Season 4

S04 E13 Date Night

Kyle XY S04 E13

Date Night or Disaster Night?

Saturday night Oct 16/10.

Cut to Declan as Jackie lets him inside and waits until she closes and locks the door before dumping his stuff and giving her a long passionate kiss hello.

JACKIE [pulls away in concern]: What happened?

DECLAN: What do you mean?

JACKIE: I love your passion but something’s upset you.

DECLAN: What? You Psychic?

JACKIE: Considering you were once like this when you almost fell off your bunk and if Kyle hadn’t caught you in time, you could have been seriously injured. Did you have another “almost” accident? [Declan hesitates]. One where Kyle saved you again?

DECLAN: Kyle? No, he’s at home. And no again to an almost accident.

JACKIE: Then what’s bugging you?

She’s really getting to know him well.

DECLAN [sighs]: My dad phoned.

JACKIE [nods]: Ah. [Seeing his closed off expression means he is reluctant to talk about what upset him]. So, [she wraps her arms around his waist], you want to make out to take your mind off him?

DECLAN [grins as he wraps his arms around her]: You can read my mind.

JACKIE [smiles]: I know my man. [But her smile turns to a smirk as she gives a brief glance downward]. Plus, it’s hard to miss, guys are so easy to read.

DECLAN: It’s all for you.

JACKIE: Mmm, I have a feeling dinner’s going to be late again, I predict. [She leans in to kiss him and he’s naturally quick to respond].

DECLAN: You predict right.

Opening credits.

Sunday morning, Oct 17/10.

Declan and Jackie are lying in her bed. Her head is resting on his chest as his hand caresses her shoulder and down her arm that’s wrapped around his waist.

JACKIE [unwilling to lift her head much less get up]: Guess what?

DECLAN [just as content to lie with her]: What?

JACKIE: I witnessed a miracle.

DECLAN: Oh yeah? [He smiles proudly]. That I was able to satisfy you three times in a row?

JACKIE [lifts her head to smile at him]: Not that, silly. I mean a real miracle. It was yesterday at work.

DECLAN: Oh? Your experiment worked?

JACKIE: I’m flattered, but no. [She watches him closely]. I saw Kyle heal a man during lunch break.

If she hadn’t been watching him so closely she would have missed the spark of knowledge that meant he knew what she was talking about.

DECLAN: Really? You sure he wasn’t just helping the guy out? He does that from time to time, help others.

JACKIE: I’m positive. In fact, I actually saw a current of electricity flow from his hand to the guy’s chest. The guy was having a heart attack.

DECLAN: Huh. You sure it wasn’t a trick of the light?

Oh yeah, a definite jaw muscle twitch and eye avoidance, not to mention the slight scoffing tone in his voice to try and make her believe she was seeing things. How noble, how protective. Jackie sighs and lays her head back down, but not before she sees a hopeful look of relief in his face.

JACKIE: You realize the implications if Kyle is able to heal a person.

DECLAN [scoffs for real and she feels the effects beneath her ear]: Unlikely.

JACKIE [frowns as even she realizes the full implications]: He’d have no life. People would be clamoring to have him heal them of all and any ailments.

DECLAN: Yeah, exactly. So, highly doubtful.

JACKIE [decides to go along with him]: Yeah, you’re probably right. It was a trick of the light.

She snuggles closer but Declan shifts away and the closeness she had felt with him was gone. Declan grabs his jeans and puts them on, showing very little facial expression.

DECLAN: I’ll be back. [He heads to the washroom].

Jackie blows some stray strands of curly hair out o her face.

JACKIE: Oh yeah, super protective. Huh. I would be, too.

From now on, she won’t mention a thing to Declan if she notices any other funny and odd things Kyle does.

JACKIE: He is special. [Then she smiles toward the washroom where Declan ducked into]. But so are you boyfriend.

She slips on a robe and heads to the kitchen to plug in the coffeepot and fix them something to eat.

Sunday afternoon just after 3:30.

Cut to McMahon Hall up in Lori’s dorm room. She’s on the phone again, pacing. Hillary is sitting cross-legged on her bed watching her.

LORI [clicks off]: Busy signal.

HILLARY: At least you know his cell phone is still working.

LORI: Who could he be talking to, [she checks her watch], for ten minutes?

HILLARY: Maybe you can ask Mark who.

LORI: If I get through, [she tries calling again].

Cut to Mark who is on his phone punching in a number.

MARK: I can do this all day, Lori. Girls, don’t they ever get off the phone?

As he gets another busy signal he hangs up and skirts around a few boxes stacked by a kitchen cupboard to reach across to pour himself a cup of coffee. His cell rings and he sees who’s calling.

MARK [answers straight into the phone]: Finally.

LORI [cut to her as she gives Hillary a thumb’s up signal]: Finally? Me? You’re the one who’s been on the phone for the past half hour.

MARK [cut to him as he frowns, pausing before pouring a cup]: I’ve been trying to reach you all this time.

LORI [cut to her as she frowns]: You mean we’ve been trying to get each other at the same time? [She flops on her bed and makes a face when Hillary starts to laugh]. Okay, now that we’re finally connected, where have you been?

MARK [cut to him as he looks around his new apartment with a wide grin]: A lot has happened. Wait until you hear my news. [He takes his cup into his living room and sits on his brand new couch and puts his feet up on the coffee table, again brand new]. You know how this is my last year?

LORI’s voice: Yeah, so?

MARK: So, a technology company I applied to was interested in meeting me. I got a job offer, an apprenticeship, really. Big money.

LORI [cut to her]: Mark! That’s great.

