Season 4

S04 E09 Its a Girl and a Boy?

Kyle XY S04 E09

It’s a Girl! And a Boy?

Kyle pauses in front of the frozen chamber that contained his and Amanda’s child.

KYLE: We have a girl. [He smiles a great big smile which suddenly fades when he realizes the enormity of what he’s done].

Will she be mad at him? Will she be as glad as he is? What has he done? The impossible, it seems.

How long has he been away? There was no clock in sight and the place seemed far emptier than when he first arrived. It was late, he knew that much.

But just as he turned to leave he caught sight of the other unit, the one containing Cassidy’s and Amanda’s frozen embryo. As if by it’s own violation, his hand reaches up and over the container and he suddenly has a premonition of what the baby would be like once it grew up. If raised right, he could become a world-renowned musician. Like Amanda, he would have her gift of music, and like Cassidy, have his volatile temperament but also his well-defined business sense. Well harnessed, any volatile emotions could be redirected to become a better person.

He knew with sudden clarity that he wanted to keep this embryo. It was a part of Amanda. They could have a boy as well as a girl. But he knew in a flash of pain that she would never accept this child.

As he wandered back home, he was torn between joy and longing. By the time he enters his dorm room it’s 10:30pm. Declan is on the phone.

DECLAN [turns to see Kyle walk in]: Hold on, here he is. [He holds out the phone to Kyle]. Kyle, my man, where’ve you been? You missed the Hall Council elections. [He indicates the phone]. It’s Jessi.

KYLE [takes the phone]: I was busy. [Speaks into the mouthpiece]. Hey, Jessi.

JESSI’s voice: I covered for you.

KYLE: Thanks, I appreciate that.

JESSI [cut to her in her bedroom on her cell, frowning]: Where were you?

KYLE [cut back to him]: I was working on a project.

JESSI’s voice: What kind? [Kyle hesitates, unable to say. Cut back to Jessi as she suddenly feels a wave of emotion, even through the phone line].

KYLE’s voice: It’s personal. I’m sorry, I can’t talk about it. Not right now.

JESSI [curiosity rises higher now]: What’s the difference between not telling me if I’m going to find out later anyway?

KYLE [cut back to him, voice thick with emotion as he thinks of his baby girl]: Amanda.

Cut back to her. He says the one word she can’t refute.

JESSI: Fine. You better call her then. [She hangs up].

Cut back to Kyle as he raises a brow as if it were obvious that’s exactly what he’ll do and hangs up as well.

DECLAN: Amanda called twice.

KYLE [nods and phones Amanda]: Hey.

AMANDA [cut to her as she flops on the bed dressed in a belly dance outfit, a cool breeze from her open window blows in]: I missed you. [She raises a silk veil, practicing a move so the silk will flow over her]. How were your classes?

KYLE’s voice: Ah…um…I didn’t go.

She drops the veil and sits up, frowning in concern.

AMANDA: Kyle, is everything all right?

KYLE’s voice: Everything’s fine. More than fine.

AMANDA [feels worried, his voice sounds odd to her ears]: What’s wrong?

KYLE [cut back to him as he tries to reassure her]: Nothing’s wrong. [But strong emotions make his voice thicken in response].

AMANDA’s voice [sounding alarmed]: Kyle, what is it?

He swallows as his feelings climb higher, she knew him too well.

KYLE: It’s late. Can we talk later?

AMANDA [cut back to her, worry building]: Oh, God, there is something wrong.

KYLE [cut back to him]: No, it’s something good.

Amanda cut back to her as she smiles in relief.

AMANDA: Really? [Considering she’s keeping secret her dance lessons as a surprise for him, he’s entitled to a secret himself, and she knows he’ll tell her about it, good or bad, he always lets her know].

KYLE’s voice: Really.

His voice comes in stronger, reassuring her. In fact, she thinks as she stands up, silk flowing behind her as she walks over to her dresser and picks up a picture of a foster child, she has something else to tell him about as well, and smiles.

AMANDA: Later then. Love you.

KYLE [cut back to him]: Love you, too.

Amanda hangs up and looks at the picture of an orphaned child.

AMANDA: And I have something good to tell you. If we can’t have children, this will be the next best thing. [She places the picture of the child on her mirror].

Cut back to Kyle as he hangs up.

DECLAN: You okay? It’s not like you to miss classes.

Declan’s stunned by the wave of emotion pooling as tears in Kyle’s eyes.

KYLE: No, I’m not okay. What have I done?

DECLAN [frowns and perches on a chair, feeling as if he’s going to need a seat]: You tell me, man.

KYLE [sits in the other chair as if in a daze]: I’ve become like Adam.

DECLAN: What are you talking about?

KYLE: I did it.

DECLAN: Did what? You’re creeping me out.

KYLE: I created a viable embryo from Amanda’s and my DNA samples.

DECLAN: You what? Wait, what does that mean?

KYLE [looks at him fully]: It’s a girl. We’re going to have a girl.

DECLAN: Holy sh–

KYLE: What have I done?

DECLAN: How did you do it? I thought you couldn’t, that it wasn’t possible.

KYLE [gazes off into the distance]: I found a way. I accessed the information and found a way.

DECLAN: That’s incredible.

KYLE: Yeah. Incredible. [He’s still looking shell-shocked].

DECLAN: Yeah. [He’s just as stunned]. Should I offer congratulations?

KYLE: I, I guess. I mean, we can’t have her yet, but when we’re ready to start a family, we can now.

DECLAN: Whoa, a family.

KYLE [glances at the telephone]: I have to tell Amanda. [Even though he’d just been talking to her this is something that can only be discussed in person].

DECLAN: I’ll say. She’s going to have a baby.

KYLE: There’s one more thing.

DECLAN: Another embryo you created?

KYLE: No. It’s Cassidy’s. I want to keep it.

DECLAN: You want to keep Cassidy’s? You want to keep Cassidy’s embryo? [Making sure he heard right]. Why would you want his offspring?

KYLE: It’s a part of Amanda. He’ll grow up to be a famous musician one day.

DECLAN: How can you know that?

KYLE: I just do.

DECLAN: You foresaw it? [Kyle nods]. Oh, man. Oh, man, I don’t know. That’s even more, wow. [He pauses]. You sure don’t do anything half way.

Kyle bites his lip as frown lines of worry crease his forehead.

Before he heads in to work the next day, and since it’s the last day to add or change courses without a change in tuition fees, he decides to add on more majors to his curriculum.

Kyle works hard at his job, designing and making corrections for further renovations on other projects. He’ll be having a family one day and the thought of providing for that day spurs him on.

SEAN: Kyle, go home. [The time was half past 6pm]. You did way more than we needed; actually, you’re putting us out of work. We’ll have to start drumming up some new business.

KYLE: That wasn’t my intention; [he glances up from his computer but sees the teasing glint in his boss’ eyes], I just wanted to complete a few things.

SEAN: You did more than complete them, other than constructing the buildings yourself. Brad should have the materials by Thursday so you’ll be working with him. McNally’s sure pleased with your design. As a matter of fact, [he folds his arms], he’s considering you for future projects.

