Season 4

S04 E17 Say Yes to the Dress

Kyle XY S04 E17

Say Yes to the Dress

Kyle comes out of the Bloom house and heads over to where Amanda and Mrs. Bloom have just finished paying the cab, Mrs. Bloom’s suitcase is on the ground beside her.

KYLE: Hello, Mrs. Bloom.

CAROL [looks up]: Oh, hello, Kyle. What a surprise to see you here, [not sounding in the least surprised].

AMANDA: Mom, [in a warning tone, hating to see her mother harp on him so soon, she just got here].

KYLE: May I take your luggage? [He has a hand already posed to pick up her suitcase].

CAROL: Thank you, yes.

He follows along behind them.

AMANDA: So, how’s work?

CAROL: Very busy. The advertising department is expanding. I can barely keep up. But I want to hear all about you. How is NU? Any concerts?

AMANDA: There’s a Christmas one, but that’s the first week in December. I’m afraid you’ll miss it.

CAROL: Oh, no. That’s what I was afraid of. Can it be taped? [They head inside and Kyle closes the door, setting her suitcase down].

AMANDA: I think it will be. I’ll ask for a copy.

CAROL: Oh, good. [She looks around the room and sees their books on the dining room table and Kyle’s backpack near the door then looks right at him]. I’m guesing you stayed over.

KYLE [stares straight at her]: Yes.

CAROL: Mmph. Well, I think I’ll head upstairs and settle in, then Amanda, you and I can get caught up.

KYLE [picks up her suitcase again]: May I? [He indicates if he can take it to her room].

CAROL: Oh, very well.

He heads upstairs with her suitcase.

CAROL [pauses before heading up the stairs next]: I want to know how long he’s been staying here.

AMANDA [sighs]: Since Friday night. We finished our course.

CAROL: And have you come to your senses?

AMANDA: Meaning what?

CAROL: Quit the charade and be a married couple?

AMANDA: We may just do that.

CAROL [compresses her lips]: Oh, when?

AMANDA [scrambling to think]: The new year. New year, new start. [Now she just has to inform Kyle of her rash impulsive decision. Impulse decisions she can’t help seem to make around her mother].

CAROL [doesn’t sound like she believes her]: I see, before he becomes catholic and before the church approves. I knew you’d be unable to wait.

Just then Kyle comes down the stairs.

AMANDA: Yes, well…

CAROL: We’ll talk later.

AMANDA: Ah, about that, um, is it all right if Kyle stays the night? Here?

CAROL [throws up her hands]: Sure, why not? [She heads upstairs]. It’s not like it’s my first night back, [they can hear her muttering all the way to her bedroom], wanting to spend alone time with my daughter whom I haven’t seen in months…[her voice trails off].

KYLE [a look of guilt crosses his face]: I don’t have to stay over.

AMANDA [looks at him helplessly]: I want you stay. I need you to stay.

He reaches over and cups her cheek which she leans into, placing her hand over his to keep him there.

KYLE [places his forehead on hers]: I feel the same, but…your mom needs you, too.

AMANDA: I know, but chances are, after a long flight she’ll end up crashing early. We still won’t be able to have a really good talk until tomorrow anyway.

KYLE: Okay, then, if she’s okay with my being here.

AMANDA: She will be. [But there’s no real conviction in her voice].

KYLE: Uh, huh. You hope.

AMANDA [gives a small shrug]: Okay, I hope.

KYLE: Do you think she ate?

AMANDA [crinkles her nose]: Airline food? Yuck.

KYLE: Then why don’t I make lunch for all of us? Neither of you don’t have to do a thing. You can have your alone time.

AMANDA [smiles and rubs her nose against his]: See? This is why I need you so much. You’re wonderful, kind, considerate, adorable—[she would have gone on if he let her].

KYLE: Is that why you decided we should begin our marriage earlier then? In the New Year?