MARK’s voice: Well, money wasn’t the key factor, [cut to him as he takes his feet off the table, sets his mug down and picks up a file]. I did some research on them before I applied. Their mission statement falls in with my values, and much like what Latnok original values were.

LORI’s voice: That’s wonderful, I’m happy for you. But—[she’s wondering why he isn’t staying with Latnok].

MARK [continues excitedly]: Of course having this apprenticeship will mean I’ll have to cut back on a few other jobs I had. Being an R.A. for one and deejaying.

LORI’s voice: So I found out when I phoned McCarty.

MARK: Oh, right, sorry. Things happened so fast. Someone else was fortunately interested in the position of R.A. and I had to look around for new digs, [he glances around his new place with pride]. And lady luck was with me again. I found and moved into a new place. Ah, actually, I was wondering if you wanted to see it?

LORI’s voice: Yeah, I’d love to!

MARK [big smile]: Great, I’ll come by and pick you up.

LORI [cut to her]: I’ll be waiting.

Once off the phone she smiles at Hillary.

LORI: Wow, he’s doing an apprenticeship which will lead to a great position.

HILLARY: So, all you’re worrying was….? [She prompts].

LORI: Baggage from the past.

HILLARY: Thought so.

Lori makes a face at her then springs to her feet.

LORI: I gotta get ready, he’ll be here soon.

She dashes over to her dresser and starts freshening up her makeup.

Cut to outside of what looks like a house from the outside but was really a four-plex. Mark pulls up to it and parks his car. Lori looks out the passenger window.

LORI: This is it? It looks big.

MARK [grins]: It’s a four-plex. There are two apartments on the main level and two upstairs. My parking stall is in the back. It has two bedrooms so I can use one for an office.

LORI [grins back at him]: Can’t wait.

Mark gets out of the car and goes around to open the car door for her then walks with her to the front door. Once they enter, he opens the door on the right to his apartment.

MARK [pride in his voice]: Here we are!

Lori looks around and the first thing she sees is the living room with a couch, recliner, coffee table and a large flat TV screen sitting on a stand with a stereo DVD system underneath. There is a small open area further in for the dining area which has a round table and four chairs next to a wall. Behind this wall as Lori explores further is the kitchen. There were a few unopened boxes, boxes containing dish sets and appliances.

LORI: These all look new, [she taps her foot against a box on the floor containing a toaster oven].

MARK: Yeah, I had to buy all new stuff. I just got them all this morning. I’ve yet to unpack and wash it all.


MARK: This way is the bedrooms and bath.

He leads her past the dining area into a small hall. The first door in front of her is the bathroom while to the right is the main bedroom facing the front of the house. Inside the main bedroom she sees a brand new bedroom suite with a large queen size bed. A bed that gives her ideas of her and Mark one day sharing that bed. To take her mind off the image she tries focusing on a safer topic.

LORI: Wow, very nice. You must have had some savings squirreled away.

MARK [looking at the bed as well then at her]: A bit. [His tone indicating he didn’t care about the money]. There’s a large closet and private bath.

He keeps showing her around and in the second bedroom she sees it’s all his DJ stuff and computer equipment he had back in his dorm, all unpacked and set up.

LORI: You got a lot done.

MARK: Yep. This will be home for a while. [He is very proud of his place]. Want to celebrate?

LORI [trying to banish her bedroom image]: What?

MARK: I can order pizza.

LORI: Sounds delicious.

MARK: Yeah.

They stare at each other for a moment then Lori looks around nodding.

LORI: I like it. [She’s thrilled when he comes over and wraps his arms around her].

MARK: I’m glad.

He leans in for a kiss, the pizza soon forgotten.

Cut to the Bloom house where Kyle is sitting in the living room watching Amanda on the piano as she finishes a song. She comes over and sits down beside him.

AMANDA: What a weekend. What a week.

KYLE [puts his arm around her]: Yeah, it has been.

They sit quietly, enjoying each other’s presence.

AMANDA [sighs]: It’s still weighing on my mind.

KYLE: Grace?

AMANDA: No, that embryo.


AMANDA: I thought of a compromise.

KYLE: You did?

AMANDA: If you arrange for a private adoption, you can be a big brother to it or have some way to be able to visit and see it grow up, as an uncle.

KYLE [thinks on her suggestion]: That sounds like a good plan.

AMANDA: We can tell the parents he’ll be musically inclined.

KYLE: What if the child asks about his real parents?

AMANDA: Just say that the father died young.

KYLE [pauses]: And the mother?

AMANDA [thinks for a second and sighs]: She was too young to raise it on her own and wanted a good home and leave it at that.

KYLE [narrative]: I got the feeling she meant she didn’t want her identity to be known to the child. At least she was open to the idea of my having contact of some kind. Except there was still a part of me that kept hoping and wishing she would want the child.

She shifts closer and he gets the feeling something more is bothering her.

KYLE: Are you thinking of Grace now?

AMANDA: Um, no. But speaking of Grace…I know you said we’d deal with her when she comes…

KYLE: Yeah. I’ll prepare first for any trouble she might bring and at the same time hope there won’t be any.

AMANDA [smiles at him]: I hope she won’t make trouble for us either.

They sit quietly once more yet still he senses more. He decides to wait and see if she will bring up whatever is still weighing on her mind. Whatever is on her mind is raising her body temperature and other than her finger caressing back and forth alongside his hand, she is sitting very still which makes him suddenly very aware of the fresh herbal fragrance of her hair as he inhales; and the feels and contour of her bodily curves alongside his. Soon his heart rate accelerates and finds his own temperature rising, very aware now of what is really on her mind and trying to hide it. What else can he do and pretend? He sits as still as she.

