Season 4

S04 E08 Dawg Daze Part 3

Kyle XY S04 E08

Dawg Daze Part 3

Thursday dawns bright and cheerful. At precisely 7:45am Kyle is ready to go out. Declan has a pillow over his head but the smell of freshly brewed coffee has him tossing the pillow aside.

DECLAN: You made coffee? [He sees Kyle head to the door].

KYLE: Yeah, Jessi and I are going to the food vendors in Red Square. [He opens the door to find Jessi waiting for him, right on time. Declan’s used to their silent communication but it’s still fascinating to see]. Can I bring you back anything?

DECLAN: Yeah, thanks. Surprise me. [He nods to Jessi]. Hey.

JESSI [waves]: Hi. You’re missing out.

DECLAN: Food is food.

JESSI: Not really. Food is energy.

DECLAN: Coffee is what gives me energy this early in the morning.

She just frowns.

KYLE [grins]: Let’s go.

JESSI [pauses]: Are you going to come see some films from the vault with me?

KYLE: No, I thought I’d head over to the library and check out something else.

JESSI: Like what?

KYLE [hesitates]: Marriage stuff.

JESSI: That doesn’t sound like fun.

Declan gives a brief snort of laughter.

KYLE: That’s a matter of opinion.

JESSI: Then what about joining me for free ice cream later? You are still coming to the Experiential Learning Open House this afternoon, aren’t you?

KYLE: Wouldn’t miss it.

DECLAN: Yeah, I’ll just be in classes all day. [His tone indicates he wishes he could be out having more fun at some event].

KYLE [glances over his shoulder at him]: See you after class, then. [Kyle waves goodbye and leaves with Jessi].

DECLAN [glances at the coffeepot now filled with coffee]: Mmm, coffee.

He throws back his bed covers, dressed only in boxer shorts, and heads to the coffee machine, yawning.

That night, Lori heads to Pockets to hear Mark DJ. He finishes at nine before he’s finally able to sit down with her, keeping one hand out of her sight. She pretends not to notice.

MARK: Wow, how long has it been?

LORI: Exactly one week, same time, same place.

MARK: I missed you. [He leans over to kiss her].

LORI [kisses back]: I missed you, too.

MARK: I made a reservation.

LORI: Really? Where at?

MARK: It’s a surprise. [He pulls out a rose he’d been hiding].

LORI [pretending to act like she hadn’t seen it]: How sweet. [She takes it and kisses him again]. Thank you.

MARK: Anything for my girl. [She cocks an eyebrow and smiles, he winces]. Did that sound too dorky?

LORI: No, actually, it sounded sweet. So, I’m your girl, huh?

MARK: Yeah, you are.

LORI: Come here, [she hooks a finger in his shirt and pulls him over for another kiss].

MARK: You keep kissing me and we’ll never make it to our reservation.

LORI [gives a coy smile]: Would that be so bad?

MARK [quickly gets up and holds out his hand]: Bad, no. Tempted, yes.

LORI [takes his hand]: Oh, how tempted?

MARK [smiles and pulls her along with him, whispering]: Let’s just say I haven’t stopped thinking about our last time together at my place.

LORI [grips her rose tighter in her hand as excited anticipation flows through her, only her grip lands on a thorn]: Are you, hoping for more?

MARK: Are you?

Lori hesitates. As much as she wants to be closer to him, is she really ready for sex with Mark? She shakes her head with her wayward and jumbled thoughts. Man, she’s getting to be like Amanda, wanting to yet not wanting to.

MARK: That’s what I thought. [He misinterprets her shake of her head].

LORI: Huh?

MARK: Maybe one day, when we’re both ready.

LORI: Oh. [She can’t help feel a flash of disappointment].

Now it’s Mark shaking his head. Girls. Always changing their minds.

Friday morning and this time Declan is up at the same time as Kyle. He’s barely awake though as he sits in his chair, sipping a cup of coffee which again Kyle has made for him. Kyle is sitting in his chair by his desk on his computer.

DECLAN: I owe you two, or three.

KYLE [glances over]: I don’t mind.

DECLAN [glances down at his boxers then glances up at the clock and sees it’s 8am]: Isn’t Jessi stopping by? I should put on some pants before she comes.

KYLE: Nope. She’s going to the Media Film Festival this morning.

DECLAN: You’re not going?


DECLAN: Let me guess, more marriage stuff you’re going to check out at the library?

KYLE: Marriage stuff, yes, but I won’t be going to the library. I got paid today so I’m going down to the jewelers to pick up our wedding rings.

DECLAN: You got that big a paycheck? Sweet.

KYLE: I worked a lot of hours before Dawg Daze started.

DECLAN: I take it you’ll have some romantic plans for tonight? If you do, don’t worry, I’ll be at Jackie’s place this weekend.

KYLE: I did have something in mind. [But he doesn’t elaborate].

DECLAN: Go Kyle.

Kyle just smiles.

Scene cuts to Lori as she heads to her dad’s office over lunch but finds he’s still in his classroom answering questions from keen and eager students. She waves to him from just inside the open doorway.

STEVEN [to one student]: Excuse me for a moment; my T.A. Mark will be able to help you.

The student heads over to Mark who is helping another student.

STEVEN [walks over to Lori]: Hey, Lori. How are your classes?

LORI: Hi, dad. [She briefly waves to Mark who glances her way and he waves back]. Um, you know that little money matter we discussed?

STEVEN: Ah, yes. Lori, I told you, you need to find more part time work.

LORI: And I did. I talked to my boss and I’ll be able to work extra hours over the weekend. But, since I start tomorrow, it still won’t be enough to cover my immediate expenses.

STEVEN: And what would your immediate expenses entail?

LORI: Dining hall pass, transportation, insurance, phone…you know, the essentials?

STEVEN [sighs]: All right. But this month only.

LORI: Absolutely.

STEVEN [not quite believing her]: After this, start budgeting more wisely.

LORI: I will.

STEVEN [calls over his shoulder]: Mark! [Mark looks his way]. I’ll be a few minutes.

MARK [calls back]: Sure thing.

Steven pulls out some money from his wallet and hands Lori the money. Lori realizes he’d been prepared all along to help her out. A female student passes by them just as Lori reaches up and kisses her dad on the cheek.

LORI: Thanks, you’re the best.

STEVEN: Yeah, well, don’t go overboard.

He turns to see that the female student has paused to look him over in a very uncomfortable way and he frowns in puzzlement.

STEVEN: Can I help you?

FEMALE STUDENT: Would you by any chance be giving out extra, [she glances at the money in Lori’s hand], credit?

Lori frowns at her as well.

STEVEN [catches her meaning by the way she eyed the money]: She’s my daughter.

FEMALE STUDENT: Right, [sounding like she doesn’t believe him], sure she is. And I could be your daughter as well. [She winks at him and walks away, but thankfully she doesn’t enter Steven’s classroom].

LORI: Gross. I didn’t realize there were so many piranhas at UW.

STEVEN: You’d be surprised.

LORI: What does that mean? [Did that mean her dad got hit on a lot? Ewww].

STEVEN [shakes his head]: Nothing. [He indicates the money]. No more.

LORI: I’ll deposit it right away.

She leaves and Steven returns to his class.

Scene cuts to Amanda. She finishes her last class at NU at 3pm and heads over to UW with the van. By the time she arrives it’s almost 3:30. Kyle meets her in front and he hops in.

KYLE: I’ll guide you to the parking lot; I arranged to have a stall.

He shows her the way and once parked, he takes her bags and, after signing her in, they head up the elevator to his dorm room. But Kyle pauses just before he inserts the key. Amanda pauses with him.

AMANDA: What’s wrong—[just then Declan opens the door with a backpack slung over his shoulder].



DECLAN: Good timing. [He steps aside]. Have fun you two. [He grins at them as he heads to the elevator].

AMANDA: You mean tonight at the dance? Won’t you be there?

DECLAN [calls over his shoulder]: I meant the whole weekend. And yeah, most likely Jackie and I will be there. [The elevator dings open and he gets on, giving them a salute goodbye].

Amanda waves back and enters their dorm room.

AMANDA: What was that about?

KYLE: Don’t mind him. [He sets her bags around his desk area]. I made some room in my wardrobe for you, and half of a dresser drawer. [He opens his dresser drawer then walks over to open his wardrobe door for her].

AMANDA: Thanks. [She starts unpacking].

KYLE: Would you like anything to drink? [He starts preparing some drinks].

AMANDA [raises a brow as he went ahead without waiting for her reply]: Sure.

It’s only as she heads to his wardrobe that she sees where Kyle put up his posters, above their sitting area where the TV and chairs were, and sees where Declan put up posters of two nude ladies above his desk. The wall above Declan’s bed has been left blank.

AMANDA: So, that’s where he hung them.

