Season 4

S04 E06 Dawg Daze Part 1

Kyle XY S04 E06

Dawg Daze Part 1

The alarm on Kyle’s watch started beeping at 7am, waking both him and Declan up. Kyle switches it off.

DECLAN [jerks awake]: What?

KYLE [jumps down from his bunk and rubs his eyes]: Jessi and I are going for a morning run.

DECLAN: What time is it?

KYLE: 6:55.


KYLE: More like, [he checks his watch], four minutes to seven.

DECLAN: Huh, well, have fun. [He throws his blanket back over his head].

KYLE: I’ll stop by the market and bring back some groceries.

DECLAN [throws the cover off his head and leans up on one elbow]: Oh, man, that’s what I forgot to bring. Thank God I have the emergency kit they gave me.

KYLE: That just has food bars and water in it.

DECLAN: I brought coffee.

KYLE [raises an eyebrow]: Coffee?

DECLAN: Hold on. [He reaches for his pants on the floor by his bed and takes out his wallet].

KYLE: That’s okay, I’ll pay for it.

DECLAN: Feels good to have money, doesn’t it? I remember a time when you didn’t.

KYLE: Yeah, it does feel good.

DECLAN: Well, if you insist.

KYLE: Just name it.

DECLAN: How about canned stuff, breakfast cereal, anything that’s quick and easy to make?

But the stuff he names makes Kyle wince at all the preservatives and chemically laden stuff that was in most of the packaged items he wanted.

KYLE: Why don’t I buy the groceries for both of us? It’ll be healthier and tastier.

DECLAN: Tastier?

KYLE: Trust me.

DECLAN: Wait—[but he’s cut off from a knock on the door].

KYLE: That’s Jessi. [He telepaths to her]. Give me another minute. I’m not ready yet.

JESSI [from outside the door she leans against the frame and telepaths back]: What’s taking you so long?

KYLE [from inside the room he telepaths back]: Declan and I got to talking. [Out loud to Declan]. Since your dad’s paying the rent, I want to contribute something.

DECLAN: I thought you were going to help with my studies?

KYLE: That too.

DECLAN [sees the earnestness on Kyle’s face]: It’s a deal then.

Kyle grins and hurries to put on sweat pants and a sweat top for jogging in, tucks his keys and his bank card into a pocket and joins Jessi.

They jog along the Burke-Gilman Trail for almost an hour before heading to the market to buy food. They return to find that day two of freshmen moving into the dorm has started. Volunteer movers are using the elevators so they take the stairs.

KYLE: Want to have breakfast with Declan and me? [With one free hand, his other full of grocery bags, he opens the door to the fourth floor and holds it open for her].

JESSI [walks through carrying some bags in her hands]: Sure, just give me a few minutes to shower and change.

As Kyle opens the door to his room he lets Jessi in first. She sees Declan come out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped loosely around his waist with droplets of water still dotting his shoulders. She looks on with interest.

DECLAN: Ah, hi.


Kyle moves past her, closes the door, and places his bags on the storage counter just inside the entranceway. The fridge and microwave he and Declan rent is right next to it.

KYLE: I asked Jessi to join us for breakfast.

DECLAN: No prob. I’ll just finish getting dressed.

He walks over to his wardrobe to pull out some clothes. Jessi turns to place her bags on the shelf but when she sees there is no more room there she just sets the bags on the floor, keeping only a couple of bags she bought for herself.

JESSI: I’ll be back in a while.

KYLE: Okay.

Declan nods to her as she leaves, noticing how she takes another curious glimpse at him. He lets out a breath of relief once she’s gone.

DECLAN: I’m glad I had on a towel and not my birthday suit.

KYLE [busy unloading stuff doesn’t pay attention to his meaning at first]: Birthday suit? [He glances over at Declan then gets it and smiles]. Oh, yeah, good thing.

Declan enters the bathroom again to change. When he comes back out Kyle is still unloading bags and has taken out a couple of blenders and a cutting board.

DECLAN: What’d you do, buy out the whole market?

KYLE: It’s only breakfast, lunch and dinner items for today.

DECLAN: All that?

KYLE: I eat a lot. Jessi eats quite a bit, too.

DECLAN: Worked up an appetite jogging?

KYLE: Not this time. We couldn’t run as fast. [He glances suspiciously at Declan to see he meant a hidden meaning in his remark by the slight tilt of a smirk on his lips]. Funny. It’s just our higher metabolism.

Declan just shrugs unrepentant and heads to his dresser drawer to pull out a pair of socks and puts them on then his runners. Kyle plugs in a blender and starts cutting up some fruit.

KYLE: Want an apple?


Kyle throws him one and Declan is surprised it lands perfectly in his hand despite the awkward angle Kyle caught him in.

DECLAN: Did you make sure it would reach me?

KYLE [grins]: What do you think?

Declan grins back and takes a bite out of the apple. He walks over to his desk and picks up a pamphlet before sitting down in one of the recliner chairs he brought.

DECLAN: Making the most of U-Dub libraries then a tour of the Suzzallo and Allen library, [he looks up from the pamphlet], you and Jessi will be spending a lot of study time there.

KYLE: Pretty much. [He puts some fruit in the blender and starts blending].

DECLAN [waits until the blender stops]: You do know there’s an Espresso and Market at the library and that there will be food there?

KYLE: I know. But it might not be as healthy.

DECLAN [rolls his eyes]: So, is that why you offered to buy the food for us? To make sure it’s healthy?

KYLE: Yeah, exactly why.

DECLAN: Ha! That brain of yours is always one step ahead.

KYLE: More like two.

They share good-natured grins as Kyle pours the blended mixture into three cups. Declan gets up and comes over to watch.

DECLAN [voice turns serious]: Thanks for last night.

Kyle glances over at him and nods.

DECLAN: I mean, who falls out of a freakin’ bunk the first night sleeping in one? [He shakes his head, disgusted with himself].

Kyle studies him and remembers something when he woke up in time to prevent Declan from hitting his head on the corner of his dresser.

KYLE: You had a nightmare.

