Season 4

S04 E15 Halloween Party Part 2

Kyle XY S04 E15

Halloween Party Part 2

Cut to Kyle back at the party where he sees Josh leave early with Andy. He greets another student from the study group and gets them a drink. He sees Amanda talking with Cindy, Bruce’s girlfriend. Bruce is helping himself to some snacks. Amanda catches him looking and smiles. He smiles back, enjoying the night and her being here, admiring how lovely she looks in her Gatsby outfit. Not for the first time that night he wishes he can walk over and kiss her, what he should have done before the party even began but didn’t trust himself.

Seeing a few couples every now and then indulge in making out in a corner throughout the night only added to the feeling. It didn’t help Jessi felt the same as he did as she sat with Nate, sharing a chair since chairs were at a premium in the room. Of course, she had to turn their feelings into a competition, to see who had the most control. He kept refusing to take her up on her dares for him to walk over and kiss Amanda already. In the meantime, she first tries small touches, holding Nate’s hand, but once she tried anything more, objects would start to ‘move.’

Several times he had to help her maintain control and felt another spike of excitement from her which almost sent some of the snacks flying off the snack table.

Bruce, at that same moment, was grabbing a handful of chips when he felt the bowl move and jumped back. Kyle stopped the bowl before it could flip over.

KYLE [telepaths a warning]: Jessi.

JESSI [telepaths back as Nate turns away his head so her lips brush his cheek instead and sighs a frustrating mental sigh]: He’s not cooperating.

KYLE [telepaths back]: That’s a good thing. Each time you try to kiss him the bowls and plates on the table start jumping and rattling. I’ve been asked three times tonight if the table was rigged.

JESSI [telepaths]: So?

NATE [unaware of their conversation]: So gorgeous, how about next Saturday? I thought of taking you to the spaghetti factory, your favorite food, isn’t it? [He risks a glance at her].

JESSI: It is.

NATE: Great! You’ll love it.

But now that he’s facing her she tries once again to kiss him but he turns his head away. Jessi huffs in frustration, the black bangs of her Cleopatra wig fluffs upwards. Of course as her frustration level rises so does the energy level she’s generating, which misfires and once more a plate laden with brownies flips about, sending a few brownies toppling on to the tabletop.

Kyle is handing someone another beverage and misses stopping the plate. Bruce, having finished his chips, was reaching over to grab a couple of brownies, and when they toppled over, he jumps back.

BRUCE: Whoa! You guys have a poltergeist loose in here? [He checks under the table but sees nothing rigged to make the plate move].

DECLAN [comes over to replenish the chips]: Ah, it’s Halloween, expect the unexpected.

KYLE [telepaths a mental sigh]: Jessi, quit trying to make out.

JESSI [frustration level high, telepaths back]: At least I’m trying. Why don’t you?

KYLE [shifts so he has a clear view of her and Nate and glares over at her while he telepaths]: I’m not the one moving objects.

JESSI [catches his eye and glares back with a taunt]: You can’t do it.

NATE [notices them glaring]: What are you doing?

JESSI [turns to him]: I want to kiss you.

NATE: I gathered, but what’s with you and Kyle?

JESSI [leans closer to whisper]: He’s been controlling my outbursts.

NAE [raises an eyebrow, thinking of her impulsive kissing attempts]: What outbursts?

JESSI: Some students think we have a ghost in here, one who moves the plates and cutlery around.

NATE: Oh. Those outbursts. [He pauses, realizing how close her lips are to his and finds his concentration wavering]. So, he’s controlling you?

JESSI [frowns]: No. He can’t control me. He’s too cowardly to be out of control himself.

NATE: What’s that? [He sees her lips move as her head dips closer].

JESSI: He’s been wanting to kiss Amanda all night, like I’ve been wanting to kiss you.

NATE: Right. Kiss. Yes.

JESSI: You mean, you do want to kiss me?

NATE: Hell, yes.

JESSI: They why are you avoiding me every time I try?

NATE: Ah, you mentioned a lack of control going on?

JESSI: But that’s why I want to try, I want to practice.

NATE: Maybe this isn’t the right place.

JESSI: You sound like Kyle.

NATE [frowns]: That’s the last person I want to be like.

He leans forward, determined to give her what she wants from him, a kiss. But then he feels some sort of unseen shield blocking him. Jessi feels it too, and turns to see Kyle rush over to the food table.

BRUCE [exclaims]: I swear that fork moved on it’s own, from this side of the table to that side, [he points from one end of the table to the other end].

DECLAN: It’s just magic. [He doesn’t dare glance over at Jessi but has been aware of her and Nate cozying up to each other all night].

BRUCE [scoffs]: So, show me the trick.

DECLAN: And ruin the magic that is Halloween? No way.

Kyle has stopped anything more from moving.

JESSI [covers Nate’s mouth with her hand]: I hate it when he’s right.

NATE [mumbles from behind her hand]: Same here.

Jessi removes her hand and they end up just sitting quietly.

NATE [frowns even more]: So, all this time while trying to kiss me you’ve been talking to him?

JESSI: Only in between trying to kiss you.

NATE: Oh, joy. Just what a guy wants to hear, his girl’s attention on some other guy and not exclusively on him.

JESSI [gazes at him in wonder]: You think of me as your girl?