KYLE [glances at the pictures then away]: Yeah. [He can feel the ring boxes in his pocket, bringing to mind his goal of how he wants to present them to her and sets a smoothie drink on a side table by one of the chairs]. When you’re ready, [he indicates the drink].

AMANDA: Thanks.

She quickly finishes putting her stuff away then sits down to take a sip of her drink, watching as Kyle pours himself a glass.

AMANDA: What time do you want to go the AVE Sidewalk Sales?

KYLE: Around five.

He comes over and sits beside her, setting his drink down.

AMANDA [frowns when he doesn’t touch his drink and appears nervous by the way he stares at the blank TV screen]: You okay?

KYLE [turns to smile at her]: Yeah, I’m fine. [He nods to her drink]. How’s your drink?

AMANDA: Delicious.

She sets her drink down, somehow knowing he’s not as fine as he said he was. Maybe it was something to do with the pictures, was he thinking of her that way? Maybe she shouldn’t have pointed them out, or maybe, she’s as hormonal as Lori and Hillary said she was. Or maybe, it was something else entirely and she should stop thinking of the ‘s’ word.

AMANDA: Kyle, what’s wrong?

KYLE: Ah, [he glances away and now she knew something isn’t right]. Nothing.

He can see she doesn’t believe him and before he can worry her some more, he stands up, pulls out the velvet box and immediately goes down on one knee in front of her.

KYLE: I wanted to give this to you before the dance, and before we join the others on the AVE. [She puts a hand over her mouth, suddenly overcome with emotion]. And I never did do this properly the first time, since we were both drugged.

AMANDA: You, [she tries to swallow past a lump in her throat], you were able to pay off the whole balance?

KYLE: Yeah. [He smiles but is smile fades as he turns serious]. Amanda, [he flips open the velvet box], will you marry me? [She holds out her hand as he takes out the ring].


He slips the engagement ring on her ring finger, then pulls out from his pocket another box, a regular cardboard ring box, and takes out one slim gold band. His thicker gold band lay beneath.

He holds her left hand and places her gold band over the tip of her thumb.

KYLE: To have, [he places the band over the tip of her index finger], and to hold, [then places the band over the tip of her middle finger], today, [and finally slides the band on her ring finger], and forever.

Tears of joy pool in her eyes and before he can take his ring and slide it on to his hand, she stops him.

AMANDA: Wait, [he pauses], my turn. [She takes his wedding band and does the same to his hand, placing the band over each finger as she repeats what he did to her]. To have…to hold…today…and forever.

After his wedding band is on, she leans over to kiss him. Her eagerness to embrace him makes her join him on bended knees. As they kiss, she feels him lift her and guide her over to the bed. He lies down, taking her with him so she’s on top, all in one smooth motion. Their kiss deepens. As she feels him respond, she lifts up her head.

AMANDA: Um, Kyle…

KYLE: Yeah?

AMANDA [swallows nervously]: How far, I mean, do you want… are we… [if she’s finding it hard to even say the ‘s’ word, maybe she’s not ready. Why did she have to be of two minds on their relationship]?

KYLE: Do you want to go a little further than we have but just not all the way?

AMANDA: How much further?

KYLE: [smiles slow]: Trust me?

AMANDA [sounds breathless]: Always.

He kisses her again and starts running his fingers through her hair to cup her head. She feels a thrill go up her spine when she feels his other hand creep under her top to caress her back. She deepens their kiss.

KYLE [whispers and marvels]: Your skin is like satin.

AMANDA: You smell so good. [Another deep kiss until she feels his hand move to the front and begins undoing her buttons].

Soon her top is off and his caresses linger closer and move closer to her breasts. First on the sides but then he pauses before turning over and she’s beneath him. Now he can see how beautiful she looks and with wonder gazes down at her before lightly reaching up to lay his palm over her breast. She closes her eyes and arches slightly, loving his touch before suddenly sucking in her breath as she feels his thumb brush over her nipple.

KYLE [stops]: You’re beautiful. [He resumes his light caress and can’t help staring in wonder when her nipple puckers and hardens to a point. He can’t resist and leans down to kiss it].

AMANDA: Oh! [Her hand grasps the back of his head and draws him closer and it isn’t just instinct that makes him use his tongue next but what he’s all been reading on the subject of sex at the library].

She moans in pleasure, especially as she feels him begin to suck a little. A sharp feeling of desire rises inside her. He does the same to her other breast and this time both her hands are pressing his head closer.

AMANDA: That feels… [moans again]… so good.

She feels a part of him brush against her leg, feeling it grow and harden as he presses closer and realizes with a sharp thrill what it meant. She begins caressing his shoulders and back, clutching him to her unaware she naturally hooks her leg over him. He just as naturally falls in between and the thrill sharpens and grows as she feels him press even more intimately against her.

AMANDA: Oh, wow.

KYLE [smiles down at her]: Wow. A little more?

If the sun weren’t shining through the window already, her smile would light up the room.

AMANDA: Oh, yes.

She immediately starts kissing him again. Soon both are too involved to hear the door open.

DECLAN [entering the room sees Kyle and Amanda making out on his bed]: Oh, crap. Sorry.

They break apart as if a bucket of cold water was poured over them. Kyle throws Amanda’s shirt over her.

AMANDA [gives a startled sound]: Oh! [She quickly slips her shirt on, managing to do up only two buttons].

KYLE [looks on in concern as he sees Declan carrying a few bags and sensing he’s not alone]: What happened?

Jackie follows Declan inside the room and catches a glimpse of them, seeing Amanda trying to smooth out her hair. Kyle’s hair is in disarray as well.

JACKIE: Sorry. We should have gotten a hotel room.

DECLAN: A water pipe burst in Jackie’s apartment, there’s water everywhere.

AMANDA: Oh, no.

JACKIE: The landlord is over there now with a plumber, but it’s going to take all night. [Her voice catches, revealing she’s more upset then she’s letting on].

DECLAN: The carpet she just bought for both her living room and bedroom is soaked.

JACKIE: As are my shoes that were lying on the floor in my closet. [She glances at Declan]. We should find another place to stay.

AMANDA [at the same time as Kyle]: There’s no need.

KYLE [at the same time as Amanda]: You can stay.

JACKIE: I don’t want to intrude…

KYLE [firmly]: You’re not intruding.

Jackie looks him over with a raised eyebrow at his rumpled appearance.

AMANDA [sees how her fingers messed up his hair, his shirt undone and her shirt as well then holds out her hand to show Jackie her wedding rings]: We were just…we.., um, Kyle presented me with these.

Declan notices Kyle hasn’t made an attempt to stand up yet.

JACKIE [glances at the rings]: They’re beautiful. [She feels even worse for intruding and turns to Declan with an accusing look]. Why didn’t you tell me?

DECLAN [shrugs]: I didn’t think. [Truth was though, he may have teased Kyle earlier about a special weekend with Amanda, but he never believed they would actually ‘do’ anything. How wrong he was].

KYLE [stands up from the bed]: Jackie, it’s okay. Really. You can stay.

AMANDA [encourages her as well]: Please do. [She needs someone as a buffer, unsure she can trust herself alone with Kyle, she hadn’t wanted to stop once they got going].

JACKIE: Well, I guess. If you insist.

AMANDA [smiles]: We do. In fact, Kyle and I were just about to head over to the AVE.

JACKIE: You were?

AMANDA [checks and sees the time is now five]: We ran a little late. [She can’t stop the blush that stains her cheeks]. I, [she glances at Kyle], we should get ready.

KYLE: Right.

DECLAN [sets both his and Jackie’s bags down]: You feel up to going, too, Jackie?

JACKIE: Yeah, sure.

Amanda heads to the washroom to freshen up, and comes back out, even more flustered that one, she forgot her sundries and change of clothes and two; sees the telltale signs of swollen lips, knotted hair, all from her and Kyle’s make out session.

The four head to the AVE and meet up with Jessi, Hillary and Lori. Amanda shows them her rings.

LORI: Very nice.

JESSI [to Kyle]: So, that’s where you went this morning.

KYLE: Yeah.

JESSI: They look awfully permanent.

AMANDA [frowns at her]: Of course it’s permanent. We want this marriage. [She takes Kyle’s hand in hers].

Hillary sees the wedding bands they are both wearing, rather than the single engagement ring she’d been expecting to see on Amanda, and jumps to the wrong conclusion.

HILLARY: Oh, so you told him you want to be a real married couple after all, and not an engaged one. So much for your wedding plans.

From Amanda’s stare and slight shake of her head, Hillary realizes she’s put her foot in her mouth and from Kyle’s questioning look, she feels even worse.

KYLE: Told me what?

HILLARY [winces]: Sorry. No wonder you like to share with Lori and not me.

Amanda remains silent and avoids Kyle’s glance her way.

KYLE: Amanda?

AMANDA: We’ll talk later.

