Season 4

S04 E02 Weekend Getaway

Kyle XY S04 E02

Weekend Getaway

Thursday, Kyle went to work while Amanda recovered from the last lingering effects of the drug. Carol kept her home. Friday, Kyle worked again and so did Amanda. It’s now evening. Kyle is leaning against his tub talking to Amanda on the phone.

KYLE: I know, everything has happened so fast. We need to talk.

AMANDA [cut to her in her bedroom]: We do but my mom is in full protective mode. I’m amazed she’s letting me talk to you.

Cut back to Kyle where he sees Declan over by the doorway with a backpack and camping gear. Kyle waves him in.

KYLE: Foss has my weekend booked with a survival trip. [Declan sets his gear down next to Kyle’s gear near his dresser and comes in]. We won’t even have the weekend to discuss anything.

AMANDA’s voice: I’ll be thinking of you.

KYLE: I’ll be thinking of you, too.

AMANDA’s voice: We’ll talk as soon as you get back.

KYLE: Goodnight.

AMANDA’s voice: Night.

Kyle clicks off as Declan sits in the steno chair.

KYLE: Foss is on his way over.

DECLAN: Yeah, Jessi told me when she let me in. So, I heard you got hitched. [He leans back in the steno chair and folds his hands behind his head, his tone jovial].

KYLE [sits on another chair across from him, smiles]: I heard you almost decked Preston.

DECLAN: Almost. But I did punch out the druggie.

KYLE: Caveman, ham-fisted style was how Lori put it.

DECLAN [grins back]: She would. [He shrugs as if what he did was nothing but Kyle can tell he was well pleased with himself, he had really enjoyed catching the culprit, the druggie who laced the beer]. I had two guys haul the unconscious druggie off to one of the bedrooms until the police arrived.

KYLE: You did well.

DECLAN [grins even more]: Yeah, I did.

Kyle smiles along with him, pleased for his friend who caught the bad guy without him.

DECLAN: Now, tell me again how you won so much money?

KYLE [winces on remembering]: It was an accident. Amanda distracted me.

DECLAN: Oh, so it’s Amanda’s fault you’re rich.

KYLE [sees the teasing glint in Declan’s eyes]. She kissed me.

DECLAN: Ah, a kiss made you rich.

Kyle shakes his head. His friend was in full teasing mode. But he sensed beneath the teasing something more, a sense of disappointment and jealousy. But why? He was never jealous of his and Amanda’s relationship before.

KYLE [eases into finding out why]: I’d like to build an alternative health center with the winnings.

DECLAN: Sounds like something you would do. So, no plans for at least some of the winnings going towards a honeymoon? [He wiggles his eyebrows up and down].

KYLE [catches his meaning]: No.

DECLAN [cocks his head]: What do you plan to do then?

KYLE: Wait, and then plan to have a wedding ceremony for our first anniversary.

DECLAN: I don’t know, waiting a whole year? Why?

KYLE: That’s what we decided for now. We still have to discuss things further. Neither of our parents wants us to be married.

DECLAN: What do you want?

KYLE: I want to be.

DECLAN: You’re kidding. You do? [He sounds skeptical as if he can’t consider being married so early in life].

KYLE: Yes. It just happened sooner than we planned.

DECLAN: You planned to marry Amanda? When?

KYLE: After we were done college.

DECLAN: A lot can happen in college. Are you sure you’d still feel the same way about each other?

KYLE: Yes. Why wouldn’t we?

DECLAN: Well, Amanda’s the first girl you’ve loved. Sometimes first love doesn’t last.

KYLE: Sometimes it does.

DECLAN: It’s pretty rare.

KYLE [smiles]: Then I’ve been fortunate to find that love the first time around.

DECLAN: Yeah, I’ll say. [He thinks of his own fiasco with Lori].

Declan looks lost in thought. Kyle notices a twitch of uncertainty in his friend by his slight increase in heart rate and brief almost guilt-like glance away from him. Declan is anxious about something. A tell-tale gesture at his watch confirms it.

KYLE: What’s wrong?

DECLAN [frowns]: What do you mean?

KYLE: Something’s bothering you.

DECLAN [sighs, wondering why he tries to hide his feelings]: It’s nothin’. [He looks away feeling guilty but there were some feelings he can’t express].

KYLE: No, it’s not.

DECLAN [shakes his head, unwilling to say what’s bugging him and when Kyle just keeps looking at him and waiting, a brief flash of irritation hits him]: Just leave it alone.

But Declan feels even more guilty at the look of hurt that crosses over Kyle’s face at his sharp tone.

DECLAN: By nothin’ I mean it’s petty and stupid. Not worth mentioning.

Kyle nods, accepting his friend’s reluctance to voice his feelings. After all, there were some feelings too deep to express. Like himself. Aside from Jessi, he still hasn’t told Declan or anyone else about how he’s not able to have children. The loss is still too fresh. So, he too, glances away and they sit a minute in awkward silence.

KYLE: I’m looking forward to orientation next week. How about you?

DECLAN: Yeah, me too. [He’s grateful to have a change in subject].

KYLE: We’ll get a chance to see our dorm room.

DECLAN: Yeah…wait…our dorm room? [Suddenly Kyle realizes he hit on the one topic that had been the main cause for Declan’s wayward feelings].

KYLE: Yeah, do you still want to room together?

DECLAN: Hell, yeah. I just thought well, with you and Amanda now married…no, it’s still okay.

So Declan had been afraid that now Kyle was married they would no longer be roommates.

KYLE: We agreed to play it by ear for the most part, at least for now.

DECLAN: Things can change.

KYLE: Then I guess we’ll have to decide what to do when they change. In the meantime we’ll continue on as we first planned.

DECLAN: Your call.

Kyle picks up someone familiar close by.

KYLE: Foss is here. [The sound of the doorbell rings].

DECLAN: Great. This is one weekend I’m looking forward to.

As much as Kyle was looking forward to their survival camping trip at the same time he was going to miss being away. There was still so much for him and Amanda to talk about.

He and Declan pick up their stuff and head out into the hallway. Kyle can hear Steven say something to Josh in the living room.

STEVEN’s voice [coming from the living room]: Quick, Josh, turn off the TV!

Up ahead, Kyle sees Jessi come out from the kitchen and can tell she heard Steven too by the way she quickly tries to see what he’d been referring to. Nicole has answered the door and Foss is now standing in the foyer.

FOSS [as he sees Kyle and Jessi and Declan heading toward him]: Good, you’re all ready. Let’s go.

JESSI: What was on TV?

STEVEN [comes toward the foyer]: Nothing.

She and Kyle can tell he’s lying. Jessi looks past Steven and concentrates. Suddenly the TV comes on.

STEVEN: Jessi… [he frowns at her but glances helplessly at Nicole when the newscaster relays the news of several hostage takings].

Kyle grows concerned when he hears the news and sets his gear down. All turn to look at the TV.

NEWSCASTER #1: Police are trying to negotiate with several hostage takers all with the intent of seeing if the masked supermen will make an appearance.

Kyle and Jessi look at each other both worried and concerned at the events unfolding at an escalating rate.

NEWSCASTER #1: It’s as if the criminal’s are taunting the supermen to try and take them out, and if they don’t come soon they are threatening to harm the hostages.

Kyle’s frown deepens as he watches as the news cameraman shows several police cars surround an office building along with helicopters flying overhead. It’s not only the criminal’s who are hoping for them to make an appearance but also the police as well.

FOSS: This is exactly what I feared would happen. Everyone’s out to get you two. There’s no way you’re going to save any of them. The risk of exposure is too great.

Kyle’s family and friends look at him wondering what he’s going to do as he steps further into the living room. Opening Credits.

Scene opens with Kyle watching another newscast.

NEWSCASTER #2: A hostage taking occurred late this afternoon at Seattle Bank and police are still trying to negotiate for the release of at least ten hostages but have had little success. They are now threatening to start harming them one by one if their needs are not met.

Kyle watches on as his family watches him wondering what he’ll do. He knows his parents are worried that he and Jessi will be tempted to stop the criminals. Even Jessi is wondering what he’ll do.

JESSI [telepaths]: Well?

An idea comes to him.

KYLE [telepaths]: Bring your laptop and retrieve the hard drive we used to infiltrate Latnok records.

She leaves the room to get the items he requested.

NICOLE [calls to her, thinking Jessi’s getting their outfits]: Jessi?! [She turns to Kyle]. Kyle, you can’t go out.

FOSS: She’s right, it’s too dangerous.

KYLE [reassures them]: I’m not going to.

