Season 4

S04 E07 Dawg Daze Part 2

Kyle XY S04 E07

Dawg Daze Part 2

Again the alarm rings too early. Kyle lets Amanda sleep in as he phones Declan. It’s a while before Declan answers.

DECLAN’s voice: Yeah?

KYLE: You still want to go to the poster sale?

DECLAN [cut to him, still in bed with Jackie lying beside him]: Oh, man. I forgot.

KYLE [cut back to him as he takes out food items from the fridge]: You wanted to go early to catch the best posters.

DECLAN [cut back to him as Jackie rolls away]: I did. What time is it?

KYLE’s voice: Ten to eight.

DECLAN: Right, I’ll meet you there.

Cut back to Kyle as he hangs up and prepares breakfast, slipping out to cook it in the kitchen. When he comes back, he prepares a tray and takes it over to the bed. By this time Amanda’s awake.

AMANDA [sees the tray and sits up to take it and places it on her lap]: You’re spoiling me. [She also sees he’s dressed and freshly shaved]. You’re all ready. Making breakfast for me isn’t going to make you late is it?

KYLE: No, you woke up in time. I was just about to leave. [He leans over to kiss her goodbye]. I’ll be back in an hour or so.

AMANDA [waves a hand at the meal]: Thank you. Have fun.

He flashes her a smile as he heads out the door, opening it to find Jessi standing there. Amanda waves to her, but as they leave, she’s thinking he must have known and sensed that Jessi was waiting for him without her having to knock. Again, their link seems more pronounced to her and tries to stifle the brief spurt of jealousy. She knows how much Kyle loves her so why is his and Jessi’s special connection bothering her?

She shakes her head at herself and picks up a fork, ready to cut into the sunny-side up egg Kyle made for her, along with a bowl of freshly sliced fruit and toast.

By the time she finishes her breakfast, showers, changes and packs up her things, just over an hour has gone by and Kyle returns with some poster’s he bought at the Fall Poster sale.

AMANDA: Ooh, what did you buy?

He shows her a picture of Redwood trees with large trunks and the leafy tops reaching towards the sky.

KYLE: This one reminds me of when I first woke up in the forest.

He then shows her another scenic picture of a row of trees alongside a riverbank with a dark blue sky; along with another forest, this time with rays of sunlight shining through a space between the trees.

AMANDA: They’re pretty. Are they all of the forest?

KYLE: No, they had a lot of Seattle and Mount Rainier.

Kyle shows her a picture of two young girls sitting on a piano bench, one ready to play. Both are dressed in flowery Victorian-styled night attire with lacey collars. The piano too is adorned with lace and flowers.

AMANDA: I like that one.

KYLE: I thought you might. It’s yours.

AMANDA [gives him a surprised yet very pleased look]: Thank you. [She kisses him]. I love it.

He grins at her, and then sets the pictures aside.

AMANDA: There are two more you didn’t show me.

KYLE: Oh, yeah, those are Declan’s.

She notices he’s careful not to reveal them to her.

AMANDA: Does he plan on hanging them on the wall?

KYLE: Most likely.

AMANDA: So, won’t I be seeing them anyway when I come next weekend?

KYLE: Yeah, [he glances down and she gets the distinct feeling he’s uncomfortable with the thought of her seeing them].

She steps closer as he swings the two pictures around for her to look at.

AMANDA [eyes widen]: Oh. [Each picture is of a nude woman, tastefully and artistically drawn].

KYLE: He said he thought Jackie would appreciate these being art rather than the pin ups of calendar girls he would have put up instead.

AMANDA: Oh. [That seemed all she could say]. As long as you don’t feel the need to put any up. [Realizing her comment sounded horribly jealous, she hurries on]. Not that I mean you shouldn’t, it is your dorm room, but, well, um---

KYLE [cuts in]: I wouldn’t.

AMANDA: Good. I mean, great, that you wouldn’t.

KYLE: Not that they aren’t nice to look at, but I prefer—

AMANDA [focuses on one word]: Nice?

KYLE: Well, yes, but… [he glances away, as if really uncomfortable with the topic].

AMANDA: But what?

Maybe he really did want pinups of calendar girls and can’t help remember the time she caught him with a Playboy magazine, which really freaked her out considering what happened with him at the pool after she rescued him from drowning. Only now that they’ve been together and he’s told her the truth, that he really hadn’t been drowning and that was his first ever erection – which still makes her blush each time she thought of it – like now even. He also had told her it was Josh’s magazine, though that hardly mattered, he was reading it, or looking at it. Her thoughts running rampant along with her hormones.

KYLE: They’re not you.

She blinks at him in surprise.

AMANDA [glances at the wall]: You mean, you’d want a picture of me, naked? Up on your wall?


She doesn’t know whether to be hurt or glad or relieved or all three.

KYLE: I mean it’s too personal.

AMANDA: Right, I mean, of course, it would be. [Which must mean he thinks of her in that way and glances away, which causes him to glance awkwardly away].

He quickly sets the pictures aside, making sure the backs of the pictures are facing them.

KYLE: I’ll take you home. [Realizing he sounded too abrupt by the slight rising of her eyebrow, he hurries on]. I mean, if you’re ready.

AMANDA: I’m ready.

Inwardly she’s sighing with relief yet all during the drive home she can’t help sneak glances his way, picturing what he might look like without clothing. Darn Declan. Although her thoughts have been straying to what it might be like becoming more intimate with Kyle, those pictures just brought those feelings to the surface. She’s not sure if Kyle is feeling all she’s feeling when, after he sets her bags inside the front hallway, he hands her the van’s keys.

KYLE: You can use the van this week. I won’t need it until the following Tuesday when I go to work.

AMANDA [takes the keys and nods, trying to focus on the practical he seems to have no trouble with]: Thanks, it’ll be handier than taking the bus.

KYLE: I’ll stop by Friday after you get home from NU. [Only then does she realize he might be feeling what she’s been feeling when his gaze shifts shyly away then gives her an awkward hug].

KYLE: I’ll miss you.

AMANDA [holds him close]: I’ll miss you, too.

They gaze into each other’s eyes for a second before they kiss. Amanda thrills to feel him deepen the kiss and she presses closer.

The height of emotions has him releasing her before things get too out of hand. Thanks to their conversation earlier, and to Declan’s pictures, it just made him want to be more intimate with her even more. He caught her glancing at him more than once and he didn’t have to read her mind to know that she was thinking of him that way too throughout the drive home.

KYLE [wishing he can stay with her]: I have to go.

AMANDA: I love you.

KYLE [caresses her cheek]: I love you, too.

