Season 4

S04 E14 Halloween Party Part 1

Kyle XY S04 E14

Halloween Party Part 1

Sunday evening Oct. 24/10.

Kyle returns to Poplar Hall and finds Declan on the phone. There are a few packages strewn around the room, and the TV is on as background noise.

DECLAN: Yeah, that’s right, this coming Saturday. See you then. [He hangs up and greets Kyle]. Hey, man.

KYLE: Hey, what’s this Saturday?

DECLAN: Party night.

KYLE: Here?

DECLAN: Yep. You’ll be here, right?

KYLE: Usually Amanda and I go out Saturdays nights with Josh and Andy.

DECLAN: Bring them. This Saturday is a Halloween party, since Sunday is actually the 31st, I thought of having it the night before.

KYLE: A Halloween party.

DECLAN: Yeah. You mean, all this time with the Tragers you didn’t celebrate Halloween?

KYLE: They weren’t much into celebrating the holidays, other than birthdays and anniversaries.

DECLAN: Care to celebrate this one with me then? [He puts on an eye patch and pulls out a flamboyant hat from a nearby bag shaped like an old pirate’s hat and places it on his head]. Costumes required.

KYLE: Costumes?


Kyle immediately thinks of his and Jessi’s outfits they used to disguise their identity when they helped stopped a couple of crimes, but he didn’t think that would be a viable costume. They were also planning to test their invisibility cloak which then made him think of ghosts.

KYLE: I could make a ghost costume.

DECLAN [grins]: It’ll be fun.

KYLE: I’ll ask Amanda.

Cut to Amanda as the phone rings just as she climbs into bed. She picks it up.

AMANDA: Hello? [She smiles when she hears who it is].

KYLE’s voice: I was hoping you’d still be up.

AMANDA [teases]: As if you didn’t know.

KYLE [cut to him as he smiles, sitting at his desk beneath his bunk]: How would you like to attend a Halloween party this coming Saturday in our dorm room?

AMANDA’s voice: Let me guess, Declan’s putting on this party?

KYLE: He is.

He watches Declan sit down in front of the TV placing a TV dinner on his lap but feeling it’s too hot, grabs a textbook and places it underneath trying to balance the book and the dinner. A commercial on TV comes on advertising Halloween candy sales.

AMANDA [cut back to her]: What about Josh and Andy? [She pulls out her calendar]. We were going out with them.

KYLE [cut back to him]: I’m going to invite them. No alcohol is allowed in the dorms so the party won’t have booze.

AMANDA [cut back to her]: Declan’s putting on a no booze party?

KYLE’s voice: Yeah, shocker.

AMANDA [chuckles]: All right, I’ll come.

KYLE [cut back to him]: Oh, but you’ll have to dress up in a costume.

AMANDA’s voice: Really?

KYLE: Yeah, I thought I’d go as a ghost.

AMANDA [cut back to her]: Well, I’ll have to think about what to come as. [She gets out of bed and opens a drawer and holds up her belly dance clothing, unsure if she is ready to “show” him what she does on Monday nights]. Um, yeah, definitely need time to think on it.

KYLE’s voice: I’ll see you later then.

AMANDA: Oh, hey, [she catches him before he can hang up].

KYLE’s voice: Yeah?

AMANDA: Would you like to come to the Wednesday night service with me? [She starts babbling]. I know you usually study, and I know you come with me Sunday mornings, so I’m hoping it’s not too much church for you—

KYLE’s voice [cuts in]: Amanda?


KYLE’s voice: I’d love to.

AMANDA: Great, then I’ll see you Wednesday.

KYLE’s voice: Goodnight. [His voice sounding like he can’t wait to see her again].

AMANDA: Love you.

KYLE [cut to him]: Love you, too.

He hangs up. Another commercial is now on, only this time advertising Christmas.

KYLE [comes over and indicates the TV screen]: Isn’t that a little early?

DECLAN [glances up at him]: Yeah. Crazy, isn’t it? Holidays are nothing more than crass commercialism.

TV FEMALE NEWSCASTER: Don’t forget this coming Christmas is a time for giving. Donate now to the Children’s Hospital fund, [pictures of children lying in hospital bed sick with various illnesses is shown], for all the children who wont’ be home for Christmas. [Then it gives an address and website of where to send donations]. Give now.

DECLAN: So, the Tragers never celebrated Christmas either. How about with Amanda?

KYLE [shakes his head, still staring at the commercial]: No, no Christmas either. [He finally glances at Declan]. Amanda and her mom attend mass on Christmas Eve.

DACLAN: Mass, huh? [He eyes him]. Are you really going to become catholic?

KYLE [grins]: Yes.


KYLE: For Amanda.

DECLAN: Yeah, but isn’t that…extreme?

KYLE: Not really.

DECLAN [gaps at him]: Don’t tell me you believe in that God stuff?

KYLE: Adam referred to God as a friendly ear to tell your troubles too.

DECLAN: Isn’t that what friends are for?

KYLE: God’s a little more than that.

DECLAN: So, you believe?

KYLE: With all that’s happened in my life, and the philosophies I learned from Adam, yeah, I do believe in a supreme being, something greater than myself. [Declan keeps staring at him in disbelief]. He’s like the greatest scientist – ever.

DECLAN: A great scientist, huh? [He shrugs]. I guess that could work. You with your scientific mind. [As Kyle raises an eyebrow he continues on]. Not that I’d go so far as to believe.

Kyle just grins and heads over to the fridge to look inside. There’s nothing much in there.

DECLAN: You can have one of my TV dinners. It’s not much, [he takes a bite and grimaces], but that’s all there is.