AMANDA [tilts her head back and bites her lip]: Oh, you heard that?

KYLE: Yeah.

AMANDA: Uh, well…

KYLE [sighs]: You were upset.

AMANDA: Still, I shouldn’t have made such a rash—[he puts a finger on her lips making her eyes widen].

KYLE: I’m okay with the New Year.

AMANDA: Oh, but…are you sure?

KYLE [studies her then glances upstairs to make sure Mrs. Bloom isn’t coming back down yet]: That’s not the real news you have to prepare your mom for. [He gazes at her]. You still have to let her know you don’t want to be catholic anymore.

AMANDA [buries her head in his neck]: I know, [she shudders]. She’s going to disown me for sure.

He hugs her to him and kisses her on the top of her head.

When Carol comes back downstairs and finds Kyle is preparing a lunch while she and Amanda can be alone, she has no reason to bear him a grudge. They are sitting on the couch in the living room.

CAROL: Fine, Amanda, he can stay the night.

AMANDA [throws her arms around her]: Thanks, mom.

CAROL: Yes, well, now go play me a song.

Amanda smiles and heads over to the piano playing her mom’s favorite, including the one both her mother and Kyle liked, She Could Be You.

Later, Kyle insists on doing the dishes so they can spend more time talking. As Amanda brings over some dishes to the sink, he reaches out to take it from her. Their hands touch and each remembers their shower together and how much they long for more.

She quickly turns aside, feeling suddenly too warm.

AMANDA: I’ll go play the piano.

Kyle turns away and concentrates on filling the sink with warm sudsy water.

CAROL [brings over the rest of the dishes]: You know we have a dishwasher.

KYLE: Yes, I know, but this will give you and Amanda some more time together.

CAROL [smiles]: Well, thank you, Kyle. That was a lovely meal.

KYLE: You’re welcome. [They hear Amanda playing in the background].

CAROL: Are you really planning to live as a married couple in the New Year or did my daughter just blurt that out to shock me?


CAROL: That’s what I thought.

KYLE: I really would like us to be together.

CAROL: Before becoming catholic?

KYLE: Yes.

CAROL: Mmm, [she doesn’t sound too pleased].

The rest of the afternoon is spent with Amanda spending quality time with her mother as Kyle sets up his laptop in the dining room to study for the coming week.

AMANDA [sitting on the couch beside her mom perched cross-legged]: I absolutely love NU. It feels homey, comfortable and the students, teachers and counsellors are great.

CAROL: Counsellors?

AMANDA: Ah, yeah, you know, when they help you plan your curriculum.

CAROL: But wasn’t that back in orientation?

AMANDA: I keep them updated.

CAROL: Updated, why? Are you thinking of changing courses?

AMANDA: No, of course not. [She hurries on]. So, tell me more about New York.

CAROL: Amanda...what’s going on with your courses?

AMANDA: Nothing.

CAROL [sighs]: You’re a bad liar.

AMANDA: It’s...Mom, can wait.

CAROL: Uh, oh. Tell me now.

At this, Kyle looks up from his computer screen and over at Amanda. Their eyes meet, which Carol notices.

CAROL: This can’t be good.

AMANDA: It can wait.

CAROL: No, it can’t.

AMANDA: Why don’t we talk about my appointment at the wedding dress shop? In fact, [she leaps to her feet], I’ll go show you some of the dresses I picked out. [She dashes from the living room and up to her room].

CAROL [sighs and glares over at Kyle]: How bad is it? Does it have to do with you?

KYLE: Not with me, no. But Amanda will tell you, when she’s ready.

CAROL: I won’t like it, will I? [His hesitation worries her even more].

KYLE: No, you won’t.

Carol purses her lips together. Amanda comes down with a stackful of wedding magazines, determined to take her mother’s mind off the very subject she wants to avoid.

Later that night Carol doesn’t say anything as Kyle stays the night but she does notice Amanda leaving her bedroom door open.