Jessi comes back with her laptop and the hard drive. Kyle takes the hard drive and hooks it up to both her laptop and the family computer. He starts typing while Jessi stands next to him to see what he’s doing.

JESSI [telepaths]: You’re tapping into the building’s cameras.

KYLE [telepaths]: We’ll be able to see the hostage takers and get a better idea of what they’re up to.

Another newscaster comes on.

NEWSCASTER #3: Police have surrounded a liquor store where a hostage situation has taken place. The robber is holding three people at gunpoint and police are worried the robber may start shooting. According to the negotiator, the robber is unstable and could be an addict.

Kyle continues to type, uploading a program so that his accessing the cameras won’t be traced back to their house. A few seconds later, with Jessi typing in sync, they have access.

NEWSCASTER #4: Negotiations don’t look promising at a corner pharmacy on 81st West where a robber entered the store demanding at gun point for some drugs.

Kyle brings up the location where the first hostage takings were then the second, then the third.

NEWSCASTER #5: This is not a night to be on the streets, folks. According to reports this network received, there are at least five hostage takings over the past hour. I’m here on Main Street where the local homeless shelter has become victim to a drifter claiming to have been abused by the locals and wants retribution. Police have now arrived and are attempting to persuade the drifter not to harm anyone until they get more details.

Kyl brings up the rest of the locations on screen.

JESSI [telepaths]: Now what?

Time seems to slow down as he weighs all the possibilities and as he looks around at everyone they appear to be frozen in time. Jessi, linked to him, sees and feels how time slows around her as well.

KYLE [narrative]: Foss was right; the risk was too great for either of us to appear at any of the crime scenes. But, by not doing something, wasn’t that allowing innocent people to get hurt? I knew it wasn’t my fault the criminals were choosing to harm others but the need to prevent that from happening was strong. So, how could I safely stop them?

He thinks of mentally jamming their guns but Jessi’s thoughts cuts in.

JESSI [telepaths]: That won’t stop them.

He glances down at the floor and catches sight of an electrical lamp cord and has another idea. With the security cameras showing what the robbers are up to he can use the electrical current to jam and discharge their weapons. He feels Jessi’s impatience.

JESSI [telepaths]: That won’t be enough. They could still harm the hostages. We need to knock them out, hard and fast.

Untimely, a flash of him killing Cassidy pops into his head.

JESSI [telepaths]: Stop thinking of that. [She picks up his slight irritation at her but she is just as irritated. His too passive nature is wasting valuable seconds].

KYLE [telepaths, reading her thoughts]: It’s not. I’m afraid of using too much current. It could kill them.

JESSI [telepaths]: And yet you manage to keep doing the impossible ahead of me. [She projects an image of him phasing through a wall].

Her words, though sounding competitive, makes him feel more confident.

Time slowly unfreezes around him as Jessi stretches out her leg and, with her foot, drags the lamp cord over.

JESSI [telepaths]: Now you can finally show me how to use the current.

He steps on the cord and takes her hand, keeping his gaze on the computer screen that shows the first hostage takers drag a hostage over to the window.

KYLE [telepaths]: Follow me.

KYLE [narrative]: Jessi was right, we had to act fast.

JESSI [telepaths]: Now you’re talking.

Jessi starts to feel the current flow through her.

KYLE [telepaths]: Follow the current like a fast flowing river.

The lights in the house start to flicker and time resumes back to normal.

NICOLE [sees the lights flicker]: Kyle? Jessi? What are you doing?

KYLE: Trying something and hoping it will work. Trust me.

LORI [glances at the lamp beside her and sees it flicker]: Oh, boy. Here we go again.

FOSS: Now wait a minute—[but Kyle and Jessi’s gaze is focused intently on the computer screen].

By gathering both their energy together, Kyle uses the electrical current to direct it towards each of the criminals. Power erupts from the nearby lights inside the building and heads straight for each robber. Like wielding a whip, Kyle flicks the light streams. It hits each hostage taker and renders them unconscious. The one holding a hostage staggers back as the first stream of light that hits him only stuns him enough to make him let go of the hostage. The hostage scrambles out of his reach as a second stream of light lands with enough force on the hostage taker to render him unconscious.

JESSI [takes out another one enjoying herself]: Bullseye!

The family looks from her to the TV.

NEWSCASTER #1: Wait! Something is happening! [Street lights around the surrounding area are flickering on and off and the cameraman focuses his camera at the building’s window where the hostage taker holds a hostage and TV viewers can see the lights inside flicker and spark as well. The power surges, creating a lightning effect that strikes the criminal down]. Someone, we don’t know who, has taken the hostage taker out!

Kyle directs them to the next location and they take out each hostage taker in the same manner. The family is staring at Kyle and Jessi.

JOSH: Awesome! Who needs fireworks?

FOSS: What have you done?

KYLE: I found a more creative way to save the hostages without the risk of exposing myself.

JOSH: And zap?

Kyle and Jessi grin.

JESSI: Zap. [She’s well pleased].

JOSH: Shocking.

They all laugh, except for Foss who frowns with worry.

FOSS [ever pragmatic]: Let’s hope they don’t figure out a way to trace an energy field.

Scene cuts to where they are now packing up to leave for their camping trip.

DECLAN: That was genius. [He loads the trunk with his sleeping bag and backpack].

KYLE [takes his turn at loading his bags inside the trunk]: Jessi helped.

JESSI [waits until Kyle finishes loading before loading her stuff]: You thought of it first.

DECLAN: I meant both of you.

JESSI: Thanks.

Foss climbs in on the driver’s side to wait for the three to finish loading. Nicole, Steven, Lori and Josh are standing nearby, ready to say their goodbyes.

STEVEN: Good luck, you three. And good work, Kyle, Jessi. [He gives Jessi a hug and Kyle a pat on the back].

NICOLE: Very good work. [She hugs each of them in turn].

LORI: See you guys later.

JOSH: Don’t forget to write.

LORI [punches her brother on the shoulder]: They won’t be gone that long.

JOSH: Ouch! [He rubs his shoulder].

DECLAN: Or call?

Josh chuckles. Inside the car, Foss checks his watch.

JESSI [takes Declan literally]: Our cells won’t work where we’re going.

NICOLE: Have a good time.

JOSH: Camping? Doesn’t sound like a good time to me. [He dodges another swing from Lori].

Kyle just smiles at them and they all get in the car, Jessi in front and Kyle and Declan in back. They wave goodbye, Foss giving a brief nod in response.

Their weekend getaway has begun.

Scene cuts to the Bloom house where Carol and Amanda are doing some household chores while in the background the TV is on reporting the news about the hostage takings.

AMANDA [looks fed up as she polishes her piano]: Mom, is our whole weekend together going to be spent arguing?

CAROL: Who’s arguing? I’m simply trying to get you to face reality. [She’s at the dining table folding linens, both are ignoring what’s happening on the news].

AMANDA: Our marriage is a reality.

CAROL [beneath her breath as she snaps a linen in the air before folding it]: Not if it were up to me.

AMANDA [doesn’t hear her over the snap]: What was that, mom?

CAROL [glances over at Amanda]: Are you fully prepared to meet that reality? Marriage is more than just playing ‘house.’

AMANDA: I know, mom.

CAROL: I phoned the bishop.

AMANDA [turns around to face her]: Mom! I told you not to!

CAROL: He said, other than persuasion, there’s nothing more I can do. You have to want the annulment.

AMANDA: Good. [She turns back to polish her piano].

CAROL [continues on, ignoring her daughter’s stubbornness]: However, he did suggest one thing.

AMANDA [sets her cloth down and turns around again to look over at her mom with suspicion]: What?

CAROL: To take a marriage course. He has a couple of nights open, you can pick one that suits both yours and Kyle’s schedule.

AMANDA: Mom, we don’t need—[she recalls Kyle saying to do whatever it takes to convince their parents that they are meant to be together so reconsiders her words]. All right. I’ll talk to Kyle. I’m sure he won’t mind taking a marriage course.

CAROL [stares at Amanda in disbelief]: You mean, you’ll do it?


Carol is the one looking at Amanda with suspicion now, wondering at the sudden cooperative change. Amanda just smiles at her mom then goes back to polishing her piano.

CAROL: There is one more thing…

AMANDA [groans]: More?

CAROL: Is there something else that happened to you and Kyle?

AMANDA [glances back at her mom with a frown]: Like? [Color tinges her cheeks as an image of her and Kyle lying in bed together in their underwear comes to mind].

CAROL: As if you didn’t know.

Amanda looks more and more confused as her thoughts ramble from drinking the laced beer, flying off to Vegas, rushing to get married to waking up in the hotel room.