The clock on the wall chimes the hour. Time for him to be heading back to Poplar Hall and he stands up.

KYLE [gives a reluctant sigh]: Time to go.

She walks with him to the door.

AMANDA: You know, [she appears nervous as she lets go of his hand]. Lori was right about one thing.

KYLE [pauses]: What’s that?

AMANDA: If we’d been living together as a married couple I couldn’t have thrown you out. [She glances away with guilt]. I would’ve had to deal better than how I did, how I have been.

KYLE [steps closer]: Amanda…

AMANDA: Anyway, I don’t know what would have happened if you’d, or we’d been…together, that way.

KYLE [reflects]: I probably would have been sleeping on the proverbial couch, [he grins, trying to put her at ease].

AMANDA [shifts uneasily]: Yeah, well, it still would have been hard to resist you.

KYLE [takes note of her heightened heartbeat and steps even closer]: You find me hard to resist?

AMANDA [stares up at him and swallows]: Yes.

This time he swallows hard.

KYLE: Ditto.

AMANDA [smiles at his response, knowing how much she likes Patrick Swayze in “Ghost”]: Goodnight.

She tilts her head, expecting their usual goodnight kiss but with the way he is feeling one kiss isn’t enough. So, he leans down as she closes her eyes and rubs his nose with hers before stepping back.

KYLE: Goodnight.

AMANDA [frowns as, with his backpack slung over his shoulder, he steps out the door]: That’s all?

KYLE [smiles impishly]: This time.

She eyes him, her look suspecting he knew all along how she’d been feeling.

KYLE: Love you. [He walks down the steps].

AMANDA: Love you, too.

But she waits to see if he’ll come back and when he doesn’t, just giving her a quick wave after closing the front gate behind him, does she then close the door and sigh in frustration, yet can’t help smiling as well.

AMANDA: Score one for you.

Outside, it takes all of Kyle’s willpower not to turn back and instead he runs all the way to the campus rather than bother waiting for a bus.

On his run, he senses he’s being watched again through store and street light cameras. He slows down, on the alert.

KYLE [narrative]: Now I knew how Jessi felt, feeling stifled from holding back my abilities and not free to run like I wanted to. Like I needed to.

He finds a bus stop, doing a cool down exercise while he waits for a bus to come by. By the time the bus arrives, he senses he’s no longer being watched and by the time he arrives at his dorm, he’s more than cooled down. Declan is already there, sitting in his chair playing Nintendo.

KYLE: Hey, [he greets him].

DECLAN [pauses his game]: Hey. How was your weekend?

KYLE: Grace sent an envelope to Latnok. She wants to try and claim me as her son.

DECLAN [leans back]: No way.

KYLE: Jessi intercepted a message Grace sent to Nate so she’s going to keep tabs on any more messages she sends to Nate.

DECLAN: What are you going to do?

KYLE: Legally, I’m an adult.

DECLAN: Does she know you’re a married adult?

KYLE: No, otherwise, why try to claim me now?

DECLAN [nods]: Right, right. [He pauses]. Speaking of marriage, how are you and Amanda?

KYLE [smiles in remembrance]: Good. Very good.

DECLAN [raises an eyebrow]: On more than speaking terms, huh?

Kyle’s smile tells him more than words they are.

DECLAN: Now, what’s this about you healing some old guy?

Tuesday Oct 19/10.

Cut to Nicole as she knocks on Jessi’s bedroom door.

JESSI’s voice [from inside]: Come in.

Nicole enters and sees Jessi studying at her desk.

NICOLE: Hey, got a minute?

JESSI: Sure. [She closes her textbook and turns to face Nicole as Nicole perches on the edge of her bed].

NICOLE: I just came to tell you that your being grounded is over.

JESSI: Really?

NICOLE: Really. But, try to be more discreet. Privacy is very important.

JESSI: I will.

Nicole smiles at her and nods then gets up to leave.

JESSI: Thanks, Nicole.

NICOLE: You’re welcome.

Excited, the first thing Jessi does Thursday morning when she arrives at work at Latnok, is to call Nate into her office.

NATE: What’s up, hotness? [He greets her as soon as he enters].

JESSI: I’m not grounded anymore.

NATE [raises an eyebrow]: Good for you.

She waits and he waits.

JESSI: Well?

NATE: Well what?

JESSI: You said you’d ask me out again when I was no longer grounded.

NATE: Uh, so I did. [He pauses and when she frowns with impatience, he chuckles]. Would you like to go out with me this Saturday?


NATE: Where would you like to go on our first date? The sky’s the limit.

JESSI: The sky’s atmosphere is 120 km away.

NATE [chuckles some more]: Okay, not that far. How about Seattle’s 605 foot Space Needle?

Jessi smiles in agreement.

Cut to Kyle and Amanda as he walks her to her door. It’s Friday night, after their marriage course.

KYLE [narrative]: The weekend couldn’t have come fast enough for me when I would see Amanda again. [He glances briefly at her]. The topic of our marriage course was on commitment. And as I walked Amanda to the door of her house, holding her hand, I knew she was just as committed to our marriage as I was, despite the fact that her church didn’t recognize our union as being legal. [He pauses on the threshold as she steps inside].

KYLE: Well, how about staying with me tonight? [He nods his head towards the Trager house].

AMANDA [glances past him then indicates with a tilt of her head inside her house]: Or, you could stay with me.

KYLE: Ah, you know when you said last week you found me hard to resist?

AMANDA [glances away, a heated blush staining her cheeks]: Yeah.

KYLE: Well, I find you hard to resist.

