Season 4

S04 E18 A Mother's Day Thanksgiving

Kyle XY S04 E18

Mother’s Day Comes Early This Thanksgiving

Cut to Thursday morning, Thanksgiving holiday for the next four days. Everyone is off work, ready to enjoy the holiday.

Declan arrives at the Trager house.

KYLE [answers the door]: Hey.

DECLAN: Hey. [He has a backpack slung over his shoulder as he steps inside]. Thanks for inviting me. Jackie is with her family this weekend and my dad’s out of town, off with some woman he just met.

KYLE: Have you found out anything about her?

DECLAN: I asked Foss if he could run a check on her. He’ll be by later today.

KYLE [nods]: I have a cot set up in my room for you.

DECLAN: Your room? Aren’t you and Amanda...?

KYLE: Not sure. We’re playing things by ear, what with Mrs. Bloom back home. [They start heading down the hall to his room].

DECLAN: She let you stay one night, didn’t she?

KYLE: Yeah, but--

DECLAN: Why push it?

KYLE: Something like that.

Declan sees the tub placed next to Kyle’s big double bed so there isn’t much room to walk, it isn’t just the bed and tub but two extra desks crammed full of electronics and computers, like the time Kyle once put all together to monitor Cassidy when he, along with Latnok, had been stalking Amanda.

DECLAN [back to him]: Ah...

KYLE: It’s tight.

DECLAN: I could just sleep on the couch.

KYLE: Or, there’s Josh’s room.

JOSH [comes in, having overheard their conversation]: Ah, my room? No offence, but I like my space.

DECLAN [turns to grin at him]: None taken. But I’ll make do. [He then dumps his backpack on the bed].

JOSH: So, what do we do now?

DECLAN [raises an eyebrow]: Bored already?

JOSH [shrugs]: Only until this afternoon.

DECLAN [frowns in confusion]: Oh?

KYLE: Andy’s coming over.

DECLAN: Right.

JOSH: Yeah, her moms are letting her spend Thanksgiving with me, minus Sunday, that will be their day.

DECLAN: Bummer that she’s leaving.

JOSH: We have only this weekend and next before...[he chokes up]. I gotta go.

He rushes out.

DECLAN: Poor guy.

KYLE: Yeah, he’s taking it hard.

DECLAN: Isn’t she coming back next fall for university?

KYLE: That’s the plan. Only the months in between will seem like forever. It seemed like forever when Amanda went away to New York.

DECLAN: Except she came back. You were gone longer staying with Adam.

KYLE: And missed not just her but all of you.

DECLAN: I’m touched. [Tries to make a joke out of a touchy topic].

KYLE [grins knowingly]: Want a drink?

DECLAN: Hell, yes.

They head to the kitchen. Nicole is there, making preparations for both lunch and dinner.

DECLAN: Thanks for inviting me, Mrs. Trager.

NICOLE: You’re welcome, Declan. It didn’t feel right for you to be all alone for Thanksgiving.

DECLAN [shifts uncomfortably on his feet]: Yeah, well, thanks again.

KYLE: What would you like? [He opens the fridge door].

DECLAN: A beer?

Nicole gives him a ‘you’re kidding’ look.

DECLAN: Whatever you’re having.

Kyle takes out a large jar of green juice and reaches over to take two glasses off the shelf. He pours each of them a glass of juice.


KYLE: You said whatever I was having.

DECLAN: Yeah, I walked into that one.

NICOLE: You’re not used to having green smoothies by now?

DECLAN: You think I would be rooming with him.

KYLE [to Nicole]: If I wasn’t there you should see the junk he buys for meals.

DECLAN: God, you’re like a mother hen.

Kyle just grins and hands him his drink. Declan makes a face and gamely drinks the juice just as Steven walks in.

STEVEN: Hey, Declan.

DECLAN [raises his glass]: Hey, Mr. Trager. Want some?

STEVEN [eyes the concoction]: I think I’ll have a beer. [He reaches inside the fridge and takes out a can of beer].

NICOLE: Steven, really? This early in the day?

STEVEN: I’m on holiday. [He kisses her cheek then pops the can open].

DECLAN [looks on with envy]: I’m on holiday.

STEVEN: Ah, [he looks down at his can, then up at Nicole, realizing now how inconsiderate it might be to be drinking when someone else can’t]. Sorry, I shouldn’t have, [he puts the beer back and grabs a pitcher of orange juice instead].

NICOLE: Much better.

He smiles sheepishly and takes a glass to pour himself some orange juice instead.

STEVEN [raises his glass]: Bottoms up.

Declan laughs and takes another sip of his drink. Kyle drinks from his, downing it all. Steven and Declan follow suit turning it into a competition to see who can drink the fastest. Nicole just shakes her head at them.

STEVEN: Anything I can do to help, Nicole?

NICOLE: No, everything’s pretty much done, I just have to put things in the oven.

STEVEN: Then I guess that’s my cue to leave you to it. You guys want to play Nintendo?


KYLE: Sounds like fun.

They head to the living room and Josh, tired of being alone and depressed in his room, joins them.

STEVEN: Great, Josh. We can pair up.

JOSH [to Kyle and Declan]: Prepare to die.

DECLAN: Speak for yourself. I’ll cream you in no time.

Jessi is on the family’s main computer in the living room.

KYLE [telepaths as he passes her]: Any news?

JESSI [telepaths back]: Nothing.

When the others start teasing each other in raised voices, and sit down all prepared for an all afternoon session playing Nintendo, she leaves the room and joins Nicole in the kitchen.

NICOLE: Ah, Jessi. You’re not playing?

JESSI: No, [she shrugs], it would be too easy. I could beat them all.

NICOLE: All of them?

JESSI: Kyle might be able to hold his own, [she grins].


JESSI: I was checking if Grace made contact again with those other members.

NICOLE: Has she?

JESSI: No, not a peep.

NICOLE: I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

JESSI [shrugs]: Hopefully good. I was also checking into that other organization Nate got into when he first enrolled at UW. Well, not that he really joined them, they just keep hounding him.

NICOLE: That doesn’t sound good. Did he ask you to monitor them?

JESSI: No, I offered. I wanted to help, especially when I sensed he hated even being associated with them. He wouldn’t admit it, but I could tell it bothered him.

NICOLE: You really like him.

JESSI: Yeah, I do. It’s nothing like how I first felt about Declan. I was more lonely then, and the feelings I had about Kyle were mostly thanks to Madacorp’s programming.

NICOLE: You two have been through a lot together, it was naturally to feel overly fond of him. [She pauses]. How different is it with Nate, then?

JESSI [doesn’t even have to think]: Exciting. Thrilling. Wonderful. [This time she pauses]. Yet, annoying. What could that mean?

NICOLE: You’re not blind to his faults?

JESSI: No, I’m definitely not blind to those. Yet, they seem a part of him.

NICOLE: Jessi, are you in love with him?

JESSI: I think so. Is this what being in love is like? All tingly inside?

NICOLE: It sounds very much like you are.

Jessi smiles, feeling pleased and excited which only causes Nicole to look on with worry. Although inside she is happy for her, Jessi has only been on a few dates with Nate.

After lunch is over, the family, including Declan, helps out with cleanup. Well, Declan and Josh mostly hang back, perching on the bar stools while Kyle brings over dirty plates to the sink. Jessi rinses and stacks them in the dishwasher while Nicole places any leftover food in containers, containers Steven helped pull from the cupboard. That’s when the phone rings. Steven answers it.

STEVEN: Hello?

LORI’s voice [on other end]: Hey, dad.

STEVEN: Hey, Lori. I thought you’d be here by now.

LORI [cut to her back in her dorm room sitting at her desk]: Yeah, I slept in. Can you come by and pick me up?

STEVEN’s voice: Yeah, sure can. [Cut back to him as he checks his watch]. I can be there within the hour.

LORI’s voice: Perfect. I’ll have a bag or two.

STEVEN [glances over at Nicole]: Let me guess, laundry?

LORI [cut back to her as she eyes her big laundry bag]: You guessed right.

STEVEN [cut back to him]: What happened to your laundry budget?

LORI’s voice: It’s not enough?

STEVEN [sighs]: Lori...

LORI’s voice: See you, soon.

