to Kyle, back in his bedroom at the Trager house. When he enters the kitchen and sits down for breakfast at the kitchen table, Jessi glares at him. Plates and cutlery start to rattle.

NICOLE: Easy, Jessi.

KYLE: Maybe I should leave.

NICOLE [at the same time as Jessi]: Of course not.

JESSI [at the same time as Nicole]: Yes, you should.

Steven and Nicole glance at each other across the table. Some family weekend this was turning out to be.

STEVEN: I know you’re upset but, [fearing another glass shattering event he cautions them], I’d like a quiet Sunday breakfast.

Jessi stares at her plateful of pancakes, her appetite gone.

JESSI: May I be excused?

STEVEN [sighs]: You may.

She leaves the table and heads to her room.

Kyle looks sadly at his plateful of pancakes with extra blueberries piled on top. Behind him, Josh comes in yawning.

KYLE [to his parents]: I’m sorry.

Nicole reaches over and gives his arm a comforting squeeze, not knowing what else to say.

KYLE: I was going to church with Amanda this morning.

Josh joins them at the table in front of Jessi’s pile of pancakes.

NICOLE: She’s not answering your calls?


JOSH [contemplatively stares at Kyle]: There isn’t any way you could alter Cassidy’s embryo to make him less Cassidy-like, could you? Like throw in your DNA? It might make him more likeable for everyone.

Steven and Nicole first glance from Josh then to Kyle, wondering as well. He pulled off the impossible with his and Amanda’s DNA, why not one more impossible feat?

KYLE: No, Josh, I tampered with Mother Nature enough.

Cut to Amanda, sitting on her bed, staring blankly at the picture of their girl she placed on her nightstand. All she feels inside is numb.

Completely, totally numb. The doorbell rings. She remains sitting there, unable to move or do anything.

The bell rings intermittently for the next five minutes before it stops.

Downstairs, outside the door, Kyle walks away, casting worried glances up towards Amanda’s window. Like Jessi, she’s not speaking to him, or acknowledging him.

He heads back home. He sees and joins Steven in the garage.

STEVEN [glances up]: Hey. No go?

KYLE [shakes his head]: I gave her a lot to digest. She needs time.

STEVEN: Yeah. The waiting is the hardest.

Kyle nods in agreement.

STEVEN: I still can’t believe… I mean, it’s incredible, you found a way, but to keep Cassidy’s embryo as well?

KYLE: I know. [If it were possible to sound both happy and miserable all at the same time, he did. Not just for what he did and wanted but putting his family through all this].

STEVEN: Yeah. [It seems that was the best he can say and feels bad for not being much help to Kyle and reassure him all will be well when he isn’t sure it will be].

KYLE [looks around the garage]: Do you need help with anything?

STEVEN: Actually, I could use a hand checking the brakes. I was going to take it in.

It turns out that all the brakes needed were the pads to be replaced. When they enter the house for lunch, Jessi is in the kitchen helping Nicole. But then she sees Kyle. She begins chopping the potatoes harder and making smaller chunks than needed.

NICOLE: Ah, Jessi. That’s enough chopping, thanks.

Jessi glances down at the mangled potatoe. She sets her knife aside which makes Nicole relieved.

NICOLE: I think we have all we need for a potatoe salad.

JESSI: I’ll be in my room.

Kyle cuts her off.

KYLE: You don’t have to go, I’ll go.

JESSI [glares at him]: Fine.

Nicole tilts her head at Steven as if to say, oh dear.

Kyle heads to his room and only when he’s gone does Nicole wipe her hands on a dish towel and turn to Jessi.

NICOLE: I know it’s hard to face him, but he lives here, too.

JESSI: No, he doesn’t, he lives in the dorm with Declan.

NICOLE: It’s a family weekend.

JESSI: I’ll keep out of the family’s way then.

NICOLE: Jessi, you’re very much a part of this family now. Your well-being is just as important.

JESSI: I’m so mad at him. He wants that murderer’s offspring.

NICOLE [rubs her shoulder]: I know.

Cut to Kyle in his room as he slides further down in his tub, feeling the strain he put his family under. He can feel the waves of anger emanating from Jess which she doesn’t bother trying to mask. Out of concern of what his family is all feeling he listens in briefly. Nicole is right. Jessi needs the Tragers they are her family now.

When he joins his family for lunch, Jessi doesn’t look at him or acknowledge his presence but she is quick to leave the table and heads to her room right after, leaving him to help clean up.

Steven heads to Jessi’s room and lightly knocks on her door, even though he sees her sitting on her bed.

JESSI: I know, I know, he’s part of the family.

STEVEN: Actually, I just came to ask you if you want to go for a jog in the forest? Release some of what you’re feeling.

JESSI [sounds grateful]: I’d like that.

STEVEN [smiles]: I’ll just go and change and meet you at the front door. [He shuts her door to give her privacy].

As Steven heads upstairs he sees Kyle about to head to his room. Steven pauses to lay a comforting hand on his shoulder. Kyle smiles at him. When Kyle enters his room, he calls Declan.

DECLAN’s voice: Yo?

KYLE: Hi. Things aren’t going well here. Mind if I come back? Or do you and Jackie have plans?

DECLAN [cut to him]: Actually, I’ll be over at her place tonight, she’s having a party, celebrating her new digs. [He pauses in packing up a few of things in a backpack]. So, things aren’t well. Sorry, man.