CAROL: In Vegas!

AMANDA [getting fed up]: Mom, I can’t read your mind! Not lik--[she abruptly cuts off realizing with horror she was almost going to say not like Kyle can].

CAROL: Not what?

AMANDA: So, not able to read your mind, mom.

CAROL [huffs and throws up her hands in a useless gesture]: That you won some money.

AMANDA [feels relieved her mom didn’t catch on to her slip]: Oh, that.

CAROL [looks at her in disbelief]: It may seem like an every day occurrence but that was a big thing. A big thing you didn’t tell me about.

AMANDA: Yes, we won some money. [Now she understands what her mother is on about but her mind is preoccupied with her slip of the tongue].

CAROL [stares at her]: Some?! I’d call it more than some, Amanda.

AMANDA: Yes, it is a lot. It’s already in the bank.

CAROL: Is it? Did Kyle also mention that his father, Steven, conveniently didn’t mention your winnings to me the moment he heard about it?

AMANDA: Ah, no. What are you implying?

CAROL: And that he called their lawyer? It sounds suspiciously like he deliberately withheld telling me to draw up some pre-nuptial agreement that would favor Kyle. Honestly, Amanda, now that you’re married, half of those winnings are yours.

AMANDA: Is that what’s bothering you, because you think Mr. Trager or Kyle would stoop to arrange for me not to have my share? Well, let me tell you, Kyle and I went to the bank together on our lunch break earlier today, and we put the money in a joint savings account where it will be tax exempt until we withdraw it. Half of it will be Kyle’s and half of it will be mine.

CAROL: Wait; all this paper work was drawn up in such a short time?

AMANDA: Kyle is very smart and very fair. [She turns back to angrily scrub her polishing cloth over the same spot she spent the last five minutes polishing already, leaving her mother stunned and rethinking on her character assessment of both Steven and Kyle].

CAROL: Well, thanks for letting me know.

Amanda turns to see tears and a wave of hurt cover her mom’s face.

AMANDA: Mom, honestly, I would have told you all about it. But hardly a day has passed, and most of it was spent with me working at the Rack and the rest…us arguing about the marriage bit.

CAROL: Yes, well, about the marriage bit, I can see you have it all under control.

Her mother leaves the room and Amanda swallows hard, her emotions threatening to spill over. Why did her mother always have to think the worst of the Tragers, and manage to make her feel guilty for not keeping her up to speed all at the same time?

She’s too lost in thought to hear the newscaster speculate on who or what saved the hostages. Her thoughts center on how she almost revealed Kyle’s secret and for the first time doubts her ability to keep his secret, especially with her mother.

NEWSCASTER [softly in background]: Police are still puzzled how a power surge so well controlled managed to knock out each and every hostage taker that took place this evening. Was it the supermen? If so, the police have no clue where they had been hiding and there has been even more fears of these super humans to have the power of invisibility…at this time we can only speculate. One thing’s for sure, they seem to have the power to manipulate electricity.

Scene cuts to a campground. Foss starts to unload the trunk and handing items to both Jessi and Declan. Kyle has already taken a few things and is setting up camp. Declan catches sight of a folded up stretcher.

DECLAN: You think of everything.

FOSS: It’s my job.

JESSI [looks through and pulls out her stuff]: Where’s the dummy?

FOSS [looks directly at Declan]: I brought him.

JESSI [still looking in the trunk]: Where?

DECLAN [catches sight of Foss staring at him]: Wait? I’m the dummy?

FOSS: It would help Kyle and Jessi hone their skills if they worked with a live one.

JESSI: Great, a live dummy—

DECLAN [cuts in over her enthusiasm]: You could have told me.

FOSS: You wanted to come. I thought I’d put you to good use.

DECLAN: Thanks.

Just then Foss catches sight of a grocery bag and pulls out a bag of marshmallows.

FOSS: What’s this?

DECLAN: What does it look like?

FOSS [gives him a brief glare not liking his defiant tone]: I gave specific instructions on what to bring and what not to bring. This wasn’t on the list.

DECLAN: Yeah, well, it is a camping trip. I need something to snack on. Besides, Kyle and Jessi never had a real camping trip. One night of fun couldn’t hurt.

FOSS: This weekend isn’t about fun.

DECLAN: One night?

FOSS [gives a brief scowl then relents]: One night, [he shoves the bag into Declan’s hands], what you don’t finish stays in the car.

DECLAN: Yes, sir.

Foss takes out more gear and heads over to the camp just as Kyle comes over to help finish unloading.

KYLE: What was that about?

DECLAN: A difference of opinion. Help me find some sticks.

KYLE: I already set up the wood to make a fire.

DECLAN: No, this for the marshmallows. See? [He shows Kyle what’s in the bag]. Come on.

Kyle helps him looks for sticks. Back at camp they quickly set up their tents. Foss lights a fire and they all sit around staring at the fire when Declan takes out the bag of marshmallows from his goody bag.

DECLAN: No camping trip is complete without roasting some marshmallows. [He pulls out his pocketknife and with a few swipes, strips the bark].

Kyle and Jessi watch as Declan places a marshmallow on the end before handing one to each, even one to Foss. They copy him as he places his marshmallow over the fire.

DECLAN: Now it’s camping. [They roast marshmallows for a while. The crackling of the fire reminds Declan of how Kyle and Jessi manipulated the electricity to spark and crackle]. You guys rocked. What you did tonight was brilliant.

Jessi and Kyle smile at each other.

FOSS: Yeah, it was creative.

KYLE: Thanks.

FOSS: You maintained control. Well done. [Jessi beams]. My only concern the police won’t be able to trace back where the power surge came from.

JESSI: They won’t. Kyle and I set up an algorithm to misdirect a trace. [She glances at Kyle]. Which reminds me, we haven’t had time to work together much on setting up a security system for Latnok.

KYLE: I know.

JESSI: I started a program but I’ll need your input.

KYLE: I’ll take a look.

FOSS: By the way, pending the outcome here, I have you and Jessi scheduled next weekend to join a Search and Rescue training session.

KYLE [glances over the fire at Foss]: What day?

FOSS: Friday.

KYLE: That’s the last two days of UW’s orientation days.

FOSS: The training session meets there so it will fit in with your orientation schedule. I’ll be joining you as they take us to a pre-selected campground set up for further outdoor training all weekend long.

KYLE: I did promise Amanda I’d help her look for a car.

JESSI: You promised me help me, first.

KYLE [sighs]: And I will.

DECLAN [whispers to Kyle]: You’re starting early, juggling the wife and other woman.

KYLE [throws him a slight look of irritation, his friend meant well but that joke was getting old]: That’s not funny.

FOSS: Wife?

JESSI: You better tell him.

FOSS: Tell me what? [He looks from one to the other as Kyle gives Jessi a disgruntled look, he was going to pick a better moment to tell Foss].

KYLE: Something happened at Preston’s graduation party.

JESSI: He got married.

FOSS: He…you what? You’re married? Who? [He thinks for a second]. Amanda?

KYLE [nods]: A few of the beers were laced with a drug. Declan caught the guy, [Foss glances at Declan who smiles proudly], it was only one beer.

JESSI: With devastating side effects.

KYLE: Marrying Amanda wasn’t devastating.

JESSI: That’s a matter of opinion.

He glares at her but she just smiles, love pushing his buttons where Amanda’s concerned.

FOSS [shakes his head in disbelief]: Married? Do you’re parents know? [He quickly answers his own question]. Of course they do. Well, what happens now? Do you want to continue with S&R training?

KYLE: Yes.

FOSS: Good.

It’s quiet for a moment.

JESSI: So, what else happens on a camping trip?

DECLAN: We tell ghost stories.


DECLAN: To scare each other.

JESSI: How are ghosts scary? They aren’t real.

DECLAN: The point was to scare.

JESSI: That doesn’t sound like fun.

DECLAN: It was when you’re a kid.

KYLE: What else did you do when you were at camp?

DECLAN: Played games, played pranks on fellow campers, sang songs.

JESSI: What kind of pranks?

DECLAN: Wedgies.

KYLE: What’s a wedgie?

DECLAN: You wouldn’t like it.

Foss shakes his head at them and puts another couple of marshmallows on his sticks to roast. Despite his objections with Declan about bringing extra, he was eating more of them then the others.

DECLAN [continues]: You reach behind someone, grab their undies and yank upwards.

KYLE: Sounds painful.

DECLAN: It is.

JESSI [warns him]: Don’t do it to me.

DECLAN: I wouldn’t dream of it. It’s not something a guy ever does to a girl anyway.

JESSI: Good.

KYLE: Nor me.