STEVEN [hangs up and heads over to Nicole and kisses her on the cheek]: I’m off to pick up our daughter.

NICOLE: I better throw in one load before she takes over the machine, [having overheard part of the conversation].

STEVEN: Good idea. See you. [He takes off].

The phone rings again but this time it’s Kyle’s cell phone. He answers it.

KYLE: Amanda, hi.

AMANDA’s voice [in a nervous rush]: Hey, there. I know you’d been hoping, and I’d been hoping we can spend tonight together, but I thought I’d stay here and finally discuss that issue with my mom. So, I’ll see you tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner?

KYLE: No, I understand. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.

AMANDA’s voice: Love you. [By the tone in her voice he can tell she’s disappointed].

KYLE [feeling just as disappointed]: Love you, too.

He hangs up and sees Declan glance his way.

KYLE: Want to shoot some hoops?

DECLAN: Sure thing.

JOSH [follows them outside]: Andy’s not coming until tomorrow either, something came up.

DECLAN: Bummer.

JESSI [glances over at Nicole, the dishes all stacked inside the washer ready to be turned on]: I think I’ll join them. [She picks up on their feelings]. Nate’s with his family this weekend.

NICOLE [watches her leave then sighs]: Great, this will be a fun weekend, all my kids are lovesick.

When Lori comes over and tells Nicole that Mark is with his family looking all down in the dumps, it only confirms her assessment.

Cut to Thursday night over at the Bloom house.

AMANDA [sits on the couch next to her mom]: Mom, I have something to tell you.

CAROL [puts down the magazine she’s reading]: Oh, dear. If it’s nothing to do with Kyle, what’s wrong?

AMANDA: When I said I was keeping in touch with the counselor at NU, it wasn’t about my courses, it was about my feelings of...well, about the catholic faith. [She takes a deep breath as she notices her mom’s eyes widen in alarm]. When I go to NU’s worship services I feel...energized. Uplifted. When I go to the catholic service Sunday mornings I...I don’t know something about the services there are...well, depressing.

CAROL: What are you trying to tell me, Amanda?

AMANDA: I’m having doubts.

CAROL [not liking where this is heading]: What sort of doubts?

AMANDA: Doubts about why we need so many saints to cover every contingency. Doubts why we need to pray to the Holy Mother Mary to intercede on our behalf. When it’s really Jesus himself who is all we need and who is the real intercessor between God and man.

CAROL: It’s that school. Why didn’t you go to SU, Seattle University?

AMANDA: That’s what Father Johnson suggested.

CAROL: Sounds like a good suggestion to me.

AMANDA: Well, not to me!

CAROL: Really, Amanda, are you sure this isn’t some excuse to justify you wanting to be with Kyle?

AMANDA: Will you stop blaming Kyle!

CAROL: I’m not blaming him, but I do wonder what it is you’re being taught.

AMANDA: Mom, that school, as you put it, is opening my eyes. It hasn’t been easy. I, I’m confused, but despite that, I feel like I’m on the right path.

CAROL: A path that isn’t Catholic!

AMANDA: I still believe in God.

CAROL: Oh, well, that makes it all okay then.

That evening over at the Trager house, Kyle and Declan are in his room. Kyle’s in his tub and Declan is sitting up in Kyle’s bed. Both have their laptops open, studying. Josh freely wanders in since the door is invitingly open. He sees them working.

JOSH: You guys are exciting.

DECLAN [barely looks up]: Bored?

JOSH: Very.

DECLAN: You could study with us.

JOSH [scoffs]: Right. Fun. Wouldn’t you rather be doing something else?

DECLAN [finally glances up at Josh]: Yeah, I would but finals is coming up fast. I want to put in as much study time as I can. Even on a holiday.

JOSH: When is finals? [He sits in a chair by Kyle’s desk watching them].

DECLAN: Second week of December.

JOSH: That’s close.

DECLAN [looks back at his computer]: Uh huh.

Josh keeps watching them and Kyle can’t help glancing up at him in turn watch him.

KYLE: If you have homework you can bring it down and study with us.

JOSH: Oh, joy. You don’t really need to study all that hard. You must have it all memorized.

KYLE: I like a head start.

JOSH: Of course you do.

He gets up and wanders back out of the room. Kyle glances over at Declan.

DECLAN: He coming back?

KYLE: Yep.

As Josh heads upstairs Steven is heading down towards the kitchen.

STEVEN: Hey, Josh. What are you up to?

JOSH: Going to study with Kyle and Declan.

Steven stares after him then enters the kitchen where he sees Nicole pouring them both a cup of coffee.

STEVEN: Did you hear that? Our son is going to study, on a holiday weekend, no less.

NICOLE: I heard. He must really be depressed. [She hands him a cup of coffee].

STEVEN [takes the cup]: And Andy hasn’t left yet.

NICOLE: I know.

STEVEN: I wonder if this is a sign of things to come when she does leave.

NICOLE: I wouldn’t doubt it. [She takes a sip of coffee from her mug].

After a few minutes, cut to Lori entering Kyle’s room.

LORI: I had to see it to believe it.

JOSH [glances up at her with irritation]: What?

LORI: My little brother actually doing homework.

JOSH: Go away. [She still stands there]. Don’t you have to study for finals?

LORI: I was.

JOSH: You were playing your guitar.

LORI: That was my homework. I am majoring in music.

JOSH: Oh, well, still, go away.

LORI: It’s Kyle’s room. Until he tells me to leave, I’m staying.

Josh scowls at her then turns to Kyle with a pleading look.

KYLE: You can stay.

Lori gloats over at Josh.

JOSH: Betrayed by my own brother.

KYLE: Just keep the bickering to a minimum.

Lori perches on Kyle’s desk next to Josh.

JOSH: Must you? [He waves a hand at his books, books now trapped under her].

LORI: Oops, sorry. [She moves his books aside].

Josh tries to ignore her as he resumes reading. She’s watching them all as they keep reading. Only when Kyle glances back up at her with a questioning look does she resume talking.

LORI: Anything knew and exciting happening with you guys?

DECLAN [finally glances up at her then at Kyle]: Another bored Trager.

LORI: Ha. What can I say? I’m getting hooked on drama happening every weekend here that I seem to miss out on.

DECLAN: Then why not move back home?

JOSH: No, don’t!

Lori makes a grumpy face at Josh.

KYLE: Amanda and I are moving in together in the New Year.

Lori and Josh turn to stare at him in amazement.

LORI: What?

JOSH [grins a big grin]: Way to go, bro!

Lori glances over at Declan who doesn’t seem surprised by this. Of course he’s not, she thinks, Kyle’s obviously told him the news first.

LORI: Okay, spill.

KYLE: I should tell Steven and Nicole first. Amanda and I were going to do that together but since she didn’t come over, I’ll tell them now.

When he sets aside his computer as if to do just that, Lori heads over to the door.

LORI: No way. Tell us first. Or second, [she looks pointedly at Declan].

Just then Jessi comes to the door just as Lori is about to shut it.

LORI: Were you listening in?

JESSI: Just the last part. I really came to see what everyone was doing.

JOSH: Boring studying stuff.

LORI: It was boring until Kyle dropped a major news break on us. Which I’m guessing you already knew about as well.

JESSI [comes into the room, shrugging]: You guess right.

LORI [shuts the door then leans against it]: So, Kyle?

KYLE: We thought to finally live together as a married couple, that’s all.

LORI: That’s all? Oh, my God. Did you two...? [She glances over at Declan who shakes his head]. Well, almost?

Kyle frowns as he looks back and forth between the two of them then sighs, not saying anything.

LORI: You did! Well, almost!

JOSH [gives a thumbs up]: Ha, all right!

Kyle frowns.

LORI: So...

KYLE: So, what?

JOSH: Lori, you know Kyle’s not going to give us the nitty gritty on him and Amanda.

LORI: I know that, that’s not what I want to know. What did you two discuss? How and when did this momentous decision occur?

KYLE: Oh, just after Mrs. Bloom came home.

Lori frowns, trying to picture the event.

KYLE: Amanda mentioned to her of me moving in permanently at the start of the year.

DECLAN: I’m guessing that went over well.

KYLE: Well, no, [takes him literally for a split second]. Oh, yeah. But not as well as telling her mother she doesn’t want to be a catholic anymore.

