Season 4

S04 E12 Tension Mounts Part 3

Kyle XY S04 E12

Tension Mounts Part 3

Kyle and Amanda enter the Trager house. Kyle takes Amanda’s overnight bags to his room. Amanda sees Josh and Andy on the couch playing g-force.


ANDY [pauses the game and glances up at her]: Hi. How was your course tonight?

AMANDA: Good, very good.

That’s as much as she can say as emotion overtakes her when Kyle comes back in and they share a look with a wealth of emotion between them that Andy can’t help but notice.

ANDY: Ah, good. [She glances at Josh who is waiting impatiently to continue their game, so she resumes the game when it’s apparent Amanda isn’t about to say more].

JOSH: Gotcha ya!

ANDY: Oh yeah? Watch this, [her fingers fly over the control and she blasts Josh’s remaining guy].

JOSH: Ouch! Bloodthirsty much?

ANDY: Don’t mess with me bud. [She glances over her shoulder and sees that Kyle and Amanda have already left the room].

She pauses the game again.

JOSH: What?

ANDY: What’s up with Kyle and Amanda?

JOSH: Ah, [he avoids her expectant stare], they went to their marriage course thing. [He gives an offhand shrug]. You know, marriage stuff.

ANDY [huffs]: Well, you’re helpful.

JOSH: I try.

ANDY: Right, seriously, Josh.

JOHS [turns his face away but she catches the serious look that crosses his face and the twitch of a muscle in his jaw]: You’ll have to ask them, [he avoids her eyes].

ANDY: Oh, wow. [Worry makes her glance down the hall]. I hope they work it out.

JOSH [nods]: Me, too.

Andy’s eyes widen it really is serious. Josh waves a hand at the game.

JOSH: Want to play?

ANDY [sets down her controller]: No. [She scoots closer to him and hooks an arm through his]. Let’s cuddle.

JOSH: Ah, [he sets his controller down and leans back], okay.

Andy lays her head on his shoulder and snuggles against him.

JOSH: My parents are in the kitchen you know.

ANDY: We’re just cuddling, Josh, not making out.

JOSH: Which I’m enjoying, believe me. [He hugs her to him].

ANDY [smiles at him]: Good.

JOSH: But why the sudden show of affection?

ANDY [her smile fades]: Kyle and Amanda aren’t breaking up, are they?

JOSH [looks surprised]: Doubtful. Considering they’re lawfully married, their breaking up would be more like a divorce.

ANDY [sits up]: Divorced?

Cut to Kyle and Amanda as they enter his room. She sees he has placed her backpack on his dresser for her to unpack and has set up her keyboard and computer on his desk, ready for her to play.

Thinking back on how she hasn’t played for him in a while, she heads over to her keyboard, sits down and starts to play for him.

Kyle sits in his blue chair beneath the window, listening to her play.

A myriad of emotions filter through her playing, from joy they will have a girl, and all the other emotions she went through this week, sadness, frustration, and anger, all centered around their problem.

Not only does Kyle pick up on all her emotions but finds his own emotions overlapping with hers. The strength of both cause a few tears to roll down his cheeks.

Amanda finishes playing and glances over at him, seeing the tears. She feels tears pool in her eyes, too. She walks over to him just as he stands up, giving her an awkward smile.

KYLE: I missed your playing.

AMANDA [swallows hard, feelings of guilt swamping her for holding back and not playing for him]: I know. [She puts a hand on his check and with her thumb, wipes away a tear before drawing him into a hug]. I’m sorry.

He holds her close and the lights start to flicker as emotions churn within. He can feel her grip tighten as her own emotions take hold.

Cut to the kitchen where Nicole has placed a few snacks on the table. Steven, Josh, Andy and Jessi are just sitting down at the table.

NICOLE: I’ll go call Kyle and Amanda now that she’s finished playing.

ANDY: She’s good, more than good, even if the music was a tad melancholy.

Nicole just gives her a noncommittal smile and walks out, heading to Kyle’s room and sees that the door to his room is open, not even half shut.

NICOLE: Kyle, Amanda! We’re having a snack if you’d like to… [she notices the lights start to flicker just as she enters the open doorway and sees them in a close embrace] …join us. At your convenience.

She hurriedly exits, feeling like an intruder.

Out in the kitchen, the others notice the lights flickering as well. Steven raises an eyebrow at Nicole who rushes back in.

NICOLE: They’ll be a while, in the meantime, let’s dig in.

STEVEN [nods]: I think I’ll call the electrician and see what’s causing the lights to short out.

NICOLE: Good idea. [She smiles at everyone, particularly at Andy as she offers her a plate of brownies].

ANDY: Thanks, Mrs. Trager. [She takes one and passes the plate to Josh who’s sitting next to her].

He takes two brownies and passes the plate to Jessi. Jessi takes two as well before passing the plate to Steven. During the passing of the plate, the lights flicker on and off.

Cut to Kyle as he takes a deep breath and lays his forehead on Amanda’s forehead.

KYLE: Feel like eating?

AMANDA: Not really. But maybe something to drink? My throat’s a little dry.

KYLE: Mine too.

They share a smile before he takes her hand and leads her out to the kitchen. The lights have stopped flickering.

Andy sees them enter and can’t help be aware of the strong emotions emanating form them both. The tear stains on both their faces a dead give away for one. Steven had taken out some vanilla ice cream from the freezer for everyone to take a scoop and place it on their brownies. Andy takes her cue from the rest of the family and acts as if nothing is amiss.

NICOLE: Nice you two could join us.

KYLE: What’s the occasion?

JOSH: My friend bailed on our double date, so Mom took pity on us.

KYLE: I’m sorry to hear that.

JOSH: I’m hoping that maybe next week, Andy and I could go out somewhere to a movie, maybe? [He looks hopefully at his parents].

NICOLE: We’ll see.

Kyle leaves the table and gets Amanda and himself a glass of water.

ANDY: There is this one movie where a doctor’s wife loses her memory and he has to make her fall in love with him all over again.

JOSH [groans]: A chick flick?

ANDY: Well, next time we can see a guy flick.