CAROL [beneath her breath]: Why bother? You two already spent the past two nights alone.

AMANDA [hears her mother’s loud enough grumble like she was meant too]: Mom, must you?

CAROL: Are you going to tell me what’s really going on with you?

AMANDA: Not tonight.

CAROL: Then when?

AMANDA: Before you leave.

CAROL: Oh, wonderful. Drop a bomb on me before I board the next flight out.

AMANDA [sighs]: Goodnight, mom.

CAROL: Goodnight, Amanda, Kyle.

KYLE: Goodnight, Mrs. Bloom.

As Kyle and Amanda lay in bed, fully clothed this night, he’s caressing her shoulder, lost in thought.

AMANDA: What are you thinking about?


AMANDA [props her head up]: Oh?

KYLE: I’ll need to give notice to both Declan and the resident manager. That is, if you’re still keen on the idea of us being together in the New Year.

AMANDA: Yeah, [he hears her swallow nervously despite her pleased and excited feelings].

KYLE: While it’s been great being with Declan, both of us look forward to the weekends anyway, where I get to be with you and he with Jackie.

AMANDA: I look forward to the weekends as well. If I weren’t so busy with school and other extra curricular stuff, spending the week alone would have been a lot harder to bear. It’s too lonely without you.

KYLE: I feel the same.

AMANDA: So, the New Year?

KYLE [smiles]: A new start. [They cuddle close, but he hears her heart speed up, in tune with his, no doubt with thoughts of making their marriage real. He didn’t have to read her mind to determine her mood is in sync with his].

Cut to Monday after class is done as Kyle heads to the dorm to freshen up for the night ahead. Declan is already there.

DECLAN: So, how was your weekend?

KYLE [turns to see Declan studying him closely]: Ah, great. Why?

DECLAN: Huh. You seem different.

KYLE [frowns a bit before turning to grab fresh clothing]: Different how? [He’s trying hard to be nonchalant].

DECLAN: Some kind of vibe you’re giving off.

KYLE [frown deepens]: Vibe?

Declan’s gaze slips past Kyle to the paper on his desk which seems to blow upwards like a there’s a soft wind in the room. Kyle follows his gaze.

DECLAN: You’re kind of humming.

KYLE: That can’t be me. [He’s staring in horror at the paper where now two to three sheets of paper float across ever so slightly, no longer in a neat stack. He thought he had better control now].

DECLAN: Oh, trust me, it’s you.

Kyle bites his lip as Declan crosses his arms.

DECLAN [a big grin flashes across his face]: You and Amanda – finally! Way to go! [But he sees Kyle’s frown deepen then sighs with disappointment]. You didn’t.

KYLE: We’re just closer, that’s all.

DECLAN [raises an eyebrow as Kyle heads determinedly to the washroom, grimacing as the paper on Declan’s desk whisks across]: Making out close? [Kyle shuts the door]. You mean, more than making out, just short of doing it? [Declan hears the sound of the shower going on]. Better make it a cold one!

This time the stack of papers on Declan’s desk flies off and hits him in the leg.

DECLAN [mumbles]: Remind me never to make you pissed, [as he gathers and reorganizes the mess]. I just had this all in order, too.

Kyle comes out after a few minutes and sees Declan going through his stack of papers.

KYLE: Sorry. Do you want me to help?

DECLAN [snorts]: I should, it’s your fault.

Just then the papers seem to shuffle together of their own accord and it’s all back in place.

DECLAN: Show off.

5pm Monday night at the bridal shop. Say Yes To The Dress!

They both head to the bridal shop to meet up with the family. Declan picks up Jackie on the way. When they enter the shop, Kyle sees Amanda, Mrs. Bloom, Nicole, Lori, Hillary and Jessi already there. An attendant comes over to them.

ATTENDANT: Quite the crew. Your name?

AMANDA: Amanda Bloom-Trager.