JOSH: A what?

DECLAN: Religious stuff.

JOSH: Oh. Well, move on to the good stuff.

KYLE: That was pretty much it. Despite the spur of the moment decision Amanda made, I supported her. I want to make it a real marriage.

JOSH [beneath his breath]: Don’t blame you.

LORI: So, what you’re saying is, Amanda just blurted out she wanted to be with you, without discussing it with you first?

KYLE: Yeah.

LORI: What did her mom say to her to set her off?

KYLE [takes her literally and repeats word for word what was said between Amanda and her mother]: Mrs. Bloom asked her, ‘I want to know how long he’s been staying here.’

“Amanda responded with a sigh, ‘Since Friday night. We finished our course.’

“Mrs. Bloom then replied, ‘And have you come to your senses?’

“Amanda asked, ‘Meaning what?’

“Mrs. Bloom said, ‘Quit the charade and be a married couple?’

“And Amanda said, ‘We may just do that.’

“Mrs. Bloom asked, ‘Oh, when?’

“That’s when Amanda said, ‘The new year. New year, new start.’

“Mrs. Bloom replied, ‘I see, before he becomes catholic and before the church approves. I knew you’d be unable to wait.’

“And then I came back downstairs.”

Kyle looks at them all as they stare at him, listening at his long play-by-play.

LORI: So, you’re both unable to wait. Got it. Way to go, big brother. [She grins at him]. Hormones got the better of you.

Kyle just gives a ‘not this again’ look.

JOSH: Now he just has to tell mom and dad.

LORI: Mind if I hang around when you do?

JESSI: I can listen in and relay for you.

LORI: Perfect!

KYLE: Jessi, Lori. I don’t think...

LORI: Oh, please? Let her?

JESSI [glances at her puzzled]: You seem okay with me listening in when it works in your favor, why?

LORI: Because...uh, it’s in my favor.

JESSI [telepaths to Kyle when walks over to the open doorway]: Nicole warned me it’s an invasion of privacy. But they all seem to want to be able to listen in themselves, have you noticed?

KYLE [telepaths]: If they had the abilities we have, they probably would. [Then he leaves].

JESSI [to Lori]: Okay, I’ll listen in for you.

LORI [watching her intent expression]: You and Kyle just had a discussion about it, didn’t you?


JOSH [chuckles]: You’ll have to work on not looking like you’re talking to someone inside your head.

JESSI: I have when we’re in public, but you’re family.

LORI: Yeah, you are.

Jessi grins, pleased that Lori regards her as family, too. Just then she hears Kyle out in the kitchen.

KYLE’s voice: Nicole, Steven, there’s something I’d like to talk to you about.

Jessi relays what Kyle said back to them.

Cut to Friday, Thanksgiving dinner. Carol and Amanda come over, each are holding a casserole dish.

KYLE [greets them both at the door, letting them in]: Hi, [to Amanda]. Mrs. Bloom, [he nods to her].

CAROL: Kyle.

He can immediately sense the tension between Amanda and her mother.

KYLE: Can I take that, [he motions to the dish]?

CAROL [hands it to him]: Thank you, Kyle.

He heads to the kitchen, Carol and Amanda following him. The smell of turkey baking permeates the room. Nicole has the oven door open, basting the turkey.

CAROL: That smells delicious, Nicole.

NICOLE [glances up]: Thank you, Carol. [She sees the dish Kyle brought in and Amanda holding another]. Are those the scalloped potatoes?


NICOLE: Just set them on the counter, Kyle, Amanda. I’ll put them in the second oven to keep warm.

He sets the dish down on the counter and Amanda sets her dish down, too. There’s an awkward silence.

KYLE: Amanda, do you want to join me in the living room?


They leave the room and Carol turns to Nicole.

CAROL: Did you know what my daughter has decided?

NICOLE: No, I don’t.

CAROL: Mmph, she’s decided she doesn’t want to be catholic anymore.

NICOLE: She doesn’t? [She looks confused]. So, she doesn’t believe in God anymore?

CAROL [sighs, realizing she’s talking to someone who doesn’t even go to church, any church and probably has no idea of the implications]: Yes, she still believes, but that’s not the point. The point is, she’s changing to a protestant faith. [She says the word like it’s a bad thing, the end of the world type of thing].

NICOLE: Oh, [not understanding the difference except that it must be a big change by the tone of Carol’s voice].

Carol heaves a sigh.

NICOLE: Then, what does that mean?

CAROL: It means that to break faith with the church is to break faith with God. She’s going to hell!

NICOLE: I thought you just said she still believes in God. So how does that break her faith?

CAROL [grows frustrated, wringing her hands]: You don’t understand. How could you, a heathen, understand the dilemma my daughter’s in?

Nicole compresses her lips in an angry line, trying to hold back a sharp retort. Inwardly she groans, fearing it’s going to be a long Thanksgiving dinner.

Cut to the living room where Amanda and Kyle are alone for a few minutes.

KYLE [takes Amanda’s hand in his and lays his head on her forehead, whispering]: I missed you last night.

AMANDA [whispers back]: I missed you, too.

He kisses her with built up longing but has to cut it short. There was so little alone time together.

KYLE: Is there any chance we can spend any night together?

AMANDA: Yeah, after my mom leaves.

KYLE [sounding disappointed]: Oh. I was afraid of that.

AMANDA: She’s really upset with me.

KYLE [lifts his head for a second, listening then winces]: So I hear. That’s harsh.

AMANDA: Another reason why I’m starting to very much doubt the religion I grew up in. I hate how it’s getting so complicated. There shouldn’t be such a rift between Catholic and Protestant.

KYLE: I have to agree.

She smiles at him and risks another long kiss.

But soon the sounds of footsteps coming downstairs make them break apart.

KYLE [breathing heavily]: Lori.

Amanda, busy catching her breath as well, just nods as he leads her to sit on the couch with him.

Lori enters the room and sees them there.

LORI: Hey, you two.

AMANDA: Hey. Happy Thanksgiving.

LORI: Sounds like you’re planning more of a Happy New Year already. [She sits on the other end of the couch, tucking her feet beneath her].

Amanda glances at Kyle.

KYLE: I told them all, since you couldn’t be here last night.

AMANDA: No, that’s fine. [She glances back at Lori]. Yeah, hopefully. [Then glances back at Kyle]. What did your parents say?

KYLE: They weren’t too keen. They’d still rather we wait until after we have our wedding ceremony. But I think they were expecting it, though. They weren’t too surprised, just resigned.

AMANDA: It still sounds like a better, more positive response than my mom’s.

LORI: Moms. No one can beat my mom though. But then I’m biased.

The sound of the front door opening makes them turn to look who entered. Josh comes bounding in with a light step with Andy’s hand locked in his.

JOSH: Hey. [He quickly greets them then tries to tug Andy up to his room].

ANDY: Hang on, Lothario. I want to say hi.

JOSH: Fine.

ANDY: Hi. [She waves a hand at them].

AMANDA: Hi, Andy.

LORI: Hey. You’ve made my brother’s day.

ANDY: I gathered. If he was any more excited he’d be on top of the world.

KYLE: Hi, Andy. I’m glad you’re here.

ANDY: Me too.

She lets Josh lead her upstairs with a final wave.

ANDY [calls back]: See you all at the dinner table.

LORI [grins at Kyle and Amanda]: Eager, aren’t they? [Something just occurs to her]. Oh, gosh, do you two want to be alone right now? I can leave. [She starts getting up].

AMANDA: No, Lori. We’re fine. You can stay.

KYLE: Besides, Steven’s on his way down.

STEVEN [calls up behind him]: Just be sure to leave that door open, Josh!

JOSH [yelling back down]: Yeah, yeah. Will do.

Amanda glances at Kyle with a raised eyebrow. Lori snorts.

LORI: Nothing slips past Kyle.

AMANDA: I noticed.

Kyle grins and shrugs but loses his grin when the words ‘nothing slips past’ makes him realize once again he has a strong sensation of missing something important. It’s beginning to nag at him like a constant drone. He frowns, lost in thought.

Lori and Amanda glance at each other, knowing that look by now.

AMANDA: What is it? [She rubs his hand].

KYLE [glances absentmindedly at her]: Mmm?

AMANDA: What are you thinking?