When Kyle returns with the glasses of water and sits down, Amanda glances over at him and smiles in thanks. He smiles back and beneath the table holds her hand. She gives his hand a squeeze then turns to Josh and Andy.

AMANDA: Maybe next Saturday night, you can go with us to see that movie? [She gives a quick glance at Kyle who squeezes her hand back in agreement].

JOSH: Ah, [he glances at his parents], okay with you guys?

Nicole glances at Steven.

STEVEN: All right by me, hon.

NICOLE: Just let us know where you’re going and what time we can expect you back.

ANDY: Great!

So, there may be something going on between Kyle and Amanda but at least it didn’t appear to be a break-up.

It’s only after everyone has finished eating their snack that Nicole remembers something.

NICOLE: Oh, I’m sorry, Andy, I forgot about your special diet.

ANDY: That’s okay, Mrs. Trager. I’ve been cheating some, those brownies were worth it, though.

NICOLE: Well, next time I’ll have an alternative on hand.

ANDY: Thanks for having me over.

Andy and Josh get up to leave the table. Even Kyle and Amanda had a bite after downing a glass of water.

ANDY [to Nicole and Steven]: Thanks for having me over.

STEVEN: Always good to see you, Andy.

JOSH: See you later.

ANDY: Bye, Mr. & Mrs. Trager.

NICOLE: Take care, Andy.

Josh and Andy nod goodbye and when the front door closes behind them only then does Kyle turn to Nicole.

KYLE: You wanted to discuss something with Amanda and I?

In the background Jessi is stacking the dishes in the dishwasher and Amanda is sitting at the table sipping another glass of water but puts a hand to her mouth to hide a yawn.

AMANDA [as the noise of her yawn breaks through]: Oh, excuse me.

NICOLE [gives a brief glance at Steven as Jessi looks away]: We can discuss it tomorrow night.

Kyle catches the underlying looks she and Steven throw Jessi’s way and how Jessi avoids making eye contact with him. Jessi knows what the topic is. It sounds serious, but he is just as tired as Amanda.

KYLE: Tomorrow night then.

He glances over at Amanda and waits until she finishes her drink and gets up from the table.

AMANDA: Thanks for the treat, Mrs. Trager. Goodnight. [She says it to all of them as she and Kyle leave the room].

STEVEN [calls out]: Goodnight.

NICOLE [calls out]: Goodnight, you two.

Jessi continues to gather some more dirty plates and puts them in the dishwasher and only glances up when Amanda comes back out with an armful of personal items to head upstairs to use the washroom. When she comes back down, Kyle takes his turn next and Jessi uses that moment to talk with Amanda.

Seeing the bedroom door to Kyle’s room is open, she walks right in.


Amanda gives a start. She’s about to lie down in the bed Kyle had made, the tub is off to the side. In her hands she holds her bible and a prayer journal.

AMANDA: Don’t you knock?

JESSI: Why? Your door was open.

AMANDA: What do you want then?

JESSI: Have you agreed to keep Cassidy’s embryo?

AMANDA: Of course not! Why would you think I had?

JESSI: You’re talking to Kyle now.

AMANDA: We’re talking, yes. But I haven’t agreed to keeping it.

JESSI: Oh. I wondered. [She picks up a set of wayward emotions from Amanda much like she’d been experiencing all week at just the mere thought of that embryo].

AMANDA: Well, now you know. At least you didn’t listen in this time. [But Jessi’s guilty glance away from her tells her she had been listening in at some point]. I don’t believe you. Haven’t you learnt by now?

JESSI: Yeah, well, my listening in is how I find out things. [She sees a picture sitting on Kyle’s desk that wasn’t there before].

AMANDA: Oh, really? You mean very personal things between Kyle and I that you have no business in knowing.

JESSI: You’ll find out about it tomorrow night.

AMANDA: Like what?

JESSI [points at the picture]: What’s that?

AMANDA: What things? [She’s becoming quite exasperated with her and sets her bible and journal down off to the side].

Cut to Kyle as he comes back downstairs just as Josh returns home.

KYLE: Hey, Josh.

JOSH: Hey. Thanks for double dating with us again. Thank God it’s a movie, even a chick flick.

KYLE: You don’t like the church’s open coffee house?

JOSH: It’s okay, just…to churchy.

KYLE [grins]: And yet you were thanking God just a second ago.

JOSH: Smart aleck.

Kyle just grins as Josh heads upstairs to his room, but pauses when Josh calls back down to him.

JOSH: Ya know, I envy you.

KYLE: How so?

JOSH: You get to spend the night with your girl and I have to dream of holding mine.

He dashes the rest of the way up leaving Kyle looking forward to spending the night holding Amanda.

Cut back to Jessi and Amanda.

Jessi walks over to the desk and picks up the picture.

AMANDA [steps out of the bed to look over Jessi’s shoulder]: That’s our daughter.

JESSI: He did the impossible again.

AMANDA: Yeah, he sure did. I’m going to be a mom.

This time the emotion Jessi picks up from Amanda is easier to pinpoint. It’s one of love and wonder centered on this drawing. There is also another emotion Jessi picks up as well, fear and elation.

JESSI: He thinks it can be done with Cassidy’s. He’ll be good or something.

AMANDA [sighs heavily]: I know.

JESSI [after a brief pause blurts out]: I miss working with him.

AMANDA [studies her, sympathizing with how Kyle’s decision must be hurting her, too. After all, Cassidy killed her mother]: He misses it, too.

Jessi senses Kyle coming back and quickly hands Amanda the picture and leaves the room without saying anything. Amanda shakes her head, wondering at her abrupt departure and sits back in the bed. She’s not left long to wonder why when Kyle enters the room. She must have sensed him coming.

Kyle joins her in bed, seeing her write something down in her journal, with her bible next to her.

KYLE: Do you want some privacy?

AMANDA: No, I don’t mind you next to me. [She taps her pen on her pad]. As long as my journaling doesn’t disturb you?

KYLE: No, not at all. [He glances away from her and the pad].

AMANDA [his awkward avoidance makes her worry]: Is something wrong?

KYLE: No, well, I was just wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing what you’ve written.