She responds by tracing his lips. He kisses the tips of her fingers. She tilts her face, lips ready for his lips to descend and he knows if he didn’t end this now he wouldn’t want to leave and he would be late, very late, getting back for the key events. He turns and opens the front door.

KYLE: Bye.

AMANDA [releases a shaky sigh]: Bye.

He walks out and they wave a last goodbye. Bu then he surprises her by coming back and giving her a quick urgent kiss before taking off, this time without looking back. She swallows hard and shuts the door. As she looks around the house she can already feel the emptiness. She’s beginning to dread coming back home; it’s not feeling like home anymore.

Once out of Amanda’s sight, Kyle pauses to lick his lips, suddenly sensing and picking up a flash of Amanda’s DNA code, just like how he picked up the DNA code of Andy when they went for a family picnic over the Labor Day weekend.

He frowns. Again, why this new ability? Of what use could it be?

Kyle heads to the UW on foot and joins Declan, Lori, Hillary, and Jessi for the freshman convocation and kick off events.

Come Monday morning they all head for the UW-Bookstore tour. Declan dumps a bunch of law books at the check out stand.

DECLAN [mumbles]: Talk about dry reading.

KYLE [sets his basket of books down]: You’re having doubts.

DECLAN: No. Yes. Sort of. I just want to get to the good stuff.

KYLE: You want hands on, like you did when you went with me to confront Emily.

DECLAN: Yeah, exactly that.

KYLE: Except you need to know the lingo and dry stuff first.

DECLAN: I could learn it by osmosis, couldn’t I? [Kyle raises an eyebrow]. Okay, maybe not. One thing I did learn working this past month at my dad’s office, is how little I really know.

KYLE: Think of learning the law as gaining the knowledge needed to take down the bad guys.

DECLAN [thinks of several of his favorite movies]: Knowledge is power.

KYLE [looks uneasy with the implication]: Power?

DECLAN: Oh, come on. You gotta admit that’s exactly what we did with Emily. Our knowledge of what she was up to had power over her. [Kyle just frowns]. It’s how you wield that power.

KYLE: I know.

DECLAN [eyes him]: But you didn’t like it.

KYLE [eyes him back]: And you did.

DECLAN [grins]: Touché, but then I’m making a career out of it.

KYLE [grins back]: You’ll be good at it.

Declan looks down at his books with a new outlook. Working with his father, he hadn’t a clue half the time what legalities his dad was spouting. Knowing the terms and lingo was key.

He then glances over at Kyle’s books, encyclopedias of architecture, building construction and management – the use of various materials to build with, landscaping, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, infrastructures, law as well, math, to software development and computer science.

DECLAN: That won’t take you long to read.

KYLE: When we were here at the orientation last month, Jessi and I checked out the library and researched a lot books on the subjects we’ll be taking. These were the best to have on hand.

DECLAN: So, you’ve read them? Why buy them?

KYLE: No, just skimmed. We skimmed through a lot of books.

DECLAN: If you skimmed that many you could probably take the exams and pass with flying colors.

They pay for their purchases and wait for Lori, Hillary and Jessi.

Cut to Lori and Hillary as they browse the bookstore, searching for the books they need. Jessi is trailing behind them with her basket of books already picked out, ones on: Business Administration, Economics, Accounting and Finance, Physics, Math, Law, and Computer Science and Engineering.

Lori is searching for books on music theory, guitar techniques, literary forms and composition, psychology, and the history of music.

Hillary is searching for books on journalism, interviewing principles, public relations and speaking, communication, and digital media.

Both are standing in front of the English book section, searching for what they need. Jessi is wishing they’d hurry, their conversation is on anything but their curriculums.

HILLARY: So, any plans on seeing Mark?

LORI: Not till Thursday and Friday night.

HILLARY: You’re not going to the Mariners on Thursday? For shame! That’s a key event.

LORI: There a lot of key events, so what if I miss one? Like you plan to go?

HILLARY: Actually, I am. [She sees a book she needs and places it in her basket].

LORI: Really?

HILLARY: Evan and I are going to record and interview some of the players.

LORI: Nice. Working already. [She pulls a book from the shelf and tosses it in her basket].

HILLARY [grins]: Yep.

LORI: Ech, speaking of work, I gotta ask my boss for more hours. Friday and Saturday nights aren’t enough.

HILLARY: Running low on funds already?

LORI: ’fraid so. [She takes another book she needs and turns it over to see the original price and the discount price and winces].

HILLARY [glances at Lori’s books]: Enough to buy all those?

LORI: Thankfully, textbooks fall under my parents funding for my education. I mean, who can afford to pay full price? [She shows Hillary the price of the book she’s holding].

HILLARY: I hear you. Even used, these textbooks come to a lot. [She transfers her basket to her other hand]. And heavy. [She sees Jessi has no problem holding her basket]. How much weight can you bench press?

JESSI [frowns, knowing she can’t tell her how much weight she can really lift]: Why?

HILLARY: Oh, just wondering if you could hold two baskets of books without any problem.

JESSI: I could.

LORI: In that case, would you hold mine for me? [She holds her basket up and Jessi eyes it and her suspiciously]. Be a good sis?

JESSI: What’s in it for me?

HILLARY [snickers]: She learns fast.

LORI: She’s been hanging around Josh too much. [She sighs and looks around the store]. If only Kyle were here. He’d hold my basket like a good brother should.

JESSI: You take advantage of him. You and Josh both.

LORI: Not always. [But even the slight twinge of guilt doesn’t stop her from making a show of holding her basket with both hands and huffing at the weight].

JESS [narrows her eyes as if knowing Lori is exaggerating just to get her way and takes the basket]: Fine, but you owe me. [But her smile at Lori means she’s not going to let Lori take advantage of her].

LORI: Um, [she tries to take the basket back, doubting her ploy to have Jessi help her], except I don’t have the money to pay you back, remember?

JESSI [hangs on to the basket easily]: Who said I wanted money?

LORI: Then what do you want?

JESSI [smiles]: To borrow one of your sweaters.

Lori groans and lets go of the basket in defeat. Hillary is left to carry her own basket, thinking twice about trying to dupe Jessi into holding hers.

After the group return to their respective dorm rooms to unload their books, they head out for the rest of the day’s events.

Kyle and Jessi go to Sustainability with SEED event, while Lori, Hillary and Declan go to Financial Aid & Scholarship Brunch. Declan is hoping to hear more on the honor societies and an internship in his field of interest. If Lori can’t persuade her boss for more hours, she needs to look for another part time job on campus.

There’s also a Student Farm Pizza Bake with live music and dancing that Kyle and Jessi attend before going on a Rad Bike Tour in the afternoon.