KYLE [grins, pleased]: He is?

SEAN [waves a hand at the pile of computer-generated designs Kyle made on the computer]: He might even consider the ones you did today.

KYLE: Great!

SEAN: Now, go home.

KYLE: Thanks, Sean.

He heads home, feeling good at what he’s accomplished, leaving Sean to gaze in wonder at all the drawings he did and the construction and engineering details.

SEAN: He’s a genius.

Kyle returns home, picking up some groceries on the way. When Declan sees the bags Kyle brings he can’t help digging into the bags to see what he brought.

KYLE [grins]: Hungry?

DECLAN: Famished. I was about to head down to the restaurant to pick up a bite. [He sees and takes out some fresh meat]. But this is better.

KYLE: You cook the meat, I’ll do the vegetables.

DECLAN [pauses pulling out any more items and instead has a look of panic on his face]: Ah, there’s no barbeque.

KYLE: The oven in the kitchen has a grill pan.

But Declan still looks lost.

KYLE: I’ll show you how.

As Kyle gives Declan a cooking lesson in how to cook meat and stir fry vegetables in a wok, Declan takes mental notes while impressed with his skill.

DECLAN: My dad just hires people to cook and clean.

KYLE: So, you’ve never done laundry either?

DECLAN [winces]: You noticed the pile under my bed, huh?

KYLE: I can show you how to use the machines.

DECLAN: No need, I can pack it up and head home with it all.

KYLE: And let the hired help do it for you?


KYLE [tilts his head in a questioning manner]: Do you really want to rely on your father’s hired help?

DECLAN: Why not? It comes with being rich.

KYLE: Your father’s rich.

DECLAN: So? He gives me nothing else. Actually, come to think of it, you’re rich now too.

KYLE: It’s in a trust fund.

DECLAN: And you wouldn’t use it to have people do things for you anyway. [He guesses correctly]. Meaning, I should learn to do for myself, is that what you’re saying?

KYLE [shakes his head looking all innocent]: I didn’t say anything.

DECLAN: Ha! It’s what you didn’t say. [Kyle doesn’t say anything more]. Fine, teach me then.

Kyle just smiles, willing to help him become “independent.”

After their supper they head down to the lounge area where the hall is having open door night offering ice cream sundaes. It’s almost ten by the time they go back to their dorm, they wave to a few residents as they enter their dorm room.

Kyle stands by his desk looking at his textbooks on all his subjects for the year.

DECLAN: You’re going to study now?

KYLE [glances over at him with a contemplative look]: No, I’m going to call Amanda.

Having said that he walks over to their landline phone and calls Amanda.

Declan frowns and looks over at the textbooks Kyle had been staring so intently at. Ten to one, his zoning out might have meant he either had a premonition or accessing more of the information, with Kyle, it was always something weird or interesting. He starts getting ready for bed, tuning in every now and then to Kyle’s half of the conversation.

KYLE [to Amanda]: How was your day?

AMANDA [cut to her in her bedroom, dressed in a towel, rubbing a shoulder]: Fine until this evening.

KYLE [cut to him as he frowns]: Why? What happened?

AMANDA [cut to her]: Jade was showing me a new move, it was physically tiring. I’m just about to have a nice hot bath to soothe my aching muscles. [She doesn’t hear him respond and thinks his day wasn’t good]. How was your day?

KYLE [cut to him, he’s distracted by imagining her taking a bath]: Fine.

AMANDA’s voice: You sure? You sound funny.

KYLE: Declan and I just came back from having some sundaes, they had an open house night here.

AMANDA [cut back to her]: Sounds like you had fun.

KYLE [cut back to him]: I did. Well, ah, enjoy your bath.

AMANDA [cut back to her as she can feel her cheeks warm with a blush, glad he can’t see her]: I will.

KYLE’s voice [sounding husky]: Bye.

AMANDA [feels a small thrill at the sound of the huskiness in his voice tingle through her, making her breathless]: Bye.

Cut back to Kyle as he hangs up after their brief conversation, looking lost in thought.

Declan has already hopped into bed and sees him standing there for more than a minute.

DECLAN: You planning on sleeping standing up?

KYLE [glances at Declan but not really seeing him]: I was thinking.

DECLAN: I could tell. What about? [With Kyle it could be anything and everything all at the same time].

KYLE [glances back at his textbooks]: I didn’t get any studying done.

DECLAN [glances over at them, too, then back at Kyle]: Me either.

KYLE [still lost in thought]: I’ll have to do it tomorrow.

DECLAN [frowns]: Okay. [He then watches as Kyle goes through the motions of getting ready for bed]. Are you thinking of how to tell Amanda?

KYLE [distracted sounding]: Yeah.

DECLAN: I wish you luck.

KYLE [about to climb up to his bunk pauses and nods at him]: Thanks. [With one arm and pull, he swings into bed].

KYLE [narrative as he lies in bed]: How will she react? I could only hope she’d be as happy and thrilled as I was. I was also scared. A girl. We have a girl. [He glances out the window as the moonlight shines through]. I was even more concerned how she’d feel about my wanting the other embryo.

That night Amanda has dreams of her and Kyle making out, taking things a step further. Rather than a hot bath in the morning, she takes a cool shower before she begins her day.

As Kyle begins his day, he rushes over to the warehouse to workout with Jessi and Foss. He doesn’t do well.

FOSS [calls out when Kyle slips]: Focus!

Since that day in the woods when they both moved a huge boulder, Foss has them moving heavy cement blocks, piling them one on top of the other, lining them up in perfect precision. Jessi is doing it perfectly but Kyle struggles to keep his block steady. It topples off.

FOSS: It’s the first week of college, there’s a lot going on, I remember what it was like. You need to prioritize.

KYLE: I’ll do better.

FOSS [just nods, then glances over at Jessi]: You did well.

Jessi throws Kyle a gloating smile.

FOSS: See you bright and early tomorrow morning. [To Kyle]. Have an early night, I want you sharp and focused.

As they stand outside the warehouse, Jessi studies him.

JESSI: You didn’t talk to Amanda yet.

KYLE: It has to be in person. Amanda will be at NU tonight; I’ll phone her after.

JESSI [nods then changes the subject, sounding boastful]: I worked on a couple of special projects last night. I’m presenting them to Steven in class today.

KYLE: Good for you. Can I take a look?

JESSI: Sure, I’ll meet you for lunch.

KYLE: Later then.

As she heads home to have a quick shower, Kyle heads back to the dorm to have a shower too. After he comes out of the washroom, Declan has woken up and takes his turn. Kyle glances at his textbooks sitting on his desk and pulls one out and starts to read. He has a lot of assignments to catch up on.

KYLE [narrative]: As I started on the first of many assignments, I realized it would physically take me longer than a half hour to complete them all. The buffer was to slow to catch up to my typing speed. [He pauses typing]. Jessi showed me how to access the data stream, now I wondered if I could combine my ability to project thoughts on to the data stream?

