Season 4

S04 E04 A Sign Of Things To Come

Kyle XY S04 E04

A Sign [of things] To Come

It looked like this was the best time to tell her the sad news about him after all…

As Kyle drives them home, he walks her to the door. They are both silent as they enter her house. They remain silent even as they take off their coats and hang them up. Amanda sits on the couch and Kyle comes over to sit next to her. She looks at him expectantly.

KYLE: You remember graduation day when we found out that Cassidy took our DNA?

AMANDA [swallows]: I’m trying to forget.

KYLE [glances sadly away then back again]: There’s a reason why yours and my DNA didn’t take.

AMANDA [fears the answer]: Why?

KYLE: I’m, [he pauses], I’m not able to have children.

AMANDA [blinks in shock]: What?

KYLE: I’m sterile.

Her vision narrows and it feels like all the air has been sucked from her lungs. He sees her sway and grabs her hand. She gasps in much needed air.

AMANDA: No. [She shakes her head]. You can’t be. They didn’t have you for very long like they did me on prom night. They could have made a mistake.

KYLE: There’s no mistake.

AMANDA: You got tested? How? When?

KYLE: No, I just know.

AMANDA: But, their test could be wrong. And if you never got tested…it’s wrong. You can’t be. You’re perfect.

KYLE [frowns, thinking he’s far from perfect]: I’m not.

AMANDA: You, I…we planned…no, the test is wrong. We can have children some day. [But she puts a hand to her mouth as grief and the loss of what this meant for them takes hold and tears roll down her cheeks]. It’s wrong. [As if her insisting the test was would make it so].

It becomes more heart-breaking when she sees unshed tears gather in Kyle’s eyes as he struggles to contain his own feelings of loss.

AMANDA: Oh, God. No.

Needing solace they both reach for the other and embrace, holding tight.

AMANDA [broken whispers]: It’s not true, [but knowing it is true, horribly true], it’s not true.

KYLE: I’m sorry, [feeling helpless].

AMANDA [leans back]: For what? [Thinking he’s sorry for not telling or sharing the news with her sooner].

KYLE: Because I can’t, I can never give you children.

AMANDA: God, Kyle, that’s not your fault. I wish you told me sooner, I could have shared this with you, shared this…[tries to talk past a lump of sadness], burden.

KYLE: With all that happened that day it wasn’t the right time.

AMANDA: I should have known. [All this time he’s been grieving alone then she realizes that maybe he hasn’t]. Who else knows?

KYLE: Jessi knew that night before I did. She had read the results before handing it to me.

AMANDA: Jessi.

KYLE: And Declan. But I told him just the other night. The rest of my family doesn’t know though. [She stares at him, numb with shock]. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before.

AMANDA: I wanted a boy, like you.

KYLE [swallows hard]: I wanted a girl, like you.

AMANDA: Kyle…[another heartbroken sob and he takes her in his arms again].

They rock back and forth, sharing their grief.

AMANDA: I can’t believe it. Not ever?

Kyle is too choked up to say anything which only makes her hold him closer.

AMANDA: It’s not fair. So…not…fair. God, why did the only time my DNA mingle successfully was with Cassi—[she abruptly breaks apart from him and holds a hand once again to her mouth, suddenly feeling nauseous]. I think I’m going to be sick. [She rushes from the room].

Kyle follows and waits outside the bathroom door. She comes out and upon seeing him, steps into his arms.

AMANDA: It’s so not fair. [She gives a broken sigh].

He holds on to her.

AMANDA: Anything else I should know about?

KYLE [narrative]: All I could think of at that moment was the one secret I’ve kept from everyone. That I was a direct clone of Adam.

His hesitation is all it takes for her to sense there is more and she stiffens, closing her eyes briefly as if to brace herself for even more bad news.

AMANDA [leans back to study him]: There is more, isn’t there?

KYLE [narrative]: Adam’s words rang in my head…

ADAM’s voice: …they were more than subjects to me. They were my sons, like you are. But with them I used Grace Kingsley’s DNA. But she changed; she became bitter, colder, and more ruthless. I couldn’t bring myself to use her DNA anymore, so your DNA is a direct clone from mine.

Amanda frowns, not liking his silence. It makes her worry grow with each passing second.

ADAM’s voice: I didn’t tell anyone, not even Foss. But cloning you the way I did could have possible repercussions: cellular deterioration for one, organ failure for another. Tell no one. The ethical ramifications alone would be astronomical. Another burden for you to carry. For that, I’m sorry.

KYLE [narrative]: Tell no one, he said, and I haven’t yet, mostly because of the threat Latnok once posed. But the feeling there was a threat remained, or why else would I be having the nightmares?


KYLE: I, [Adam’s warning kept ringing inside his head], I can’t tell you.

AMANDA [frown deepens]: Can’t? Why not?

KYLE: I can’t say.

AMANDA: Kyle, you know I’ll worry more.

KYLE: I know, but I can’t.

AMANDA [steps out of his embrace]: You need to tell me. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my self-defense class is to be prepared.

KYLE [narrative]: By lying I could have reassured her there was nothing else she should know about but my need not to lie has now risked exposing the very thing I needed to keep secret, that I was a clone. Tell no one, Adam said. The words of Foss on prom night came back to me.

FOSS’ voice: You should always worry.

KYLE [narrative]: My nightmares alone wasn’t a strong indication of danger, but the mystery of who sent Jessi an email telling her she was unfit to manage was still unsolved. But wasn’t keeping silent about Cassidy not being my half brother a lie, too? If ever I needed a premonition of what the future held now was the time.

He closes his eyes and concentrates. There must be a reason for keeping the secret of being cloned.

AMANDA [sees his eyes close]: Kyle? Are you shutting me out?

KYLE [eyes remain shut]: No. I’m trying to foresee the future. I’m trying to answer a question in my head.

AMANDA: What question could you have, except choosing not to tell me because you think keeping silent would protect me?

KYLE: Yes, and me.

He concentrates harder until gradually it was more than a feeling of danger it was a premonition.

KYLE [narrative]: With Cassidy calling his mother, Grace Kingsley, a battleaxe and mommy dearest along with Adam’s assessment that she was bitter, cold and ruthless, led me to believe that if she ever found out that Adam did not use her DNA, that I was a clone, she would be more than angry for having been duped. She would believe I was flawed, a failed experiment. She would want to terminate me.

He opens his eyes and sees Amanda watching him, worry lines creasing her forehead.

KYLE: They, as in Grace Kingsley, and the other Latnok members who had wanted to use and exploit me, would consider me flawed. They would want to terminate me.

AMANDA: Flawed? In what way? [He gives a slight shrug]. Because you can’t have children?

KYLE: It was a very strong feeling. [He skirts around the truth in the only way he knew how].

Amanda shakes her head and goes back to hugging him close.

AMANDA: You know, I never thought I would hate anyone as much as I hate those people who have done and may continue to do to you.

He tightens his hold, hating what this is doing to her, how it’s making her feel.

AMANDA: Stay with me?

KYLE: Yes.

Opening credits.

Cut to the Trager house where Steven and Nicole have a glass of wine before bed. Nicole peeks out the side window.

NICOLE: His van’s still parked at Amanda’s. I should phone. It’s nearing midnight.

STEVEN: They could be doing homework. [She looks like she doesn’t buy his explanation, and even he doesn’t believe it either]. Yeah, probably not.

Cut to Kyle, sleeping with Amanda in her bed, arms around each other. Though half asleep, he hears his cell phone ring from downstairs. He wakes up, his movement causing Amanda to shift and mumble.

AMANDA [sounds groggy]: Mmm?

KYLE: My cell is ringing.

He concentrates, mentally picturing where he left his phone in his coat pocket. From downstairs his cell phone, as if from an unseen hand, is pulled from the pocket, is lifted in the air to float up the staircase and all the way into Amanda’s bedroom.

Amanda blinks as she sees a glowing object float across the room and into Kyle’s hand. Kyle looks to see who called.

KYLE [tells her]: Nicole called. [He calls Nicole back]. Nicole?

NICOLE’s voice: Kyle, is everything okay? I saw your van still parked in front of Amanda’s.

KYLE: Not really. I’m going to spend the night.

