Season 4

S04 E05 Move In Day

Kyle XY S04 E05

Move In Day

For the next two and a half weeks things settle into a routine, back to school and work until the night before move-in day arrives.

Nicole checks in on Lori and finds her packing her things. Her room is full of boxes either empty or half full, dresser drawers hang open almost empty.

NICOLE: Lori, you can’t fit everything in the dorm.

LORI [removes a few more items from a drawer]: Hillary and I measured our dorm room during orientation; you’d be amazed at how much you can cram into one small area. [She packs her items into a box]. By the way, thanks for those storage containers, they’re the perfect size.

NICOLE: You’re welcome, [she sees the said storage containers on Lori’s bed packed full]. You’ve made good use of them.

LORI [heads to her closet to gather more items]: And that was only my favorite things, my must have’s, [her voice is muffled as she riffles through the bottom of her closet before coming back out with a handful of shoes]. These are a must, too. [She sees a shoe bag on her bed already full]. Drat. I need more boxes.

NICOLE: What you need is a landfill.

LORI: Do we have more boxes? [She throws her shoes on her bed for now and heads to her dresser drawer to make sure she didn’t leave anything else behind].

NICOLE: Kyle left earlier to get some. Josh will be home soon as well; he said he’d bring back a few boxes from work.

LORI: Great, I’ll need them.

As Nicole looks around Lori’s helter skelter packing she feels tears gather in her eyes. Her children were leaving home.

Just then Lori’s phone rings and Lori turns from her dresser to dig around on her bed for her phone. She finds it at the same time she notices her mom put a hand to her mouth.

LORI [concern lacing her voice]: Mom? [She clicks open her phone]. Hey, Hills, hang on. [She holds the phone to her chest as her mom backs out of the room]. Mom! It’s okay.

Lori sighs heavily as Nicole rushes off to regain her composure.

LORI [places the phone to her ear]: Hey there…yeah, it’s my mom again. [A brief pause]. Yours too, huh?

She talks a few minutes more with Hillary then resumes packing when Kyle and Steven come upstairs carrying a few boxes. Steven sets the empty boxes on the floor just inside her room and looks around.

STEVEN: You haven’t gotten very far.

LORI: Sure I have, I’ve been packing.

STEVEN: So, Kyle and I can start loading up?

LORI: Ummm… [she glances at her half full boxes], not quite. [Her dad raises an impatient eyebrow]. Almost.

STEVEN: Well, [he checks his watch, it’s close to 8pm], hurry up. I’d like to have your stuff all packed in the car by nine.

LORI: What about Kyle’s stuff? [She glances over at Kyle who still has boxes in his hands].

STEVEN: He’s all done and loaded up except for a couple of bags.

LORI: Of course he is, [she makes a face at him].

Kyle makes a face back at her. Steven glances from one to the other

STEVEN: Since you two seem to be enjoying yourselves, Kyle you can stay and help Lori pack. [He nods in Lori’s direction]. Where’s your mom?

LORI: Uh, last I saw she popped in here and popped back out, not too happy.

STEVEN [sighs]: Waterworks again?

LORI: Big time.

Steven heads out to go and look for Nicole. Kyle watches after him with a concerned look on his face. When he turns back to Lori he has a sad look on his face.

LORI [warns]: Don’t you start.

KYLE: Where do you want these? [He indicates the boxes in his hands].

LORI [points to her bed]: Just throw them over there.

He takes her literally, or rather deliberately, and throws them on her bed. One box tips over to land back at Kyle’s feet. They both look back at the fallen box then back at each other.

LORI: Serves you right. [She throws one of her shirts at him just as he leans down to pick up the box. He catches her shirt without having seen her throw it]. Huh! [She’s impressed. He grins before stuffing it in the box that he now carefully sets on the bed]. That’s not how you pack. It’ll be all creased.

He refolds it with exaggerated motion and places it gently back in the box.

LORI: Cheek, you’re a big help.

KYLE: Just tell me all you want packed and I’ll pack it.

LORI: Thanks, but I kind of wanted to organize it in sections.

KYLE: Won’t you just have to reorganize once you get to the dorm?

LORI: I suppose but this way it will be pre-organized by what’s specifically in the boxes.

KYLE: What difference does it make?

LORI: A big difference.

KYLE [gives a small shrug]: Whatever you say.

LORI: Trust me.

They grin at each other.

An hour later Josh comes home from work with a few boxes. He meets Kyle coming down the stairs carrying an armful of containers packed full.

KYLE: Hey, Josh. Lori’s used up the boxes I brought.

JOSH [checks his watch]: She’s still packing?

KYLE: ’fraid so. Jessi came back early from work and started helping her too.

Josh dumps his empty boxes in the hallway and follows Kyle out to the car. Kyle sets the containers on the ground and opens the trunk then starts loading up the containers inside.

JOSH: You mean you just started loading up now?

KYLE: These were the only full ones she had.

JOSH: That’s Lori, making everyone else do her dirty work.

Kyle can’t help notice Josh isn’t doing much in the way of helping either. Kyle finishes loading the containers and heads back inside the house. He takes a couple of the boxes Josh brought and leaves the rest for Josh to bring upstairs. Josh picks up the boxes Kyle left for him.

JOSH: How many boxes does one person need anyway? [He continues on before Kyle can answer him]. By the way, I’m going to miss the next two Saturday’s when you’re not here.

KYLE: Our double date nights?

JOSH: Yeah.

KYLE: What about your friends at school?

JOSH: They prefer to be alone with their dates. Not that I blame them.

KYLE: That’s too bad.

JOSH: Yeah, I’ll be all alone on a Saturday night. No chance you might not want to go to every event?

KYLE: There’s a lot happening during Dawg Daze.

Kyle hears the phone ring and Nicole answering. Cut to her as she walks out of the master bedroom, the phone to her ear.

NICOLE: Hello? [Brief pause]. Oh, hi, Brian. [She sees Kyle and Josh come up the stairs and lets them go by]. Tonight’s not a good time. [Brief pause again]. I know you’ve been calling twice a week since grad to talk to Jessi, but tonight—[she stops to listen as Kyle and Josh pause at Lori’s door to let Jessi pass]. You know what tonight is. All right, hang on.

