Season 4

S04 E16 Marriage Over or On?

Kyle XY S04 E16

Marriage Course Over but Marriage On?

Andy is looking out the window of her front living room, waiting eagerly for her and Josh’s first date alone together. As she waits, she can’t help thinking back to when Maggie told her she was pregnant and the events that followed.

Flashback before the Halloween party:

Andy comes out of the bathroom stall at Beachwood High and washes her hands. As she washes them she starts to hear sounds of sobbing from another stall then hiccupping as if the crier was trying to stifle her sobs.

Andy grabs a paper towel to dry her hands then walks over to the stall door.

ANDY: Hey, you okay in there?

The stall doors open and Andy sees it’s Maggie.

MAGGIE [sobs]: I’m pregnant!

ANDY: Oh, wow. That’s, uh—

MAGGIE: Horrible. [She sniffs, then eyes Andy balefully]. But you’re not. How’d you get so lucky?

ANDY [holds back a sharp retort]: You’re right. I did get lucky I wasn’t knocked up. But I do remember the scare it gave me.

MAGGIE: Yeah, well try being really pregnant. It’s a lot more scarier.

ANDY [nods]: I imagine it would be.

MAGGIE [wails]: What am I gonna do?

ANDY: I can give you the name of this women’s center that helps pregnant teens.

MAGGIE: Is that where you went?

ANDY: Yeah.

MAGGIE: Do they do abortions?

ANDY [looks appalled]: Abortion? No! They help you through the ‘process,’ raising your baby on your own.

MAGGIE [looks puzzled]: You mean you wanted to keep yours? I mean, if you had actually been pregnant?

ANDY: Of course I would have. It was Josh and mine’s baby. I love him.

MAGGIE: And he would have married you? Supported you? All that bit?

ANDY: Yeah, he would have.

MAGGIE: Then you’re fortunate than me. Bobby won’t talk to me.

Cut to Josh and Bobby out in the front of the high school, several feet away from the front doors, sitting on a bench.

JOSH: What do you mean you haven’t talked to her?

BOBBY: I didn’t know what to do. I freaked! What do I do? I don’t want a kid! I’m too young, man.

JOSH [flashback to how he felt when he feared Andy might have been pregnant]: Do you love her?

BOBBY: What? I don’t know. What does that have to do with having a kid?

JOSH: Ah, one, whether or not you love her, you’re now responsible for her and the kid.

BOBBY: So is she!

JOSH: Okay, you’re both responsible.

BOBBY: I’m not marrying her.

JOSH: Probably best not too.

BOBBY [gaps at him]: You’re actually saying no to marriage? Weren’t you all willing to marry Andy?

JOSH: Well, yeah. I love her. But you, not if you don’t love Maggie enough.

BOBBY: So, what really am I responsible for beside hospital bills?

JOSH: Ah, I’m thinking of the emotional cost. If she decides to keep it, you’ll have to help raise it.

BOBBY: I’m to young to raise a kid, and with what? I don’t earn enough.

JOSH: Have you told you’re parents?

BOBBY: You kiddin’? No way! They’d freak.

JOSH: Yeah, they will. But you gotta tell them. If you own up to it, they may surprise you and help out.

BOBBY [scoffs]: You’re dreamin’. My parents aren’t like yours. They’d kick me out.

JOSH [looks shocked]: They would? Literally?

BOBBY [sighs, looking miserable]: I don’t know man. Maybe. They’d likely want me to use my own money to have her get an abortion.

JOSH: Whoa, that’s extreme. That’s like murder.

BOBBY [panicking]: I can’t raise a kid! I’m too young!

Bobby lifts a cigarette to his lips and takes a puff. Josh stares in amazement.

JOSH: When did you start smoking?

BOBBY [coughs and hacks after one puff]: The day she told me.

JOSH [waves a hand in front of his face to clear away the smoke blowing his way as he too feels the urge to cough]: Ah, Bobby, you’re in big trouble.

BOBBY: Don’t I know it. [He takes another puff and starts hacking again].

Cut back to Andy. She gives a start of surprise as she sees Josh waving to her as he comes up the sidewalk, seeing her through the living room window. She’d been so lost in thought she didn’t notice him pull up. She gives him a great big smile and runs to the door, shouting over her shoulder.

ANDY: Bye, moms! Josh is here. [She opens the front door].

MOM #1 [voice coming from the back of the house]: Come home early!

ANDY: I will. [She walks out and shuts the door]. Hey, Josh.

She gives him a quick peck on the cheek.

JOSH: Hey.

But then there’s no time to say more as Andy grabs him by the hand and hurries toward his car, forcing him to hurry along with her.

JOSH [with a cherry tone]: Exactly how I feel. Let’s get this date started.

Opening credits.

Scene opens with Nate walking into a run down house. As soon as he enters, several hard-faced looking guys glare at him. One guy blocks his way.

NATE [stares him down]: I’m lookin’ for Grid.

GUY: What for?

NATE: That’s my business. And his.

Neither budge nor backs down. A voice in the back is heard.

VOICE IN BACK: Mash, let him through. [A tall guy with glasses on walks into the room. It’s the guy Nate is here to see].

MASH [who blocks Nate’s way, moves aside]: Who is this dude, Grid?

GRID [pushes his glasses back further up his nose, in his other hand he holds a book]: An old friend.

Nate walks past Mash and over to Grid. They shake hands.

GRID: Long time no see.

NATE: I’ve been busy.

GRID [his voice grows cold and hard and the grip he has on Nate’s hand tightens]: Too busy to drop by?

NATE [tightens his grip as well and a silent battle ensues as neither budges despite the increasing pain]: As a matter of fact, yeah, I have been.

Each grimace.

GRID: Give it up, Nate.

NATE: I may have quit the gang but I never back down.

Their eyes narrow at each other in challenge, then each pair of eyes wince as the pain increases but then they suddenly grin and release their hands. Grid nods his head to the back room.