Cut to her as she glances at Steven with concern. They are both in the kitchen preparing to head upstairs to bed. She holds the phone so that Steven can listen in, too.

NICOLE: I don’t think that’s a good idea. I know you’re married now but you said you were going to treat the next year as if you were engaged.

KYLE [cut back to him]: I know I did but something’s come up. I’ll explain tomorrow. Nothing will happen, I promise.

NICOLE’s voice: I don’t know if that’s wise.

KYLE: I’m sorry, Nicole. I need to stay with her.

NICOLE’s voice [still fishing for an answer that will ease her mind, not that anything will since she’s now more worried than ever]: What happened? Is she all right?

KYLE: Some sad news I had to tell her, the same news I’ll tell you about tomorrow.

NICOLE [cut back to her]: Well, if you really need to be with her, why doesn’t she come here and spend the night, in Lori’s room?

KYLE’s voice: She needs me with her, as do I.

NICOLE [pinches her nose and sighs, not liking the implications]: With your door open, wide open, then.

KYLE [cut back to him]: All right. [He clicks off].

Cut back to Nicole as she frowns with worry.

NICOLE: I don’t like this, Steven. I, I feel left out the loop already.

STEVEN: Nicole, [he rubs her shoulder affectionately], he said was going to tell us. Obviously it was important to tell Amanda first.

NICOLE: I don’t feel comfortable with—

STEVEN: What, their marriage? [She nods her head]. Like it or not, they are. At least he’s holding to his promise. That’s all we can hope for.

Upstairs, Josh is secretly emailing Andy on his computer.

JOSH [types]: I miss you, girlfriend.

ANDY [types back with AJ as her handle]: We’re taking a big risk, boyfriend. If our parents catch us communicating in any way outside of school we’re history.

JOSH [types]: I know, but I can’t wait until the day after tomorrow. [He checks his clock, it reads 1am]. Make that tomorrow after all.

ANDY [types back]: Yeah, we’ll see each other, at our respective family picnics. Be thankful they are allowing us to be together then.

JOSH [types]: Oh, I am thankful. But just being in contact with you makes the night less lonely.

ANDY [types back]: Same here. Oh, oh. I hear a noise. Signing off now.

JOSH [types]: Later, xxx’s.

ANDY [types back a final time one whole line]: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’s.

Josh smiles, her way of making out with him without actually making out. He signs off too and heaves a big sigh. The xxx’s only reminded him of missing the physical contact with her even more. But the noise he hears from downstairs are the voices of his parents.

Steven and Nicole stay up until Kyle and Amanda come over. It’s close to 1 a.m. when they do arrive, along with Lori who is coming home from work.

LORI [whispers to them as they head inside the house]: Hey, you two. [She notices Amanda’s overnight bag]. Secret rendezvous? [Just then her parents enter the hallway]. Guess not anymore.

AMANDA: They know.

LORI: Of course they would.

NICOLE: Hi, Lori. How was work?

LORI: Great, the crowd loved me.

NICOLE: You’re getting popular.

LORI [pleased with her growing fame as a guitar singer in a lounge]: I am. I even signed an autograph or two tonight.

KYLE: That’s great, Lori.

NICOLE [gives her a hug and a kiss]: I’m proud of you.

STEVEN [gives her a hug as well]: So am I.

Josh heads to the landing and hears Lori come home. His parents are still up as well, along with Kyle. Even Amanda is over. What gives? He heads downstairs.

JOSH: Hey, what’s everyone doing up?

STEVEN [looks up along with everyone else]: I could ask you the same thing.

JOSH: I heard voices.

JESSI [comes out of her room in time to hear everyone]: I did, too.

JOSH: The gang’s all here.

Kyle glances at Amanda and she gives him a slight nod.

KYLE: Then this would be a good time to tell you all. [He takes Amanda’s hand in his and she gives him a comforting squeeze].

LORI [sees their hands and jumps to the wrong conclusion]: You did it?

KYLE: Did what?

NICOLE [catches her meaning]: No, they didn’t.

LORI: I meant as a married couple, decide to live together now.

NICOLE: Of course you did.

KYLE [answers Lori to both her implications]: No.

NICOLE: Let’s get more comfortable then. [She indicates a nod to the kitchen].

JOSH: Or we could just chin-wag around the foyer.

Steven ruffles his hair and gives him a push toward the kitchen.

As his family heads to the kitchen, Kyle takes Amanda’s bag to his room. When he comes back, the family is seated around the kitchen table. He sits beside Amanda and she slips her hand in his.

KYLE [begins]: You know the night of Preston’s party? [They nod]. Well, there’s a reason why Amanda’s and my DNA didn’t take…[he tells them the rest].

LORI [puts a hand over her mouth]: You can’t have children?

NICOLE: And you think this person, Grace, would terminate you just for that reason alone?

KYLE: The feeling I had was strong.

NICOLE: I’m so sorry, Kyle.

JOSH: Man, that sucks. I’m sorry, bro.

Kyle nods.

STEVEN [reaches over and lays a hand on his shoulder in a rubbing motion]: I’m sorry, too.

It’s very late when they all say goodnight and head to bed. Nicole hugs him.

NICOLE: Goodnight.

KYLE: Goodnight.

NICOLE [gives Amanda a hug]: Goodnight.

AMANDA: Thanks for letting me stay, and being so understanding.

Nicole just rubs her back, smiles at her and then follows Steven upstairs as Kyle and Amanda head to his room.

Up in the master bedroom as Nicole and Steven lie in bed, now knowing Kyle can’t have children.

NICOLE: I just had a horrible thought.

STEVEN: What’s that?

NICOLE: The fear of pregnancy is gone, they could be free to…you know.

STEVEN [he gets she means sex]: Oh, thanks, hon, now you’ve got me worried.

Nicole bites her lip, worry and sorrow intermingling.

Back downstairs in Kyle’s room, Kyle starts to set up the bed he made.

AMANDA: It’s late; you don’t have to go to the trouble of setting that up for me.

KYLE: You won’t mind the tub?

AMANDA: I didn’t before.

KYLE: Okay.

After an awkward glance, Kyle shuts the door and each turn around to change into their nightclothes. A feeling of déjà vu comes over them. They turn back and smile. He takes her hand as she steps in the tub and then he steps in as well. They lie back, snuggling close together.

Kyle, remembering to keep the door open but not wanting to get up again, opens the door with his mind.

AMANDA: Mm, your gift sure comes in handy. [He smiles down at her]. Except, you didn’t have a shirt on the last time we shared your tub.

He smiles even more and sits up, quickly takes his shirt off and lies back down, but as he does so, she shifts over to make room but ends up hitting her elbow on the side of the tub hurting her funny bone. Tear spring to her eyes and she hisses.

KYLE: Are you all right? [He takes her elbow in his hand and concentrates].

Soon the pain passes and she smiles in relief.

AMANDA: Thank you.

He lies next to her and yet again as she starts to lie back too she slips on the porcelain and almost knocks her head. It’s only Kyle’s quick reflexes that prevent her from further injury. Amanda heaves a sigh, not finding the tub as comfortable as last time.

KYLE [gets out of the tub and takes her hand]: Here, [he gives a tug to help her out].

Before she has time to make a move to help him, he lifts and places his tub to one side of the room and sets up the bed, like he had originally intended to do.

AMANDA: I didn’t mean for you to go to all this trouble.

KYLE: It’s no trouble. I want you to be comfortable.

She helps him place a sheet on the mattress then a blanket before he attaches the sides. The sides she notices are padded. They step inside the bed and lie down. Amanda finds it much more comfortable and a lot more roomy than the tub, even if having sides still felt strange.

AMANDA: This is nice. [She turns to him and rises up on her elbow to look at him].

KYLE: You like it?

AMANDA [stretches her legs and then hooks one leg over his]: Much.

Kyle feels the caress of her leg over his which heightens his awareness of her and with breath held expectantly as she dips her head closer to his, leaning in for a kiss. He moves his fingers through her hair to cup the back of her head, his lips meeting hers, tugging to deepen their kiss.

AMANDA [lifts her head for a moment, breath erratic]: Much, much better.

They smile but Kyle pauses before they resume kissing. His hearing picks up the sound of footsteps coming downstairs.