AMANDA: Oh, [she gives a relieved smile but then glances down at what she has written, it is pretty personal], ah, [a second of hesitation], sure.

She hands him her journal.

KYLE [takes it and gives her a grateful smile which makes her feel better about sharing her most intimate thoughts]: Thank you.

KYLE [narrative as he reads what she’s written]: Dear Father in heaven, help me be a good mother and wife. I fear I’m not…I was sad that her being good enough for me was still weighing heavily on her mind. [He continues to read on]. I found out something about myself tonight I didn’t like, [he frowns over this]. How my silent treatment has become a behavior pattern. I know in my heart I’ve even deliberately not played the piano for Kyle knowing he was here at home wanting to listen to me play. Just as my anger towards my mother made me not play for her either. I hate how I’ve hurt both by withholding the joy my music brings to them both.

He silently reads on as she reveals more personal truths, truths she doesn’t like about herself and fears that’s what may make her not good enough. When he finishes reading he gives it back to her and before she can feel any disappointment he hasn’t said anything, he leans over and kisses her.

KYLE: I love you.

AMANDA: Do you forgive me?

KYLE: There’s nothing to forgive, [but senses that isn’t enough and cups her face], would you feel better if I said, and I forgive you? [She nods]. I forgive you. [She smiles tears of gratefulness].

The kiss he gives her next is filled with emotion and all she can do is hang on and kiss him back with equal fervor. They lie down, journal and bible forgotten.

KYLE [traces the curve of her face]: I missed you, touching you, lying next to you, feeling your softness and warmth.

AMANDA: I’ve missed you.

Kissing him again overwhelms every fiber of her being and the urge to really be his wife fills her with need.

He breaks off before it goes too far and lays back, breathing heavily.

AMANDA: I’m sorry, I’m…I didn’t mean…

KYLE: No, it’s okay. I think we’re both a little…

AMANDA [gaze looking everywhere but at him]: What?

KYLE [swallows]: Needy.

AMANDA [gaze returns to his and she swallows too]: Yeah. [She leans a little further away from him].

KYLE: I understand, you know. [She glances back at him]. Like you said in your journal, you even felt like something was missing in our marriage ceremony, like God wasn’t there. There’s still a part of you that feels like the church does, like we really aren’t married.


KYLE: So, we’ll wait until we have a church wedding. I want you to feel right about us, together.

AMANDA: I was so ready to before, you know? Before you told me about the embryos.

KYLE: I know you were.

AMANDA [whispers]: I still am, ready.

KYLE [swallows, the light start flickering]: Oh.

AMANDA [notices the lights and turns away]: Except…

KYLE: I know, you’re torn.

AMANDA [sighs]: Yeah.

KYLE: You’re bothered by how the church doesn’t recognize our marriage.

AMANDA: I hate how it fills me with doubts. [She stares helplessly at him].

KYLE: Come here, [he gathers her next to him in a loose embrace spoon fashion]. Goodnight, [he whispers in her ear before he mentally turns off the lights].

AMANDA [feels her tension ebbing]: Goodnight. I love you.

KYLE: I love you, too.

Cut to Jessi as she enters the kitchen and sees Nicole about to head upstairs for the night.

JESSI: Can I talk to you for a second?

NICOLE: Sure. [She perches on a stool].

JESSI [joins her]: I’ve been picking up a lot of emotion from Amanda. And Kyle.

NICOLE: I can imagine.

JESSI: Amanda’s been feeling what I’ve been feeling for the most part. And when I saw that picture he drew of their daughter…[she hesitates].


JESSI: She’s married to him, they’re going to have a baby girl. That’s a lot to take in. I guess I never thought about how all of that combined would make her feel.

Her words echo on a memory of what Declan once said to her of how Lori felt after she attacked her. An attack that still makes her feel bad and cringe inside, hating herself for what she did to Lori.

NICOLE: They both have a lot to deal with.

JESSI: And will again after tomorrow when they find out about Grace.

NICOLE: Yeah. And you? How are you coping? [Jessi shrugs]. Or feeling?

JESSI: They go up and they go down. I miss working on projects with him but I can’t and won’t accept that embryo he wants.

Nicole nods and pats her arm.

NICOLE: I know.

Day 6 – Saturday Morning.

Cut to Kyle and Amanda as they lay still spoon fashion, fast asleep. The alarm clock rings.

Amanda jerks awake and reaches over to slap the thing off. Kyle turns over, easily ignoring the intrusion as the need for sleep keeps him just that, asleep.

Amanda yawns and rubs her eyes. She looks over at Kyle and tries to shake him awake.

AMANDA: Hey, time to get up.

Kyle doesn’t budge.

AMANDA: Hey, Kyle? [She shakes him harder]. You’re the one who has to get up this early, not me.

KYLE [barely awake]: Hmm?

AMANDA: Time to get up.

KYLE: Mmmhmm. [He falls asleep again].

AMANDA: Hey, you.

Her shaking him, only makes him roll back over to face her. Seeing him sleep so peacefully makes you want to go back to sleep too. But as she watches him, the urge to kiss him awake fills her instead. She really does love him. How understanding he’s been. Just as she leans down to kiss him he suddenly jerks back and sits right up, startling her.

AMANDA: Whoa! What happened?

KYLE [runs a hand through his hair]: Jessi.

AMANDA: Where? [She glances towards the door when he does].

KYLE: Out in the kitchen.

AMANDA: The kitchen? Then how…never mind. What did she do?

KYLE: She threw a mental equivalent of water over me. [He shivers as if he really did receive a shot of ice water thrown over him].

AMANDA [sits up fully]: Why would she do that?

KYLE: We have a brief workout together before we go to work and she’s already ready.

AMANDA [glares toward the door as if Jessi were there]: Are you all right?

KYLE [grins at her]: I’m definitely awake. [He jumps out of the bed and gathers up a sweat suit]. I’ll be back.

Amanda holds back an irritable sigh, missing the fact she could have kissed Kyle awake. She gets up, slips on a housecoat and heads to the kitchen where she sees Jessi helping Nicole in making breakfast.

AMANDA: You have some nerve. I can wake Kyle up myself. [She glances at Nicole]. Good morning, Mrs. Trager.