KYLE [rummages inside]: So I see. [He takes a dinner out and heats it up in the microwave].

DECLAN: Want to watch McGyver?

They’ve been watching Declan’s DVD collection every chance they could get.

KYLE: Sure.

He pops in the DVD, sits down in the other chair then glances over at Declan’s feet.

KYLE: How’s your ankle?

DECALN [blinks at such an out of the blue question]: What?

Opening credits.

Cut to Tuesday [the 26th] night after Kyle arrives back at Poplar Hall after work. He finds Jessi waiting for him in the lobby, his hair is dripping wet and his clothes soaked from the rain pouring outside.

KYLE: Hey. What are you doing here?

JESSI: Waiting for you.

KYLE [raises an eyebrow]: I gathered.

JESSI: Want to test your formula?

KYLE: Don’t you usually have a bike run Tuesdays?

JESSI: They canceled, [she points outside]. Icy rain.

KYLE: You could have called. [Jessi just shrugs]. Give me a few minutes to change out of my wet clothes.

Jessi goes along with him to his dorm room and while he’s in the shower, she looks around his room. Still the same décor. Only there’s more books and clutter strewn around the room. She picks up an object on Kyle’s desk, it’s hooked to an amp and she begins to putter around, intrigued with what he’s working on. Kyle comes out fully dressed but rubbing a towel vigorously over his hair. He sees her sitting at his desk and screwing a piece to another piece of equipment.

KYLE: That’s one of my assignments I have to hand in.

JESSI [stops]: Oh. [She puts down the screwdriver]. Sorry, I thought it was for your room, it was hooked to your amp.

KYLE: Yeah, I needed to hook it to something that will carry sound.

JESSI [picks up a device]: I noticed. This piece will block the sound. What’s it all for?

KYLE: To redirect radio sound waves without affecting the wildlife that is sensitive to those waves.

JESSI: You’re always thinking of projects to save and improve the environment.

KYLE: I think it’s vital to the future well-being of every living creature.

JESSI [senses there’s more he’s feeling]: And?

KYLE: It’s like I can feel the earth crying out to be healed.

JESSI [blinks]: How so?

KYLE: I’ll show you.

JESSI [nods]: Great, ready?

KYLE [quickly brushes his hair and grabs a more rain resistant jacket]: I am now. [They leave and head down the elevator]. Where should we test the formula?

JESSI: I set everything up in your room. [She grins]. It looks like a lab now.

When they arrive at the Trager house, he pauses in the yard before going in and crouches down. She crouches alongside him and he takes her hand then puts his other hand in the rain soaked grass, fingers digging into the soil.

KYLE: Feel the earth with me.

At first all she sees are flashes of what he’s projecting to her, the soil, then sees the particle breakdown of the soils components, all the way deeper, stretching outwards to all the places in the Seattle area and then felt the strain and weight of this one city and the pollution’s impact on the soil.

JESSI [gasps]: That’s…that’s incredible. I felt it.

KYLE: My dream is to rid the 21st century of all the polluting elements and replace it with natural energy forms.

JESSI: That’s taking out a lot of corporations that rely heavily on what they use now.

KYLE: I know.

JESSI: How are you going to convince them to change?

KYLE: I’m working on it.

She shakes her head, unsure if he can really succeed in such an impossible task. They enter the house and he opens his door to see every surface is stacked with vials, beakers, a Bunsen burner, and other equipment. Their outfits lay on the side of his tub and a string hung over it, ready for the outfits to be hung up.

JESSI: Josh was getting in my way asking what I was up to. He misses you.

KYLE [glances at the clock on his night table, it’s almost eight o’clock]: He should be home soon. [He sounds like he misses Josh, too]. So, where are Steven and Nicole?

JESSI: Out for dinner, on their ‘date night.’

KYLE [smiles and takes off his coat]: Let’s get started.

At exactly 8 o’clock Josh comes home and curiosity makes him peek inside Kyle’s room, and considering the door is partially open, he takes it as an invitation to walk in. He sees Kyle and Jessi, with goggles and gloves on, mixing various liquids and pouring it into beakers. He leans on the doorframe watching for a couple of seconds.

JOSH: Whatcha makin’?

KYLE [glances over his shoulder and throws him a smile]: An invisibility cloak.

Josh smiles back as the goggles makes Kyle’s eyes look big and round like a funny cartoon character.

JOSH: Cool. Wait, what, invisible? [He then notices their suits]. You can become invisible?

JESSI [throws him an impatient look]: That’s the plan.

JOSH: Awesome. Can I see when you’re done?

Kyle and Jessi share a look.

KYLE: Sure.

JESSI: If you can see us.

JOSH: Oh, right.

He gets bored after several minutes of watching them work.

JOSH: How much longer?

JESSI: Another hour. We have to test the nano-magnets.

JOSH: Magnets?

Kyle points over at another table where a set of ring-shaped magnets rests on it along with some other electronic and mechanical devices.

KYLE: Both the formula and magnets will work together so we’ll be able to automatically switch the cloak on and off at will.

JOSH: Huh. Seeing is believing. Or not, in this case.

He heads out and finds his parents have arrived home and are in the kitchen, and doing of all things, kissing.

JOSH [sighs]: Really? [He covers his eyes as he heads to the fridge]. Don’t mind me. I just live here.

He grabs a pop and takes it to the living room.

NICOLE [calls out]: What were you doing in Kyle’s room?

JOSH: Watching Kyle brew up something. It was kind boring just watching so I’ll wait for the encore presentation when he and Jessi are done.