DECLAN: It was a kid’s game.

KYLE: So, what songs did you sing?

DECLAN: I can’t remember them all but a classic one was Row Row Row Your Boat.

KYLE: How does that go?

Declan glances over at Foss.

FOSS: You’re the one who perked their curiosity.

DECLAN [starts singing, a little off key, it had been a while]: Row, row, row your boat—[He cuts himself off]. It’s lame.

KYLE: How does the rest go?

FOSS: Count me out, [he mumbles as he stuffs another roasted marshmallow into his mouth].

DECLAN: How many have you had?

Foss just shrugs so Declan, instead of singing, just finishes the rest of the lines.

DECLAN: Gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily; life is but a dream. You start when I begin singing Merrily, then Jessi starts when you begin Merrily and so on.

JESSI: Is that it?

DECLAN: Pretty much. It would have been better to have Lori here with her guitar.

JESSI: She has imporved.

Kyle smiles in agreement.

DECLAN [grabs some more marshmallows]: Here, have a few more before Mr. Hog eats them all.

Kyle and Jessi see that Foss’ mouth and chin is covered in white marshmallow gooey stuff which he tries to wipe the evidence away with his jacket sleeve.

DECLAN: So busted.

FOSS [shrugs]: I was hungry.

DECLAN: Ah ha.

FOSS: Tomorrow at first light, we’ll head up the trial. I want to start immediately with an exercise.

DECLAN: And the fun just ended.

Scene cuts to early morning. Foss opens up Declan’s tent, reaches in and shakes Declan awake.

FOSS: Time to get moving. Pack up your gear.

DECLAN [rubs his eyes and looks around]: What? It’s morning already? [Foss leaves the tent open as he walks away]. Wait, what about breakfast?

FOSS [calls back]: It’s a good thing you brought those extra snacks to munch on, you can eat on the way.

DECLAN [groans]: I’m in hell. [He crawls out of his tent and sees Kyle has his gear all stacked and ready and is over by the dying fire]. Did you eat?

KYLE: Yeah, [he reaches around beside him and holds out a plate of eggs, toast and bacon], here, your breakfast. Don’t mind Foss. He just wanted to get you moving.

DECLAN: It worked. [He grabs the plate and starts digging in]. You wouldn’t happen to have coffee, would you?

Kyle pours some coffee from a thermos into a cup and hands it to him.

DECLAN: Thanks, you’re a life-saver.

FOSS [calls out]: Hurry it up over there! We don’t have all day!

DECLAN: Slave-driver.

KYLE: He hasn’t even started yet.

Declan groans. Why did he come?

Shortly, after Declan rushes to pack up his things and thanks to Kyle’s help, they set out on a long hike towards their next camping designation. Foss instructs them as they trek up a trail.

FOSS: One of the first things an outdoorsman needs to learn is to be aware of his surroundings, of every mark, sound and smell of the forest and its inhabitants.

Kyle and Jessi pause, each taking a careful look around attuning every sense they have to their surroundings.

JESSI: There’s a goshawk in the middle tree branch over there, [she points].

KYLE: There’s a squirrel up in that tree, [he points to another tree], you can just catch a glimpse of his tail.

JESSI: Further in is the horizontal line of a buck deer; it looks like a tree stump but isn’t.

KYLE: I can smell his musky scent since he’s downwind. We’re up wind right now, but soon the wind will change and he’ll catch our scent, [he wets a finger and holds it up to get a feel for where the direction of the wind is heading], it’s changing now.

As soon as the deer catches their scent, they hear a faint rustling sound and catch one final glimpse, as he takes off deeper into the forest.

They both glance back at Foss. Declan squints trying to see what they had seen.

DECLAN: How did you guys see all that?

FOSS: With practice, a lot of practice for you or me, but with them, it comes naturally.

Foss resumes walking and Kyle, Declan, and Jessi follow.

Scene cuts to the Rack where Amanda is working. She sees Lori and Hillary come in. They wave to her and she greets them as they come up to the counter.

AMANDA: Hey, guys. What can I get you?

HILLARY: How about a yummy tale of honeymoon bliss?

AMANDA: Honeymoon? I wouldn’t call it that.

HILLARY: Any plans to have one?

AMANDA: Why so interested?

HILLARY: Girl, you’re a married woman now, or about to become a…woman.

AMANDA: That’s pretty personal.

HILLARY: What fun is it if you can’t tell your friends all about it?

LORI: I’m not that interested; after all, we’re talking about my brother here. What I’m most interested in is if you’re really going to start living together.

AMANDA: We only had a brief moment to discuss our marriage.

HILLARY: Ooh, how exciting.

LORI: And?

AMANDA: We decided to wait for a while.

HILLARY: Wait? Why wait? Honey, you have the perfect opportunity to snuggle with your muffin, go for it.

AMANDA: We can snuggle, not just in the way you’re implying.

LORI: How sweet. It sounds like something you two would do. But, come on, you wouldn’t be in the least bit tempted?


AMANDA: Guys…[she sighs, yes she would be tempted, a fact her mother kept hounding her about since she’s been home, what she was really concerned about was that they were playing at marriage instead of taking it seriously]. It’s our marriage; we’ll do as we please.

HILLARY: As long as he pleases you, what more could you ask for?

AMANDA: Don’t you want to order now?

LORI: I will.

HILLARY: If you insist. But I just have to ask one more thing. Did anything else exciting happen? [The way she asked made Amanda suspect she knew more what happened to her and Kyle the night or morning after Preston’s party].

AMANDA: You sound like you know.

HILLARY: Hello? I’m in the news business now. [She pulls out a newspaper of the Los Vegas Times and one article shows a picture of her and Kyle winning the grand prize].

AMANDA: Oh, that.

LORI [takes a look at the paper Hillary is holding up]: Hey, I didn’t see that.

HILLARY: Do you want a copy?

LORI: I’d love one.

Hillary glances at Amanda.

AMANDA: I’d love to have a copy myself.

HILLARY: Done. [She pulls out a few copies and hands them a copy each]. So, you were saying something else happened?

AMANDA [glances at the picture and sees them with a winning check in their hands]: Yeah, we won a bit of money.

HILLARY: A bit? Girl, why are you still working here?

AMANDA: Because we can’t use it. We put it all in a special savings account where we won’t have to pay taxes on it.

HILLARY: So, you can’t use it at all?

AMANDA: Nope. Well, if we do use it we’ll be taxed and lose our tax-free advantage.

HILLARY: Bummer.

AMANDA: We’ll make do.

HILLARY [studies their picture]: Don’t you two look sweet?

LORI: They certainly do.

HILLARY: So, how was the wedding ceremony?

AMANDA: Very brief. Not romantic like we wanted which would have included a rose ceremony.

LORI: Is that why you plan to have a bigger wedding ceremony on your first anniversary?

AMANDA: Exactly.

LORI: Sweet.

HILLARY: Where’s your wedding ring?

AMANDA: I took it off. It was leaving a black mark on my finger.

HILLARY: Eww, one of those cheapos?

AMANDA: Yeah, the same happened to Kyle. And speaking of, he took me to a jewelry store yesterday over lunch hour and we looked at wedding rings.

LORI: Nice. Did you see any you liked?

AMANDA: I saw a lot I liked. We picked some out. If you want to wait for my lunch break we can go over and I’ll show you.

HILLARY: When will you get them?

AMANDA: Not for a couple of months until Kyle’s finished paying for them.

LORI: I’d love to go.

HILLARY: Me, too.

Scene cuts to them at a campsite where Foss has a timer in his hands while Kyle and Jessi have in their hands a first aid kit and a stretcher. Further along the trail in an outcrop of rocks, Declan as the dummy, lies there waiting for them to come and get him.

FOSS: Okay, I want to see how fast, not super fast, regular fast like a normal person as you head to that outcropping, load up the dummy and return here. Ready, [they ready themselves], set, go!

JESSI: You mean Declan.

FOSS [lips twitch]: That’s who I meant.

They start running but Kyle soon finds he has to run a little faster to keep pace with Jessi. But the moment he does, she runs faster.

KYLE [telepaths]: Why aren’t you keeping pace?

JESSI [telepaths back]: I want to try and beat you.

KYLE: This isn’t a competition.

JESSI: It would be more fun if it were.

FOSS [calls out]: That’s too fast!

She slows down and Kyle keeps pace along with her.

KYLE [telepaths]: Do you want to work as a team?

JESSI [telepaths back]: Of course.

KYLE: Then why try to outrun me?

JESSI: How did you phase?

KYLE: I don’t know how. What does that have to do with this?