GRID: Come inside.

When Nate enters he sees the room is full of books along each wall while the middle of the room is set up like a lab.

NATE: You’ve added a few things.

GRID: Yeah, well, not everyone can afford to go to a fancy expensive college.

NATE: You blame me for getting lucky in earning myself a scholarship?

GRID: Blame is too mild a word, [he sits down at a desk littered with computer equipment and radar], try envy.

NATE [gazes appreciatively at his electronics]: From what I see, you’ve nothing to be envious about.

GRID: Hey, I worked hard to ‘acquire’ all this, [he waves a hand over his screen, but by the tone of his voice he meant he planned and schemed to find a way to steal it all].

NATE: I’m sure you did. I have a favor to ask.

GRID: Do you now? Funny how we come back to our roots.

NATE: Yeah, funny.

GRID: What’s the favor?

NATE: I need some information.

GRID: Let me guess, too sensitive that you can’t acquire or access on your own?

NATE: Exactly.

GRID: That’s going to cost you.

NATE [reaches beneath his jacket and pulls out an envelope stuffed full of cash]: Not a problem.

GRID [grins, eyeing the money with greed]: Ah, now we talk price.

Nate grins back. Several days later Nate gets a call from Grid.

GRID’s [voice on phone]: I got the information you wanted.

After he acquires the information he needs, he texts Grace Kingsley.

TEXT MSG: I found your five Latnok buddies. They agree to meet with you, just name the date and time.

Cut to Hillary and Lori up in their dorm room. Lori is getting ready to go out.

HILLARY [watches]: No study night?

LORI: I’m taking a break. Seeing Mark only twice each week isn’t enough.

HILLARY: I hear ya’. But as much as I envy you having someone, I’ve decided to devote myself to me.

LORI [pauses in brushing her hair to stare incredulously at her]: You have?

HILLARY: I’m a career gal. Complete, 100% attention to my studies.

LORI: When did this happen?

HILLARY: Fairly recently.

LORI: You’re date last week bombed, didn’t it?

HILLARY: I swear, I thought he was on the level. Second year student, well settled into his studies, too. Ready to form more of a bond, you know?

LORI: So, you may have to date a few more frogs.

HILLARY: Why? What law of averages says you can’t skip all that crap and walk into a room and poof, there he is, your dream guy?

LORI: I didn’t write the law, Hills.

HILLARY: Well, the law was meant to be broken.

LORI: I think that’s rules.

HILLARY: Work with me here, Lori.

LORI: Can’t. [She glances at her watch, throws her brush back on the dresser and grabs her purse]. Gotta dash. Mark is likely waiting for me.

Hillary heaves a big sigh, with a despondent look on her face.

LORI: Look on the bright side, doesn’t the law of averages say that when you stop looking is the day you find the person you’ve been searching for?

HILLARY [perks up]: You’re right.

Lori grabs her coat.

HILLARY: Wait, [Lori pauses by the door]. How ‘giving up’ mode do I have to be in?

LORI: Way more than you are in now.

HILLARY: Terrific. That’s what I feared.

LORI: Love you, see you later.

HILLARY: Later, [then calls out as Lori dashes out the door], love you, too!

She heaves a despondent sigh again.

Cut to Lori at Mark’s place and though she has a textbook and laptop set on his coffee table beside his, neither were into studying as they lay on the couch, kissing.

In the background loud music comes on. Lori pauses.

LORI: Loud neighbors.

MARK: Yeah, they’re not too bad except on the weekends. [His hand slips under her shirt to caress her back]. Does the noise bother you?

LORI: On the contrary, they can play as loud as they like. [She goes back to kissing him].

MARK [this time he pauses]: Ah ha, is this new enthusiasm a prelude to something, ah more?

LORI [gives him a small ‘we’ll see’ smile]: Maybe.

He smiles and they resume for while but in between kisses she asks him something unrelated to anything amorous.

LORI: So, how’s the new job?

MARK [stops in surprise]: Job? [He frowns]. Oh, that. Ah, it didn’t turn out. Their incentives were just a ruse to get me hooked.

LORI [frowns in concern]: Really? That sucks.

MARK: Yeah, well. I got a better offer.

LORI: Where?

MARK: From Jessi.

LORI [raises an eyebrow]: Jessi?

MARK: She plans on a few of us to form a new board of shareholders in Latnok. It’s a really good offer, we’ll have more control of what goes on, and each one will be accountable. We won’t be vulnerable to any takeovers.

LORI: Sounds impressive. When did this happen?

MARK: Last Saturday.

LORI: So, how much shares are you going in for?

MARK: Not as much as I’d like. Since I just bought this place, I don’t have enough to put in as much as Jackie or Nate.

LORI [sits back a bit]: Nate’s going to be on this board?

MARK: And Tim and hopefully Kyle.

LORI: Kyle? Good luck with that.

MARK: He seemed keen.

LORI: He did? [This surprised her since he never wanted anything to do much with Latnok but then, ever since he started working there it has changed a lot since Cassidy, so it must not be as bad anymore]. Huh. Keen but not committed?

MARK: He has to discuss it with Amanda. Apparently they won some money in Vegas?

LORI: Oh, yeah. He did.

MARK: How’d that happen?

LORI: He got distracted when playing one of the machines.

MARK: Distracted?

Lori kisses him.

MARK: Are you trying to distract me now?

LORI: No, silly, I’m trying to demonstrate how he’d been distracted.

MARK: With a kiss? [She touches her nose with a tip of her finger and points her other hand in a thumb’s up gesture]. Ah, Amanda kissed him.

LORI: Yeah, and he put his coin in the wrong slot, which ended up being the winning one.

MARK: Would it be too nosey to ask how much he won?

LORI: Ten mill.

MARK: Wow, that’s quite a lot.

LORI: Yeah, but he wants to build some Natural Health Center or spa or something.