ATTENDANT [smiles at her]: Come with me, please.

They all follow her to an open area with a platform and a sofa and a few shairs surrounding it in a semi-circle. The platform is where the bride shows off each dress she tries on.

ATTENDANT: Wait right here and your consultant will be with you shortly.

Amanda sits on the couch, with her mother beside her then Nicole and Lori. Kyle sits in a chair placed on the end of the couch where Amanda is sitting while Jessi, Hillary, Jackie and Declan take the remaining chairs on the other side.

Behind them is another platform and couch and chairs all set up for another group, but it’s empty at the moment.

BRIDAL CONSULTANT [comes in]: Good afternoon. I’m Barbara, [she checks her appointment card]. Who’s Amanda?

AMANDA [raises her hand]: Me.

BARBARA: And who do you have with you?

AMANDA [first points to Kyle]: My husband, Kyle. [Then she points to her mother]. My mom, [then Nicole], my husband’s mother, Mrs. Trager, her daughter, Lori, who’s my maid of honor. [Lori raises her hand in hello]. My bridesmaids, Jessi and Hillary. [Then she points over to Declan and Jackie]. That’s Declan, the groomsman and his girlfriend, Jackie.

BARBARA: Nice to meet you all. So, you wrote here you like the A-line dress. Is there a particular design you’re looking for?

AMANDA [opens a file]: I have a few I’m interested in. But I wouldn’t mind trying a mermaid.

MRS. BLOOM [chips in]: Or a princess ballroom dress.

AMANDA: I’ll try one but I’m not much into the princess style.

BARBARA [takes a peek through Amanda’s file]: Quite the selection. Do we have a budget?

AMANDA: Ah, $5000.

BARBARA: Okay. Why—

AMANDA: No, wait, sorry, I mean $4000.

BARBARA [laughs]: Okay, then. Let’s go shopping.

They all head toward a selection of gowns.

AMANDA [starts to feel overwhelmed as she goes through them]: There’s so many to choose from.

HILLARY [flips through and something catches her eye]: Ooh, how about this one?

The bodice is adorned with a log of bling.

BARBARA [notices her pick]: I’m afraid that one is above budget. The more bling the dress has the more money.

Hillary turns down her lip in disappointment.

Declan is with Kyle, utterly bored by the sea of white, and not just bored but a little queasy.

DECLAN [whispers]: They all kind of look the same to me.

KYLE: They’ll probably look different when Amanda actually starts trying them on.

DECLAN: I suppose.

KYLE [grins at him]: Don’t worry, it’ll only be an hour and a half before we have to head to class.

DECLAN: The longest hour and a half of my life. [He takes a look at the price of one dress and whistles]. Expensive duds.

KYLE: I’ve noticed.

Mrs. Bloom pulls off the rack the puffiest ball-gown type.

MRS. BLOOM: Amanda, you have to try this one.

AMANDA [winces at all the puff]: Sure, mom.

BARBARA: I guess we have a few, shall we try some of them on?

AMANDA [all eager]: All right.

The others head back to the sofa to wait for Amanda and while they wait, another party comes in to sit in the section behind them. One is in a wheelchair and Kyle overhears she is the bride.


WHEELCHAIR BRIDE [raises her hand]: I am.

CONSULTANT: And what’s your name?


MOTHER OF WHEELCHAIR BRIDE: She just came out of the hospital two days ago.

CONSULTANT: Oh, no. What happened?

ALICE: I was shot by a stray bullet during a drive-by shooting and was paralyzed from the waist down.

CONSULTANT: I’m so sorry to hear that. How tragic!

MOTHER [glances fondly yet full of worry at her]: She’s determined to carry on as if it hadn’t happened.

CONSULTANT: You’re very brave.

Alice smiles, determination crossing her features.

Kyle glances over at Jessi and she glances back at him, realizing that she too had listened in like he did.

Back in the changing room Barbara sits down with Amanda.