Nicole glances over at Jessi and holds the phone with a questioning look to make sure Jessi wants to talk with her father. Jessi takes the phone.

JESSI: Hi, Brian. [She pauses]. Yes, I’m looking forward to this week. [Another pause]. Dawg Daze is where you met Sarah for the first time? Really?

Her voice turns excited, liking it when he talks about her mother. She smiles an okay at Nicole and they both head inside the master bedroom, Jessi more for privacy and Nicole to monitor the conversation just as she’s monitored every conversation they’ve had.

Kyle and Josh set the boxes down inside Lori’s room.

JOSH [sees the scattered packing clutter]: What a mess.

LORI: With all the spring cleaning I’ve done you’d think I’d have less stuff.

JOSH: Obviously not.

LORI: Are you here to help or annoy?

JOSH: Annoy, obviously. My forte.

LORI: Go away.

KYLE [cuts in]: Anymore boxes to take to the car?

LORI: Those ones, [she points to a few boxes stacked on the bed]. Jessi’s so efficient and neat. I wish I had her help a couple of hours ago. Not that you haven’t been helpful. It’s just, she understood organizing my stuff into sections.

KYLE: I noticed. [He picks up a couple of the packed boxes].

LORI: It’s a girl thing.

He only nods as he hands the boxes to Josh. Josh looks at them as if that’s the last thing he wants and takes only one box from Kyle.

JOSH: This’ll do. [He quickly heads out before Kyle can give him anymore].

LORI [watches]: Brat.

Even Kyle looks put out and throws Josh’s retreating back a disgruntled look before setting down the packed box Josh left him with in order to stack a couple more on so he can carry three at a time.

LORI: Have I said thanks yet?

KYLE [voice muffled behind the boxes]: Not yet.

LORI: Well, thank you.

KYLE [heads out]: You’re welcome.

It takes until after nine thirty to finish packing and until just after ten to finishing loading up the car. Steven locks up the fully packed car after Kyle places in the last box.

STEVEN: Thanks for your help. With Jessi still talking to Brian and Josh overly keen in doing his homework over physical labor, I thought it’d be later to get this all done.

KYLE [walks to the door with Steven]: I didn’t mind.

STEVEN [pauses before they head inside]: I just want to say, as much as I’m excited for you going off to college, I will miss you as well.

KYLE [gives a small heartfelt nod]: I feel the same.

They hug, Steven gives him an affectionate rub on the back before pulling away and both are quiet as they enter the front hallway.

NICOLE [comes out into the hall from the kitchen as she hears them come in]: All finished?

KYLE: Done.

STEVEN: Finally.

KYLE [nods to them both]: Goodnight.

NICOLE: Sleep well. [She lays a hand on Kyle’s shoulder and he pauses to give her a hug].

But tears enter her eyes once more, feeling as if it were a hug goodbye. Steven places an arm around her shoulder as she lets go of Kyle and guides her towards the stairs.

STEVEN: We need to get to bed as well, Nicole. We have to be up early.

NICOLE: Right. Early.

They head up the stairs as Kyle goes to his room.

Once in his room, Kyle takes a look around, noticing how empty it feels. Logically he knows it isn’t like he’s leaving for good, but emotionally it feels like he’s leaving home. He lies in his tub for the last time but finds he can’t sleep. He takes out his phone and calls Amanda.

KYLE: Hi, it’s not too late is it?

Cut to Amanda. She’s lying on her bed with her phone to her ear.

AMANDA: No, I was still awake. I wondered if you’d call, I knew you’d be busy.

KYLE [cut back to him]: I was, but I feel too wound up to sleep.

AMANDA [cut back to her]: Excited about tomorrow?

KYLE [cut back to him]: Yes, yet kind of sad too.

AMANDA [cut back to her]: It won’t feel the same, knowing you’re not next door.

KYLE [cut back to him]: I’ll miss hearing you play.

AMANDA [cut back to her, a hint of teasing in her voice]: Only my playing?

KYLE [cut back to him as he smiles]: No, you, [his tone then turns serious and thick with sentiment], I’ll miss you.

AMANDA [cut back to her, swallowing hard and voicing her thoughts]: Why are we waiting? Oh, I mean, [realizing she spoke out loud], I know why, but it’s getting harder each day.

KYLE’s voice: I know.

AMANDA: I’ll phone you every night and play for you. [Cut back to him briefly as he smiles then back to her]. At least we’ll be together this weekend. Is Nicole okay with me staying in the dorm with you?

Cut back to him where he hesitates then cut back to her as she frowns, noticing his brief silence before cutting back to him.

KYLE: Steven okayed it.

AMANDA’s voice: But Nicole hasn’t?

KYLE: Steven says not to worry, she’ll have to accept that we intend to stay married and he does appreciate that we’re willing to…wait. [Even though she just voiced her thought as to why they were waiting].

AMANDA’s voice: It sounds like he’s okay now with our being married.

KYLE: He is, more now than in the beginning but both our mothers aren’t okay with it yet.

AMANDA [cut back to her]: My mom must have phoned every hour after the family weekend. I think she knew I was staying over at your place, after you told me we couldn’t have—[she couldn’t say the word children].

KYLE [cut back to him, sensing her struggle]: I know, she phoned Nicole and all Nicole could tell her was how much you were missing her and it being a “family” weekend, you were feeling it more.

AMANDA [cut back to her, smiling a sad smile]: I thought as much, no wonder she kept saying she missed me, too. [She swallows back a lump of emotion]. I do miss her. [Then sighs]. But she had to mention it was still no excuse to ‘sleep’ with you. That we were playing with fire—[she suddenly chokes off, remembering what happened between them, going too far in kissing him. She can still feel him shuddering against her which in turn caused a wave of heat to rise within, feeling her face flush not just with embarrassment but with excitement].

KYLE [cut back to him where he shifts in his tub now feeling suddenly a little uncomfortable himself on remembering that moment]: Yeah. [His voice turns husky].