DECLAN: A nightmare? I don’t remember dreaming, of anything. You sure? [Kyle nods and Declan runs a hand through his hair, unable to recall even one dream]. I really don’t remember.

Declan waves a shakey hand at the mixture.

DECLAN: So, what’s all in that concoction?

Kyle can sense Declan is bothered by how close he came to dying and is trying to take his mind off that fact.

KYLE: Mango and orange juice. Here, [he hands him one], try it.

Declan takes it and Kyle picks up his. They tap glasses and drink.

DECLAN: It’s good.

KYLE: The next one will be bananas, strawberries, spinach and lettuce.

DECLAN: Spinach?

KYLE: It’ll be good; you won’t even notice the spinach.

DECLAN: Not to put a damper on all you’re going to make but is this, [he downs the rest of his drink], all for our breakfast?

KYLE: I bought some eggs.

There’s a knock on the door. Declan sets his empty glass down and answers the door to find Jessi there, redressed and fresh from her shower.

DECLAN: Come in.

JESSI: Thanks.

He closes the door, glancing over to see a parade of movers coming out of the elevator.

DECLAN: At least we have a great view of the hall.

Jessi sees Kyle is chopping up vegetables.

JESSI: Does that go with the eggs?

Kyle nods.

JESSI: Do you want me to cook them up?

KYLE: Sure. I’ll finish making another smoothie. This drink is for you, [he points to the third glass of orange and mango juice he had poured].

After she drinks it, Kyle opens a side drawer and takes out a spatula and another knife for her, then opens the bottom cupboard. She reaches inside to take out a pan. She then sees some ingredients in a bag he hasn’t unpacked yet and pulls out some fresh parsley leaves.

JESSI: How would you like your eggs done up, Declan?

DECLAN: Ah, I don’t care, however you’re doing it.

JESSI: This is how Kyle likes his. Since I don’t care for eggs, I’m making oatmeal for myself.

DECLAN: Oh, well, the same as Kyle’s then. Is there bacon with the eggs?

KYLE: In the fridge.

Jessi takes out a brown wrap with a label saying it was fresh organic bacon. Declan just stands aside watching them prepare things, feeling in the way. This must be what they’re like at home, working in sync.

After more ingredients are cut up, Kyle blends one more smoothie as Jessi takes the pan, a mixing bowl and food items to the kitchen to cook everything up.

JESSI [as she heads out]: Declan, want to bring some plates to put our omelets on?


He then looks around the room when Kyle opens a top cupboard and nods his head. Declan then sees the plates, grabs some and follows her down the hall towards the kitchen. While they’re gone, Kyle takes a much-needed shower and changes into fresh clothing. He finishes preparing and putting food away, even going as far as making a fresh pot of coffee for Declan. When Declan and Jessi come back they sit down and eat their breakfast.

DECLAN: This is one excellent omelet, thanks. And for the coffee, [he picks up his mug and salutes Kyle with it].

JESSI: You’re welcome.

After they’re done, Kyle enters the bathroom with a plastic container with dirty dishes stacked inside and washes them up. Jessi helps dry then hands each dried dish to Declan for him to put away. Considering Kyle had done most of the unpacking of anything kitchen related, he had no idea where things were, so had every drawer and door cupboard open searching where to put things. Soon a pile of dried dishes was piling up faster than he could put away.

DECLAN: You guys sure have a system going and it’s only the first day here.

JESSI: We both like to be organized. Me especially.

She starts helping him put away now that she and Kyle are done, impatient to get the job done. Declan is left standing there watching her efficiently put the clean dishes away.

DECLAN: I can see you are.

With everything now put away, they leave for the first event.

The first event is “What I Wish I Knew Then: Student Tips on Making the Most of the UW Libraries” from 9am to 10am, where a panel of students share tips about the libraries and doing research, favorite study spaces, microfilmed treasures, and to free DVDs.

The second event is a Tour of the Suzzallo and Allen library from 10am to 11am. It’s the largest of the thirteen libraries and one of the oldest and most architecturally impressive building on campus. Suzzallo is the “soul of the University.” The Graduate Reading Room is 65 feet high by 52 feet wide by 250 feet long with 22 chandeliers. It also hosts the Suzzallo Espresso and Market.

The third event is the “Real Dawgs Tour” located outside the main entrance of Denny Hall. The tour highlights important Husky traditions across the campus and ends on the 22nd floor of the UW Tower where the group has a fantastic view of Seattle, Mount Rainier, Lake Washington, Lake Union and the campus. Everyone there receives a free purple U-Dub T-shirt.

The fourth event is a “UWalk Picnic” located on the Rainier Vista by the Drumheller Fountain with a walking celebration and live music.

The fifth event is a tour of UW’s Research ship that will depart from the Drumheller Fountain organized by the UW school of Oceanography, to learn about life at sea, cruise and research opportunities for undergraduates.

After the tour of the ship, which ended at three, Kyle heads to the dorm’s underground parking to collect his van. He heads over to Amanda’s house to pick her up and bring her back to the dorm with him. He knocks on her front door, knowing she’s at home by the sound of her heartbeat.

AMANDA [opens the door]: Hi.

KYLE: Hi. How was school? [He comes in].

AMANDA: Good. I have lots of homework though. How did moving in go?

KYLE: I’m all unpacked and have been to a few of the events already. It was fun, there’s a lot to see and do.

He sees she has a couple of backpacks and a tote bag packed full. Glancing over her shoulder and into the living room, he notices she has her flute out along with a couple of pan flutes.

KYLE: You play a pan flute as well?

AMANDA [turns her head to see what he is looking at]: Ah, I’m afraid I’m no Gheorghe Zamfir. I’m supposed to choose a minor instrument and thought I would try something I’m a little more familiar with.

KYLE: I’ve never heard you play.

AMANDA: That’s a good thing, considering I also made sure to practice when I knew you weren’t home.

KYLE: Why?

AMANDA: Trust me when I say I need more practice.

KYLE: Can I hear you play?