Lori and Hillary occupy their afternoon with a self-defense class for girls. And who should they meet who is instructing the class? Jade, Amanda’s self-defense instructor.

JADE [nods to Lori]: Lori, isn’t it?

LORI: Yeah, good memory.

JADE: Ready to participate?

LORI: Ah, participate? I thought you were just going to demonstrate?

JADE: You learn by doing. What better way to learn then trying to get out of an armlock?


HILLARY: I think there’s another class I should be at.

LORI [stops her from slinking away]: Don’t you dare. [She turns to Jade, pointing from herself to Hillary]. We can practice on each other, can’t we?

JADE: Nope. You’ll each get a partner. [He points his thumb over his shoulder at the rest of his team, a bunch of hard-looking, big and brawny guys. Lori hears Hillary let out a small yelp which Jade hears and he grins at her]. You can team up with Tank.

HILLARY [eyes them all with trepidation]: Who’s Tank? [She’s hoping he’s not the biggest and brawniest guy that’s over there].

JADE [calls out]: Tank!

Sure enough, the guy that moves towards them is the biggest and brawniest guy of the bunch.

HILLARY: Can’t I team up with that one? [She points to the slimmest one].

JADE: Big Guns?

HILLARY: Big Guns? That’s his name?

LORI: You mean he’s handled guns? Real ones?

JADE: Naw, never touched ’em. Real or otherwise.

LORI: Then why is he called Big Guns?

JADE: You don’t want to know.

LORI: I wouldn’t have asked.

Hillary is looking the guy over and from a certain angle she begins to suspect and dawn on her what Jade means.

JADE: You ladies are present.

Hillary leans over and cups a hand over Lori’s ear and whispers to her. Lori’s reaction is to glance over at the guy in question and both her and Hillary try to catch a glimpse of a certain part of his anatomy.

LORI [whispers back]: Seriously?

JADE [used to this kind of reaction]: He’s deadly serious about his guns.

LORI: Funny.

Their attention is suddenly drawn to Tank who has paused to confront a guy who was willing to show off his skill. Hillary watches Tank use a chokehold and shows what little skill the guy really has. He can’t escape Tank’s grip no matter how hard he tries. Big Guns is forgotten.

HILLARY: I don’t know about this.

JADE: You’ll do fine.

Hillary turns pale when Tank releases the guy and the guy falls to his feet. Lori crosses her arm when Jade just grins.

LORI: You’re all heart.

HILLARY: I so don’t want him as a partner.

JADE: Tough.

LORI: You’re mean.

JADE: There are guys out there who are meaner.

LORI: I know.

The seriousness of her tone makes him pause.

JADE [tone turns gruff]: Sorry, I just want you prepared. That’s how I train.

LORI: I noticed. How does Amanda put up with you?

HILLARY: She doesn’t take on him, does she? [Her eyes widen as Tank comes over to them and looms over her].

TANK: Hey there. Fresh meat? [He grins like a predator].

JADE: Cool it. [He answers Hillary’s question]. Actually, Amanda calls Tank a pussycat.

LORI [mouth gaps open]: A what?

TANK [grin turns friendly and polite]: You two know Amanda? [He holds out his hand]. Pleased to meet you.

Lori is the first to bravely shake his hand and finds he has a gentle grip.

JADE: Amanda tossed Tank a couple of times over her shoulder.

HILLARY [bug-eyed by now]: She has? I would love to see that. [She looks around for her]. Is she here?

LORI [whispers to her]: She’s at school.

JADE [his grin turns predatory now]: Nobody else here but us chickens.

Lori inwardly groans. She and Hills are going to need CPR after one session with Jade, she just knew it.

That night as they all wait for a ride for a late night shopping spree at Fred Meyer’s, Lori and Hillary are rubbing their arms and shoulders.

HILLARY: There is now way Amanda can flip that guy. None. I have to see it to believe it.

Declan watches them both.

DECLAN: What happened to you two?

LORI: We went to a self-defense class for girls.

KYLE [ears perk up on hearing Amanda’s name]: Amanda can flip a guy?

He sounds proud of her yet sorry inside she feels the need to still take self-defense classes, but he has noticed a stronger definition in her muscle tone that he finds attractive, just as she finds his toned muscles attractive.

LORI: So Jade claims.

DECLAN [remembers the guy]: He was teaching?

LORI: Yeah, a real charmer.

HILLARY: I can’t believe she calls him a pussycat.

JESSI: Who calls who a pussycat?

HILLARY: Amanda, [she rubs a sore spot], a big Tank of a guy.

JESSI: Why would she refer to someone big as a small pussycat?

LORI: It was in reference to his personality. He was a lot nicer than Jade.

HILLARY: You weren’t the one trying to flip him.

LORI: He was very patient with you.

HILLARY: I’ll give him that. They could have taught us an easier move.

LORI: You were trying hard to stomp on his foot.

HILLARY: Huh! Like that did any good. Heels and everything. His boots were like steel.

LORI: I noticed he limped a bit after that.

HILLARY: A bit? Miniscule. I still would have preferred to wrestle with Big Guns.

LORI: Him? I thought he was rather full of himself.

HILLARY: With good reason.

LORI: You talked to him?

HILLARY [grins]: Uh-huh.

LORI: And?

HILLARY: We have a date.

LORI: You have a date? [She looks at Hillary in total disbelief].

HILLARY: Hey! Why should that be so unbelievable? You don’t think I can get dates anymore? [She feels left out since, other than Jessi, everyone else around her has a special someone].

LORI: Aw, no, Hills, that isn’t what I meant at all. I meant, a date with him of all people. As in his type, you know?

HILLARY: You don’t even know him.

LORI: Neither do you.

HILLARY: I will shortly.

LORI: Just be careful.

HILLARY: I’m always careful.

LORI: I didn’t mean, [she sighs feeling she’s saying all the wrong things], you’re my bff, I hate to see you hurt again.

HILLARY [scoffs]: Please! Is this about the Charlie’s of the world? I am so over him.

LORI: Well, good.

A brief awkward pause. Declan looks like he wishes he were anywhere else while Kyle feels just as much concern about Hillary being hurt as Lori.

KYLE: I met most of Jade’s team. I didn’t meet him. Is his name is really Big Guns? [He sounds worried on her behalf].

HILLARY: Actually, he’s real name is Dexter. I got to know that much about him.

They see the bus driver start loading a bunch of freshmen on board, ready to take them to Fred Meyers.

After stocking up on various food, personal sundries, and grocery supplies, it’s almost one in the morning before they return to their respective dorms.