NATE: Ah, well, yeah. [His frown clears when she smiles a mega watt smile that makes the lights flicker very brightly to the point of them all popping out].

Several people scream, and then some just give nervous laughter.

Kyle knows it wasn’t anything Jessi tried to do but reacted to whatever Nate said, something that more than pleased her.

The only light shining into the room was from the moonlight outside the window and the hallway lights filtering partway inside their dorm. At least the hall lights outside their dorm room didn’t fry.

KYLE: I’ll get some bulbs.

He goes to their storage unit and digs around for some light bulbs and a couple of flashlights. He gives one to Declan so they can replace all the bulbs in their room.

JACKIE [whispers to Amanda]: How do you think that happened?

Amanda just shrugs but seeing the looks Kyle keeps throwing Jessi’s way, and knowing Jessi’s problem of emotional control where Nate was concerned, knows how it happened. Whatever they are discussing is making her very happy. Too happy, as she steps aside so Kyle can replace the burnt out bulb on his desk.

When he glances her way she notices his gaze is suddenly fixated on her lips. He is standing right in front of her, motionless, gazing intently at her.


JACKIE [suddenly feels like the three’s a crowd person]: Excuse me. [She walks away, not that either noticed].

JESSI [telepaths to Kyle]: I’ll never be able to go out on a normal date. I don’t want to be like you, all avoidy. How can you practice control if you don’t at least try?

KYLE [telepaths back]: Now is not the time.

JESSI [telepaths back]: It never is with you. [Her frustration with him is making the fresh light bulbs flicker, as if it is all his fault she’s in this predicament].

KYLE [telepaths, growing angry and frustrated in controlling the lights all because of her lack of control]: Seriously? Again?

JESSI [taunts him]: I dare you to try.

Frustrated and fed up, it has the desired effect, as soon as he is done replacing the bulb, he stands in front of Amanda, suddenly torn between wanting to kiss her, but not wanting to just for the sake of practicing.

Jessi feels his hesitation and gives the mental equivalent of a chicken squawking making Kyle guess she’s been around Josh too much. So he concentrates fully on control. He doesn’t touch Amanda, just props his hand behind her where the bunk bed post is and leans towards her.

KYLE [murmurs]: I wanted to do this all night.

Then he kisses her firmly, taking her by surprise as he keeps on kissing her, long and deep. He hears her heart rate speed up. He maintains control, and continues to maintain control.

Jessi is looking on, then closes her eyes, feeling what and how he’s maintaining the control.

Nate is watching her, how she seems to mentally connect with Kyle before turning to him, all smiles.

JESSI: I think I know how now.

NATE [swallows]: Let’s make a deal, how about showing me later when I take you home, just us two, in private?

JESSI: Okay. [She thinks for a second, determined to mimic Kyle’s ability at control]. Do you want to go home now?

Nate laughs but realizes he’s in definite trouble. Except this kind of trouble took on a whole new meaning. Making out with Jessi.

NATE [grins]: Sure, why not?

Kyle is too busy kissing Amanda to notice when Jessi and Nate leave before finally leaning away. She’s breathing heavily and so is he. She never gave a thought they were in the middle of a crowded room until she hears several wolf whistles.

DECLAN [yells out]: Way to go, Kyle! That’s the way to party.

Amanda feels a blush start to heat her cheeks.

KYLE: Did I mention how beautiful you look tonight?

AMANDA [blinks up at him, stunned]: Huh?

He smiles a sexy roguish smile that suites his gangster costume to a T, giving a whole new meaning to the word bad to the bone. A very sexy appealing bad and she wanted to be bad with him. But he moves away from her and goes back to serving guests, guests who give him a few slaps on the back for putting on quite a show; leaving her breathless, bemused, wanting and humming with arousal on a whole new level.

It’s three am before the party winds down and being told by management that it’s past party time. The four are left looking around a cluttered mess, pop cans, overstuffed garbage bins with litter cluttering around it. Kyle and Declan had tried to keep up with the mess but they ended up being too busy keeping everyone supplied with food and drinks.

JACKIE: I’ll help clear the food, but first, Amanda, do you mind helping me out of this dress? [She points to all the small buttons down the back of her outfit].

AMANDA: Sure. [She starts unbuttoning her gown].

Kyle and Declan start clearing out the garbage. Once the food is put away and most of the clutter swept free of the rug, they get ready for bed. Declan and Jackie uses the washroom first then Kyle ducks into the washroom with Amanda.

Amanda raises an eyebrow at him.

KYLE: I just wanted to explain.

AMANDA: Explain your mind-numbing kiss? I’m listening.

KYLE [pauses and gives a small smile]: Mind-numbing? [He sees a light blush stain her cheeks before he glances away suddenly feeling awkward and nervous]. Jessi.

AMANA [gives him an odd look as if wondering what his kiss had to do with her]: What about her?

KYLE: She made me, [she raises an eyebrow in disbelief], well not really made me, more like…motivated me. [She looks as if he’s lot it]. Not motivated. Uh…dared me.

AMANDA: Dared you to kiss me?

KYLE: Pretty much.

AMANDA: You kissed me on a dare?

KYLE: Well, she was having trouble with control—

AMANDA: I noticed.

KYLE: So after a few taunts, I proved to her I could control the outer environment. And I did.