AMANDA [hesitates]: I’d rather not. [But he looks on hopefully and she’s unable to resist]. Okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

She starts playing the larger pan flute quite well, better than she said she played with only a few errors. Kyle watches and listens on in wonder.

AMANDA [stops playing and makes a face]: That piece still needs work.

KYLE: That was beautiful.

AMANDA [smiles, pleased he liked it]: Really? Thanks. [She packs it away].

KYLE: Why do you have two?

AMANDA: The smaller one is a practice piece but it only has one octave while the 22 pipe has three octaves, which I really like since it has more range. I have to take one of them back on Monday.

He senses something is wrong when she avoids eye contact.

KYLE: What’s wrong?

AMANDA [glances up at him first unsure then resigned]: The bigger one costs more.

KYLE: Then we’ll stop at the bank and I’ll give you what you need.

AMANDA: Kyle, you don’t have to, I can make do.

KYLE: How much do you need?

AMANDA: The smaller one is only $20.

KYLE: Amanda, how much more?

AMANDA [sees he’s determined to provide for her]: Two to three hundred more?

KYLE: Okay.


KYLE: Since you wanted to save by not getting a car, at least let me get you this.

AMANDA [walks over to him]: Thank you. [She kisses him on the lips].

KYLE [smiles down at her]: So, are you going to bring the flute and your keyboard?

AMANDA: Actually, I was going to leave them here.

KYLE: You were? [He sounds disappointed].

AMANDA: Aren’t we going to a lot of the activities?

KYLE: We are.

AMANDA: I won’t have time to play.

KYLE: I know. I just miss hearing you play.

AMANDA [lays a hand on his cheek]: It’s only been one night. How will you be a week from now?

KYLE [places a hand over hers and smiles]: I hate to imagine.

Both their smiles fade as tingles of awareness with each other grow. He leans down to kiss her. Excitement flows through as their kiss lingers. Then all too soon they end the kiss, as if they knew this was not the time to go too far.

KYLE: Show me what all you’re bringing and I’ll load up the van.

AMANDA: I just have the three bags.

KYLE: And the pan flute?

AMANDA: You’re determined to hear me play.

KYLE: No, just hopeful.

She shakes her head in defeat and picks up her music book and the pan flute while he picks up her three bags by the door with ease.

She opens the front door and he heads out while she locks up before following him to the van. They first head to the bank then arrive at UW where he parks the van underground beneath Poplar Hall then takes her to the receptionist desk for her to sign in. The last of the freshmen moving in is still going on.

The guy on duty checks his computer.

RECEPTION GUY: Amanda Trager? You’re already booked in.

KYLE [frowns]: That can’t be, she’s just booking in now and it’s supposed to be Bloom-Trager. [He sets her bags down and reaches for his wallet to pull out their marriage license to the show the guy].

RECEPTION GUY: I’ll just change that, but I’ll need to see her Husky card.

KYLE: She doesn’t go to UW, she’s visiting me this weekend.

RECEPTION GUY: But she’s registered.

KYLE: She just needs to be registered as a guest and not a resident, that’s all.

RECEPTION GUY: Do you know who registered you both?

Kyle gives a mental sigh, thinking, not this again.

KYLE: Aiden Melbourne, the manager.

RECEPTION GUY [picks up the phone and calls]: Yeah, Aiden, we have a problem with a registrant. Amanda Trager. [Kyle signals for the reception guy’s attention]. Hang on. [He puts a hand over the mouthpiece].

KYLE: I’m Kyle Trager, he may remember me.

RECEPTION GUY [nods and relays the message]: You remember him? [Brief pause]. I’ll tell him. [He hangs up]. He’ll come as soon as he can, it shouldn’t be too long.

KYLE: Thanks.

Kyle and Amanda head over to a couch to sit and wait for the manager. When Aiden arrives, he quickly corrects the mistake and apologizes for this latest mix-up.

AIDEN: We shouldn’t have any more problems. I do notice you have as your number one emergency contact a Steven and Nicole Trager. Do you want me to add Amanda?

KYLE: Yes, she should be down as my number one contact and then my parents.

AIDEN [types her in]: Done.

KYLE: Thank you.

Aiden hands Amanda a visitor’s pass after she signs in.

AMANDA [takes the visitor’s pass]: Thanks.

AIDEN: Enjoy your stay.

She smiles at him and finally they can head up to their room. Kyle leads her to the elevator.

KYLE: This way.

However, the elevator is full with movers so he directs her to the staircase where even more movers are resorting to use the stairs to move freshmen in faster.

They squeeze past and reach their floor and enter his dorm. She looks around with interest and on seeing Declan sitting at his desk, typing on his computer, greets him.

AMANDA: Hi, Declan.

DECLAN: Hey, how’s it going?

AMANDA: Good. Your dorm is very spacious.

DECLAN: Yeah, I like it.

Kyle sets her bags by his desk, beneath his bunk.

AMANDA [points to the bunk rather than the lower bed]: So, this is where you sleep?

KYLE: Yeah, it’s more enclosed up there, much like my tub back home.

DECLAN: You can have my bed for the weekend.

AMANDA: Oh, no, that’s okay, I don’t want to put you to any trouble.

DECLAN: No trouble, I’ll be at Jackie’s till Sunday, [he winks at her], you’ll have the place all to yourselves.


She glances at Kyle feeling warm as certain forbidden thoughts enter her head. The last time they were together alone was earlier in the month over the long weekend. Ever since then she’s had trouble keeping the image of them out of her mind. The way Kyle looked back at her made her realize he is remembering them too. So, they were going to be alone tonight, and the next. Her heart starts pounding with anticipation.

KYLE [glances away from her and looks over at Declan, changing the subject]: I brought Chinese take out for supper. Then we’ll be off to our marriage course. So, we’ll see you later at the carnival?

DECLAN: Yeah, we’ll see you then.

Scene changes to later in the evening where Kyle and Amanda meet up with Declan and Jackie. Mark and Lori are there, along with Jessi and Hillary. All are given glow sticks and they are waving them in the air as a band plays. Soon there is dancing, games, prizes and giveaways throughout the night.