BARBARA: So, tell me something about your husband and how you met.

AMANDA: Actually he’s the boy next door.

BARBARA: Really? That’s wonderful!

AMANDA: He was adopted by the Tragers when he lost his parents.

BARBARA: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.

AMANDA: He couldn’t be happier with them, they’re wonderful. Jessi’s their foster daughter.

BARBARA: Wow, his adoptive parents do sound special.

AMANDA: He’s the most amazing guy.

BARBARA: So, how did you two get married at so young an age?

AMANDA: Ah, we were at a graduation party, the drinks were spiked with a drug. We weren’t exactly in the best frame of mind and went off to Vegas to elope. Both our parents weren’t happy. So, we decided to have the wedding we missed out on.

BARBARA: That’s quite the story. Despite the rocky start you sound like you’re happy being married.

AMANDA: We are.

BARBARA: And when is your wedding set for?

AMANDA: August of next year.

BARBARA: Good. We have plenty of time to choose and order. I see here you’re planning on getting the bridesmaid dresses as well?

AMANDA: That’s right.

BARBARA: All in one night? That’s a long stretch. Are you sure you won’t be too tired?

AMANDA: My mom’s here for a short while before she heads out of town again on work. She won’t be back until Christmas. I really wanted her here to share in my decision.

BARBARA: I understand. Well, let’s get started then. How about the mermaid?

The mermaid was pretty but it just didn’t speak to her, and she found it too confining, not much legroom for dancing.

AMANDA [twirls around in front of her audience]: What do you think?


CAROL [frowns at her]: I don’t like it.


KYLE: I like it. How do you feel in it?

AMANDA [crinkles her nose]: Not exactly right, I do like the ruching though.

She heads back to the change room to try on her mother’s ballroom gown choice. She comes out again.

CAROL [the moment she sees her]: Oh, that’s lovely.

JESSI: She looks hideous, like a big blow up of satin.

Carol compresses her lips together not pleased with Jessi’s blunt assessment.

AMANDA: It feels like there’s too much dress and feels kind of heavy.

HILLARY: Yeah, far too many ruffles.

JACKIE: I liked the mermaid style better on you.

CAROL [turns to Nicole]: What do you think, Nicole? A ball-gown is much more suitable.

NICOLE: Ah, maybe another ball-gown type with less poof?

LORI: I agree.

Amanda then tries on a couple of A-line dresses but neither appeals, one has beautiful lace, the other satiny ruse with a blinged belt.

CAROL: I still think we should try another ball-gown.

AMANDA: What do you think, Kyle? [Again, she asks his opinion].

KYLE: I think you look beautiful.

JESSI [snorts]: You’re no help, you think she’d look good in a potato sack.

Kyle just grins at her while Carol throws her a glare, not liking her comment.

Amanda sighs and heads off to try on another gown yet again. Declan checks his watch for the tenth time since the fashion show began.

JACKIE [whispers]: Bored?

DECLAN [whispers back]: What gave you that idea? [His eyes dart around the room, his look that of a caged lion].

JACKIE [keeps her voice low]: You’ve been figiting since we got here.

Lori bites her lip to keep from laughing at his bored and panicky look.

LORI [whispers to Jackie]: He looks like he’s at a guillotine.

Jackie and Lori giggle while Declan narrows his eyes grumpily at Lori. Just then the wheelchair bride comes out with her aide wheeling her up the plank but they suddenly trip as a wheel catches on the side of the plank. They both fall over, the aide trapped beneath the bride and wheelchair.

Kyle is instantly on his feet and over on the other side before his family has a chance to see what happened. Jessi rushes over to help as well.

CAROL [hears the commotion and turns to see]: Oh, dear.

KYLE [to the fallen bride]: Allow me.

Declan comes over too, hoping to be of use and no longer bored.

AIDE: Oh, thank you. The wheel got caught. [Kyle picks up the bride]: Careful, she’s been injured.