AMANDA [looks down as she fiddles with her purse]: Oh, okay. Well, then… [she stops fiddling and turns towards the staircase and calls back as she dashes upstairs], I’ll go get my stuff.

Kyle stays where he is, waiting for her, stepping no further inside.

When she comes back down he takes her bags while she locks up.

When they enter through the kitchen side door, both Nicole and Steven look up from the kitchen table, before taking a sip of their nightly glass of wine.

NICCOLE: Hello. I wasn’t expecting you two tonight.

STEVEN: Oh, oh. I forgot to mention Kyle called and said he and Amanda might stay over again.

Nicole gives him a look that says ‘now you tell me?’

STEVEN [defends himself]: But then I thought that was expected they would be over again anyway.

AMANDA: We could go back to my place if it’s too much trouble. [But her thoughts are on them being alone over there].

NICOLE [stands up]: You’re hardly trouble, Amanda. By all means stay. [She heads to the fridge, looking inside]. I’m afraid there’s not much leftovers.

KYLE: That’s okay, Nicole. We ate before we went to our course. [He glances at Amanda]. Unless you’d like something?

AMANDA: No, thank you.

NICOLE [closes the fridge door]: Well, just make yourself at home.

KYLE [indicates her bags]: I’ll put your things in my room then.

AMANDA: I’ll join you. [She turns to the Tragers]. To help unpack.

They both leave to go to his room.

NICOLE [frowns and sits back down and whispers to Steven]: Is it me, or do they seem nervous to you?

STEVEN: Nervous about what?

NICOLE: I don’t know, just awkward.

STEVEN: No, I didn’t notice.

NICOLE: Mmph. [She looks on after them].

As they leave the room and head to Kyle’s room Jessi comes out of her room, heading for the kitchen.

AMANDA [stops her]: Have you heard any more news on Grace?

JESSI: No. [She turns aside].

AMANDA: Okay. Short and to the point. [Likely Jessi would have told Kyle and Kyle would have told her if she heard from Grace]. But, wait! [She puts a hand on Jessi’s arm to stop her from leaving and when Jessi eyes her hand on her arm she quickly releases her].

JESSI: What is it now?

AMANDA [lips tighten]: I didn’t get a chance to ask you something.

JESSI: What?

AMANDA: If you would like to be one of my bridesmaids.


AMANDA: Yeah, you.

JESSI: Why? You don’t like me.

AMANDA: And you don’t like me. [She sighs]. But Kyle does, and I know he’d like you to be a part of our wedding.

JESSI [thinks on it]: I’d like that.

AMANDA [smiles in relief]: Great.

JESSI: Did he ask you to ask me?

AMANDA: No, it was my idea.

JESSI: Then, I owe you thanks for including me. [That’s all she says].

AMANDA [waits but when that’s all Jessi says, she nods]: If you’d like, come join me, Lori and Hillary this Thursday night. We’re still looking and trying to decide on dresses.

JESSI: All right.

Amanda turns to head into Kyle’s room as Jessi heads to the kitchen.

When Amanda enters his room she sees he had set her bags down and had set up and hooked her keyboard to his computer.

AMANDA: Thanks.

KYLE: Did you want to use the washroom first?

AMANDA [glances over at the clock on his desk, it’s only 9:30]: Sure.

She grabs some personal items from her bag and leaves the room. On her way upstairs she hears Nicole ask Jessi something.

NICOLE: So, what do you plan to wear on your date tomorrow night?

Amanda hears the scrape of a chair being pushed back.

STEVEN’s voice: Well, if you’re going to talk girl talk, I’m outta here. [Cut to Steven as he kisses Nicole on the cheek before leaving them]. Goodnight, Jessi.

JESSI: Goodnight.

Steven leaves to head upstairs and by this time, Amanda has already reached the washroom.

Cut to Kyle as he turns to see what Amanda had been looking at and sees the clock as well. He bites his lip. Somehow it felt later. No wonder he was still so wide-awake, very awake, very aware. Especially of her fresh bathed scent when she comes back into the room.

KYLE: My turn. [He quickly grabs his stuff and leaves].

To keep herself occupied, she puts the rest of her items away in a drawer he saves for her every time she’s over, then sits down at the keyboard to play. Anything to relax her.

When Kyle hears her play he’d been hoping that’s what she’d do. Her playing has a calming effect and he lies back in bed with his hands clasped behind his head. Then she finishes and joins him, lying down next to him. Again he smells her fresh scent. The time on the clock shows only 10:30. She didn’t play long.

KYLE: That was beautiful.

AMANDA [wraps an arm around him, thrilling to the feel of him beneath her hand]: Thanks. You always say that. [She feels his chest muscles twitch and knowing he’s responding to her as she is to him heightens her awareness of them being alone in his room, the partially open door forgotten].

KYLE: Because it’s true. [He’s about to wrap an arm around her when she sits back up].

Amanda, feeling the need to take her mind off kissing him, the feel of his lips on hers, hands caressing and wandering to places that made her realize just how much she wants to be his wife in more than name only and with the thought of waiting until the church can marry them, feels it’s too long a wait.

AMANDA [voice sounding breathless]: Oh, I forgot something.

She gets out of bed and takes a small notepad from her purse then steps back into bed.

KYLE [glances at the pad, not that interested as he takes note of her faster heart beat, the flush of her cheeks to avoiding eye contact and knows she’s as aware of him as he is with her]: What’s that?

AMANDA: A to-do list. [She starts flipping through quite a bit of pages and he sees it’s full of her handwriting].

KYLE [his mind barely registers the words written there]: What kind of list?

AMANDA [sighs, focusing totally on looking through it and not on him, her tactic slowly working]: Who knew there would be so much to do in planning a wedding?