AMANDA: What’s wrong?

KYLE: Nicole’s coming.

Amanda leans up and looks toward the door and shortly she hears the sound of footsteps. The footsteps pause before they reach Kyle’s open doorway and then the sound of her footsteps trail away. They look back at each other.

KYLE: I think she just came to make sure the door was open.

Amanda nods and lays her head down on his chest.


She wraps an arm around him, loving the feel of him beneath her cheek as she lays her head on his chest. By unspoken agreement they don’t resume any more heated kisses and instead snuggle for a more sedate physical contact.

He kisses her forehead and closes his eyes. Soon they are fast asleep. Morning shines through the window and Kyle wakes up to see Amanda gazing at him.

KYLE: How long were you awake?

AMANDA: Not long. [She leans over and kisses him]. I could get used to this, waking up beside you.

KYLE: Me too.

A few more kisses before the banked passion of last night heats up again and their next kiss deepens even more. They are both focused on each other to hear sounds of the family out in the kitchen making breakfast. That’s when Nicole comes in to check on them and still sees the door open like she checked on last night, just as they promised it would be. She gives a discreet knock before glancing in.

NICOLE: Oh! [She sees them kissing]. Sorry, uh, breakfast will soon be ready.

They break apart.

KYLE: Thanks, Nicole.

Nicole nods and exits just as fast as they broke apart. Kyle and Amanda give each other sheepish smiles and start getting up. After a hurried breakfast, Kyle heads off to work with Jessi at Latnok. Amanda, still in pajamas and a housecoat, says goodbye to him on his way out the door.

AMANDA: I’ll see you after work.

KYLE: See you.

A brief pause as he cups the lower back of her head and leans over to kiss her, a chaste one compared to the one they had when Nicole walked in on them. However, he uses a mental projection to deepen the kiss. She gives a soft gasp as he lets her go. Her hand reaches up to touch her lips.

KYLE: Love you. [He smiles a slow smile].

AMANDA [full of tingles, can only nod]: Same.

He leaves. She keeps staring at the closed door with fingers on her lips.

AMANDA [murmurs]: Not fair.

Josh comes by on his way out the door to head off to work.

JOSH: What isn’t? [He sees she’s still in her pajamas]. You’re right, it’s not. You get to laze the day away and I have to slave away at work. Wanna trade?

AMANDA [not paying attention]: What? Oh, [she sees he’s ready to leave, too], have a good day at work, Josh.

She smiles at him and turns to go back to Kyle’s room.

JOSH [frowns]: Not likely, I did say slave.

He shakes his head. She’s long gone, not having heard him. Just as Josh heads out the door he hears Amanda start to play a song on her keyboard, the one Kyle gave her for her birthday a few months back. Amanda continues to play throughout the morning. Lori peeks in, still in her pajamas, and waits until Amanda finishes her song.

LORI: Hey.

AMANDA [turns from her keyboard, hooked to Kyle’s computer]: Hi. Good morning.

LORI [yawns]: Actually, it’s almost noon.

AMANDA [checks the clock on Kyle’s nightstand]: So it is. Time ceases to exist when I play.

LORI [heads over to stand next to Kyle’s desk and notices the text books lying there]: You brought your homework?

AMANDA: Yeah, there’s a lot to do. If you thought high school was bad, wait until you start college. The homework never ends.

LORI [grimaces as she looks through her books]: Expository Writing, oh, hey, General Psychology, that looks interesting. [She sees another]. Yech, Business Math? [Amanda smiles]. What’s OT?

AMANDA: Old Testament, its history and literature.

LORI: Oh, bible stuff. [She sees a few more books on bible stuff like: Philosophy of Religion, Introduction to World Religions, Church and Contemporary Christian Issues, and Introduction to Logic]. There’s quite a lot on church or bible stuff or religiony stuff. [She sets the books back down, not in the least interested].

AMANDA: Yep, there is. These you might like. [She turns to pick up several more books on the other side of the desk].

LORI: There’s more?

AMANDA: I have a pretty full course load. But these are on music. Composition, [she holds up one book], Music Theory, [holds up another], Written Theory, [holds it up].

LORI: Oh, [she looks closer], may I? [She reaches out to take the Written Theory book].


LORI [flips through it]: Now this is more interesting and all what I’ll be taking.

AMANDA: I love playing the classics, but what I’m weak on, is coming up with composing my own tunes and melody. How do you do it?

LORI [gives a small shrug then thinks for a moment]: I start with the lyrics. The words seem to have their own cadence and rhythm and then I go from there.

AMANDA: Show me?

LORI: I’ll go get my guitar. [She hands back the book and leaves to get her guitar].

They spend the next hour playing together. Nicole comes in.

NICOLE: You two sound good.

AMANDA: She’s teaching me how to compose.

LORI: She’s teaching me some new chords.

NICOLE: Well, it sounds very good. Want to break for lunch?

LORI: I’m famished. [Her stomach growls in agreement].

NICOLE: You haven’t had breakfast yet, no wonder.

LORI: I get first dibs for the shower.

NICOLE: Shouldn’t you let Amanda go first? She is a guest.

LORI: Nah, she’s family now.

Lori grins at Amanda and they suddenly both try to beat each other to the bathroom.

NICOLE [calls after them]: I’ll have it ready for you!

LORI [calls out as she dashes for the stairs]: Thanks, mom.

AMANDA [calls back as she tries to beat Lori]: Thanks, Mrs. Trager.

Washed, fed and feeling too housebound, Lori gets ready to go out.

LORI [to Amanda as they help clean up lunch dishes]: Want to come with Hillary and me shopping this afternoon?

AMANDA: Uh, [she thinks of all the assignments she has yet to do].

LORI: Clear your head…breath of fresh mall air.

AMANDA: Mall air?

LORI: The smell of new clothes beckoning…

AMANDA: I don’t really need anything, but I’ll come anyway.

NICOLE [puts a couple of plates in the dishwasher]: You’re buying more stuff, Lori?

LORI: Just a new purse.

NICOLE: What’s wrong with yours?

LORI: The handle’s getting worn. [She walks over to the side counter to pick up her purse and shows her mom]. See?

NICOLE [sees one small worn out spot]: Yes, I see how raggedy it’s getting.

LORI: I knew you’d understand.

Nicole gives her a “the-purse-isn’t-that-bad” expression.

LORI [to Amanda]: Shall we? [She slings her handle torn purse over her shoulder and heads out, Amanda following].

They both wave back to Nicole. Scene cuts to the mall where Hillary, Lori and Amanda are browsing a few stores.

LORI: So, where next? [She swings her shopping bag, already having bought her new purse].

HILLARY: I need a new outfit to appear on camera with. I’ve already gone through my whole wardrobe and I can only mix and match a few more times.

She heads to a smart looking clothing store but the outfits inside look too business-like, too suitish.

HILLARY: These are way too, [she holds up a narrow knee-length skirt], conservative.

Lori and Amanda glances at what she’s wearing, a yellow flowing skirt with a matching halter top.

LORI: It depends what image you’re going for, boring professional or jazzy sexy superstar.

HILLARY [makes a face and walks out of the store]: Jazzy and sexy for sure.

As she walks out the store she sees another clothing store with the type of clothes that are her taste. Hillary heads over and sees a dress with a soft light feminine jacket. She checks the size and price.

HILLARY: Absolutely perfect. [She grins at them as she sees several other outfits that suit her perfectly]. Is this a sign or what?

LORI: An obvious one.

Her purchases outnumber Lori’s after she’s done. Amanda still hasn’t bought anything as they head to a food court. Just then Amanda sees a mother with two children one on either side of her, holding on to her hands. From time to time she will swing them and they’ll laugh and giggle in response.

She feels tears pool in her eyes and quickly looks away thinking that will never be her.

Lori glances at her in concern before turning to Hillary in order to give Amanda some privacy.

LORI: Good choices, Hills.

HILLARY: Weren’t they?

Amanda has paused to wipe away a stray tear before Hillary can see her but she pauses in front of a toy store and stares inside. Depression for what she and Kyle will miss out on hits her in the proverbial-like face.

This time Hillary notices she had stopped and sees the sad stricken look on her face.