KYLE: I will. [He directs the bride]. Put your arms around my neck. I’ve got you.

He carefully lifts her up as Jessi helps the aide to her feet. As Kyle holds her, he senses where the bullet had hit her spinal cord and the resulting damage. He starts repairing the damage as Jessi checks the aide’s ankle. Declan picks up the wheelchair to set it right side up. He sees the look of concentration on Kyle’s face and guesses what he’s up to, knowing Kyle, he can’t help himself. The bride’s family rushes over, getting in the way to be of any use.

MOTHER OF WHEELCHAIR BRIDE: Alice, honey, are you all right? Oh, thank you, young man. Usually there aren’t men here.

Kyle concentrates harder, there isn’t any more time or reason to keep holding the bride as he finishes repairing the nerve endings to heal her spinal cord.

ALICE: Thank you! [Her thanks is very heartfelt].

When he sets her in her chair he does one final check, the repair done. She’ll soon start to have feeling back in her legs.

Jessi, sensing what Kyle is doing, she can’t help doing her own repair job as she checks and heals the aide’s sprained ankle.

AIDE [stands up and is surprised to find she can walk on it]: Oh! Funny, it felt like I’d broken it.

JESSI: No, you just jarred it some. It’s fine.

AIDE: Thank you. [She steps over to the bride]. How are you? I’m so sorry.

ALICE: It’s okay. It’s not your fault. I’m fine now, thanks to…? [She keeps a hold of his hand and shakes it].

KYLE: Kyle. [He shakes her hand].

ALICE: Thanks again, Kyle. [But frowns at his hand as she feels a peculiar warmth from his hand to hers].

KYLE [immediately lets go of her hand]: I’m glad I was here to help.

Before they head back to their seats Carol motions Kyle over. He goes over to her.

CAROL: That was sweet of you to help that girl.

KYLE [feels uncomfortable with the praise]: Declan and Jessi helped, too.

CAROL [studies him]: So they did. Except you were the first one there to help. [She then motions him to follow her to the racks]. There must be something here Amanda will like.

Kyle is just relieved she let the subject drop and looks with her. One dress catches Kyle’s interest and pulls it out to show Mrs. Bloom.

KYLE: What do you think of this one? The sparkles kind of remind me of the blue of her eyes.

CAROL [puts a hand to her throat]: Oh, that’s lovely. How much?

KYLE [glances at the tag]: It’s 2,000 more over budget. [Mrs. Bloom looks crestfallen and he does a quick second calculation]. If this is the dress she really wants tell her to go for it.

Carol raises an eyebrow.

KYLE: Tell her too that I’m okay with raising the budget of her dress two thousand more.

CAROL: I’ll let her know, but does this mean you’re leaving now?

KYLE: Yeah, Declan and I have to get to class. Oh, [he pauses], and the budget for the bridesmaid dresses can be 300 more for each of them.

He leaves and Mrs. Bloom hands over the dress to the consultant.

CONSULTANT: Oh, [takes the dress], this one is way over budget.

CAROL: I know, don’t tell her yet, but her husband approved the amount, on this dress and any other other dresses in the same price range.

CONSULTANT [looks relieved]: I won’t say anything. [Then she heads in the dressing room]. How would you like to try on this dress?

Carol overhears Amanda.

AMANDA: Oh, lovely. Wow, the blue tinge in those sparkles reminds me of the blue in my husband’s eyes.

Carol puts a hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh. Exact words Kyle said except in reverse.

CAROL [as she sits beside Nicole]: Wait until you see this dress, I think it’s the one.

Her words are prophetic when Amanda slips on the dress and falls immediately in love with it. But when she is told the price her face falls. Until Carol tells her that Kyle raised the budget. Her eyes widen and tears of happiness pool.

AMANDA: He’s wonderful.

CAROL: Yes, he’s quite generous.

CONSULTANT: How about if we jack you up?