KYLE [eyes widen]: All that?

AMANDA: Yeah. Lori and Hillary and I haven’t exactly been studying every Thursday night, we’ve been browsing through wedding magazines. I thought it’d be simple. [She glances at him, holding up the pad].

He takes it and begins flipping through it.

KYLE: We don’t need to do all this, do we?

AMANDA: No, I just ticked a few items that seemed important.

Kyle saw there were a lot of items ticked.

KYLE: You’re right, there is a lot to planning a wedding. Do you need help with any of this?

AMANDA: Some stuff. I marked a little ‘G’ beside certain items you could take care of.

KYLE: What have you all decided on so far?

AMANDA: Actually, not much. Just Lori being my maid of honor and Jessi and Hillary as my bridesmaids. Which reminds me, you mentioned Declan being your best man and Josh as one of your groomsmen. Did you have anyone else in mind for a second?

KYLE: Mm, maybe Mark? Or Deichman?

AMANDA: Deichman? You haven’t seen him since high school.

KYLE: No, but we’ve been keeping in touch through email.

AMANDA: Oh, that’s good. How is he?

KYLE: He’s doing great. He loves the private college and specialized digital art program he’s in.

AMANDA: I haven’t been in touch with any others from high school besides Lori and Hillary. Not even by email. [She frowns].

KYLE: I guess everyone’s busy with schoolwork.

AMANDA [snuggles back into his arms and his mind is back on her rather than the notepad]: I guess. Well, let me know who you pick. If it’s Mark, I’m sure Lori would like that. [His warmth and feel of his arms is enough to bring back feelings of awareness and starts to babble on about the different styles of dresses, trying to take her mind off how to kiss him goodnight without wanting the kiss to linger on and on and on]. The rest of the time I’ve been browsing, trying to decide on the perfect wedding dress. There’s so many to choose from. There’s the A-line princess type, the full skirt type, the mermaid type…[she continues].

Kyle feel his eyelids close, listening to the sound of her voice then struggles to keep them open but soon it’s a lost cause and the notepad slips from his fingers as he drifts off to sleep as Amanda drones on.

AMANDA [pauses]: What do you think? [No answer]. Kyle? [She glances up and sees he’s now fast asleep].

She heaves a sigh and wisps of bangs blows back.

AMANDA: Great. I put him to sleep. Note to self: no dress talk.

Cut to Jessi, back in her bedroom, she’s on the phone with Lori.

JESSI: I know you’re on your break but I need to ask you something.

LORI’s voice: Ask away.

JESSI: Did your mom keep wanting to know what you planned to wear when you dated?

LORI [cut to her as she leans back in a private booth dipping a French fry into a blob of ketchup]: Yep, she sure did. She tries to downplay it so you try not to get all nervous, but I did anyway. After the tenth time it was old hat by then.

JESSI’s voice: The tenth?

LORI: Oh right, this is your very first date. Speaking of which, [her voice grows excited], what are you wearing?

JESSI [cut back to her as she rolls her eyes]: A red dress.

LORI’s voice: Ooh, sexy.

JESSI: You’re not helping.

LORI’s voice: Didn’t plan to.

JESSI: Then why am I calling you?

LORI [cut to her]: To talk girl talk. [She settles into the booth]. So, don’t you dare hang up.

Cut to Jessi as she was planning to do just that, then cut back to Lori.

LORI: What necklace are you wearing with your dress? And where’s he taking you?

JESSI [cut to her as she sighs in defeat]: My pearls and the restaurant on top of the Space Needle.

LORI’s voice: Ooh, nice.

As soon as Jessi is able to get off the phone with Lori she mentally telepaths to Kyle.

JESSI: Kyle, I need your help.

No answer. It was too late. He was fast asleep.

Saturday, Oct 23/10.

First thing in the morning it was another rush to get to their workout. Foss yells out to Jessi for the second time that morning.

FOSS: Focus! Get it together.

In response, she lets fly a brick and it sails across the room to smash against a steel girder. Foss physically ducks in reflex even though the brick flew off in the opposite direction.

FOSS: You’re done.

KYLE [to Jessi]: What’s wrong?

JESSI [telepaths back instead]: Were you nervous on your first date?

KYLE [telepaths]: Very. My hands got clammy and I couldn’t think straight. [He mentally reflects]. I still feel that way sometimes with Aman—

JESSI [mentally cuts in]: Well, I sure am.

KYLE [telepaths]: It will get easier in time, but all I know is you have to wade through the feelings until it does get better.

JESSI: Really? There’s no fast and simple way to make it easier?

KYLE: Nope.

JESSI: I thought you could help.

KYLE: I just did. You have to go through the experience first.

JESSI: Fine. I’ll do that—?

FOSS [cuts in]: You two going to stare at each other all morning or start the next circuit?

KYLE: Sorry, we were talking.

FOSS: I gathered. Working out the next strategy, I hope.

KYLE: Not really.

FOSS: I didn’t think so.

Jessi was nervous throughout the day even at work. Many times Kyle had to check a couple of objects that skittered across desks. Especially when she was near Nate. Nate was oblivious as he remained at his station even through lunch hour.

Jessi comes up to Nate at noon.

JESSI: Do you want to go for lunch?

NATE [not even looking up]: Nah, you go ahead. I want to finish this.

Jessi glares and frowns at him as he continues to ignore her. Kyle mentally has to stop a tape dispenser sitting nearby from moving jerkily towards Nate.

KYLE [takes Jessi by the arm]: Can I talk to you for a second? In your office?