Nicole turns to Steven, suddenly curious. They both head to Kyle’s room and look in. They see them working. Jessi takes an eyedropper, fills it, then squeezes only a drop on to a sleeve of one of their outfits.

JESSI: Okay, try now.

Kyle flips a switch on a small pad and a soft vibrational hum is heard and suddenly the small spot where the drop hit the sleeve seeming to vanish but it takes on a glass like image.

JESSI: It’s not disappearing.

Kyle glances over to see Nicole and Steven watching them.



STEVEN: Hey, [he looks at the sleeve]. You’ll be able to become invisible?

KYLE: That’s the plan. [He starts filling the tub with some fluid and puts in their outfits to soak].

JESSI: No one will know what hit them. [Steven and Nicole gaze at her with worried expressions]. I mean, they won’t know it’s us, the masked duo. Cameras won’t be able to see or track us.

STEVEN: Still, what if something happens and the cloak fails?

JESSI: We’ll do a few more tests to ensure that won’t happen.

Once the outfits are completely immersed, Kyle rings them out and hangs them up to drip dry.

NICOLE: What happens now?

KYLE: Once they’re dry, we’ll insert the magnets and then the control panel on to each sleeve and make some final tests.

JESSI: I already redid the lining to place the magnets in each of our outfits.

Steven and Nicole leave the room. An hour later Nicole comes back and sees they are already dressed in the ninja outfits.

NICOLE: Hey, how’s it going?

KYLE: We ran into a problem.

NICOLE: Oh? What kind of problem?

JESSI: We look like human glass figures. [She pulls down her hood and presses a button on a control panel on her wrist and a glasslike cloak forms around her and sure enough she looks exactly like a glass-shaped human].

KYLE: And that’s not all.

NICOLE: What else?

JESSI’s voice [from behind the glass cloak]: You can still see me but I can’t see you, or anything. It’s like I’m enclosed in a glass ball.

NICOLE: That doesn’t sound good.

At this point Josh wanders in and sees Jessi’s glass shaped human figure.

JOSH: Whoa! You’ve turned to glass!

KYLE [grins]: Not quite Josh. [He holds up an eyepiece he made]. I’ll have to add special sensors to penetrate the glass shield.

NICOLE: That sounds complicated.

JOSH: Why?

JESSI’s voice [from behind the glass cloak]: So we can see, you can see me but I can’t see you.

JOSH: Really? [He steps closer and starts waving a hand in front of her]. What am I doing now?

JESSI’s voice [sounding annoyed]: I don’t know, I just told you I can’t see. [Inside the glass cloak she taps her control and suddenly she’s visible].

Josh jumps back and lowers his hand. Jessi eyes his hand then him. He chuckles a bit then scurries back. Kyle just shakes his head.

NICOLE: Well, we’ll leave you two to solve the problem. Come out when you’re ready.

JOSH: How are you going to make the glass transparent?

Kyle starts to think and sits down in front of the computer and Jessi quickly joins him, as if sensing what he’s looking for. He finds it.

JESSI: That’s it.

JOSH [glances at his mom and she glances back]: What’s it?

JESSI [smiles back in triumph at them]: Change the glass to become like a chameleon.

Soon both Kyle and Jessi are engrossed in their work. Nicole and Josh leave them alone and head to the living room. Steven, who was watching the news on TV, glances over at them.

STEVEN: Any progress?

NICOLE: Some, there were still a few glitches.

JOSH: You should have seen Jessi. Well, you could still see her but only as a glass-like figure.

STEVEN [stands up]: Sounds interesting.

JOSH: More interesting than the news.

STEVEN: I was watching the weather forecast. It doesn’t look good. There were a lot of accidents today. More icy rain with patches of snow will make going to work tomorrow hazardous.

NICOLE: Great. Maybe some schools will shut down. [Steven heads down the hall and Nicole calls after him]. You better hurry, they’re working on a solution to the problem now. [He nods and hurries].

JOSH: I hope Beachwood closes.

NICOLE: I’m sure you do.

No sooner does Steven come back to the living room than a few minutes pass before Kyle and Jessi enter. Steven glances at them surprised.

STEVEN: That didn’t take long.

KYLE: Once I had the program ready it was just a matter of uploading it and attaching a few sensors.

JOSH: So, they work?

KYLE: You tell us. [He and Jessi press a control button on their sleeves and each of them seem to disappear right in front of them].

The glasslike cloak surrounds them but what the chameleon sensor has done is camouflage them against the backdrop of the wall behind them. Until they shift and the sensor has to quickly adjust and recolor to match up with the wall again.

JOSH: Holy camouflage, it works! [He waves a hand]. Can you see me?

KYLE’s voice [from behind the cloak]: I do now. The eyepieces act as sensors to pick up images based on heat and sound.

JOSH [glances at his hand, lowers it then starts making funny faces]: What am I doing now?

JESSI’s voice: Being annoying?

Steven and Nicole roll their eyes.

KYLE’s voice: Making faces.

JOSH [stops]: You could tell?

KYLE’s voice: Ah, not exactly.

STEVEN [frowns]: What do you mean?

JOSH: Yeah, what do you mean?

KYLE’s voice: I’ve also had to use my mind-reading ability to compensate. The images we see don’t pick up the small details.

JOSH: So, you just read my mind?

KYLE’s voice: More like your intent just before you did it.

JOSH: Are you reading me now?

KYLE’s voice: No.

JOSH: Good. [But then he thinks of something else to try].

KYLE’s voice: Josh, I think you should know, that the sensors pick up heat readings, body temperature and heart rate. I can almost see you ‘thinking.’