Later happened to be at the Swing dance, but before Kyle takes her aside, Hillary meets up with Amanda in the washroom to apologize. Lori goes with them, along with Jessi as well.

HILLARY: I’m really sorry. When I saw the wedding bands I assumed, or thought, you know, you changed your mind.

AMANDA: It’s okay, really. [She takes a second look at her wedding band]. And you do have a point. I’m guessing he was so excited to present me with the rings he gave both of them to me at once. It was so sweet.

HILLARY: Oh? How did he present them?

LORI: Knowing Kyle, was it something on the romantic side? [She’s not willing to admit how she’s really getting to like being romanced by Mark].

AMANDA [smiles in remembrance]: He went down on one knee and proposed.

HILLARY: He did? [Amanda nods]. Aww, how sweet.

LORI: Very sweet. Mark’s sweet, too. [They all look at her in questioning surprise]. He gave me a rose last night.

HILLARY: I saw it. [She turns to Amanda]. She put it in a cup on her desk shelf, so all could see.

LORI: Yeah, well, anyway, how did it go?

AMANDA: After I said yes, he brought out the wedding bands and in a ceremonial gesture, [she takes off her band and shows them what he did], said these words, ‘to have, to hold, today and forever.’


LORI [feels tears actually spring to her eyes and feels a lump form in her throat]: Wow. [She swallows]. Very nice.

JESSI: That sounds like him.

They return to the dance and Lori finds Mark has joined Kyle, Declan and Jackie. As another song plays, Lori joins Mark when he gets up and leads her on to the dance floor. Kyle and Amanda joins them, as well as Declan and Jackie. Jessi and Hillary are left sitting on the sidelines.

HILLAY: Well, this is fun.

JESSI: No, it isn’t.

HILLARY: I was being sarcastic.


A guy comes over, his gaze focused on Jessi.

GUY: Would you like to dance?

JESSI: Sure.

HILLARY [beneath her breath]: So not fair.

JESSI: Do you have a friend for my friend?

GUY: Sorry, no.

Jessi gives Hills a shrug indicating she tried to get a guy for her.

Hillary sits, tapping her foot, trying not to look like she desperately wants to dance.

After the dance, Jessi returns to the table where Hillary is still sitting. Another dance starts. But Jessi barely sits when another guy comes up to her. Jessi recognizes Sam, the guy she met on the bike ride, asking her if she planned on joining the bike club.

SAM: Hey, Jessi. I don’t know if you recognize me or not.

JESSI: Sure I do. You’re Sam.

SAM [looks very pleased she remembers his name]: Would you like to dance?

JESSI: All right.

Just then Jessi sees Nate approach.

NATE: Hi, hotness. Long time no see.

JESSI: Is everything all right at Latnok?

NATE: Yeah, why wouldn’t it be?

JESSI: You’re here.

NATE: So I am. I let everyone off early.


NATE: Want to dance?

JESSI: Sam asked me first.

Nate scowls at him.

JESSI: You can dance with Hillary. She hasn’t danced yet.

HILLARY: Hey! I can get my own guy.

JESSI: I thought you wanted to dance?

HILLARY: I do, but…

NATE: Well, let’s dance then. If you’re not too picky about the guy.

HILLARY: Thanks. [She gets up and dances with Nate as Jessi dances with Sam].

SAM: Is he your boyfriend?

JESSI: Nate? No. We work together.

SAM: Oh, that’s good. He seemed pretty jealous though.

JESSI: He did? [She glances over at Nate who swings Hillary around. Hillary laughs like she’s having a great time and notices Nate smiling back. Jessi wonders at the slight twinge of envy she feels on seeing them together].

Sam is a good dancer, and seems nice. He certainly didn’t annoy her like Nate did.

SAM: I take it you have feelings for him?

JESSI [glances back at him]: How do you know?

SAM: Ah, by the way you’re looking at him?

JESSI: Oh. Mostly he annoys me.

SAM: Well, that’s a sure sign.

JESSI: It is?

SAM: Yeah. [He looks down at her quizzically, wondering at her innocence]. You ever felt something for a guy before?

JESSI: Yes. [She thinks of Kyle].

SAM: Did he annoy you?

JESSI: No. I just didn’t understand him at times. [She still sometimes doesn’t understand him but didn’t say so].

SAM: Okay, then. Different guys, different feelings.

JESSI: Yes, very different.

SAM: How about if I ask you if you’re still interested in joining the bike club?

JESSI: Yes, I am interested.

SAM: Great. I look forward to seeing you on a bike trip soon.

JESSI: That’d be fun.

The next song Nate makes sure to dance with Jessi and Sam, being a good sport, dances with Hillary.

NATE: You two seemed close.

JESSI: We just met.

NATE: Tonight?

JESSI: No, at a bike tour.

NATE: So, you’re having fun this week.

JESSI: Yes. What have you done for fun?

NATE: Usually it’s working on my science project, but it wasn’t fun this week.

JESSI: Why? Problems?

NATE: No, the project went well. It’s because you weren’t there.

JESSI: I find that hard to believe.

NATE: Believe it, hotness.

JESSI [studies him closely, he is telling her the truth about missing her and it gives her a warm special feeing inside but there is one thing that bothers her]: How did you know where to find me?

NATE: I have my sources. [He sounds irritatingly suspicious].

JESSI: What source?

NATE: Jackie. Why? Didn’t you want me to know where you were?

JESSI: No. But why didn’t you just call me?

NATE: I wanted to surprise you. It worked, didn’t it?

JESSI: Yes. You’re up to something though, I can tell.

NATE [gives a mock scowl]: Damn, you really can tell. I’ll have to do better.

JESSI: You’re being annoying again.

NATE: A guy likes to keep some things private.

JESSI: What things?

NATE [chuckles]: I don’t like to reveal my intentions until I’m ready, let’s put it that way.

JESSI: You have intentions? [His raised eyebrow indicates his focus is on her alone]. For me? What kind?

NATE [gives her a twirl and as he takes a hold of her, continues]: The kind that shouldn’t be discussed on a dance floor.

They continue to dance, and Hillary finds herself being asked to dance by others which makes her feel better. After there’s a brief pause in the music, Kyle leads Amanda aside to have their talk.

KYLE: So, how do you feel?

AMANDA: I know how happy you’ve been and I think your mother is still right.

Kyle studies her and she knows he’s reading more into what she’s not trying to tell him.

KYLE: But?

AMANDA: But, [she sighs, thinking on the past few weeks and how lonely she’s been feeling, wondering if it’s those feelings of loneliness are making her want them to be together. But as she sees him watching her with such concern she know she really wants him. Sometimes, like now, it’s scaring her how much she really wants him, she loves him so much]. I love you.

KYLE [guesses correctly]: You want to live together. Really become husband and wife.

AMANDA: No! [Kyle can tell she’s lying]. I mean, I want you to stay with Declan.

KYLE: But, you don’t.

AMANDA: Yes, I do.

KYLE: Amanda…

AMANDA: Kyle, okay, so I want both. But what I want most is for you to be happy and right now, you are happy.

KYLE: I’m happy with you. I miss you.

AMANDA: I miss you as well.

KYLE: I can’t stop thinking of you.

AMANDA [swallows]: I can’t stop thinking of you, either.

KYLE: Then we’ll do it, we’ll live together.

AMANDA: No, we won’t!

KYLE: But, you just said you missed me, and I you.

AMANDA: I know. But I want you here.

Kyle frowns, thoroughly confused. She keeps saying that but clearly she wants something else. What he’s learned in their marriage course is that, rather more than just a husbandly duty, he wants what she wants, just as she wants him.

For Amanda, the thought of facing another week alone at home makes her feel even lonelier.

KYLE [knows she wants him with her]: You need me with you.

AMANDA: I’ll be fine.

KYLE: I could move out, I could go back home to be nearer to you if you don’t want us living under the same roof together yet.

AMANDA: No! There’s no need for that either. I want you to stay here.

KYLE [feels like they are accomplishing nothing]: Amanda—[he takes her hand]. We’re going around in circles, we need to decide.

AMANDA [avoids his touch, knowing if he touches her she’ll be unable to resist him]: No, we don’t!

KYLE [frowns again]: Yes, we do.

AMANDA: It’s because it’s what I want so now you feel you want it too.

KYLE [getting upset that what’s obvious to him isn’t obvious to her, making her unwilling to listen]: That’s not true. You come first, you’re my wife.

AMANDA: This is exactly what I was afraid of. You’d give up being here with Declan to be with me.

KYLE: Of course I would.

AMANDA: See? [He blinks at her, not getting why she’s so upset]. No, I won’t allow it.

KYLE: Allow? [Now he’s really upset]. Don’t I get a say?

AMANDA: You have said, you said exactly what I expected you to say.

KYLE [frustrated for the first time and upset with the way their first argument is going]: You’re not making sense.