During a slow dance, Lori hooks her arms around Mark’s neck and cuddles close.

LORI: This is so worth the night off from work.

MARK: Mmm, considering this is the one night our schedules are in sync, unless you have tomorrow night off as well?

LORI: No such luck.

MARK: Then we’ll have to make the most of tonight.

LORI: Oh, we will. [She tugs him closer and kisses him]. I can’t wait to see your dorm room. Finally.

MARK [teases]: Anxious to be alone with me, are you?

LORI [turns serious]: Yeah, I am.

MARK [loses the teasing glint in his eyes]: Me too.

This time he leans over and kisses her, long and deep. In response, Lori tightens her arms around him, thrilling to the feel of him pressing against her. She’s waited a long time to be with him.

LORI [leans back]: Let’s go back to your place.

MARK: Now?

LORI: Why not now?

MARK: Because I want to keep dancing with you. We don’t get very many moments like this.

LORI: No, we haven’t lately, have we? You’re such a romantic. [He gives a sheepish shrug]. I like it. [His smile makes her lay her head on his shoulder and they sway to the music, content for now].

Later, Mark takes her to his dorm room on the fourth floor of McCarty.

MARK: I could have had an apartment, but being a T.A., I like to be on hand and interact with the students.

LORI [runs a hand along his arm]: Another reason why I like you so much. You care.

MARK: So much praise, you really were looking forward to tonight.

They enter his room and as he shuts the door and flicks on the light, he turns to find Lori right in front of him, face turned up expectantly. He’s quick to oblige with a kiss which she eagerly responds to by placing a hand behind his head to bring him closer. Just before he can wrap his arms around her she let’s go and looks around his room with interest. She sees the single bed, beside it a nightstand and beside it a chair then his desk. Along the outer wall is a bookcase, a music stand with recording equipment, and in the far corner a TV. The opposite wall had a wardrobe, dresser and a fridge and microwave.

LORI: You sure have a lot of equipment.

MARK: It’s my business. [He takes off his jacket, throws it on the bed and walks over to the stereo to put on a CD].

LORI: Where did your brother sleep when he visited you?

MARK: On a cot, if you think it’s crowded now, it was a lot more crowded then.

LORI: Huh.

MARK [heads to the fridge]: Want a drink?

LORI: Fresh water if you have some. [A song starts to play].

He pulls out a couple of bottled water, uncaps one for her and then hands it to her. She takes it but when she hears who’s singing she turns to look from the CD to him. It’s her voice singing one of her songs.

LORI: You put me on? [She takes a drink of water]. I wouldn’t exactly call my song mood music. Unless you’re into the whole downer heartbreaky stuff. Isn’t that the one you played on prom night?

MARK: The one and only. Hey, it made the music chart and so did your other one.

LORI: Thanks to your wizardry with the acoustics. I’m flattered you like my songs so much. But I was hoping for something softer.

MARK [raises a brow]: Softer? You mean, [he takes a drink, sets his bottle down and steps closer], more seductive-type melodies?

LORI: Yeah, exactly that type. [She sets her bottled water down on his desk].

MARK: Mmm, [he places each hand alongside her waist], are you trying to seduce me?

LORI: I was hoping you’d be the one trying.

Another song she’s sung for him comes on but it’s not one she’s sent to any radio station.

LORI [frowns]: That song’s the one I played for you to tell me how you liked it.

MARK: Yeah, there are several of your songs you’ve played for me.

He feels nervous of what she thinks of him and what he’s done to her songs and shoves his hands into his pockets as she listens more closely.

LORI: You’ve added background.

In fact, he’s improved on her melody. The same with her next song and the next.

LORI: You did all that, for me?

MARK: Yeah.

LORI: And made your own personal CD?

MARK [shrugs]: What can I say? I’m your number one fan.

LORI: You’re crazy.

MARK: Yeah, crazy for you.

LORI [smiles, more than pleased]: I love it, [she steps nearer], and you. [She kisses him].

He takes his hands out from his pockets and wraps it around her waist and the other the back of her head to deepen the kiss, eager to get closer to her. He presses her flush against him. She can feel his desire grow and moans in approval.

LORI [between hot and heavy kisses]: When were you going to tell me about those songs?

MARK: This week, one a night at Pockets, as a surprise for you. As you can hear, I couldn’t wait.

LORI: Mmm, [another kiss], wonderful surprise. Thank you. [More kisses].

MARK [breathing heavily]: You are thanking me. I could teach you a few of the chords I used.

LORI [looks deep into his eyes]: Later. [She takes off his glasses and sets them down on the desk and her next kiss is hot and heavy, making him groan].

Cut to Jackie and Declan as they walk towards Commodore Apartments where Jackie lives.

The whole elevator ride up to Jackie’s room is spent with Declan having his arms wrapped around her stealing kisses. She pushes him away as they reach her floor and leads him out by the hand. When she comes to her door she digs inside her purse for her keys.

Declan, standing behind her, leans over and kisses her neck, distracting her as she fumbles to find her keys.

JACKIE: We’ll never get inside at your rate.

DECLAN: Need help finding them? [But his interest isn’t in finding keys but finding kissable spots alongside her neck, brushing her hair aside to reach the back].

She shivers as the one spot he kisses is more sensitive to touch.

JACKIE: Declan… [She finds her key but misses inserting it into the keyhole].

Declan places his hand over hers and guides it expertly inside the hole.

DECLAN: Bullseye. Call it a prelude. [He unlocks the door].

JACKIE: Stop that, [but her breathless protest falls on deaf ears as he opens the door and guides her quickly inside].

He barely has the door shut before he has her up against the wall, kissing her for all he’s worth. She lets her purse fall to the floor as she holds on to him.

JACKIE [drags her mouth away from his to gasp]: You’re eager.

DECLAN: Very. [He resumes kissing her].

JACKIE [pushes against his chest]: Really, Declan, here, against the wall?

DECLAN: Why not?