AMANDA [blinks]: I see.

KYLE: I guess that means we won’t have to worry about the lights anymore. [He leans over and she puts a hand on his chest before he can kiss her].

AMANDA: Wrong.

KYLE: Wrong?

AMANDA: What about when you dream? If you get too … excited, remember how you dreamt going to far and projected that on to me?

KYLE: Oh, you don’t have to worry about that.

AMANDA: How do you mean?

KYLE: I dream of you all the time.

AMANDA: Yes, but that way?

KYLE [swallows]: Ah, yeah? [Her hand on his chest feels very warm through his shirt].

AMANDA: Oh, [this time she swallows and her gaze centers on his lips].

Like a moth to a flame, his lips descend on hers and like a match, their kisses flame on.

Cut to Nate as he pulls up in front of the Trager house and shuts off the motor before turning to Jessi.

NATE: I had a great time tonight.

JESSI: Me too.

NATE: You look beautiful, [he touches a strand of black Cleopatra hair]. Elegant.

JESSI: Thank you. You look, [she thinks of a phrase from an old romance movie], ruggedly handsome.

NATE [chokes back a laugh and coughs]: I do, don’t I? [He grins].

JESSI [captured by his roguish smile]: Do you want to kiss now?

NATE [eyes widen slightly]: Sure, [his voice turns husky but before he can make a move, Jessi grabs him by his tunic and pulls him to her and kisses him].

She has a very enthusiastic technique which makes his chest tighten with the same emotion he felt last time he was with her. He leans over, places both hands on each side of her face and proceeds to first give her tender more temperate kisses, then only succumbing to deeper soul drugging kisses when he senses her growing impatience, himself unable to hold back any longer either.

He loses all track of time when he finally notices lights starting to blink on and off.

NATE [pulls back]: I guess the control thing needs more work.

JESSI [frowns at him]: That’s not me. And I’m in perfect control.

Nate leans back in his seat, looking around to see that it wasn’t any inside car lights flicking on and off but was coming from outside the steamed up windows, it was the front door lights.

JESSI [sighs despondently]: It’s Steven.

NATE [runs a hand through his already messed up hair thanks to Jessi weaving her hands through it]: Great. I wonder how long he’s been waiting?

JESSI: Ten minutes and eleven seconds, [she pauses], and counting.

NATE: That long?! [Not good, he thinks and reaches for his door handle, opens it and then just as suddenly closes it].

JESSI: What’s wrong?

NATE: Ah, [he glances over at her], do you mind walking to the door yourself?

JESSI [sounds disappointed]: Why?

NATE [sighs and with a pointed gaze, explains]: I have a…big problem.

JESSI [quick to notice his ‘problem’ and nods, feeling pleased yet flustered and puts her hand on the door handle, but pauses when she remembers reading online a negative aspect so turns back to him]: Are guys really that easy?

NATE [blinks]: What?

JESSI: Would you react this way to any girl besides me?

NATE: What?! Who the hell cares about other girls? I lo-I care about you!

JESSI [gives him a great big smile, leans over and brushes her lips over his in a sweet tender kiss like he gave her earlier]: Thank you.

She hops out of the car and hurries to the front door.

NATE [looks on, flabbergasted]: What the hell? [She waves goodbye to him and he waves back but then shakes his head, suddenly feeling the cold].

NATE: I don’t get it, I just don’t get it all.

What really concerns him is how close he admitted how much he cared about her, almost saying the ‘L’ word.

Cut back to Kyle and Amanda. Kyle breaks away, breathing hard.

KYLE: I’m sorry. I got over excited. [He lays his forehead on her forehead].

AMANDA [has to pause to catch her breath]: I can relate. [But to prevent the temptation to go back to kissing has her suddenly babbling]. I think it’s been building inside us both since the other night.

He bites his lip and closes his eyes briefly, remembering.

AMANDA: It’s the first time we slept with our backs to each other. [She swallows as he watches her lips move when all she wants is his lips back on hers]. I guess the subject at our marriage course affected us more than we thought.

He nods but his steady gaze still centered on her lips makes her continue on.

AMANDA: On, on sexual relations and intimacy, when all we’ve been doing is, um, longing to be, [she can’t resist anymore and steals a kiss he’s more than willing to give], intimate yet haven’t done more than…[He kisses her again and again].

She slides her hand through his hair and presses closer and the feel of him hard against her makes her moan.


KYLE [stops, finding it harder and harder to let go]: You’re right…too many…pent-up…emotions.

AMANDA: We should…[stop is the word she can’t finish as she clutches his arms and shoulders in frantic caressing motions].

KYLE: Yes.

KYLE [narrative]: Though I managed to maintain control over the environment, I managed to lose control in another way and found out how powerful passion could be.

Somewhere, somehow he reaches down inside himself and pushes himself away from her, feeling like he’s being ripped in two different directions. Wanting to stay and yet knowing he can’t follow through with what they both long for.

His abrupt departure leaves her feeling more than bereft, it feels almost painful as her body throbs with unfulfilled excitement. Shakily, she moves over to the sink and runs some cold water.

When they both have to share his bunk, their backs are turned to the other and it takes a long while for either to fall asleep.

No sooner does Kyle sense everyone is fast asleep than his eyes open and he sits up. He glances over at Amanda then hops out of bed. Soon he’s busy at work at his desk.