AMANDA [grows even more frustrated and angry, but mostly at herself for putting him in this position all because she can’t make up her mind]: I’m making perfect sense.

She storms off, heading for the washroom. He doesn’t try to stop her. When he turns around he sees Declan and Jackie coming off the dance floor and from the worried look on their faces he knows they overheard at least some of his and Amanda’s argument.

DECLAN [whispers to Jackie]: Excuse me a moment.


She heads to the washroom as Declan walks over to Kyle.

DECLAN: Problems?

KYLE: I don’t understand girls. Why are they so contradictory? They say one thing and want another.

DECLAN: Yeah, they sure do. That’s why they’re an eternal mystery. It’s why they drive us crazy.

KYLE: What do I do?

DECLAN: Give them what they think they want.

KYLE: What they think they want? [Since Amanda seems determined for him to stay with Declan what else can he do? He certainly can’t show up on her doorstep with bags in hand expecting her to welcome him inside].


Perhaps Declan was right, it certainly fit with the way Amanda was reacting and seeming to want for him.

KYLE: It doesn’t really solve anything.

DECLAN: Not at first. Sometimes not ever. [He thinks on him and Lori then, when he sees Kyle looking slightly alarmed, he rushes on]. But often times it does work itself out. You’ll see.

Kyle looks doubtful yet hopeful at the same time and casts a worried glance toward the women’s washroom. He sure hopes it will work out between them.

Cut inside the washroom where Amanda dashes a splash of cold water on her face, giving her something to do and sees Jackie enter.


AMANDA: You heard us?

JACKIE: Part of it. Want to talk about it?

AMANDA: I don’t know what to do. That’s the problem.

Outside, near the washroom, Declan and Kyle wait.

DECLAN: By the way, just as a heads up, [he stops as a group of girls walk by heading for the washroom, several glance their way].

KYLE: What?

DECLAN [waits until the girls are out of earshot]: I thought I told you to put a sock or a towel on the doorknob if you wanted privacy with Amanda, then I would have known not to enter.

KYLE: I got distracted. [He sees Jackie and Amanda come out of the washroom].

DECLAN: So I saw. [He winks then hurries on]. I’ll try not to forget myself if Jackie’s over and we want…privacy.

Kyle nods and, as Jackie and Declan move off, he turns to Amanda.

KYLE: I was thinking, how about if every weekend from now on, you come stay with me here, or I stay with you at your place?

AMANDA: Our parents would never approve. Your mom had qualms of me being here two weekends in a row.

KYLE: I know, but isn’t this year about our adjusting and our parents accepting our marriage?

AMANDA: You know what my mom would say to that.

KYLE [holds out his hand]: This isn’t about your mom, it’s about us.

AMANDA [thinks on his suggestion, it’s a great compromise that fills her with anticipation and takes his hand]: All right, we can try the weekends, if you explain it to my mom.

KYLE: Deal.

He smiles and she smiles back. They walk back on to the dance floor and he can detect her heart beating faster and her body’s temperature rise as he takes her in his arms for a slow dance. He feels his own temperature rise in response and concentrates on maintaining control so no lights flicker. The weekends were going to be interesting from now on, including this one.

It’s almost 11:30 when Kyle, Declan, Jessi, Jackie and Amanda return to Poplar Hall.

Jessi heads to her floor, getting off the elevator first.

JESSI: See you tomorrow.

DECLAN [glances from her to Kyle]: You two still planning on an early morning jog?

JESSI: Not tomorrow morning, but the following morning we will. [There are sounds of music coming from several dorm rooms]. I can’t wait to go home.

DECLAN: Really?

JESSI: Really. It’s quieter.

KYLE: We’ll see you tomorrow. [The elevator closes and the four head up to their floor].

JACKIE [glances at Declan]: What’s doing tomorrow?

DECLAN: Ah, the farmer’s market then sailing on the Union Bay. You feel like going?

JACKIE: Mind if I think about it? [The elevator opens on to their floor].

DECLAN: Think away.

They get off the elevator and find there are a few parties happening on their floor as well. Several students are hovering outside their dorms, chatting.

DECLAN: Feel like checking out a party or two?

JACKIE: I so hate to be a downer, but do you mind if I crash?

DECLAN: No, not at all. We’ll crash together.

JACKIE [throws him a grateful smile]: Thanks. I’ll make it up to you.

DECLAN: Oh? That sounds promising.

They enter their dorm.

AMANDA [to Jackie]: Do you want to shower first? [She offers to Jackie, thinking of her need to crash].

JACKIE: You won’t mind?

DECLAN [cuts in to lean closer to Jackie]: Ah, I was thinking, or hoping, we could shower together. [Kyle and Amanda glance at him with uncomfortable surprise]. You know, to save on water.

JACKIE [nudges him playfully]: I think they know what you mean. [She glances Amanda’s way]. Seriously, if you’d rather, you and Kyle could go first.

Declan tries to keep from smiling.

AMANDA: Oh, ah… um…

KYLE: Amanda, you go ahead. [He points to his mattress]. I’ll set this up.

JACKIE [smiles at Amanda]: All yours then.

Amanda quickly gathers her stuff and uses the washroom first. Kyle takes his mattress off his bunk and places it on the floor in front of his desk, leaving enough walk-through space between his mattress and Declan’s bed.

Jackie had seen Kyle and Amanda avoid looking each other’s way and is sure she had noticed a blush staining Amanda’s cheeks before she ducked into the washroom.

JACKIE [whispers to Declan, making sure Kyle’s back is turned to her and too busy setting up]: Sorry, I didn’t realize they were so shy. Usually newlyweds can’t keep their hands off each other, even in public.

DECLAN [again tries to hold back his mirth]: Um, yeah. They’re still…shy.

Kyle pretends he can’t hear her as he finishes making up the bed and decides to roll out Amanda’s keyboard and hook it up to his computer.

Jackie looks around the room and sees the pictures on the wall. She can tell instantly which pictures belong to Declan.

JACKIE: So, that’s the art you bought.

DECLAN [looks at them]: I like the blonde one.


DECLAN: I can easily picture her as you.

JACKIE: Is that right? [She moves into his arms].

DECLAN [gathers her close]: Oh, yeah, nothing like the real thing.

But he’s disappointed when she moves away just as Amanda comes out of the washroom.

DECLAN: What’s wrong?

JACKIE [nods her head to both Kyle and Amanda]: Not in front of them.

Declan inwardly groans; he knew that might have been the case when he invited Jackie over to stay with him and Kyle. No romantic weekend for him and Jackie this time. He still got a tingly sort of buzz remembering last weekend they spent together, all day, in bed. If only Kyle would get on with consummating his marriage, he would be able to appreciate certain feelings that were too strong to resist at times.

Lying in bed with Amanda next to him, Kyle is experiencing those same feelings Declan had been feeling earlier, especially when remembering his and Amanda’s make out session earlier.

It didn’t help when Declan and Jackie took a shower together, obvious to both him and Amanda as to what they were doing. Kyle points to the keyboard when Amanda continues to sit on the bed combing her hair that really didn’t need combing, as if needing something to take her mind off what was happening in the bathroom.

KYLE: Do you want to play me a song?

AMANDA [smiles at him, glad to have something else to do]: I’d love to.

She plays until Declan and Jackie head for bed, long after their shower is done. After a brief bout of kissing, Declan and Jackie settle down for the night.

With Amanda’s back to him, Kyle lays face up, reflecting. What he can’t do physically yet with Amanda, especially not with Declan and Jackie in the bed next to theirs, and to keep his promise to their parents, he can at least dream of their being together that way. After all, what harm can dreams do?

Just as she is about to fall asleep, Amanda feels Kyle press up close spoon fashion and feels his arms tuck her close. She gives a small smile and tucks in closer relaxing against him. But soon she feels his hand slip under her pajama top and begins caressing her bare skin. Tingles of awareness keep her awake and she is caught off guard when his hand cups her breast making her gasp aloud.

AMANDA [whispers so as not to wake the others]: Kyle?

She receives no verbal answer, only to feel him give a light squeeze and tweak of her nipple. She tries to turn around to face him but he’s pressed too close for her to turn. His other hand does the same to her other breast.

AMANDA [whispers urgently]: Kyle! Stop!

She frowns when he keeps caressing her and though it feels wonderful she begins to worry when he doesn’t listen to her pleas. He usually stops. Okay, granted she let him take a few liberties earlier, that didn’t mean he could do so again. Not now. In fact, why would he start something with Declan and Jackie in the same room, knowing they’d be able to overhear?

His fingers tweak and pull causing her to bite her lip, trying to stifle a moan of pleasure. She wriggles to get free, trying to remove his hands with her own and is shocked to discover she feels only her hands on her own skin.


She speaks too loud and quickly covers her mouth with her hand, holding her breath as she hears the other couple shift in bed, hoping they haven’t heard, and even feels Kyle’s hand pause.