HILLARY: Oh, my God, what’s wrong? What did you see? [She peers inside the store wondering what could have upset her and in the back of her mind if it was newsworthy].

Scene cuts to Kyle working at Latnok. Around him are beakers and test tubes and a microscope. He’s working on a formula to make toxic chemical waste inert, stripping it of all its dangerous properties along with other alternative fuel sources.

He’s read of one project where several companies are working on alternative and natural fuel sources so that in twenty or forty years from now when it’s estimated that there will no longer be gas stations, vehicles will be able to recharge at energy trees, run on solar, wind and electricity.

Russell and Dave [aka Thing 1 – Russell and Thing 2 – Dave] come over to him.

DAVE: He’s going to agree with me, you’ll see.

RUSSELL: He’ll appreciate what I’m trying to accomplish.

DAVE: Doubtful. Have you even read his proposal? It’s to do with harnessing natural energy. Merging humans with robotics is anything but natural.

RUSSELL: I read it. But when he sees the complexity of the simulated brain I’m working on he’ll see what I’m trying to accomplish. Unlike you.

Kyle can hear their bickering long before they reach him. Mark and Jackie at work at their stations, glance over to see the two approach Kyle.

RUSSELL: Kyle, I need your opinion. What do you think of my positronic brain? [He rushes on before Kyle can voice a negative response]. It could lead to new brain-based computers and help artificial devices connect more seamlessly with biological tissue, it may also prove excellent at bridging the divide between artificial limbs or implants and the human body. [He puffs out his chest proudly].

KYLE: Are you trying to rival the human brain?

RUSSELL: You bet!

KYLE: Why?

RUSSELL: Ah, well, because…

DAVE [scoffs]: Great explanation. Because!

RUSSELL [glares at him briefly before stating his case to Kyle]: It will make our jobs easier—

DAVE: Lazier.

RUSSELL [gives Dave another glare]: Safer, robots are already used in hazardous manufacturing plants. [Dave can’t deny that fact]. They can process data faster; they’re better, stronger, and more adaptable…

DAVE: And soon they’ll take over the world.

RUSSELL: A good thing.

DAVE: A bad thing.

KYLE [interrupts]: How do you plan to replicate a human brain’s complex neural network?

Mark and Jackie pause working to listen in from time to time.

RUSSELL: By going beyond using gold nanoparticles, an insulation layer and an organic semiconductor transistor made of pentacene to simulate a neuron. I’ll use a direct assembly of nanogears and a chemical signal processor.

KYLE: And if you succeed, how will they be marketed?

DAVE: Succeed?!

RUSSELL: They’ll be in every home, they’ll be the ultimate family tool.

DAVE: I, Robot here I come.

RUSSELL: You’re just paranoid.

DAVE: It’s a healthy paranoia. [He gets an outlandish idea]. Why don’t you use a real human brain?

Kyle’s eyes widen slightly. Nate, over at his station has paused to listen while Mark and Jackie come over.

DAVE: I was joking.

RUSSELL: No, you weren’t.

DAVE: Yes, I was.

NATE [cuts in]: Why not a human brain?

RUSSELL [looks over at him aghast]: A cyborg?

NATE: It would have the complex neurons needed.

DAVE: Like a bio-computer?

NATE: Exactly.

JACKIE [can’t believe what she’s hearing]: That’s obscene.

NATE: Why do you say that?

JACKIE: Using live human tissue?

NATE: Who said it would be alive?

JACKIE: You can’t use dead tissue, the brain would have to be living to produce the neurons.

NATE: So get a volunteer.

RUSSELL: Now wait a minute—

MARK: Who in their right mind would volunteer to become half robot?

NATE: So, don’t have a volunteer.

DAVE: If no one volunteers where would you get a subject?

NATE: By force.

JACKIE: That’s disgusting.

MARK: Now you’re being ridiculous and annoying.

JACKIE [whispers to Mark]: What else is new?

RUSSELL: Wait a minute! [They all turn to him]. It’s my project. I say what brain should be used.

Behind them, Jessi comes into the lab area to see what is going on and listens in, along with all the other students, including Tim and Daphne.

DAVE: Do tell.

RUSSELL [thinks a moment on the outrageous suggestion made by Nate]: A live human would solve the neuron problem, but you can’t force anyone.

NATE: Not if you get them when they’re young. Say a baby, forever locked in a tank interfaced with a computer.

Mark, Jackie, Dave and Russell look at him in horror. Tim and Daphne glance at each other and shake their heads. A few others do as well, looking just as disgusted by Nate’s remark. Kyle and Jessi look alarmed. What was he trying to pull?

JACKIE: That’s beyond disgusting, Nate. That’s sick and demented and evil.

NATE: Just think of it, a bio-computer.

MARK: You can’t lock a human being like that, for all of their life.

NATE: Why not?

JACKIE: It’s evil!

NATE [warms to his topic]: Beyond evil, it’s ingenious.

MARK: Nate, for Pete’s sake. If they were finally let out, they’d be…well—


MARK: They’d never survive out in the real world.

NATE: No, they probably wouldn’t. [He winks at Jessi who just glares at him].

JACKIE: They wouldn’t know how to do anything; they’d be totally unable to function socially. They’d be like babies. Overgrown babies.

NATE [shrugs offhandedly]: Hey, it was just a thought.

JACKIE: Why don’t you take your demented thoughts elsewhere?

NATE: Since no one appreciates them, I’ll do that. [He gives them all a cocky smile and goes back to his station].

RUSSELL [glares after Nate before turning back to Kyle and the others]: Well, that’s not where I was headed with my project.

DAVE: You just said it would solve your neuron problems.

RUSSELL: True, but my goal was for it to be totally artificial.

DAVE: Like yourself?

RUSSELL: You just don’t appreciate what my project will mean for the human race.

DAVE: More gears and metal contraptions?

A few students groan as the two resume bickering and the rest quickly go back to work. Jackie and Mark return to their stations, willing to let Kyle and Jessi handle Russell and Dave.

KYLE: Why don’t you list the benefits of what your project can do?

RUSSELL [nods to Kyle then turns to Dave]: See? I told you he’d be interested.

They walk away and resume their bickering. Kyle heads over to Nate along with Jessi.

KYLE: What were you trying to do?

NATE: Make a point.

JESSI: About what?

NATE: To see where everyone stood. Now you know.

KYLE: But I already knew the students here weren’t like the old members.

NATE: And I’ve just confirmed it verbally for you.


NATE: To see how far they would take any project.

KYLE: How far would you take yours?

NATE: As far as needed.

JESSI: Maybe you’re the one to watch out for.

NATE [winks at her]: Hotness, you can watch me anytime.

Jessi gives a disgusted noise and heads back to her office. Kyle simply looks annoyed with him and turns to head back to his station but just as he does so he pauses as if sensing something, a feeling of sadness and loss.

KYLE [whispers]: Amanda…

NATE: What did you say? [He sees a far away look on Kyle’s face with several emotions flickering across].

Kyle reaches for his phone and punches in a number.

KYLE: Amanda—

Cut to Amanda back at the mall standing in front of a toy store.

HILLARY: Did you see something? Someone?

Amanda hears her phone ring and she reaches in her purse to answer it.

AMANDA: Kyle, [she swallows past a lump], hey. I, [glances at Hillary], missed you.

She turns away from Hillary to speak more privately.

HILLARY: She missed him? [She glances at Lori who gives her a shrug]. That’s all that’s got her worked up? She missed him? How long has it been, a few hours?

AMANDA [puts a finger in her other ear to block out Hillary]: Really missed you.

Cut back to Kyle.

KYLE: Where are you?

AMANDA’s voice: At the mall.

KYLE: Do you want to talk about it?

AMANDA [cut back to her]: No, I’m just browsing with Lori and Hillary. Past clothing stores, shoe stores, [she chokes a bit], toy stores…the usual.

KYLE [cut back to him]: I know.

He knows she can’t really talk freely to him with Hillary nearby and he can’t really say much surrounded by co-workers.

KYLE: I’ll be home in a few hours.

AMANDA’s voice: Can’t wait. [Cut back to her as she lowers her voice]. How did you know to call me just now?

KYLE [cut back to him]: I, [glances around and sees only Nate listening in unabashedly], I just knew.