NICOLE: And that’s when you tune in to another’s thoughts to pick up their intention?

KYLE’s voice: Right.

STEVEN: So, there are some limitations to this invisibility thing. [He glances over at Jessi’s camouflaged form]. But that would mean you are even more limited. You can’t read minds.

JESSI’s voice: Not yet.

JOSH: Huh?

NICOLE: Not yet? Does that mean you’re trying to?

JESSI’s voice: I’ve been training a lot with meditation techniques, it may just be a matter of time before I can do what Kyle can. And, I’ll know how to block them just like he can.

But she doesn’t need to see their expressions to pick up on what they’re feeling, their silence alone tells her that they are really uncomfortable with the thought that she might one day soon read minds. A further invasion of privacy, more than what she’s been doing now: listening in on phone lines and emails along with hearing from a distance.

She feels hurt and disappointed they still don’t trust her enough and senses Kyle picking up what she’s feeling.

JESSI’s voice: Can we go for a test run?

NICOLE: Oh, well, uh… [she glances over at Steven].

STEVEN: Not too far.

NICOLE: Will the cloak hold?

JESSI’s voice: We’re pretty sure it will.

NICOLE: As long as you’re sure it will protect you.

KYLE’s voice: It will. Thanks.

What makes their invisibility cloak even more eerie is how they see it shimmer and readjust as Kyle and Jessi head to the door.

JOSH: Freaky. We can still kind of see shimmers of you, you know.

Kyle and Jessi pause.

KYLE’s voice: You can? [He can see the image of their heads turning to follow his movement as he walks a few steps].

STEVEN [watches the shimmer that is Kyle step closer to him]: Oh, yeah, we can. But then we know you’re there and know what to look out for.

KYLE’s voice: Oh.

JESSI’s voice: That’s not good.

KYLE’s voice [to Jessi]: Let’s not go to far, just down the alley and back.

JESSI’s voice: But we’re still visible enough.

KYLE’s voice: It’s just a test, [but he listens closely outside and doesn’t pick up any heartbeats], and no one is about.

They head out and when they start running down the alley they have to pause. The rain is forming an umbrella-like curtain over them, creating a wet-like human silhouette form and not even the chameleon sensor can disguise it.

KYLE [telepaths]: I think I discovered another weakness.

They quickly head back and this time when they enter the living room, Steven, Nicole and Josh can see their rainy silhouettes. Kyle taps the control and he becomes invisible, Jessi does the same.

KYLE: It doesn’t work well in the rain.

NICOLE: So I see.

STEVEN: Or in snow either I’d wager.

KYLE: Or any substance that we might accidentally run into, we’ll sure to be seen.

STEVEN: And then you’d be known as having one more ability to worry the police and general public. The power of being invisible. That could create a panic.

JOSH: More like paranoia.

NICOLE: Paranoia?

JOSH: You’d never know if they were ‘around.’

Nicole nods.

STEVEN: At least the cloak held.

KYLE: Yes.

Kyle and Jessi head back to their room to change.

JESSI: Well, this bites. We’ll still be seen.

KYLE: Only if it doesn’t rain.

JESSI: In Seattle?

Kyle gives a helpless shrug. There isn’t much he can do about the weather.

JESSI: What a disappointment.

KYLE: You were hoping to do something more tonight.

JESSI: Save someone, prevent a crime.

KYLE: It’s actually been quiet for the most part.

JESSI: Yeah, too quiet. [They pause as she reaches her bedroom door].

KYLE: Bored?

JESSI: Extremely. Except for Saturday. I wasn’t bored then.

KYLE [turns to head to his room]: No, just over excited.

Behind his back, and not liking his comeback, she concentrates and suddenly he walks into a psychic brick wall again. He rubs his nose glancing back with a disgruntled look. She grins cheekily at him.

KYLE [telepaths]: You’re getting quite good at that.

JESSI [sounds very smug]: I know I am.

After he changes he heads back down the hall, ready to head back to his dorm room. He pauses by the living room entryway.

KYLE: Well, goodnight. I’ll see you Friday.

NICOLE [gets up from the couch and walks over to give him a hug]: Goodnight.

He hugs her back, then nods to Steven and waves to Josh.

STEVEN: Goodnight.

JOSH: Later, bro.

KYEL: Later.

He leaves and just as he walks down the sidewalk he detects Amanda’s heartbeat and turns his head to the left to see her walking up the street. She sees him and waves. He waves back and waits for her.

He had the van today for work and by the time he came back home she had left for her self-defense class.

AMANDA [reaches him]: I thought you’d be at the dorm.

KYLE: Jessi and I were working on a formula.

AMANDA: What kind?

KYLE [glances and detects no one around but leans over anyway to whisper]: To make our uniforms invisible.

AMANDA [eyes widen]: Did it work?

KYLE: For the most part, except with this rain, [he glances up and a few raindrops wet his face], it formed around us like a silhouette.

AMANDA: That would have been interesting to see.

KYLE [smiles]: According to Josh, freaky.

But the rain, instead of being a drizzle, starts pouring again and they dash up the steps to Amanda’s front door and step inside.

AMANDA: Would you like to stay for a bit? Have something to drink?

KYLE: Sure.

He locks up behind him as she first dumps her duffle bag by the steps before heading to the kitchen. He joins her and watches as she pulls out some orange juice then opens a cupboard door to take out a couple of glasses. She pours them each a glass.

AMANDA: Have a seat.

He sits as she brings the glasses over to the kitchen table and hands him one then sits down herself.

KYLE: Thanks. [But he hesitates before taking a sip]. I was wondering…


KYLE: Can I stay the night?