JESSI: Nothing. I was meaning to ask you about it before. This seemed as good a time as any.

KYLE: Now?

JESSI: Why not?

He shakes his head as he skirts over some rocks to reach the outcropping while she keeps pace. Declan sees them and remains lying there pretending to be unconscious. Kyle sees him.

JESSI: So, how did you?

KYLE: I don’t know.

JESSI: How can you not know?

KYLE: I don’t know, I just seem to do things even I can’t explain.

JESSI: That’s no help. I need to know!

KYLE: Jessi, will you stop competing with me?

JESSI: Why? I like it. It gives me purpose.

They reach Declan and carefully load him on to the stretcher. Jessi is too enthusiastic for Declan’s liking in wrapping him up in bandages. He begins to feel like a mummy the way she immobilizes both legs and arms in sprints.

DECLAN: Aren’t you taking your job too far?

JESSI [puts on a neck brace next]: Nope.

Declan glances over at Kyle who just grins at him. Kyle lifts him at the front end while Jessi lifts him at the feet and straps him into the stretcher.

DECLAN [stares up at Kyle as they lift him]: You know, Jessi would be a lot prettier sight to look at. How come she’s not at this end?

KYLE: The head and body weigh more?

JESSI: His weight’s not a problem. [She sets down her end and Declan finds himself half in the air].


KYLE [to Jessi]: All right, take my end.

Jessi takes the front end. Kyle moves around and picks up the other end. They carefully lift him and maneuver their way over the rocks. They’re very good, Declan hardly feels any jarring, just a slight swaying motion, and the sight of Jessi is worth looking at.

DECLAN: Much better.

They head back to Foss.

FOSS [when they reach him]: Why are you holding the front end, Jessi?

DECLAN [answers for her]: ’Cause she’s prettier than Kyle.

Foss just sighs. Teenagers.

Foss has Declan go be the dummy again and first has Jessi bring him back then Kyle.

As Declan heads out with Jessi he fumbles over the rocks. But she just goes on ahead not paying any attention and only looks back impatiently. Declan sighs, so much for faking a fall like he and Foss secretly planned before the trip and well out of earshot. He soon joins her.

JESSI: Okay, on the stretcher. [She places it on the ground]. I wouldn’t advise pretending to stumble either, or you really will fall.

DECLAN: Would you save me if I did?

JESSI: I’m not supposed to.

DECLAN: Since when has that stopped you?

JESSI [grins but her grin fades when she glances where Foss is waiting for them]: Foss won’t like it.

DECLAN: Nope, he sure won’t. So, the question is, would you save me?

JESSI: I guess you’ll never know.

They make it back and then Foss has Kyle and Declan take a turn. Declan pretends to slip in what he thought was a very convincing manner but Kyle just looks at him funny.

KYLE: What are you doing?

DECLAN: Messin’ about.

But then, with his bum ankle, he slips for real. Suddenly he feels a force steady him and looks to see Kyle concentrating, focusing right on him. He feels a force again that makes him straighten and it helps him to regain his balance.

DECLAN: Thanks.

KYLE: You’re welcome. You and Foss planned this?

DECLAN: He said to make it look real. I didn’t expect to fall for real.

KYLE: I noticed.

DECLAN: I figured you would. So, what does this mean for you?

KYLE: That I failed. I couldn’t resist using my abilities to prevent you from seriously injuring yourself.

DECLAN: Not that I don’t really appreciate your help, I’m sorry you didn’t pass the test.

They return to Foss who had been watching them.

FOSS: Report.

DECLAN [resists the temptation to give him a mock salute]: What?

FOSS: How did it go?

DECLAN: He knew right off the bat I was faking it.

KYLE: But then he really did trip and I used my ability to save him from falling.

FOSS: So, you failed.

KYLE: Yes.

FOSS: I suspect you won’t ever be able to resist using your ability to save a person, no matter the risk. Search and Rescue is out for you.

Kyle bites his lip as Foss walks away. Jessi and Declan glance at Kyle, feeling sorry for him.

Scene cuts to later in the afternoon.

DECLAN: So, what’s next on the agenda?

FOSS: Mountain climbing.

Declan doesn’t look to keen on having to climb a mountain.

FOSS: Don’t worry, I took your inexperience into account. You won’t have to climb, just Kyle and Jessi.

When they reach the mountain, Foss has Kyle and Jessi scale it. They are halfway up the mountain when a snake, deep in a recess hisses at Jessi, catching her off guard. She instantly grabs on to the snake but now finds she’s holding on to the rock wall with only one hand. Kyle reaches out his hand.

KYLE: Are you okay?

JESSI: Fine. I can manage. [She glares at the snake].

KYLE: What are you planning to do?

JESSI: Kill it.

KYLE: Why?

JESSI: It’s dangerous.

KYLE: It’s just defending its territory. [She looks from the snake back at him]. Well, aren’t you going to put him back?

JESSI: If I set it down it will strike.

KYLE: Talk to it, make it know you’re not a threat.

JESSI: I am a threat.

KYLE [beneath his breath]: Big surprise.

JESSI [glares up at him]: I heard that.

KYLE: Here, hand it to me.

She hands him the snake and he looks at it, the same way he once looked at another snake when he first woke up in the forest, his first day alive. He sets the snake down and it slithers away, further deep into the recess. He looks proudly back at Jessi.

JESSI: Show off. [He just smiles impishly back].

Just then she realizes that the love she feels for him is no longer the “romantic needy” kind she’s had for him since he saved her life the very first time, back in the diner. This feeling was deeper, friendship and comradeship deeper. He grows uncomfortable at her wonderment stare and misinterprets the feeling he’s picking up from her. She shifts closer and puts a hand out to touch his shoulder but he draws back.

JESSI: No, it’s not like that.

KYLE [picks up the difference in her tone]: It’s not?

JESSI: No. I understand now. This was what you meant by how good we could be together.

KYLE: Yeah?

JESSI: Yeah.

His simple and heartfelt smile makes her smile back and right then they form an even closer bound and a deeper understanding of the other.

JESSI: Can I ask you something?

KYLE [looks up to see how much further they have left to climb]: Now?


KYLE [glances back at her]: What is it?

JESSI: When we kissed that one time, after Amanda told me to when the students at Beachwood were speculating about us—

KYLE: Jessi—

JESSI [rushes in]: Okay, I took full advantage, but I need to know. How did it feel? [She waits as he hesitates then continues on hoping he’d feel more relaxed]. Sarah once told me she hoped you and I never had regrets like it did with her and Adam.

KYLE: That’s how I felt.

JESSI: What? You regretted me kissing you?

KYLE: I didn’t want any reason for regrets, because I had a premonition it could have been that way between us.

JESSI: You actually saw us together?

KYLE: No, it was more of a feeling that if we were together like how Adam and Sarah were together.

JESSI [sounds disappointed]: Oh.

KYLE: But no regrets with us being like how we are now.

JESSI [smiles a bit before turning serious again]: But how did it make you feel?

KYLE: Jessi, that’s not appropriate. I’m married now.

JESSI: So? I just need to know.

KYLE: Why? Nothing can come of it.

JESSI: So you did feel something!

KYLE: Let it go. [He starts to climb but she doesn’t budge].

JESSI: Tell me.

KYLE [sighs, knowing she wasn’t going to let it go]: Like fireworks exploding.

JESSI: Really?

KYLE: Jessi—

His warning tone is telling her to drop it but she can’t resist one last moment of smugness.

JESSI: Too bad you had that premonition. We would have rocked.

KYLE: More like bring the house down.

JESSI: Kyle—

KYLE: Let’s climb. [He’s not going to say anymore as with determination he grabs a hold of a line to resume climbing].

JESSI [can tell the subject is closed so thinks back the dream she had last night, it was all about Nate]: I wonder how it will be with Nate and me?

KYLE: You like him a lot.

JESSI: Maybe. [She climbs, keeping pace with him].

KYLE: I’m glad. He better treat you well though.

JESSI: Always the protector. I don’t need protecting, despite my recent actions. [So he’s had to rescue her a lot each time her emotions got the better of her].

KYLE: Uh-huh. [He doesn’t sound convinced].

JESSI [makes a face behind his back]: Kyle, the defender. What am I?

KYLE: Proud and strong?

JESSI: For a moment I thought you were going to say stubborn.

KYLE [shifts to get a better grip and grunts]: That too.

JESSI: Ha, very funny.

Just then Foss calls them over their walkie talkie.

FOSS [cut to him as he watches them climb with binoculars]: You paused halfway up. Are you in trouble?

KYLE [cut him as he clicks on the walkie talkie Foss gave him along with an earpiece]: No, we’re fine. It was just a snake.