AMANDA [cut back to her as she smiles yet feels the renewed sting of tears in her eyes, she was so lucky and grateful to have him]: Of course you did. Love you.

KYLE [cut back to him]: Love you, too. [He hangs ups].

Cut back to Amanda who hangs up and takes a deep breath before facing Lori and Hillary.

HILLARY: Wow, you’ve got it bad. And so does he. [She glances at them both]. It’s a sign.

LORI: A sign? Of what?

HILLARY: To be together, really together.

Amanda wishes they can be, spending the last two nights with him was becoming habit forming. She wasn’t sure she wanted to go back home and face spending the rest of the week alone. But she knew she couldn’t impose on Nicole’s hospitality for much longer. Yet, they were married. And yet, she and Kyle made a promise to their parents to treat the next year as an engagement. She was torn between keeping that promise and wanting to make their marriage real.

When she, Lori and Hillary sits down to eat at a food kiosk another wave of grief hits her when she catches sight of several mothers out with their children. She tries to hold back a sob as tears gather.

AMANDA [mumbles]: Excuse me…[as she dashes to the nearby washrooms].

Lori glances after Amanda in concern then turns to see Hillary looking from one to the other.

HILLARY: This is more than her missing Kyle, isn’t it?

Lori gives an “I don’t know what you’re talking about” like shrug.

HILLARY: Fine, keep me out of the loop. [She turns away feeling hurt neither of her friends can trust her enough to tell her what’s going on].

Lori sighs, torn between going after Amanda to see how she is and staying with Hillary to try and smooth things over.

When Amanda sits back down Hillary studies her.

HILLARY: Anything you’d like to share, take a load off?

AMANDA: I really miss Kyle.

Hillary can tell what a lame excuse that was considering how Amanda bit her lip as if she knew too how lame her reason was as well. The rest of their lunch hour is silent, but Hillary catches Amanda’s and Lori’s look of understanding and feels even more left out.

Cut back to Kyle at Latnok. Jess is handing our reports to everyone.

JESSI: I need an update on everyone’s project for the university board.

Everyone groans in protest.

MARK: Didn’t we just fill one of these out?

JESSI: Last month. It’s for this month. [She glances at his computer screen]. You’re working on the periodic table for shapes?

At this Kyle raises his head and glances over at Mark.

JESSI: How’s it coming?

MARK: I want to be a contributor to the researchers from Imperial College London to help identify all the shapes across three, four and five dimensions. I hope to win a Philip Leverhulme award.

Kyle suddenly has a flash of all the mathematical formula tables for all the shapes of all the dimensions appear before him from the information stored in his head. He knew them all. And, just as suddenly, he knew how to perfect Russell’s neural network where the positronic brain will no longer be science fiction.

That scared him, what did it all mean? All that information, where will it lead humanity? Jessi glances at him as if sensing his unease and he goes back to working on his projects. Going green and figuring out ways to clean the environment almost seems too easy.

Kyle comes home and enters his room to see Amanda sitting at his desk reading and studying from one of her textbooks. He also sees she’s placed a vase of flowers on the side desk and he smiles at how much she’s making herself at home in his room.

KYLE: Hey, how’s it going? [How she was feeling earlier when she called him is at the forefront of his mind].


She smiles at him, stands up and walks over to him and he realizes by her smile she’s feeling better. He realizes how much better when she puts a hand on his chest to give him a slight push so that he’s up against his dresser before kissing him with fervor for a minute then gradually breaking off.

KYLE [breath choppy with excitement]: Felt more than fine.

AMANDA [her breathing is just as choppy]: I’ve been thinking of nothing else since that kiss you gave me this morning. [Kyle frowns, that wasn’t all she’d been thinking about]. You make me feel like I want to run up the stairs. [She dances her fingers up his chest, their marriage at the forefront of her mind and wanting to be with him night after night].

KYLE [distracted by her fingers is too caught in the moment and takes her literally]: What stairs?

AMANDA [smiles and rubs her nose on his]: Levels.

KYLE [eyes widen in sudden understanding as he recalls the time she mentioned she was willing to explore all the levels of making out with him some day]: Oh.

AMANDA [steps back]: I better go help with supper.

KYLE [looks on with amazement and stops her motion to leave by laying a hand on her arm]: Wait. Now?

AMANDA: Yes, now. [She traces her lips with her fingers as he watches intently her every movement]. Turn about is fair play. [She grins cheekily at him and then leaves him standing there].

After she’s left the room, he overhears her say something to herself.

AMANDA [cut to her outside his room]: Although the way I’m feeling it’s hardly turn about.

Cut back to Kyle as he makes the connection.

KYLE [beneath his breath]: So this is what it feels like to be teased.

She’s reacting to the deeper kiss he projected to her this morning and starts to smile which quickly fades. She’s also blocking out her other feelings and realizes she’s responding to him on a physical level after an emotional blow, it’s how she’s dealing with their loss. But maybe playing along might ease her pain.

At the dinner table when he sits beside her, he casually brushes a hand along her arm. Next, when he hands her a plate of food, he holds on to her hand for a brief moment. He smiles warmly at her when she starts looking flustered and sneaks looks at him, her expression wondering what he’s going to do next.

She doesn’t have long to wait when she feels a caress on her leg except both his hands are cutting some food and realizes he’s projecting again. Before she can take a bite she feels a pair of lips trace along the side of her neck and gives a small gasp. When Nicole throws her a curious look she feels her cheeks warm with a blush.

AMANDA [waves her forkful of food]: Delicious meal, Mrs. Trager.

NICOLE: Thank you.

Lori eyes them both with suspicion. Jessi simply ignores what they’re doing.

Beneath the table, Amanda takes off her shoe and runs her foot over Kyle’s and along his leg. He keeps his gaze on his plate, realizing she’s fighting back. They keep up their little game throughout supper and afterward, she brushing against him or leaning over a little too close to help put dishes in the dishwasher and he projecting a kiss every now and then. They each head to Kyle’s room when they finish helping clean up.

AMANDA: There’s still some homework I have to catch up on.

KYLE: I’ll help you.

When they’ve left, Lori glances at her mother with a knowing look.

LORI: They aren’t fooling anyone.

JESSI: Maybe they should get a place of their own.


She surprises them both with her strong objection.

LORI: But they are married, why they haven’t…[she trails off when she sees how upset her mom is getting].

NICOLE: They promised they’d wait. It’s too soon, [she tries to justify her feelings], they’re too young.

Lori gives a slight nod and watches as her mother heads to Kyle’s room.

LORI: Where are you going?

NICOLE: Too make sure they left the door open. [She sees that they had and feels only slightly better and avoids Lori’s telling look. How can she explain her objections when she can’t explain them to herself?]

Soon sounds of laughter emit from Kyle’s room. Nicole looks worried once more.

LORI: Well, I’m off to work. See you, mom.

Nicole just nods.

JESSI [sensing her unease]: I’ll go see what they’re up to.

Lori’s eyes widen as she sees Jessi boldly head over to Kyle’s room. She comes back.

JESSI: They’re just wrestling over a pencil.

Nicole looks far from reassured.

LORI: Bye. [She leaves, wondering what she’ll find when she comes back].

Cut to Kyle’s room where Amanda is trying to take the pencil away from Kyle as he holds it out of her reach. But soon her laughter fades and finds herself suddenly putting a hand to her mouth. A wave of grief sweeps over her, as if the pent up emotions from this afternoon at the mall, take hold. She starts crying.

KYLE [drops the pencil to wrap his arms around her]: Amanda…[He knew it, she was reacting like he thought].

She holds on to him as he makes a soothing motion of his hand over her head tucked next to him. He feels her grief and it mingles with his.

Cut to Nicole where suddenly it seems to quiet and can’t help check in on them knowing she should trust them to keep to their promise. But when she peeks in to see Kyle holding a sobbing Amanda she mouths the words, “I’m sorry,” to him. Kyle nods to Nicole as she reaches for the door to close it. But she only leaves it slightly ajar, enough for them to have partial privacy.

She heads back to the kitchen feeling both remorse and guilt and sympathy, remembering this was the reason she had allowed Amanda to stay. They were both going through a hard time. Finding out he can never have a child had been quite a blow and feels her own tears gather on their behalf.