He smiles his most engaging smile which makes her unable to resist any more of his advances. Later, way later, they have made it to her bed, lying spoon fashion, with only a sheet covering them. He’s kissing her shoulder, his arm around her and fingers laced through hers.

JACKIE: That feels good.

DECLAN: You feel good.

JACKIE: So intense. [She turns her head to face him which he takes as an invitation to kiss her on the lips]. Very intense.

DECLAN: I didn’t hurt you, did I?

JACKIE [smiles]: Far from it. That’s the first time I came twice in a row.

DECLAN [smile is full of male pride, male pride she can’t help but feel poking her in the back]: Yeah? How about a third?

JACKIE: You are in satiable. What’s with you?

Declan, not willing to tell her how shaken he’d been learning of how close he came to seriously being hurt, in fact, he could have died last night if it hadn’t been for Kyle. What he does share is how much he feels about her.

DECLAN: I missed you when you were gone visiting your family. Really missed you.

JACKIE: I can tell. [Her smile turns serious]. I missed you. You like me that much, huh? [Fishing for more].

DECLAN [tone turns gruff with emotion]: Very.

JACKIE: Wow, I really, really like you, too. In fact, [she swallows hard], it might be love.

DECLAN: Now who’s intense? [But when she doesn’t return his smile it’s his turn to swallow hard]. Same here.

JACKIE: Really? [Her voice sounds excited and hopeful].

DECLAN: Really.

This time she kisses him and rolls on top of him, unable to get enough of him this time. And it was more than three times in a row for her before they both fell asleep exhausted.

Scene cuts to Kyle and Amanda as they enter their dorm room, but, in an anti-climatic way, the only couple not seeing any action is these two as they glance around the empty room and then glance awkwardly at each other.

KYLE: You can use the washroom first.

AMANDA: Uh, thanks. [She hurries to gather her stuff].

KYLE: Would you prefer if I take my mattress down and sleep on the floor beside you?

AMANDA: You’re not…you don’t want to share Declan’s bed with me?

KYLE: I was just thinking of what will make you more comfortable.

AMANDA: No, I’ll be comfortable, unless you won’t be?

KYLE: I’ll be okay.

AMANDA: Okay, then.

She closes the bathroom door and lets out her breath. She stares at herself in the bathroom mirror.

AMANDA [talks to her reflection]: Okay, why so nervous? It’s not like we haven’t been alone together before. [She starts to ramble like she usually does in freak-out mode]. Not like how we are now, of course, without family nearby. It’s not like anything will happen that we don’t want it to happen. [But the flash of memory of him kissing and holding her tight is vivid enough for her to feel it was happening now]. Not that anything will happen, [she tries to convince herself], I mean, we are married. So what if we agreed to treat this year as an engagement, some engaged couples, uh, go a lot farther. We don’t have to go that far. [She takes a much needed breath than frown, sounding disgusted as she hears the words of her mother come back to haunt her]. We are not playing at being married. [She starts arguing as if her mother was right there passing judgment]. It’s our marriage, we can do what we like, no, wait, that’s not right, we can make our marriage suit our needs, and right now we need to…to…uh, cool it? [He cheeks feel warm]. Oh bother it, Kyle has to agree with my mom. Which means what? [She tries to see through the wall where Kyle is waiting for her]. He won’t try anything. [She looks back in the mirror]. Great. Maybe we should be together, really together together. [She recalls how excited he was moving into this dorm to room with Declan. She already senses a deeper bond between them]. But then I agree with his mom. He loves it here, despite how he misses being at home. This is his first chance to have a life, to experience dorm life. How can I deny him that? [She heaves a sigh].

KYLE’s voice [calls from outside the door]: Amanda? Are you all right?

She grabs a face cloth and turns on the tap.

AMANDA [calls out]: Ah, fine, I’m just about to wash my face.

She dips the washcloth under the running water, hears him move away from the door and leans over to wipe her face with the cool water, hoping to cool her thoughts as well.

AMANDA [straightens and turns off the tap as if a decision has been made]: So, we’ll be just one of many couples who have to commute and see each other when they can. Whatever happens, [she pauses], happens.

Meanwhile, as Kyle waits for her, he does his own thinking about them, while he pulls the covers halfway down the bed, preparing for the night.

KYLE [narrative]: At first when I heard Amanda talking I thought she was speaking to me so I tuned in. Then I realized she was thinking and feeling what I’ve been thinking and feeling. She was right too, I liked it here, I only wished she could be living here in the dorm with me as well. Sharing my experiences.

And then he overhears her last few words, “Whatever happens … happens.”

He looks at the bed, the covers turned down, ready to be slid into, and the image of holding her rushes through his mind, causing the light on the dresser to flicker. He closes his eyes and concentrates, trying to maintain control.

She comes out of the bedroom wearing her pajamas.

AMANDA: All yours, [she indicates the bathroom with a wave of her hand].

She smiles at him but he barely glances her way as he gathers his stuff. She frowns in puzzlement then sees Declan’s bed all ready for them. Even though the window is open and there’s a cool night breeze blowing in, the coolness isn’t enough to still her wayward thoughts. She hops into bed, pulling only the sheet over her.

Kyle comes back. She sees he’s dressed in his pajamas, both top and bottoms and with a pang, she realizes she misses seeing him shirtless.

But that’s a good thing, she tells her rampant hormones. Why does he have to be so attractive, adorable, sweet and oh, so appealing?

She watches as his motions in setting the alarm clock seem automated, even to his turning out the light and sliding in next to her, lying face up like she is. It’s a tight squeeze.

KYLE: Goodnight.

Even his voice sounds distant to her ears.

AMANDA: Are you okay?

KYLE: Yes.

She frowns, her eyes adjusting to the semi-dark and turns to shift over to make more room but finds herself flush against the wall.

He shifts away from her, his intent to make more room as well but moves not just close to the edge, but off of it. His quick reflexes propel him to land upright, standing by the bed. He’s reminded of Declan falling off the bed.


He turns to see that in his haste to right himself he had flung aside the covers straight over Amanda’s head.

KYLE: Sorry.

AMANDA [pushes the covers off, static making her hair fly in wisps about her head]: What happened?