She tries to wriggle free but again feels the sensation of his hand quickly move downward, easily pressing her close once more. She can feel his hand deftly unbutton her top and once more resume caressing her. She turns her head and is even more shocked to see in the dim nightly shadows that he isn’t pressed up close against her at all but is in fact lying face up, hands gripping the covers all with his eyes closed. She then feels the sensation of his hand creep downward. The sensation of his other hand is still on her breast, kneading and tweaking.

Oh, my God, she thinks, he’s projecting in his sleep. She tries once again to move her hand to block the movements of both his hands and again encounters only herself. Calling herself a fool for trying something that obviously hadn’t worked the first time, being too rattled to think straight, over-reacts when she feels his hand touch her more intimately by suddenly jabbing back with her elbow, a move from her self-defense class. She successfully jabs far enough to hit the side of his stomach.

He suddenly sits up, fully awake and alert. The sensation of his hands is no longer on her. But the feel of his hands on her lingers on.

KYLE: Amanda? [He looks around for any danger or emergency that caused her to awaken him so harshly].

DECLAN [jerks awake]: What?

AMANDA [calls out]: It’s nothing, go back to sleep, I’m sorry I woke you.

KYLE [glances down at her]: Nothing?

But his gaze lingers on the fact that her top is open, revealing her curves and swallows hard. Considering the extent of his dreams, the sight of her breasts makes his imagination wonder how they would feel in his hands, making his hands twitch in response.

AMANDA [seeing where his gaze lingers quickly covers herself, whispering a command]: Come with me, we need to talk.

She gets up and heads to the bathroom. He follows, his mind racing and putting two and two together.

They enter the bathroom but when the door closes its pitch dark with no window for any light to shine through. She tries to feel for the light switch but jumps when the light suddenly comes on and blinks against the sudden glare, forgetting about her unbuttoned top as she covers her eyes.

KYLE: Amanda, are you all rig—[his voice chokes on seeing her once again exposed to his view, his eyes having no trouble adjusting].

AMANDA [keeps blinking]: No. Do you know what you were doing?

KYLE [the sight of her beauty has his brain temporarily scrambled]: Huh?

AMANDA: You were projecting!

KYLE [blinks, turning his gaze away]: Amanda, [he waves a hand at her], I’m sorry.

She looks down, sees how exposed she is and tries to button her top. In her haste she buttons it crookedly.

AMANDA: I’m sorry I had to elbow you.

KYLE: No, no, if you had to you had to.

AMANDA: I tried telling you to stop but since you were asleep…

KYLE: No, I understand. [They keep gazing back and forth from each other]. I’m really sorry.

AMANDA: Some dream you were having.

KYLE [avoids looking at her]: Yeah, it was.

AMANDA / KYLE [at the same time]: I’m sorry.

They glance and smile at each other.

KYLE: I didn’t hurt you, did I?

AMADNA [swallows and glances away]: No, you weren’t hurting me.

By her tone he was doing anything but hurting her.

KYLE: Oh. [He glances away too, remembering how vivid his dream was]. But still, I shouldn’t have projected like that.

The fact he hadn’t controlled his projected thoughts of his dream worried him.

AMANDA: I did wonder why you didn’t listen when I asked you to stop. It was just a dream.

KYLE [closes his eyes and swallows hard]: A dream that if it went on too long, [he opens his eyes and looks right at her], I could have hurt you.


KYLE: By going all the way.

AMANDA [eyes open wide in shock]: You mean, if by going all the way, you could have…you mean not literally go all the way until I’m no longer a…, you know?

KYLE: Yeah.

AMANDA: But, that’s not possible.

KYLE: The physical sensation would be the same as if it were real. [Now he has her worried, really worried]. You were right to stop me like you did. I’m sorry.

She sees the guilt and remorse engulf him as he turns away. She reaches out a hand but he evades her touch.

KYLE: I have to control this. [He gazes sadly back at her]. It might take a while. [He sits on the closed toilet seat and closes his eyes to concentrate, calling on every mediation technique he could think of].

AMANDA: Kyle… [but he’s in deep concentration mode and by his lack of response doesn’t hear her].

She waits until he opens his eyes and when he looks at her it’s like he’s looking right through her. He stands up, flicks off the light with his mind, leaving them in darkness.

AMANDA: Uh, Kyle? [Her hand reaches out to get her bearings and feels his hand grab hers and helps guide her out until her eyes adjust].

He still has her hand in his when they both drop back down on their bed. He releases her hand to turn away, keeping his back to her. She lies down next to him and finds herself keeping her back turned to him as well. Worry makes her gnaw her bottom lip.

After what happened or what could have happened between them, makes her second-guess the decision of staying together over the weekends. Maybe that wouldn’t be so wise after all; the temptation may be too great for him, and for her. She can still feel the sensation of his hands on her, caressing her so intimately.

At the farmer’s market, Declan and Jackie walk hand in hand. Kyle and Amanda are up further ahead checking out some food stalls, careful not to touch, not even holding hands.

JACKIE: I guess they’re not so shy after all.

DECLAN: What do you mean?

JACKIE: You didn’t hear them trying to get it on. They must have thought we were asleep.

DECLAN: No, [he frowns, that didn’t sound like them at all]. I just heard Kyle call out.

JACKIE: Mmph, it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

DECLAN: Maybe you misheard.

JACKIE: I didn’t mishear a thing.

It’s only later when Jackie heads over to a booth that Declan leaves her side.

DECLAN: I’m going to check out another booth.

JACKIE: Okay, I’ll be wandering down this row.

He nods and finds Kyle, leading him aside, away from the crowd.

DECLAN: What happened last night?

KYLE [glances around making sure no one is nearby and lowers his voice]: I projected to Amanda.

DECLAN: Like what, a thought, like what you did to me?

KYLE: No, a touch.

DECLAN: You’ve done that before.

KYLE: While I was sleeping. I was dreaming.

DECLAN: Dreaming what?

KYLE [glances away then back]: Touching her.

By Kyle’s glancing away once more and unwillingness to share, Declan can only surmise that it must be personal, very personal.

DECLAN: Making love touching?

By the reluctant if slight nod, Kyle looks miserable.

DECLAN: Wouldn’t that be a good thing?

KYLE: I wasn’t able to stop until she elbowed me awake.

DECLAN: And your projection stopped. [Kyle nods]. Then, why so miserable?

KYLE: Because if I hadn’t woken up I would have continued, I could have hurt her.

DECLAN: Considering that didn’t happen, I think you’re worrying for nothing.

KYLE [thinks for a moment]: Amanda wants us to be together.

DECLAN: Even better.

KYLE: No, like living together, just so you’re prepared.

DECLAN: Oh, well, that’s cool. Thanks for the heads up. [Kyle looks doubtful while he feels and sounds disappointed on the thought of losing him as a roommate]. Are you having second thoughts of being together?

KYLE: What if it happens again? What if I keep projecting my dreams on to her?

DECLAN: Then I guess she keeps elbowing you or slapping you across the face until you wake up. [Kyle doesn’t look as if that’s a viable solution]. Kyle, don’t sweat it, man. When you’ve learned something once of what not to do, you usually don’t let it happen again. If it does, you’d probably be able to control it.

KYLE: It seems as if all I’m been doing lately is trying to control my abilities and they still keep growing.

DECLAN: Now, that’s the real worry, just what you will be able to do next. [He leans over]. Have you tried projecting a thought to Amanda yet?

KYLE: No, she’s worried enough now as it is.

They both glance over at a far booth to where Amanda is picking out some fruit.

DECLAN: You two sure have some interesting problems to overcome.

KYLE: Why do I get the feeling its just beginning?

DECLAN [studies him, wondering if he’s having a premonition]: You would know.

They head down to the docks to sail on the Union Bay. It’s only when they come back off the boat and walk down Burke’s trail do they come across a playground with kids playing and laughing, their parents watching on.

All at once it brings home to Amanda how much her and Kyle will miss out on by not having any kids of their own and feels tears spring to her eyes. She tries to hide it from Kyle but it’s no use, he sees the tears and takes and squeezes her hand. She squeezes back, noticing tears forming in his eyes.

Kyle and Amanda are more subdued when they reach the dorm room and are trying to hide their sudden feeling of sadness from Declan and Jackie. Amanda keeps herself occupied by taking down everyone’s order of take out food as Jackie calls it in.

The guys are over at Kyle’s desk, talking quietly. Kyle is trying hard to keep up his enthusiasm so Declan and Jackie won’t notice anything is wrong.

DECLAN: Guess who’s having a major party tonight in his dorm room?

KYLE: Who?

DECLAN: Preston.

KYLE: You going?

DECLAN: Yeah, I thought I might. Jackie, too. You and Amanda want to come?

KYLE: I’ll ask. There is that Improv Comedy Night at the collective.