Cut to Kyle as he places a kiss on Amanda’s forehead and continues to hold her, even throughout the night.

In the morning as Amanda’s in the washroom getting ready for church, she takes a look at her red puffy eyes and grimaces. Not a good way to start the day, especially when tears threaten to leak out some more. She dips her hands in some cold running water and splashes it on her face. When she comes out she sees Kyle there. Behind them Nicole pauses on seeing them as she comes out of her room.

He notices tears pooling in Amanda’s eyes again and lays a hand on her cheek. She covers her hand over his and closes her eyes, drawing comfort from his touch. They lay their foreheads together. Nicole quietly slips past them. Not so Steven as he comes out the master bedroom in jogging gear.

STEVEN [on seeing Kyle]: Hey Kyle, ready for a brisk morning jog?

KYLE [glances over his shoulder at Steven]: Give me a few minutes.

STEVEN [finally notices their embrace]: Right. Whenever you’re ready.

Steven heads downstairs as Kyle slips inside the washroom, tugging Amanda in with him. He slips his arms around her and their lips meet, kissing softly at first then suddenly their kiss deepens as emotions rise up to engulf them.

AMANDA [breaks free]: We can’t. [Kyle just nods, breathing heavy, but despite her protest, she goes back to kissing him].

The more they struggle to reign in their kisses and still the rising tide of emotions, the harder it becomes. Amanda reaches a hand behind her, blindly seeking the doorknob. Her hand finally encounters it and twists it, opening the door.

AMANDA: Sorry, [she gives him one last hard to part kiss].

KYLE: No, I’m sorry, [seeking out one last kiss as well].

She can feel how much he wants her, just as much as she wants him and backs out the door. She’s not sure who closes the door between them, locking her out and keeping him in, probably both in a last ditch effort to curb their passion. She hears his whisper but what she doesn’t see is Lori behind her, witnessing their interlude.

KYLE’s voice [behind the door]: Love you.

Then Amanda feels him project a kiss on her lips. She raises a hand to her lips, tries the door to find it locked and then turns to race down the stairs, back to his room to play on her keyboard, using song as a release.

Only then does Lori close her door, far too late, not that they noticed her.

LORI: Oh, wow. [No wonder her mom was concerned about them staying married, it won’t be long before they’d be tempted to consummate it]. Still waters run deep.

Kyle, Jessi and Steven go for a morning jog. Steven is enjoying their company even though Kyle is keeping pace just behind him, deep in thought. Jessi is running alongside him for the most part, a few times she runs ahead every now and then and has to pause and force herself to keep to his ‘slower’ pace.

STEVEN: Beautiful morning for a jog.

Jessi just nods slowing down to keep pace with him again.

KYLE: Steven…

STEVEN [glances to see Kyle come up alongside him]: Yeah?

KYLE: Do you mind if we head to a more secluded place to run?

STEVEN: Ah, you want to go for broke?

KYLE: Yeah.

STEVEN: That’s a long way. I’ll get the car. [He pauses to turn back but notices both Kyle and Jessi are ready to go on, the long distance no problem for them]. Why don’t I meet you there in say, half an hour?

They nod.

STEVEN: No sense in me holding you two back. [He shakes his head and starts back home but pauses to call out as they pick up the pace]. Be careful!

Kyle turns to wave in acknowledgement, as does Jessi, knowing he meant for them to be careful in not letting anyone see them doing anything special or out of the ordinary.

As they head to a secluded forest area, all of Kyle’s senses are tuned to his surroundings. He can sense no one is nearby or sense anyone a great distance away looking through binoculars.

KYLE: Ready? [He grins over at Jessi].

JESSI [grins with him]: Ready.

In fact, she’s more than ready, anxious to run free and unencumbered by rules and restrictions.

Kyle keeps one sense on alert so there’ll be no chance of anyone catching sight of them as they run, fast, very very fast, trying to outdo the other. Every tree, branch and stem seems magnified and his body burns with energy. Kyle can hear Jessi’s heartbeat as she keeps pace with him. He can hear his and hears every rhythm and sounds of the forest, birds chirping, rushing river water, to dragonflies buzzing through the air. Soon he outpaces Jessi, leaping high as he catches sight of a fallen tree log in his path. What he doesn’t realize is how high he leaps, almost seeming to fly through the air.

Jessi copies him and succeeds but her heart rate beats faster like she is pushing herself too hard. Kyle senses this and comes to a stop. She catches up to him and tries to catch her breath.

JESSI: Why…did you…stop?

KYLE: You need a break.

JESSI [between breaths]: No…I…don’t.

He looks at her as if they both knew she did. Once she catches her breath she faces him.

JESSI: You flew over that log.

KYLE: No, I jumped it.

JESSI: No, you flew. You really flew.

KYLE: I can’t fly.

JESSI: You don’t even know what you did, but I saw. You did the impossible again.

He looks back down the trail and visualizes that moment. He can feel himself take the leap and rise up to sail over the log and knew he took a while to come back down and resume running.

KYLE: Oh. [Looking and sounding stunned, he glances back at Jessi, she was right and he blinks at her]. I thought of a way we can become invisible.

JESSI [looks at him with astonishment]: What?

Just then he senses Steven enter the park.

KYLE: Steven’s here. We should head back.

JESSI: Wait a minute…invisible? How?

KYLE [telepaths as he jogs back with her to the entrance]: A cloak, a shield. Not just a psychic one. A real one.

JESSI [telepaths]: That we can add to our outfits?

KYLE [telepaths]: Yeah, not that it means we should risk going out again.

JESSI [telepaths]: But if we won’t be seen this time…

KYLE [telepaths]: And have the public and authorities know we can be invisible? Think of the panic.

JESSI [telepaths]: Then why mention it if we can’t make full use of it?

KYLE [telepaths, his tone sounding slightly irritated]: It was just a thought. I can’t share passing thoughts?

JESSI [telepaths]: You should just have sex with Amanda, it will make you less grouchy.

He just throws her a glare.

JESSI [telepaths]: It will also help ease your grief and hers. I read where sex can be very emotionally comforting, especially if you’re in love.

Instead of irritated he just looks uncomfortable to discuss his personal life with her and continues jogging on even though what she suggested is all he’s been thinking about all morning.

They reach Steven and jog with him for a while before heading back home. Once home, Kyle quickly changes so he can take and go with Amanda to church. After the service, they talk with Ron and Tara, the young couple they met at their marriage course.

TARA: We’re going to a coffee house tonight, want to come with us?

AMANDA [glances at Kyle who smiles with agreement]: Sure, we’d love to.

When Kyle and Amanda return home from church the whole family heads to the park for a picnic. Josh is anxious to see Andy again, outside of school.

As Nicole sets up the picnic table Kyle takes Amanda’s hand in his. Lori and Jessi are over by the van to bring back more picnic supplies

KYLE: We’re just going for a walk by the river.

NICOLE: Sure, we’ll start lunch in about half an hour.

Kyle nods and he and Amanda start walking. Josh has already headed over to another picnic table where Andy and her mom’s are setting up their picnic. Andy’s brothers are playing on the nearby swing sets.

JOSH: Hey there, beautiful.

ANDY [after a nod from one of her mother’s she heads over to him]: Hey there.

Rather than kiss him hello, she takes his hand and tugs him to follow her, leading him away from her parents.

ANDY: No mushy overtures. I don’t want my moms to think we can’t keep our hands off each other.

JOSH: Funny, that’s all I’ve been thinking about.

ANDY: Ha, ha. Do you want to sabotage our getting back together?

JOSH [turns serious]: No, I don’t, [he gives her hand an affectionate squeeze], that’s the last thing I want.

ANDY [squeezes his hand back]: Good.

They head down a pathway where there are lots of parents and their children gathered about, playing and picnicking.

Nicole sees all the families as well and turns to Steven who’s helping her set up.

NICOLE: Maybe a family picnic wasn’t such a good idea.

STEVEN: We had this planned for weeks.

NICOLE: I meant now that we know about Kyle and Amanda, being here is just reminding them of what they won’t be able to have.

Steven looks around the park full of families and nods, sighing.

STEVEN: Maybe we’ll make it a quick picnic.