KYLE: I fell off.

AMANDA: Kyle, this is ridiculous, we’ve slept together before. It won’t be like last time, I mean, it won’t be.

KYLE: I’m trying not to think of last time.

AMANDA: Oh. You’re not? [Disappointment laces her voice].

KYLE: No, I mean, it won’t happen again.

He glances away making her realize he’s embarrassed by what happened. After that day, when he thrust against her and shuddered, she had went as far as looking up on a forum for advice. She certainly wasn’t going to ask Lori or Hillary and have them speculate, it was too personal to share. Learning the reason of his reaction made her feel warm, excited, and yes, embarrassed too. It also threw her imagination into overdrive.

So, if he doesn’t want it happening again, then it means she was right; he was going to keep to his promise to her mother and his parents.

AMANDA: Right, you…I…we can wait a year.

Why does she have to be of two minds about waiting?

He slides back in beside her and takes her hand. That’s why she’s in two minds, it’s as if he knew. He probably did. She can see his gentle smile and smiles back, shifting to cuddle close. He leans back with her and covers them both, her head on his chest tucked snug against him.

KYLE: Better?

AMANDA: Much. Goodnight.

KYLE: Goodnight.

But it takes them a while before they both fall asleep. He’s contemplating her words he overheard and she’s contemplating on how to wait a whole year until their wedding day, August 18th. It’s September now. She can wait, and closes her eyes.

All too soon the alarm goes off and she groans, turning over as she feels Kyle reach over to shut it off.

AMANDA: It can’t be morning already.

KYLE [sees the sun shining in through the window]: It is. [He yawns, wanting to turn over and go back to sleep as well]. You want to go to the welcome bike ride, don’t you?

AMANDA: Later. [She mumbles as she pulls the covers over her head to shut out the light].

KYLE: Except it starts in an hour.

He raises himself up on one elbow and is about to reach over and lay his hand on her shoulder and kiss her exposed neck but stops. The urge to snuggle close to her is too inviting. He wouldn’t want to leave the bed either, only sleep isn’t on his mind right now like it is with her.

AMANDA: An hour?

KYLE: Time to get up.

When he sits up he takes the cover with him, pulling them off her.

AMANDA [protests]: Kyle…

She turns to face him and he gets an idea. He leans over as if to give her a good morning kiss. She reaches out her arm to hook around him and tilts her chin, waiting for his lips to descend. But he holds on to her arm and pulls her up into a sitting position. Her eyes widen then narrow at his ploy.

AMANDA: Meany.

He just grins and tweaks her nose.

KYLE: Love you. [He gets up and heads to the bathroom].

AMANDA: Mmph. [She lies back down and he catches her].

KYLE: Uh-huh, [not wanting her to fall back to sleep].

AMANDA [rubs her eyes]: So mean. [Then she yawns and groans again, hating mornings, although waking up with him had its perks].

At home she always hit the snooze button and ended up rushing so as not to be late. He is definitely worth getting up for and sits back up if somewhat groggily, running a hand through her hair to smooth out the tangles.

He doesn’t take long and then it’s her turn to use the facilities while he makes them a quick breakfast. She comes out and sees what he’s prepared.

AMANDA: That looks good.

KYLE [smiles at her over his shoulder]: It’s just left-overs from our take out last night.

She’s tempted to give him a hug, but as he leans down to retrieve something from the small fridge she holds back and instead admires his physique.

He moves an end table close to the two recliners to place their plates and fruit drinks on. She sits down in one chair while he takes the other. They quickly eat as time presses on.

AMANDA: Will Jessi meet us there?

KYLE: She called to say she’s coming over, [he checks his watch], in two minutes. [He takes a big bite of food and chews faster].

AMANDA: Already? [He nods, and she tries to hurry and finish eating]. I didn’t hear the phone ring. How did she call?

He taps his head to indicate she contacted him telepathically.

AMANDA: Of course. You both must be excited, it’s your first bike ride.

He nods enthusiastically and she stops trying to converse and finishes up. Kyle is getting their backpacks ready when he pauses to open the door. Jessi is there and Amanda figures Kyle has either sensed she was there or they communicated telepathically again.

Even though she stayed with him a few times at his place, their special form of communication didn’t seem as pronounced as it did here. She shrugs the feeling away as they leave.

Cut to McMahon in Lori and Hillary’s dorm room. Lori is just returning back to her dorm room. Hillary wakes up to find her sneaking back in, trying not to wake her.

HILLARY [props up in her bed on her elbow]: The prodigal returns.

LORI [turns to her]: Oh, hi there.

HILLARY: Hi yourself. You’re starting college life with a bang. [Lori keeps silent]. So? Spill.

LORI: I was with Mark.

HILLARY: Obviously. And? [She waits expectantly. Inside she’s skeptical if Lori will tell her anything but hoping since this is one subject that isn’t Kyle or Amanda related, she might share].

LORI [hesitates for a second or two then spills, excited]: Everything but.

HILLARY: Really? Nice. [She tilts her head]. But why not all the way?

LORI: We want something to look forward to. He is so….

HILLARY [waits eagerly to hear more]: What?

LORI: Meticulous. It must be the science part in him. And attentive. [She looks dreamily on in remembrance].

HILLARY: You lucky thing you. How…attentive?

Lori just smiles a secret smile and gives a small shrug, some things were just too private.

HILLARY: Like that is it? [She nods, disappointed yet understanding. At least Lori shared something, enough to feel she isn’t being left out].

LORI: ’Fraid so.

Hillary heaves a sigh of aww with a tinge of envy.

LORI: I need a few winks of sleep before meeting up with my parents this afternoon.

HILLARY: After your all-nighter, I don’t blame you. I’ll try not to disturb you.

LORI: Where are you headed?

HILLARY: The Farmer’s market. They have cooking demos going on.

LORI: Ahh, the secret chef. You really are good at that.

HILLARY: Is this a hint you want me to cook a few meals for you?

LORI: Mmm, maybe.

HILLARY: And what do I get in return?