He clicks off and before long they reach the top.

KYLE [checks in with Foss]: Hey, Foss, we’re at the top. [He looks around and pauses to reach in his backpack for a bottle of water].

FOSS’ voice: Great, despite the snake you made record time.

KYLE [takes a sip of water]: It’s a great view up here. Give us a few minutes and we’ll make our way back down.

FOSS’ voice: All right. See you soon.

JESSI [pulls out a camera from her backpack and starts snapping a few pictures]: This is great. I feel like I’m on top of the world.

Kyle smiles and points to where she should take another picture. She walks close to the edge and snaps a few before turning away and searching for another angle. Soon, they make their way back down, outfitting a stretcher to simulate bringing an injured person with them.

Back at the campsite, they eat then settle down for the night, no campfire songs or roasting of marshmallows, they were all too tired. During the night however, Kyle starts having a bad dream. The same nightmare he once had of Cassidy and the last moments of Cassidy stunning him and how he tried to redirect the current but in his weakened state, the current hit and killed Cassidy.

He struggles to wake from the unending loop of those last moments. In his half dream and half wakened state he first smells a strong odor of ozone and wonders if there is a storm brewing. Then he hears an urgent voice calling him.

JESSI’s voice: Kyle! Wake up!

Kyle jerks awake and feels Jessi’s rubber-gloved hand clutching his. She’s redirecting the energy he’s emanating through her and into the ground. He looks past her to see Foss and Declan standing a short and safe distance away with lines of worry etched on their faces.

KYLE [making the sure the energy fizzles and dies as he takes deep calming breaths]: I’m sorry.

Jessi releases him. Suddenly he’s filled with fear and once again feels a build of energy. He takes her hand again, just in case his fear overcomes his ability to control it.

Jessi feels his struggle and holds on.

KYLE [narrative]: If Jessi hadn’t been here, how much damage would I have done? Now that I’m married, what if this happened while I was with Amanda? I could seriously hurt her.

Doubts of being married to her, not just because they were too young, but that he could harm her is now at the forefront of his mind.

KYLE: I should come with a danger sign, lightening rod included.

FOSS: Are you okay? What happened?

KYLE: A bad dream.

DECLAN: Cassidy again?

KYLE: Yeah. I wish I could stop dreaming about him.

FOSS: You won’t but the intensity of your dreams will ease.

KYLE: I hope so. [He releases Jessi’s hand]. Thanks for your help.

JESSI: I should stay with you, in case you dream again.

He nods. They fall asleep, with Jessi holding on to Kyle’s hand safely encased in a rubber glove while her other hand is in contact with the ground. Soon Jessi finds that with their connection, she becomes a part of his dreams and he in hers.

During the rest of the night he does dream of Cassidy but in fragments. The time he first saw Cassidy at Latnok on prom night after he and Jessi rescued Amanda. His anger at Latnok for kidnapping them was controlled but in his dream he felt it build. That’s when he sees Jessi enter the room.

KYLE: You’re supposed to be with Amanda.

JESSI: I was then suddenly I was here. [She frowns in puzzlement looking over the Latnok members who now appear frozen]. I don’t remember this. [She glances back at him]. I think you’re dreaming.

Suddenly the dream fragments and Kyle is confronting Cassidy about putting a chip in Amanda’s head. Again he feels banked anger. Jessi is there playing in the park with Cassidy’s dog. He frowns first at a frozen yet life-like Cassidy then at Jessi. Everything else in the dream isn’t frozen.

Jessi glances from the dog to Cassidy.

JESSI: Still frozen?

The dream changes with Kyle confronting Cassidy in his office along with Jessi and his parents. Anger builds but the knowledge he will soon bring Cassidy to justice keeps it at bay, but not in his dream.

Sparks from his fingertips start to ignite.

JESSI [leans across from the still-like figures of his parents]: Easy. [The sparks dissipate].

This time the dream jumps to him and Amanda in the high school janitor’s closet, kissing. He breaks away and sees Amanda frozen in place. Mouth slightly parted with eyes closed. The familiar feeling of desire but also anger when he sees the cards Cassidy sent Amanda, stalking her, all in an effort to get him to join Latnok. His hands bunch into fists.

JESSI [next to Kyle]: That’s a new look for her.

KYLE [jumps back startled at her sudden presence]: What you doing here?

JESSI: It’s your dream, you tell me.

Kyle tries to concentrate to control his dream and keep the building anger at bay. But suddenly the dream changes again to the final confrontation between him and Cassidy. Cassidy isn’t frozen this time as he raises the stun gun to shoot but suddenly Jessi is there, grabs him by the neck and throws him against the van. He crumples to the ground dead. Kyle stares in horror and so does Jessi.

JESSI [turns angrily to face Kyle]: Hey, now you’re dreaming of me killing him? [She looks once again at Cassidy and feels a certain satisfaction he’s dead but not in killing him. Remorse like she’s never felt before sweeps over her]. Wait a minute, you’re not wishing I had killed him, are you?


She feels the truth but she also feels like he wished someone else had killed Cassidy his guilt was so strong. Foss is suddenly in the dream; Cassidy is back being alive and ready to stun Kyle when Foss shoots him. Cassidy lies dead at Foss’ feet.

JESS: Okay, this is getting weird.

Kyle looks on helplessly. He can’t seem to control the dream but what he does know, thanks to Jessi’s presence in his dream, it’s taking a whole new turn.

Once again the dream changes and he suddenly finds himself lying in bed with a very unfrozen Amanda, kissing her passionately and feeling her respond in kind. A sheet covers her naked form and half covers his nakedness. His fingers tighten in her hair and he deepens the kiss. Desire quickly replaces anger.

JESSI’s voice [from behind him]: Amanda again? I think I liked it better with Cassidy.

He releases Amanda as if a bucket of ice water was dumped on him.

AMANDA [glances over at Jessi]: What are you doing here?

JESSI: Ask him.

AMANDA [glares at Kyle]: You invited her on our honeymoon?

KYLE: No, I—honeymoon? Isn’t this a dream?

AMANDA: You dream of Jessi?

KYLE: Well, no, yes, right now I am, [wrong thing to say if Amanda’s expression is to go by and so he turns to ask Jessi to leave only to see her studying him], hey!

JESSI: Hey what? It’s your dream I have no control over it.

NATE’s voice [comes from behind Amanda]: I’ll say. [He sits up and he too is half covered by a sheet and only his bare chest shows].

Amanda yelps, scooting closer to Kyle.

Kyle jerks awake and so does Jessi. They look at each other over their clasped hands and Kyle quickly lets go.

JESSI: Oh sure, just when it was getting interesting.

KYLE: Uh, I think I’m fine now. You helped.

JESSI: If you’re sure. [Kyle nods]. Okay.

She snuggles down and tries to recapture the dream but only without Kyle and Amanda there. Nate had some interesting features.

Luckily for Kyle, his dreams were free of Cassidy but instead his dreams were filled with Amanda, especially of the honeymoon they missed out on. He didn’t have a very comfortable sleep after that.

In the morning Kyle was glad they had a long hike, exactly what he needed to work off some pent up energy.

FOSS [when he finally catches up to Kyle, leaving Jessi to keep a slower pace with Declan]: Trying to exhaust yourself so you won’t dream again?

KYLE: Yes. I hope it works.

FOSS: Don’t overdo it; sometimes making yourself too exhausted will lower your ability to maintain control.

KYLE: I’ll keep that in mind. But I sure didn’t have control last night.

FOSS: Actually, you did. [Kyle looks at him questioningly]. You had placed some kind of shield around yourself, if the sparks flying against it was any indication, Jessi had to mentally and physically push through just to join hands with you. So, subconsciously, you did have control. It was quite a sight.

KYLE [swallows hard]: So, I didn’t hurt anyone. You were safe.

FOSS: Yeah, we were safe.

Kyle is grateful to hear he had managed.

KYLE: If Jessi hadn’t been there…[he trails off, unable to consider the horrible consequences].

FOSS: You would have woken up and dealt with the situation, like you always do.

Kyle nods, feeling more reassured.

Scene cuts to Amanda, back home from work. She glances out the front window to see if Kyle has come home from his camping trip. Carol enters the room.

CAROL: Really, Amanda, that’s the fifth time you’ve checked.

AMANDA [glances back at her mom]: It’s only the third.

CAROL: Oh, only the third, that makes a big difference.

AMANDA [just smiles and glances back out the window preparing to check again in fifteen minutes when she sees Foss pull up]: He’s here!