NICOLE: Josh will be disappointed. [She sees him walking with Andy].

STEVEN: Well, if Kyle or Amanda find it too hard to be here maybe we should let them head back home ahead of us.

NICOLE: Alone?

STEVEN: Why not?

NICOLE: Didn’t you see them this morning, locked in an embrace?

STEVEN: I trust them. Don’t you?

NICOLE: Yes, but I think the temptation to be together might be more than they can handle.

STEVEN: They’ve been together all night for the past two nights, nothing has happened. [He has a sudden worrisome thought]. Has it?

NICOLE: No, not yet.

Lori and Jessi arrive at the picnic table and Steven and Nicole stop their discussion for a later time.

NICOLE: Thanks girls, [as they set down the rest of the picnic supplies].

Cut to Kyle and Amanda as they walk along the riverbank, holding hands. They see another family with small children further up ahead.

AMANDA: It’s harder than I thought, being here, seeing…[her voice trials off].

KYLE [removes his hand from hers and places it around her shoulder to hug her to him]: I know.

AMANDA: I wish I’d knew earlier about…I could have helped like you’re helping me to deal.

KYLE: You are helping me.

AMANDA: How am I helping?

KYLE: Being together.

She wraps his arm around his waist and they continue to walk on. Kyle pauses by a rock big enough to sit on and guides her over to it.

KYLE: Want to sit for a while?

AMANDA [sees the family drawing closer to them]: Sure.

They sit, she in front of him with his arms wrapped around her as they stare out over the water.

AMANDA: There’s something soothing about flowing water.

KYLE: Yeah, there is. [He points to the thick bush across from them]. If you look real close there’s a deer over there, hidden.

She squints her eyes trying to see the hidden deer and finally sees it when it moves but all she glimpses is the back of its tail as it dashes deeper into the foliage.


She turns her head to smile at him but it’s a sad smile.

KYLE: There’s something more bothering you.

AMANDA [sighs and leans her head back against his chest facing the river, trust him to sense the ‘more’]: Yeah. It’s Hillary. She saw how upset I was and all I could tell her was how much I missed being with you. I knew she felt hurt both Lori and I couldn’t tell her the real reason. [He just hugs her closer]. The ride home Hillary spent the whole time chatting non-stop about nothing.

KYLE: I’m sorry. [He too wished Hillary could be told the truth].

AMANDA: Me too, she’s been a great friend.

KYLE: Maybe one day.

AMANDA: Yeah, I hope so.

Scene cuts to Josh and Andy as they stroll around the park. They near a concession stand.

JOSH: I’d offer to buy you something but our families have brought lunch.

ANDY [looks at the menu board]: Hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, onion rings, milkshakes, cotton candy, lots of candy. Have you ever noticed how rare fast food places never offer fresh fruit or salads?

JOSH: Ah, because they’re fast food?

ANDY: How fast could it be to offer a ripe juicy apple?

JOSH: Well, there is the spoilage issue.

ANDY: They have coolers.

JOSH: And because it costs more?

ANDY: Good things usually do, but it shouldn’t have to, not if there’s a demand for healthier food, and if the economy produces more of it, the healthier food wouldn’t cost as much.

JOSH [sees the lineup]: I don’t think that’s why people are here to eat more healthy, they can do that at home.

ANDY [beneath her breath]: Some can.

JOSH [frowns at her]: What do you mean?

ANDY [heaves a sigh]: My parents don’t think my new diet is safe, they think I’m lacking nutrients, like protein and calcium.

JOSH: How is the diet making you feel?

ANDY: In a lot of ways better.

JOSH: But?

ANDY: Some days, not.

JOSH: Maybe we should go ask Kyle. He read all the books on it.

ANDY: Let’s go ask him then.

She takes his hand and tugs on it to make him follow her at a fast pace.

JOSH: What’s the rush?

ANDY: I’m hungry. That garbage food at the concession stand was making my mouth water.

JOSH: We can’t have that happen, unless I’m the one on the menu.

Andy stops suddenly, making him almost bump into her which works to her advantage as she tugs on his shirt collar and, after one quick look around, kisses him full on the lips.

ANDY [sighs with content]: I have been wanting to kiss you in like, days now. Come on. [She tugs him again to follow after her].

He feels like her one kiss with him wasn’t enough to assuage his hunger.

Just as they arrive back at the picnic table, they see Kyle and Amanda arrive at the same time.

ANDY: Hi, Kyle! [She, along with Josh, stops in front of Kyle]. I have to ask you something. [She glances over at Amanda]. Hi, Amanda, good to see you. [She then turns back to Kyle].

AMANDA [a bemused smile on her face]: Hi.

KYLE: Uh, hi.

ANDY: Sometimes I’m not feeling so great on this diet, I was wondering if you know why.

KYLE [takes her bluntness in stride]: Open your mouth for me?

JOSH: What?

ANDY [frowns in confusion]: My mouth?

Kyle nods and Andy shrugs then open her mouth wide. Kyle places a hand on her chin and looks at her tongue.

ANDY: Ahh… [makes a sound like she would if she were at the doctor’s office]. Am I supposed to say ah?

Kyle, through touching her, he picks up her heart rhythm, [sound of her heart beating], her blood flow, [sound and picture of blood pumping through her veins], lungs expanding and contracting, [picture of a pair of lungs breathing], to the sound of her stomach growling, [sound and picture of a stomach’s gastric acid].

KYLE: Do you find yourself hungry much of the time?

ANDY: Yeah. Very.

Kyle takes his hand away but just as he does so, a brief picture of her DNA strand flashes in front of is eyes, like a breakdown of her genetic code.

KYLE: Ah, you need to consume more calories.

ANDY: That’s it? [She then sees her moms motion her over to have lunch]. Can we talk more later?

KYLE: Sure.

She dashes off, Josh watching her for a moment before turning to Kyle.

JOSH: You could tell she just needed to eat more by looking into her mouth?

KYLE [thinks on the flash of her DNA strand he saw in his mind’s eye]: No.

JOSH: Huh? Then why look?

Kyle stares blankly at Josh but what he is really seeing is the fascinating breakdown of her DNA code. Amanda and Josh both glance at each other and back at Kyle, a silent understanding between them that they knew there is something more going on with Kyle.

JOSH: Earth to Kyle. [He waves a hand in front of Kyle’s face].

KYLE [blinks]: Sorry. It was by touch that I could tell.

JOSH: Oh. Then why the zombie-like stare?

KYLE: I could see the genetic breakdown of her DNA code.

JOSH: Wait. What? You could see…? How? Is there anything wrong?

KYLE [smiles reassuringly]: No, she’s fine as long as she starts taking in more calories. [He thinks on her code]. It was…interesting.

AMANDA: What does it mean though?

KYLE [frowns in puzzlement]: I don’t know.

JOSH: A new ability obviously – a human DNA decoder.

LORI [calls out as the rest of the family sits down for lunch]: Hey, you guys, [behind her Steven is at the BBQ with Jessi], the foods getting cold.

JOSH [calls back, glancing pointedly at the many containers of various salads]: Most of it’s already cold.

They head over to join their family. After lunch when Andy returns to be with Josh again, Nicole stops them before they head off for another walk.

NICOLE: I was talking with your moms, Andy, and we agreed to let you and Josh date again, but with several restrictions.

ANDY: You did? That’s great! Thanks, Mrs. Trager.

JOSH: What restrictions?

NICOLE: You have to be home no later than eleven, and only on a weekend and only if you double date or be with a group of friends. You also need to let us know where you’ll be and who you’re with.

ANDY: Not a problem.

JOSH: But—[Andy nudges him], yeah, no problem. Can we go out tonight?

NICOLE: Who do you plan on going with?

JOSH [throws a brief glance at Lori, who is standing beside Nicole, placing items into a storage container]: With Lori and Mark? [His voice sounding hopeful].

LORI: Sorry, I’m working again tonight.

JOSH [looks around]: Hey, Kyle! [He sees Kyle loading up the van and waves to him].

KYLE [heads over]: Do you need help with something?

JOSH: Yeah, I’ll say. Do you want to double date with me and Andy tonight?