KYLE [cut to him]: Maybe I’ll stay home after all. I don’t want to be alone, although it feels like I’m already alone.

DECLAN [cut to him, frowning]: Where are you?

KYLE’s voice: In my room.

DECLAN: Well, if you feel the need for some action, you’re welcome to come to Jackie’s party, I’m sure she won’t mind.

KYLE [cut to him]: Thanks. Maybe I will.

They click off. Kyle hears Jessi leave her room.

Cut to Jessi as she joins Steven at the front door, both dressed in jogging suits. Steven is holding his car keys and opens the door to find Hillary and Lori struggling with a big laundry bag up the steps.

LORI: Oh, thank God. I don’t have to dig for my keys.

HILLARY: Hey, Mr. Trager, you’re a welcome sight.

STEVEN [nods to her then points to the bag]: What’s all that, Lori?

LORI: Laundry.

He steps aside as Hillary and Lori drag the bag inside. Nicole joins them.

NICOLE: Don’t you have a budget for that?

LORI: Yeah, but it’s not enough?

NICOLE [sighs]: Lori…

LORI: It’s only two loads.

NICOLE: Only two? [The bag looks more like three].

LORI: Roughly.

STEVEN: You’re not getting any more money.

Hillary steps aside not wanting to get involved.

LORI: I know.

He sighs and motions for Jessi. They head out.

LORI: Where are they going?

NICOLE: Jogging.

LORI: Oh, Kyle’s not going with them? [She struggles to hold on to the bag that keeps tipping over].


Her mother’s simple one word answer makes Lori think something’s not quite right.

LORI: How come?

NICOLE [sees the bag tip over]: You better take that upstairs before everything spills out.

LORI: Drats. [She struggles to keep everything inside]. Hills?

HILLARY: Oh, sure. [She comes to her friends rescue and helps Lori take the bag upstairs to the laundry room].

Nicole heads to Kyle’s room. His door is open and she sees him lying in his tub.


KYLE: Hey.

She enters to perch on the side of his tub.

NICOLE: I don’t know what more I can say.

KYLE: I have been thinking on what you’ve said, the needs of the baby come first.


KYLE: I still can’t help what I feel.

NICOLE: Oh, Kyle. You still want to keep Cassidy’s embryo?

KYLE: Very much.

NICOLE [sighs]: Oh, Kyle, [she shakes her head, feeling at a loss for a moment]: Say, would you like me to talk to Amanda?

KYLE [looks hopeful]: Would you? She didn’t answer the door when I went over earlier.

NICOLE: Well, I’ll try anyway.

She gives him a sad smile and leaves to head over to Amanda’s house.

KYLE [narrative]: It was so tempting to listen in and hear Amanda’s voice but knew I should wait and let Nicole tell me what went on, after all, didn’t I feel hurt and betrayed when Jessi listened in on my conversation with Amanda?

He glances over at his radio and mentally turns it on, tuning it to a station that plays classical melodies and closes his eyes.

Cut to Steven and Jessi in the woods.

STEVEN: Here’s your chance to run off some steam. Is there anyone around?

JESSI: No, it’s clear.

STEVEN: I’ll wait for you here, then.

Jessi gives a slight upward tilt of her lips and sets off at a fast run. She’s glad Steven’s letting her run off some pent up energy. Even though she’s grounded, she’s glad she’s given this opportunity to get out of the house.

Kyle was carrying the act of charity too far. Why did he have to be so, so Kyle? But then where would she be?

Cut to Nicole inside Amanda’s house.

AMANDA: He left me. All alone. To deal.

NICOLE: I thought you told him to leave.

AMANDA: Oh, right. I did. I forgot. And he took me literally.

NICOLE: You must not yet be ready to see him if you didn’t take any of his calls.

AMANDA: Not yet. Do you know what he did? [Nicole is about to nod when Amanda walks over and picks up a picture off the coffee table that was lying next to a box of tissues]. He gives me this wonderful gift, [she shows Nicole the picture], our daughter. And then he…. [She chokes up].

NICOLE [takes the picture]: He drew this? [Amanda nods].

This time Nicole chokes up, realizing how much this picture symbolized Kyle’s commitment. For the first time she feels more accepting of the fact they are a married couple. They are going to have a baby. One day.

NICOLE: Oh, Amanda. [She gives her a hug of support, and as Amanda hugs back, she finds she needs the support of a hug, too]. I know it’s hard, but when you’re ready, he’s still in his room, waiting to hear from you.

AMANDA [gets all choked up]: I can’t, not now.

NICOLE [pats her on the back]: When you’re ready.

Amanda nods.

When Nicole arrives back home she finds Lori and Hillary have raided the fridge and helped themselves to left over lunch. She heads upstairs to the master bedroom and finds Steven taking off his jogging suit jacket.

NICOLE: How’s Jessi?

STEVEN: She could still run some more but at least she’s calmer. It helped.


STEVEN: I’m going to have a shower. [He heads to their bathroom but pauses when Nicole continues].

NICOLE: I feel all like I’ve been doing is damage control when I’ve felt just as damaged. Okay, that’s a pretty strong word but, my God, Steven; he still wants to keep that embryo.