CAROL: Don’t you think you should wait until he settles in first? [But her words die out as Amanda dashes out the door. Carol sighs]. Hopeless.

Her eyes narrow and this time she checks outside, seeing Amanda greet Kyle. She heads to her purse lying on the coffee table and takes out her cell and sends a text message. It reads: “Kyle, meet me for lunch tomorrow. Don’t tell Amanda.”

Scene switches to outside where Kyle steps out of the car. Foss pops the trunk door and Declan and Jessi hop out of the car and over to the trunk to get their things. Kyle has sensed Amanda and waits until she comes up to him, noticing she’s dressed in shorts and a form-fitting T-shirt.


KYLE: Hi. [The dream he had of her choose that moment to pop into his head the second he glanced at her bare legs].

She is about to step closer to give him a hug but he steps back.

KYLE: Ah, [he points behind him], I’ll just get my stuff.

AMANDA: Right. I’m sorry, I should have waited until you were settled.

KYLE: No, I’m glad you came out. I’ll just…[he quickly takes out his gear from the trunk].

Jessi picks up his emotions and the brief image of his dream before he blocks it from her. Rather than head inside, she pauses. Declan takes his stuff over to his car. Kyle then sets his gear beside Jessi and turns back to Amanda.

AMANDA [speaks at the same time as Kyle]: So, how was your trip?

KYLE [speaks at the same time as Amanda]: How was your weekend?

They both laugh.

KYLE/AMANDA [say at the same time]: Good.

They laugh a little more.

AMANDA: I should let you go inside and unpack.

KYLE: No, stay for a bit.

Amanda’s glad to hear she’s not intruding and then glances over Kyle’s shoulder to see Jessi staring at her. She raises an eyebrow quizzically not liking how Jessi is studying her so intently.

JESSI: People do look different when they’re naked.

AMANDA [blinks]: What?

Kyle mentally groans, knowing full well Jessi will take this opportunity to bug Amanda. Behind them, Declan comes back to retrieve another bag and overhears her. He makes a show of digging around, curious to see how her comment will play out.

AMANDA [glances from her to Kyle]: Did you see her naked again?


JESSI: I saw him naked.

AMANDA: Really? How did that come about? Did you just barge into his tent—

JESSI [cuts in]: And you.

AMANDA [can’t help glance briefly down at her shirt]: What, how could you have—[did she just develop a new ability, to see through clothes?], when did you ever see me—

JESSI [cuts her off again]: Through Kyle. It’s how he sees you. [She ignores his warning ‘keep quiet’ look and instead gives them both a cheeky smile like she’s seen Lori do on occasion and then picks up her gear and heads inside].

AMANDA [turns back to Kyle]: What does she mean, that’s how you see me? [She’s thrilled Kyle sees her as desirable but upset Jessi knows something so personal, considering how they can read each other minds gives a whole different view on how intimate he can be with someone else on a different level than he can ever be with her].

KYLE: It was a dream, of you…and her.

AMANDA: Both of us were naked in your dream?

KYLE: No, just you, me…[he frowns]…and Nate. [She makes a face]. But that was Jessi’s dream by then.

AMANDA: You were in each other’s dream?

KYLE: It’s a long story.

DECLAN [finally takes out his remaining bag after Foss throws him an impatient ‘what’s the hold up’ look]. Yeah, I’ll say. [He gives Amanda a quick wink and heads to his car to load in the last of his stuff].

AMADNA: Declan wasn’t in this dream too, was he?

Before he can answer her, Foss starts his car. He’s ready to leave so Kyle signals him to hold for a second.

KYLE [to Amanda]: Excuse me. [She nods and watches as he skirts around the car to talk with Foss].

KYLE [to Foss]: Thanks for this weekend.

FOSS [nods in acknowledgment]: I’ll cancel next weekend.

KYLE: I’m sorry I failed.

FOSS: In an ideal world the fact that you can use your unique skills to save others would be wonderful and beneficial. But we don’t live in an ideal world. The news before we left proved that.

KYLE: I know.

FOSS: Don’t feel bad Search and Rescue isn’t for either you or Jessi at this time. Maybe one day it can be.

KYLE: Maybe one day.

Foss gives a slight nod and Kyle steps back, watching as Foss pulls out and drives off before signaling Amanda to wait one more minute as he heads over to say goodbye to Declan.

KYLE: Thanks for coming.

DECLAN: I had fun.

KYLE: Being the dummy?

DECLAN: Ha, yeah, that too. [They do a part handshake and part high-five before Declan opens his car door]. Good luck with your women.

KYLE: Declan… [his voice sounds a warning].

DECALN: Overkill? [Kyle nods]. Got it. [No more reference of Jessi being the other woman].

Declan gives Amanda a brief wave, she waves back and then he drives off. Kyle walks over to Amanda.

KYLE [begins his explanation right away]: Actually, my dream started with Cassidy.

He spends a few minutes talking to her about his dream and saying that if it wasn’t for Jessi being there, he was afraid what might have happened.

KYLE: But my real fear is, when the day comes we share a place, what if it happens while I’m lying next too you? I could seriously hurt you.

AMANDA: You won’t.

KYLE: You can’t know that.

AMANDA [touches his cheek]: I do know, I know you. You just said Foss had seen you subconsciously protect them even while dreaming.

KYLE: Yes, but they were in their own tents. With you, you’ll be right beside me.

AMANDA: Kyle, quit worrying. I trust you completely. We’ll deal with it as it happens.

KYLE: But I don’t want to hurt you—

She puts a finger over his lips.

AMANDA: You won’t. Just tell yourself you won’t and you won’t hurt me.

She kisses him. After a few seconds she feels his arms come around her. Shortly though, their kiss deepens and he holds her closer. When he finally pulls away, he rests his forehead on hers.

KYLE: Thank you, for making me feel better.

AMANDA: I love you.

KYLE: I love you, too.

AMADNA: Mmm, judging by the very interesting dream you had of us, I can tell. [Then she whispers in his ear]. I can’t wait for a real honeymoon either.

She gives him a quick peck on the cheek then turns and walks back to her house, throwing a soft flirty smile at him. He smiles back but now he’s back to feeling more than warm and fuzzy at the image of them together.

After Amanda’s goes inside her house does he then pick up his stuff and into his house. Kyle barely has enough time to set his gear down when Nicole greets him with a hug.

JOSH [simply waves hello]: Back already?

Kyle smiles at him over Nicole’s shoulder.

Later, after he has unpacked, he checks his cell phone and sees the message Carol has left him. He frowns in concern, wondering what she wants to meet with him about. Jessi enters his room with her laptop in her hands.

JESSI: Ready?

KYLE: Ready. I have the program loaded. [He tucks his cell phone away].

She hooks up her laptop to his and soon they are engrossed in their security program for Latnok.

The next day, Kyle enters a coffee shop where he agreed to meet Amanda’s mother for lunch. He sees her sitting at a table and joins her.

CAROL: Thank you for meeting me, Kyle. I suppose you know why you’re here.

KYLE: Our marriage. I really love Amanda, Mrs. Bloom.

CAROL: Love isn’t the issue. [She pauses]. Or maybe it is. I’m well aware how much you love each other. But all you two can see is through love-filled eyes. Marriage is more than love.

KYLE: I know.

CAROL: Do you?

KYLE: Yes.

CAROL: Then tell me.

KYLE [thinks of Steven and all that he is to Nicole and the family]: Responsibility. Trust. Sharing. Commitment. Supportive. Being there for each other, even if you don’t agree at times.

CAROL: Ah, you learnt that from your biological parents?

KYLE: No, Steven.

CAROL: Steven? But, what about your parents? You learnt nothing from them?

KYLE [knows that Amanda told her mother the fake story of the Peterson’s being his real parents]: No.

CAROL: No? What does that mean?

KYLE: I’m sorry, I can’t talk about it. [He doesn’t want to start lying to her]. My life began with the Tragers.

CAROL: You still can’t remember some things?

He doesn’t say anything more and she sees he’s not going to share. He’s being as close-mouthed as her daughter.

CAROL: Maybe one day you and Amanda will tell me the whole story.

KYLE [slowly nods sounding hopeful]: One day.

CAROL: Well, [she swallows past a sudden lump of emotion], you also brought up the one word why I asked you here. Can you be responsible for Amanda? Emotionally, maybe, but what about financially? A husband needs to be a good provider.

KYLE: I have a good job.

CAROL [notices the hard hat he laid on the chair next to him]: On a construction site?

KYLE: Yes, I’m overseeing the construction crew who’ll be building one of my designs.

CAROL: You’re already overseeing a project?

KYLE: With the help of my supervisor, Brad Daniels.