Amanda isn’t sure what suddenly awakens her out of a deep sleep but finds Kyle isn’t lying beside her anymore. She peeks over the safety board to see the shadowy figure of him head from his desk over to the storage cupboard and takes out something. She climbs down and heads over to him. She sees by the moonlight that the something he’s holding is a plate and is attaching something to the bottom.

AMANDA [whispers]: What are you doing?

KYLE [in a normal tone of voice that sounds very loud to her ears]: Gluing a sensor strip to the bottom of this plate.

AMANDA [puts a finger to his lips]: Ssh! [She glances over when she hears Jackie shift around]. Why are you doing it now?

KYLE [mumbles from behind her finger, still too loud as Jackie shifts again]: Because it can’t wait till morning. [He sets the plate down once the sensor is in place].

AMANDA [replaces her finger with several fingers over his mouth]: Whisper, you’ll wake Jackie. So, what’s it all for?

KYLE [lifts left hand and shows her a ring-like object and uses his right to press a button on it which makes the plate move, skipping up and plunking down on the counter]: It’s a reasonable scientific explanation on why and how the plates and cutlery moved around.

His whispered mumble behind her fingers makes it hard for her to hear so she removes them.


KYLE [talks louder rather than whispers]: It’s a reasonable scientific explanation on why and how the plates and cutlery moved around.

Over in Declan’s bed, Jackie wakes up and shifts around, blinking to try and focus on the two figures of Kyle and Amanda standing by the counter and storage locker near the front door.

AMANDA [whispers]: Oh, okay. [She suddenly understands]. That’s brilliant! Well then, if you’re done, let’s go back to bed.

KYLE [whispers back]: Together?

AMANDA [pauses, keeping to a whispered tone]: Well, yes.

KYLE [sighs]: It’s not fair.

AMANDA [glances over his shoulder with a worried look but Jackie seems settled, no longer shifting about]: What isn’t fair?

KYLE: You, me. You were ready to do it with Charlie, and you two weren’t even married.

AMANDA [gaps at him]: What? [He sounds very jealous, a new side of him he never showed her until now. Considering their passionate embrace earlier, how can she blame him?]

KYLE [no longer whispering]: And we’re legally married.

AMANDA: I know, but—

KYLE [walks by her, heading to their bunk]: I don’t agree with your religion either.

He climbs back into bed leaving her with her mouth open in shock. She finally climbs up and sees his back facing her so she keeps her back facing him, feeling hurt and angry. It’s a long time before she falls asleep again. She notices he has no trouble, falling asleep the second she crawled in beside him.

Come morning Declan and Jackie wake up and rise first, taking advantage by showering together. By the time they come out, Kyle and Amanda are still sound asleep.

DECLAN: They’re sure sleeping in.

JACKIE: They were up during the night. I heard them.

DECLAN: Doing what? More kissing?

JACKIE: No, actually. They were arguing.

DECLAN [frowns]: About what?

JACKIE: I just caught the tail end. Something about her willing to do it with Charlie and his not liking her religion.

DECLAN: With Charlie? Really?

She just shrugs. Whether it’s their moving about or talking, a few minutes later Amanda wakes and rises. She gives them a brief nod as a good morning before she enters the bathroom. She doesn’t look happy.

JACKIE [mouths to Declan]: See?

He just shrugs and turns to search in the fridge for something to eat. The plate that was left on the counter starts to flop up and down.

JACKIE: What’s happening?

DECLAN: Ah…[he doesn’t dare look toward Kyle, who’s still fast asleep].

Amanda comes out and her attention is drawn to the dancing plate. She sighs.

AMANDA: I’ll go wake Kyle.


Amanda climbs up the bunk and shakes Kyle’s shoulder.

AMANDA: Kyle? Wake up! [She sees the ring he made is tucked close to his side so that every time he moved, his thumb kept pressing against the button. Her shakes didn’t help so she tried freeing his hand but it wouldn’t budge]. Kyle!

Kyle jerks awake and feeling her tug on his arm moves it clear. The plate stops moving about.

JACKIE [turns to Declan]: He was moving the plate? How?

DECLAN: Ah…[he can’t give an explanation].

AMANDA [overhears her and glances over her shoulder]: The secret’s out. [Declan gaps at her in astonishment]. I’ll show you.

She grasps Kyle’s hand and tugs the ring off his finger, while he stares at it in puzzlement.

AMANDA [whispers to him]: You were moving the plate.

His eyes widen, thinking she meant moving it with his mind.

KYLE [points to the ring]: Where—

But Amanda ignores him and climbs back down, but not before he feels her cold manner as she abruptly moves away from him. She’s angry with him, but why?

Amanda walks over to Jackie and shows her the ring.

AMANDA: Yes, it was Kyle moving the plate. Between him and Jessi last night, this is how they moved them. [She presses a button on the ring and the plate moves once again].

JACKIE: Oh, wow. That is so cool.

Amanda shows her the sensor strip on the bottom of the plate as well.

JACKIE: That is so clever!

Declan raises an eyebrow over at a befuddled looking Kyle and mouths, “when?”

Kyle shrugs, looking completely clueless.