KYLE: Oh, ah…[he glances over at Amanda who’s folding up a plastic table covering]. Amanda and I were already invited to a coffeehouse tonight.

NICOLE: A coffeehouse?

KYLE: At the church. We were invited by a couple we met at our marriage course. Amanda knows more about it. [He turns to motion Amanda over].

AMANDA [places the folded covering on the picnic table and comes over]: What’s up?

KYLE: Josh and Andy would like to come with us tonight. Would that be a problem?

AMANDA: No, anyone’s welcome.

NICOLE: How long is this coffeehouse and what goes on?

AMANDA: Just til 10. There’s usually a band playing, some dancing. The youth minister is there to oversee everything.

NICOLE [glances over at Andy and Josh]: Sounds perfect.

JOSH [winces a bit]: There won’t be praying and bible stuff will there?

AMANDA: One or two prayers, that’s all.

ANDY: We’d appreciate going with you. [She nudges Josh a little harder].

JOSH: Yes, we would.

AMANDA: It’s casual, just come as you are.

ANDY: Perfect.

And their night together was perfect except it ended too soon. Josh walks Andy to her door as Kyle and Amanda wait for him in the van.

ANDY: I had fun.

JOSH: So did I. At least the prayer session was blissfully short.

ANDY: I didn’t mind that part. In fact, I made a little prayer of my own.

JOSH: You did?

ANDY: Yeah.

JOSH: What about?

ANDY [smiles a secret smile]: That’s between me and God.

She leans over and kisses him, a pleasant distraction so he wouldn’t continue to wonder what she prayed about. Their kiss is cut short when the outside lights click on and off in warning.

ANDY: That’s my moms. Gotta go.

JOSH: Till the next double date?

ANDY [grins at him]: Lookin’ forward to it. [She heads inside].

Josh whistles on his way back to the van.

After their double date with Andy and Josh, Kyle and Amanda lie in each other’s arms. Kyle is caressing her shoulder as she lies next to him with her hand caressing his arm. She lifts her head and rises up on her elbow to look at him face to face. He gazes back with a questioning look.

AMANDA: Is anyone nearby?

KYLE [listens in on the family elsewhere in the house]: No.

AMANDA: Do you think anyone will check in on us in the next little while?

KYLE [again listens in to family members]: No, why?

AMANDA [her gaze focuses on his lips]: Want to…make out for a while?

KYLE [heart rate speeds up with anticipation]: With the door open?

AMANDA: I guess you’ll have to keep an ear out.

KYLE [his gaze now focuses on her lips]: I heard the risk of getting caught heightens the mood, [his gaze rises to meet her eyes], and sharpens the desire.

AMANDA [growing breathless without having kissed him yet]: Where did you hear that? [Both their gazes are once more drawn to each other’s lips, inching closer].

KYLE: Josh. I asked him once why he and Andy would risk getting caught.

AMDNA [leans closer]: Mmm, it’s working, [she pauses before her lips touch his], is it for you?

KYLE [swallows hard, voice turning low and husky]: Yes.

Their lips finally meet. Amanda is thrilled to feel one of his hands trail along her back while his other hand runs his fingers through her hair and tugs her close to deepen their kiss. She pressed her body against his, her senses heightened on feeling each point of contact as she lay upon his chest and hip and then feeling the flex of his thighs as he adjusts himself so that one of his legs is between hers. She can’t help the small moan that escapes.

Her moan brings to mind all what he’d been thinking of from his morning jog, seeking comfort in each other’s arms. Their making out is also the one thing that, earlier at the picnic, is what Nicole feared they would do – end up in each other’s arms seeking comfort.

Cut to Steven and Nicole in their room as they prepare for bed.

NICOLE: I should check on them.

STEVEN [throws back the blankets]: Nicole, they just got home a short while ago, let them settle in first.

NICOLE: It’s the settling in that has me worried.

Cut back to Kyle and Amanda. They are now sitting up with Amanda across his lap with eyes closed as Kyle traces kisses from her lips down to her neck when she willingly tilts her head back to grant him more access. Her one hand run through his hair while her other hand grips his shoulder.

With eyes closed, she doesn’t see several items on his desk and dresser float in the air. She presses his head closer when she feels one of his kisses hit a sensitive spot that sends tingles down her spine. She tugs his head back up so her lips can seek out his lips which he willing obliges and soon their kisses deepen.

Scene cuts to Jessi in her room sitting at her desk reading a book when she pauses as a wave of passion, not her own, sweeps over her and she gasps in surprise, her gaze drawn towards Kyle’s room.

Cut back to Kyle’s room where he’s back to trailing kisses down Amanda’s neck drawing closer to her collarbone. Amanda now opens her eyes and sees the floating objects.

AMANDA: Oh, my.

Taking that as a sign of encouragement, Kyle moves his hand beneath her pajama top, creeping closer to her breast. In response she clasps her legs tighter around him causing him to suddenly stiffen and grip her closer. He groans in her eyes widen to see the flowers inside the floating vase shoot out at the same time she feels him shudder. All the objects then fall back on to the desk with thumps and splats.

AMANDA: Kyle? Are you okay?

For a second he doesn’t answer, he’s still holding her tightly to him.

AMANDA: Kyle? [She’s fearing something is wrong and attempts to pull and move away].

KYLE: Don’t move, [he mumbles against her neck].

AMADNA: Why? I didn’t hurt you, did I?

KYLE: No, [he pauses], it was…very stimulating.

As she leans away when he loosens his grip, she can’t help glance down. Her eyes widen even further and before she can say or do anything, he lifts her off him, turns aside and steps out of the tub, heading to his wardrobe and pulling out a housecoat. He slips it on and takes out a fresh pair of pajamas.

KYLE [turns to face her]: I’ll be…ah, [he gaze slips away from her especially as her gaze is remaining fixated low on him with a combination of embarrassment yet curious look he finds just as stimulating when he was holding and kissing her], back. [He quickly leaves].

AMANDA [sounding breathless]: Oh, wow. [She bites her lip before blowing out a puff of air and waving a hand fan-like over her face]. Oh, wow.

When Kyle comes back, only then does he notice the flowers scattered over his dresser and wonders how and when that happened.

Amanda scoots aside as he lies down next to her. They are careful not to touch this time, although it is hard not to brush against each other in the enclosed space. They’re both silent for a moment.

AMANDA: Ah…goodnight? [She’s unsure she wants to discuss what happened, she both does want to yet doesn’t].

KYLE [senses her conflicting emotions, he’s feeling just as conflicted, knowing their relationship is developing into a higher more intimate level]: Goodnight.

When Nicole comes down to check on them, she sees they are turned away from each other, feigning to be asleep. She frowns in concern, not buying their sudden restrained behavior when they’d been so open about it the other morning.

Since Amanda had a lot of college homework to catch up on she thought it’d be less distracting if she went back home to study and because last night was the final night Nicole would allow her to stay over.

Monday night she finds it hard to sleep and be in her house, all alone, without him. She calls him up.

AMANDA: I can’t sleep.

KYLE [cut to him lying in the bed he made rather than his tub]: Me either. [He has the same blanket and pillow she used next to him so her scent is close and so he can picture her there with him]. How’s this?

He projects a mental image of wrapping his arms around her.

AMANDA [cut to her as she feels a pair of arms hold her close]: Oh, I like, it also makes me wish you were actually here.

KYLE [cut to him as he pictures her there with him and holding on to her]: I wish you were here, too.

AMANDA [cut to her]: Kyle, have you thought of being together, together? Like a couple?

KYLE [cut to him as he swallows hard, remembering last night and his quick fire response to her]: All the time.

AMANDA [cut to her]: I don’t think I can wait till next year, to have another wedding ceremony. [She sighs shakily as if remembering last night too]. But I will. I’ll try. [She pauses]. Maybe.

She hears Kyle laugh.

KYLE’s voice: I know what you mean.

AMANDA: Goodnight.

KYLE’s voice: Goodnight.

As they hang up she raises a hand to her lips as she feels him project a kiss, a long lingering goodnight kiss. She smiles, still feeling as if his arms are around her and drifts off to sleep.

Cut back to Kyle as he gradually drifts off to sleep.

KYLE [narrative]: I had a feeling it was going to be a long year where we’d learn a lot about the other.

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