DECLAN: You scared of being alone with her? We could come back early.

KYLE: No. Not anymore. You helped. I’m sure I’ll be able to stop projecting now.

DECLAN: Glad I could help.

Kyle forces a smile he doesn’t feel and is relieved when Declan takes it at face value so when he and Jackie go on ahead to the party, Declan gives him a wink, leaving Amanda and Kyle alone in the room.

They gaze at each other for a moment. Tears fill Amanda’s eyes and Kyle quickly comes over, enveloping her in a hug.

AMANDA [grips him close]: It’s so unfair.

KYLE: I know. [They are both thinking of the children they saw].

To blot the image, Amanda seeks his lips with her own, trying to ease her pain by drawing comfort through his touch. How she wished they could have a baby. But would she feel as strongly about testing how far they could do if there had been a risk of her getting pregnant by making love? Probably not.

Perhaps that’s been the very reason she’s been feeling so alone and needing more from him lately, because they could never have children of their own one day.

Their kisses and caresses deepen, the temptation to ease their pain through the physical expression of love overcomes them both. Amanda tears her lips away, confused at what she really wants. He leans his forehead on hers, breathing heavily. She can’t help resume kissing him, he was like a drug, soothing her pain.

AMANDA [when she takes a breath]: This is too tempting. We shouldn’t…

KYLE: Right. We shouldn’t. Does it help that I already find you tempting?

AMANDA: You do?

KYLE: Very, I mean that’s partly why I was dreaming of you, of us, together.

AMANDA [suddenly feels the temperature in the room become not just warmer but hot, very hot]: Yes, well, um…

This time he resumes kissing her then breaks it off, causing her to groan in protest.

KYLE [needing to reassure her on one point]: I guess, what I’m trying to say is since I can’t control my dreams, I can’t promise I won’t dream of you that way. But I will try to control and prevent projecting my dream on to you.

AMANDA: No, I understand. The trouble is, with the way I’m feeling now, I don’t think I’d mind.

KYLE [his groan is directed inwards, wondering what he’s started]: Amanda… [he shakes his head], we shouldn’t—

She stops him from saying anything more by returning her lips to his in a kiss he can’t resist. Soon their passion for each other grows, threatening the promise they made to wait.

AMANDA [in between kisses]: I love you so much.

KYLE: I love you, too. [But he pauses and glances over at the mattress he laid out for the night]. Do you really want to?

AMANDA: Yes. [Then a slight fear of how things will change is enough to make her hesitate]. No. [But then change is what she wants]. Yes. Definitely. [Unfortunately, self-doubt kicks in again].

He cups her cheek, feeling just as torn.

KYLE: Want to play me a song? I really love it when you play.

AMANDA [glances at the keyboard as if it were a lifeline to avoid the big decision of going all the way]: Okay. A song. Any song?

KYLE: Surprise me.

She shakily walks over to his desk where her keyboard is still laid out and sits down, just staring for a moment at the keyboard as if she forgot how to play. Then she starts playing. Fast churning, angst filled melodies until her feelings calm down enough to play the softer tones.

Kyle is lying on the mattress, propped up on his elbow, listening and feeling a gamut of emotions with her.

Declan and Jackie returns to the room and find Amanda still playing.

KYLE [glances over as they enter]: You’re back early.

DECLAN: Dude, it’s one in the morning.

Amanda stops playing and turns to look over at Kyle who has turned to look at her in surprise. Neither noticed the time. Only then does Amanda start to feel stiff and sore from sitting and playing for so long.

AMANDA: I guess I, I need to use the washroom. Excuse me. [She rubs her shoulder as she heads to the washroom].

KYLE [follows her]: Excuse me.

He ducks inside with her.


The door clicks shut. Jackie smiles at Declan.

JACKIE: Not as shy anymore.

Inside the bathroom, Kyle starts giving Amanda a soothing massage to ease the knots in her muscles.

AMANDA: Thanks, [she leans into him as the soreness eases and his massage turns into a caress].

KYLE [kisses the back of her neck]: You’re welcome.

She turns to face him and gives him a small sad smile. He kisses her on the forehead then leaves to give her privacy.

Both couples lay cuddled together. In a way, Amanda is glad of their presence for the way she’s feeling, she still longs for Kyle to do more than just hold her. He’s holding her spoon fashion for real this time instead of the projected image from last night. But unlike last night, he’s just holding her close and not even attempting or risking to do anything more. Since they’re both feeling the same, raw and needy, it’s good Declan and Jackie are there.

KYLE [projects a thought]: I love you.

Amanda, about to fall asleep hears him.

AMANDA [out loud]: I love you, too.

The rest of the evening passes in silence.

Kyle is the first one up, ready in his jogging suit to have a morning run with Jessi. On their run he heads to the forest, ready to let loose on a full scale run.

JESSI [pushes herself hard to keep up with him and as they pause to rest they are both panting]: You’re frustrated. [She states it as a fact].

He doesn’t say anything and after a brief probe, Jessi can tell it’s about Amanda.

JESSI: You get this way a lot with Amanda.

He turns away, and though she knows he doesn’t want to discuss his personal relationship, she also senses it’s more than frustration.

JESSI: You’re sad. Why?

Kyle simply projects an image of children, children he and Amanda can never have. Jessi glances away, feeling sad for him.

JESSI: Sorry. [An awkward moment as she tries to think of how she should act or react, how she would feel if she couldn’t have children and thought it best to change the subject]. I don’t mind you’re frustration. [He turns to frown at her]. It’s the only time I feel we are actually competing. It feels like a real challenge. [She projects an image of them competing and how that might help him, he seems to need something to take his mind off both his frustration and sadness].

KYLE [picks up what she’s trying to convey and appreciates her help]: Want to go again? [He points]. Up that hill over there?

JESSI: No, [she looks around the terrain and sees a pile of boulders]. I want to practice moving some rocks.

Kyle glances around to make sure no one is around.

JESSI: I checked.

KYLE: Okay then.

She’s able to move a few; mostly the medium sized rocks and smiles in triumph when Kyle only moves smaller sized rocks. He takes her hand, and she can feel the energy flow, this time together, they are able to shift a large boulder. It bounces back into place when they quit projecting.

JESSI: Awesome. I did it. [He raises an eyebrow]. We did it.

KYLE: Yes, we did. Tired yet?

JESSI: No way. Again.

They move the large boulder again into a new place. But Kyle sees a rodent that had taken refuge beneath dart away and he realizes the boulder was lying in such a way as to form a small cave for the rodent to hide beneath.

KYLE: Let’s move it back. [But he senses people coming closer on the dirt trail].


KYLE: Just do it with me.

She senses the people too and her concentration is a little off with the fear of being caught so Kyle ends up doing most of the work. As the hikers come into view, Jessi turns to face Kyle just as he moves the boulder back in place.

Jessi hooks an arm around Kyle’s shoulder. Her movement draws the hikers attention on to both of them when she kisses Kyle.

KYLE [taken by surprise, telepaths]: What are you doing?

She holds his head still when he attempts to draw away.

JESSI [telepaths back]: I saw it on a movie and thought it was a good way to draw the hiker’s attention away from the boulder. They would have seen it move. It worked, [he feels her triumph], and it’s still working.

One of the male hiker’s whistles at them. Kyle doesn’t move away but he doesn’t kiss her back either so Jessi stops kissing him and turns to smile at the hiker. She waves to them and takes Kyle’s hand. They both walk away.

Kyle risks one glance back at the boulder to see it’s back where it’s supposed to be, no sign it was ever moved. When they were no longer in sight of the hikers, Kyle releases their hands.

JESSI: Why were you so insistent on moving the boulder back? We could have been caught.

KYLE: A mouse was using it for refuge.

JESSI: A mouse? All that for a mouse?

KYLE: Yes. [He senses something isn’t right and glances back at the rocks].

JESSI: It’s just a mouse.

KYLE [turns to walk back]: Who deserves a fair chance at survival as any other creature. [His eyes focus and narrows on a slight movement in the bushes, his gaze hones in on the rodent who had been under the rock]. We disturbed its natural habitat. [Jessi follows his gaze and sees what he sees at the exact same time, a snake slithering closer, ready to strike]. It was only right to put the boulder back.

With one quick grab, Kyle picks up the mouse and returns it to the boulder, tucking it back in the cave-like opening, safely away from the snake.

JESSI: It will likely die sooner or later, you’re saving it just now won’t change that.

KYLE: No, but at least he has another chance at life. The mouse had a stash of food under the rock as well.

JESSI: And you made sure the food was still intact as well and not crushed beneath the boulder. [His grin means he did just that].

JESSI: I bet you don’t hurt insects either.

KYLE: Why would I hurt insects? They’re vital to nature’s ecology.

JESSI: I meant if they were in the house.

KYLE: I’d take them outside.

JESSI: Of course you would.