MARK: Ah, well, that’s definitely something to talk over with your wife about, investing in something different.

LORI: Yeah, it would be.

She smiles and goes back to kissing which he heartily participates.

Cut to Josh taking Andy home after their Friday night date.

JOSH: So, when is Maggie due?

ANDY: May.

JOSH: One month before graduating, bummer.

ANDY: I think she’ll up her assignments so she can finish early. Man, I’m so thankful I’m not in her position.

JOSH: Yeah, me either.

ANDY: We are so not ready for parenthood.

JOSH: Ah, don’t you mean them?

ANDY: Us, too.

JOSH: Well, thankfully we dodged that bullet.

ANDY: We sure did. And we got our parents to trust us alone on a date again.

JOSH: Right. [He frowns as she sighs, glancing out the window towards her house]. So, what’s wrong?


JOSH: Us? What’s wrong with us? I thought we were good.

ANDY: I love being with you, Josh. I don’t want to move.

JOSH [swallows hard]: I don’t want you to move, either.

ANDY: And as much as I want you, I don’t want you.

JOSH: What does that mean?

ANDY: Do you want to become a dad?

JOSH: No! Not in a long long while.

ANDY: Exactly.

JOSH: But, we can be…creative.

ANDY: Even that’s a risk.

JOSH: How? Nothing will be…connected.

ANDY: Accidents happen.

JOSH [says nothing for a moment as he studies her, trying to decipher her mood]: You’re scared.

ANDY: Aren’t you?

JOSH: Yes, which is even more reason I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize either of our futures.

ANDY: I’m sorry, Josh. I can’t.

She jumps out of the car.

JOSH: Andy, wait!

But she dashes inside her house with a final glance back at him, her expression torn.

JOSH [heaves a sigh and heads home mumbling]: I need an expert, and it’s not my parents.

It’s ten o’clock when Josh comes home and lightly knocks on Kyle’s open door. Both Amanda and Kyle are lying propped up in his bed reading textbooks. They both glance up.

JOSH: Ah, hi. Sorry to bother you.

AMANDA [smiles]: You’re not a bother.

JOSH: Good. I’m glad you feel that way ’cause I need to talk to Kyle for a sec. Alone?

AMANDA: Oh. Sure. [She sets her textbook aside and climbs out of bed]. I’ll just be in the kitchen.

JOSH: Thanks, [as she walks past him and he ducks further inside the room, shutting the door].

KYLE [sits up and places his forearms over raised knees]: Everything all right with you and Andy?

JOSH [gives a crocked grin]: You’ve hit the nail on the head. Sort of.

KYLE: Sort of?

JOSH [perches on Kyle’s desk chair]: Yeah. [He looks everywhere in the room except at Kyle. It looks like the usual study clutter when Amanda stays over except he does see she’s added a few ‘feminine’ touches like a vase and flowers on a side desk, hairbrush and perfume bottles on the dresser and a much larger mirror than the small one Kyle used to have].

KYLE: Josh?

JOSH: Quite homey.

KYLE [follows his gaze]: It is.

JOSH [also sees the tub alongside a side wall]: You don’t even use your tub anymore, do you?

KYLE: The bed I made gives us more room.

JOSH: Ah, yes. To do what? [Thinking of sharing a bed with Andy].

Kyle gives him a non-speaking look.

JOSH [quickly waves his hand]: Never mind. Scratch that. [He sighs heavily]. My friend Bobby’s in trouble.

KYLE: What kind of trouble?

JOSH: Him and Maggie, they’re pregnant.

KYLE: That must be rough and scary.

JOSH: Yeah, very. Which is kind of why me and Andy…ah…as much as we’d like to, you know, do it again, we’re, well, she’s hesitating, you know, because of the risk. She also doesn’t want to take birth control pills, mostly because of the side effects, and because she doesn’t want her moms to find out she’s taking them. [He takes a deep breath].

KYLE [frowns]: So, the problem is?

JOSH: How can we do it without doing it? Like you and Amanda, or not exactly like you and Amanda since I don’t know exactly what you’re doing or not doing, [he hurries on], not even wanting to know what you’re doing, or not doing. You know? [He wipes some sweat off his forehead].

During this verbal spew age, Kyle is biting his lip, thinking.

KYLE: I think I can help.

JOSH [gaps at him in surprise]: You can?

KYLE [smiles and gets up, waving him aside as he logs on to his computer]: For starters, why not try connecting with Andy on a more emotional level rather than a physical one?

JOSH: Ah, I’d say we connect, emotionally.

KYLE: I mean on a deeper level. Emotional intimacy. [He brings up a couple of pdf files]. There are a few books on it. I can email them to you to read up in your room.

JOSH: Ah, I was thinking more on the physical side.

KYLE: Oh. [He pauses, then logs into his U-dub library account]. You have to be 18 to read some of these books. [He checks a few out and they start downloading].

JOSH: Ah, I already know ‘how’ to do it.

KYLE: I thought you want to do it without doing it.

JOSH: What kind of books are they?

KYLE: Physical intimacy on another level, other than just straight intercourse.

JOSH: Wow. You actual said that word.

KYLE [a smile quirks up each side of his mouth and mimics Josh’s tone of voice]: If you’re doin’ it you otta be able to say it.

JOSH: Ha, very funny, smart one.

KYLE: I’ll send you another book on a thousand ways to be romantic. [He waves a hand at his computer and gets out of his chair]. I’ll leave you to browse for the next half hour.

JOSH: Huh, [he starts reading, eyes widening with interest], thanks.

Kyle just gives a slight smile and gives him privacy. Later, when Kyle comes back in, Josh quickly clicks off a page.

JOSH: So, interesting stuff. Do you and Amanda—[he stops himself]. None of my business.

KYLE: There is one thing we do.

JOSH: Ah, really, you don’t have to share. [But then he realizes Kyle usually doesn’t share]. But, go ahead.