STEVEN: He does? Even knowing adoption would be what’s best for it?


STEVEN: I think we’re going to have to let them work this one out.

NICOLE: And what if they can’t?

STEVEN: Are you thinking they’ll split up?

NICOLE: I don’t know. They’re also going to have their own baby one day, to split up now, with their baby waiting to be unfrozen, who knows? They’re married, they’ll have to work something out.

STEVEN [studies her]: So, you’re more accepting of their marriage now.

NICOLE: Yeah, I am. Except…

STEVEN: Except what?

NICOLE: They have a such a big hurdle to overcome.

He nods.

Cut to Hillary and Lori after they finished their lunch and are back upstairs in her bedroom with the door shut as they wait for another load of laundry to finish.

HILLARY: I’m so bummed.

LORI: So that’s why you were so willing to help me with my laundry.

HILLARY: Maybe. [She shrugs looking all bummed out].

LORI: You’re not thinking of going to that party tonight at the sorority house, are you?

HILLARY: Yes. I need a pick me up.

LORI: Forget that creep.

HILLARY: That’s why I’m going, to forget.

LORI: You don’t even know anyone at this party, there might be creeps there too.

HILLARY: And there might not.

LORI: I don’t want you to go.

HILLARY: Come with me then.

LORI: No thanks.

HILLARY: There’ll be booze.

LORI: Then for sure there will be drunken louts.

HILLARY: So negative. You sure you won’t come with me?

LORI: I’ll pass.

HILLARY: You’re passing up on booze?

LORI: Yeah, actually I am.

HILLARY: Well, it’s not just booze I’m hoping to drown my sorrows in but I hope to find some half decent guy there.

LORI: Why just half decent? You deserve more.

HILLARY: Thanks, I do, don’t I? [She laughs].

LORI [laughs with her]: You totally do. [Her laughter fades]. But seriously, Hills, I don’t like the idea of you going alone.

HILLARY [voice sounds all pleading]: Then come with me, [very pleading], if you’re so concerned.

LORI [groans, giving in]: Fine.

HILLARY: Oh, goody, I was about to resort to saying that one good turn deserves another.

LORI: Haha.

After the laundry is done, Lori stows her laundry in Hillary’s vehicle. While Hillary takes a bathroom break, Lori heads to the kitchen and sees her mom there. The laundry took all afternoon and now it’s almost dinner time.

LORI: Hey, mom. [She takes out a pop from the fridge].

NICOLE: Are two staying for supper?

LORI: Could we?

NICOLE: Of course. Would you like to help? [She hands Lori a head of lettuce to tear up].

LORI: Sure. [She sets down her can and takes the head of lettuce and drags the bowl on the counter closer to her and begins tearing up the lettuce for a salad]. Kyle sure has kept to his room all afternoon, is everything all right?

NICOLE: Where’s Hillary?

LORI: Washroom. [Her mom doesn’t say anything more]. Okay, what’s up?

NICOLE: Now’s not a good time.

LORI: There is something! [She glances up the staircase and then back to her mom]. Hillary will be a while. Tell me.

NICOLE: All right, [she hurries to tell her all what Kyle did].

LORI [stares at her mom in shock, helping to make a salad is forgotten]: He and Amanda have a girl?


LORI: And he wants to keep Cassidy’s?


LORI [shakes her head, stunned]: Whoa. He is so Kyle. How’s Amanda taking the news?

NICOLE: Ecstatic they have a girl; miserable he wants the other embryo.

LORI: Oh, wow. Oh, wow.

They both hear the sound of footsteps coming downstairs.

LORI: I’m going to say a quick hi to Kyle.

NICOLE: You do that.

Lori slips away to Kyle’s room just as Hillary enters the kitchen.

NICOLE [to Hillary]: Hi, Hillary. Would you like to help me make a salad?

HILLARY: Sure. I take it you’re okay with me staying?

NICOLE: You’re always welcome.

HILLARY: Thanks, Mrs. Trager.

Cut to Lori as she sees Kyle lying in his tub, the door to his room is partially open. She slips in and closes the door.

LORI: Hey, you.

KYLE [picks up the shock in her tone of voice]: You heard.

LORI [shakes her head at him]: My God. You want to keep Cassidy’s egg?

KYLE: Embryo.

LORI: Whatever. You want to keep it?

KYLE: Yes.

LORI: Oh, Kyle. I gotta say, I’m with Amanda on this one.

At his sad lost look she feels even worse.

LORI: Oh, boy. [Then it hits her]. You two are going to have a girl? [He nods]. I’m going to be an aunt!

Josh comes home and the smell of cooking food leads him into the kitchen. He sees Hillary there helping his mom.



JOSH: I take it Lori’s home?

NICOLE: She’s talking with Kyle in his room.

JOSH: Oh. [He hangs around for a second].

NICOLE: Would you like to help? [She waves a hand to some pots and plates to transfer the cooked food in].

JOSH: I think I’ll go say hi to Kyle. [He exits fast].

Nicole sighs. Hillary keeps silent, used to Josh ducking out on chores.

Josh heads to Kyle’s room and knocks lightly on the door. The door opens as if by an unseen hand and he sees Lori sitting in Kyle’s chair looking stunned. She heard the news. He enters and closes the door. Kyle is still sitting in his tub.


JOSH: Hey. [He nods to Lori]. Hi Aunty.