He reaches out his hand, his vision seeing the electronic data field his computer generates and starts projecting his thoughts. The words are suddenly appearing on his screen as fast as he is thinking them until page after page streams by.

When Declan comes out of the washroom, he’s busy rubbing a towel over his head to dry his hair when he sees a glow of light surrounding Kyle’s hand narrowing into a funnel towards his computer. Declan stares transfixed.

Since some of his architecture assignments requires drawings, Kyle opens a CAD program and visualizes the drawings needed and they, too, are transferred from his mind and into his computer.

When he’s done, he takes a USB hub and starts uploading the data so he can hand it over to his instructors.

DECLAN: What the hell are you doing?

KYLE [turns around]: My homework.

DECLAN: Your hand was glowing.

KYLE: I was using the data stream.


KYLE: I used it to project my thoughts. Thoughts use electrical impulses much the same way an electrical current does to transmit information.

DECLAN: Ah-huh. You what?

KYLE: I was running late, I needed to get my assignments done.

DECLAN [grins]: So you used your special ability to your advantage.

KYLE: Yeah.

DECLAN: Good job. I’m envious. You couldn’t do mine could you?

KYLE [thinks for a second]: I would have to read your thoughts and transfer what I’ve read that way.

DECLAN [it’s his turn to think, let Kyle read his mind?]: Go for it.

KYLE [looks surprised]: You really want me to read your mind?

DECLAN: Only for the homework thing.

KYLE: Okay, then. Start focusing and I will too.

DECLAN: Ah, [he digs around his desk for his textbook and opens it on to the exercise page then opens his laptop], ready.

Like a narrow beam, Kyle opens a hole in the sphere he created to block out people’s thoughts, using filters to shift through “background” noise of others in order to hone in exclusively on Declan. As he does this, he lays a hand on Declan’s computer to start transmitting.

Declan’s thoughts however, are a jumbled mess, bouncing back between the assignment and very personal thoughts of his time spent with Jackie. Kyle stops projecting Declan’s thoughts on to the screen.

DECLAN: Why did you stop?

KYLE [glances from the screen to Declan]: You’re going to have to edit, I tried but your thoughts were too jumbled.

Declan looks up from his textbook and reads what’s on the screen and winces.

DECLAN: Oh, I see what you mean. I was thinking all that?

KYLE: Thoughts can be very random.

DECLAN: Huh. [He thinks for a second then gets a look of panic]. Ah, you’re not reading my mind still are you?


DECLAN: Thank God. [They glance awkwardly away from each other]. You know what? I think I’ll slog through the assignment on my own.

Kyle just nods and begins packing up his stuff in his backpack, getting it all ready for class.

Declan begins to edit what Kyle put on his screen.

Scene cuts to Kyle as he meets Jessi for lunch, but takes a moment to call Amanda while standing in the lineup.

KYLE [talks as he sees and waves Jessi over]: Hi, Amanda. How’s school?

AMANDA’s voice: So far all right. You?

KYLE: I handed in a bunch of assignments. The teachers seemed impressed with the work I did. I was wondering though, instead of waiting for Friday, do you want to meet up on Thursday?

AMANDA [cut to her as she sits at a lunch table in NU’s dining hall]: Oh, I can’t. I would have loved to, but I just made plans with Hillary and Lori for a study session. [She makes a small frown in concern]. If it’s something urgent you wanted to see me about, I could cancel.

KYLE [cut back to him as Jessi joins him in line]: No, it’s only two more nights, I can wait.

JESSI [whispers]: Doesn’t sound like it.

KYLE [frowns at her but continues his conversation with Amanda]: I’ll see you Friday.

AMANDA [cut to her, putting the phone closer to her ear]: Is Jessi with you?

KYLE’s voice: We’re having lunch before we head to Steven’s class.

AMANDA: Well, take care. I’m so looking forward to spending the weekend with you.

KYLE [cut back to him]: So am I.

He hangs up.

Jessi watches as he orders his food, still curious what he needs to discuss with Amanda first before telling anyone else.

After lunch they head to their Computer Science and Engineering class with Steven.

STEVEN [sits with them]: So, I guess I don’t need to ask if you two have read the textbooks already. [He glances and smiles at Jessi]. I know you were working on a project in your room last night.

JESSI [hands him a booklet of a report on her project]: Here’s my idea.

KYLE: I just did the assignments. [He pulls out a USB hub]. I didn’t get time to print it out.

STEVEN [eyes widen]: Let me guess, you did all the assignments?

KYLE: Six textbooks worth.

JESSI [smiles in triumph]: I did seven.

STEVEN [heaves a sigh at all the work he’ll have to mark]: Ah, thanks, Jessi. [He glances from one to the other]. I can’t believe you two are going to cram so many majors in four years.

KYLE [blurts out]: I may be doing more than I first planned.

STEVEN: Oh, why’s that?

KYLE: I’ll tell you this weekend.

STEVEN [looks a little uncomfortable]: Yeah, about this weekend, [he coughs], Amanda’s definitely welcome to sleep over at our place, in Lori’s room.

KYLE [accurately makes a guess]: Nicole asked you to ask me.

STEVEN [nods]: Yeah.

KYLE: I’m sorry, but I need to talk with her, privately.

STEVEN: Ah, private?

He hopes it’s not what Nicole’s been fearing and fretting about for the past few weeks, ever since the two decided to ‘stay’ married and ever since Jessi let them know the two have been getting ‘closer’.

KYLE: It’s not about what you think.

STEVEN [looks a little alarmed]: Ah, you’re not…[he glances around the class full of students and lowers his voice], you read my mind?

KYLE: No. It’s written all over your face.

STEVEN: Ah, right, well. Private. [Now he’s curious on a different level].

JESSI [curious along with Steven and tries to ease his worry]: He said he’d tell us.

STEVEN: He did? [He glances at her then at Kyle].

Kyle frowns at Jessi and she can feel his displeasure.

JESSI [telepaths]: Sorry, he seemed worried.

KYLE [telepaths back]: I know, but just let me tell it?

Jessi picks up on Kyle’s faster heart rate and can tell he’s worried about discussing whatever the matter was with Amanda to begin with, much less worried about telling them as well. It must be big. That makes her even more curious but doesn’t press the issue.

Steven is glancing back and forth between them and can tell they have that telepathic look.

STEVEN: So, good job you two. [He waves a hand at their work]. Kyle, you can spend the next three hours working on a project or an idea for one. Jessi, [he shrugs helplessly], whatever else you’d like to work on. [He leans over to whisper]. No more head talk, [then stands up]. I need to check on the other students. [He takes their work with him].

Kyle and Jessi glance at each other, careful not to telepath. It was so second nature to them.

That evening, Kyle joins Declan at another resident hall get together, it’s a wild card night. But Thursday night, rather than go to a Pub Quiz in McMahon, Kyle decides to stay in his dorm room and study.

DECLAN [studying at his desk to keep Kyle company]: There’s another party here in the dorm.

KYLE: There are a lot of parties going on.