KYLE: Well, each time it’s her turn to use the van I leave her a note and either a chocolate or a flower or something else she likes. She leaves a note and something for me when I use the van next.

JOSH [makes a face]: You mean, love notes?

KYLE [grins]: Yeah, you’re not going to puke are you?

Just then Josh’s expression changes to one of contemplation.

JOSH: You know, it may sound corny but Andy loves Start Trek just as much as I do. I could plan a themed date night for her.

A soft knock makes Josh glance behind Kyle.

AMANDA: Hey. All clear?

JOSH: Yeah, thanks. [He nods to Kyle]. Thanks, bro.

KYLE: You’re welcome. [He shuts off his computer screen and he and Josh share a look of understanding].

Just as Josh leaves and Kyle turns the screen back on when Amanda’s back is turned as she crawls back into bed and closes all the files Josh was browsing through before he clicks to shut down his computer. But as he hovers the cursor over the shut down button he has a strange sensation of missing something and hesitates. He frowns, unable to pinpoint what it was he missed and finishes powering off.

As Kyle and Amanda settle in bed for the night lying face to face, he starts tracing the features of her face, stroking softly.

KYLE: I love you.

AMANDA [starts stroking his face]: I love you, too.

They smile and resume their soft strokes, physically and emotionally connecting on a different level like what some of the books he showed Josh were mentioning.

Upstairs Josh is planning the next ‘romantic’ date with Andy.

Cut to Brian Taylor sitting at an office desk when his phone rings.

BRIAN: Hello? Taylor here. [He pauses to listen]. Well, well. Grace Kingsley. What do I owe the pleasure of your call?

GRACE’s voice: Owe is right. What are you willing to do to be a Latnok again?

BRIAN [chuckles]: Considering my daughter is head of Latnok, I’m not worried being Latnok again.

GRACE’s voice: Not yet you are. But I could reinstate you, even put you on the board.

BRIAN: That’s a little difficult thing to do if you’re in England, a wanted suspect of embezzlement.

GRACE’s voice [laced with anger]: I embezzled nothing! I’ve been cleaning up the mess my son left behind.

BRIAN: Ah, your son. He was good enough to run Latnok, for the short time he had a top position, that was. And look how that turned out. Badly. And yet my daughter, the one whom you said was a mistake, is now running the show. And doing a damn good job of it.

GRACE’s voice [ice cold]: For now. Well, what of my offer?

BRIAN: I think I’ll wait for a better offer, one from my daughter.

GRACE’s voice [scoffing]: After the way you screwed up? I doubt she’d be generous. She’s as flaky as her mother.

BRIAN [jaw clenched]: Leave Sarah out of this. You’re as bad as your murderous scum of a son.

GRACE’s voice: He may have been a fool taking her life but his devotion and loyalty to do as instructed was admirable.

BRIAN [leans forward, a nasty feeling of suspicion entering his voice]: Are you telling me you ordered him to kill Sarah?

GRACE’s voice: Don’t be an idiot. I gave no such order.

BRIAN: Of course you didn’t, you just ordered him to do whatever it took to get Kyle on board. You’re the fool Grace.

GRACE’s voice: Cross me, Brian, and you’ll live to regret it.

BRIAN [chuckles]: You act as if you’re still in charge.

GRACE’s voice: Oh, I will be. Very soon, and you will owe me.

BRIAN: I don’t owe you anything.

He hangs up on her and he is reminded of the words he once said to Jessi.


BRIAN: You owe me.

JESSI: I owe you? Is that the price of being your daughter?

BRIAN [afraid of losing her]: You bet it is.

But when he saw the hurt expression on her face and the Tragers gathering around her in full protection mode, he knew he had lost her. All his sacrifice, his hard work, gone in that instant. He was not going back to that black moment. He was gaining her trust back, he was not about to lose it again, no matter what incentives Grace offered.

Cut to Jessi working in her office at Latnok. Her door is open for those who wish to enter and talk to her. She is filling in a bunch of boring forms that the university needed and would have welcomed any distraction.

She cocks her head to tune in to what is happening at everyone’s work station. Being a Saturday and with Kyle here, the students come over to talk to him. Two in particular.

Cut to the front where Russell is talking to Kyle, extolling his new found application of placing a skin-like overlay on his robot, one that has self-healing properties like real skin. Dave is beside him in full brooding mode.

RUSSELL: It works, it really works! My robot will be so life-like you won’t be able to tell it from a real human.

DAVE: What happened to your pressure-sensitive skin?

RUSSELL: It’s going to be both.

DAVE: There goes the human race. We’ll be the endangered species.

KYLE: I’m glad it’s working for you. Have you decided on what the practical applications for your robot will be?

DAVE [expression glum]: Of course he hasn’t. He completely ignored your last suggestion.

RUSSELL [snaps at his friend]: I’m working on it.

DAVE: Sure you are, sure you are. You just want your Frankenstein to be up and running.

RUSSELL [glares at him but when he turns back to Kyle he sees the concern]: I’ll think of what my robot will do. You really prefer natural to artificial, don’t you?

KYLE: I just want to understand the purpose and reason why you’re making a robot so human-like. Machines have their uses but they can never replace human life.

RUSSELL: They won’t. [But the skeptical look on Dave’s face and the growing concern on Kyle’s face eggs him on]. They won’t!

DAVE [retorts]: Then why make it?

RUSSELL [snaps back]: To create life!

DAVE: Ah, ha! [He shivers in revulsion]. I knew it. Dr. Frankenstein.

KYLE [gazes at Russell]: But isn’t that why people marry and have children? That’s creating a life.

RUSSELL: That’s different. That’s pro-creation. I want to actually create that life spark.

KYLE [studies him]: That sounds like playing God.

RUSSELL: There’s no such thing. [He blinks at Kyle]. You mean, you believe in God?