LORI: Ah-ha, the terms. [They giggle]. Okay, what do you want?

HILLARY: Oh, honey, I have a whole list.

Lori groans.

Cut to Jackie’s apartment where Jackie has put on a robe and slides out of bed. Declan grabs her hand and tugs.

DECLAN: Where are you going? [He leans over for a kiss].

JACKIE: To make coffee.

DECLAN: I won’t stop you then, I could use a cup.

JACKIE [runs a finger alongside his cheek]: You could use a shave.

He rubs a hand over his chin.

DECLAN: You’re right. [He winks at her]. The last thing I want is to give you whisker burns.

JACKIE: I appreciate that. [She smiles and heads to her kitchen while he pulls on some pants and heads to the bathroom].

Declan comes out freshly shaved and finds her in the kitchen by the coffee machine, waiting for it to fill up with coffee. He puts his arms around her and kisses her neck, and continues to trail kisses, one to land behind her ear.

JACKIE: You’re insatiable.

DECLAN: You’re irresistible.

JACKIE: I want to put together a stereo and TV stand I bought. Plus the kitchen table needs setting up.

DECLAN: I can do that. [His hands caress her abdomen, forming ever-increasing circles].

JACKIE: No, I love putting together kits. [She leans into him].

DECLAN: Really?


DECLAN: So, you don’t need me? [He sounds disappointed and the movement of his hands stop their roaming].

JACKIE: Actually I do need your help. Some of those boards are heavy. I need your strength.

DECLAN: Consider it done. [He resumes his caress, venturing lower until she stops him].

JACKIE: Coffee’s ready.

DECLAN: That was fast.

She nudges by him to reach for a couple of mugs and pours them both a cup. They stand and drink their coffee. She has to blow a few times in her coffee mug to cool it down but the looks Declan is throwing her way is hotter than the coffee. Her body tingles in awareness, considering she’s wearing nothing beneath her robe, but she really needs to fix up her apartment, not spend the day in bed with him.

Cut to outside the IMA entrance where interested freshman check out the Husky Cycling Club. Amanda, Jessi and Kyle are there, listening to the half hour information session. Kyle has rented them helmets and bikes.

INSTRUCTOR: How many of you have ridden before?

AMANDA [puts up her hand]: It’s been a while though. I’ll need to practice a bit.

INSTRUCTOR: If you don’t feel comfortable with the more experienced group you can join the beginners. [He points to an area where another instructor is showing a couple of other freshmen how to balance].

AMANDA: Thanks, we’ll check it out.

When Amanda gets on her bike, Kyle walks up next to her with his bike.

KYLE: Mind if I hold your hand while you try?

AMANDA: I kind of need both my hands on the handles.

KYLE: I know, but, [he leans close to whisper], I’ll be able to pick up your feelings on the balancing technique.

AMANDA: You will? [She’s intrigued by his empathic ability and gives him her hand as she struggles to balance herself. It quickly comes back to her how to ride and feels him squeeze her hand in thanks].

He then hops on his bike, Jessi alongside him with her bike and they take each other’s hand and both try to balance as he projects to Jessi what he felt with Amanda on the technique. It’s not even a minute later and they both get the hang of riding a bike, both smiling in triumph. Amanda smiles with them, excited and happy for them. Their first time riding a bike. Soon of course, when they see the more experienced riders, and see them perform wheelies and tricks with their bikes, they have to try it as well and start outdoing the experienced riders.

INSTRUCTOR [comes up to Amanda, looking on at Kyle and Jessi as they balance on one wheel]: I thought you three couldn’t ride well?

AMANDA: Oh, that was me, they stuck by me in support until I got the hang of it.

INSTRUCTOR: Are you ready for the intermediate level then?

AMANDA: No, I’m just here to ride. [She watches Kyle and Jessi to as they join the experienced riders and begin to compete with balancing acts]. As for them, definitely.

INSTRUCTOR [calls out to everyone]: Okay, if everyone’s ready, let’s head out, two by two.

Kyle joins Amanda to ride alongside with her, grinning from ear to ear. An experienced rider joins Jessi alongside her.

RIDER: Nice moves, my name’s Sam. [He holds out his hand].

JESSI [shakes his hand]: Thanks, I’m Jessi.

SAM: Pleased to meet you, Jessi. Do you think you might join our Club?

JESSI: I’ll think about it.

SAM: It would be great to have you.

The welcome ride begins. From time to time, Kyle would join Jessi with the experienced riders while Amanda rested and sat with the less experienced riders, catching a much-needed break. She could never keep up with those two anyway, no matter how hard she tried. It was fun watching them though, their happiness in learning a new skill infectious.

Come noon, the welcome ride ends.

KYLE [puts an arm around Amanda’s shoulder as they walk over to the Farmer’s market]: That was fun.

AMANDA: It was.

JESSI: Too bad it ended so quickly.

AMANDA: Two hours go by fast.

JESSI: I’m thinking of joining.

KYLE: You are?

JESSI: You’re not?

KYLE: No, I’ll just ride for fun.

JESSI: I’d like the cross-country tours. You really get to see some nice scenery on those rides. Sam was telling me about them.

KYLE: Go for it.

JESSI: You’re not going to join any group?

KYLE: There’s still so much to see and do.

JESSI [nods]: You’re biding your time before you decide.

KYLE: Yeah.

At the Farmer’s market they have lunch, listen to some live music, some demos, and obtain some information about local non-profit organizations. Kyle and Jessi also buy some fresh produce and take it back to their dorm rooms before they head over to the Burke museum to meet Steven and Nicole. Lori meets up with them, too and is smothered by a hug from her mom.

NICOLE: I’ve missed you guys. [She moves on to hug Jessi, then Kyle]. It’s so quiet without you. How are you?

LORI: Settling in. It’s only been a day and a half, mom.

NICOLE: Feels longer.

STEVEN: Not to me. [It’s his turn to give Lori a hug].

LORI: I didn’t miss you either, dad. [But their hug says despite it being only a day and a half they did miss each other and smile].