NICOLE: Ah, good morning, I think.

JESSI: Your way would have taken too long.

AMANDA [fumes]: How do you know what my way is? [As if she didn’t know, Jessi was likely ‘listening’ in on them again].

JESSI: Kissing him, obviously.

AMANDA [narrows her eyes at her having guessed correctly]: That is none of your business!

JESSI [glances at the clock]: We’re already late. [She grabs an apple and bites into it].

AMANDA: How can you be late if you’re still having breakfast?

JESSI: I need something if I have to wait any longer for Kyle.

Just then Kyle comes downstairs.

JESSI: Finally. [She heads out but when Kyle looks ready to kiss Amanda goodbye she stops him]. We’re late. Come on.

Jessi drags him by the arm and Kyle gives Amanda a shrug, catching the mad look she throws Jessi’s way.

Amanda turns to help Nicole with lips compressed as the door closes behind them.

NICOLE: How about helping me stir some eggs for an omelet? [She’s hoping to take Amanda’s mind off her conflict with Jessi].


But the way Amanda whips the eggs around Nicole debates the wisdom of letting her help at all.

AMANDA: I know about her habit of listening in. I’m tired of it.

NICOLE: Yes. She does have that habit. Sometimes it’s good.

Amanda pauses too abruptly in whirling the eggs and several droplets of egg splatter over the counter top.

NICOLE: And of course, oftentimes, like now, wasn’t.

AMANDA [sees the splatter]: Sorry. [She heads to the sink for a dishcloth, rinses it with warm water and wipes up the mess and this time is more careful in whipping up the eggs to Nicole’s relief]. I really don’t see where the good of her ‘listening in’ comes in. [She finishes missing the eggs].

Nicole doesn’t say anything; there was time enough later tonight to tell her what Jessi overheard and takes out a pan to heat on the burner.

Cut to Kyle and Jessi as he allows Jessi to drive his van to their workout.

KYLE: If you’re mad at me, take it out on me.

JESSI: You know how I feel.

KYLE: Yes, and despite what I feel about wanting the embryo, I am taking Nicole’s words into account.

JESSI [glances at him]: What words?

KYLE [glances out the window at the passing scenery and she can pick up the conflicting emotions within]: That no matter how I feel, the needs of the child come first.

JESSI: Oh. [She nods]. She’s right.

He doesn’t comment, she knows how much it pains him.

JESSI: There’s a project I thought you could help me with. [He glances back at her, looking excited and hopeful]. It was really your idea to begin with.

KYLE [frowns knowingly]: You didn’t.

JESSI [gives a self-satisfied smile]: I did.

Cut to the Trager house when they enter the front door, returning back home from their workout. There is barely enough time to shower and change before heading to work at Latnok. Jessi heads upstairs first to beat him to the shower, but as always, he lets her go first.

JESSI [on her way up, pauses]: Go see what I’ve done so far, the specs are on my laptop.

KYLE: All right.

But before he heads to Jessi’s room, Amanda steps out from the kitchen to greet him, freshly showered and dressed.

AMANDA: How was the workout?

KYLE: Good.

AMANDA: I made you some breakfast, [she points behind her and he sees a covered plate on the counter. Josh is sitting at the breakfast table, eating cereal].

KYLE: Maybe a quick one.

AMANDA [lifts the lid]: I kept it warm for you. [Steam rises up from the plate].

JOSH: A quick one? Keeping it warm? Those could have alternate meanings.

She throws him a look. Funny how becoming more intimate with Kyle she’s beginning to read sexual innuendos. Either that, her hanging around Lori and Hillary, who are only to willing to inform and supply her with all kinds of trivia, is making her more knowledgeable.

KYLE [picks up on his innuendo as well]: Don’t you ever think of anything else?

JOSH: Nope. [Then he studies them]. Wait, you mean you two knew what I meant?

Kyle just raises an eyebrow knowingly as he sits down at the counter and takes the bite of omelet Amanda made him, stuffed with mushrooms and loaded with a variety of vegetables.

JOSH: Whoa, steppin’ it up.

Kyle ignores him as he eats. So does Amanda as she hands Kyle a smoothie.

AMANDA: An orange mango. That’s all there was in the fridge.

Kyle smiles his thanks and digs right in.

KYLE: Where’s everyone else?

JOSH: Mom’s upstairs. She already ate so no clue what she’s doing now. Same with Dad, only I have no idea where he went. [Josh eyes him]. Isn’t your bat signal working?

KYLE [cocks his head as if listening to a signal]: Both Steven and Nicole are upstairs in their room.

JOSH: Oh, what are they doing?

KYLE [keeps eating, avoiding glancing over at Josh]: I stopped listening.

JOSH [looks disappointed]: Figures.

But the look Kyle gives Amanda, and the slight blush stain on his cheeks, tells her he does know, something private he caught an earful of. She bites her lip and keeps her face turned away from Josh.

JESSI [comes downstairs and frowns when she sees Kyle in the kitchen]: Did you see it?

KYLE [chews fast then swallows]: Not yet.

AMANDA: See what?

JESSI: Well, hurry. [She heads to her room as Amanda looks put out, knowing she didn’t answer her deliberately].

Kyle eats faster and downs his smoothie then gives Amanda a quick kiss on the cheek.

KYLE: A formula. [He dashes after Jessi].

There’s barely enough time for him once again to look at Jessi’s formula then shower and change. He finds Jessi waiting impatiently for him again by the front door. Amanda stops him before he can head out the door to kiss him goodbye.

AMANDA: Have a good day at work.

KYLE [smiles at her]: I will.

JESSI [behind them]: Taking your wifely duty to extreme, aren’t you? First the breakfast, now the customary kiss goodbye? It’s not as if you do that on a regular basis.

Amanda glares over Kyle’s shoulder at her. Kyle turns to give her a warning glance.

AMANDA: All the more reason to do it when I can.

JESSI [ignores Kyle’s warning and instead tries to convey through projecting a feeling at him an alternate meaning to her words]: Maybe you two should seriously consider doing it regularly.

KYLE [picks up her projection and telepaths]: Why?

AMANDA: Again with the minding your own business!