Immediately he can hear her heartbeat speed up.

AMANDA: I was thinking the same thing, what with the pouring rain and all.

KYLE: Well, that and by the time I get back to the dorm by bus it’ll be close to midnight.

AMANDA: No, that’s fine. I understand. [She takes a sip of her drink].

KYLE: Great. [He takes a sip as well]. I can sleep on the couch.

AMANDA [pauses before taking another sip]: Don’t be silly.

He just nods and they sit quietly drinking for a moment.

KYLE [at the same time as Amanda]: How was your class?

AMANDA [at the same time as Kyle]: How was work?

They grin again and he lets her go first as she tells him about her day. Soon, they talk more easily and it’s close to midnight when they head upstairs.

KYLE: Have you thought about a costume? Declan says the point of dressing up is to go as someone you’re usually not.

AMANDA: I thought about it, [he senses her unease and wonders at it], but I haven’t decided. You?

KYLE: I thought I’d wait and see what the costume store has before I decide.

AMANDA: Then I’ll wait too and see what they have.

But even as they crawl into bed and she turns out her night lamp, he can still sense she’s uneasy about something. He leans up on his elbow and glances down at her. Her eyes take a little longer to adjust but she can feel him shift and look down at her.

KYLE: Is something wrong?

AMANDA [sighs]: I should have known. I’ve been keeping something from you, but it’s more as a surprise than anything bad. [She hurries on]. A good surprise, something I do every Monday night.

KYLE: Oh, well, if it’s a surprise then, that’s okay.

AMANDA: Great. [Still she hesitates and looks toward her dresser drawer where her belly dance outfit is in. He glances towards the drawer as well and looks back at her. She hasn’t noticed he noticed].

KYLE: Well, goodnight. [He touches her chin with his finger and guides her towards his descending mouth. He keeps their kiss chaste].

AMANDA: Goodnight.

She turns towards him and they nestle in each other’s arms.

Cut to Thursday night, Oct. 28/10. Delcan, Kyle, Lori, Hillary, Jessi, Amanda, Andy and Josh are shopping inside a costume shop. Josh and Andy are down one aisle, goofing around as they hold up one costume after another.

ANDY [covers her upper lip with a long mustache]: How’s this?

JOSH: You are not going as a guy.

ANDY: If I do, you’re going as a girl.

JOSH: Not even if you pay me.

ANDY: You did it once.

She teases as they both remember how he used one of her wigs to pretend to be Amanda just so she could sneak out and be with Kyle, when Amanda’s mother kept her locked in to try and make Amanda go back to the music conservatory in New York.

JOSH: Hey, that is never to be spoken of. And I got busted for it anyway.

ANDY: You look so cute as a blonde.

JOSH: Sure, rub it in. [He pulls out a cowboy outfit and puts on a cowboy hat]. How’s this?

ANDY: Boring. Come on, Josh. Let’s get crazy.

JOSH [groans]: I’m doomed.

While they banter, down another aisle, Hillary, Lori, Jessi and Amanda are browsing through the female section for some costumes. Jessi is a little further down but still within hearing distance.

HILLARY [flipping through a rack]: I can’t believe Jessi picked out the perfect bridesmaid dresses. She wasn’t even there half an hour while we waited for the guys to show up.

LORI: She’s efficient that way. [She smiles over at Jessi who gives a smug smile back].

AMANDA: They are nice gowns.

LORI: Expensive, or would have been, [she waves to Jessi], thanks again, Jessi!

Jessi waves back.

AMANDA: I just hope the bridal shop will have those dresses in stock.

HILLARY [makes a face and grudgingly admits]: It was sweet of her to offer to pay for yours.

LORI [eyes Hillary]: You’re in a mood. If anything I’m the one who should be bummed. I’ll be working the night of Declan’s party.

HILLARY: Ms. Woods gave me an assignment I’m not too thrilled with.

LORI: What kind of assignment?

HILLARY: Weather girl.

LORI: You present the weather?

HILLARY: No. The weatherman does, I just point to a screen and smile prettily.

LORI: You do that very well.

HILLARY: I don’t even get to talk.

LORI: Awful. But don’t you get to be on TV though?

HILLARY: Yes, but…I want more.

LORI: I guess you have to start somewhere.

HILLARY: As a weather girl? [She gives a disgusted sound]. Well, I don’t see anything I like here. [She glances over at Amanda]. How about you?

AMANDA: I found the “I Dream of Jeanie” costume. [She holds it up].

HILLARY [makes a face at it]: Not sexy enough. [She spies a small room in the back with the words ADULT over the doorframe]. Hey, let’s go in there, there should definitely be something more interesting than out here.

AMANDA [looks over to what she’s looking at]: No way.

HILLARY: Live a little, girl.

AMANDA [thinks of power surges and speaks more firmly]: No.

HILLARY [sighs and says under her breath to Lori as she walks by]: Dullsville.

Lori frowns at her and shakes her head. Amanda hears her anyway and doesn’t look pleased. Lori waits until Hillary has gone inside the room.

LORI: Being a weather girl must really be low in the totem pole in TV land.

AMANDA: Yeah, well, she doesn’t understand. If I wear anything too revealing I don’t want Kyle to get…you know.

LORI: I get it, like that one day at the pool.

AMANDA: Yeah, [she looks over to make sure Kyle is too far away to overhear and leans closer to Lori to whisper], that’s usually a given now.

LORI [mouth opens in surprise]: You’ve become that close?

AMANDA: Sleeping together is usually way more than close to feel his reaction to me.