KYLE [narrative]: The only explanation I could think of how I managed to make a ring and sensor strips was after I fell asleep. Just like I’ve done a couple of other sleepwalking things, like the drawing of Steven’s father’s living room and all the drawings in primary colors where Sarah left the message she was alive, to placing sensors around the house when Cassidy was stalking Amanda. [He frowns with even more confusion when Amanda continues to give him the cold shoulder]. But what else did I do to cause Amanda to be so angry with me?

He starts worrying he may have projected a few touches she might not have appreciated.

KYLE: Amanda, can I talk to you for a second? [He indicates for her to join him in the washroom].

AMANDA: We’ll talk later.

She turns her back and starts gathering up her things to take back home.

Jackie glances discreetly away and he ducks into the washroom alone, hearing Declan ask Jackie what she’d like to eat.

DECLAN’s voice: Cereal?

JACKIE: Oh, yum.

When Kyle comes back out Jackie asks him something he finds he can’t answer.

JACKIE: So, how did you make the bulbs burn out?

Kyle looks toward Amanda, hoping she’d be able to give some hint.

She frowns at him, wondering how he can look so clueless and helpless and endearing all at the same time. Really, he’s acting like he doesn’t remember. How can he not remember?

She glances at the garbage can. He follows her gaze and something about the can triggers a memory and he walks over to it, sees a burnt out bulb and takes it out. He examines it, sees the sensor he must have attached to the bottom and shows it to Jackie.

Jackie sees the sensor and pushes the same button which only makes the plate move.

JACKIE: How did you get the bulb to light up without plates moving?

Kyle takes the ring, studying it.

KYLE: There’s another button beside it. That one you press and hold. [But pressing and holding the button does nothing]. Of course, the bulb’s already burnt out.

JACKIE: Oh, right. Still, very clever.

Kyle just smiles and glances over at Amanda, looking grateful she tossed him a hint, only to find her carefully studying him.

They are on their way out the lobby door and loading up their vehicles when Kyle pauses as he places Amanda’s and his backpacks in the back of his van. Declan is busy loading Jackie’s stuff in his trunk.

Kyle tilts his head, hearing a voice far off in the distance. Amanda opens the passenger door ready to hop in.

KYLE: Wait inside for a moment.

AMANDA [pauses, foot braced on the edge]: Why?

KYLE: I hear someone calling for help.

Amanda tries to listen but can’t hear anyone. Then realizes that with his hearing, that someone must be further away.

AMANDA: Anything I can do?

KYLE: I’ll be quick. It’s a far distance away.

She just nods and watches as he runs down the street, and soon he’s two blocks down before he turns down another street. How far had he heard the cry? She wonders.

DECLAN [comes up to her as Jackie waits in his SUV]: What’s up?

AMANDA: Kyle heard someone crying for help. He’ll be a few minutes.

DECLAN: Do you want to wait in my car?

AMANDA: You and Jackie can go on ahead, I won’t mind.

DECLAN: Nah, wouldn’t feel right.

She smiles and hops in his car in the back seat. Declan then climbs in behind the wheel.

JACKIE [turns to her]: Where’s Kyle?

AMANDA: He had to help someone, he should be back shortly.

JACKIE: Help who?

AMANDA: Ah… [unsure what to say].

Cut to Kyle as he heads down another street, certain this was the street he heard the cry. Then he sees an elderly lady lying sprawled on the front steps of an apartment building. She sees him.

ELDERLY LADY [voice weak]: Help!

Kyle rushes over. A bag of groceries had fallen and some of the contents had rolled out.

KYLE: What happened? [He takes her hand that she holds out to him].

ELDERLY LADY: Thank you, young man. Can you help me up?

KYLE: Sure.

But when he tries to help her up she cries out in pain.

KYLE: Wait. Why don’t I see if anything’s broken? May I?

She nods her consent.

He soon discovers she has a fractured hip.

KYLE: Try not to move. [He takes off his jacket, rolls it up and places it under her head]. I’ll call an ambulance.

He takes out his cell phone and calls 911.

ELDERLY LADY: Oh dear, oh dear. Can you call my friend? She lives right above me. [She waves a hand at the apartment building].

KYLE: The ambulance will be here shortly. What’s your friend’s number?

She tells him the number and he tries calling but there’s no answer.

KYLE: Sorry, it doesn’t look like she’s home.

ELDERLY LADY: Oh dear. Where could she be? [She frets]. She’s usually home at this time of day.

KYLE: Did you have something planned together?

ELDERLY LADY: No, no she’s usually home.

KYLE: I’m sure she’ll be home soon. [He holds her hand and she grasps on].

ELDERLY LADY: Where could she be?

Off in the distance Kyle hears the ambulance.

KYLE: The ambulance will be here. I hear it coming.

ELDERLY LADY: Who will take care of my bird?

KYLE: I’ll leave a message for your friend.

ELDERLY LADY: But she’s not home.

KYLE: I’ll keep trying until she is home.

ELDERLY LADY [squeezes his hand]: What a nice young man you are. I don’t know how to thank you.

KYLE [smiles reassuringly at her]: You just did.

While he holds her hand he concentrates and starts to heal and mend the fractured bone.

Cut to Declan and Jackie. Jackie is still waiting for an answer.

AMANDA: Um…a friend. It was quite sudden. [She turns to glance out the window in the direction Kyle went but doesn’t see him yet].