CAROL: How did you land such a good position?

KYLE: At Career Fair day in school I looked at an architectural model at one of the career booths and told the guy it needed more support. He came up to me later and said I saved the company millions. So, I decided to take him up on his offer of a job. I’ve been working on other designs with structural problems and continue to help save the company a great deal of money.

CAROL: How did you get to be so smart? [She’s beginning to see what Amanda means when she said Kyle was smart, hard-working and responsible].

KYLE: I was a child prodigy.

CAROL: Mmm, [one small snippet about his past but something else was bothering her], then how did you come to be in a juvenile detention center?

KYLE [thinks for a moment]: You know I was taken? [She nods]. Well, my captors didn’t give me clothing to wear and when I woke up with no memory of who I was and wondered into the city I was arrested for indecent exposure.

CAROL [looks shocked]: Your captors didn’t give you clothes to wear?


CAROL: That’s awful. That’s horrible. [She pauses, still in disbelief his captors were that cruel]. I don’t get why you were taken. There was no demand for a ransom even, unless my daughter didn’t tell me the whole story, [which was more than likely].

KYLE: I know stuff.

CAROL: What kind of stuff?

KYLE: All kinds.

CAROL: Meaning what? You’re too smart for your own good?

KYLE [gives a small smile]: Yeah.

CAROL: Is this stuff you know dangerous?

KYLE: It could be.

CAROL [grows alarmed]: What does that mean?

KYLE: If it landed in the wrong hands, it could.

CAROL: Well, can’t you get rid of it?

KYLE: I have an eidetic memory.

CAROL: So, the information is there whether you want it or not. [He nods]. The ones who held you captive, are they still around? Is my daughter in danger?

KYLE: Most of them have been arrested, but there was a handful who escaped arrest that could try to use me.

CAROL: Well, that’s not good enough. What about Amanda?

KYLE: She knows the risk.

CAROL: That’s unacceptable.

KYLE: Mrs. Bloom, I would do everything I could to protect her.

CAROL: But you can’t, not ultimately.

KYLE [hangs his head]: No. [Again feelings of anger sweep over him and he struggles for control as he feels the window he’s sitting next to vibrate].

Carol can see why Amanda is so protective of him and thinks of what he’s been through. It isn’t his fault people were after him. He does have a sort of vulnerability that made the mother inside her bring out her own protective instinct. But her daughter came first. She frowns down at her teacup as it rattles on its base.

CAROL: Did you feel that? [The cup stops rattling and Kyle just looks at her with a helpless yet worried expression on his face]. Never mind. [She shakes her head, thinking it must have been a slight tremor]. Well, since your winnings are tied up in a savings account, I’m expecting help from you to support her. That is, if you’re insistent on continuing being married to my daughter.

KYLE: Yes, I still want to be married to Amanda.

CAROL: I thought so. [She writes on a napkin. As she writes he takes a brief look at the window tom make sure it is still intact. He quickly looks her way again when she hands him the napkin]. This is what I send to her each month. Can you handle the full amount or even half of it?

KYLE [looks at the amount on the napkin and does some quick mental calculation, if he works one extra day a week he can give at least two hundred more a month for Amanda than the amount shown]: I can handle the full amount, but I won’t be able to help out at the end of this month, my funds are already tied up with other expenses. I can help out for the end of next month and from then on.

CAROL: The whole amount?

KYLE: If I work an extra day a week, I can even put in another two hundred more for her.

CAROL: Oh, my. They are paying you well. Good. Thank you, Kyle. I can see you’re proving quite resourceful already. [She couldn’t bring herself to say: “proving to be quite the resourceful ‘husband’ to her daughter” yet]. However, I want to keep this between us. I can arrange it so you’ll be able to do a direct deposit in my account and make it look like the money is still coming from me.

KYLE: Why?

CAROL: I don’t want Amanda to know you’re supporting her.

KYLE: I’m sorry, Mrs. Bloom. I can’t do that. I won’t lie to her.

CAROL: Now, wait a minute, you agreed to help financially.

KYLE: Yes, but not to lie.

Carol narrows her eyes at him but he stares back unflinchingly. She certainly can’t fault him for his integrity.

CAROL: I’d prefer if the money came from me, she’d know I coerced you.

KYLE: You didn’t. I’m happy to help support Amanda.

CAROL: Still…I’d like it if you pay me and I’ll hand it over to my daughter.

KYLE: I can’t do that either.

CAROL: Why not?

KYLE: I’m her husband. The money is coming directly from me and she should know it.

Carol just opens and closes her mouth not knowing what more to say. She doesn’t look pleased he’s over-riding her decision.

She stands up to leave and he knows their conversation is at an end. He hopes in time she’ll come to fully accept him.

Scene at Latnok. It’s Monday night and Kyle is piecing together a computer part for Latnok’s mainframe before he and Jessi load in their security program.

JESSI: You missed a wire.

KYLE: Oh, thanks. [He adds the wire where it belongs].

JESSI: I noticed that about you. You miss certain small details.

KYLE: It’s a good thing I have you to see them for me.

JESSI: At first you miss the small details then eventually you catch them. I do notice though you usually see the bigger picture before I do.

KYLE: Maybe that’s why we make a great team.

JESSI: Yeah, we do. So, what do you say?

KYLE: About what?

JESSI: I’m offering you a job.

KYLE: I have a job.

JESSI: I know. But think of the possibilities. You could do so much more especially with the resources Latnok has. Well, at least we used to have. Some of our backers pulled out when Latnok came under investigation thanks to the late Cassidy.

KYLE: Join Latnok?


KYLE: You’re sounding like a real recruiter. You’re really into Latnok.

JESSI: I know. I liked it at first because of the irony. They didn’t want me. But now, I really like it.

KYLE: I’m glad for you.

JESSI: You will like it, too.

KYLE [thinks a moment, a few days ago he would have thought twice but after his talk with Mrs. Bloom a second part time job will help him financially support Amanda]: All right, but I can only work on Saturdays, once I clear it with my boss.


KYLE: It’s called moonlighting. My other job comes first.

JESSI [smiles at his expression]: Agreed. Don’t worry about not helping out Steven and Nicole, I can. I decided to stay home instead of living on campus.

KYLE: When did you decide to stay home?

JESSI: I guess about the same time you were with Mrs. Bloom. I was at the cafeteria for lunch and was watching all the students and imagined what it would be like being around all the time. I felt kind of claustrophobic. It wasn’t for me. Besides, having a dorm all to myself? I was alone for a while, after Sarah died.

KYLE [softly]: That was different.

JESSI: I know. [She glances away but he sees the tears pool in her eyes].

KYLE: I’m sure they’ll appreciate your helping them. [She concentrates, staring at nothing]. Now what are you thinking?

JESSI: Remembering who our backers were and still are. There’s one backer that’s at the top of the list we can use. [She glances at him]. Madacorp.

KYLE: I thought we were done with them.

JESSI: This is business.


JESSI: I’m the boss here, not you.

KYLE: Why them?

JESSI: They have the resources. Although for the past few months they’ve taken an economic down turn. Probably thanks to Ballantine. They’ll need something big to recoup their loss.

Now it’s Kyle’s turn to start concentrating.

JESSI: What? I can see your wheels turning. [He smiles at her expression].

KYLE: I remembered what Steven told me when he left Madacorp and how Emily tried to get him to stay on. He said he noticed they were trying to piece together the shards of glass where you had written a bunch of formulas down.

JESSI: Do you think they have it all pieced together by now?

KYLE: If they figure out some of those formulas, they could make billions off it.

JESSI: Thanks to me who stole it from you.

KYLE: Yes. [She looks hurt]. No, I mean they stole it.

JESSI: Because they had me to take it from you.

KYLE: No, that’s not what I meant.

JESSI [senses more]: That’s what I meant by the big picture. What do you see?

KYLE: It’s intellectual property, all that Adam accumulated over time when he created Zzyzx. It belonged to him.

JESSI: But his company was backed by Madacorp so they’ll claim that information belongs to them.

KYLE: They were backing Kern, not Adam.

JESSI: So, what do we do?

KYLE: Hire Declan to be our lawyer. But first we have to see how far they are in piecing the shards together.

JESSI [sighs, he’s missing the obvious again]: So, why not hack into their system and see for ourselves? We’ve done it before, with Latnok.

KYLE: That’s illegal.

JESSI: We need proof. Besides it didn’t stop us before. [Kyle just shakes his head, they had a good excuse to hack in because they were stalking Amanda and threatening to take harmful action against the Tragers]. You have a better plan? [She notices he’s too busy thinking]. Of course you do.

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