DECLAN: It’s the last week of Dawg Daze, get in on the fun while you can.

KYLE: Then why aren’t you?

DECLAN: And leave my man brooding here all alone?

KYLE: I’m not brooding.

DECLAN: You haven’t turned the page in the last few seconds. For you, that’s a record.

KYLE [sighs]: I’ve been thinking.

DECLAN: From the looks of it, too much.

KYLE: I want to finish all my majors in two years rather than four.

DECLAN: Two? I can see you doing that.

KYLE: Then finish the last two years at Bastyr University.

DECLAN: Bastyr? Why there?

KYLE: They have alternative medicine in natural health I’m interested in.

DECLAN: That sounds like a lot of studying to cram in.

KYLE: Lots, I’ll need to read at least 100 textbooks a day and do all the assignments from them as well as the lab work and special projects.

DECLAN: Sounds easy, for you. A hundred books should be a breeze, I thought you could read more than that.

KYLE: I can, it’s the hands on work that takes up the most time.

A buzzer on Declan’s alarm clock sounds.

DECLAN: Time to check the laundry. [They both get up and head down to the laundry room where Kyle shows Declan what to do next].

KYLE: Drying is easy. You just toss in a dryer sheet, turn the timer on and wait until they’re done.

DECLAN: That is easy. [He tosses in a sheet and closes the door and turns the timer but nothing happens]. Ah, easy?

KYLE: Just press start. [He points to the start button].

DECLAN: Right. Start. [He presses the button and hears the dryer start]. Got it.

KYLE: If you come early before the dryer time runs out, and open the door to check to see if your clothes aren’t yet dry, you can insert your card to add on another five minutes. [He gives a significant teasing pause]. Then you press the start button to start drying again.

DECLAN: Ha, yeah. Thanks for the help.

They head back to their room but are waylaid by Preston carrying a couple bags of ice.

JEFF PRESTON: Hey, guys. You’re welcome to join me.

DECLAN: I’m gearing up for the weekend so thought I’d get in some study time tonight.

JEFF: But it’s Thursday, the day before the weekend. What better time to party?

DECLAN: What better time to cram? Besides, if I don’t make the grade my dad will pull the plug.

JEFF: Ouch. [He thinks for a moment that his parents might do the same thing]. There’s always next week to catch up.


JEFF: Door’s open. [He waves goodbye].

DECLAN: Thanks, [waves back as does Kyle].

Their room, when they enter, seems very quiet compared to the loud music of another party going on down the hall.

DECLAN: Study, oh yeah. [He slumps over his textbook with a little less enthusiasm than earlier, finding he’s missing the lure of party action].

Kyle, not being the party type, begins to read the pile of books he brought from the library on Wednesday, this time flipping page after page getting right into studying.

Scene cuts to Amanda entering the Rack. She’s carrying a backpack and a tote bag of magazines. She sees Hillary and Lori at a table sipping coffee. They wave to her and she plops her stuff down.

AMANDA: I’m parched. I’ll just order something quick and I’ll be right back, wait until you see what I brought.

Hillary raises a brow at her retreating form as Lori reaches in and pulls out a magazine.

LORI [she shows Hillary]: Someone came prepared. [The magazine is on wedding dresses and planning a wedding].

HILLARY: Oh, this will be way worth a boring study night.

AMANDA [comes back with a green smoothie]: I hope you don’t mind looking at a few magazines with me before we study.

HILLARY: Anything other than cracking a textbook, I’m in. [She tries to look nonchalant as she flips through another magazine, this one mostly on bridesmaids]. Any ideas so far on who you’re wedding party will be?

AMANDA [pauses before taking a sip]: Ah, [she glances at Lori], one or two. Lori, would you be my maid of honor?

LORI [gets excited]: Would I! Thanks, Amanda.

Amanda nods, pleased and happy Lori agrees and takes a sip of her drink while Hillary waits expectantly.

AMANDA [takes a deep breath]: Hillary, I’m sorry, I did think of you but I know Kyle would likely want Jessi to be a part of the wedding. I’m thinking small, depending on what Kyle and I can afford. But, [she rushes on], if we can do more, and have room for another bridesmaid, then I’d like you to be another bridesmaid as well, but it really depends on money. [She takes another breath].

HILLARY [blinks]: Wow, did you have that rehearsed?


HILLARY: I’d be glad to be a bridesmaid then, if you go big.

AMANDA: Thank you.

HILLARY: So, would that mean we can pick our dresses? [She flips through some more pages].

AMANDA: That I would need help on, the theme, choosing an actual wedding dress and matching dresses for everyone else.

LORI [grabs another magazine]: Then lets start looking. [She flips a few pages]. Wow, there are so many to choose from, some are really gorgeous. [But as she sees the stacks of magazines her cynicism kicks in]. What a racket. Exclusive expensive gowns you’ll only wear once, go deep in debt, all for the sake of supposed marital bliss?

AMANDA [raises an eyebrow]: Yes.

LORI: All righty, then. [She opens another magazine]. Blissed be.

Hillary giggles.

AMANDA: I thought more of an A-line dress with a flowing skirt rather than a ball gown shape.

Textbooks are forgotten as they magazine shop for a dress.

Scene cuts to Friday night, Amanda is getting ready at home, waiting for Kyle to pick her up and take her to their marriage course. Just as she picks up her lipstick to add a finishing touch, she pauses before putting it on.

AMANDA: After.

She puts the lipstick in her purse and hears the doorbell. Kyle is here. She grabs the picture of the foster child and tucks that into her purse before gathering up a sweater jacket and rushing downstairs. She opens the door.

KYLE: Hi. [He sees she’s ready so waits on the threshold].

She steps closer, her intent clear so he leans down to kiss her hello.

KYLE: You look beautiful.

KYLE [narrative]: I couldn’t help think of our little girl, she was going to look just like Amanda, beautiful as well.

AMANDA [smiles]: I have something to tell you.

KYLE: You do?

AMANDA [nods and caresses his cheek]: Later, after we come back.

After she locks up, they head down the steps, the sky above darkens and it’s now later that night. Amanda and Kyle are back home, heading up the steps. It’s almost one in the morning. They wave to Jessi who came back with them after the block party, held at McMahon, was over.

They head inside. Kyle has brought with him an overnight bag. Being late, neither feels as tired as each has something on their mind.

KYLE [sets his bag down beside her bed]: I had fun tonight.

AMANDA [sets her purse down on her dresser, glancing down at it instead of looking at him]: Me too.

She keeps staring at her purse then reaches inside to pull out the picture. When she walks over to him, her gaze darts everywhere except on him and Kyle can tell she’s nervous.

AMANDA: I have something to show you. Um, because we can’t have… [she takes a breath, staring at the picture, feeling tears gather. She’s finding this harder than she thought it would be]. We can’t have children, I thought, [she shows him a picture of a little girl], we could sponsor a foster child.

Kyle looks at the picture of a dark-haired, brown-skinned African girl and feels a wave of emotion sweep over him. He thought it wonderful that Amanda would think of an unselfish way to help another person, and though it wasn’t the same as adoption, it was still just as special. He takes the picture.