Tuesday is a full day full of events and activities, from Smart Budgeting [this right after Lori spent way too much over her budget and had to borrow from Kyle], to Psych One-Oh-What? that both Lori and Hillary attend.

Kyle attends a Student Leadership Panel and Declan attends Caffeine Nation.

Then Lori and Hillary attend College Writing Tips from CLUE.

Kyle and Jessi attend next a Human Centered Design and Engineering Open House event.

Then they all attend the One Block Away the AVE Tour before Declan, Kyle and Jessi attend the Chocolate Fair at the Burke Museum.

Lori and Hillary next attend Intro to Acting and What’s So Fine About the Arts?, while Jessi attends We Heart-B School and the Ice Cream Social.

Meanwhile, Kyle and Declan spend the afternoon Canoeing with UW Earth Club on Lake Washington, from 2pm to 4pm.

Kyle is in the front of the canoe on the first lap as he and Declan row along enjoying the scenery. They keep to a steady rhythm.

KYLE: This reminds me of when we went camping with Foss and Jessi for S&R training, only more peaceful.

DECLAN: Way more fun you mean, you didn’t have to be the dummy.

KYLE: You didn’t have to climb a mountain.

DECLAN: It was rocky enough.

They grin at each other and row for a bit. Off in the distance is the floating bridge. The bridge Amanda takes to go to NU.

KYLE: Amanda will be finished her music theory class in another half hour.

DECLAN: Oh yeah? She gets off early Tuesdays? [Of course Kyle would know exactly what courses she’s taking and when].

KYLE: Yes. [He pauses rowing and turns around to face Declan].

KYLE [narrative]: I told Declan of how I picked up the DNA code of Andy and decided to tell him how I recently picked up Amanda’s DNA code after I kissed her.

KYLE: I’m just wondering what it all means. What use could it be?

DECLAN: So, you could actually see the whole code, the entire breakdown of each, I don’t know what you call it, molecule?

KYLE: Yeah.

DECLAN: You got me. I mean, you’re talkin’ the building blocks of life stuff, [as he said those words he and Kyle both look at each other in sudden understanding].

KYLE: Building blocks of life… [his mind races with the implications].

DECLAN: No way. You can’t build or construct a life, can you?

KYLE: No, I’d have to first figure out my DNA code, find the one gene that makes me sterile.

DECLAN: And you can correct it?

KYLE: No, that would take a miracle.

DECLAN: Right, and it’s not like you could do the impossible.

KYLE [narrative]: Declan had a point, but this DNA stuff was different. Except, I couldn’t help think of the endless possibilities and what this could mean. Amanda and I may be able to have children one day. But how? [He frowns as his attention becomes focused on the problem and not on rowing].

INSTRUCTOR [calls out]: Hey, you two! [Kyle and Declan glance behind them to see a couple of other canoes row past. The instructor rows up to them]. Is there a problem?

DECLAN: No, no problem. Just pausing to enjoy the scenery.

INSTRUCTOR: And taking a break? [He’s heard several excuses from inexperienced rowers]. We’re almost at the next outcrop and then we head back. [He pauses beside them, he needs to keep in back to help any stragglers].

DECLAN [starts to row, along with Kyle]: We’re good.

KYLE [narrative]: As we rowed, I couldn’t help wonder if the answer might be found in the information I have stored inside my head.

It’s just after four when Kyle and Declan return to their dorm room.

DECLAN: Do you need me to monitor your vitals?

KYLE: No, I’ll just be accessing a small portion of the information.

DECLAN: Yeah but last time you had that info buzzing around inside your head you couldn’t even sleep.

KYLE: It won’t be like that. I had some inflammation when I phased. This will be different.

DECLAN: Oh, well, whatever you need. [He sits on his bed then gets up just as quickly as he had sat]. Maybe you should take my bed. [He offers before Kyle can sit in his chair].

KYLE: Why?

DECLAN: Won’t you need to lie down or something?

KYLE [takes the offered bed and sits comfortably on it, he also checks the time]: It won’t take long. [He closes his eyes as Declan sits in Kyle’s chair across from him, watching].

KYLE [narrative]: With a few key phrases, I was able to access the data Adam had stored when he was creating me.

A video flash of Adam back at Zyzx injecting an egg [from Grace Kingsley], with the nucleus of Adam’s cell. The first subject, before Kyle was created, there was no error in the DNA code but upon extraction from the pod, the first subject remained comatose and did not respond to resuscitation as if it could not survive without the special fluid created by Adam.

The second attempt, where Adam used his own DNA in an attempt to clone directly from himself, Kyle noticed an error was made as Adam typed in certain key sequences to break down the DNA structure. Weakened by this error in the genetic coding the subject died upon extraction.

The third and final attempt on creating him, the error was corrected. In fact, Kyle could see no other error Adam had made. At least, so far. He needed more time to study the code and find out why he was sterile.

The breakdown of the genetic coding could have become weakened during development rather than on conception. There were too many variables.

He opened his eyes and finds he only has ten minutes left to make it to the next event.

KYLE: I have to go. [He stands up].

DECLAN: Wait! Now? What happened? Did you find the answer?

KYLE: No, not yet.

DECLAN: Well, what did you see?

KYLE: The DNA breakdown of the two previous subjects. I need to process my DNA further.

DECLAN: Where are you going?

KYLE: There’s one more event I’d like to check out before the resident hall floor meeting later on. [Another session on Ask the Sexpert].

DECLAN: Which event?

KYLE: Marriage stuff. [Not as willing to talk personally what’s been happening between him and Amanda].

DECLAN: Oh. [Kyle grabs his jacket]. Later then.

KYLE: I’ll let you know later on what I saw. [He pauses by the door].

DECLAN: I’m countin’ on it.

Kyle leaves.

Later that night, after the residence hall meeting and an hour spent exploring what night life at UW has to offer in the way of study centers, coffee shops and other PM opportunities, Kyle and Declan head back to their dorm room when Kyle suddenly stops in the middle of the street.

DECLAN: What’s up?

KYLE: I hear a girl crying.

DECLAN [glances around]: Where?

Kyle points back toward Red Square and takes off at a fast sprint. Declan tries to keep up but soon Kyle outdistances him and Declan is left wondering where to go next.

Kyle stops to see a girl on a bench looking around in confusion, wiping away tears. Behind her a group of five guys, who look as if they were drunk, point at the girl and begin to make lewd comments. The girl hears them and looks fearfully over her shoulder at them.

Kyle, needing Declan to catch up to him, concentrates on locating how far back Declan is and hears him mutter.

DECLAN [muttering, lost in which direction to head next]: Great, Kyle, where’d you go?

KYLE [doesn’t think, just suddenly projects a thought to him]: Declan, I’m two blocks to your right.