JESSI [telepaths back to Kyle]: You’ll know tonight.

She walks out towards Kyle’s van parked on the curb, leaving Kyle to deal with an irate Amanda.

AMANDA: She really annoys me.

KYLE [frowns after her with worry, wondering what news Jessi knew about, if it was an emergency, Nicole would have told him by now]: Yeah, I know.


KYLE [turns back to her]: Right. I’ll talk to her.

AMANDA: Will she listen? [Jessi beeps the horn to make Kyle hurry].

KYLE: Uh, maybe?

He runs to his van and gets in, driving off.

Amanda heads to Kyle’s room to play her computerized piano keyboard, releasing her pent up frustration with Jessi out on it and the songs she chooses. And because in some weird way she was glad it had been such a busy morning. It took her mind off having a more serious talk with Kyle on their problems.

Time passes and Steven enters the kitchen. Nicole is sitting at the table with some papers laid out. There’s a brief pause in Amanda’s music playing before she continues.

STEVEN [nods at the papers strewn over the table]: Work?

NICOLE: Some last minute reports that need doing, plus some drawings Kyle did of a flower petal. [She shows him one of the drawings].

STEVEN: I think I’ll join you. [He pauses to lean down to kiss her on her cheek and caress her shoulder. Nicole clasps his hand and they share an intimate look]. I have some papers to mark and the next lesson to prepare. [He hears Amanda playing strongly in the background]. Should I ask what’s going on?

NICOLE: Jessi’s in one her “I love to bug Amanda” moods.


NICOLE: I think in her way she’s trying to prepare Amanda for the worst.

STEVEN: How, with a sledgehammer approach?


Steven is on his way back out of the kitchen to get his work when the phone, sitting on the side table, rings. He picks it up.

STEVEN: Hello?

LORI’s voice: Hey, dad. Can I swing by?

STEVEN: Sure. Don’t tell me you have more laundry to do?

LORI’s voice: Some, but it can wait until next week.

STEVEN: Oh, joy.

LORI’s voice: See you in a few.

STEVEN: Okay. [To Nicole after he hangs up]. Lori’s coming over.

NICOLE: I gathered. Did she say why?


NICOLE: You didn’t ask?

STEVEN: Ah, no.

NICOLE: Well, why didn’t you ask?

STEVEN: What for? I thought you missed her. Does she need a reason to come over?

NICOLE: Of course not. And I do miss her. I was just curious as to why.

STEVEN: Well, I guess you’ll find out when she gets here.

He heads upstairs to get his papers.

NICOLE [sighs]: Men.

STEVEN [calls down]: I heard that.

NICOLE [calls back up]: You were meant too.

When he comes back down and joins her they smile good-naturedly at the other.

Cut to Lori in her dorm room rushing to get ready while holding a phone to her ear?

LORI: What time will you be off work, Hills?

HILLARY’s voice: Five, you know that.

LORI: Right. Right. Can you give me a call then? I still haven’t heard from Mark, this whole week, in fact. It’s like he jumped off the radar. He’s no longer an R.A., he no longer has a room at the dorm there, and he hasn’t been deejaying all this week. [She pauses to take a breath]. I’m worried. I’m going to ask my Dad if he knows anything.

HILLARY’s voice: Oh, sorry, Lori, I’ve gotta go, we’ll talk later, promise.

She hangs up and Lori does too, sighing.

LORI [beneath her breath]: Where are you, Mark?

Cut to Latnok where Kyle is working at his station while Jessi is in her office working on her own project as well as endless paperwork. Jackie leaves her workstation and comes up to him.

JACKIE: Hi, Kiwi.

KYLE [smiles]: Hi, Jackie.

JACKIE: I was wondering if you could help me with a problem.

KYLE: Sure.

JACKIE: I’m trying to find ways to end world hunger without resorting to genetically modified seeds.

KYLE: Have you tried magnets?

JACKIE: Magnets? [She grabs a chair, sits on it and props her chin in her hand, intrigued].

KYLE: You use the magnetic frequency for each individual plant, but you’d have to be careful not to over stimulate them or it would yield negative results.

JACKIE: So, I’d have to catalogue each individual plant and how they react to certain vibrations?

KYLE: Right, each plant would have it’s own unique frequency.

JACKIE: That could take a while. [She studies him]. How did you come up with that idea?

KYLE: I read it in a book called “Blinded by Science” by Matthew Silverstone.

JACKIE: How come you haven’t taken it on?

KYLE: I’m still finishing up my other projects, and since I’m only here one day a week, it’s the only chance I get to work on them.

JACKIE: You must have a pretty heavy course load then? [He nods]. I take it you’re doing more than one major like the rest of us?

KYLE: A few and I’m aiming to complete them in two years.

JACKIE [mouth opens a bit]: Wow. Two years.

KYLE: Then I’ll transfer to Bastyr. I’m interested in alternative medicine.

JACKIE: I can see you doing that. [She’s back to studying him again until he begins to feel a little uncomfortable].

KYLE: Is there something else I can help you with?

JACKIE [blinks and her gaze refocuses on him]: Oh, sorry. I’m just thinking where to start on how to set a frequency rate.

KYLE: Oh. [A formula pops into his head]. How about starting with this? [He writes the formula down and hands it to her].

JACKIE [studies it]: Thanks! This will really help. Really, really help.

She looks over at Mark’s empty workstation, he hasn’t come in today, then back at him.

JACKIE: Mark showed me the formula you gave him to help calculate a table of three-dimensional shapes he’s working on. [She stares at him in speculation and he feels even more uncomfortable as she leans closer to whisper]. I’m beginning to see why Cassidy and those other members wanted you so bad. You already know the vibrational frequencies of each plant, don’t you?

He blinks, as sudden formulas pop into his mind like the break down of the DNA picture he drew of a flower the other day in the study session. He shifts away from her.

JACKIE [nods over to Mark’s empty work station]: I’m betting you already know how to finish the table of three-dimensional shapes that Mark is working on.

He doesn’t tell her that he does know as several three-dimensional formulas flash in his head and follows her gaze as she looks over at Dave and Russell who are hard at work and bickering at each other as they usually do.

JACKIE: And their positronic brain.