AMANDA: I know we can think of adopting later, [he glances up from the picture to her, her comment echoing his thoughts], but at this time in our life, I thought sponsoring a child might, well, I hoped it might fill a void of not having…I’m sorry, I might not be saying this right.

KYLE: No, it’s perfect. It’s a great idea.


KYLE [smiles]: Yeah.

They hug.

Scene changes to the Trager house where Jessi, now in her bedroom, picks up on Kyle’s wave of emotions. She can’t help herself; she starts listening in, even though Kyle has told her that he’ll be telling the family later.

Scene cuts back to Kyle and Amanda.

AMANDA: It’s okay choosing a girl, or would you have preferred to sponsor a boy?

KYLE: A girl.

AMANDA: Great. I was hoping you would like a girl. [She holds on to him a bit longer, loving being held by him].

KYLE: I think now would be the time to tell you why I wasn’t in class on Monday, where I really went.

They break apart.

KYLE: That morning when you left, just after we kissed, I detected your DNA again, and then suddenly I knew what it meant.

AMANDA [very curious where this was leading]: What?

KYLE: I figured out how to combine our DNA.

AMANDA [puts a hand to her mouth]: How? You mean, we can have children after all?

KYLE: Ah, no, only one child.

AMANDA: What do you mean? Why one?

KYLE: That’s all I was able to do.

AMANDA [eyes widen]: Do? How can you know it can only be one unless you’ve already accomplished… [She sees the expression on his face that he did exactly that]. You mean you combined our DNA? [He nods]. Where? How did you get a sample? [Then she remembered]. The sample Cassidy stole from us.

KYLE: Yes. I went to the lab where our DNA was stored and combined them. We have a girl.

AMANDA [feeling stunned]: We have a girl. A girl.

KYLE: Yeah.

AMANDA: Truly? [He nods but as she sways a bit, he takes a hold of her and sits her down on the bed]. Oh, God, Kyle! That’s amazing! [She starts crying]. You did it! You found a way. [She throws her arms around him and practically squeezes the breath out of him]. We’re going to have a baby girl!

Scene cuts to Jessi and when she overhears the new of what Kyle has done, she’s overjoyed for him but bites her lip in guilt for listening in. Now she has to act all day at work with him tomorrow as if she doesn’t know a thing and stops listening in.

Scene cuts back to Kyle and Amanda.

KYLE: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do it without telling you first.

AMANDA: That doesn’t matter. I know you had the best of intentions. [She keeps on hugging him and he hugs her back just as happy. They were going to have a girl one day]. But the best thing about what you did is – we can have more!

KYLE [pulls away]: Ah, no, actually, we can’t.

AMANDA: Why not? Something didn’t go wrong did it?

KYLE: No, amazingly, it went right the first time. I think it was a miracle it happened at all.

AMANDA: How do you mean?

KYLE: At first, after combining the DNA, nothing seemed to happen. I checked and rechecked all the steps. Then I remembered you told me one time when I tried helping Steven’s dad that maybe it was divine intervention that helped me hear his father. So, I did what you would have done, [she raises a brow in question], I prayed.

Flashback to when he’s in the lab and views himself praying, holding out his hand over the DNA sample and sees a glow of light emanate and vibrate from his hand towards the sample.

Back to Amanda as she puts a hand over her mouth again and this time the tears flow.

AMANDA: Oh, my God. [She said a quick prayer out loud herself]. Thank you, God.

She goes back to hugging him again, holding on tight. He holds on as well.

AMANDA: She’ll be extra special then.

KYLE: Yes, she will.

She starts kissing him, over and over.

AMANDA [in between kisses]: You’ve just given me the best present ever. [She gazes into his eyes]. Let me give you something in return. [Her next kiss sends more than his body temperature rising]. Me.

Kyle swallows hard. As tempting as her offer is, he has to tell her about his wanting Cassidy’s DNA. As much as he wants her, he needs to be completely honest with her.

AMANDA: Tomorrow night. [She glances at the clock]. It’s getting late for us to um…you know. Take our time.

KYLE: Tomorrow night. [Tomorrow night will be the time to tell her].

Amanda, thinking he’s agreeing and wanting her as well, starts feeling nervous and excited all at the same time.

AMANDA: I’m just going to get ready for bed.

She gathers her things and hurries to use the washroom first.

KYLE [narrative]: How can I tell her I want Cassidy’s and her offspring? She was not going to take the news well.

All throughout the night as he holds her close, and she holding on to him, he goes through various scenarios.

At Latnok, he’s still too preoccupied to notice Jessi avoiding being alone with him for very long. Her skill at shielding and containing her emotions has grown thanks to their practice hours with Foss.

On his break, he draws a picture of the embryo of their daughter and puts it in a frame. Nate walks by, takes a sip of coffee from his coffee mug then takes a seat nearby. He bites into an apple then points to Kyle’s picture.

NATE: Trying to be the next Picasso?

Kyle doesn’t answer him. When Nate’s phone beeps, he pulls it out and sees a text message.

Text reads: Nathaniel Harris, my son Cassidy recommended you to me. Despite what you may have heard about my son, his agenda was not my own for Latnok. All I ask of you is to look into his death. From a concerned mother, Grace Kingsley.

KYLE: Who’s that?

Nate doesn’t answer him, not that Kyle expected him too, it was obviously a personal message, a message that made Nate’s heart rate speed up a bit. Nate gets up and goes back to his work station.

Nate texts back: Sure. But why me, why not go to the police?

She texts back: I did but they told me nothing, they suspect I was behind all the illegal activities, using Latnok as a smokescreen. It’s taken a group of lawyers and a final pardon to clear my name. I just want to know what happened.

Nate [thinks, sure you do but texts back]: I’ll see what I can do.

She texts back: Thank you, Nate.

Kyle returns to his work station and glances over at Nate who is deep into his project. He doesn’t even acknowledge Kyle. Not that Kyle minds, he doesn’t want to explain his picture to him anyway.

At the end of the work day, Nate enters Jessi’s office.

NATE: Hi, hotness. [He sits in a chair facing her desk, leans back and clasps his hand at the back of his head]. How was work?

JESSI: I don’t like small talk.

NATE: Okay, how about a date?

JESSI: A date? Now?

NATE [chuckles]: Now is always a good time but, no. I’ll be busy the next few days but how about next Friday?

JESSI: I’ll have to ask Nicole and Steven.

NATE: Fine.

She goes back to work but when he doesn’t leave she glances back up at him.

JESSI: What?

NATE: Nothing new in your life since we last dated?

JESSI [heaves a sigh]: Can’t we talk about all that on our date? [But then she thinks of her new skill of being able to search the electronic highway].

Something must have showed on her face because he unclasps his hands and leans forward, staring intently at her.

NATE: We could, but something did happen.

JESSI: Well, [she hesitates, thinking since he knows all about her and her abilities, what harm would it do to tell him?] I can hone in on communication wavelengths.