Cut back to Declan who suddenly hears Kyle as if he were standing right next to him and whips his head around realizing Kyle actually spoke to him from God knows where. He runs in the direction Kyle told him too and sees Kyle. He runs over to where Kyle is standing.

KYLE: Good, you made it. Look over there. [He nods towards where the girl has gotten up and is walking very fast away from the drunks who take to walking or mostly staggering just as fast towards her].

DECLAN [is puffing slightly, both from running and mulling over what Kyle just did]: What did you freakin’ do?

KYLE: I just told you where to find me. [He stops as if now just realizing he projected a thought to Declan].

DECLAN: Yeah, exactly.

KYLE: I can project thoughts. [Then he hears one of the guys call out to the girl, the drunks are getting rowdy and aggressive, their intent on having some fun at the girl’s expense]. Another thing we can talk about later. Come on.

He hurries over to intercept. Declan follows.

KYLE [in a loud voice so the drunks can hear him]: There you are. [She gasps in surprise when she sees Kyle standing in front of her and looks fearfully at him. In a lower tone so only she can hear, he continues]. Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I’m here to help. My name’s Kyle. Kyle Trager.

DECLAN [reaches them]: I’m Declan McDonough, [between catching his breath].

Kyle smiles reassuringly at the girl as she glances from the drunks to the two of them. The drunks have paused as if unsure what to do now that the girl was no longer alone. Something in Kyle’s smile make the girl less leery of him.

GIRL: I’m lost. I’m new to UW, actually I’m new to Seattle. [She looks around helplessly]. I don’t know where I am.

KYLE: Where did you need to be?

GIRL: McMahon Hall.

KYLE [points behind him]: It’s way over there. My sister, Lori, has a room there. [Kyle sees the drunks have decided to approach them despite his and Declan’s presence]. I can take you there.

GIRL: Thank you. [Her eyes widen in fear when the others approach].

DRUNK #1: Hey, we saw her first.

DRUNK #2 [staggers unsteadily on his feet]: Time to party!

Kyle moves in front of the girl in a protective manner as Declan eyes the rest of the bunch as they circle around the trio.

DECLAN: Hey, back off. She’s our friend.

DRUNK #1: Then why did you introduce yourselves?

DECLAN [leans over to Kyle to whisper]: Sharp hearing.

DRUNK #1 [scoffs in triumph]: The best.

DRUNK #3: He’s a bat. Like a bat. [They all laugh as if his joke was the funniest thing they heard].

DECLAN: Why don’t you take your party elsewhere?

DRUNK #1: I don’t think so. [His manner suddenly turns ugly].

KYLE: I think you should. We don’t want any trouble.

DRUNK #1: Buddy, I am trouble, with a capital T. [More laughter from his friends].

KYLE: I’m not going to fight you.

DRUNK #1: Good, I like ’em pliant.

The girl whimpers in fright.

Declan feels like punching the jerk out along with every one of his friends and curls his hands into fists.

KYLE: We’re not going to fight.

His focus is on Drunk #1, if he can project a touch, and now a thought, why not a feeling?

DRUNK #1 [repeats as if in a trance as Kyle keeps staring him down]: We’re not going to fight.

DRUNK #3: Huh? We’re not?

KYLE: No, we’re not. You’re going to go home now.

Declan glances from Kyle to the drunk he’s staring so intently at.

DRUNK #1: Let’s go home.

DRUNK #2: What about our party? [He looks over at the girl, wanting to party with her].

KYLE [glances at Drunk #2]: Party’s over.

DRUNK #2 [blinks as he stares at Kyle then sulks]: Party over.

KYLE: You can go now. [He glances from one to the other].

DRUNK #1: Come on. Let’s go.

DRUNK #3: Huh? [Not grasping why the sudden change in plans].

DRUNK #1: You heard. [He pushes his friends along and they all go staggering off to their dorms].

Girl watches the drunks move off safely away from her.

KYLE [turns to her]: It’s okay now, they’re gone.

GIRL: Okay now.

Kyle blinks and immediately stops projecting, wincing over at Declan only to find Declan staring at him in wonder and a bit of fear himself. Kyle swallows and looks away. His newfound ability is freaking him out now.

DECLAN: We can walk you to your dorm if you like.

GIRL [shakes her head and blinks at him as if coming out of a fog]: Um…

DECLAN: Or, we could call security and have them escort you back.

GIRL: Oh, security. [She digs around in her purse and pulls out her cell phone]. I can call them. [She then looks at her phone then at them as if realizing she had a solution to her problem all along]. Uh, [Kyle and Declan wait as she starts to dial].

But when she calls them there’s just a busy signal so she keeps redialing until a message machine comes on.

MESSAGE: Due to the high volume of calls, please stay on the line and dispatch will be with you in the order your call was placed. If you need immediate assistance press one. [She presses one and another message comes on]. All our officers are currently in the field assisting customers. Please stay on the line and an officer will be with you as soon as they become available.

Kyle can sense her worry and frustration, when she needed help the most it wasn’t available. She gazes back at him as he waits patiently for her to decide.

GIRL: So, what were you’re names again?

Kyle mentions his name and Declan mentions his.

GIRL [looks around and sees a couple far off going in a different direction then the one she needs to go otherwise, there is no one else around]: Okay, if you could walk me home?

Kyle nods and turns to head toward McMahon. Kyle points out each building as they pass to get her familiar with certain land points.

KYLE: Why don’t we cut through those two buildings? [He points first to the building on the left]. That’s Gerberding Hall. [He points to the other building on the right]. That’s Suzzallo Library.

GIRL: Where was I?

KYLE: You were between those two building behind us, Mary Gates Hall and Johnson Hall.

GIRL: Oh. Are you sure that building is the Suzzallo? I’ve toured it but it doesn’t look familiar.

They now head around to the front of the building and into Red Square. The flashlight tag event scheduled for this evening has long since dispersed. Stragglers were heading away from the square.

GIRL [grows excited when she sees the front of the building]: Oh, now I recognize it.

KYLE [points ahead]: Down there is Pierce Lane, The Quad.

GIRL: That’s where I’ve walked to get back to my dorm. [She’s less afraid now that she has her bearings and Kyle is telling her the truth about the names of the buildings. He could have lied and led her to someplace else. Her feeling of trust grows].

Declan and Kyle walk all the way with her to her dorm.

KYLE: Here we are.

GIRL [turns to him and surprises him with a spontaneous hug]: Thank you. You’ve been wonderfully helpful. [She glances over at Declan]. You too.

She waves to them both as she heads inside McMahon.