AMANDA [cut back to her, licking dry lips]: Well, I’ll see you Friday. [Mentally she kicks herself, not wanting to say goodbye yet knowing the way she is beginning to feel it is the wiser choice].

KYLE [cut back to him, feeling just as reluctant]: Goodnight.

AMANDA’s voice: Goodnight.

They are both slow to hang up and cut back to her as she raises a hand to her lips as she feels him projecting a kiss and then smiles, settling deeper beneath her bedcovers.

Scene is now morning with a camera shot outside showing the Trager house and Declan pulling up. He gets out of his car, yawning as he heads up the front steps to ring the doorbell. The door opens before Declan can actually ring the bell. His open-mouthed look at Kyle is a combination of surprise and a yawn. He snaps his mouth shut.

DECLAN: Who’s bright idea was it to move in so early?

KYLE [smiles]: Good morning.

DECLAN [enters]: Man, I’ve been so looking forward to this day.

KYLE: Me, too. [He closes the door and they stand in the foyer for a moment].

DECLAN [tries to cover another yawn]: If I had a couple of more hours sleep I’d enjoy the morning more.

KYLE: I haven’t seen you around much.

DECLAN: Yeah, my dad had me working at his office for the last few weeks getting a feel for what happens in a law office.

KYLE: How was it?

DECLAN: Mind-numbingly dull. [He sees a couple of duffle bags lying near the door]. It’s making me rethink the whole law bit. [He also notices the quiet].

KYLE: It is? [He senses Declan’s restlessness and confusion that’s deeper than just his career choice].

DECLAN: Are you the only one up?

KYLE: No. Jessi’s in the kitchen, my parents are upstairs, Josh is finally getting up and Lori’s still asleep.

DECLAN: When’s she moving in? [Clearly by his manner he doesn’t want to talk about his self-doubts].

KYLE: Ten.

DECLAN: Nice. I could have had an extra two hours sleep.

KYLE: Are you regretting letting me requesting an earlier time? [He hears the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs].

DECLAN: I’ll wake up. I just need another jolt of coffee.

KYLE [grins]: Jessi’s made some.

They both look up the staircase to see Steven come down.

STEVEN: Hey, Declan. I didn’t hear the doorbell ring.

DECLAN [nods to Kyle]: His bat signal detected me coming.

STEVEN: Ah. [He smiles with them and they head into the kitchen].

Jessi’s sitting at the counter drinking a glass of orange juice.



Kyle heads to the cupboard, takes out a mug and reaches for the pot of freshly brewed coffee sitting on the counter.

KYLE: Sugar, cream or both?


Kyle gets the cream from the fridge and hands Declan the mug, sugar and cream.

DECLAN [adds cream and sugar himself then takes a much needed sip]: Thanks, that hit the spot. [He takes a seat beside Jessi].

STEVEN: I could use one.

Kyle heads back to the cupboard and takes out another mug for Steven and pours him a cup. Steven nods his thanks while Kyle pours himself a glass of orange juice.

DECLAN: No caffeine pick-me-up?

KYLE: Jessi and I already had our morning run.

DECLAN [looks from one to the other, eyebrow raised]: How early did you get up?

KYLE: Five.

JESSI: It was very refreshing. A natural pick-me-up.

DECLAN: That’s way too early for me. [He takes more sips of his coffee].

STEVEN: It was for me too this morning. Otherwise, I would have joined them. [Another sound of footsteps is heard coming down the stairs].

DECLAN: So, is this early bird stuff a regular occurrence?

KYLE: Pretty much.

Kyle takes his and Jessi’s empty glasses and washes them out as Nicole enters the kitchen.

NICOLE: Good morning, Declan.

DECLAN [tips his mug at her]: Yeah, to you too. [He downs some more coffee].

STEVEN [checks the time]: Well, now that we’re fueled up, are you guys ready to go?

DECLAN [finishes his coffee]: Just.

JESSI [to Nicole]: I’ll meet you and Lori at ten. It won’t take me long to unpack. [Another sound of footsteps is heard coming down the stairs].

NICOLE: I’ll be waiting.

Josh enters, still wearing pajamas, hair askew and covering a yawn.

DECLAN: You look the way I feel.

JOSH: Don’t kid yourself.

DECLAN: Ha. [He ruffles and messes Josh’s hair even more as he walks by him].

JOSH: Hello and goodbye.

Nicole follows as Steven, Kyle, Jessi and Declan head out. Kyle and Jessi pause to pick up their duffle bags. Josh lags behind.

NICOLE: Thanks Declan, for chaperoning this weekend.


STEVEN: Nicole…

KYLE [to Declan]: We’ll talk.

DECLAN: I’ll say.

STEVEN [leans to whisper to Nicole]: Stop fretting about them.


STEVEN: It’ll work out. [He nods for Kyle to continue out the door].

NICOLE [calls out]: We’ll see you later.

KYLE: Later. [He waves to her and to Josh hovering behind Nicole].

STEVEN [kisses Nicole on the cheek]: Later, hon.

He heads out and Nicole watches them as Jessi rides with Declan and Steven rides with Kyle in his van.

Josh, growing bored just standing there watching them leave turns and heads into the kitchen to pour himself some coffee.

NICOLE [comes in]: Coffee, Josh?

JOSH: I’m old enough.

NICOLE: Barely, but it’s not a good habit to start.

JOSH: I’m going to miss them, him, I mean. Lori, not so much.

NICOLE [the tears she’d been holding back spring up in her eyes]: Right, sure you…[she swallows hard]…will.

JOSH: Oh, crap. I didn’t mean to start anything. [He looks at the clock]. I’d start getting Lori up now; it will take a couple of hours just to wake her up.

NICOLE [tears banked]: Funny, but you could be right. Why don’t you go on up and pour a jug of water over her?

JOSH: Can I? [He looks too excited and makes her regret the suggestion].

NICOLE: I was kidding.

JOSH: I’m not.

NICOLE: I’ll go wake her. [She turns to head upstairs and when she’s gone Josh lets out a sigh].

JOSH: Waterworks successfully diverted. [He could kick himself for almost making his mother cry, even though that’s what he’s feeling]. I’m going to miss you, bro. [He turns to look out the kitchen window; feeling completely bummed out and forgets about his coffee].