NATE [years of experience he lets nothing show on his face other than excited interest and not the faint sense of alarm that she could have detected his text message with Grace]: Oh yeah? That sounds fascinating. Tell me more.

She does.

Back at home, Amanda is too keyed up to focus on studying and plays the piano for a while before preparing a nice dinner for Kyle and preparing herself for their “night.” This was the perfect time, it feels so right.

She takes special attention to primping, using creams and powders, and dressing in a soft-pink silk dress with white pumps.

When Kyle comes home, he hears Amanda on the phone with Nicole.

AMANDA: I’m sorry, Mrs. Trager. I already prepared a meal for us. But thank you for asking us over for dinner. [She waves to him]. Thanks for the offer of Lori’s room, but we’ll be fine. [By her deep expectant gaze at him, tells Kyle she’ll be more than fine].

He doesn’t hear the rest of the conversation, which turns out to be very short, as he focuses on what she’s wearing. She looks even more beautiful. He also feels even worse for spoiling the mood she must have spent all day preparing for. He’s never been so tempted not to follow through.

Cut to the Trager house as Nicole hangs up. Jessi pauses in cutting up some vegetables, feeling another wave of emotion Kyle is subconsciously projecting, this one more sexual in nature. And here she thought she was the one who had a problem with control. Something was going to happen with those two, their feelings were too strong to ignore, especially Kyle’s.

NICOLE [notices Jessi no longer cutting]: Anything wrong?

JESSI: No. [She hurriedly goes back to cutting].

Nicole mistakenly thinks Jessi has “listened” in to her conversation with Amanda and doesn’t want to let on she violated a privacy rule. Nicole helps out in preparing, but Jessi can tell by the sharp hurried tearing up of the lettuce Nicole is upset Kyle is spending “alone” time with Amanda. If only she knew the half of it.

Scene cuts back to Kyle as he continues to stare with admiration. Amanda notices and greets him hello with a long lingering kiss.

AMANDA: How was work?

KYLE: Work? [Who cared about work]?

AMANDA [just smiles]: Supper’s ready.

He follows her into the kitchen and sits down at the candlelight dinner she prepared.

He barely remembers what he ate. Hormones warred with the need for sharing the truth. Thinking she was going to lead them right away upstairs to the bedroom, she surprises him by playing soft romantic melodies to faster moving passionate ones. His emotions are in a tailspin.

She comes over and sits beside him on the couch but when she leans over to kiss him, he jumps up.

KYLE: I have something to show you. [He leaves the room to dig out the picture he made from his jacket and brings it over to her]. I made this for you.

AMANDA [takes it]: What is it? [She sees a circular dish-like object with another smaller circle that looks like a cell structure].

KYLE: Our daughter.

Amanda stares at it in awe and traces her finger around it.

AMANDA: She’s beautiful.

She stands up and wraps her arms around him, hugging him.

AMANDA: Thank you.

She kisses him, and kisses him, pressing closer, not about to stop this time. Kyle inwardly groans, it had to be now. He drags his mouth free, and tugs her arms from around his neck.

KYLE: I have to tell you something.

AMANDA [blinks in surprise]: Okay.

KYLE [sits back down on the couch and she follows, still holding the picture in her hand]: I had a premonition. About yours and Cassidy’s embryo.

AMANDA [suddenly pales, growing worried, his abruptness in bringing up the topic made her think the worst]: He’ll hurt our baby?

KYLE: What? No! Nothing like that, nothing bad.

AMANDA [heaves a sigh in relief]: Oh! Still, just the thought of it, [she shudders]. I put it out of my mind that it was even there. [She gazes at him, waiting with a small frown of concern].

KYLE: It was about how he’ll be when he grows up. He’ll inherit your musical ability and be a famous musician.

AMANDA [just nods]: Oh, well, then, whoever adopts it, we can tell them it will be musically inclined.

He winces on hearing her call the baby ‘it’ instead of ‘he.’

AMANDA [watches him closely]: There’s more, isn’t there? [He hesitates]. Kyle?

KYLE: Yeah, there’s more. It’s something I feel strongly about, but it’s something that I know you won’t like.

AMANDA [glances away, the evening was not ending how she hoped it would and places the picture of their daughter on the coffee table]: Then tell me. You know I’ll only worry more if you don’t.

KYLE: I know you don’t believe that the embryo is a part of you, but I do.

AMANDA [frowns]: Kyle, it’s nothing like me. It will never be like me. [She expresses exactly what he just said she believed]. It will look exactly like him, won’t it?

KYLE: Yes, he will.

AMANDA: See? It has nothing to do with me.

KYLE: But he does.

AMANDA [crosses her arms, growing angry]: You’re wrong.

KYLE: Please understand, it’s only because I believe he’s a part of you and because I won’t be able to give you any more children that, [he takes a deep breath], I want to keep him and raise him as our own.

She stares at him in both shock and horror, making her face turn paler than ever.

AMANDA: I don’t believe it. [She looks at him as if he’s a stranger, no, not a stranger, as if he were Cassidy incarnate]. I don’t believe it.

KYLE [reaches out to hold her hand]: Amanda, [she jerks her hand away].

AMANDA: No! Not in a million years!

Scene cuts to the Trager house. It’s after dinner and Jessi is in her room working on a project but every now and then she pauses to listen in on Kyle and Amanda. When she heard Amanda play, it was somewhat of a letdown, she had been expecting more, so had tuned out. Until the music stopped.

Even though she felt guilty for listening in when she knew she shouldn’t, curiosity got the better of her. It was only when she heard Kyle wanting to keep Cassidy’s embryo that she froze in place and a slow burning anger took its place. Things in the room began to shake, and not just in the room but other objects in the house began to shake too.

Cut back to Kyle and Amanda.

AMANDA: You actually expect me to raise that thing?

KYLE: No, I don’t.

AMANDA: So, what are you saying? You’re going to raise it by yourself, without me?

KYLE: No, never that.

AMANDA: So, you do expect me to raise it.


AMANDA: How could you do this to us?

KYLE: I’m sorry; I had to tell you how I felt.

AMANDA: No way. I can’t believe you. [She grows angry]. This is huge. You can’t just dump this on me. Is this what our marriage is going to be like? You making huge life-altering decisions?

KYLE: No, but I can’t help how I feel.

AMANDA: Well, I’ll tell you how I feel. Betrayed.

KYLE: I can’t give you any more children.

AMANDA: Then we’ll adopt.

KYLE: I thought of that, too.

AMANDA: Then why?

KYLE: He’s a part of you.

Amanda can only shake her head no.

AMANDA: Leave.

KYLE: Amanda, we need to talk about this.

AMANDA: There is nothing to talk about. Go. [He hesitates, hating to leave her like this]. Just go.

He knew there was no way she was going to listen or even talk about this issue. He heads upstairs to gather up his stuff, and when he comes back downstairs he sees her staring blindly into space with tears running down her cheeks.

KYLE: Amanda….