KYLE: I’m missing something.

AMANDA: Like what?

KYLE: I don’t know.

LORI: Can’t you access your holographic memory to find it?

KYLE: I could, if I knew what I was missing.

LORI [frowns]: I don’t get it.

KYLE [sighs with frustration]: Me either.

The doorbell rings.

Kyle swings his head, automatically listening and hurries to get up to answer it.

LORI [calls out]: Who’s at the door?

KYLE: Foss and Brian, it sounds tense.

LORI: Oh, oh.

Amanda and Lori grin at each other. Figures he’d know.

Cut to outside on the front doorstep. Foss had just pulled up and then sees another car pull up behind him. Foss glares in his rearview mirror then steps out, ignoring Brian Taylor as he too gets out of his car.

Foss heads up the stairs, crunching through the snow, aware of Brian behind him and turns to face him just as Brian is heading up the stairs.

FOSS: How long are you going to keep up this charade?

BRIAN: What charade?

FOSS: Pretend that you care about Jessi.

BRIAN [narrows his eyes]: I’m not pretending.

FOSS [glares]: Sure you’re not.

BRIAN: I don’t need this third degree.

FOSS: At least I’m looking out for her.

BRIAN: Right. After you tried blowing her up after discovering she existed.

FOSS: Considering you kept her in that god-forsaken pod all her life, you’re one to talk.

They glare at the other, neither backing down. Just then the door opens and Kyle is there.

KYLE: Hey. Come on in.

Foss enters first.

FOSS: Kyle.

KYLE: I’ll take your coats.

STEVEN [comes walking down the hall, having been in Kyle’s room]: Hey, Tom, Brian. Good to have you two over.

Foss just looks uncomfortable avoiding even glancing Brian’s way.

BRIAN [holds out his hand]: Thanks for inviting me, Steven.

STEVEN [shakes his hand]: You’re welcome. It looks like we’ll have quite a feast.

BRIAN [takes out a bottle of wine from his jacket pocket before relinquishing his jacket over to Kyle]: I brought this.

Foss takes out his bottle, of apple juice, handing both the jacket and apple juice to Kyle. Brian can’t hide his smirk.

FOSS [notices]: Something you want to say?

BRIAN: You’re the ex-alcoholic.

KYLE: Not all of us can drink wine, so this juice will serve quite well as a substitute.

STEVEN: Good thinking, [he tries to douse the tension but Kyle seemed to have done the deed ahead of him]. Come on in. [He guides them both into the living room].

Jessi comes down the hall.

JESSI: Hey, Brian.

BRIAN [smiles at her]: Hi, Jessi. How are you?

Foss walks into the living room after Steven, not wanting to hear the false platitudes he believes Brian is dishing out to her.

When Jessi and Brian join them, at first there is silence so when they all hear footsteps coming down the hall and Declan walks in, it’s very disconcerting when they all turn to stare at him.

DECLAN: Ah, hi?

KYLE [grins at him]: Grab a chair.

DECLAN [glances around and sees that the only chair left is the one at the computer desk, all the available chairs are around the dining room table]: I think I’ll take this one.

NICOLE’s voice [calling up the stairs]: Lori?

LORI [calls out]: In the living room, mom.

NICOLE [pops her head around the corner]: Can you help me in the kitchen?

LORI: Sure. [She gets up].

NICOLE [on seeing Foss and Taylor]: Oh, hello, Brian. Hello, Tom.

TOM [nods]: Hello, Nicole.

BRIAN [smiles]: Nicole.

She ducks back out and Lori follows after her.

AMANDA [hurries after Lori]: I’ll help too.

LORI: You don’t have to.

AMANDA [lowers her voice]: I probably should have helped earlier. I did leave my mom with your mom all alone.

LORI [winces]: Ouch.

Cut to Josh and Andy upstairs in his bedroom, they are lying on his bed and his door is open a very tiny crack.

Andy’s trying to make out but Josh holds her back.

ANDY: What?

JOSH: I want to try something.

ANDY: You know we’re not going to be alone again like this for quite a long time.

JOSH: I know, but if we start with a heavy make-out session, let’s just say I won’t be able to be down for dinner for quite some time.

ANDY [leans back]: Then what did you have in mind?

He starts lightly touching her face, tracing every curve, even the slight frown that creases her forehead, then bites her lip.

JOSH [swallows with sudden nervousness]: Okay, this may be kind of dorky but--

ANDY: No, no, it’s not. You just touched a ticklish spot.


He grins and tries touching the same spot which causes her to burst out laughing.

JOSH [sighs]: Oh, this will be fun.

ANDY: I thought that was the point in bringing me up here.

JOSH: Haha, [he pauses], well, it is, or was.

ANDY [rubs a thumb over his frown]: You’re nervous. How sweet.

JOSH: I’m the stuff of sweetness.

ANDY [takes his hand and places it on her cheek]: Please continue, sweetness, I can’t wait to see where your touch leads.

JOSH: Hardy har har.

He continues but the seriousness of his expression makes her lose her teasing attitude.

ANDY: So, where did you get this idea from?

JOSH: One of Kyle’s books. It said something about creating a new or higher level of intimacy.

He continues caressing every curve with a light sweep of his thumb over her lips.

She swallows hard and starts tracing his face.

ANDY: You know what? That book was right.

Josh smiles and this time he becomes more relaxed and kisses the tips of her fingers before placing a kiss in the palm of her hand.

ANDY: Wow, it really really works.

Cut to downstairs in the kitchen where Carol, Nicole, Amanda and Lori help with dinner and set the dining room table. Nicole takes out one of the scalloped potatoes Carol brought over and sets it on the counter.

NICOLE: This dish is ready to set on the table.

AMANDA/CAROL [together]: I’ll take it.

Both reach out and step forward but end up bumping elbows then they step back and then forward again like a comic parody. Then neither move.

Amanda keeps her lips pressed together.

CAROL: This is ridiculous, Amanda. Why can’t you see how wrong it would be for you to leave the Catholic Church?

AMANDA: Must we talk of religion here?

Lori grabs some potholders and picks up the dish and takes it out to the dining room, giving her mother a sympathetic look.

CAROL: I’m not about to see my daughter...[Amanda glances pointedly over at Nicole]...fine, later. This isn’t over.

AMANDA: I don’t expect it to be.

CAROL [needing to get in the last word]: But until this matter is settled--

AMANDA: You mean until I be what you want me to be--

CAROL [carries on in a steely voice]: There is no way you and Kyle are moving in together in the New Year. You’ll be moving to New York before that happens.

Lori comes back in ready to take the second casserole dish of scalloped potatoes Nicole took out of the oven and takes it out to the dining table.

Nicole mouths the words, “thank you” to her to which Lori nods.

AMANDA: Mom! I’m 18, an adult.

CAROL: To bad you’re not acting like one.

Amanda throws up her hands in an exasperation.

Back in the living room as the guys talk about their jobs, Kyle catches the tail end of the argument between Amanda and her mom.

The word eighteen echoes inside his head and makes the sensation of his feelings of missing something the past week finally click; as do the words Adam once told him, “...the ability to explore your memories will allow you to see things others, and even you, have missed.”

JESSI: So, my mom went all out for Thanksgiving, too?

Apparently the topic of jobs had switched and Kyle only caught the tail end of this conversation.

KYLE: What? What’d I miss?

Jessi frowns at him.

BRIAN: The food smells good. It reminded of the time Sarah put on a special Thanksgiving dinner for Adam and me. She was Catholic, too.

KYLE: She was?

BRIAN: Yes, she was. I heard, [he nods towards the kitchen], Amanda has a change of heart? That’s a big deal. It must be hard on her mother.

KYLE [studies him]: You’re Catholic.


KYLE: And so was Sarah, [he thinks out loud].

BRIAN [raises an eyebrow]: Right, I just said that she was.

Kyle remains lost in thought. Brian glances at Jessi who then concentrates on Kyle, trying to understand what he’s so focused on.

JESSI: Sarah... [she picks up on who Kyle seems focused on and a number], when she was 18? [She telepaths], why are you focused on Sarah and the number 18?

BRIAN [smiles at her]: She was just like you, Jessi, when she was eighteen. Eager, full of life and very keen on science and on Latnok.