They grin at each other but just then hear one of the female hikers scream and then a growling roar of a bear. Both Kyle and Jessi run back up the trail to see a bear chasing the fleeing hikers. But one of the female hiker’s had tripped and the bear is about to maul her.

Kyle rushes forward, distracting the bear’s attention away from the girl and on to him.

JESSI [calls to the hikers]: This way, [she motions with her hand further down the trail, away from the bear that has turned to chase after Kyle].

MALE HIKER: What is he thinking? [He and Jessi stop to render aid to the fallen female hiker and help her up].

Jessi sees she’s mostly in shock and not physically hurt.

JESSI: Go! I’ll make sure he’s all right. [The male hiker hesitates]. Go!

She goes after Kyle as the hiker leads himself and his partner farther away from the danger.

Kyle is running, keeping a safe distance from the bear but a movement in the bushes makes him pause and his gaze focuses and sees a pair of cubs. It was a mother bear, trying to protect her cubs. He turns to face the mother. The bear suddenly rears up on its hind legs.

Kyle concentrates, projecting a feeling of calm, that he wasn’t a threat. He senses and hears Jessi running up the path.

KYLE [telepaths]: Stop! Don’t come any further. [Jessi stops]. She’s only trying to protect her cubs.

The bear tilts her head, unsure at first whether to attack and drops on all fours. Kyle keeps concentrating and the bear slowly walks around him toward her cubs. The cubs run up to her and she leads them away.

Jessi is watching from a distance. When the bears are gone, Kyle heads back to her.

JESSI: Good job.

KYLE: How is the hiker?

JESSI: In shock but otherwise fine. They all got away safely.

KYLE: Good.

As they head back down the trail a male hiker had stopped to keep an eye out for them.

MALE HIKER: Man, you okay? What happened to the bear?

KYLE: I managed to get away safely. I noticed in the distance some cubs. I think she was just trying to protect them.

MALE HIKER: Man, you were lucky.

Kyle just smiles and as they join the rest of the hikers, who are glad to see them all safe and sound, the female hiker starts thanking Kyle.

FEMALE HIKER [shaking and crying]: Thank you, you just saved my life. That was so brave of you. [She throws her arms around Kyle and hugs him. He pats her on the back and gently extracts himself while handing her over to her friends].

Her friend takes her and they move off, all thanking him. Kyle and Jessi, now alone head back to Poplar Hall.

Along the way, Kyle picks up on Jessi’s emotions.

KYLE: What’s bothering you?



JESSI: You didn’t think, you just reacted with no thought to your own safety. You saved her. And I, I stood on the sidelines.

KYLE: You came after me after you made sure the other hikers were safe.

JESSI: Yeah, after you took all the risk.

They enter Poplar Hall and ride up in the elevator.

KYLE: Jessi…you helped.

JESSI [out of the blue which probably is at the real root of what she’s been feeling of late]: I miss our late night runs.

KYLE: I do too.

JESSI: At least the media has died down about our latest escapade.

KYLE: I hope it stays died down, but only as long as we don’t risk going out again and exposing ourselves to the public.

JESSI: Not like the risk you took earlier, you mean?

KYLE: Besides that. By the way, thanks for the distraction.

JESSI: You’re thanking me for kissing you?

KYLE: That’s not what I meant. [She just grins as the elevator dings].

JESSI [gets off on her floor]: See you this afternoon at the UW’s Police Department’s open house.

KYLE: Later. [He then projects a feeling of thanks, she helped with more than the bear and they smile in understanding at each other just as the elevator door closes between them].

When he enters his dorm room he sees that Declan, Jackie and Amanda are now up and about.

AMANDA [greets him]: Enjoy your run? [She kisses him on the cheek but feels some early morning stubble].

KYLE [notices her quick move back as her lips scrapped over the stubble on his cheek]: Yeah. Let me freshen up.

As Kyle, Declan and Jessi go to the Police open house, Jackie and Amanda hang around the dorm until they come back. Amanda works on some homework as Jackie works on her computer which is set up on Declan’s desk. She receives a phone call from her landlord.

JACKIE: Hello? [Pause]. My apartment is ready? Everything is all cleaned? [A brief pause]. Great! Thanks for calling.

She hangs up.

AMANDA [glances up]: That must be a relief.

JACKIE: It is. What a mess the water made. I’ll be glad to get home. Not that I haven’t enjoyed your company.

AMANDA: I know what you mean.

JACKIE: At least this way you and Kyle can finally have some privacy. [She smiles and winks at Amanda].

Amanda gives a brief smile back and returns to her textbook, her thoughts in a whirl. Alone, with Kyle. And with the way they were feeling, needy.

When Declan comes back and learns that Jackie is ready to go back home, he goes with her.

DECLAN [grins at Kyle as he walks out the door]: Enjoy yourself.

Kyle turns to gaze at Amanda. They were alone. Really alone this time. No more events, no more distractions. Unless they counted the phone call from Nicole.

When Jessi arrives home, Nicole greets her warmly.

NICOLE: It’s so good to see you. [She gives Jessi a hug]. I made your favorite dish for supper, spaghetti with mushrooms. Oh, and meatballs and salad.

Jessi is reminded of the memory Madacorp tried to give her of this same scenario only this time it was happening for real.

STEVEN: Good to have you back, Jessi. [He gives her a hug, too].

NICOLE [nods to the dining room]: Would you mind setting the table for me?

JESSI: Sure, [she nods even though those words and her own eerily remind her yet again of the false memory, but this memory isn’t false].

JOSH [comes down the hallway]: Hey, Jess.


But he doesn’t say anything about a CD mix about songs to get felt up by Declan by.

JOSH: So, when’s supper?

NICOLE: It’ll be ready in a minute.

STEVEN: Yeah, well, just don’t eat it all. Ladies first.

Jessi frowns now. Almost the same words.

NICOLE [studies her]: Are you okay, Jessi?

JESSI: Yeah, I’m fine.

She shakes off the feeling, this is real, there are no more false memories and heads to the dining room to set the table.

Josh sits at the table, along with Steven as Nicole comes in from the kitchen bringing in a big bowl of spaghetti. Jessi sits and Nicole dishes out some spaghetti for her. Again, the faint echo of a false memory returns. Then Nicole dishes out some spaghetti on to her own plate then hands it to Josh before heading back into the kitchen to get the meatballs and salad.

Steven fills up his plate and everyone is silent as they all dish out meatballs and salad as well.

STEVEN [finishes a bite]: Mmm, delicious hon.

NICOLE: Thank you. [She glances at Jessi who hasn’t yet taken any bite yet]. You’re not hungry, Jessi?

JESSI: Actually, very hungry. [She starts to eat].

No echo of Lori there, no more bad memory to haunt her. She is starting to like who she is and smiles at Nicole.

JESSI: Very good. Thank you for making this for me.

NICOLE: You’re welcome.

All seems well but Jessi senses more from Nicole who keeps on eating.

JESSI: Are you all right?

NICOLE [chokes on her mouthful and hurriedly swallows]: What do you mean?

JESSI: Something’s bothering you.

NICOLE: No, not at all. [But she sighs when she sees that Jessi can tell she’s lying]. I was just wondering if you knew if Amanda’s coming back? She has classes tomorrow.

STEVEN: Nicole….

JESSI: No, she’s staying over one more night.

NICOLE: Oh. Maybe I should call, [she avoids Steven’s pointed look]. Were they alone all weekend?


JESSI: No, Declan had Jackie over. A water pipe burst in her apartment so he invited her to stay with him.

NICOLE [seems a little relieved]: Oh, good. They aren’t alone.

JESSI: They are now. Jackie went back to her apartment and Declan went too.

JOSH [beneath his breath]: No need to wonder why they want to be alone.

JESSI [takes him literally]: Sex of course.

This time it’s Steven who chokes on his food.

JOSH: Unlike Kyle and Amanda.

JESSI: Probably not, but the way he was feeling this morning, [she shrugs], I don’t know why he’s waiting.

NICOLE [very alarmed]: Why? What happened this morning? No, never mind, I don’t want to know. [She stands up from the table].

STEVEN: Where are you going?

NICOLE: To phone Kyle.


She walks into the kitchen to make the call.

NICOLE: Hi, Kyle. I noticed Amanda’s not back yet.

KYLE’s voice: She’s staying another night.

NICOLE: Are you sure that’s wise?

KYLE’s voice: We’ll be okay, Nicole. I promise.

NICOLE: Still…

KYLE [cut to him]: Don’t worry, Nicole. [He glances over at Amanda, despite how he feels, he’s obligated to honor his wife’s wishes].

NICOLE [cut back to her]: I really don’t feel comfortable with her staying alone with you. [She winces, oh that’s sure to go over well].

KYLE [cut back to him as Amanda is listening intently to their conversation]: I’m sorry, Nicole, all I can assure you is that Amanda will be back home tomorrow.