Schematics on how to produce an artificial brain pop into his mind. The information is giving him answers to everything. Dave and Russell’s voices sound in the background.

DAVE: What’s that stuff you’re working on?

RUSSELL: Pressure-sensitive artificial skin, I want my robot to look human.

DAVE: Great, we won’t know who’s real and who isn’t. I can foresee the future now, “Blade Runner” apocalypse for real. I was right, you’re taking the evolution of robots just as Moore’s Law predicated. We humans will have to become cyborgs just to keep up!

KYLE [cut back to him]: Jackie… [He isn’t saying yes he did know yet he isn’t denying it either]. I was just trying to help you, that’s all.

She lays a hand on his forearm.

JACKIE: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I can see why Declan and your family are so protective of you. It’s what they don’t say. [She kisses his cheek]. You’re worth protecting. [She gives him a reassuring smile]. Thanks for the idea of using magnets.

She heads back to her station ready to explore the vibrational frequency of one of her plants, leaving Kyle to go back to his work. He does, but not without glancing back at her every now and then. Her warm friendly smiles and occasional wink lets him know he has nothing to fear from her. Her insightfulness has brought on a new level of trust between them. A trust that caused him to give her the formula in the first place as it meant giving her the solution in order to solve the frequencies of each plant.

As noon strikes, cut to the lunchroom where Kyle is standing in line behind an elderly couple. Jackie is behind him while Jessi and Nate are in another line at another food kiosk.

JACKIE: Thanks for the link on where to buy that book.

KYLE: You’re welcome.

JACKIE: It makes me look on science with a whole new perspective. How did you come across it?

KYLE: I was looking up a name of a scientist, Royal Rife. He invented a machine that could look at live viruses under a microscope without having to kill them, using light as a source of magnification.

Close up of his ear as he pauses to hear an irregular heart beat of the elderly man in front of him. He frowns in concern.

JACKIE: Interesting. What else did this guy do?

Another irregular heart beat.

KYLE: He cured a few diseases, like cancer, diabetes…[another irregular heart beat and Kyle sees the man’s face turn from pale to a grayish tone].

JACKIE: Cured?

The elderly man grabs his left arm wincing in pain.

KYLE [lays a hand on him]: Can I help you?

ELDERLY MAN: I…[he falls down and Kyle easily catches him, laying a hand on the man’s chest, over his heart].

ELDERLY WOMAN: Oh, no, Henry! [The man’s wife fishes frantically in her purse]. His nitro pills are in here somewhere.

JACKIE [moves closer to her]: Can I help you look?

Just as the elderly woman drops her purse in her frantic haste where everything spills on to the floor, Kyle takes the opportunity to start healing the man, feeling the flow of blood struggling to pump through clogged arteries.

Jessi, who is suddenly there beside him, takes his other hand letting her energy flow and mingle with his to help heal the man.

In the background a voice in the crowd yells, “Call 911!”

The lights starts to flicker as Kyle heals the elderly man.

JACKIE [finds the bottle]: Here they are. [She glances over at Kyle, her eyes widen when she thinks she sees sparks of electricity flow from his fingers into the man].

Kyle slows the man’s heart rate to a steady rhythm as he unplugs hardened arteries throughout the ventricles and chambers and down through the veins in the man’s lower legs and even a blockage near the neck and brain stem, where if not treated, would result in a severe stroke. He unblocks them all, and soon the man is breathing easier as his wife dumps some pills in her hands and holds them out to Kyle.

ELDERLY WOMAN: Here, place these under his tongue.

But her husband sits up and smiles at her.

HENRY: It’s all right, Lizzy. It passed. The pain is gone now.

LIZZY: No, the pills are here. They’ll help.

HENRY [closes her hand over the pills]: I’m fine, Lizzy, I’m fine. Thanks to this gentleman… [Henry turns to Kyle but sees Nate there beside him instead]. Where…?

NATE: I called 911. The ambulance is on its way. You should get checked out.

HENRY: Thank you, but where is—[His wife cuts him off and shakes Nate’s hand].

LIZZY: Thank you, thank you for saving my husband.

NATE: Hey, all I did was dial a number.

LIZZY: You’re too modest.

NATE [grins at her]: What can I say? You’re welcome.

Off to the side, Kyle and Jessi are sitting at a nearby lunch table with Jackie.

JACKIE: So, did I see what I thought I saw?

JESSI: What did you think you saw?

JACKIE: Electricity coming from his hand.

JESSI: Sounds like static electricity.

JACKIE [insists]: It was more than that. [She eyes them both when neither says anything more]. Okay. I get it. Mum’s the word.

NATE [joins them, nodding behind him]: The paramedics are checking out the old guy now.

They look and see two medics check Henry’s blood pressure. Kyle has to glance around Nate to see then quickly looks away again as Henry was still looking around for him, being convinced [as well as Jackie] that Kyle had a ‘hand’ in healing him.

NATE: He’ll be fine.

JACKIE: Yes, I’m sure he will be.

Nate raises an eyebrow at her then checks his watch.

NATE: Looks like lunch will be to go. Or is it okay with the boss if we’re all a little late? [He winks at Jessi].

JESSI: It’s fine if you’re late. [She sees the couple leaving with the paramedics who are blocking the couple’s view of the, thankfully, so they are now free to go back and order some lunch].

JESSI [telepaths to Kyle]: Now would have been a good time to be invisible.

KYLE [telepaths back, quickly stopping himself from turning to her as if she had spoken out loud]: There’s one more thing to add to your formula and it will be complete.

JESSI [grows excited, telepaths]: And I can apply it to our uniforms?

KYLE [telepaths]: Yes.

JESSI [telepaths]: Awesome.

Jackie is watching them just being silent. Nate notices their silence and guesses by the careful way they avoid glancing at each other that they are communicating telepathically.

NATE: So, are you two still deciding what to eat?

JESSI: Right, yes. I’m coming.

She and Nate leave the table and Kyle glances over at Jackie.

KYLE: You ready?

JACKIE [smiles]: For several minutes, Kiwi. I’m starving.