In the background, Jackie looks on when she notices or thinks she sees the tape dispenser move and when she looks quickly back at Kyle he’s busy heading to the office with Jessi. She frowns again at the tape, wondering if that was a real trick of the light.

Nate remains oblivious to his close call with a tape dispenser but it doesn’t stop him from being nervous. It takes all his concentration to keep his gaze on his computer screen and not on Jessi.

JESSI [faces Kyle once they’re in her office]: He ignored me!

KYLE: Trust me, Jessi. He’s very aware of you.

JESSI [tries to see through the door to where Nate is]: He is? [Her voice excited but the picture on the wall starts to rattle].

KYLE: Yes, [he directs her attention to the picture], and so are you, [the picture rattles even more], of him.

JESSI [sighs]: I won’t make it through the day.

KYLE: Why don’t I get lunch and we can have it here?

The picture stops thumping.

JESSI: That might be a good idea.

KYLE [nods]: Yeah, it would, [beneath his breath as he heads out the door], at least I just make the lights flicker.

Suddenly it feels like he walked into a brick wall and glances back at Jessi who glares at him. She heard his remark.

When Nate arrives at the Trager house he looks in the side mirror of his car and fiddles with his tie before heading up the sidewalk to the front door.

NATE: She’s just a girl. [He tries telling himself]. Just another date. [He pauses]. Who am I kidding? She’s more than just any girl. [He takes a deep breath and rings the bell].

Then he hears the sound of glass breaking and tries to peer through the side window to see if everything is all right. He hears Nicole’s voice filter through the door.

NICOLE’s voice [calling out]: It’s all right, Jessi.

NATE [frowns]: Great, just my luck, she’s doing something that will ground her. I’ll be 50 by the time I get a date with her—

Just then the door opens and Steven catches him talking to himself.

STEVEN: That sounds about right.

NATE: Ah, hi. Is Jessi ready?

STEVEN [glances over his shoulder s he waves Nate in]: She was. [He nods to the living room]. Might as well have a seat while you wait.

NATE: Fine.

Nate takes the far chair as Steven sits on the couch. They wait and wait. Another sound of glass breaking is heard. Steven winces.

NATE: Dare I ask?

STEVEN: No. Don’t even mention it. You heard nothing.

NICOLE’s voice [in the background]: Easy, Jessi. Easy.

NATE [frowns]: Okay. She’s all right though, isn’t she?

STEVEN: Ah, well…

Cut to Nicole who’s in Jessi’s bedroom helping her get ready for her date. She put Jessi’s hair in a style like the 40’s movies they both love so much.

JESSI: I look old.

NICOLE: No, you look elegant. You’ll take his breath away. [Wrong thing to say as the mirror over her dresser starts to vibrate then break].

They both jump out of the way. A water glass from earlier, when Jessi heard the doorbell ring, lay in shards on the carpeted floor. Now shards of glass from the mirror lay scattered on the dresser top.

JESSI: I can’t go out there.

NICOLE: Easy, Jessi. Easy. [She places a reassuring hand on her shoulder]. Take a deep breath.

JESSI: I’m fine. [Now the bedroom window vibrates and Nicole is looking panicked herself as she hasn’t been able to calm Jessi like she hoped].

But Jessi is too embarrassed to tell Nicole it’s more than just nerves.

JESSI: Maybe Kyle can help.

She heads out of her room and over to Kyle’s room.

NICOLE: Wait, Jessi! I think he’s getting ready for his night out…

But Jessi doesn’t pause, she just barges in and catches Kyle putting dress pants on.

JESSI: I need your help.

KYLE: Jessi! [He zips and buttons up quickly, his ring swings against his bare chest].

His bedroom windows start to vibrate and the aftershave lotion on his dresser that he was about to put on skids across the surface before it flies off. Kyle catches it in time.

JESSI: Why is this happening now? I didn’t get all out of control with Declan.

KYLE: You must really like Nate.

JESSI: I really liked Declan.

KYLE: Did you? Or were you liking him more out of a feeling of loneliness?

JESSI: Kyle, stop analyzing, I—[she feels the truth as she remembers]. Fine. I was lonely, he was lonely. Does this mean I’m lonely even more now?

KYLE: You tell me. [He takes her hand and she clutches it, feeling his calming energy flow through her].

JESSI: How do you remain so calm? [Then she snorts]. Oh, right, it’s just Amanda. She’s not worth getting excited about—Ouch! [He squeezed her hand in warning]. You really get that excited over her?

She suddenly feels a wave of emotion he projects to her, very strong banked passion. All for Amanda.

JESSI: Wow, you really think she can handle you? [She winces and tries to tug her sore hand free].

KYLE: Are you finished? Or do you want to know how I keep it all in?

JESSI: Show me.

They close their eyes. Behind them, Nicole stands in the doorway watching them. Kyle projects to her how he keeps and manages his emotions and she realizes how fine a line it can be for him.

JESSI: Thanks, [feeling a whole lot calmer but whether that’s because he’s still connected with her remains to be seen as she lets go of him, takes a deep breath and heads out but stops short on seeing Nicole].

NICOLE [smiles]: Did it help?

JESSI: I hope so.

Nicole goes with her to the living room. Nate stands up to greet her, and whistles in appreciation when he sees her dressed in a gorgeous red halter dress with a white shawl and pearls gracing her neck. Even her hair swept in an engagingly older style suited her to a T.

NATE: Wow, gorgeous. You’re beautiful.

Steven frowns at him, not liking his whistle of appreciation.

But Nate’s words and the feelings she picks up from him, makes Jessi feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Her emotional response is to start making the pictures hanging on the wall start to thump like the faster beating of her heart.