She smiles back if a little absent-mindedly as she senses Kyle dig deeper in trying to remember something in his past, but he wasn’t created then.

JESSI [telepaths]: How can you remember something you weren’t there for?

And then a memory does appear, one of Sarah, Brian and Adam and a couple of the old Latnok members sitting around a table with a turkey placed in front of Adam. Adam stands up ready to carve.

KYLE: Adam... [he pauses].

BRIAN [waits expectantly but Kyle says nothing more]: What about him?

KYLE: Adam was there, [he glances at Brian], with you and Sarah.

BRIAN: I did just mention that, [he looks at Steven both in concern and puzzlement].

STEVEN [looks back at Brian then at Kyle too in concern]: Kyle?

KYLE: Just remembering.

Just then Nicole comes out of the kitchen and into the dining room.

NICOLE: Dinner’s ready!

They all get up and head to the table.

STEVEN [calls upstairs]: Josh, Andy! Dinner!

He enters the dining room as Nicole directs everyone to their assigned seats. Lori, Declan, Brian and Jessi on the side facing the wall with Nicole and Steven at the head of each end, Nicole closest to the kitchen door. Then Kyle, Amanda, Carol and Foss while Josh and Andy had to sit at a side card table that was in front of the dining room cabinet.

NICOLE: Oh, Steven, would you mind bringing in the turkey?

STEVEN: Not at all, [then whispers], I wonder how long it will take Josh to come down.

Just then he hears the sound of footsteps coming downstairs.

NICOLE: Apparently not that long. Didn’t he have his door open?

STEVEN: Right, supposedly.

When Josh and Andy enter the room, neither Steven nor Nicole any tell-tale signs of a heavy make-out session, no rumpled hair or clothing. What they did notice was a closer bond which could have meant anything.

Steven enters the kitchen and brings in the heavy turkey. Everyone makes way as he sets it on the table. There’s already a carving knife and fork placed there.

STEVEN: Ready?

CAROL: Could we say grace?

STEVEN: Ah...sure?

He glances at Nicole who gives a slight nod though her expression looks like she is struggling for patience.

NICOLE: Will you do the honors, Carol?

CAROL: Of course. [She bows her head and so do a few others].

JOSH [mouths to his dad]: What?

Steven nods back to indicate for him to follow suit, while he looks down to imitate a bowed head but instead is looking at the turkey, planning on how to carve pieces off it.

CAROL: O Gracious God, we give you thanks for your overflowing generosity to us. Thank you for the blessings of the food we eat and especially for this feast today. Thank you for our home and family and friends, especially for the presence of those gathered here. Thank you for being with us in all our joys and sorrows, for your comfort in our sadness, your companionship in our loneliness, for health and grace. We ask your blessing through Christ your son. Amen.

AMANDA [lowers her voice]: For a moment I thought you were going to recite the Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart, lamenting my renouncing the promises of my baptism, and casting off the sweet yoke of Thy law.

CAROL [lowers her voice to answer back]: I was tempted to do just that.

NICOLE [gives a slight cough since everyone heard their lowered voices anyway]: Thank you, Carol. That was a very nice prayer.

BRAIN: Amen.

Foss rolls his eyes and notices Declan does as well. He gives Declan a quick subtle wink. Declan grins back.

STEVEN: Okay, turkey anyone? [He quickly starts carving].

Once the food has been dished out, everyone starts eating and small talk is resumed. Kyle let the voices wash over him, wondering at the memory he saw earlier, when Adam and Sarah were young.

KYLE [narrative]: Jessi was right. How could I remember something I wasn’t present for?

The vision sharpens but the viewpoint is skewed, as if he were the one carving the turkey, as if he were seeing the memory through Adam’s eyes. He blinks as if coming awake. Jessi looks at him oddly.

CAROL: Where are you two planning to live?

AMANDA [glances at Kyle but sees he’s gazing at Jessi, his mind obviously elsewhere, on Jessi?]: We haven’t discussed it yet.

Kyle’s gaze remains on Jessi and Amanda can’t help feel a brief spurt of jealousy.

AMANDA [glances back at her mom]: Another topic we can discuss later.

CAROL: Mmph.

AMANDA [a warning note in her voice]: Mother...

Her word “mother” echoes inside Kyle’s head and he glances at Nicole and a strong feeling of kinship wells up.

KYLE: Mom...

NICOLE [glances at him and smiles and the same kinship rises in her]: Kyle?

He smiles at her, a smile no one can resist.

Then his gaze is drawn to Jessi, which Amanda notices and a slight frown creases her brow.

He feels a wave of sadness flows over him and realizes who she’s thinking about.

KYLE: Sarah... [he murmurs].

Jess gazes at him then away as tears pool.

He feels the sadness with her.

Nicole glances back and forth between them and seeing the tears in Jessi’s eyes reaches over and pats her hand. Jessi smiles her thanks.

The table’s been cleared of the main meal. Kyle is holding Amanda’s hand absently rubbing his thumb over the back of her hand.

NICOLE: Now for dessert.

Declan groans as the thought of more food is too much to take.

FOSS: That was a very good meal, Nicole.

NICOLE: Thank you, Tom.

BRIAN [pats his stomach]: I don’t think I can eat another bite.

NICOLE: There’s pumpkin pie, homemade. Kyle and Jessi made them.

BRIAN [turns to Jessi]: You did? Well, then I must have a slice.

Jessi smiles at Brian.

AMANDA [caresses the palm of Kyle’s hand]: I can’t wait to try a piece, too, especially if you made it.

He smiles at her.

CAROL [whispers to Amanda]: I hate to think what else you’d be willing to try for him, being ostracized from the church perhaps?

The slight tightening of her hand squeezing his reveals her inner anger at her mom’s comment but holds her tongue. He gives a squeeze back in reassurance, thinking how well Jessi and her father are getting along as opposed to Amanda and her mother.

Nicole gets up to bring the pies.

JESSI [gets up as well]: I’ll help you.

AMANDA [to Kyle]: Are you all right? You’ve been quiet through the whole meal.

Kyle opens his mouth to answer when a strange feeling of danger sweeps through him, in contrast to the warm and amiable atmosphere inside the Trager home. He looks down at the table, senses on full alert, his thoughts centering in his bedroom and on the computers monitoring the outside of their house.

Jessi comes in behind Nicole carrying a pie. She stops suddenly and stares at him, her thoughts centering on his thoughts and on the computers in his room.

Amanda glances from him to Jessi. From their expressions, something is wrong and looks to Nicole. But Nicole is focused on the pies and starts cutting pieces, ready to hand them out.


CAROL [glances over and sees his preoccupation]: What’s wrong with him? Is he having second thoughts?

AMANDA: Mom, really! Doubtful.

CAROL: Oh, you can read his mind?

AMANDA [about to blurt out no but he could]: I know him.

JESSI [sets the second pie down]: Excuse me.

Nicole glances at her as she heads down the hall then at Kyle, finally noticing his intense expression as if the table was a fascinating object to decipher.

NICOLE: Everything all right, Kyle?

Everyone else at the table pauses and glances over at him, even Josh and Andy glance over seeing only the back of him.

KYLE [whispers]: No.

He sees his room as Jessi enters and through her eyes sees the images of the outside street on the computer monitors. All was quiet.

JESSI [telepaths]: It’s the same, nothing’s moved or changed, same vehicles parked. [She sees a white van parked a house further down but there is no one behind the steering wheel or any movement from within yet somehow Kyle’s feelings of impending gloom is overshadowing her judgment and the van seems ominous]. Stop that! Nothing’s out there.

She heads back to the dining room and takes her seat.

NICOLE [turns to her]: Is everything all right, Jessi?

JESSI: It’s fine.

NICOLE [can’t help glancing back and forth between her and Kyle]: Good.

She finishes dishing out slices of pie to everyone and the eating of dessert is silent as if a dark cloud has settled over the room.

CAROL: Well, this pie is certainly delicious.

AMANDA: Yes, he can really cook.

If it weren’t for her sudden blush and stuffing another piece of pie into her mouth the double meaning she subconsciously made would have gone unnoticed. Lori starts giggling.

LORI: I’m sure he can, [and glances over to see how Kyle reacts].

Declan laughs too and glances over but his smile fades. Kyle doesn’t react at all, except for his laying down his fork, his pie finished, then just stares right at Jessi the feeling of imminent danger descending their way.