KYLE: Yeah, I like to think there is a higher being. To me, he’s the greatest scientist of all.

RUSSELL: Huh, well, each to his own.

KYLE: There’s more to your robot than hoping it will spark new life.

RUSSELL [looks surprised and pleased Kyle is catching on]: Yeah. We need to evolve.

DAVE: Evolve into what? Machines?

RUSSELL: Why not?

Dave laughs uproarishly which makes Russell more hurt and angry, so Russell turns to Kyle for support.

RUSSELL: Don’t you agree, we need to evolve?

KYLE: Well, though we can grow and gradually adapt to our environment, we do have our limitations.

RUSSELL: Exactly. I want to overcome those limitations.

DAVE: You mean, [he stares at him aghast], download our consciousness into a robotic form?

RUSSELL: Yes. The ultimate achievement in human evolution.

DAVE: Sounds more like the ultimate horror show. Dehumanization here we come.

KYLE: I’m sorry, Russell. But I have to agree with Dave.

Dave beams.

RUSSELL [insists]: But we need to evolve.

KYLE: Why?

RUSSELL: If scientists are making super human freaks that can do anything like walk through walls, then we need to protect and defend ourselves.

DAVE: You’re referring to the dynamic duo? They haven’t shown themselves in weeks.

RUSSELL: Yeah, well, who knows how many superhumans have been made. There have been test subjects made on humans already to combine animal DNA with human DNA. They could be part chameleon or part cat, able to change their appearance or see in the dark.

Kyle gives a slight twitch of his hand which Russell doesn’t see. He knew he wasn’t part cat nor had any animal DNA but he certainly could see in the dark.

Is that the reason Russell wanted to create human-like robots? As a defense one day against him and Jessi? The fear of what they could do?

KYLE [narrative]: Kern and Ballantine wanted us, not perhaps not as super soldiers, but as super computers able to develop war and military defense strategies. Strategies they data-fed Jessi and I, data which I rejected.

He mentally hears Jessi cutting in.

JESSI [telepaths from her office]: I doubt very much robots could stop us. One electro-magnet burst and they’d be toast.

KYLE [telepaths]: Jessi, that’s not the point.

JESSI [telepaths with a hint of smugness]: You’re right; the point is that we are far superior than a robot, including everyone here.

Despite her smug-like superiority complex, which hid a deeper desire to impress others because she’d been made to feel less worthy than he was, he knew she had a point and can’t help smirking with her.

KYLE [telepaths back]: Exactly.

JESSI [sounds surprised yet pleased]: You agree? That’s a first. [Then sobers]. I wonder what he’d do if he even found out it’s us.

KYLE [mentally winces]: His fear is real and deep. He might turn us in.

JESSI [telepaths]: They all could.

Kyle glances all around the room and sees that most of the students are deep in their projects but a few had been listening in, including Jackie. She winks at him which causes him to smile back ruefully. The others who heard Russell talk of super humans, he feels their unease.

KYLE [telepaths]: Most of the students here will not react well if they knew the truth about us. [He glances back at Jackie]. Except maybe one. [He then veers off on a different subject]. I’m having second thoughts, Jessi.

JESSI [telepaths back with a hint of alarm, knowing what he meant]: You can’t back out. It was your idea.

KYLE [telepaths]: I know, but it’s so risky.

Cut to Jessi in her office as she closes her eyes and concentrates, focusing on what Kyle was really feeling. Just then Nate knocks on her door to get her attention.

JESSI: Not yet, [she says to him then telepaths to Kyle]. But you’ll do what we’ve been planning for Christmas anyway, despite your fears and the risk involved.

KYLE [telepaths back with a mental sigh]: Yes. I can’t not do it.

JESSI [smiles and telepaths]: I know. I have only one more alteration to make on our Christmas costumes. [Then she opens her eyes and gazes at Nate]. Sorry, I was talking to Kyle.

NATE: I gathered. [She raises an eyebrow]: You get a certain look on your face when you two communicate.

JESSI [frowns]: Oh. I’ll have to work on it not being so noticeable. But then, I knew it was you at the door.

NATE: And you were free to let your guard down?

JESSI: Something like that.

NATE: I’m flattered. But in a minute you’ll be back talking to Kyle again.


NATE: I heard from Grace.

When he finishes telling her, Jessi is unable to tell Kyle when another student comes in to hand in their report and wants to bounce ideas off her for their next project. It isn’t until Kyle and Jessi are on their way home. She watches him as he drives, shifting gears to accommodate the icy snowy roads, picking up on his feelings.

JESSI: You’re excited.

KYLE [throws a smile her way]: Amanda and I are going out for dinner tonight to celebrate. We finished our marriage course last night.

JESSI: Didn’t you already celebrate with the other couples afterward?

KYLE [sighs and shares a knowing look with her, she overheard him tell Nicole what they were doing and how late they’d be coming back home]: We did, but tonight it will be just us.

She senses him closing off his deeper feelings.

JESSI: You have something private planned. [She says it as a statement of fact which he doesn’t bother answering or affirming]. Whatever. I hate to spoil you’re good mood though.

KYLE [frowns as that got his attention]: What is it?

JESSI: Nate heard from Grace. She’s back in Seattle and has made contact with the other members that went into hiding.

KYLE: What does she plan on doing?

JESSI: He wasn’t invited to the meeting so he didn’t know. He gave me her cell number and email and text messages she sent him but so far she hasn’t messaged him back nor anyone else. She’s covering her tracks, but I’ve already tapped into the phone company. [He looks worried]. Don’t worry, I set up a secure code that only you could decipher.

He nods his thanks and once more he gets the feeling he’s missing something, something important.

Cut to Kyle and Amanda as they enter a fancy and expensive restaurant.

AMANDA: This is a really nice place, Kyle. [She smiles a very warm smile over her shoulder at him]. Very romantic.

KYLE [whispers in her ear]: That was the idea.