They go back to where they were standing in line and order their lunch. All four were twenty minutes late heading back to work. To Kyle’s relief, Jackie keeps silent about saying or asking about the electricity flowing from his hands to the elderly man.

Cut to Lori as she comes home later that afternoon. She sees her parents sitting at the table working on papers. Piano music is emanating from Kyle’s room.

LORI: You guys have homework too?

She sets her guitar case down and joins them at the table.

NICOLE: Hey, Lori. Yes, I guess you could say its homework.

LORI [nods as if really interested in what they’re doing then turns to her dad]: Dad, do you know where Mark is?

STEVEN [looks surprised]: No.

LORI: You mean he hasn’t been in class?

STEVEN: Not for the last two days. He called in.

LORI: Saying what?

STEVEN: Ah, something about moving out of his dorm.

LORI: Yeah, I figured that out when I called but where did he move to?

STEVEN: I don’t know, Lori, he didn’t elaborate.

LORI [gives a big sigh]: So, anything more up with Kyle?

NICOLE: What do you mean?

LORI: Last weekend I missed out on mega news, I’m wondering if now that it’s another weekend if there’s even more news I missed.

NICOLE: You can find out tonight.

LORI: There is? Seriously, again?

NICOLE: Lori, keep your voice down, [she glances with worry towards Kyle’s room where the sounds of music pauses then continues on].

LORI: I was kidding. [Her voice lowered]. I’m working tonight. I won’t get home until late.

NICOLE [whispers]: All right. Just don’t let on to Amanda, I want Kyle here when I tell them both.

Cut to Lori as a few minutes later she taps on Kyle’s door, seeing Amanda buried in a textbook. Her piano playing had stopped and now she was deep into studying.

LORI: Hey there.

AMANDA: Hi. [She places a bookmark on her page].

LORI: So, you and Kyle have kissed and made up?

AMANDA [smiles]: Yeah, we have. [Then her smile fades]. Nothing’s solved though.

LORI: I didn’t think it would be.

AMANDA: I shouldn’t have waited so long to talk to him.

LORI: You had a lot to deal, [she’s thinking there’s even more for her to deal after tonight]. So, how’s the homework coming?

AMANDA: Playing catch up. You?

LORI: Behind. Maybe we shouldn’t have looked at wedding magazines the other night.

AMANDA: It made a nice break.

LORI: Yeah, it did. Want to study at the dining table with me?

AMANDA: Sure. [She turns to gather her textbook and notebook].

They spend the next hour studying together.

Cut to Declan in his dorm room as it turns 6:30 and he picks up his cell when it begins ringing.

DECLAN: Hey, gorgeous. How was work?

Cut to Jackie in her apartment just sitting back in her chair.

JACKIE: You wouldn’t believe it. [She pauses]. But then, maybe you would.

DECLAN’s voice: Believe what?

JACKIE: Oh, a little something about Kyle, something…odd.

Cut to Declan as he frowns at his phone, worry lines creasing his forehead. He literally shrugs, nonchalant.

DECLAN: I thought all you scientists are odd?

Cut to Jackie as she smiles.

JACKIE: Funny guy. No, this is way different. [But she pauses as if unsure she should say anything over the phone]. He’s very smart.

DECLAN’s voice: He’s that, but I’m sure not as smart as you.

JACKIE [attention drifts on remembering what happened at lunch]: He’s so amazing.

DECLAN’s voice [teasing]: Amazing, huh? Should I be jealous?

JACKIE: He’s sweet, but I like you.

Cut to Declan as he smiles.

DECLAN: Like as in can’t wait to see me and I should come right away?

JACKIE [cut to her]: Give me a few minutes to make myself more presentable.

DECLAN’s voice: Now you’re talking.

Cut back to him as he hangs up. No sooner does he finish talking then his phone rings again. It’s his father.

DECLAN: Hey, dad. [He pauses, listening]. No, Kyle’s not in. In fact, I’m about to head out myself. [He waits as his dad continues talking]. Man, I told you, I’m not going to hassle him about money. [He takes an impatient swipe across his forehead]. I gotta go.

The voice on the phone sounds frantic.

DECLAN: Yeah, I’m seeing a girl. [A pause]. Yeah, it’s serious. [Another pause]. Wait, what? [Pauses again]. You’re seeing a woman? Seriously? [Longer pause]. Wait a minute. How can you be serious about her? How long have you been dating her? [A pause]. Only a month?

Declan frown as his father continues talking, and his look turns stunned.

DECLAN: You’re spending Thanksgiving with her. After you promised me, [his voice flat then slowly rises in anger and resentment]. The Bahamas?! [Anger boils inside him now]. Fine. Be with her instead of your son. She’s obviously more important.

He clicks off and stares off at nothing as inwardly he tries to assimilate what his father just dumped on him.

DECLAN: Unbelievable. His promises our worthless. [He shakes his head]. Damn. [He stares at the phone]. I should have asked what her name was. I could have had Foss do a background check. Damn.

He stands there another couple of minutes before realizing he’d been on his way out. He grabs his coat and a backpack, eager to spend the night with Jackie, but the thought of his father bailing on him churns and festers inside.

Cut to the Trager house as Lori heads to work. Kyle and Jessi enter just as she leaves. Lori surprises him with a big hug hello.

LORI: I’m off. See you tomorrow.

KYLE: See you. [Before he gets a chance to ask her what the hug was for she is off with a quick wave to Jessi].

LORI: Hey, Jess. Later.

JESSI: Later.

Amanda comes through the dining room doors with some plates. She and Lori had just finished clearing off their papers from the dining room table. Jessi heads to her room as Kyle walks towards Amanda.

AMANDA [kisses him hello]: How was work?

KYLE: I still need to do one more experiment to make sure there won’t be a synergy effect to neutralize certain dangerous chemical compounds.

AMANDA: What chemical compounds?

KYLE: All the chemical waste that’s dumped into the environment, I want to neutralize the damage.

AMANDA: That sounds wondrous and ambitious. That’s great.

She kisses him and just then Jessi comes in to place a couple of salad bowls on the table.

JESSI: We’re about to eat.

Amanda stiffens when she hears the sound of Jessi’s voice but she refuses to break contact right away, letting the kiss linger for a bit longer. By the time Amanda turns around Jessi has left. Amanda finishes setting the table.