Jackie glances over at Declan who reaches over to play a CD.

DECLAN: How about some music while we wait? [He doesn’t wait for her answer and just turns it on, fingers tapping the steering wheel in time to the music].

Jackie frowns at him wondering if he knew this friend but seems unwilling to admit who it was. She shrugs and takes a quick peak at her watch.

Suddenly they all hear an ambulance, it comes down their street, passes them and then turns down another street two blocks up, the same direction Kyle had taken.

Declan glances at Amanda in the rearview mirror.

JACKIE [catches their worried looks]: What’s wrong?

AMANDA [takes out her cell]: I’ll see what’s keeping him. [She calls him]. Hey, Kyle. Just wondering how much longer you might be.

KYLE’s voice: I’ll just be a few more minutes.

Amanda can hear the ambulance loud and clear through the phone just before he clicks off.

AMANDA: He should be back soon.

JACKIE: He didn’t say what was keeping him?


DECLAN: Man of few words.

JACKIE [beneath her breath]: He’s not the only one.

After a few more minutes pass, Amanda finally sees Kyle jogging back.

AMANDA: Here he comes. [She reaches for the door handle]. Well, see you later. Thanks for waiting.

DECLAN: No problem.

JACKIE: I hope all is okay.

AMANDA: I’m sure it is. [She exits and Kyle waves his hand to Declan].

Declan salutes back then starts the car, taking Jackie home before meeting up with Kyle at his house later on.

When Kyle pulls up to Amanda’s house they now finally have a chance to ‘talk,’ During the ride home he tells her how he helped an elderly lady who had fallen. After Amanda falls silent, he notices her holding on to her necklace, a cross she received from NU, lost in thought. It’s not the first time she’s held on to the same necklace with the same expression.

KYLE: Amanda?

AMANDA [glances at him]: Mmm?

KYLE: I don’t remember what happened last night, after we went to bed. I think I was sleepwalking.

AMANDA [sighs]: I wondered, especially the way you looked so lost and confused. [He nods]. So, that explains it.

KYLE: Explains what?

AMANDA: Funny how only at a subconscious level your true feelings come out.

KYLE: What did I do?

AMANDA: How jealous of Charlie and me are you? [He stares at her dumbfounded]. You mentioned you didn’t like how I was willing to do ‘it’ with him and now that we’re married, why the wait.

KYLE [eyes widen as he takes in what he revealed to her]: Oh. Ah… I had no idea. Just know I do understand you want it to be right—

AMANDA: Kyle, I know you understand. But deep down, it’s obviously not what you feel.

KYLE [glances away, swallowing]: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.

AMANDA [reaches over to cup his cheek]: I know. Would it help that I’m beginning to have doubts myself?

KYLE [gazes at her]: About?

AMANDA [sighs heavily and is about to remove her hand when he puts his hand over hers]: I talked to Father Johnson. When I mentioned I had some doubts how the Catholic Church viewed things compared to the protestant church, do you know what he said?

KYLE [frowns]: What?

AMANDA: How I should have gone to a catholic university instead of NU, then I wouldn’t be having doubts, I’d be growing stronger in my catholic faith rather than weaker.

KYLE: I’m not sure I like his advice.

AMANDA: I sure didn’t. I was tempted to say, brainwashed. I’m so confused. There are a lot of differences between each religion, their doctrine and beliefs. Far more than I thought there’d be.

KYLE [thinks for a moment]: Isn’t the main belief in God?


KYLE: So, if it were the manner in which they worship, it would be a matter of deciding which methodology you’d prefer.

AMANDA: I guess. If only it were that simple. [He caresses her hand]. Which would you prefer? [He’s about to answer when she cuts in]. The one that acknowledges our marriage?

KYLE [grins ruefully]: For starters?

AMANDA: So, what do we do? End our marriage course? You’re supposed to start studying to be accepted in the Catholic Church.

KYLE: I’d like to finish the marriage course. And I really won’t mind studying for acceptance.

AMANDA: But you don’t agree.

KYLE: I’d do it for you.

AMANDA: No, I can’t let you do that. I don’t want you to become catholic just for me.

KYLE: It’s my choice.

AMANDA [tugs her hand away and glances out the front window]: And what if I don’t want to be a catholic anymore?

He blinks at her, surprised by her confession. Now he’s not sure about going through with becoming a catholic, the reason for becoming one will be gone.

By the time they enter the Trager house Declan has arrived. Jessi is right there at the door when they enter.

JESSI: Finally. What took so long?

KYLE [stares at her and sighs, she listened in on them again but this time is pretending she hadn’t]: We were talking.

JESSI: Well, come on, let’s get ready.

She heads to her room. He glances behind him at Amanda who raises her eyebrow at him.

AMANDA: Someone’s in a hurry to try your experiment.

Just then Nate joins them, having come from the living room.

NATE: I can’t wait to see your disappearing act, either.

DECLAN [looks at him in surprise]: What are you doing here?

NATE [grins]: Jessi invited me.

JESSI [calls from down the hallway]: Kyle! Hurry!

Kyle heads to his room to change into his outfit but as he passes by the kitchen he sees Steven and Nicole.


Before either can greet him, Jessi grabs him by the arm and drags him away.