She thinks of the other night lying beside him and trying to ignore how even just holding her makes him that excited. She’s glad she didn’t tell him of her dance class and looks at the costume now in her hands.

AMANDA: This isn’t too revealing, is it?

LORI [looks at the costume as well and tries to grasp a certain fact]: You mean, just by lying next to him, he gets that way?


Thinking of him now makes her glance further down the aisle where he and Declan are looking through the male costume section. Lori glances over at him too.

LORI: You’re in trouble then.

AMANDA: I know.

Cut to Kyle and Declan as Declan pulls out a costume.

DECLAN: Try this one.

KYLE [frowns at it]: That’s a gangster outfit.

DECLAN [spies the hat that goes with it and plunks it on Kyle’s head]: Exactly. Something you’re definitely not.

The hat suited Kyle to a T.

DECLAN: Take a look.

Kyle heads to a sidewall with a mirror hanging on it. Declan is right, the hat fit well and looked good on him.

KYLE [takes the outfit]: Fine. I’ll take it.

But just as he turns away from the mirror he spies another costume that catches his interest, totally oblivious to the girl’s conversation.

Cut to Hillary as she comes out of the Adult section with a costume in her hand and heads back to Lori and Amanda. Jessi is with them.

HILLARY: Look what I got, [she holds up a short sexy nurse’s outfit].

Jessi is suddenly looking off into space as if she’s not interested in what she has.

LORI: That’s, ah, revealing.

HILLARY [waves a hand in front of Jessi]: What did you pick?

JESSI [frowns at her waving hand]: A Cleopatra costume, [she holds up a black wig and gold sandals].

Then her attention drifts away again, concentrating on something.

KYLE [telepaths to her]: Come here for a second, I have an idea.

JESSI: Excuse me. [She heads to the back of the store where the guys are].

HILLARY: What’s up with her?

Lori just shrugs.

AMANDA [holds up and shakes her costume to catch Hillary’s attention]: I’m getting the “I Dream of Jeanie” costume.

HILLARY: Boooring. I just saw the perfect outfit for you in there.

She nods her head towards the Adult section.

AMANDA [presses her lips together]: Not interested.

HILLARY: No, seriously.

AMANDA: Really?

LORI [whispers a warning]: Don’t fall for it.

HILLARY: A nun outfit. [Lori looks at her skeptically]. A very naughty nun outfit.

Amanda shakes her head at Hillary.

LORI [whispers to Amanda]: Told you so.

HILLARY [to Lori]: Since when did you get all Miss Prudy again?

LORI: Stop being so snarky.

HILLARY: Live a little, you two.

In the background, Declan is coming up behind them, holding a couple of costumes.

LORI: I intend to, in time.

HILLARY: Like now wouldn’t hurt.

DECLAN [reaches them]: Hey, there.

LORI: Hey, yourself.

DECLAN [hands the costumes to Amanda]: Here, these are for you and Kyle.

AMANDA: Wait, what are they? [She tries to determine what kind of costumes they are as she juggles to hold on to the outfit she picked and grab a hold of the ones he gives her].

DECLAN: A gangster and his moll or a flapper.

AMANDA: Well, I sorta already picked one out.

DECLAN: Get it, too.

AMANDA [looks past him]: Where’s Kyle?

DECLAN: He’s looking at something else.

AMANDA: Well, if he already picked out a costume…

DECLAN: Yeah, it’s for a class project.

AMANDA: A class project? [She sounds skeptical]. What could that be?

DECLAN [shrugs]: Some science class. Don’t ask me, they got to talking science stuff.

AMANDA: Okay, then, [she struggles to keep a hold on her bundle].

LORI: Here, I’ll take one, [she grabs a couple that are slipping].

AMANDA: Great, now to choose.

DECLAN: Get them all. We’ll meet you outside in a few minutes.

He leaves just as Andy and Josh come over, having finally picked out their outfits.

LORI: Hey, you two. What’d you get?

ANDY: I couldn’t twist his arm to go in something risky.

HILLARY: A girl after my own heart.

ANDY: Why? What’d you get?

Hillary holds up her nurse’s outfit.

ANDY: Nice. Looking for potential patients?

HILLARY: Maybe a few.

As the final sales are rung up at the till and Amanda and Lori place their packages in the van, Hillary gives them a hug goodbye.

HILLARY: Sorry for my snittiness. Love you, guys. Hate my job.

LORI: See you, later, Miss Snit.

Hillary makes a face and waves goodbye.

ANDY: I guess we’re off, too. [She glances back at the store]. They sure are taking a while.

AMANDA: We’ll see you Saturday.

JOSH: Later.

Josh and Andy take off and by then Declan, Kyle and Jessi come out with several packages which they stuff into the van.

LORI: Did you buy out the store?

KYLE [grins at her]: Not quite.

LORI: What did you guys buy?

KYLE: I’ll tell you later, when we’re home. It’s an idea I have.

DECLAN: It’s awesome, his idea, it started with my ankle. [Amanda and Lori look totally puzzled]. Later, man. [He nods to Kyle and held up his fist].

Kyle and Declan bump knuckles and Declan takes off in his vehicle, leaving Jessi and Lori to climb into the back while Amanda takes the passenger seat. They head home and curiosity makes Amanda stay to see what he bought.

Josh comes back from driving Andy home and seeing everyone congregate inside Jessi’s room, he squeezes inside.

JOSH: What’s happening?

STEVEN: Kyle has an idea. [He points to the bed and Josh sees a Mr. and Mrs. Claus outfit].

JOSH: I thought you were going as a gangster?

KYLE: I am, this is for Christmas.

He grins at them all.