Cut to Kyle, Steven, Jessi and Declan as they pull up in front of Poplar Hall. They all get out and Steven stands by both vehicles. A flock of volunteers come over.

VOLUNTEER #1: Welcome freshmen. While you sign in, we’ll load your stuff. Can I get your names?

KYLE: Kyle Trager.

DECLAN: Declan McDonough.

The volunteer checks them off.

JESSI: Jessi Taylor.

VOLUNTEER #1: Taylor…[he looks over his chart and frowns when he can’t see her listed]. Strange. Are you in this hall?

JESSI: Yes. [She pulls out a receipt]. I’ll be staying in guest quarters for the week.

VOLUNTEER #1 [looks at the receipt and sees her name and that it’s the right hall]: Must be some mix-up. [He looks again at his chart]. I have a Jessi Trager. [He looks from Kyle to Jessi]. Any relation?

STEVEN: I’m their father, Steven Trager. Jessi is my foster daughter, hence the different names.

VOLUNTEER #1: Oh, I see. I’ll adjust that. Let them know inside when you sign in. [He hands Jessi back her receipt].

Kyle, Jessi and Declan go inside the hall to sign in as Steven directs the move in volunteers to load up Kyle’s and Declan’s stuff.

STEVEN: Leave these for last, [he shows them Jessi’s bags so they won’t mix them up with Kyle’s belongings].

VOLUNTEER #2: Sure thing.

Cut to inside the hall where Kyle and Jessi are standing in the lobby in front of a desk with the letters T-Z. Declan is at a desk with the letters H-M.

DECLAN: Names’s McDonough.

H-M SIGN-IN VOLUNTEER: McDonough. Mmmm… are you with your life partner?

DECLAN: My what?

H-M VOLUNTEER: Kyle Trager.

DECLAN: We’re roommates, man, not life partners.

H-M VOLUNTEER: Oh, I’m sorry. It say’s you’re, I mean, he’s married?

DECLAN: Yeah, so? Not to me!

H-M VOLUNTEER: So, his…partner will be staying with you?

DECLAN: I guess, this weekend anyway.

H-M VOLUNTEER: Well, usually there’s only two to a room.

DECLAN: No, she’ll just be visiting.

The volunteer frowns and looks back at their computer screen. Meanwhile, Kyle and Jessi are having their own sign-in problems.


KYLE: Kyle Trager, [at the same time as Jessi].

JESSI: Jessi Taylor, [at the same time as Kyle].

KYLE [glances at her]: Go ahead, [he moves aside].

T-Z VOLUNTEER: Trager. Ah, here you are.

JESSI: No, Taylor.

T-Z VOLUNTEER: No, there’s no Taylor listed.

JESSI [hands the volunteer her receipt]: There’s been a mix up. The volunteer outside told me to tell you that.

T-Z VOLUNTEER: Ah, okay. [She looks at her receipt]. Do you have a Husky card?

Jessi pulls it out and shows her the card. She looks from the card to her computer screen.

T-Z VOLUNTEER: Oh, I think I see the problem. [She looks from Kyle to Jessi]. You two just got married, did you? Congratulations. We have two bunk beds in the room right now. Would you like to change that to a double bed?

JESSI: We’re not married.

KYLE: I’m married.

JESSI: I’m not.

T-Z VOLUNTEER: According to our records you are.

JESSI: You’re records are wrong.

T-Z VOLUNTEER: But you are Jessi Trager.

JESSI: No, I’m Jessi Taylor.

KYLE [pulls out his marriage license to show her]: I’m married to Amanda.

T-Z VOLUNTEER [takes a look at his license]: Amanda Bloom-Trager. [She looks at her screen]. No Amanda Bloom or Amanda Trager listed.

KYLE: She doesn’t go to UW. She goes to NU.

T-Z VOLUNTEER: Then who’s Jessi Trager?

KYLE: No one.

JESSI [to Kyle, a little put out]: I’m not no one.

KYLE: That’s not what I meant.

JESSI [to the volunteer]: She’s me. Except it should be Taylor, not Trager. I just live with the Tragers.

T-Z VOLUNTEER: So you two are together.

KYLE: No, yes. I’m adopted.

JESSI: I’m a foster child.

T-Z VOLUNTEER: Oh, you’re siblings!

JESSI [heaves a sigh full of impatience]: We’re not related.

T-Z VOLUNTEER [now thoroughly confused]: Then who’s married to Declan? I have you all in the same room.

Jessi turns to Kyle as Declan wanders over wondering what’s taking them so long.

JESSI [to Kyle]: You had to tell them you got married?

KYLE [to Jessi]: Yes.

JESSI: She’s making trouble for us and she’s not even here.

KYLE: There is no us.

JESSI: There is now. They think we’re married.

T-Z VOLUNTEER [cuts in]: So, you two aren’t married?

JESSI [throws Kyle a crafty look]: We could be, we do live together.

Declan bites his lip refusing to get involved yet enjoying seeing his friend caught in the middle of a threesome.

KYLE [whispers to her]: Not funny.

T-Z VOLUNTEER: Common-law?

Jessi just smiles.


DECLAN: This could take a while.

T-Z VOLUNTEER: Who are you?

DECLAN: Declan McDonough.

T-Z VOLUNTEER: Oh, so you’re the husband?

DECLAN: What? No! [Now he finds himself caught in the middle of a different threesome].

When they finally come back to the vehicles where the move-in volunteers are waiting, Steven comes over to them.

STEVEN: What happened? Why did it take so long?

JESSI: It was Kyle’s fault. He told them he was married.

KYLE: They got our names mixed up.

JESSI: And our rooms.

KYLE: At least they’re getting a room ready for you.

MOVE-IN VOLUNTEER: So, where are we taking your stuff?

KYLE: Room 405.

STEVEN: They want us to move the vehicles so others can unload.

JESSI: I’ll move your van, it’ll give me something to do while I wait for my room to be ready.

KYLE: Thanks. [He hands her the ignition key and number card]. I have a designated spot for tonight.