LORI [frowns at him]: Hey, Uncle.

There’s a brief pause where no one says anything.

JOSH: So… I see the windows are all thankfully intact, not like the last time I came home from work.

LORI: What? [She frowns in confusion].

JOSH: The windows.

LORI: What about them?

JOSH [glances from Kyle to Lori]: You didn’t tell her?

KYLE: She just heard about the news of the embryos, not what happened with me and Jessi.

LORI: You and Jessi and windows?

JOSH [chuckles]: Wait until you hear… [he tells her].

If she was shocked before, the news of how Kyle reassembled an entire window left her even more stunned.

Cut to Jessi in her room, reading through a textbook and working on the assignments. Every now and then she pauses to listen in on conversations. It’s as if she has some compelling urge that makes her listen in on things she knows she shouldn’t, but does anyway. And of course she hears something next that hurts her.

Cut to Lori as she digests this latest news.

LORI: So typical of Jessi. I’m glad I’m living in a dorm now with four others. It’s more private than here.

KYLE: Lori, you know how she hates feeling left out of things.

Cut to Jessi, feeling worse as Kyle defends her, even though he didn’t like what she did either.

Cut back to Lori.

LORI: Still, she could have waited.

JOSH: Jessi? Wait for something?

KYLE: Guys…

JOSH: She has gotten better.

LORI: It doesn’t sound like she has. I bet she’s listening in on us now.

Cut to Jessi as tears gather in her eyes and a very guilty look crosses over her face.

Cut back to Kyle as he senses a sudden shift in emotions in Jessi and realizes that yes, she has been listening in on them. He looks from Josh to Lori.

LORI: She is, isn’t she?

Kyle nods.

LORI: Unbelievable. [She looks ready to confront Jessi].

KYLE: Don’t go.

LORI: Why not? She can’t listen in whenever she feels like it.

KYLE: Now’s not the time. Hillary’s here.

LORI: Fine. I have a huge bone to pick with her later then.

During supper, Hillary can’t help notice Lori giving Jessi dagger-eyed glances every now and then while Jessi avoids eye contact with everyone. Steven and Nicole are trying to keep a light conversation going which both Josh and Lori wholeheartedly take part in, but Hillary can feel the tension. Kyle joins in the conversation only a time or two and Hillary bet that if she dared asked anyone what was wrong she’d either get no response or furtive secretive glances before they’d try to cover up what was wrong. Being a BFF still meant Lori didn’t share everything with her which makes her feel even more left out. She is so looking forward to this party.

Cut to that night at the sorority house where this party is going on full swing. Several people are already drunk and it’s starting to get rowdy. Several couples are making out boldly in front of everyone, uncaring how far they go.

LORI [aside to Hills]: Had enough? [She may have seen a lot but nothing compared to this and it is making her very uncomfortable].

HILLARY [already a little tipsy]: Honeybun, I haven’t even started yet. [She snags another drink and takes a swig].

A guy comes over to her.

GUY: Hey there, blondie. Want to dance?

HILLARY [gives him a beaming flirty smile]: You bet.

She swings the bottle around his neck and they start swaying to the music uncaring if it’s a fast tempo.

LORI: Hills, I’m going.

HILLARY [pouts at her]: Don’t be such a party-poop.

LORI: I mean it.

HILLARY: Fine, go. [She swings her bottle at Lori and it bangs against the guy’s back]. Oops, sorry.

GUY: No sweat. [He leans down as if to kiss her].

HILLARY [leans back]: What’s your name?

GUY: Billy.

HILLARY: Hi there, Billy. My name is Hillary.

BILLY: Pretty name, pretty girl. Want to make out now that we know each other’s names?

HILLARY: Sure, why not?

LORI [can’t believe her friend is willing to make out with a stranger, she’s more drunk than she thought]: Hills!

Hillary ignores her and begins to make out with the guy. Lori turns away, not liking the situation. She tries to find a quiet corner to call Mark.

LORI [has a finger pressed to her ear trying to hear her phone conversation]: What was that?

MARK [cut to him in his deejay booth, taking a brief time out to talk]: That sorority has a bad reputation. I don’t like the thought of you being there.

LORI [cut back to her]: Neither do I.

MARK [cut back to him]: Take Hillary and get out of there.

LORI [cut back to her]: Is it really that bad?

Just then she hears a yell of anger and tries to see through the crowd. Two guys are fighting and she hears the sound of glass breaking. The crowd urges the two guys on but she also catches a glimpse in a side corner two couples actually getting it on, while others stand by and watch. One other guy in the crowd looks ready to join the couple as soon as the other guy finishes.

LORI: Never mind, it is. I’ll try and find her and we’ll go.

MARK’s voice: I’m less worried already, but take care.

LORI [clicks off]: I’ll try.

She tries searching for Hillary, wondering where in the world her friend went, trying to avoid the fight and staying clear of the way too amorous couple. She grows frantic when she can’t find her and no one seems to know who this guy Billy is.

Just then she gets a phone call from Hillary.

LORI: Hills, thank God. Where are you?

HILLARY’s voice: Help me. I’ve been drugg— [her voice is cut off but the cell connection stays open as if she had dropped the phone and left it on].

LORI: Hills!