DECLAN [glances at Kyle]: So, where’s my hug?

Kyle just shrugs and grins.

They both turn to head back to their dorm, it’s now nearing midnight.

DECLAN: It’s never dull with you around. Speaking of which, what was with the Yoda routine?

KYLE: The what?

DECLAN: Missed that show, huh?

KYLE: Which show?

DECLAN: The force, use the force, Luke? [Kyle looks clueless]. Star Wars? [Kyle shakes his head no]. Don’t you watch movies?

KYLE: I didn’t get around to watching that one yet. I mostly like to watch documentaries.

DECLAN: I thought for sure you would have seen some science fiction films, they relate to science after all.

KYLE: I saw most of the older shows. They didn’t seem accurate in their science.

DECLAN: And why are you watching old stuff? Not that Star Wars isn’t old hat by now.

KYLE: I got roped into watching them with Jessi one afternoon, she likes old movies.

DECLAN: Yeah, well, anyway, what you did. Man, I’m still freaked.

KYLE: So am I.

DECLAN: Talk about influencing the weak minded. [He pauses to think]. Yet, you got into my head.

KYLE: That was only to project an image of where I was. I didn’t use it to influence your behavior.

DECLAN: No, no you didn’t. But that skill is new.

KYLE: Yeah.

DECLAN: That’s like mind control.

That only worries Kyle more.

DECLAN: Wait a minute. [He pauses walking].

KYLE [turns to him, pausing as well]: What?

DECLAN: You were going to tell me what information you managed to dig up.

KYLE: I saw the DNA code Adam used but it might have altered during my developmental stage. I have to study it further to see where it went wrong.

DECLAN: Oh. That’s it? I waited all night to get a condensed version of what you all saw?

KYLE: Sorry.

They resume walking as Kyle tells him detail by detail what he saw, making Declan wonder that maybe he should have been satisfied with the condensed version after all. Kyle finishes his spiel to Declan’s relief and they have arrived at Poplar Hall.

DECLAN: Well, so what of those drunks DNA? Did you catch a glimpse of theirs?

KYLE: No, it was easy to manipulate their thought patterns only because of the toxicity of the chemicals from the alcohol flowing through their system and balancing it accordingly.

DECLAN: What’s the condensed version of what you just said? [They wait for the elevator, hearing music in the lounge nearby, there was a party going on].

KYLE: The chemical imbalance made them more aggressive. I altered it to make them less aggressive.

DECLAN: Oh. That simple.

KYLE: Well, it wasn’t really, [notices Declan’s glance at him as if knowing it wasn’t easy and he was just kidding]. I really have to learn not to take things literally.

DECLAN: Don’t worry about it, it’s more fun to tease you this way. [He nods towards the lounge]. Want to join the party?

KYLE [glances over to see several students raise punch glasses and cheer]: Not really. You?

DECLAN: Yeah, I’m still a little wired from all that happened tonight. How about you?

The elevator opens. They ignore it.

KYLE: They have first day bagels at six.

DECLAN: I’m lucky if I make it for class at ten, dude. I plan to sleep in.

KYLE: I can bring back a bagel for you. [Kyle puts a hand out to stop the elevator door from closing].

DECLAN: Thanks, I appreciate it.

KYLE: Plus, I can bring some food from the food vendors.

DECLAN: I like how you think, stomach first. I take it then, you’re not going to join in the fun?

KYLE: No, I’m going to see if Amanda’s still up or if she left me a message.

DECLAN: Later then.

Kyle nods and enters the elevator as Declan heads over and enters the lounge.

A blast of cheers greets Declan as he walks in.

By the time Kyle enters his dorm room, he does find that Amanda has called, twice. Her last message says for him to check his email, and for him not to call her as she’ll be in bed by the time he gets her message.

He turns on his computer and checks the email she sent him. In her email, she says she’ll talk to him tomorrow night, if she doesn’t get home too late after the church service at NU.

There’s an attachment to her email that simply says “for you, husband.” When he opens it he hears a recording of her playing a tune on the piano, his favorite. He smiles, glancing around his empty room and wishing she were here with him.

Wednesday morning bright and early, Kyle goes with Jessi to Red Square and checks out all the food vendors, getting a bagel for Declan and several other items before returning to the dorm.

JESSI: So, we’ll meet later at the Fair?

KYLE: Later.

She heads to her room and Kyle heads to his room. Declan is just getting up, it’s nine o’clock.

KYLE: Hey. Here’s your breakfast.

DECLAN: Thanks, coffee first though. [He yawns and heads straight for his coffee maker].

Kyle sets the food he brought on Declan’s desk.

DECLAN: So, did you tell Jessi about last night?



KYLE: I don’t think I will.

Declan glances over to see Kyle staring off in the distance as if in a trance.

DECLAN: How come?

KYLE [frowns]: She’s still working on controlling how to project a touch. I don’t know, intuition? I don’t feel she’s ready to try something new, considering the fact that I’m still trying to get a handle on it myself.

DECLAN: You don’t think she’d try anything manipulative like? [Kyle just looks as if he isn’t sure]. Good thinking then, just keep it between us. [Kyle nods].

As Declan rushes to get ready for his first law class, Kyle joins Jessi at the Student Technologies Fair and Open House where Steven and Mark are presenting their computer science and engineering course.

STEVEN [greets them as they walk up to him]: Hey, you two. How’s your week been going?

KYLE: Busy.

JESSI: Okay.

STEVEN: Just okay?

JESSI: Lori and Hillary like to do a lot of shopping.

STEVEN: She sure does. I didn’t think she had any money left to spend though. [He studies the two of them who suddenly have a guilt-like look on their faces]. Did either of you let her borrow from you?

Jessi looks away from Kyle as he bites his lip.


KYLE: I said I was on a budget as well. She did put quite a few items back.

STEVEN: I’m going to have a talk with her. She shouldn’t borrow from you. She wanted to live in a dorm this year, she has to watch what she spends. [He pauses to greet a new freshman taking computer sciences]. Welcome to the computer science division. [He checks off their name and hands them a class schedule and the topics covered before turning back to Kyle and Jessi]. Considering you’re a married man now, Kyle, you’ll have to watch you’re spending too.

KYLE: I am. I put enough aside for Dawg Daze events plus extra.

STEVEN: Of course you did. Well, don’t let Lori take advantage of you.

JESSI [aside to Kyle which Steven overhears with no problem]: Too late.

Kyle gives her a “you had to rub it in” look.

STEVEN: I meant any more than she has.

KYLE: I won’t.

Scene cuts to later that evening. Josh and Andy come home from school.

ANDY: It’s nice your parents invited me over for supper, and on a school night.