Nicole glances over at Steven who first looks at the pictures swinging erratically then back over to Nicole wondering what can he do.

Back in Kyle’s room, Kyle rushes to finish dressing as he picks up Jessi’s emotions. He quickly calls Amanda.

KYLE: Hi, Amanda. Can you come over as soon as you’re ready? I’m running late and I won’t be able to head over like we planned. Thanks.

He hurries to the living room.

STEVEN: Well, home by midnight.

NATE: Seriously?

STEVEN [frowns at him]: Seriously.

NATE: The restaurant closes at one.

STEVEN (firmly): Midnight.

Jessi glances back and forth between them, picking up Nate’s feelings of irritation. He sure had a problem with father figures. But then Steven seems to have a problem with Nate. She glances at Nicole for help, the pictures are still thumping softly in the background.

NICOLE: I think 1:30 is fine, Steven.

Steven doesn’t look too pleased.

But when Nate places a hand on Jessi’s elbow to lead her out the door, the pictures jerk and one goes flying off the wall.

Everyone ducks and Kyle stops it mentally before it can hit anyone. Jessi stares at it horrified while everyone else stares at the hovering in mid-air picture.

JESSI: I can’t do this.

Kyle mentally puts the picture back up on the wall.

NATE: Do what? What was with the flying picture?

Jessi bites her lip. More pictures start thumping again.

Kyle takes her hand which makes Nate frown and glare at him.

NATE: What gives?

JESSI: I’m nervous.

NATE: Oh, well, so am I, hotness.

JESSI: Really? [Which made his truthful statement heighten and increase her excitement that made the pictures rattle and whip about even more].

NATE: Ah, [eyeing the pictures and making sure they weren’t going to swing his way], really.

JESSI: I’m also very excited.

NATE [glances at her]: Excited? About me or our date?

JESSI [smiles at him]: Both.

NATE: Oh, hell. [He’s busy thinking he’s in trouble if he has that powerful affect on her and she on him].

JESSI [smile turns to a frown]: You’re not excited?

She grips hard on Kyle’s hand as he’s hard put to keep the pictures from flying off the wall. Her emotions are all over the place as she takes Nate literally.

NATE: Very.

STEVEN [frowns]: How very?

Just then the doorbell rings.

NICOLE: Steven, would you mind getting that?

STEVEN [reluctantly heads over and answers the door]: Oh, hey, Amanda.

AMANDA [comes in]: Hi.

JESSI [keeps her gaze locked on Nate’s]: Me too.

AMANDA [notices Kyle holding Jessi’s hand]: Why are you holding hands?

JESSI [her gaze still on Nate]: He’s keeping me grounded.

Nate suddenly realizes that it’s not Jessi who’s keeping the pictures from flying off the walls but Kyle. Oh, man, she feels that strongly about him? How were they going to get through their first date?

KYLE [telepaths to Jessi]: Stop him from touching you and you him.

Jessi slips out of Nate’s grasp on her elbow.

JESSI: Maybe we should keep our distance. For tonight.

NATE: Ah, yeah, sure. Whatever you say.

STEVEN [beneath his breath]: That’s more like it.

Nicole nudges him to be silent.

Jessi tries to shake off Kyle’s hand, forgetting she’s the one who is gripping on so hard.

JESSI: Will you let go?

Kyle gives her a pointed look and that’s when she realizes she’s the one holding on. She mentally has to pry her fingers loose and when she lets go, Kyle rubs his hand to get his circulation back. Amanda sees how red his fingers are and looks on in concern.

JESSI: I’m ready.

NATE: Great. Let’s go.

He steps aside to let her go first and other than holding the car door open for her, not even taking her hand to help her slide in, he hurries to the driver’s side and heaves a sigh before climbing in himself.

NATE: Right, we’re off.

He revs the car and forgets to signal as he pulls out, making the other car coming down the street put on their brakes. The other car is Josh with Andy inside.

ANDY: Who’s that jerk?

JOSH: Jessi’s date.

ANDY: Nice guy.

JOSH: He’s as arrogant as the way he drives, like he owns the road.

When they enter the house they find Nicole straightening a few crooked pictures on the walls.

Kyle and Amanda are ready.

JOSH: Hey, mom, hey, dad.

NICOLE: Hey, Josh.

JOSH [nods to Kyle]: Ready?

KYLE: Ready.

He takes Amanda’s hand loosely in his. She loosely holds his hand; aware it’s the same one that Jessi gripped so hard.

The four of them leave to head to the movie theatre and after the show they head to a pizzeria.

Kyle hasn’t said much throughout the evening. Amanda takes him aside as they wait for Josh and Andy to sit down at the table first.

AMANDA: Are you okay?

KYLE: Yeah, I’m just connecting with Jessi every now and then to help her keep focused.

AMANDA: Even from this distance?

KYLE: It’s a lot shorter than it was when Nicole, Josh and I were in that car accident.

AMANDA: How’s she doing?

KYLE: Fine so far. [He seems hesitant though].

AMANDA: Is she losing control?

KYLE: No, quite the opposite. She’s bored, saying that keeping to safe topics is making the evening dull. Nate’s not helping, he seems determined to keep to safe topics and is skirting around anything more personal she brings up.

AMANDA: You got all that?

KYLE: Not all at once, every now and then when we were at the movie.

AMANDA: I don’t know whether to feel sad for her or what.

He just nods and steps aside as the waiter walks by, finished with placing their menus down on the table. Kyle reaches over to pull out a chair for Amanda then sits beside her.

ANDY [across from Amanda]: What a great movie.

AMANDA: It was.

JOSH: Debatable.

AMANDA [smiles]: Very romantic.