While Jessi and Declan park the vehicles, Kyle and Steven follow the volunteers into the elevator up to the fourth floor.

KYLE [to one of the volunteers]: I feel like I should be helping.

MOVE-IN VOLUNTEER: If you’re that keen to help, next year you can volunteer for the next set of freshman. We could always use the extra help.

KYLE: I’ll keep that in mind.

The song “Move it, Move it” plays in the background as the volunteers unload their stuff. Jessi’s stuff is right on top so hers is the first to be set aside. Declan and Jessi return just in time as a staff member knocks on the open door. Declan and Jessi look his way and Kyle and Steven pause before unpacking another box.

STAFF MEMBER: Is there a Jessi Trag—sorry—Taylor here?

JESSI: Taylor, yes. That’s me.

STAFF MEMBER: We have your room ready for you now, [he indicates a volunteer mover behind him]. Sorry for the mix up, but Sue here will help you move your stuff to your room.

JESSI: There’s only a few bags and my laptop.

SUE: Wow, you pack light.

JESSI: I’m only staying a week.

SUE: Oh.

STAFF MEMBER: If you have any concerns or a problem, please let me know. [He hands Jessi his card and a key to her room then leaves].

JESSI: Room 320.

SUE: Great, just one floor below, that’s not far.

Sue wheels in a cart but when she sees how little stuff Jessi has she realizes she and Jessi can carry it down all at once. So she hands her cart to another move-in volunteer in desperate need of a cart.

STEVEN [as Jessi heads out]: Let me know how it goes.

JESSI: I will.

Kyle and Steven return to unpacking as Declan starts in on his stuff.

STEVEN [looks around their room]: Your dorm is far more spacious than when I was in college. I roomed with two other fellows. [He smiles in remembrance]. I had the time of my life. [His expression is one of nostalgia]. An experience I wouldn’t have missed for the world.

DECLAN: That’s what I’m aiming for.

STEVEN [smiles and glances at all his boxes]: Would you like some help?

DECLAN [glances at all his stuff with an almost overwhelmed expression until he sees a certain and very important box]: A dorm is not complete without your own TV and vids.

STEVEN: Ha, now I’m envious. That was one thing I didn’t have.

The guys spend the next two hours setting up their room. Volunteers come by every now and then to take their empty boxes down to the recycle bin.

JESSI [comes back]: Nicole called to say she and Lori are on their way.

STEVEN: Already? [He glances at his watch]. If you need extra help just call. I wanted to take a look at your room.

JESSI: I will.

STEVEN [sees that there’s still a few more boxes to unpack, Declan brought a lot stuff compared to Kyle]: Otherwise we’ll meet up later for lunch.

JESSI: Okay, later.

After she leaves, Kyle reaches for a box to open.

KYLE: I brought a gift.

DECLAN [eyes the box curiously]: A gift?

Kyle opens it and takes out an object. Declan laughs when he sees it’s a basketball hoop to fit over the door.

DECLAN: All right. Great gift.

Steven laughs too and he joins them in shooting hoops. All too soon it’s lunchtime, their moment of fun ends and all three head over to 8 at McMahon Hall to meet up with Nicole, Jessi and Lori.

STEVEN [kisses Nicole on the cheek]: Hey, hon.

NICOLE: How’s it going?

STEVEN: There are still a few more boxes to unpack.

NICOLE: Still? I thought you’d be done by now. [She sees his guilty look]. Something I should know?

STEVEN: Oh, no. We unpacked the important stuff.

NICOLE: Uh huh, like?

STEVEN [grins]: A basketball hoop.

NICOLE: Whose idea was that?

STEVEN: Kyle’s. [He’s quick to place the blame good-naturedly].

Kyle just smiles an impish smile.

Nicole smiles back and shakes their head at them.

STEVEN: How did your unpacking go?

LORI: There’s a lot left to unpack. [She glances at Jessi]. There’s still my laptop and printer to set up.

JESSI: That won’t take long.

LORI: You’ve been invaluable.

JESSI [looks pleased]: You’re welcome.

After they eat lunch and when it’s time to say goodbye does Nicole then break down. A few tears roll down her cheeks as she gives Lori a hug.

LORI: I’ll miss you too, mom. But don’t worry; I’ll be by to visit.

STEVEN: I’m sure you will, especially on paydays. [He gives her an affectionate hug and kiss on the forehead].

LORI: Ha, ha, Dad. [She hugs him back].

NICOLE [gives Jessi a hug]: You take care, I’ll see you in a week.

Declan moves off discreetly but is taken by surprise when Nicole turns to him and gives him a hug.

NICOLE: You too, Declan. Take care.

DECLAN: Ah, thanks, Mrs. Trager. [He awkwardly returns the hug].

Then it’s Kyle’s turn for a hug.

NICOLE: I’ll miss you.

KYLE: I’ll be by on the weekends. [He hugs her close].

But she’s too choked up to speak and puts a hand to her mouth to try and hold back the tears but it’s no use. Steven puts an arm around her and guides her to the parking lot where she has parked their car.

STEVEN [calls over his shoulder]: See you all later. Don’t forget to phone once in a while.

LORI: I won’t, Dad.

They all wave goodbye.

LORI: Well, [she brushes away a couple of tears and takes a deep breath trying to still the quiver in her voice], you guys want to meet up later? Mark’s deejaying early tonight, around six?

KYLE [senses she’s struggling for normalcy and trying not to break down like their mother and he feels the same]: We’ll meet you there.

He nods to her, conveying with a simple look that he understands what she’s feeling and she nods back in acknowledgment before quickly turning away before she really starts crying.

DECLAN: Later.

While the guys head back to their dorm, Jessi follows Lori back to her dorm room to help her finish unpacking. Lori’s feelings of sadness are set aside in the practical task of organizing her things. Lori watches Jessi set up her laptop and printer, making sure everything is connected.

LORI: Thanks a lot, Jessi. You’re a whiz.

HILLARY [looks on, comparing her ill-fated attempts to connect hers]: A real whiz. Can you help with mine?