JOSH: Only after I begged, pleaded and cajoled. [He leads her into the kitchen]. Hey, mom, dad! I’m home.

There’s no answer. He checks the message board and sees that his mom wrote “Andy over for dinner.” He sniffs the air and can’t smell anything baking in the oven. He opens the oven door anyway and sees there’s nothing cooking inside.

JOSH: Huh. I guess they’re not back from work yet.

Josh glances at the clock and sees it’s closing on half past six. Andy is glancing around too and notices a red light blinking on a message machine sitting on a side desk.

ANDY [points]: Your message light is blinking.

Josh walks over and hits the button. The first message is from Steven.

STEVEN’s voice: Hey, hon, sorry, I’ll be late getting home, the open house was a huge success but Mark and I are swamped with freshmen wanting more info. We’re still booking appointments and fielding questions. I’ll be home as soon as I can.

The second message is from Nicole.

NICOLE’s voice: Oh, Steven, when you get home, can you pop the casserole dish in the oven? Set it at 375 degrees. An emergency with one of my patients came up so I’ll be home as soon as I can.

The third message is again from Nicole.

NICOLE’s voice: I’m sorry, Steven. I’ll be longer than I thought. The casserole should be ready in an hour. Give my apologies to Andy. [There are no more messages].

ANDY: That was nice of her, thinking of me.

JOSH: So, we’re home alone.

He grins at her.

Cut to Andy looking inside the refrigerator.

ANDY: There it is.

Josh peeks over her shoulder and sees the casserole dish.

JOSH: Lasagna. Yum.

ANDY: Let’s start cooking.

JOSH: Whatever you say.

ANDY: Good, [but he’s looking at her as if she’s the one on the menu], so turn the oven on then. [When he doesn’t move and seems ready to lean over and give her a kiss she pushes him back]. Go.

Josh sighs and walks over and turns the oven on.

JOSH: How high?

ANDY: You forgot? [He shrugs]. 375. [Josh sets the dial]. Cook much?

JOSH: As in food?

ANDY [sounds a warning to behave himself]: Josh.

JOSH: Not much. You?

ANDY: Now and then.

JOSH: Really? Since when?

ANDY: Since always. My moms come home late from work too and someone has to feed my two little brothers.

JOSH: Ooh, [winces on remembering his childhood], big sis helping little brother, or in your case, brothers. I hope you’re easier on yours than my sister was on me.

ANDY: I have my moments.

She sees the oven has heated up, picks up the casserole dish and puts it in the oven.

JOSH: How long will it take?

ANDY: Seriously Josh? [He looks completely clueless]. You forgot again.


ANDY: An hour. Didn’t you just hear your mom on the machine?

JOSH: Yeah. Except I just focused on the part where they both said they wouldn’t be home.

ANDY [shakes her head]: Why am I not surprised?

JOSH: So, an hour, huh? [He looks around they empty room and starts checking off a list with his fingers]. Wait in here bantering with each other until the food is cooked—

ANDY [cuts in]: Dreadful thought.

JOSH [continues unheeded]: Make out in the living room—[pauses significantly].

ANDY: Not a chance.

JOSH: Or play G-force, or some other game I’m not yet sick of.

ANDY: Or, we could set the table.

JOSH: Ah, setting the mood. [He opens a cupboard door and takes out a couple of candles on candlesticks].

ANDY: I guess I don’t need to ask what’s on your mind.

JOSH: You suggested setting the table.


He winks at her but heads to the dining room to set the table. She follows and watches on intrigued as he places plates, cutlery and folded up napkins, creating a setting of two at one end of the table and another setting of two at the other end.

JOSH: For whenever my parents decide to come home.

ANDY: How thoughtful of you.

He gives an unabashed shrug then checks his watch.

JOSH: Another 55 minutes to kill.

ANDY [nods to the living room]: A game?

JOSH: I like games. [From his tone he means more than a Nintendo one].

ANDY: You know, Josh, this is hard for me too. Resisting.

JOSH: It is? [He sounds pleased and hopeful but when she remains serious he sighs]. G-force it is then. At least I know that’s another thing you can’t resist, kicking my ass.

ANDY [smiles]: Too true.

They head to the living room.

Fifty minutes later dinner is ready and Steven and Nicole still weren’t home. Josh pulls out a chair for Andy.

ANDY: Such service. Thank you.

She laughs when he brings out the lasagna with a towel over his arm, holding the dish with oven mitts. But when he’s about to set the hot dish directly on the table she holds up a hand.

ANDY: Wait!

JOSH: What? Am I doing something wrong?

ANDY: Do you have a plate stand?

JOSH: A what?

ANDY: Never mind. [She takes the towel from his arm, keeps it folded and lays it on the table]. Put the dish on that. Good thing you brought it.

JOSH: I was only being fancy.

ANDY: I noticed.

He sets the hot dish on the towel then sits down, taking off the mitts.

She looks from the dish to him.

JOSH: Something else wrong? [He looks at the food then back at her]. Oh, no. I forgot. You’re on that raw food diet thing.

ANDY: Yeah, just not 100% anymore. I got way too hungry. I did need more calories like Kyle suggested and decided to revamp my whole menu plan.

JOSH: You did? Great, then let’s dig in. And just so you know, the pasta’s gluten free and all organic.

ANDY: Sounds delicious.

JOSH: Yep. [He’s looking around the lasagna dish]. Something’s missing.

ANDY: No, just forgotten. A serving spoon?

JOSH: Right! [He dashes back in the kitchen and brings in a big salad spoon].

ANDY: Good enough.

That same evening, Lori and Hillary head back to their dorm room after their second class. Lori has just set her books down on her desk when her phone rings.

LORI: Hello? Oh, hi Dad.

STEVEN’s voice: What’s this I hear you borrowing from Kyle?

LORI: He told you?

STEVEN [cut to him as he lets Mark talk to the next student interested in computer science]: No, you know how he can’t lie, it’s what he didn’t say. If you need more money, you know what to do.

LORI [cut back to her]: I know. I looked the other day at the job postings. I’m even going to ask my boss this weekend for some more hours.

STEVEN’s voice: Did you see any jobs posted?

LORI [cut back to her]: A few. But I thought why not work extra hours where I already work? Why take on a new job?

STEVEN’s voice: Lori… [he’s interrupted when Mark signals him]. Look, I’ve gotta go, but no more borrowing.

LORI: Ah, [she winces], actually Dad, I may have to borrow from you by the first, at least until I can work more hours, then I’ll be okay.

STEVEN [cut to back to him who doesn’t look at all happy]: We’ll talk about this later. [He hangs up].

Cut back to Lori who glances over at Hillary.