She turns her head away from him. He feels tears of sadness and rejection gather in his eyes and quietly leaves, making sure to mentally lock the door and key in the security code.

Back at the Trager house, in the living room, Nicole types up a report on the computer while Steven reads the paper.

NICOLE: She said they’d be fine together, Steven. Amanda didn’t say anything about not worrying, that nothing will happen.

STEVEN [goes on reading]: Probably nothing will. [From the corner of his eye he detects a movement on the coffee table].

NICOLE: But she didn’t say it will, that leads me to believe something will happen.

Steven glances at the table and sees the TV remote shake and then suddenly skid off the table.

STEVEN: Hon, [the lamp starts shaking next], something is happening.

Steven sets the paper aside just in time to grab a hold of the lamp before it topples over.

NICOLE: Oh, no. Usually with Kyle it’s the lights.

She suddenly hears thumps and bangs of other items in the kitchen being moved.

STEVEN: I don’t think it’s Kyle. [He has to keep a tight hold of the lamp as it jumps and wobbles in his hands as if it were alive].

NICOLE [glances down the hall]: Jessi? [She calls out]. Jessi! [She rushes to Jessi’s room and as she passes the kitchen she sees the toaster fly off the counter]. Not again.

She opens Jessi’s bedroom door and when she sees tears of rage rolling down Jessi’s cheeks she’s shocked and concerned.

NICOLE: Jessi! Did Brian call? Did he upset you?

Jessi shakes her head no.

NICOLE: What are you upset about?

JESSI [barely able to choke out one word]: Kyle.

NICOLE: Kyle?!

Steven rushes down the hallway to the bedroom and hears Kyle’s name.

STEVEN: What’s happened to him?

Cut to outside where Kyle is about to raise his hand to ring the doorbell. Since he wasn’t expected, he didn’t want to just walk in. But when he feels a wave of anger flow towards him like a psychic wall, he knows its Jessi. He opens the door to find Steven, Nicole and Jessi in the hallway close to the front entrance as if expecting him.

From the look of anger and betrayal Jessi throws his way, he knew.

KYLE: You listened in on me.

JESSI: How could you?

KYLE [grows upset himself]: How could you?

He feels hurt that she didn’t respect his privacy.

JESSI [more objects shake]: You should have told me first.

KYLE: That was a private conversation, between Amanda and me.

JESSI: It affects me! [More things, like the pictures on the wall, shake rattle and roll].

KYLE: I would have told you.

NICOLE: Jessi, please, calm down. What’s this all about?

JESSI [too focused on her anger with Kyle]: How? Oh, by the way, I want to keep the treacherous, murderous Cassidy’s embryo?

STEVEN/NICOLE together: What?! [They look at Kyle in shocked surprise].

KYLE: Not in those words and not so bluntly either.

JESSI: He killed my mother!

KYLE: I know Cassidy did, but the baby is innocent.

JESSI: It’s not innocent. It’s his. Whatever comes from him will be just like him!

KYLE: No, he won’t.

JESSI: Some premonition isn’t going to make it a fact.

Steven and Nicole glance each other’s way trying to make sense of their conversation and failing.

STEVEN: Premonition?

NICOLE [sounds even more shocked]: You want to keep Cassidy’s embryo?

Kyle slowly nods.

JESSI: So, you do want that thing. [She makes it sound like an accusation and the dining room windowpane begins to vibrate].

She looks and feels even more betrayed while Kyle’s anger grows. Each glare at the other. A crack forms in the windowpane.

NICOLE: Perhaps we better take a deep breath, sit down and listen to what Kyle has to say.

JESSI: Listen to what, his betrayal?

KYLE [has had enough of her attacking him]: You mean you haven’t told them everything you overheard me say to Amanda?

The glass shatters, flying towards Kyle.

Nicole gives a startled yell.

STEVEN: Look out! [He covers his head with one hand and covers Nicole’s head with his other hand].

Kyle turns around and puts up a hand, creating a shield to block the flying shards of glass from hitting anyone.

Scene cuts to outside the house as Josh comes home from work at the Rack. He has just gotten out of his car and is walking up the sidewalk when he jumps back startled as the window shatters, ducking for cover.

JOSH: What the—?

He glances around to see if anyone else happened by and sees a neighbor pause, looking just as startled.

JOSH [calls out]: Flying rock! I must have driven over one as I pulled in.

The neighbor nods understandingly and walks on. Josh frowns at the window and just as he’s about to rush inside the house to find out what the heck is going on, something more amazing happens.

Cut back inside.

At that moment, when the glass shattered, everything seems to be in slow motion and Kyle can mentally see the composition of the glass down to its subatomic particles, and how to repair and restore the glass to it’s natural shape.

The flying shards suddenly fly back towards the window frame to reassemble until the glass is back intact and damage free.

Cut to outside as Josh watches in amazement.

JOSH: Kyle, my man, that could only be you.

Cut back inside as Jessi stares in both guilt and awe. She caused the window to shatter while Kyle had only made it crack. She didn’t know whether to hate him or love him. Once again he fixed her ‘mistake.’

JESSI: How did you do that?

Nicole and Steven straighten up and stare at the window then at Kyle, just as in awe and wonder. All turn to face the door as Josh rushes in, pausing only to close the door.

JOSH: Okay, what’s going on? [He gazes at Kyle]. You discovered a new ability. I saw.

Jessi grows jealous. Of course the first person Josh looks to is Kyle, always Kyle.

Kyle glances at her, his gaze narrows as he feels her jealousy.

JESSI [lashes out]: Did you use the same technique to restore your damaged DNA in order to blend it with Amanda’s?

STEVEN: Wait a minute, what DNA?

NICOLE: You blended with Amanda? You mean you had sex? [Confusion between Kyle and Jessi’s arguing and the glass shattering and miraculously restored intact, she mixed the two implications up].

JOSH [like-minded in a different way as his mother, he throws Kyle an admiring glance and a thumbs up]: Welcome to the club, bro.

They all wait for Kyle to say something.

Kyle is still angry with Jessi. This was not the way he had wanted to impart such important news.

KYLE: Go on, tell them the rest. Why stop now?

She glares at him and the window starts to vibrate again. He glares back. She struggles inwardly for control.

JESSI [answers Steven]: The DNA Cassidy stole from Kyle and Amanda. Kyle used their DNA to create a viable embryo.

JOSH: Amanda’s pregnant? Pregnant?

Steven and Nicole stare at her, then back at Kyle, then back to her.

JESSI: They’re going to have—

KYLE [cuts in]: Amanda and I are going to have a girl. One day.

Steven, Nicole and Josh stare at him.

KYLE: And the reason I want Cassidy’s embryo is because it’s a part of Amanda.

JOSH: Huh? [This is the first he heard of this]. Keep Cassidy’s embryo?

JESSI: But, if you made a viable embryo once, you can do it again.

NICOLE: Now wait, hold on, more?

KYLE: No, I can’t.

Jessi mentally reels back as she feels Kyle’s sadness and desperation, the main reason he risked creating an embryo in the first place. He was letting her feel his emotions. The window still vibrates but this time it’s him, not her, causing it to happen.