Back in his home the computer monitor shows a car coming down the street.

Back in the dining room, Kyle turns his head to look out the window as both he and Jessi hear a car pull up.

KYLE: Someone’s here.

STEVEN [turns around and pulls back the curtain to look out]: I see a car.

NICOLE: Someone’s actually there?

The doorbell rings.

NICOLE: I’ll get it.

She heads to the door.

CAROL [gazes on with total surprise]: How in the world did he know someone was at the door?

AMANDA: Uh, good hearing.

Steven gets up and follows after Nicole. Nicole opens the door to see an older lady on the doorstep.

LADY: Nicole Trager?


LADY: Hello, I’m Kyle’s mother.

Back at the table everyone overhears and stares over at Kyle.

CAROL [in shock]: I thought his parents were killed in a car crash?

Everything in that moment seems to slow for Kyle. He’s aware of Nicole answering back and of Jessi staring back at him, frozen in place.

NICOLE: Grace Kingsley.

GRACE: You were expecting me?

NICOLE: Not today. Not right now.

GRACE [still stands on the step]: May I come in?

NICOLE [glances behind her as Steven comes to the door]: Of course.

GRACE: Thank you.

Tall and regal she enters the hallway, grey hair and her face lined with a few wrinkles and a slight hard ruthlessness shadowing her eyes.

GRACE: Is Kyle here?

NICOLE: Of course.

But she doesn’t make a move, blocking Grace’s vision behind her and into the dining room.

GRACE: May I see him?

Nicole glances up at Steven and both hear a chair push back and suddenly Kyle is there beside them.

GRACE [eyes alight with gleam on seeing him]: Hello, Kyle.

KYLE: Mrs. Kingsley.

GRACE [smiles but it doesn’t reach her eyes]: Call me mother.

Once more the word “mother” echoes inside his head like a long lost memory. Adam. Adam purposely left out a detail from his notes.

CAROL’s voice: His mother?

AMANDA’s voice: Not now, mom.

Kyle barely registers their conversation but he senses Jessi come up beside up along with Brian. Grace’s gaze flickers over his shoulder.

GRACE: Brian.

BRIAN: Grace.

GRACE: What are you doing here?

BRIAN: I was invited.

GRACE [lips tighten briefly then turns her full attention on Kyle]: It’s good to finally meet you, Kyle.

A memory surfaces, she was there when they kidnapped Amanda after prom but Cassidy had his full attention that night.

KYLE: We met on prom night.

At this, Andy tries to see who this woman is but her sight is blocked by Jessi. She turns to Josh.

ANDY [mouths]: Prom?

He just shrugs.

GRACE: Not officially.

KYLE: No, but that never was your intent.

GRACE [raises an eyebrow]: You weren’t ready then to know the truth.

In the background, Amanda is looking on, wondering if she should go to him now or wait until he signals her to the moment he will need her.

KYLE: So, what’s your intent now?

KYLE [narrative]: I opened the part of my mind that shielded me from reading another person’s mind, I needed to know what she had planned for me. I couldn’t trust her.

GRACE’s thoughts: You belong to me.

GRACE [out loud]: You’re my son, I’d like to get to know you.

KYLE [narrative]: Inside her mind I could see an image in her thoughts of a van, a van that had been parked earlier that morning on the street. There were people inside, monitoring her and this conversation on her order.

Again in the background, Amanda can’t wait any longer and stands up, ready to stand beside Kyle.

At that moment Kyle feels Jessi’s hand grasp his, she had seen what he had, Grace’s image. The motion of seeing Jessi take his hand makes Amanda pause and Kyle picks up on her feelings of brief hurt and renewed jealousy.

GRACE’s [eyes narrow as she looks at their clasped hands]: What is this?

NICOLE [acts like their contact is nothing]: What is what?

When Kyle sees Grace’s glare at his and Jessi’s joined hands, he reads the horror in her mind.

GRACE [thinks]: They can’t be together, I won’t allow it. She is as unstable as her mother. She’s not right for him.

Amanda comes forward and slips her hand through Kyle’s arm. He smiles at her in relief, glad she came to him and takes her hand in his.

GRACE [thinks at a rapid pace]: Wait, why is this blonde girl, Amanda Bloom, [a check list of Amanda’s background runs through her head no doubt provided by Cassidy before kidnapping her and then stalking her], suddenly holding his hand? What kind of threesome is going on here? Just like Adam, only it was two guys after one girl, here it’s two girls after the same guy. I don’t like this. This is not in my plans.

GRACE [looking very confused and turns to Nicole]: What’s going on?

KYLE [answers her, picking up on Grace’s thoughts that he is nothing more than a possession to her]: Ask me.

GRACE [glances back at him then flicks another glance over at Brian]: Very well, what is with you holding hands with both these...girls.

Kyle stiffens not liking her tone.

KYLE: Amanda’s my wife.

GRACE [looks shocked and surprised, somehow this particular information was never passed on to her]: Your wife? [She glares at Jessi]. And her?

BRIAN [cuts in]: My daughter.

KYLE: My friend.

But suddenly an image of Adam appears and this one is more than a memory, it was like he was there, transported to another place and time, seeing the memory unfold as if he were looking through Adam’s eyes and not his own.

GRACE’s voice [dimly heard]: You can’t be married. [She digs in her briefcase type purse and pulls out a file]. He’s my son! He belongs to me! I have proof!

Nicole takes the file and opens it, seeing the copy of a birth certificate. Her eyes widen in alarm and concern and looks over at Kyle.

He stares at her. In front of Adam lying on a desk is an image of the birth certificate Nicole is now holding but Kyle can see it as if it were in front of him. The date of his “conception” is a year later than what Foss told him. He wasn’t 18, he was 17.

Another memory pops into his head, when Detective Breen asked him once how old he was and he couldn’t remember and looked to Nicole for help. She estimated and told Breen he was 15 or 16. They always took his age then to be 16 rather than 15 because he appeared so much older. And when Foss made up his i.d. papers, it was for 16. Which all meant, he and Amanda were illegally married. They did not have, or rather, he did not have parental consent.

He shakes his head and Nicole holds out the file for him to see, but he doesn’t take it and keeps his hand, both hands, clasped to Amanda and Jessi. He didn’t want to break the link to each.

Steven looks at it and sees the date.

GRACE: There is no possible way you are married to this girl.

CAROL [stands up and heads to Amanda]: I beg your pardon? Who do you think you are?

GRACE [gives her a dismissive look]: His mother. I’ve come to claim him.

NICOLE: Well, you can’t have him. He’s my son.

KYLE [narrative]: That was the real question, who’s son I was. Emotionally, unequivocally I was Nicole’s son. Technically... [another image appears].

This time he sees Adam in a basement lab, the lab he found Adam in up in the cabin when he and Jessi went searching for answers. Adam reaches for a container, a container marked with Sarah Emerson’s DNA. Adam takes the container and another marked with his own DNA. He blends the two, using Sarah’s egg and with his, makes a cloned copy of himself.

Kyle can almost feel the emotions churning in Adam, guilt for using her egg without her permission, grief on believing she had died and this was the only way he can keep a part of her connected to him, and loss on what they once had and how it ended so badly for them.

He sees the image of Adam replace the container in a vault and store the embryo, who will later be him, Kyle. Only then does he see Adam now stare down at a birth certificate and signs it as him being the father but Grace Kingsley as the mother, again the wave of guilt and loss. Adam takes the embryo to Zzyzx, no one the wiser.

Kyle reels in shock. Jessi gasps, and he realizes she has seen everything with him. They were brother and sister.

KYLE: You’re not my mother.

Nicole stares over at him with a hurt look in her eyes, before realizing he wasn’t answering her claim but staring at Grace and her claim on him.

GRACE: I have your birth certificate that says otherwise.

KYLE: No. [His gaze at Nicole is heart-wrenching]. Nicole is my mother.

GRACE: Yes, I can understand you have empathy with her for having taking you in but that’s all it is--

KYLE [gives her a steely-eyed glare]: No! She is my mother. You are not my mother.