NICOLE [hugs Amanda]: It’s always good to see you, too. How are your studies coming?

AMANDA: Good, there’s quite a lot of homework though. I’ll be back home tomorrow to catch up.

NICOLE: Oh? You’re staying another night?

STEVEN [leans over to whisper in Nicole’s ear]: Nicole…

AMANDA: Just one more night.

Amanda and Kyle glance at each other and away again, but their awkwardness makes Nicole worry.

STEVEN [sees a tour guide about to start]: Well, let’s join the tour.

JESSI: We went for our first bike ride this morning.

NICOLE: You did? Oh, I would have loved to have been there and seen you two.

STEVEN: How was it?

KYLE: Fun.

JESSI: I’m going to join in their cross-country tours.

STEVEN: You are? Good for you. I remember touring the country only it was over the summer before college started and it was with an old Yamaha.

They join the tour and when done, they walk out of the museum.

NICOLE: Let’s have supper together.

LORI: Ah, sorry mom, I’m off to hear a poetry reading. It might give me ideas for some new songs.

NICOLE: Oh, no, that’s okay. [But she doesn’t sound okay, she’d been hoping to visit longer with her].

JESSI: I’ll have supper with you.

KYLE: So will Amanda and I.

LORI: There you go. You’ll just have to make do with them and not me, mom.

NICOLE: Go, have fun. I miss you. [She gives Lori another hug goodbye with tears in her eyes].

LORI: Bye.

She waves her hand at all of them.

NICOLE [turns to the others while wiping away a tear]: So, what all else have you done here?

JESSI: We toured the campus, the libraries, had a picnic, and while Kyle and Amanda were at their marriage course, I saw a movie on the Quad before the midnight carnival started.

NICOLE: What was the movie? [They walk as they talk, heading for a restaurant].

JESSI: Die Hard Live Free with Bruce Willis.

NICOLE: Did you enjoy it?

JESSI: It was okay.

NICOLE: Just okay?

JESSI: The action was so unrealistic. Like he could out-slide a burning aircraft and land unscathed then shoot himself without major damage.

NICOLE [smiles then turns to Kyle and Amanda]: And how was your marriage course? How’s it going?

KYLE: Good, we’re learning a lot.

STEVEN: Of course that’s only in theory, nothing really teaches you like experience. [His grin quickly fades when Nicole throws him a look meaning that his comment is the last thing she wants to hear].

Cut to Steven and Nicole entering their house.

NICOLE: Honestly, Steven, nothing teaches you like experience? I thought we agreed they should annul their marriage and wait a few years?

STEVEN: Honey, face it, they won’t. For Kyle, annulment would be like giving up. He won’t do that. And it’s all thanks to you.

NICOLE: Me? You’re putting this on me?

STEVEN: You taught him never to give up.

NICOLE: I did? How did I do that?

STEVEN [places his hands on her shoulders and gazes affectionately into her eyes]: Because you never gave up on him.

She doesn’t know what to say then and he kisses her on the forehead.

Cut to Jackie and Declan in her apartment in her living area. Jackie is dressed in only a t-shirt and shorts and looks on with pride at finishing putting together her kitchen table, TV and stereo stand.

JACKIE [grins at Declan]: That was fun! Thanks for your help.

DECLAN [still barefoot, shirtless and in jeans from this morning]: What help? All I did was hold up a board or two.

JACKIE: And it helped. [She kisses him on the cheek].

DECLAN: Finally, my reward.

JACKIE [steps away before he can kiss her on the lips]: I worked up an appetite I’m so hungry, how about you?

DECLAN: I can think of another activity that would work up my appetite.

JACKIE: Come on, [she heads to the kitchen], help me make some dinner.

DECLAN: And then my reward?

JACKIE [throws him a coy grin]: Maybe. Don’t you like to “cook”?

DECLAN [grins and follows her into the kitchen]: I do now.

Cut to Kyle and Amanda back in the dorm room, after returning from a comedy show and a late night breakfast event. Once again it’s after midnight. As Amanda slips into bed and waits for Kyle she looks over to see her pan flute case still unopened. She never had a chance to play for him yet.

He comes out of the bathroom and heads over to the bed, catching her glance at the flute case before she turns his way. He pauses to hear outside their dorm room and hears several residents still up. A few are preparing for bed, some are continuing to party while others visit. The residents next door on either side still haven’t returned from the night’s events.

KYLE [goes over to pick up her case and hands it to her]: Do you mind playing for a few minutes?

AMANDA: It’s late I might disturb someone.

KYLE: No one next to us is home yet and the other occupants on this level are still partying.

AMANDA: You listened in. [He nods. She takes and opens up the case and pulls out the flute]. Okay, then. Would you mind handing me my music book? It’s in the side pocket of my case.

He takes out her sheet music and lays it out before her while she plays a few practice notes. He sits cross-legged on the foot of the bed to watch and listen.

He makes a slight movement of uncrossing a leg which causes her to stop playing. She smiles at him and he smiles back. Then she sees it’s almost one and is surprised at how long she played.

AMANDA [turns to him]: Why didn’t you stop me?

KYLE: I enjoyed it. Plus the neighbors have come and the parties are finally winding down.

AMANDA [smiles]: I enjoyed playing for you.

He leans over, kissing her softly on the lips.

KYLE: Thank you.

Her fingers lightly touch the side of his face.

AMANDA: You’re welcome.

KYLE [leans back and glances down at her flute]: Need help?

AMANDA: You can put my music sheets back.

He puts them back while she cleans and packs away her flute before they each climb into bed. He places an arm around her as they lie down. His hand strokes her shoulder and down her arm as she rests her head on his chest. He mentally flicks off the light encasing them in shadow.

Both are lost in thought, he replays the song she played and she reflects on Steven’s words, how experience is the real teacher.

As if he can read her thoughts and feelings he too starts to reflect on Steven’s words. It’s a while before they fall asleep. And it is just those thoughts that prompt Kyle to seek out one of the events on Tuesday, to ask a Sexpert, just in case “whatever happens” as Amanda seems ready for, he’ll be ready as well.

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