KYLE: What’s the hurry?

He feels her impatience to get out and do something. Soon, they come out to the living room in their ninja outfits. Nate looks on. It’s the first time he’s seen them dressed this way and he has to admit they look intimidating.

NATE: Cool, real badass.

Steven frowns at him.

JESSI [from behind her mask]: Wait until you see us turn invisible.

She, along with Kyle, presses a button and in seconds they disappear from sight.

NATE: Whoa. [He blinks, trying to focus on seeing them, a blur-like image, anything, but sees nothing]. Where are you?

JESSI’s [voice whispers right next to him causing him to jump]: Right behind you.

Steven and Nicole look around as well. But they see nothing.

DECLAN [turns his head and whole body around in attempt to see them]: That’s too freaky.

AMANDA [raises a hand to her lips]: Not fair.

Nicole glances over at her and raises an eyebrow, smiling.

NICOLE: Okay, what’s the plan now?

She suddenly feels a tap on her arm then hears Kyle speak as if he were standing right beside her.

KYLE’s voice: We go outside for a test run.

STEVEN: But how are you able to see?

KYLE’s voice: Like a bat, with sonar. It produces images. [His voice starts to fade as he walks closer to the door]. We’ll be careful. [He tries to reassure them].

They all hear the front door open then close.

NICOLE: Kyle? Jessi?

No answer. They did leave.

Once outside, Jessi and Kyle start running down the street but soon find it’s becoming crowded with small children and parents going halloweening. It’s the first time they see the ritual and pause to hear the children walk up to a neighbor’s door and yell, “Trick or treat!” A neighbor answers and puts candy in their bags before the children run back to their parents and head to the next house. Any house with lights turned off, the children and parents bypass, as if it were a signal that the house isn’t celebrating the ritual.

JESSI [telepaths]: Another tradition we missed out on. I don’t see the purpose in it other than to get free candy, candy that would harm the teeth.

KYLE [telepaths back]: Maybe it’s the dressing up that makes it fun, like we did last night.

JESSI [telepaths]: Yeah, just like we are now, invisible people. Let’s see what else is happening this night.

She takes off and the only way he can track her is by their telepathic connection. Because she’s invisible, the sensor can’t pick her up. Likewise, her sensors can’t pick up on him unless she too hones into their mental link.

Other than a few partygoers, and various bars and restaurants open, it’s a quiet night in the sense that there are no crimes. They reach a tall building’s roof and sit down on the edge looking over the skyline.

JESSI: Hard to see with only sensors.

KYLE [lowers his eyepiece]: Not now it isn’t.

She lowers her eyepiece and sees only his eyes showing. She laughs.

JESSI: Your eyes look like they’re hovering in midair.

KYLE [smiles behind his mask which makes his eyes crinkle and look as if he’s smiling back]: Yours, too.

They look over the city. The night is bright and clear.

JESSI: At least we can run without the fear of being seen now.

KYLE: True. And as long as we remember to keep our eyepieces on.

JESSI: Yeah, that would be spooky, having eyes bobbing in midair. [A few minutes pass]. So, what do you want to do now?

KYLE: Well, the test worked. How about go home?

JESSI: Boring. I want to do something. Like you did, healing that lady.

KYLE: That was unexpected.

JESSI: Well, why can’t the unexpected happen now?

Just as she said those words they hear the sound of sirens in the distance.

KYLE [turns to her, eyes looking as if they are frowning now]: Did you do that on purpose?

JESSI: Haha. Come on.

She pulls down her eyepiece so that she’s totally invisible again, as does Kyle, before they both head in the direction where they heard the sirens.

They soon find it’s a home fire. Someone lit one too many candles and it caught fire. No one is hurt, thankfully, and the firemen soon have the fire under control.

Jessi huffs in frustration.

JESSI [telepaths]: No one to save.

KYLE [telepaths]: Something tells me you would prefer holding the hose to put out the fire or swinging a person over your shoulder rather than doing what the paramedics are doing, putting a gauze on a burn.

JESSI [telepaths]: Yeah, well something tells me you’d rather be the paramedic.

KYLE [telepaths]: You read my mind.

JESSI [telepaths]: I am reading your mind—oh, hardy har har.

Kyle grins a mental grin at her.

JESSI [telepaths]: Let’s go home.

They head home but enter the back as soon as they see a neighbor at the front door talking to Steven. They don’t turn off their invisibility cloak until the neighbor leaves and Steven heads back to the living room. Nate is flipping through a magazine. Nicole is sitting at the desk at the computer, while Declan and Amanda are watching the news. Only updates of the day are showing.

JESSI’s voice: We’re home.

They all jump, Nate’s magazine goes flying through the air as he suddenly jumps up in a protective stance, making everyone stare at him in surprise rather than at Jessi and Kyle who now appear on the side of the room.

NATE [mumbles]: Reflex.

DECLAN: Some reflexes.

NATE [nods to Jessi]: How’d it go?

JESSI: Not much was happening, just Halloween parties.

KYLE: It was a good test run.

STEVEN: Well, I’m glad you didn’t appear when the neighbor came by.

KYLE: We saw him so we skirted around back and waited.

STEVEN: Ah. Good.

KYLE: Everything all right? With the neighbor, I mean?