Cut to Kyle, lying in his tub. Amanda still hasn’t called him. He tried calling once, she picked up, but he could tell she was too choked up to speak and she ended up hanging up.

His phone rings again and for a moment hope flares but when he sees a number he isn’t familiar with another wave of disappointment hits him.

LORI’s voice: Kyle!

KYLE [sits up]: Lori? [He feels the tension and panic in her voice]. What’s wrong?

LORI [cut back to her where a guy with no shirt on is standing beside her]: I need your help, it’s Hillary. She called me, my cell and her cell are still connected, I’m borrowing someone else’s phone. [She evades the no shirt on guy’s lecherous glances]. Can you trace the call? She’s in trouble.

KYLE [cut back to him as he jumps out of the tub]: I’m on it, leave this line open, too.

He uses his newfound ability to track signals and finds out where exactly Lori is and is even able to pinpoint where Hillary is.

KYLE: I’m on my way, keep your line with Hillary open.

LORI’s voice: Where is she?

KYLE: In one of the upper bedrooms but don’t go there, if she’s in trouble I don’ want you walking into something dangerous.

LORI [cut to her as she looks around for a staircase]: Thanks, bro. You’re a life-saver.

Cut back to Kyle as he heads out the door and pauses when he sees Jessi standing there.

JESSI: I heard. [She swallows hard]. I’m sorry too, for listening in on you three before dinner.

Kyle nods. They leave together, not saying anything.

Jessi is thankful he isn’t upset with her for listening in again with his phone call to Lori. She knew she shouldn’t have, but when she overheard the trouble Lori could be in, how could she turn away? So, she came to his door.

When they arrive at the party, Kyle rushes upstairs.

KYLE [telepaths]: Find Lori, make sure she’s safe.

JESSI [telepaths back]: I hear her heartbeat.

Jessi weaves her way through the crowd toward where she detected Lori’s heartbeat. It’s beating faster than normal, as if she were scared. Jessi is uncaring of who she shoves aside to reach her foster sister.

LORI’s voice [above the crowd]: No, I don’t want to join in. Let me go!

Jessi sees a half naked guy holding on to Lori’s arm, stoned and drunk.

DRUNK GUY: You borrowed my phone, you owe me a favor.

Jessi grabs the guy’s hand and twists his finger. He lets go real fast and yelps in pain.

JESSI: She said no.


Jessi shoves him away and turns to Lori, and is relieved to see she’s unharmed. What she does see is the orgy going on around her.

LORI: Jessi, you’re here! Let’s get out of here.

Jessi nods and leads Lori away, glaring at another guy who dares to step in front of them.

JESSI: Step aside.

DARING GUY: And if I don’t? [Another movement in the crowd, where another guy in shadow moves closer to them].

LORI: Oh, you don’t want to mess with her, believe me.

The guy in shadow steps in and Jessi can now see who it is and frowns.

NATE: Hey there, hotness. Fancy meeting you here.

Lori gaps at him.

JESSI: What are you doing here?

NATE: Having fun. [He moves in front of the guy bothering Jessi, giving him a warning glare, the guy moves away and back to the party].

JESSI [glances back at the orgy]: That’s your idea of fun?

NATE: I was never into that. I like a more one-on-one session. [He winks at her].

LORI: I’ll bet.

NATE [throws her an irritated glance]: You judging me?

LORI: I just want out of here. [She turns to Jessi]. Let’s find Kyle, I hope he’s found Hillary.

Cut to Kyle as he races up the stairs and heads directly to a bedroom, following the signal still emanating from the open cell phone connection. It was strong and clear. And so were the sounds of Hillary trying to fight off a guy named Billy.

HILLARY’s voice: No, stop.

BILLY’s voice: You know you want to. You girls are all alike, all teases. Well, it’s time to shell out.

Kyle tries the doorknob and finds it locked.

BILLY’s voice [heard through the door]: Occupied moron, can’t you read?

There’s a “do not disturb” sign on the door handle. Kyle lifts his leg and with one kick, sends the door flying open, it’s hinges torn off.

He sees Hillary struggling with the guy named Billy on the bed. It isn’t much of a struggle considering the alcohol and drug she was dosed with, she has no strength to fight him off his groping hands. Her top is already off.

Kyle shoves the guy off him and takes off his shirt and covers Hillary with his top, her top is lying on the bed all torn and her bra is nowhere in sight.

HILLARY: No! [Her voice of protest weak].

KYLE: Hillary, it’s me, Kyle. You’re going to be okay.

BILLY: Hey! Get your own girl.

KYLE [glares at him]: No means no.

BILLY [stares at Kyle as if suddenly transfixed]: No means no.

Kyle turns to help ease Hillary in a sitting position so he can slide her arms through his shirt’s sleeves and buttons her up.

HILLARY [blinks as if trying to see his features through a fog-like haze]: Kyle?

KYLE: Yeah, it’s me.

She wraps her arms around him as he picks her up. Jessi, Nate and Lori enter. As soon as Kyle hears and sees them, he stops projecting at Billy. Billy shakes his head as if he too is in a fog-like state.

HILLARY [staring up at Kyle]: You saved me. Amanda’s such a lucky girl. Why can’t I find a guy like you?

LORI [glances in concern at Hills, noticing she’s wearing Kyle’s top]: Is she okay? [She glares at the guy who had tried forcing himself on her friend].