Andy, sitting next to the mirrored china cabinet, notices a slight movement and she watches fascinated as the mirror appears to shake although no one is touching or has bumped it. Her eyes widen as it cracks. No one hears it over Kyle’s shout of no expect for Josh. He turns to look behind him and sees the crack as well and when he turns to her he is biting his lip and silently shakes his head at her.

STEVEN [noticing the mirror in the hallway start to vibrate and seeing the strong emotions Kyle is generating he turns to Grace]: I think you better leave, we have a lot to discuss.

NICOLE: I agree. [She tucks the folder closer to her]. This is a lot for all of us to take in. We’ll contact you.

GRACE [looking ready to argue and make her case but when she sees the smirk and haughty look on Brian’s face she changes her mind]: Very well, here’s my card.

Almost as one Jessi and Kyle reel back. As if it were Cassidy presenting his card to them.

Nicole takes the card and Steven ducks around them to open the door, his manner far from cordial.

Grace leaves, her presence and shocking news was like a wake of emotional devastation after a hurricane.

AMANDA [stares in horror at the folder Nicole is holding]: That can’t be. May I see?

Nicole hands it to her but since Kyle is not letting go of her hand, Nicole opens it for her and shows her the contents.

Amanda sees the date. It is true. He’s only 17. They aren’t legally married. She puts her free hand to her mouth and tears well in her eyes.

CAROL [rubs her back and looks as well at the birth certificate]: Oh, my. Then you two aren’t-- [she cuts off as she sees Amanda shake her head in denial].

Kyle keeps his telepathic link on Grace and projects a mental command to Foss.

KYLE: Foss, go to my room, lock on a signal on Grace’s cell phone. There’s a white van parked in the street monitoring us.

Foss gives a slight start before quietly leaving the room.

KYLE: Will you all excuse me?

He releases his hand from Amanda’s but not Jessi, so she is, not forced, but more than willing to follow him to his room.

CAROL: Why is she going with him and not you?

Amanda shakes her head, unable to speak, so Carol places an arm around her shoulder for a hug.

STEVEN [to Brian]: Did you know about that? [He points to the file Nicole is holding].

BRIAN: No, but I wouldn’t put anything past her.

NICOLE: Do you think it’s forged?

Brian shrugs.

To Brian, Carol and Andy, the others all seem to give a start of surprise before suddenly remaining silent.

KYLE’s voice [mentally projecting to all those who knew of his special telepathic ability]: Say nothing, Grace and her cronies, Foss’ word not mine, are listening in.

NICOLE: Well, I think we should discuss this tomorrow. I’m sorry this had to come up at our Thanksgiving dinner.

CAROL: Hardly your fault, Nicole. But I agree, this is a big matter to discuss. Aside from that awful woman being his mother, his age?

AMANDA: Excuse me, I have to see how Kyle is doing.

CAROL: Amanda, until we have this issue settled don’t you think it best if--

Amanda isn’t listening as she rushes down the hall. Carol sighs.

NICOLE: I can’t believe it either, Carol.

Cut to Kyle and Jessi in Kyle’s room. Foss is at the computer. He looks up as the two enter. Kyle heads straight for his wardrobe, finally releasing Jessi’s hand, and takes out his outfit.

Jessi rushes to her room to get hers and by the time she comes back she and Kyle are fully masked and dressed. Kyle gives silent signals to Foss about what to do next.

When Amanda comes in she sees Kyle and Jessi activate their invisibility cloak and disappear.

AMANDA: Sorry, I--

Kyle reappears briefly, puts a finger to his lips and reactivates his cloak. She steps aside as Foss slips past her. The window silently opens then closes and she knows she is now alone in the room.

Cut to outside as Foss throws open the white van’s back door, the lock having been disengaged by Kyle. The two occupants look up startled. They are sitting in front of sophisticated monitoring equipment.

FOSS: You’re spying days are over.

He holds up a remote and suddenly all their equipment showers with sparks, every electronic component fried beyond repair.

Unseen by the occupants and minutes before Foss holds up his remote, Jessi mentally unscrews a side panel and removes the hard drive before slipping it into Foss’ pocket.

The remote is just for show, it is really Kyle who sends a surge of electricity into the van and at the computer. They are standing next to Foss, invisible to the occupants.

FOSS: Give a message to Grace, if she tries to pull anything, she can kiss all future contact with Kyle goodbye. Understand?

The two nod in fear. Foss closes the doors and he heads back to the Tragers.

Silently and invisible Kyle and Jessi return to his bedroom to find Steven and Nicole waiting for them as well as Amanda who is sitting next to Foss. All are watching the monitor as the white van takes off.

Kyle and Jessi reappear in front of them.

NICOLE: Oh! [She puts a hand to her chest, taken by surprise]. Is it-- [she bites her lip, and rechecks the screen].

FOSS: We’re clear. For now.

STEVEN: Will they come back? [He glances at Kyle for an answer].

Kyle stares at the screen and it’s Jessi who answers him though she is keeping her gaze on Kyle.

JESSI: No. [Inside she’s still trying to grasp the fact he’s her brother].

STEVEN: Good, good.

KYLE [telepaths to Jessi]: Adam mentioned on one of his tapes that if Grace or other members knew of my real origins they’d consider me a failed experiment.

NICOLE [heads over to Kyle and places a hand on his shoulder]: Kyle?

He gives her a helpless look and she draws him into her arms for a hug which he returns.

JESSI [telepaths back]: Like they consider me a failed experiment because of Sarah.

KYLE [telepaths]: We’re not failures!

Unknown to the others their silent communication continues.

JESSI [telepaths as she stares blankly at the computer screen, a tear trickling down her cheek]: You’re my brother!

STEVEN [heads over to her]: Don’t worry, Jessi, Grace is gone. Her presence must have reminded you of Cassidy. [He gives her a hug].

She returns his hug.

KYLE [telepaths as he glances over at her]: And you’re my sister! [He smiles at her].

As Nicole releases him, she rubs his shoulder in a comforting gesture.

STEVEN: We’ll come back. Jessi, do you want to say goodbye to your father? [He glances at her outfit]. After you change first?

JESSI: Sure.

She follows him out and as Nicole leaves she sees Kyle and Amanda hug. Foss heads out with her.

KYLE [whispers to Amanda]: There’s something really important I need to share with you.

AMANDA: You mean, other than the age thing?

KYLE: Yeah, [he leans back and gazes at her].

But then he listens in to the others out in the hallway and sends a brief message to Foss before he leaves.

KYLE [telepaths]: Come back at 2am. Important.

KYLE [returns his attention to Amanda]: It’s about me and Jessi.

Immediately he senses a spurt of jealousy.

KYLE: Sarah donated some of her eggs for Latnok. Brian used her egg to create Jessi but what no one else knows, Adam used her egg, too. [She stares up at him, he can almost see her mind racing at the implications]. To create me. Sarah is my biological mother.

A tear rolled down his cheek, further shocking her.

AMANDA: Sarah? [He nods and she smooths away his tear before hugging him to her]. Oh, wow. That’s huge...huger than, or important age. Or not. [What a double whammy, she thinks]. Oh, Kyle.

Too many emotions well inside him to respond.

KYLE [narrative]: Sarah was my biological mother. Sarah. The time I spent with her and I didn’t even know. If I had known then what I knew now perhaps my time with her would have been spent differently. She would have been furious with Adam yet I wondered and hoped she would have been pleased to know that I was her son.

AMANDA: We were going to be together.

KYLE: I know. We need to talk. [He lays his forehead on hers]. I need to process.

AMANDA: Yeah, process. Me, too.

KYLE: I’m going to tell the others. If you want to come back around 2am after your mom has gone to sleep, you’re welcome.

AMANDA: I’ll be there.

He gives her one more lengthy hug and looks up to find Jessi at his door, waiting. He releases Amanda and watches in surprise when she draws a surprised Jessi in a hug then sees her smile at Jessi before leaving them alone together.

He no longer senses any spurt of jealousy or hostility that always seemed to linger with Amanda regarding Jessi, hidden just beneath the surface of her emotions. Instead he senses a feeling of relief and joy. His close relationship with Jessi really had worried and bothered her. Now he and Jessi had a different closeness.

KYLE: Hey, sis, [he grins].

JESSI: Hey, bro, [she grins back and they meet together in a warm hug]. I can’t believe it. How did you access that particular memory?