They share a look before they follow the waiter as he guides them to a table booth far in the back. She slides in and just as he’s about to slide in across from her, he sees Declan and Jackie a couple of booths down.

Declan catches his eye and despite a look of surprise gives him a slight nod of acknowledgement before redirecting his attention back on to Jackie. Kyle discreetly nods back and settles in, his whole attention on Amanda.

Cut to Josh and Andy at the Rack. Josh has his hands over Andy’s eyes as she faces the doorway of the back room.

A lot of lights like tiny stars, shiny silver surfaces, along with an old model of Star Trek’s Enterprise hangs from the ceiling. He uncovers her eyes and she stares in wonder. He quickly slips on a pair of Spock-like ears.

ANDY: Josh, I love it.

JOSH: Well, despite my feeling like a dork, I hoped you would.

ANDY [turns around to face him and grins as she sees the ears]: You look adorable.

JOSH [raises an eyebrow like Spock would]: Ears are to hear with, they aren’t supposed to be atheistically pleasing.

She giggles as he tries to sound logical about his ears.

ANDY: Where did you get those ears?

JOSH: My dad.

ANDY [incredulous]: Your dad?

JOSH: Yeah, shocker, huh? He’s a secret die-hard Star Trek fan. He has all the DVDs. [He touches the fake ears]. Along with a couple of souvenirs he collected.

He coughs, seeming nervous.

JOSH [voice turns serious]: I wanted to give you something really special.

ANDY [comes over and takes his hands]: You did.

JOSH [grins in relief]: Despite my feeling like a dork, I hoped you would.

She smiles and kisses his cheek.

Cut back to Kyle and Amanda at the restaurant, they are just starting on their dessert. Amanda picks up her fork, cuts through her black forest cake and takes a bite. When she shews through the rich sweet cherry she murmurs in approval.

AMANDA: Mmm, this is so good.

Kyle stares at her rapt expression of pleasure which sets his heart beating faster, especially when she licks her lips to catch a spot of icing. He swallows hard and glances down at his cake.

KYLE: Yes, it is. Good.

She frowns a bit as he keeps staring at his cake.

He’s trying to maintain control and when he feels her gaze on him he quickly takes his fork, cuts through and eats a slice.

KYLE [glances up at her and mumbles]: Good.

She smiles at him and keeps on eating. She pauses between bites.

AMANDA: Thank you, Kyle. The dinner, this dessert. It was wonderful.

KYLE: You’re welcome. [They smile]. I have one more surprise planned.

AMANDA [grows excited and curious]: Oh?

KYLE [reaches into his jacket inside pocket and pulls out an envelope]: An invitation. [His hands shakes a little as he hands it to her].

Amanda wonders at his sudden nervousness and is intrigued what the invitation can be. She takes it, opens the flap, pulls out a folded card with a picture he drew of them on the front.

AMANDA [murmurs]: Beautiful.

But then she starts reading and her eyes widen as she takes in the implication of what he wrote. This time she’s suddenly nervous and swallows hard, feeling her heart rate speed up and knowing he’s likely to detect it. No wonder he’s nervous. She sneaks a glance at him and sure enough he’s looking down at the cutlery he’s fiddling with, anywhere but directly at her.

AMANDA [takes a deep breath]: Uh, [but as his gaze meets hers, she’s suddenly tongue-tied]. Umm, you want, you want us…too…um… [she glances back down at the card, takes a brief glance around to make sure no one is looking their way then leans forward, whispering], shower together?

KYLE [whispers back]: Yes.

AMANDA [glances away feeling a blush stain her cheeks]: But we’d be…you know…without clothes on. Any clothes…on.

KYLE: Yeah. [He concentrates on her hands which are opening and closing the card]. I don’t want you to feel obligated in any way.

AMANDA: Obligated? How so?

KYLE: Because of what I said that night, about being jealous of you and Charlie almost together that way.

AMANDA [glances down]: Oh.

She stops her nervous gesture and gazes intently at the picture he drew of them together. It felt right. She glances back at him.

AMANDA: It won’t be an obligation. It won’t ever be that between us.

He smiles in relief.

AMANDA [takes a deep breath]: Okay. [She holds his gaze].

KYLE [looks surprised then very pleased and excited]: Really?

AMANDA [smiles shyly at him]: Really.

Kyle glances back down at the tablecloth, concentrating. Knowing he’s as flustered as she is, she reaches for her ice water to take a cooling sip. She spies the waiter and signals him to come over.

WAITER: What would you like, Miss?

AMANDA [feels like blurting out Kyle’s name]: Ice. For my water?

WAITER: Why don’t I bring you a fresh glass?

AMANDA: Great. [The waiter glances at Kyle but as Kyle continues to keep his gaze on the tablecloth she answers for him]. For us both, please.

The waiter smiles politely, nods and leaves them for a moment before returning to place two fresh glasses of ice water.

WAITER: Anything else?

AMANDA: No, thank you. [The waiter walks away].

Kyle picks up the fresh glass of water and drinks almost half of it in one gulp.

KYLE: You almost ready to go home?

Amanda first takes a couple of sips of her fresh water before nodding.

Just as he’s ready to call the waiter over again she stops him.

AMANDA: Wait. [He lowers his hand and she finds it hard to continue].

KYLE: You changed your mind?


She spoke a little too loudly and a few customers look their way. She reaches over and twists her water glass around and after a full minute has passed she finds those few customers have turned away, losing interest. She gives a mental sigh of relief and rather than glancing over at Kyle she keeps staring at her water glass, before leaning forward.

AMANDA: What…um, happens after?

KYLE [leans closes which brings her gaze flickering back on him]: You mean, like the next step?

AMANDA [her gaze is now locked on his]: Yeah.

Kyle reaches for the card she still grasped and she hands it over. He takes out a pen and writes inside it before handing it back.

She takes it and reads what he wrote and what he wrote makes her lose her breath completely and ends up coughing. She hurriedly takes another sip of water.