The consultant places a veil on Amanda then turns her around to face the group, minus Kyle and Declan.

CAROL [suddenly has tears in her eyes and fishes out a handkerchief]: My baby girl’s all grown up.

NICOLE: You look beautiful, Amanda.

LORI: Yeah, like a real bride, now.

AMANDA [has tears as well]: I feel like one.

CONSULTANT: So, are you saying yes to the dress?


Everyone cheers.

AMANDA: And that’s not all, Kyle raised the $200 budget for your bridesmaid dresses to $500.

NICOLE [eyes widen]: He did?

AMANDA [nods]: Yes, he did.

LORI: Wow, sweet.

Now it’s Lori, Hillary’s and Jessi’s turn to try on dresses but before they head upstairs to the bridesmaid section, Alice, the wheelchair bride, suddenly feels a strange feeling in her legs.

ALICE [suddenly gasps]: Mom!

MOTHER: What is it? [She rushes to her daughter’s side].

ALICE: Take me back to the hospital! Something’s wrong.

MOTHER [begins to panic]: What’s wrong?

ALICE: I feel a burning sensation in my legs.

MOTHER [gasps]: Your legs? [Legs that previously had no feeling].

As quickly as possible they get Alice out of the gown she’s in, redresses her in her own clothes and rushes out of the shop.

MOTHER [mumbles as they leave]: I bet it was that fall.

AIDE [laments]: It’s all my fault. I should have paid more attention to where I was wheeling her.

JACKIE [to Lori]: That poor girl. Being paralyzed and now this. I hope she wasn’t hurt too badly.

LORI: Yeah, me too.

JACKIE [frowns, thinking back to the time Kyle helped an elderly man who was having a heart attack when the Latnok group went on their lunch break]: You don’t suppose...?

LORI: Suppose what?

JACKIE [whispers so only Lori can hear her]: Unless you know who miraculously healed her. I mean, having feeling back in the legs shortly after Kyle touched her.

LORI [looks at her flabbergasted]: Honestly Jackie, that’s quite a stretch. And really, a big whopper of a stretch, [she flounders].

JACKIE: Mmm. You’re right, quite the stretch.

She just smiles and Lori steps away from her to catch up with Hillary. A too eager Hills who’s chomping at the bit to try on bridesmaid dresses. The shop luckily had the ones they chose in a magazine but they were willing to try on a couple of others as back up if they didn’t turn out like they hoped.

CONSULTANT [aside to her boss]: Normally bridesmaids are always in contention, wanting everything except what the bride envisions. But her bridesmaids were all in agreement; they all loved the style and color.

BOSS: That’s a first here at “Brides for You.”

CONSULTANT: I know and further, they were so excited at being in sync they tried on others just for fun.

BOSS: That’s what I like to hear. If only most of our bridesmaids who come here could just have fun.

The appointment is a success as Amanda finds a wedding dress she loves and the perfect bridesmaid’s dresses all three loved, long blue sating gowns where the maid of honor a mermaid style that suited Lori to a T and a longer flowing style that suited Hillary to a T. Jessi looked good in both styles but ended up with the same flowing style as Hillary’s dress.

After Carol and Amanda arrive home, the feeling of euphoria still stays with them and they spend the rest of the evening discussing wedding plans, until something occurs to Carol.

CAROL: Amanda.

AMANDA: Yes, mom?

CAROL [sighs]: I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but, if you two are planning on being together in the New Year, what’s this all for, [she waves a hand over the kitchen table covered with bridal magazines and Amanda’s notepad with her wedding to do list].

AMANDA: Our being together doesn’t mean we’ll give up having the wedding we didn’t have. Don’t you want to walk up the aisle with me?

CAROL: Of course I do! I would love to give you away, but...

AMANDA: You want us to wait.

CAROL: It would mean so much more if you do.

AMANDA: We have been waiting.

CAROL: It’s just a few more months. What could happen?

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