Josh makes a choking sound.

ANDY: Hey, every now and then a girl likes some hearts and flowers.

JOSH: Even you? I’m shocked.

ANDY: Ha. And yeah, even me. [She frowns as if this is a new concept for her].

JOSH: Whoa, I guess I better start planning for Valentine’s Day.

ANDY: I guess you better.

JOSH: So, what’s your pleasure now? [He points to the menu].

ANDY: Mmm, they all look so good. My diet is so over.

KYLE: Having trouble keeping to healthier one?

ANDY: I can’t stop the cravings. They get a hold and then I succumb.

JOSH [beneath his breath as he gazes at Andy with longing]: I know the feeling, I would love to succumb again.

KYLE [pretends he didn’t hear Josh]: It’s not easy.

AMANDA: No matter how many extra vegetables you add on.

ANDY: You guys, too, huh?


ANDY: Great, now I don’t feel so bad. What are you going to order then?

AMANDA: Ham and pineapple…

KYLE: With lots of greens like spinach and green pepper. [He and Amanda smile at each other].

ANDY: You’ve had that before?

KYLE: A couple of times, considering this place specializes in gluten free or cheese free pizzas.

ANDY: Really? All right.

But Kyle suddenly gets a distracted look and picks up the menu again, looking it over. Amanda guesses he’s connecting with Jessi again.

Cut to Jessi as she and Nate tour the observation deck of the Space Needle. Her temperature spikes when he takes her hand in his, even though she knows it’s to keep her close as there was quite the crowd of tourists seeing the great view.

He walks her past a picture booth but pauses when she tugs on his hand.

JESSI [nods to the booth]: Can we?

NATE: Wow, I haven’t done that since junior high.

JESSI: So, you don’t want to?

NATE [gives her a great big grin]: Are you kidding? With you, I’d love to.

They wait until it’s free and it’s their turn. Inside there isn’t much room and sitting so close to him she feels excitement flow through her veins making the lights inside the booth start to flicker.

NATE: Hey, easy. It’s just a picture. [Although being this close to her is making his heart rate accelerate, she smells so good, hot and spicy).

The image of Kyle suddenly appears in Jessi’s vision and she glances at Nate to see if he notices Kyle’s image. But Nate is looking straight into the camera. When Kyle sees how close they are sitting the image of him disappears but not his presence.

NATE: Smile gorgeous, our picture is about to be taken.

It takes all her concentration, along with the helpful presence of Kyle to keep the lights from going on and off, so as a result her picture turns out awful with a straight, expressionless zombie-like face.

NATE: Let’s try again.

JESSI: Oh, but…

He doesn’t take no for an answer and this time as he wraps his arms around her, she has to concentrate even more. The lights start flickering again and once more the image of Kyle appears. His eyes widen as he sees them in locked in an embrace. When Jessi mouths the words, “go away” to him, he glances up at the erratic lights and concentrates, ignoring her.

JESSI: This isn’t working.

NATE [whispers]: Relax.

Then he blows softly on her neck and kisses behind her ear, causing her to tilt her head back, eyelids closing halfway, struggling to ignore the image of Kyle as she focuses instead on how Nate is making her feel. Only when the camera finishes flashing does she give a start, realizing the picture taking is over. Kyle’s image is no longer there.

Nate is the first to see how the second set turns out and she gets the impression, by his whistle, that he thinks the picture is much better.

NATE: You are so hot. [He winks at her].

Their gazes lock and she remembers the feel of his breath on her neck, the feel of his arms around her, and the kisses he gave her behind her ear.

JESSI: You’re pretty hot yourself.

Nate chokes on a cough, gives a brief glance behind her, then tucks the picture away without showing it to her.

JESSI: I want to see it.

NATE [leans over to whisper]: How about for both our sakes and for those around us, you wait until later?

JESSI: Why? [She notices his pupils dilate].

NATE: Trust me.

Again he glances behind her and when she turns around, she sees a souvenir booth and the various souvenirs hanging on hooks are waving about as if there were an inside windstorm. Nate starts walking away and she follows, feeling Kyle’s connection if not his image, trying to calm her down for the tenth time that night.

Nate takes her home and when he drives up to their house and walks her up the steps does he finally take out the picture and show it to her. Her eyes widen. With his lips on her neck, it looks like they’re making out and she’s relishing the moment.

NATE: I’ve never seen you so sensual.

She feels his breath close to her ear and when she turns her head to face him, his lips are an inch away from hers.

NATE: I had a great time, Jessi.

And then he kisses her. The outside lights flicker and pop and suddenly they’re in darkness. She doesn’t let him stop the kiss, and keeps a hold on his jacket then thrills to feel him respond by wrapping both arms around her waist and pulling her close.

A loud cracking sound is heard nearby and they jerk away. Two flowerpots on either side of the bottom step looked like both pots had imploded into tiny pieces. The front door opens behind them.

JESSI: I’m in trouble.

STEVEN: Oh? What happened now?

Jessi glances back at him and he looks to see the broken flowerpots.

STEVEN: Other than the lights, are those the only other things broken?


STEVEN: Well, that’s not as bad as I feared. I’ll give you a second for you two to say goodnight.

He walks further into the darkened house with a flashlight in his hands to light the way but keeps the front door fully opened.

NATE: Ah, yeah, goodnight, Jessi.

This time he dares not kiss her again just nods to her and turns to leave.

JESSI: Will I see you next week?

NATE [turns back]: Count on it, [he smiles at her and he’s rewarded with a wonderful smile back].

She’s still standing on the front landing as he drives away, and that’s when he knew. He was falling in love with her. And it was only their first freakin’ date.

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