KYLE: She is now.

LORI: You jerk! [She looks ready to hit the guy despite Kyle’s reassurance].

JESSI: Do you want me to hit him for you?

LORI: Yes!


LORI: Why not? He was hurting her.

KYLE: I know and now he’s not.

NATE [shakes his head at the guy]: Uncool, man. Uncool.

BILLY: Like you’ve never done it, Nate?

They all stare at Nate.

NATE: No, idiot, I’ve never had to force myself on a girl.

JESSI: You know him?

NATE: Unfortunately, I do. Past life.

BILLY [snorts]: Past life? Don’t you mean recent? It’s not that long ago you joined us.

NATE: Shut up.

JESSI: Joined?

NATE: It’s a long story.

LORI: I don’t want to hear.

JESSI: I do. If he’s turned—

NATE: I haven’t turned. [He steps closer to Jessi]. Do you really think that of me?

JESSI [reaches out with all her senses to detect the truth]: No.

BILLY [sneers]: Tell them the truth, Nate. Tell them who you really are.

Jessi ignores Billy as she continues to study Nate. He gazes back unflinchingly.

Hillary is trying to fight through her drugged haze, trying to concentrate on the conversation, even though snuggling closer to Kyle makes her feel quite drowsy. Funny, she also finds herself being turned on, especially when she feels his muscles ripple beneath her as he holds her with ease. Even his sleeveless undershirt can’t hide the well-defined abs.

Kyle ignores her drug-induced feelings as he studies Nate, wondering how he could be involved with this guy.

Another guy enters the room.

GUY: What’d you do now, Billy? Up to your old tricks again?

LORI [enraged]: Wait a minute, this isn’t the first time he’s done this?

NATE [to the new guy]: Expel him.

BILLY: You can’t do that, you don’t have the authority.

GUY: But I do. [He sees Kyle holding Hillary]. Did he, [nods his head to Billy], rape her?

KYLE: I got here in time.

GUY: Well, if she wants to press charges…

HILLARY [slurred voice]: She does.

GUY: Consider him expelled.

NATE: Thanks, Larry.

BILLY: Now wait a minute—

LARRY: The boys and I will take care of him.

JESSI: I still want to know what you, [she glares at Nate], have to do with them? How do you know these guys?

NATE: I joined a few groups when I started university, I was trying to find my niche. I found it, with Latnok.

JESSI: Then why does it sound like you’re still a member?

NATE: That’s because I still am, I haven’t got around to canceling my membership yet like I did the others. [But the brief glance he and Larry give each other makes Jessi and Kyle think there is more to this membership than he lets on].

KYLE: We’ll need you as witnesses when Hillary presses charges.

LARRY: Done.

They leave. Kyle takes Hillary to the medical center to get her checked out where the doctor fills out a report for evidence she’d been drugged with the intent of being raped. A police officer is called in to take statements.

When they reach Hillary’s and Lori’s dorm room, Kyle lays Hillary on her bed. She is still groggy.

LORI: Thanks so much, Kyle. And you too, Jessi. I don’t know what I would have done without either of you.

HILLARY [giggles]: I can think of a few things I’d like to do with munchkin.

LORI: Oh, no. She’s still feeling the side effects.

KYLE: I know. [He closes the bedroom door and whispers to Lori]. I can alter her body’s chemical reaction and help expel the drug out of her system. But you’ll need to be on hand throughout the night.

LORI: Like how you helped Amanda when you two had been drugged? That lasted two days.

KYLE: The drug she was given was more of a relaxant, the effects won’t last as long.

LORI: You wouldn’t consider staying and help play nursemaid?

JESSI [cuts in]: With the way she’s feeling toward Kyle?

LORI: Oh, right. I guess not.

JESSI: I’ll stay. Unless you don’t want me here?

LORI: Why wouldn’t I?

JESSI: Aren’t you mad at me for listening in on you?

LORI [waves a hand in dismissing something so trivial seeming now]: Water, bridge.

JESSI: Then I’ll stay.

LORI [hugs Jessi]: Thank you!

Jessi raises an eyebrow, it’s not like Lori to be so demonstrative. Jessi and Kyle share a look, knowing Lori’s is more shaken by the night’s events then she lets on.

KYLE: Thanks, Jessi.

Jessi nods, still battling with her feelings of anger towards him. She’s torn, as if on the verge of forgiving him but not yet willing. Again, he knows what she’s feeling, gives her a slight sad-like smile before walking over to the bed and laying a hand over Hillary’s forehead. He concentrates. Hillary lays a hand over his.

HILLARY: Not there, honeybun. [She giggles and tries to remove his hand and place it somewhere else, somewhere her raging hormones want, a more intimate location, but his hand doesn’t budge and soon she starts feeling nauseous and groans].

JESSI [picks up on her change of feelings and turns to Lori]: Where’s a pail?

LORI: I’ll go get one. [She dashes out and rushes back in with an empty ice cream pail]. Will this do?

Kyle grabs it in time for Hillary to keel over, holding her hair back.

KYLE: It will.

Lori starts breathing through her mouth. Okay, they’ve helped each other out before when they were too hung over one time from attending one of Preston’s party. No big deal. Then why did it feel so different? Her hands were shaking.

JESSI: Here, [she takes over for Kyle and holds back Hillary’s hair].