JESSI [glances at her watch, checking to see she still has enough time before she and Kyle attend a Health Center tour they are interested in]: Sure.

HILLARY [watches her as she connects everything with no problem]: Thanks a bunch. You are a genius.

JESSI: I know.

HILLARY: So, if you’re not majoring or even minoring in Health, why so interested in seeing this Health tour?

JESSI: A lot of subjects interest me. I like to know things.

LORI [teases]: Especially if Kyle is interested in it as well.

HILLARY [curious]: Oh? Why?

JESSI: I like to know what he knows and then some.

LORI [aside to Hillary]: She likes to compete with him.

JESSI: It’s fun.

HILLARY: If you say so. It sounds too much like ‘extra’ work to me.

Jessi just smiles and leaves to meet up with Kyle to check out the tour then they each return to their dorm rooms before meeting up later at Pockets where Mark is deejaying.

Kyle and Jessi are sitting at a table when Declan walks in with Jackie. Declan holds her hand as he leads her over to where Kyle and Jessi are sitting.

JACKIE: Good to see you again, kiwi. You too, boss.

KYLE: Likewise. How do you like your new apartment?

JACKIE [throws Declan a smile]: Declan told you I moved into the Commodore? [Kyle nods]. I love it! I need to go shopping tomorrow for some kitchen supplies and a few other things to make apartment style living complete.

JESSI: What kind of things?

JACKIE: Dishes, pots and pans to cook with, now that I have a real stove to cook on. And some living room furniture. I’ve waited a long time to get in. I’m going to make the most of it. [She smiles at them all]. How can you tell it’s my first apartment? Somehow a dorm room doesn’t compare. The space is all mine.

DECLAN: She’s been raving about it since I picked her up. She didn’t want to leave. [He winks at her]. I didn’t want to leave either, the bedroom looked very inviting, [he glances briefly at Kyle and Jessi], to sleep in, I mean.

JACKIE: Ha! You just have a one-track mind.

DECLAN: I thought it was one of the things you loved about me?

JACKIE [gives a secret grin]: One of many.

Kyle can pick up Declan’s heartbeat as it pumps a little faster and can detect his body temperature rise. He sees that Jessi picks it up too and they both look away to give them privacy. Their gaze pan towards the front door to see Lori and Hillary come in and Jessi waves them over. The two girls pull up an extra table and two chairs. Hillary is overflowing with jubilance.

HILLARY: Guess where I went this afternoon?

KYLE: Where?

HILLARY: Mentors Meet and Greet. I met my mentor who’ll be mentoring me as I work at the Daily.

KYLE: You got in?

HILLARY: Thanks to Ms. Wood’s glowing letter of recommendation.

KYLE: Congratulations.

HILLARY: Thanks, pumpkin.

DECLAN [nods at her]: Congrats, Hills.

She beams at him.

KYLE: How about a round of smoothies or soft drinks for all? My treat.

HILLARY: Really? You doll.

Kyle signals for the waitress to come over.

HILLARY [whispers to Lori]: No liquor?

LORI [whispers back]: Not till nine where upon we underagers will be booted out. But who needs liquor to celebrate anyway? [She bites her lips as Hillary giver her ‘I know you do’ look].

HILLARY: You have been a good girl of late.

LORI: I’m older and wiser. [They give each other looks, each knowing better, and both burst out laughing].

HILLARY [agrees with Lori]: So am I. [They laugh again].

JACKIE [eyes them]: Are you sure you two didn’t take a sip or two before you came?

KYLE [senses they didn’t, they are just happy with Hillary’s good fortune]: They didn’t.

JACKIE [glances at him now, along with Hillary]: How do you know?

HILLARY: Yeah, [she puts her chin on her hand, studying him], how do you know certain things?

KYLE [bites his lip]: I know my sister. I deduced it.

HILLARY [glances at Jackie]: I don’t think I buy that.

LORI: It’s true, he does know me.

Hillary just eyes her skeptically.

KYLE: If you did drink, your pupils would be more dilated from the alcohol intake, the skin tone of your face would be more flushed—

HILLARY: Okay, Mr. Observant, I get it. You sure you’re not interested in becoming a lawman like Declan? You’d be great at it. The criminals wouldn’t stand a chance against you.

KYLE: I don’t like guns.

HILLARY: Honeybun, you won’t need a gun with your powers of observation.

He just grins at her as the waitress comes over with a round of fresh drinks.

LORI: So, Hills, tell me more about what you’re going to do for the Daily.

Hillary starts talking enthusiastically about a couple of assignments she’s going to do.

HILLARY [takes out her new cell]: One of the things Ms. Woods told me was to always be prepared with a camera on hand. This new cell I just bought, has tons more memory to record compared to my old one. She says a reporter is always on call, news is happening all the time. A reporter can’t always have her cameraman on hand every single moment of the day. [She looks around the bar for her cameraman]. See? Evan’s not here even though I wanted him to be, to celebrate with me. We are supposed to be teamed up.

She picks up her glass of pop.

HILLARY: To me, and to scoop the story of a lifetime.

DECLAN: To you, Hills.

They toast with her. Just then Mark taps the microphone. Lori waves to him and he winks at her.

MARK: Welcome to Dawg Daze, everyone. We’re going to have a real good time. All throughout the events this week there’ll be a variety of artists and entertainers to ‘entertain’ you. I’ll be playing a few of their tracks so if you don’t get a chance to see and hear them live, stay tuned. My first set of tunes will be “No Rest For The Weary” by Blue Scholars. Why did I choose that one? What, you think you’re going to be getting any sleep this week and miss out on all the fun? Not while I’m deejaying. [He flicks on the disc player and the song he just introduced starts playing].

LORI: Isn’t he awesome?

Kyle feels a flash of loneliness from Hillary as he sees her smile at Lori slip a little but she quickly keeps it full when Lori glances her way for confirmation.

HILLARY: Must be love.

Lori makes a good-natured face at her and looks back at Mark with an admiring gaze. Just then Hillary glances over at Kyle and she catches him watching her. He gives a small sheepish shrug and smiles a gentle smile.