STEVEN: Yeah, they’re going away for a couple of weeks over Thanksgiving and just wanted Nicole or I to check their place and bring in the mail.

Jessi walks over to Nate as he sits back down.

JESSI [leans over to whisper]: What do you mean habit?

Just then, Nate’s cell rings. He takes it out, looks at who’s calling then glances at everyone, holding up a finger for silence to his lips.

NATE [answers]: Yeah?

WOMAN’s voice: Nate Harrison?

NATE: Yeah, that’s me.

WOMAN’s voice: This is Grace Kingsley. You’ve received my texts?

NATE: Mrs. Kingsley. What can I do for you?

Hearing her name makes everyone really sit up and take notice on his side of the conversation. Kyle starts listening in at that point, but Jessi, being right beside him, hears first.

GRACE’s voice: I wasn’t pleased with the report I got from you.

NATE: Sorry to hear that.

GRACE’s voice: Don’t take that tone with me. It read exactly like the police report.

NATE [sighs]: Exactly, how?

GRACE’s voice (sounding irritated): Short and detailed but told me nothing I didn’t already know. So, what was Kyle’s reaction when he found out I’m his mother?

NATE [sarcastic]: Overjoyed. He can hardly wait to meet you.

GRACE [mumbles a few expletives under her breath]: I don’t know how my son dealt with you, but-

NATE [voice turns hard like a warning]: Dealt?

GRACE’s voice (hisses): You are a pain in the a-[she breaks off and takes a deep breath]. I could have you fired.

NATE [laughs without humor]: No, you couldn’t.

GRACE’s voice [heaves with irritation a big sigh]: I’m catching a flight to Seattle the day before Thanksgiving. [She pauses].

NATE: Oh, yeah?

He stares at Kyle with a grin, he can annoy anyone and takes a lot of enjoyment out of it, Kyle notes.

NATE: Kyle will be thrilled to hear that.

Kyle grimaces.

GRACE’s voice [tone grows sharp]: Find those missing Latnok members who evaded being arrested. I want to arrange a meeting with them.

NATE: Why? You planning to regain control?

GRACE’s voice [turns cold]: That’s none of your concern.

NATE [throws a casual arm on the back of the couch behind Jessi which makes her slide closer to him]: Oh, I think it is. I like how Latnok’s being run now. [He winks down at Jessi]. I gotta say I hated those stuffed shirts. Too narrow-minded.

GRACE’s voice: Find them!

NATE: What’s in it for me? [He glances over at Steven and Nicole as they look on with worry].

GRACE’s voice: A large sum of money.

NATE: Well, it will take a few bribes to uncover their whereabouts. It’s not coming out of my pocket.

GRACE’s voice: Just do it.

NATE: Yes, ma’am.

He clicks off.

DECLAN: Are you really going to help that woman?

NATE: Why not?

KYLE [gazes at him]: Keep your enemies close.

NATE [glances at him and narrows his eyes]: You mind-reading me?

KYLE: No, just picking up on your feelings.

NATE: Yeah, well, [he checks his watch], I should go, it’s late.

He stands back up and heads to the door. Jessi watches him go with a frown of confusion and when Nicole nods for her to follow him, she does.

Once out on the front step does he then answers her question about his reflexes being a habit.

NATE: You know I lived on the street once before my Uncle took me in?

JESSI: You mentioned it once. Briefly.

NATE: Yeah, well, that’s where I learnt a few defensive moves.

JESSI: Was it hard? Living on the street?

NATE: Yeah, it was. The worst. There’s nothing like a good bed and safe place to rest your head. I can never repay what my uncle did for me.

JESSI: What was it like?

NATE: Terrifying. You never knew if someone would come along and mug you. Joining a gang took away some of that fear but being with a gang meant you had rival gangs that were likely to shoot you if they got the chance. [He shrugs]. Not fun.

JESSI: How long were you with the gang?

NATE: Fortunately, not long, that was when my uncle arrived on the scene. So, before I could be initiated into the group, I got out. Once you’re in, you’re in for life.

JESSI: You couldn’t just tell the gang members you didn’t want to be with them?

NATE: Sure. [He makes a cutting motion across his throat with his hand]. If you wanted to leave in a body bag.

JESSI: But don’t they become your family?

NATE: A psychotic family.

JESSI [thinks back]: They sound like what Zzyzx, Madacorp, and Latnok wanted to do with Kyle and me, terminate us.

NATE: Not the Latnok that exists now.

JESSI: No, I like the students I work with.

NATE: You’re kidding? Even Thing1 and Thing2? [He refers to Dave and Russell].

JESSI: I got used to them.

He reaches out with his hand to stroke her cheek.

NATE: You are the most beautiful girl I ever met. [He kisses her]. Goodnight, gorgeous.

She watches as he drives off, waving to him. He thrilled her in ways Declan never did, much less Kyle. Declan she once viewed more as a romantic figure, yes, from watching to many of the old movies had colored her view. Then Kyle, her view was colored by the fact that they were the same and how he cared for her and saved her life. But trying to differentiate between what Madacorp made her feel for Kyle and what she naturally felt took a while to kick in. Some of Nate’s experiences mirrored and reminded her of her own bad experiences. She could relate to how he viewed the world.

Back inside as the family starts preparing for bed, they discuss why Grace would want to gather those former members together.

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