KYLE: Let me help.

AMANDA [stops him]: No, I got this. You relax.

KYLE: I feel like I should do something.

Jessi pops back in the dining room to put garlic bread and butter on the table.

AMANDA: You can kiss me again.

JESSI: That’s sure to ruin his appetite.

AMANDA [presses her lips together in irritation and retorts back]: On the contrary.

She grabs Kyle by his shirt and plants a kiss on his lips, quick to deepen it and thrills to feel him responding back. Behind them Nicole enters.

NICOLE: Oh! Excuse me.

They break apart fast.

AMANDA: Sorry, I’ll just finish setting the table.

JESSI: About time.

Amanda just glares at her. Kyle is tired of Jessi constant digs.

KYLE: Let’s talk. [He takes her arm and guides her into the living room as Amanda enters the kitchen. Anger tinges his voice]. Stop taking your anger with me out on Amanda. I thought we were okay on this.

JESSI: It’s not okay. I can’t help how I feel. Besides, Amanda’s too compliant about your wanting Cassidy’s embryo.

KYLE: She’s not, and nothing has been settled on the subject. And I’m sorry if my feelings about him are upsetting you but ultimately, this is between Amanda and I.

JESSI: And me!

KYLE: No, not you.

JESSI: That thing will grow up to be just like Cassidy.

KYLE: You don’t know that.

JESSI: The one premonition you had doesn’t make it true. The future’s changeable.

KYLE: You changed.

She looks away for a moment, hating how he got straight to the heart. What did she really fear from this embryo? That it could turn out just like Cassidy and she’d have a reason to confront her enemy all over again? Or could it turn out to be even a better person and she’d have no more grounds for hate or revenge? How different was she from her mother, Sarah? Different enough to realize just because she looked the same as her mother, her life was going in a whole new direction, and yes, much of the better part of her life is all thanks to Kyle.

JESSI: I’m afraid.

KYLE: So am I.

JESSI: You’re handling it well. [She sounds a little jealous how he’s more able to keep his feelings under better control than she does and shakes her head]. I still hate and can’t get over the fact that he’s your half-brother.

All of a sudden she picks up, not a feeling, but no feeling from Kyle, like he was hiding his feelings from her. She studies him as he looks far off in the distance then glances back at her.

KYLE: I’m sorry too.

He walks away, still blocking his feelings from her. All she can deduce that it must pain him deeply if he has to shut off like that. He did that before when he killed Cassidy, he shut others out until he was ready to deal. So, what is he afraid of?

Kyle heads upstairs to the bathroom to wash up and soon rejoins the family as they all sit down to eat supper. It’s only at the end of the meal that Nicole brings up the subject that’s been worrying him.

NICOLE: Jessi found out that Nate’s been in touch with Grace Kingsley.

KYLE [glances first at Jessi]: You listened in? [Jessi nods and then he glances back to Nicole]. Grace? What does she want?

Nicole nods to Jessi and Jessi pulls out a brown envelope she had tucked near her chair and hands it to Kyle. Kyle takes the envelope and opens it.

NICOLE: She wants to claim you, Kyle, as her son.

Both Kyle and Amanda look shocked then worried. Kyle reads the contents, confirming what Nicole just told him and shows the letter to Amanda.

AMANDA [shakes her head as she reads the document]: She can’t do that, can she?

NICOLE: He’s of legal age now, so it’s his choice.

AMANDA: He’s with me. [At Jessi’s raised eyebrow Amanda takes Kyle’s hand]. You know what I mean.

Kyle squeezes her hand.

KYLE [stands up]: If you’ll excuse us, Amanda and I would like to discuss this together first?

NICOLE: Of course.

KYLE: Thanks for finding this out, Jessi.

JESSI: Listening paid off this time.

Kyle nods to her.

AMANDA [beneath her breath]: This time. [They glare at the other].

Kyle quickly leads Amanda to his room. Josh, who’d been sitting silent throughout, finally speaks out.

JOSH: Mommy dearest is coming back? [He shakes his head]. What a nightmare.

Nicole’s glance at him is one of agreement but she catches sight of Jessi glancing down the hall.

NICOLE: Now is not the time to listen in this time, Jessi.

Jessi gives a guilty start and quickly nods to Nicole to reassure she won’t. The temptation to listen is strong though.

STEVEN: So, what project did you work on today, Jessi?

Nicole smiles at Steven, grateful he found a way to take Jessi’s mind off what conversation could be happening with Kyle and Amanda.

JESSI: Well, thanks to Kyle, we can make our uniforms invisible now, and I helped him heal a guy who was having an angina attack today at lunch.

They all stare at her, dumbfounded.

Cut to Kyle and Amanda in their room.

AMANDA [turns to him]: What should we do?

KYLE: Her claim is bogus. There’s no real legal way she can claim me, not without the truth coming out. She’s manipulating the facts to suit her purpose.

AMANDA [eyes the envelope as if it were the nastiest piece of garbage]: She’s doing it very well.

KYLE [feels just as upset about this latest contact as she does]: I’ll write her to leave us alone.

AMANDA [bites her lip, thinking]: Kyle, she is your biological mother. Despite how you or I feel, maybe cutting her off completely isn’t the best solution. Maybe we should confront her.

He glances away from her. That was just it; she wasn’t his biological mother, as Adam didn’t use her DNA. If she ever found that out she would do everything she could to find out whom. Her “suggestions” to Cassidy to get him to join Latnok was just a way to get him to do her dirty work for her, which indicated she would no longer regard him as a son but as a failed experiment and most likely order someone to have him killed.

AMANDA [watches how he keeps silent]: Kyle, how do you feel about this?

KYLE [glances back at her]: As long as you’re okay with it, we’ll confront her together.

Amanda nods and gives him a reassuring hug, needing one as well as worry of what Grace’s presence in their life will mean for them. He feels her need as it echoes his own and keeps her tucked close.

His thoughts are more on how he still has to deceive her and his family. He can’t let them know Cassidy isn’t his half-brother at all, not until he knows what Grace Kingsley is really up to.

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