Her smile wavers and he’s surprised and concerned to see a brief tear gather in her eyes before she ducks and takes a quick sip of her drink. He glances away so he doesn’t make her feel more uncomfortable.

As soon as the music started Declan turns to Jackie.

DECLAN: Dance?

JACKIE: I’d love to.

They head to the dance floor. Hillary makes a show of tapping her foot and bobbing her head but Kyle knows her feeling of envy stems from not having someone in her life, someone to dance with.

KYLE: Would you like to dance?

Hillary whips her head around, surprised at him asking her.

KYLE: To celebrate your job at The Daily.

HILLARY [beams at him]: Thanks, munchkin.

He leads her to the dance floor and they start dancing. When the next song comes on, he and Declan exchange partners so Kyle dances with Jackie and Hillary with Declan. With the next song, Kyle asks Lori to dance.

KYLE: I need to ask a favor.

LORI: Ask away, I owe you one for helping me pack anyway.

KYLE: It’s not for me, it’s for Hillary.

LORI: Hillary? [She tries to look Hillary’s way].

KYLE: Don’t look. [She swings her gaze back to him]. I just wondered what you and Mark were doing after and if he was taking you home, could you and he walk Hillary home?

LORI: Sure. Why?

KYLE: I just hate to see her walk home alone, that’s all.

LORI: Right. That’s all, huh?

KYLE: Just don’t let her know I suggested it or anything.

He knew if he offered to walk Hillary home she’d refuse him, she’d view it as pity. Pride was the issue. She didn’t like how he saw how lonely she really was.

LORI: Okay.

After their dance, Kyle then dances with Jessi. While they dance, Lori writes a note to Mark while Hillary is in the washroom.

MARK [announces]: Throughout Dawg Daze there will be Salsa and swing dance lessons, so in keeping with the swing of things, the next few songs swing away!

He first plays a salsa.

KYLE: Do you know how to dance these dances?


KYLE: You do? When did you learn how?

JESSI: I googled how when I knew about all the dances coming up this week. Why didn’t you?

KYLE: I was going to, I just haven’t yet.

She takes him aside off the dance floor and clasps his arms.

JESSI: Here’s how.

She mentally shows him all she learned. The lights barely flicker.

KYLE: Thanks.

They head back to the dance floor and soon find themselves the center of attention as they dance like pros. Everyone claps as Kyle dips Jessi at the song’s finale.

MARK: Let’s see how well they do with swing dancing…

He plays a swing dance. Kyle and Jessi dance lively as others watch on rather than try and compete.

MARK: Everyone, meet the new Fred and Ginger…

More claps and cheers as Kyle swings Jessi over his shoulder to land gracefully with arms outstretched. They head back to the table as other dancers resume dancing to the next song. Hillary is back at the table, she had come just as Lori made it back in time from delivering her note to Mark.

HILLARY: Where did you two learn how to dance so well?

LORI [sees them hesitate]: They’re always practicing together.

HILLARY: I thought that was just exercises.

LORI: Dancing’s a form of exercise.

Hillary sees Kyle shrug nonchalantly as if it were nothing.

JACKIE: You two are good, I’m almost green with jealousy. [She smiles at them].

JESSI: Thanks.

Kyle and Declan rotate dances with Lori, Hillary, Jessi and Jackie. Soon the girls find themselves being asked by other guys and dance a few times with others. At nine o’clock, Mark makes an announcement.

MARK: It’s now nine o’clock, time for anyone under 21 to leave. [He hears a few groans and protests]. Yes, I’ll be leaving too. Thanks for your patronage. Be sure to come again tomorrow night for another good roaring time.

As they head outside Lori waits for Mark.

JACKIE: See you all later.

LORI: Later.

Declan walks with Jackie back to her apartment. Hillary watches after them and Kyle again picks up a feeling of loneliness from her. Mark comes out and sees Lori waiting for him. Kyle walks with Jessi back to Poplar Hall but tunes in with his hearing to make sure Hillary won’t be walking alone.

MARK [holds out his hand to Lori]: May I walk you home?

LORI [takes his hand]: You may.

She kisses him full on the lips.

MARK [after their kiss he turns to Hillary]: Do you want to walk with us, Hillary? Having two lovely ladies on my arms would sure boost my ego.

HILLARY [smiles brightly]: Thanks, Mark, since I’m heading your way anyway.

She walks beside them as Mark walks them home but can’t help swing a narrow-eyed glance at the long retreating back of Kyle. Hillary leaves Lori and Mark alone as she heads inside the building and up to the dorm room.

Lori and Mark kiss, their kisses lingering on. When Lori finally heads to her room she finds Hillary waiting for her.

HILLARY [folds her arms]: Okay, spill.

LORI: Spill what?

HILLARY: You asked Mark to walk us both home.

LORI: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

HILLARY: Kyle put you all up to it, didn’t he?

LORI [tries not to let her see her squirm]: Again, I haven’t a clue what you’re talking—

HILLARY: I’m not stupid, Lori.

LORI [sighs and sits on the bed across from Hillary]: Well, was it so bad to walk home with us?

HILLARY: No, [she agrees], it was nice. But it was Kyle wasn’t it?

LORI: You know Kyle; he was just being protective and didn’t want you walking alone at night.

HILLARY: I’m a big girl; I can take care of myself.

LORI: Still, he was concerned.

HILLARY [smiles]: He is kind of gallant that way, isn’t he?

LORI: Yeah, he kind of is.

But she still watches Lori carefully for any other signs that might explain why Kyle asked Lori to do that for her but knows he probably kept the real reason to himself. Which proved even more how gallant he was. Why can’t she find a guy like him?

Cut to Declan as he and Jackie kiss just inside her apartment.

JACKIE: You have to leave now.

DECLAN [glances behind her and sees only a few boxes left unpacked]: It looks like you’re almost done, I could stay and help finish.

JACKIE: Haha, if you stay that’s the last thing we’ll be doing.

DECLAN: I like to be accommodating in all things.

JACKIE: Out, [she shoves at his chest half-heartedly], it’s only one more night.

DECLAN [heaves a sigh of disappointment]: If you insist.

He opens the door but leans down for another long kiss.