Kyle gives Lori a reassuring hug goodbye. She hugs him back.

KYLE: I’ll phone you tomorrow to see how you’re doing.

LORI: Thanks, brother.

When he’s gone, Jessi glances over at Lori.

JESSI: You better try to find another pail to replace this one.

LORI: Oh, man.

She dashes back out of the room to find another one. It was going to be a long night.

An hour later Lori’s roommate Tabitha knocks on the bedroom door.

LORI [answers the door]: Yes?

TABITHA: There’s someone here to see you.

LORI: All right.

TABITHA [peeks over her shoulder to see Jessi helping Hillary]: How is she?

LORI: The same.


LORI: Very.

Tabitha steps aside as Lori moves into the hallway.

LORI: So where—

Tabitha points to the front door. Lori sees Mark standing there.

LORI: Hey you.

Tabitha walks away, heading to the sitting area. Lori walks to the door.

MARK: Hey.

LORI: Won’t you come in?

MARK: Ah, no visitors allowed.

LORI: Yet, you’re here.

MARK [glances down the hall]: I asked for a favor, [Lori steps further out into the hall to see an RA standing a discreet distance away], from one RA to another.

LORI: So, I take it we only have a few minutes?

MARK: Yeah, only a couple. I needed to know how you’re doing, that you were safe.

LORI: Sorry for not calling, I got wrapped up with Hillary. [She looks quizzically at him]. How come you didn’t phone instead? Not that I’m pleased to see you, because I am.

MARK: I could have, [he gives a sheepish shrug], but I had to see you in person.

LORI: Well, as you see, safe and sound.

They both hear the noise of someone being sick in the background.

MARK: How is she?

LORI: Suffering the after effects. You were right, that was a bad party.

MARK [concern laces his voice]: How did you make it home?

LORI: Thanks to Jessi and Kyle. [She points over her shoulder].

MARK: They’re here? [He whispers, thinking of the visitor restrictions].

LORI [whispers back]: Jessi stayed, Kyle went home.

MARK: Ah, well, [he glances back at the RA who shifts his feet and glances at his watch as in indication to Mark to wrap it up]. I better say goodnight then.

LORI [hooks a finger in his shirt]: Since you went to so much trouble to see me, [she wraps her arms around his neck].

MARK: Let me guess, I get a goodnight kiss?

LORI: Good guess.

Mark slips his glasses off first then kisses her, wrapping his arms around her waist. They take more than a minute to say goodnight.

Cut to Kyle on his way home. He’s feeling restless and in need of a jog like Jessi had earlier and heads along Burkeman Trail by-passing rural areas to head toward the outskirts of town, toward the same forest Steven took Jessi to. Once there he lets loose and runs.

Coming back, he jogs instead but feels an eerie sensation of being watched. He pauses and looks around and catches sight of a camera being turned on him. He frowns and resumes jogging. It still feels like the other cameras he passes by seem to turn and follow him. He pauses again. This time he bends down slightly and leans his hands on his knees as if showing whoever was watching him that he is pausing to catch a breath. But he narrows his vision to see the magnetic streams of data and follows it to locate another camera from a shop angled on him. He narrows down the flow to hone in on a communication signal, a police band.

VOICE [over band]: Anything?

OTHER VOICE: Naw, just some kid out for a jog. Nothing out of the ordinary, yet.

VOICE: I’ve located another guy, I’m honing in on him to see what he does.

OTHER VOICE: Right, I’ll continue monitoring this one, but he doesn’t look promising.

Kyle resumes jogging at a slower pace, as if appearing he is running out of steam. Soon, long before he reaches home, the cameras no longer follow him. But he keeps to his slow pace anyway.

There is no doubt the police were on the lookout for the masked crusaders, checking everyone and anyone. He has to warn Jessi the moment she comes home from helping Lori with Hillary.

It’s late by the time he returns home. He pauses in front of Amanda’s house but sees no lights on, not that he expected to this late. When he enters his room, he checks to see if there is a message from her, but she didn’t call nor email. Considering she couldn’t even talk to him when he phoned her earlier, it’s likely she still wasn’t able to talk to him yet. But still he hoped.

Day 2 – Monday

Jessi comes home, it’s almost noon. Nicole greets her.

NICOLE: How’s Hillary?

JESSI: Sleeping finally. Lori’s sleeping too.

NICOLE: Thanks for looking after them.

JESSI: I know I’m supposed to be grounded but—

NICOLE: I’ll waiver it due to the extenuating circumstances.

JESSI: Thanks.

NICOLE [comes closer and gives her a hug]: You must be tired.

JESSI: I am.

NICOLE: Did you get any sleep?


NICOLE: Lori didn’t take a shift?

JESSI: She’s hard to wake up and I had my hands full.

NICOLE: You deserve a medal. Do you want some lunch before you take a nap?

JESSI: I’d love some.

They enter the kitchen and Jessi sees Kyle and Steven setting the table.

STEVEN: Hey, Jessi. How are you holding up?

JESSI: A little tired.

STEVEN: Yeah. I heard Nate was at that party. He doesn’t have very good friends if you ask me.

Jessi glances away and Kyle picks up a sudden feeling of guilt and pauses setting a plate down on the table. He notices Steven glance from her to him and he quickly sets the plate down and resumes to set the remaining ones down, while avoiding glancing at Jessi.