HILLARY: Ouch, that didn’t go well.

LORI: I didn’t think it would.

HILLARY: So, who ratted on you? Jessi?

LORI: No, my dad knows Kyle can’t lie so he just put two and two together.

HILLARY: Bummer, using Kyle to get to the truth.

LORI: No, I should have known. I really did hate to borrow from him.

HILLARY: So, what are you going to do?

LORI: Phone my boss and see if I can work extra hours on a Saturday. Those jobs posted were way too early in the morning and some cut into my class time.

Just as she picks up her phone, it rings, startling her. She almost drops the phone. Hillary giggles.

LORI: Hello? [She pauses]. Amanda? [She glances at Hillary]. You’re downstairs? Sure come on up.

HILLARY: Isn’t she supposed to be at NU?

LORI: Yeah, supposed to be. She said she needed to talk.

HILLARY: Oh, oh.

Scene cuts to later when Steven and Nicole finally come home from work to see Andy and Josh just finishing supper.

Andy notices Nicole check around the living room to see the Nintendo out, realizing they were occupying their alone time with a game. Nicole glances her way and smiles. Andy’s glad she and Josh managed to control their affections, she really wants to build their parents trust.

NICOLE: Sorry, we’re late. I didn’t realize Steven was going to be late as well.

JOSH: That’s okay, we helped ourselves.

NICOLE [sees the plate setting for them]: Thanks, Josh.

STEVEN [rubs his stomach]: I’m hungry. [He sits down at the table].

Nicole sees only the lasagna.

NICOLE: You two didn’t have salad?

JOSH: What salad?

NICOLE: You didn’t make one?

JOSH: Ah, was I supposed to?

NICOLE: I’ll make the salad. [She glances at Andy]. Would you like to stay and help me with the salad?

ANDY: Sure.

Scene cuts back to McMahon Hall. Lori shows Amanda around the dorm.

LORI: Here’s the living area. [A few of her roommates are sitting around]. Guys, this is my friend, Amanda, my brother Kyle’s wife. [She points to one roommate]. This is Diane.



LORI: Majorie, [she points to another], Crystal, [points again], and Tabitha.

AMANDA [waves her hand at them all]: Hi.


LORI [guides her down the hall to her room]: And this is where Hills and I bunk.

HILLARY [is gathering a few things]: I’m going to make us some supper.

AMANDA: Thanks, I should have brought something.

HILLARY: No need, my treat.

AMANDA: It was kind of spur of the moment.

LORI: Yeah, well, it’s a nice surprise. [But she’s very curious about what Amanda wants to talk about and longs to ask if everything is all right].

HILLARY: I’ll just leave you two alone. [Despite her curiosity as well, she’s learnt that some things Amanda likes to share with Lori alone].

AMANDA: Actually, you can stay if you like.

HILLARY [looks all pleased Amanda is willing to share with her]: Really? Great! [She sets her items down then perches on her bed].

Lori closes the door as Amanda sits on Lori’s bed. Lori joins her sitting cross-legged. Amanda heaves a sigh.

AMANDA: Have you ever wanted two things at the same time?

LORI: Sometimes.

HILLARY: Always.

LORI [gives Hills a “be serious” look]: What kind of things?

AMANDA: I really want to be with Kyle yet; I also want him to be happy. He sent me an email.

LORI: On what?

AMANDA: Oh, how much fun he and Declan have been having.

HILLARY: You don’t think he can be happy with you?

AMANDA: Oh, yes. It’s just, I agree with his mom. [She glances at Lori and Lori understands what she means].

HILLARY: About what?

AMANDA [gives her a shortened version]: She wanted us to have an annulment and experience life first then remarry.

HILLARY: You agreed with that?

AMANDA: Sort of. [She glances away and Hillary suspects there is more to it but by the way Lori and her look at each other, the something more isn’t what she wants to share].

LORI: But you’ve changed your mind.


LORI [puts an elbow on her leg to prop her chin in her hand]: Oh? Did something happen between you and Kyle to cause this change?

AMANDA: No. Not yet.

HILLARY: Now we’re getting to the interesting bit.

AMANDA: I told him I’d be at NU tonight.

LORI: You lied?

AMANDA: I had planned on being there, but I changed my mind. Well, okay I changed my mind long before I sent him an email though. Way before.

LORI: You lied.

AMANDA: I didn’t mean to.

HILLARY: So, what of it?

LORI [glances over at her]: They don’t lie to each other.

HILLARY [raises a brow]: Seriously? All couples keep something hidden.

LORI: Hills…

AMANDA: No, she’s right. I did hide something from Kyle. I want him to be here at college with Declan.

HILLARY [notices how Amanda and Lori share a private look]: You know what? Something’s missing from this picture and I know it’s something you can’t tell me. So, why don’t I go start dinner? You two talk. [She starts to gather up her items again].

AMANDA [blurts out]: I also haven’t told him something else I’m doing.

Hillary pauses again as curiosity gets the better of her and sits back down, her arms full of spices and utensils.

AMANDA: I’m taking a belly dance course.

Lori blinks and Hillary opens her mouth in surprise.

HILLARY: Ooh, we are thinking of change.

AMANDA: It’s a surprise, for the honeymoon.

LORI: That’s a year away.

HILLARY: I think she’s hoping the honeymoon will be way sooner, like this weekend?

AMANDA: Not that soon.

LORI: So, you really want Kyle to be with you now. As in husband and wife?


LORI: Whoa. Hormones are getting the better of you two? [Mumbles under her breath]. You and Kyle, hormonal.

AMANDA: Why is that so difficult to believe? We’re as human as you.

LORI: No, I know. It’s just, you two haven’t, well, you’re so, innocent? [Considering how Amanda wants more in her relationship perhaps not so innocent anymore].

AMANDA [confirms Lori’s musings]: We love each other, Lori. It’s the natural progression.

HILLARY: I’ll say.

LORI: So, what are you going to do?

AMANDA: I don’t know.

LORI: Oh, right, sorry, hence your dilemma.

HILLARY: What do you think Kyle will want to do?

AMANDA: I don’t want to put him in the position of choosing to keep his promise to our parents to wait this year out, and his promise to me as his wife.

They sit in silence, wondering what to do.

AMANDA: I haven’t thought of planning the wedding yet. Neither of us has discussed any plans together. We’ve been so busy with school and work.

HILLARY: Then why don’t we start planning?

LORI: Yeah, planning on being together might take your mind off actually being together. [Amanda looks doubtful]. Won’t it?

AMANDA: It’s worth a try.

HILLARY [studies her shrewdly]: We’re enthused, but not about a wedding.

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