JACKIE [groans]: Out, Declan.

DECLAN: You sure? [He can feel she wants him as much as he wants her].

JACKIE: Yes. [This time she breaks free and practically pushes him out].



DECLAN: Till tomorrow.

JACKIE [her smiles at him makes him even more reluctant to leave]: Tomorrow.

She blows him a kiss as she shuts the door leaving him alone out in the hall but he can hear her sigh of frustration behind the door and grins, at least he’s not the only one that’s feeling frustrated.

He heads to his dorm and finds Kyle talking to Amanda.

KYLE: So, I’ll bring you back here after our marriage course.

AMANDA’s voice: I’m looking forward to it.

KYLE: So am I. [He smiles]. Love you.

AMANDA’s voice: Love you, too.

After Kyle hangs up, Declan asks him a question that’s been at the back of his mind all day.

DECLAN: So, what did your mom mean earlier about me being a chaperone?

KYLE: Oh, that. She isn’t okay like Steven is with Amanda staying over with me in the dorm for two nights.

DECLAN: So, I’m expected to stay?

KYLE: No, Steven has talked to her.

DECLAN: And you’re still holding back, why?

KYLE: I agree with Amanda’s mom, if we…[he hesitates].

DECLAN [prompts him]: Do it?

KYLE: Yeah, then we should seriously get a place together and be the married couple we’re supposed to be. She thinks we’re just ‘playing’ at being married.

DECLAN: And Amanda, she’s not wanting to either?

KYLE: Actually, she does want to but at the same time she agrees with Nicole. Because I had been inside a pod all my life and never had a chance to really live, she’s willing to wait. [But his conversation with her last night proved she’s having a change of heart].

DECLAN [smiles]: So, you two are disagreeing already?

KYLE [smiles back]: I guess there’s a part of me that wants to savor things a while.

DECLAN [shrugs]: Whatever works for you, man. But I sure would take full advantage, it being legal and all. Why hold back?

KYLE [begins to look uncomfortable]: I didn’t say it was easy.

DECLAN: This could prove interesting. Well, if you two need alone time, and by the way, when I need alone time with Jackie in our dorm, why don’t we put a towel or sock outside on the doorknob to let the other know we need ‘privacy’ [he emphasizes the word].

KYLE: Okay.

Declan smiles at how quickly Kyle agrees with his suggestion.

Sometime during the night, Kyle wakes up suddenly on hearing a noise coming from Declan’s bunk.

KYLE [still groggy from sleep]: Declan?

A shift in movement alarms Kyle to the fact that Declan is falling off his bunk. He holds out his hand to mentally stop Declan in midair and prevent him from hitting his head on the edge of the dresser. He moves him safely aside and on to the floor. Kyle removes his safety bar to one side and jumps down from his bunk, mentally flicking on a light.

KYLE: Declan!

DECLAN [jerks awake]: What? [He sees he’s on the floor]. What happened?

KYLE: You fell out of bed. You almost hit your head.

DECLAN: But I’m on the floor.

KYLE: I set you there.

DECLAN [looks at the dresser and up at his bunk and back at the dresser before glancing back at Kyle]: Oh, wow. That would have hurt.

KYLE: That would have been fatal.

DECLAN: What?!

KYLE: The angle that you fell you would have hit your temple right on the edge and—[he stops as he sees the look of horror on his friend’s face]. You’re safe now.

DECLAN [numb]: Thanks, man.

KYLE: Maybe we should make your bunk into a bed.

DECLAN: No, no, I’ll be fine. [But he’s still too in shock to think straight].

KYLE: Use one of my safety bars.

DECLAN: Won’t you miss one?

KYLE: The extra one just faces the wall anyway.


KYLE: I’d feel better if we rearrange your bunk into a bed though.

DECLAN: No, no. I can sleep in a freakin bunk.

KYLE: Have you ever slept in one before?

DECLAN [stand up wobbily]: No.

KYLE [tries to help steady him but Declan waves him off]: Not even at camp?

DECLAN: It was a rich kids camp, I shared a room, much like a dorm, with another kid only we each had single beds.

KYLE: Still…

DECLAN: I’ll be fine. [But he eyes the dresser as if in doubt].

Kyle bites his lip just as unsure but since his friend is determined to try, he puts on a safety bar, despite Declan thinking it was too sissy-like.

They hop back into bed and after Kyle mentally shuts off the light he can hear Declan trying to get comfortable but only hears him keep bumping into the bar.

DECLAN: This is freakin’ ridiculous.

KYLE: What’s wrong?

DECLAN: This bar is in the way.

KYLE: Stop thinking about it.

Declan just grunts and tries to settle in. It works for a while but when he turns over he hits the bar.

DECLAN: It’s too claustrophobic up here. How can you stand it?

KYLE: It feels nice and enclosed, almost like my tub.

DECLAN: Lucky you. [He again tosses and turns, bumps his head and hits the bar again].

Kyle can hear him swearing.

KYLE: I won’t get any sleep worrying about you.

DECLAN [sighs heavily in defeat]: All right, man. Let’s move things around.

They spend the next hour moving furniture around so that Declan now has a regular single bed, and his desk that had been tucked under the bunk is moved at the end of the bed where they had set up chairs to face the TV opposite. The chairs are now at the end of Kyle’s bunk along with the TV.

DECLAN: A lot more cramped.

KYLE: It’s not bad. At least it’s safer.

DECLAN: Would I have really hit my head?

KYLE: Yeah.

DECLAN: Whoa. [He scratches his head, hand shaking]. Thanks, man.

KYLE: I’m glad I was here.

DECLAN: I’m glad you are, too.

They share a look of gratefulness and each heads back to bed. Declan sighs with profound relief.

DECLAN: You were right. [He tucks an arm behind his head]. This is better.

KYLE: I know. [Sounding a lot like Jessi].

Declan grabs a hold of his pillow and tosses it up at Kyle. Kyle tosses it back.

DECLAN [catches it, laughing]: Goodnight.

KYLE [laughs with him]: Goodnight.

This time Declan reaches over and turns out the light. They both sleep a lot better the rest of the night.

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