Cut to Saturday, later in the afternoon as Jessi comes home from work, dashing upstairs to the bathroom to shower first then change into her outfit. Josh comes home early as well and dashes upstairs to go to the bathroom.

He has to go real bad and when he tries the doorknob it opens so he doesn’t expect anyone to be in there and it comes as quite a shock to find Jessi stepping out from the shower stark naked.

JOSH: Whoa, [he stares transfixed]. You are hot looking. Wow. [He keeps staring, unable to look away]. And Andy’s going to scratch my eyes out.

JESSI: Then shouldn’t you stop looking?

JOSH: Yes, yes I should. [But he doesn’t].

He only moves and scrambles back out when he feels like he’s being pushed back with an invisible hand. Then the door closes in his face by another unseen hand.

JOSH: Thanks for that. [He takes a deep breath and blinks as if coming out of a trance].

JESSI’s [voice from behind the door]: You’re welcome.

JOSH: Whoa, I’m a dead man. Only if Andy finds out. [He calls through the door]. Andy won’t know of this, right?

JESSI’s voice: Not unless you want me to tell her.

JOSH: No, definitely not. No.

JESSI’s voice: Okay. [She opens the door and he quickly covers his eyes].

JOSH: Whoa!

JESSI: I’m covered.

JOSH: In just a towel.

JESSI: My costume’s in my room.

JOSH: Yeah, okay, can I use the washroom now?

JESSI: It’s all yours.

Josh dashes inside, letting out a huge sigh of relief.

Cut to the Halloween party.

As soon as Kyle gets off work from Latnok, he begins helping Declan with last minute preparations. Since Declan has put on quite a few parties in the past, he is well prepared for this one. Since there isn’t much else to help him with, Kyle changes into his outfit. The first two people to arrive are Jackie and Amanda. Jackie is dressed in a lovely gown as an 18th century lady while Amanda is dressed in a flapper outfit from the 1920s, complete with wigs.

JACKIE [kisses Declan]: Mmm, hello my rogue pirate.

DECLAN: Prepare to be ravished, [he wraps an arm around her waist and hauls her in for a deeper kiss].

Kyle and Amanda discreetly look away and rather than share a heated kiss themselves they share admiring glances at each other’s outfits and instead read from each other’s eyes that she’s finding him attractive as a gangster just as he’s finding her attractive in her flapper outfit.

DECLAN [feels all the buttons down the side of Jackie’s gown]: How in the world did you get into this dress?

JACKIE [smiles]: A friend.

DECLAN: No wonder pirates had knives.

JACKIE [swats his arm with her fan]: You are not using a knife on this dress. I’ll have Amanda unbutton me. [She grins over at Amanda who smiles back].

DECLAN: I can unbutton you.

JACKIE [shakes her head]: No way, you’ll become too impatient and likely rip them. [When he looks like he’s about to protest she continues on]. Remember my blouse?

DECALN [remembers]: Yeah, well, that was…different?

JACKIE: The buttons were in front and not that many to begin with.

When Declan notices a bemused expression on Kyle’s face he tries to explain.

DECLAN: I was in a hurry.

KYLE: It sounds like it.

Declan give him a mock scowl.

JACKIE [giggles]: He was. [She winks at Kyle]. But then we both were.

Kyle glances away.

Jackie notices the awkwardness between the other couple and steps away from Declan not wanting to make the other couple uncomfortable.

A good hour later, the party is in full swing. Hillary is there in her nurse’s outfit, flirting with a few enamored single guys. Jessi looking regal in her Cleopatra outfit and when Nate arrives in a Roman costume, the first glimpse of her makes him whistle in appreciation.

NATE: You look more gorgeous each time I see you, hotness.

She smiles at him and can’t help admire his physique accented in his tunic.

JESSI: You look magnificent.

NATE: Ha, [he suddenly feels even warmer in the crowded room and in response to cover his feelings, puffs out his chest], I am, aren’t I? [He winks at her].

Over in the corner, Andy and Josh are perched on Declan’s bed. Josh is dressed as a cowboy and Andy as an Indian girl.

ANDY [takes a sip of her drink]: This is fun.

Someone moves and shifts in front of them as more people enter the room and has their back right up in Josh’s face.

JOSH [leans back, steadying his drink]: A little crowded.

ANDY: This sure gives me an idea of what dorm life is like.

JOSH: I for one can’t wait. [He looks very fondly at her]. Freedom. Privacy. [He wags his eyebrows].

ANDY: Subtle. [She looks around, not as enthused]. You call this private?

JOSH [leans closer]: Some don’t seem to mind.

A few other couples were making out in a couple of corners just like prom night.

ANDY: I’m not going to be a copycat, Josh.

JOSH [sighs in disappointment]: Bummer.

ANDY: You’d be even more bummed when I tell you it’s not going to happen in a long while.

JOSH: Seriously? Look, I know we said and promised, but if we take enough precautions?

ANDY: Do you know what I found out yesterday in the girl’s locker room?

JOSH: Ah, what does that have to do with us?

ANDY: Everything. You know your friend Bobby’s girlfriend? Maggie?

JOSH: Yeah.

ANDY: I found her crying her eyes out in one of the stalls. She only felt free to talk to me because I was almost pregnant once.

JOSH: Almost? Don’t you mean a false alarm?

ANDY [gazes at him in exasperation]: Don’t you get it? [He just looks confused]. Maggie’s pregnant!

The couple standing in front of them turns around and glances their way before moving aside. Andy and Josh fall silent. Then he stands up and takes Andy’s hand to follow him out into the hallway where they can talk more privately. They pass Kyle standing near the door welcoming another couple. People have been coming and going all night. Kyle looks on in concern as they walk by before his attention is back on the couple. The guy, Bruce, who he met at the study session and drew a picture for his girlfriend is shaking his hand.