KYLE: It wasn’t in the video tapes I downloaded from Zzyzx. It was when Adam was up in his cabin, when I tried to make contact with him. It was like I was Adam. I just knew what he did.

JESSI [leans back]: He never mentioned anything, gave a hint in the disks he left behind?

KYLE: I think it was more what he didn’t say.

JESSI: Like being a failed experiment.

KYLE [sighs]: Stop harping on that, you’re not a failed experiment.

JESSI [lets go of him]: Is this where we get to bicker like siblings?

KYLE: Haven’t we always? [He gives a cheeky grin and laughs when she sticks her tongue out at him like she saw Lori do with Josh].

They hug again. Hugging Jessi generated a stronger connection with her than he ever felt, she was family. Real family.

Cut to Josh as he takes Andy home. He parks in front of her house.

ANDY: Josh, that window cracked. I saw it!

JOSH [heaves a sigh, as pretending it had always been there hadn’t worked]: I know you did. Can’t you just pretend you didn’t see it?

ANDY: No, I can’t pretend. Just explain it to me.

JOSH: I’m sorry, Andy, I would if I could. Really, I would.

ANDY: Was it Kyle?

JOSH [again with the lip biting]: I can’t...don’t make me... sorry, Andy.

ANDY: Josh, look, I’ll understand. I won’t... [but at his torn look she changes her mind]. When you’re ready, or when you can say and share what’s going on with Kyle?

JOSH [looks vastly relieved]: Yeah, when.

Andy leans over and kisses him with passion, grabbing on to the back of his head and keeping his lips locked on hers.

ANDY [finally breaks away]: I love you. [She grabs the door handle and jumps out, running up to the house before he can respond in kind].

Josh heaves another sigh then heads home.

Foss, Declan, Josh, Lori, Steven, and Nicole are sitting around the kitchen table. It’s 2am. Jessi comes in as Kyle heads to the front door, already listening for Amanda and knowing she’s about to knock.

It isn’t long before Kyle and Amanda join them. Jessi is sitting at the kitchen counter and Kyle and Amanda join her there.

FOSS [yawns and looks over at Kyle]: So, what’s the news?

Kyle and Jessi share a smile.

KYLE: Grace isn’t my biological mother.

NICOLE: She’s not? Then who is?

KYLE: Sarah. Adam used her donated egg to create me.

NICOLE: Then you and Jessi are--

KYLE: Brother and sister.

Lori gapes at them looking from one to the other.

JOSH: That is like, super wow?

DECLAN: No way. What a freakin’ relief. How’d you know?

KYLE: I finally remembered something from the past that was nagging me this past while.

NICOLE: Kyle, Jessi, that’s wonderful news!

STEVEN [grins]: I gotta admit, the thought of you being related to that woman, [he shakes his head]. I didn’t like her at all.

FOSS: I’m glad for you both, but what if Grace finds out?

KYLE: That will be a problem, no one can know. If Grace discovers or even begins to suspect her egg wasn’t used, she’d have me terminated.

FOSS: You read her mind?

KYLE: Yes. She regards me as a possession, something to be owned, not like a mother to a son.

NICOLE [sounding angry]: She lied.

STEVEN: Does she have plans to take you from us?

KYLE: Possibly. It would depend on if you will allow her over like you allow Brian over to visit with Jessi. She’s hoping for the same privilege. If she doesn’t get it, she’ll plan to remove me. How I don’t yet know. She didn’t have anything concrete, yet. It won’t matter to her what my age is, she’s just using that birth certificate as leverage.

NICOLE: Depending on if we let her visit you.

KYLE: Yes. To make her believe I am her son, I am considering letting her come over, with you supervising like you did with Brian and Jessi at first.

NICOLE: I really don’t want her here but if you think that will prevent her from forming more devious plans then, supervise I shall.

KYLE: For now.

STEVEN: Then it was a fake birth certificate including your being one year younger than previously thought, right?

KYLE: Yes, it’s a fake.

NICOLE: I’m just glad you’ll be moving back home in a few short weeks.

Amanda grips his hand in hers, glad too that he’ll be right next door to her again and not in the dorm. Although she’ll miss the rare nights they spent together there along with Declan and Jackie.

Cut to Kyle and Amanda as he walks her home and heads inside with her. The moment she takes off her jacket, he didn’t bother with one, he wraps his arms around her.

KYLE: I need you. Too much. In fact, too needy.

AMANDA: I was so looking forward to...

He cuts her off with a long passionate kiss and feels her respond in kind.

Minutes pass and things start to heat up as his hands explore beneath her shirt, unclipping her bra to freely explore her back. She moans.

AMANDA: I need you, too.

KYLE: I’m going too fast again. This isn’t fair to you.

AMANDA: Am I complaining?

KYLE [groans]: No, but...

This time she stops him with a kiss and her hands are now exploring beneath his shirt.

It’s only when he hears a slight creak on the stairs does he take her hands away.

KYLE: We can’t, now is not the time.

AMANDA: It’s the perfect time.

KYLE: No, [he holds her hands more firmly as she tries to tug free making her frown up at him].

AMANDA: Seriously?

KYLE [leans his forehead on hers breathing hard]: Seriously. Sorry. I shouldn’t have started anything. [Then projects a mental whisper to her]. Your mother is on the top of the staircase.

AMANDA: Oh. Drat.

He chuckles, then she starts giggling but their humor is short-lived.

KYLE: I better go. Nicole and Steven are waiting for me.

AMANDA: They are?

KYLE: I think they suspect how my emotions are in turmoil.

AMANDA: And how needy.

KYLE: Yeah.

AMANDA: I hate this.

KYLE: Right there with you.

They stand still with only their foreheads touching and his hands holding hers but no other part of their bodies touch yet both are loathe to break free from the other.

AMANDA [whispers in hopes of her mother not being able to hear her]: Read me.

KYLE [frowns but is curious what she want to share with her thoughts to him]: Okay.

AMANDA [thinks]: I am so glad Grace isn’t your biological mother and especially that Cassidy isn’t your half brother or even remotely related to you. God, he feels so good, if only to feel again what he did to me the night we were together. Now I’m feeling the very needy one. Oops, I wonder if he caught that? Did you?

KYLE [whispers]: Ah, I’m glad too. But I really should go now, [but despite his words, he leans in for another kiss, stoked by her memories of them being together and she knew he did in fact heard her amorous rambling].

It’s a good ten minutes later that he finally peels himself away from her, if not physically, then definitely emotionally. As soon as he steps out in the cold night air he takes a deep breath, sensing her behind him. He doesn’t turn around.

KYLE: You know I’ll wait until you close and lock and door.

AMANDA: I know but, [sighs in defeat], goodnight. Love you.

KYLE: I love you, too.

Her next sigh is more like a tortured moan of pleasure and just as he’s ready to turn back and steal a few more kisses, he hears her shut the door, lock it and set the code. He turns around then and waves, knowing she’s at the peephole watching him.

Cut inside where she waves back but realizes he can’t see her.


Cut to outside. He hears her and nods before turning around and running back home, feeling the need to run longer and faster to take the edge off his neediness.

When he enters the house he finds Steven and Nicole waiting for him.

KYLE: Do you mind if I go for a run?

JESSI [comes out from her room, dressed in her ninja outfit]: Me, too.

STEVEN: Now wait, it’s 3:30 in the morning.

JESSI: The perfect time before everyone wakes up and starts their day. They won’t see us. [She presses a button on her sleeve and she becomes invisible].

NICOLE: All right, just be careful.

Kyle heads to his room to put on his outfit, flicks on the cloaking shield and joins Jessi. Steven and Nicole see the front door open and close.

STEVEN: That still freaks me out.

NICOLE: Ditto.

Cut to Jessi and Kyle as they jog through the quiet street feeling free, their minds joined in perfect sync so they didn’t have to physically see each other to know they were running side by side.

JESSI [telepaths]: It feels different, doesn’t it? Us?

KYLE [telepaths]: It does. Closer.

JESSI [telepaths]: I can’t wait to...oh, would it be all right to tell Nate?

KYLE [thinks for a second and telepaths]: He’s more than proven trustworthy.

JESSI [telepaths]: I agree.

Cut to Amanda’s house where after she sees Kyle leave she turns around and gives a startled gasp seeing her mother there behind her, arms crossed.

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