It’s his avoidance that Steven begins to suspect more happened.

STEVEN: Jessi?

Jessi glances at Kyle, realizing he had picked up on her feeling and their avoidance in trying not to share a “I know you’re lying” look didn’t help. Jessi bites her lip, which Nicole notices.

NICOLE: What’s wrong?

JESSI: I went over to Nate’s. [Steven and Nicole glance at each other in concern before Steven frowns]. I wanted to know why he was there, at that place.

NICOLE: You couldn’t wait until you saw him at work tomorrow?

JESSI: I was in the moment.

Cut to an hour earlier at Nate’s dorm room where he wakes to someone pounding on his door.

NATE: Keep your panties on, I’m coming.

He throws back his bed covers and walks to the door dressed only in a pair of boxer shorts. He throws open the door.

NATE: What?

JESSI [barges in]: Who’s panties?

NATE: Jessi! [He stumbles back and quickly shuts the door as a male student passes by with a smirk on his face]. What are you doing here?

JESSI: What were you doing at that party?

NATE: Having a good time, remember?

JESSI: You’re a member.

NATE: With that sorority, yeah.

JESSI: Which you were planning on canceling when?

NATE: Why so concerned?

JESSI: It’s a horrible place.

NATE: Yeah, so what if it is?

JESSI [tired of his off-hand manner]: Don’t you care?

NATE [gives a nonchalant shrug of his shoulder which catches Jessi’s gaze which in turn makes her notice his half-naked state]: I made a mistake.

She can tell that despite his irritating off-hand manner, he’s not proud of that fact. His next words, sounding just as irritated, confirm it.

NATE [almost like an accusation]: What? You’ve never made a mistake?

JESSI [glances away, thinking on her eavesdropping of late]: Yeah, I have.

NATE [grunts and heads over to his bed]: Join the club. [He lays down].

JESSI [gaps at him]: Join them?!

NATE [blinks up at her]: What? [He sits up]. You want to join them?

JESSI: No. You just said to join the club.

NATE [sighs]: I didn’t mean it literally, hotness. [He yawns]. Now, if you’ll excuse me, [he lays back down].

JESSI: That’s it?

NATE [cocks an eyebrow]: Unless you want to join me? [He pats the bed beside him].

Jessi looks at the messy rumpled up bed and around the cluttered mess of books and clothes scattered everywhere. His room looks as if he hasn’t cleaned it in months. It was still as messy when she’d been in his room last, all those months ago when she and Kyle brought the old members of Latnok down.

JESSI: Didn’t you clean your room from the last time I was here?

NATE [frowns at her, indignant]: Of course I did!

JESSI: It doesn’t look it.

NATE: You want to join me in bed or harp on my cleaning habits?

JESSI [gives him a disgusted look]: Neither. [She leaves].

NATE [calls out]: You’re welcome back anytime.

Jessi gives the condensed version to Steven and Nicole on how Nate just said he made a mistake.

STEVEN: Yeah, well, that leaves me to wonder how many other mistakes he’s made.


STEVEN: He doesn’t sound like a good influence.

JESSI: I’ve made mistakes. Does that make me a bad influence?

STEVEN: No, of course not. Look, it just makes me wonder why he hasn’t cancelled his membership if this sorority is a bad one.

JESSI: You don’t like him.

STEVEN: That too, [he freely admits].

Jessi gives a puzzled glance at Nicole. Nicole throws Steven a cautionary glance while turning back to Jessi.

NICOLE: It will take a while for him to earn our trust. There’s still a lot we don’t really know about him.

JESSI: I could find out.

NICOLE: Ah, yes, well, we’ll talk about that. In the meantime, you get an extra two days grounded for not coming straight home from Lori’s.

JESSI: But… [she knows from the firmness in Nicole’s voice that she is lucky it’s only another two days and not another week grounded].

After lunch Kyle knocks on Jessi’s open bedroom door even though he can clearly see her sitting on her bed.

JESSI: Have you changed your mind?

They both know it’s about his keeping Cassidy’s embryo.


JESSI: Then go away.

Of course he doesn’t, which leaves her wondering if he senses she’s finding it harder to keep her anger going, she’s still upset, but the fierce anger is dissipating. Darn him for being so…him.

KYLE: I have to tell you something, [he proceeds to tell her of the cameras following him on his run].

She just nods and thinking she’s not going to say more, he starts to leave.

JESSI: Wait, [he pauses].

She’s torn between wanting to work on a project with him yet upset he still wants that embryo.

JESSI: What about that idea of yours to make us invisible? They can’t track us if they can’t see us.

KYLE: I haven’t given it any more thought.

Knowing him, he won’t change his feelings, not as long as he still believes the embryo is a part of Amanda. She keeps silent as her inner struggle continues.

He leaves her in peace, sensing she too needed time. The rest of the day Kyle notices that not once has Amanda played her music. In times of confusion and turmoil she always played to help clear her mind and give her focus.

He phones her on his cell.

KYLE [talks into the receiver]: Hi Amanda, I’m just calling to say, I love you. If you still need more time just let me know. [Unless she’s still not able to talk to him even that much]. Well, text.

He hangs up and a few seconds later he receives a text message from her, saying: More, [then another few seconds later], a lot more.

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