AMANDA: Oh, my. [She’s very breathless now].

KYLE: Later. When you feel ready.

AMANDA: Right. Ready.

She feels like picking up the glass of ice water to hold to her forehead but then thinks that won’t be enough to cool her off.

AMANDA: That’s quite the, [she swallows], next step.

This time he signals the waiter to bring their bill. Once the bill is paid, Amanda quickly stuffs her card into her purse and when Kyle stands up to help put her coat on he catches a movement further down. Apparently, Declan and Jackie are ready to leave as well. Jackie catches sight of them.

JACKIE: Hey, you two.

AMANDA [glances up, feeling Kyle’s hands on her shoulders through her coat as she’s just about to button it up]: Oh, hey. [Jackie walks on over]. I didn’t know you were here.

JACKIE: I didn’t either. [She glances back at Declan who just shrugs]. Quite the coincidence.

DECLAN: I told Kyle about this place a while back.

JACKIE: So, you knew he and Amanda were here?

DECLAN: I saw them as they came in.

JACKIE [turns back]: Well, how have you guys been?

AMANDA: We finished our marriage course last night, [she smiles over her shoulder at Kyle], and he brought me here to this great restaurant to celebrate.

JACKIE: Aw, how sweet. They do have the best food here. [Amanda nods]. So, did you pass?

AMANDA [chuckles]: With flying colors.

Jackie laughs with her and the guys just watch them and only a brief glance at each other makes them realize just how focused and one-minded they were on their girl.

But then Jackie and Amanda sees the waiter loaded with a tray of food heading their way.

JACKIE: Oh, I guess we better get going.

They all move to the front door of the restaurant, Jackie and Amanda chatting away as the guys follow behind them.

AMANDA: Sunday my mom’s coming home and will be staying for the week, just in time for Thanksgiving.

JACKIE: You must miss her.

AMANDA: I do. It will be great having her back, just in time too to help me pick out a wedding dress.

JACKIE: When’s that?

AMANDA: Monday night.

JACKIE [sounds enthused, too enthused]: Sounds like fun. [She doesn’t see the panicked alarmed look in Declan’s eyes but Kyle does and he smirks. Declan glances at him].

AMANDA: You can come if you like.

JACKIE: I’d love too! Thanks.

As the girls continue to talk, Declan is noticing the more animated chatter Amanda usually does when she’s nervous about something and the heightened color in her cheeks. He then studies Kyle who can’t seem to take his eyes off her and trying not to be obvious about it. Kyle has that same buzz he had when he first kissed Amanda and wonders if he has more than just a nice dinner planned with Amanda.

DECLAN [whispers]: So, having more dessert at home?

KYLE [completely loses the smirk that still curled the corners of his lips and whispers back]: Shut up.

Declan can’t help a surprised bark of laughter. Oh, that said it all. Jackie turns to glance questioningly at him but he’s too busy laughing to say anything. Kyle is studiously avoiding eye contact. Jackie shrugs and turns back to Amanda who has a confused yet worried look on her face, narrowing her eyes at Declan. She goes back to discussing her wedding preparations with Jackie who seems quite interested.

They wait by the front doors for a driver to bring their vehicles, about to go their separate ways.

JACKIE: Well, good to see you. Enjoy the rest of your night, [a driver brings Declan’s SUV and hands Declan his keys].

AMANDA: You, too.

They hug, and then Declan holds the passenger door for Jackie. After she slides in Declan waves to Kyle who has just placed an arm around Amanda. Then another driver brings Kyle’s van.

DECLAN: Later. [This time it’s Declan smirking and Kyle scowling].

KYLE: Later.

Declan winks at them before getting into his SUV and taking off. Kyle opens the van door and waits until Amanda slides in.

AMANDA [as they head home]: Does Declan know what, I mean, what we’re going to, I mean, he doesn’t know…[she huffs a big sigh unable to get the words out].

KYLE [feels her unease]: No, he just knew I’d been planning a night out for dinner with you. [He glances over at her as he shifts gears].

AMANDA [catches his gaze]: But he acts like…he knows what we’re going to…do.

She has to glance away and he’s glad he has to focus on his driving.

KYLE: I wouldn’t worry, you know how he likes to infer things.

AMANDA [mumbles beneath her breath]: Only this time he’s right.

Kyle hears her and silently agrees. When they arrive at Amanda’s house and head inside, he helps her off with her jacket. Each seem to make a point of taking off gloves, scarves, boots and hanging them all up. All these mundane tasks seem much more important to focus on until they have no more winter clothing to shed, except the nice attire they each wore to the restaurant.

AMANDA: Ah, would you like to hear me play? [She starts walking toward the piano before he answers].

KYLE [smiles]: I’d love it.

But she’s surprised when he sits on the bench beside her rather than on the couch to really watch her play. It wasn’t like the first time she told him how to play, to feel the music rather than just play notes and how he stared at her so intently to grasp her meaning. Now his stare has far more implications then wanting to hear a song and finds herself fumbling over some notes.

KYLE: I could sit on the couch if you’d like.

But he didn’t sound to keen on that idea and feeling the warmth of him beside her, she didn’t want him too either.

AMANDA: That’s okay, I…like you here.

This time she finds the right notes and plays a little stronger until he leans over to kiss her cheek, his lips lingering to trail down her neck.

She gasps and really hits the wrong note that made a sudden jarring sound. His lips head back up to trail kisses along her jaw line.

AMANDA [breathy sounding not]: Kyle, [she turns her head and he captures her lips with his].

She forgets all about playing and wraps her arms around him just as he wraps an arm around her to pull her closer to his side.

After what feels like both a second and an eternity later, he leans back; watching as she slowly opens her eyes to gaze back at him.

AMANDA [swallows]: Now?

KYLE [swallows too]: Now.