NICOLE [cut back to her as she sighs, not liking the fact she’s feeling like one of those possessive mothers about their boys, in fact, she’s reminding herself of Carol, about the over-protectiveness]: Well, I miss having you here. You know you’re always welcome to come back.

KYLE [cut back to him]: I know. Thanks for calling.

He hangs up.

Amanda pushes some hair out of her face and glances away, unsure what she wants from either of them and ends up playing a few tunes on her keyboard for a few minutes before she reads and studies from one of her textbooks. Kyle reads a few of his books he bought from the bookstore in preparation for tomorrow’s classes.

Kyle brings his mattress back down on the floor for them to sleep on rather than use Declan’s bed since he and Jackie had been sleeping in it. After Amanda uses the washroom first, Kyle is next. As he passes her, he pauses when she doesn’t step aside but reaches up to caress his cheek, using a soft fluid motion she learnt in her belly dance class. It’s a motion that sends his heart beating a faster tempo.

It was inevitable that they kissed. Need overcomes caution. But Kyle soon has a different sensation after deepening their kiss; he starts reading her DNA code again. As her DNA code flashes in front of his eyes, he stops kissing her. He reaches out a hand to run his hand through several strands of her hair, seeing code swirling around the strand instead and stares fascinated.

Amanda looks from her hair entangled in his hand and then up to his face which has a peculiar concentrated look.


KYLE [distracted tone of voice]: Do you remember me telling you that I could read Andy’s DNA?


KYLE: When I dropped you home last week after I kissed you goodbye, your DNA code popped into my head.

AMANDA: It did?

KYLE: It’s doing it again, right now.

AMANDA: What does it mean?

KYLE [shrugs helplessly]: I wish I knew.

AMANDA [sees he’s still studying her hair]: And you’re seeing it in my hair?

KYLE: Yeah, it’s fascinating. The patterns, they’re beautiful.

AMANDA: They are?

KYLE [smiles]: You’re beautiful.

She smiles and as he lets his fingers slide through her hair before releasing her, he takes his turn in the washroom and comes back out to find her playing one last song. He sits in a chair watching her, letting the musical notes and sounds wash over him and that’s when something more happens. He blinks, thinking his vision is on the fritz when he starts seeing an actual sound wavelength floating above the keyboard, watching as the sound vibration forms it’s own pattern. He glances around the room and suddenly is seeing more wavelengths floating all around the room. A wave of dizziness hits and if he hadn’t been sitting he would have swayed on his feet. He recognizes the wavelengths as being the wireless communication signals coming from cell phones, radio and cable lines. He blinks again, trying to clear his vision and stop this new ability.

Amanda stops playing and turns to see Kyle sitting and staring at her keyboard. She’s tired of playing, tired of trying to still her turbulent emotions. She’d been too cooped up indoors.

AMANDA: Do you want to go for a walk?

KYLE [blinks at her]: No, unless you do?

AMANDA: I guess I’m feeling a little restless.

KYLE: Okay then, let’s go.

But when he stands he sways a bit, trying to block the signals swamping his vision. He closes his eyes.

AMANDA: Kyle, what’s wrong?

KYLE: I’m seeing things, patterns and lights.

AMANDA: From my DNA again?

KYLE: No, this is different.

He opens his eyes and goes over to his desk to pull out some paper and crayons. She moves the keyboard out of the way and lets him sit in the chair so he can draw what he’s seeing. She watches as the picture takes shape and is fascinated by the different colors, as if they were all floating on air around every object in the room, especially around the electronic equipment.

AMANDA: And you have no idea what this could mean?

KYLE: None.

He closes his eyes as a way of blocking the sight and wills his eyes to see normal again so that when he does open his eyes again, his vision is back to normal, just like he can turn night vision on and enhance to infrared, this is one more form of seeing to get used to. He smiles at Amanda.

KYLE: Wait until Jessi learns about this, she’ll flip.

AMANDA: Do you want to call her?

KYLE: Yeah. [He gets up to use the landline phone and redials home]. Hi, Nicole. [A brief pause]. No, everything’s still fine. [He throws Amanda a brief quirk of a smile as if to say, mothers]. Can I talk to Jessi?

NICOLE [cut to her in the kitchen as she sets the phone down on the counter]: Jessi! Phone!

STEVEN [sitting at the counter sipping some coffee]: He didn’t want to talk to you? Don’t blame him.

NICOLE: Very funny, I wasn’t being that naggy. [Steven doesn’t look convinced].

Jessi comes out of her bedroom and into the kitchen.

JESSI: Who is it?


JESSI [takes the phone]: Really? [She speaks into the receiver]. Yeah?

KYLE’s voice: Wait until you hear what I can do…

Jessi listens in and Nicole watches her as she begins to look around the room, blinking her eyes rapidly at first then eyes widen in glee. As Jessi sees all the swirling patterns and lights, she starts to sway on her feet like she’s about to faint. Steven catches her by the arm before she can fall.

STEVEN: Hey, are you all right?

KYLE’s voice: By they way, you might experience some dizziness.

JESSI: Yeah, I just did. Thanks for the warning. This is so cool!

NICOLE: What’s going on?

JESSI [to Nicole]: Kyle and I just discovered a new ability and is it ever awesome. [But the patterns begin to be overwhelming and drops down on to a seat next to Steven].

STEVEN: What kind of ability?

JESSI: I should go, [she tries to focus her gaze on Nicole and Steven], I have to tell them.

KYLE’s voice: I drew a picture for Amanda to show her what I was seeing.

JESSI: I’ll do the same for Nicole and Steven. [She hangs up and grins at her foster parents]. I can see patterns and images!

But she soon discovers she can do more than see, she can access the flow of patterns and can trace back the phone signal. Josh wanders in, wondering what all the excitement is about. He’s glad to have someone back home, it was lonely without a fellow sibling around.

JESSI: I bet Kyle didn’t discover this part of it yet, he would have told me.

She calls him back to let him know what more could be done with the patterns, excitement filling her.

JOSH [aside to his parents]: Great, now they can really tap into private conversations.

Cut back to Kyle after he gets off the phone from Jessi the second time and has told Amanda how Jessi discovered how to access the patterns.

He starts to practice and Amanda watches him flipping a hand in midair at something only he can see. He isn’t at it long though.

AMANDA: Isn’t it working?

KYLE: Too well, I just didn’t want to listen in on conversations, nor track anyone’s cell phone, other than Jessi’s cell just for practice.

They prepare for bed and Amanda notices Kyle is more distracted, staring off in the distance as they lay face up.

AMANDA: I’m sure these abilities will start making sense.

KYLE: I’m sure it will too.

In the back of his mind he’s working through calculations and figuring out why he keeps seeing DNA code and what this new wavelength ability means and the possible use it represents. Excited exhaustion takes over and he closes his eyes, falling asleep, pondering the problem.

Come morning, he helps Amanda load up, bringing the van around for her.

AMANDA [before she climbs in, hugs him close, whispering in his ear]: I so wished we could have been able to have a baby.

KYLE [whispers back]: Me too.

AMANDA: I love you, so much. [She hugs him tighter].

KYLE [hugs her just as close]: I love you, too.

He gives her a final kiss goodbye and waves to her as she drives off, feelings of loss sweeping over him. And that’s when he realizes what the DNA code buzzing around inside his head all meant.

KYLE [narrative]: Patterns. Sounds. Vibrations. Code. It all fell into place.

As if in a trance, he heads to the cyro-freeze lab and storage facility that is holding his and Amanda’s DNA. Once inside, he grabs a lab coat, puts it on and acts like one of the many lab technicians, grabbing a clipboard off a side counter to complete the image. He blends in easily.

LAB TECH: Hey, can you mix this batch for me?

KYLE: Sure. [He mixes the batch as if he did it every day and hands it back].

LAB TECH: Thanks, uh—[he tries to catch a glimpse of a name tag].

KYLE: Kyle. [He projects an image of the man seeing an actual nametag as if he belonged there].

LAB TECH: Kyle, thanks again.

Kyle enters the storage facility to head to the storage chamber holding his and Amanda’s DNA. He takes it out and heads back to the lab. Methodically he runs through the code, finding what it will take in order to create a viable embryo with his and Amanda’s DNA.

He only pauses once, remembering what Amanda told him a while back on how much faith she had in him when he wondered how to help Steven’s dad who’d been in a coma and how he could communicate with him. He was looking at it scientifically while she had a more faith-based view, divine intervention she called it. As he mixed their DNA, he held out his hand over the dish, closed his eyes and said a prayer, much like a prayer Amanda would pray. What he didn’t see was the slight glow emanating from his hands landing on the DNA samples.

The moment he finishes creating a viable embryo with his and Amanda’s DNA, he stares down at the successfully frozen embryo.

KYLE [dazed]: It’s a girl. We have a girl.

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