BRUCE: Kyle! Good to see you again. [His skin and hair is tinted green and the shirt and pants he’s wearing is torn at the hem and sleeves and wearing what look like oversized “feet” that are green as well].

KYLE: Good to see you.

BRUCE [hooks an arm around a girl standing next to him]: This is my girl, Cindy.

KYLE: Pleased to meet you, Cindy.

CINDY [holds out her hand, which Kyle shakes]: Please to meet you. I loved the picture you drew of Bruce. [She’s dressed in a lab coat with a pin “Dr. Betty Ross” and another with “Gama Radiation Detector” along with wearing a mini-skirt and high calf-length boots].

KYLE [grins]: I’m glad you liked it.

BRUCE: Say, [he leans closer], do ya’ think you can draw one of Cindy for me?

CINDY [slaps his arm]: Bruce, not now! We’re here to party.

KYLE: It’s okay. I’d be happy too. [Amanda comes up to him after finishing talking to someone].

BRUCE: Thanks. You’re a real troop.

KYLE: Bruce, Cindy, I’d like you to meet Amanda, my wife.

As they great each other, Kyle glances over their shoulders to see Josh and Andy lean against the wall talking in earnest.

JOSH: Maggie’s pregnant? Really pregnant?

ANDY: Yeah, she is.

JOSH [runs a hand through his hair]: Uh, uh…oh man.

ANDY: Exactly.

They stand in silence, until Andy drops another bombshell on him.

ANDY: I also just found out this morning that one of my moms got a better job offer in Cleveland. [She takes a deep breath]. We move at the end of November.

JOSH [looks even more astonished]: You’re what?

ANDY [glances away as a few students pass them by in the hallway, the loud beat of music behind several dorm rooms can be heard]: Moving.

JOSH: B-but Cleveland? That’s so far east.

ANDY: I know. Look I’m just as bummed as you are. I don’t want to move.

JOSH: Then don’t.

ANDY: Oh, right. Like I have a choice.

JOSH: Well, how can your moms do this? You’re only a few months away from graduating.

ANDY: It sucks. [She wiped a tear that escaped, both mad and upset over the news herself].

JOSH [swallows hard past a lump in his own throat]: Come here. [He takes her in his arms and she hangs on].

ANDY [mumbling against his shoulder]: I hate this.

JOSH: You’re talking to the choir.

Later, when Josh drives up to her house and turns off the engine, he faces her.

JOSH: You’ve been silent the whole trip home.

ANDY: So have you.

JOSH: I’ve been thinking.

ANDY: Me too.


ANDY: You first.

JOSH: I could ask my parents if you could move in with me, [he shakes his head], I mean, at my house. My parent’s house.

ANDY: What? Josh, there’s no way either of our parents are going to let us stay together much less under the same roof.

JOSH: They’ve taken in strays.

ANDY: I have parents, Josh. Kyle didn’t and Jessi lost hers.

JOSH: Still…

ANDY: That’s not a solution.

JOSH: Then what idea did you have?

ANDY: Simple, I go with my moms.

JOSH: That’s not a solution.

ANDY: Come next September, when it’s time for me to go ‘off’ [she emphasizes the word off with her fingers], to college, where do you think I’ll be going?

JOSH: Ah…[starting to hope], where?

ANDY: In Seattle, dummy. We’ll both be in dorms but at least we’ll be at the same university, same campus…[she leans over and kisses him].

JOSH [grins and starts kissing back]: Awesome. [But then he frowns]. That’s so far away.

ANDY: We’ll make it work. A long distance love affair.

JOSH: Affair? We’re barely having one now.

ANDY [leans back]: I just told you about Maggie. As much as I want you, do you really think I’m going to risk getting pregnant? Condoms don’t work 100% of the time.

JOSH: Mmm, what about birth control?

ANDY: Yeah, I’ve been reading on some of the side effects on a few of them. No way I’m getting sick all over again.

JOSH: You mean cancer?

ANDY: And blood clots.

JOSH: Oh. [He sounds very disappointed].

ANDY: Haven’t you been reading any of Kyle’s books?

JOSH: Ah, no. They looked boring.

ANDY: Josh, you’re going into the health system, you should know about alternatives before you get your mind warped by what the medical school will teach you.

JOSH: Which is?

ANDY: A drug cure for every disease.

JOSH: Well, isn’t that normal?

ANDY: No. Did you know that in the 19th century homeopathic schools were the leading health treatment?

JOSH: Ah, again no.

ANDY [shakes her head]: See what I mean? You’re a sheeple.

JOSH: I’m a what?

ANDY: Following the herd.

JOSH: Fine, I’ll start reading Kyle’s books. Happy?

ANDY: Although, anyone who claims to have a cure for cancer without a medical license is thrown in jail.

JOSH: Then what’s the point of learning something I might wind up in jail for?

ANDY: To fight the suppression of natural health treatment.

JOSH [looks even more depressed]: Some career. [He then watches her, admiring her outrage, making her glow with intent, too bad it wasn’t directed elsewhere]. So, never?

ANDY: Never? [She notices his ‘look’ and recognizes he’s no longer on the same page, just back to the old one]. Not, never. Just not now. [She leans closer for another kiss]. But who says we can’t get creative?

JOSH: Creative?

ANDY [smiles]: You’ll figure it out. That’s what you do best.

She starts making out and he’s only too pleased to do so as well but in the back of his mind he starts to wonder, how creative?

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