Her legs feel too wobbly to head all the way upstairs but somehow she makes it up to her room very aware of his presence keeping pace behind her. They gather up their bathrobes, then pause to look at each other then away again.

KYLE: I’ll start the shower to get it warm.

She nods eagerly as if that’s a great idea but doesn’t follow as close behind him to the bathroom as he followed her to the bedroom.

As she steps into the bathroom she notices he already has the shower going.

KYLE [sees her hesitation]: You can go first.

The he turns his back to allow her to get undressed first just like he did on the day she ran to his place rather than board the plane back to New York like her mother wanted. How long ago that seemed.

She tries to hurry but with nothing nor pajamas to put on to cover herself she feels a blush steal all over from head to foot, especially when she sees him take off his undershirt exposing the bare width of his back, muscles rippling. The movement of his arms appear as if his pants were next. She isn’t brave enough to see any more and ducks in the shower pulling the curtain quickly back in place. The hot water did nothing but make her feel even more heated yet found the steady stream of water pouring down on her, soothing. Soothing until she hears the sound of the curtain being pulled behind her and hears him enter and can’t help but feel a slight sense of panic, especially when he seems to take forever to step any closer.

Feeling way too exposed makes her not just nervous but awfully embarrassed. Before the need to grab a towel and cover herself overtakes her, she feels his hands on her hips and the feel of a light kiss on her shoulder blade.

KYLE [voice soft]: You’re beautiful.

AMANDA [manages to choke out a few words]: I don’t see how.

Then she feels the tip of his finger tracing a line down the middle of her back causing her to shiver despite the heat of the water cascading over her.

KYLE: Your curves, the softness of your skin.

He places another kiss near her collarbone and this time she feels the brush of his skin alongside hers. Goosebumps rise all over her body as the feel of skin on skin for the first time is heady, making her tremble.

His hands move around to encase her abdomen and she can’t help the slight quiver his touching caress evokes. So near, yet so far from touching her in a place that seems to throb with longing. Because now she can feel him throb, feel every part of him nestling tighter around her.

AMANDA [moans]: Kyle.

His kisses along her neck aren’t enough.

KYLE: I have a confession to make.

AMANDA [struggles to find the meaning in his words]: Confession?

KYLE [takes a deep breath she feels along her back, thrilling to feel skin on skin]: I peeked.

Amanda takes a moment for the word to sink in and the meaning is enough to make her forget she is naked and turns in his arms.

AMANDA: Peeked?

He glances down which makes her more aware how exposed she is and gives a slight yelp, which is immediately cut off when he draws her closer, feeling her breasts press against his chest.

KYLE [voice husky with feeling]: Yeah.

Amanda stares wide-eyed up at him until he grins engagingly and her eyes then narrow before she boldly lifts her arms and wraps them around his neck.

The movement brings her flush against all of him now and this time he’s the one inhaling sharply, his gaze unfocused.

AMANDA [murmurs]: And here I thought you were a gentleman.

KYLE [voice garbled]: A what?

She smiles which draws his gaze back on her lips and makes the need for his lips back on hers paramount.

With the shower raining steadily down on them and feeling skin on skin, their kisses take on a new flavor and a new awareness. Though they each keep their wandering hands over shoulders, arms and back, they dared no further below the waist. At least, not yet. At least not until their shyness dwindles as passion takes over.


Cut to them lying in bed as they cuddle close, lightly caressing and sharing a few aftermath kisses, a whole new intimacy creating a closer bond.

Come morning, they wander downstairs to make breakfast dressed only in their housecoats.

Amanda heats up a pan and takes out some eggs. Hunger makes her feel like having a heavier breakfast this morning and apparently so does he as he searches the freezer for some organic bacon and ham.

Just as she cracks open and pops an egg into the pan she feels his arms wrap around her, then his lips on her neck.

KYLE: You feel so good.

AMANDA [also feels something else that’s him pressing into her lower back]: This early?

KYLE: What can I say? You stoked my appetite.

But each of their stomachs growl, making her giggle.

AMANDA: How about satisfying one of our appetites?

She glances over her shoulder and catches the gleam of mischief in his eyes.

KYLE: If you say so.

His kiss on her lips makes her forget all about the egg frying in the pan until he steps away to open the package of meat.

She stares blankly at him then down at the pan before throwing him a disgruntled look. His smile is unrepentant. Her libido and heart rate takes a while to settle and winds up burning the egg.

KYLE: Would you like me to take over? [His grin unabashed].

AMANDA: You better.

She takes to setting the table including placing a basket of fruit on it, she didn’t dare risk working with a knife to cut up some fruit. Her only contribution to making their first meal of the day.

Once the breakfast is made, Kyle digs in with gusto and she soon follows.

It’s only after they finish doing the dishes that he attempts a repeat performance.


It’s not until two hours later that all trace of their private moment is gone. The shower cleaned and bed made and all his stuff in his backpack placed by the door. They are sitting side by side at the dining room table with textbooks open, kisses now subdued and chaste. They are waiting until her mom comes home and soon Kyle hears the sound of a taxicab pull up to the Bloom house.

KYLE: Your mom’s here.

AMANDA [groans]: Already?

KYLE: Afraid so.

She sighs, gives him one more kiss, deeper this time before getting up and dashing out the door, calling out.

AMANDA: Mom! I’m so glad you’re home.

Kyle waits until they have a private moment greeting each other before heading out to help bring in Mrs. Bloom’s suitcases. But just as he headed out, he looks back frowning as a feeling of missing something important comes over him. What is he overlooking?

Cut to Grace Kinsley as she faces the five who went into hiding after the police were to make their arrests when Cassidy was in charge.

GRACE: I’ve hired a lawyer to exonerate all of you. After a brief trial, I assure you, you will be free. [She flips through a file]. The information you retrieved and downloaded before you escaped will prove pivotal.

She smiles as she holds up a form where across the top in bold letters reads: BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

GRACE: Kyle will be mine.

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