NICOLE: You can’t?

Kyle sadly shakes his head.

STEVEN: So, you two are going to have a baby?

He looks shell-shocked, remember the scare they almost had with Josh and Andy and can’t help glance Josh’s way. Josh shifts his feet as if he was the guilty one instead of Kyle.

NICOLE [looks panicked]: Not now! [She forgot he said one day].

KYLE: No, we’ll wait a few years.

Jessi can hear Amanda still crying and for the first time sympathizes with her.

JESIS: If she wants you.

KYLE [takes his frustration and hurt out on her]: That’s right. Why don’t you finish telling them what you overheard?

NICOLE [rubs a hand across her forehead]: Enough! Both of you.

The window rattles harder.

NICOLE: Jessi!

KYLE: It’s me.

Nicole opens her mouth then closes it. The window slowly stops vibrating as Kyle struggles for emotional control.

Of course, he succeeds, where Jessi has failed. She continues to glare at him and he at her.

NICOLE: Jessi, go to your room.

JESSI [more miffed she’s being singled out]: Why?

NICOLE [stares firmly at her]: Go!

Jessi’s lip trembles, hurt and angry, but Nicole doesn’t budge so she heads to her room. Of course they’d take his side.

NICOLE [turns to Kyle]: We need to talk.

He nods and follows Steven and Nicole to the kitchen. Josh hurries after them, needing to hear the whole story. In the kitchen they see and skirt around the mess of appliances that had fallen to the floor.

JOSH: Whoa.

NICOLE [to Steven]: I’ll get Jessi to clean this all up.

STEVEN: And repair. [He sees broken bits].

She nods in agreement and they all sit at the table.

NICOLE [to Kyle]: Now, start from the beginning.

Kyle casts a swift glance towards Jessi’s room.

Cut to her as she sits on her bed, listening in on them, she can’t help herself.

After Kyle tells them, and also how angry Amanda is with him, they need a moment to assimilate.

So Kyle heads to his room and when he lays down in his tub, it’s the first time he didn’t feel as comfortable in it, it didn’t feel like home.

Steven and Nicole stare at each other for quite some time.

STEVEN: We’re going to be grandparents.

NICOLE: One day.

Steven runs a hand through his hair and lets out a deep sigh. Nicole glances away, tears forming in her eyes.

NICOLE: I know he can’t have children, but what he’s done, what he wants… [she chokes up].

STEVEN [holds her hand]: Yeah.

They take a moment before they head to Jessi’s room and see her sitting on her bed. Nicole sits beside her.

NICOLE: I know you’re upset with Kyle wanting Cassidy’s embryo. I’m upset myself.

JESSI: It isn’t right.

NICOLE: Right or wrong, it’s how he feels and what he believes. What’s wrong is how you listened in on his conversation, knowing he would have told us later.

JESSI: But…[she want to explain how she feels].

NICOLE: No buts, Jessi. It’s time for you to learn and accept responsibility for your actions.

STEVEN: For starters, you can start cleaning the kitchen and repairing anything that’s been broken. Or paying us to replace what can’t be fixed.

NICOLE: You’re also grounded for a week so you won’t be able to go on your date with Nate next Friday.

JESSI: But Kyle wants a murderous lying offspring.

NICOLE: I know he does. Wait, you mean the offspring of a lying, murderous, [she stops, what did it matter? To Jessi, it’s the same thing]. Right now, the issue is with you. I’ll speak with Kyle later, when our emotions have had time to cool and deal.

JESSI: That’s not fair! You’re taking his side. [Objects start to shake again]. You always take his side.

STEVEN: Jessi! [She’s startled at his abrupt tone]. Listen to your mothe—[tears pool in Jessi’s eyes], I mean Nicole. [His voice softens] Gain control, focus, [he nods to the objects], unless you want to spend all your money on repairs.

JESSI [lips take on a mutinous line]: It’s not fair.

NICOLE: It’s not fair you invaded his privacy. And yes, if you had waited until he told us, you would have felt just as bad after hearing his news. It’s worse now because you need to be punished for breaking a rule. And despite how the unfairness or fairness feels to you, that’s how it is.

Scene cuts to Kyle’s room. Josh is perched on a chair with his arms crossed over the back of the chair facing and looking down at Kyle.

JOSH: Wow, you’re going to be a dad. I remember that feeling well. An almost, oh God, Andy could be pregnant, what do I do, feeling. Aren’t you scared?

KYLE: Yeah and happy.

JOSH: Huh, happy. [He thinks of his experience]. Nah, I was only scared. Terrified really.

KYLE: We’re not having one this instant.

JOSH: Right, right. Thank God.

KYLE: You’d be an uncle.

JOSH [flare of panic]: Huh?

A brief small smile lifts up the corners of Kyle’s mouth.

JOSH: Oh, ha. I already am.

KYLE: You won’t have to baby-sit for a long while. [But his brief smile disappears. Quite a while. Thanks to Jessi’s comment, the fear Amanda might not want him is now at the forefront of his mind].

JOSH: So, a girl, [he pauses], and a boy?

Kyle only responds with a wince.

JOSH: Dude, I can tell you’re bummed, but really, keep Cassidy’s embryo? I know you like to do good deeds, but this may not be one of them. You know?

Kyle looks sadly at him.

Nicole comes in and indicates to Josh she’d like to talk to Kyle alone. Josh leaves and Nicole perches on the edge of his tub.


KYLE: I was going to tell you.

NICOLE: I know, but that’s some news.

KYLE: Yeah, it is.

NICOLE: Why do you want to keep Cassidy’s embryo, is it really because you want to make amends for… well, for the way he died?

KYLE [senses she’s trying to be diplomatic]: Killing him?

NICOLE: Kyle, that was self-defense.

KYLE [sighs]: No. It’s because the baby really does have Amanda’s DNA and anything that’s a part of her is why I want the baby, because of that reason alone.

NICOLE: And Amanda wants nothing to do with it.


NICOLE [softly]: Can you blame her?

KYLE: No. I never expected her to. I feel what I feel.

NICOLE: Maybe, but maybe there is a part of you that did hope she could have accepted the embryo.

He frowns, wondering. Did he? Maybe, subconsciously he had hoped.

NICOLE: As much as you want the baby, I’m guessing you know you can’t raise it in an atmosphere where the mother herself won’t want or even love it. Much like how Cassidy’s mother felt about him. It would be like history repeating itself.

KYLE: I know. I don’t want the baby raised in that kind of atmosphere either.

NICOLE: No matter how much it hurts, [he looks away, feeling miserable and Nicole feels tears gather in her own eyes at how much turmoil and pain he’s going through], but what about the child growing up in a hostile environment? The needs of the child comes first.

He can only nod. She rubs his shoulder before leaving him.

KYLE [narrative]: No one seemed to understand my desire to keep Cassidy’s and Amanda’s embryo. Logically, I knew I had to give it up for adoption, but emotionally, I wanted to keep and raise the child as my own.

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