Kyle XY crossover When Worlds Collide


The information locked inside Kyle's head is put to good use when news of a rogue planet is about to collide with Earth.

Scifi / Romance
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Prom Night

Kyle's journal:

As I stand on the observation deck overlooking the destruction of Earth, I can't believe it was only five short years ago and all I had to worry about back then on Prom Night was the Latnok board members. I shudder and feel tears of sorrow for losing my first love, Amanda. The legacy we share together I will forever hold dear to my heart.

(He places a hand on the oblong silver casing next to his Latnok ring hanging around his neck as memories flood over him).

Chapter One - Prom Night

After Kyle and Amanda say "I love you" and exit the prom, Kyle is about to leave her to pick up her bag. As he walks toward the door to head back inside a niggle in the back of his mind makes him remember the words Foss told him.

FOSS: You should always worry.

Yes, he sees the security guard but something else about the surrounding deserted area seems off. So he turns back to Amanda, sensing immediately he's being watched.

KYLE: Amanda?

AMANDA (turns to him): Yes?

KYLE (holds out his hand): Would you mind coming with me? I just want to make every moment with you count.

AMANDA (smiles and takes his hand): Sure.

When he glances over at the guard, the guard just nods to him. So, Kyle opens the door for Amanda and feels a sudden movement behind him. Before he can turn around, he's knocked unconscious. His las thought is of Amanda and the danger she is in. He should have been quicker.

When he comes to, he finds himself lying strapped down on a table hooked up to a machine monitoring his vitals. He focuses his hearing but doesn't pick up the sound of Amanda's heartbeat anywhere near. What he does hear is a voice saying to start the procedure on him.

He jerks at his restraints, sees a couple of scalpels on a tray and concentrates. The scalpel moves and sails through the air toward him but he misses catching it and it falls to the floor. He can hear footsteps approach and concentrates a second time. This time he catches the second scalpel and cuts at his restraints.

When a man enters and checks the monitors, Kyle slips off the table. His movement catches the man's attention.

MAN: Hey!

KYLE: Where's Amanda?

MAN (takes a step toward him, pulling out a taser): Back on the table.

KYLE (mentally yanks the gun out of the man's hand and into his hand): Where is she?

The man stares at the taser now in Kyle's hand and then back at Kyle.

MAN: Not here.

KYLE: Where?

The man refuses to answer.

So Kyle leaves the room, jamming the lock so the man can't get out and tosses the taser into a nearby trash can.

As he runs down a hall, two other men, dressed as security guards, see him.

GUARD #1: Get him!

Kyle rushes past them and up a staircase. They likely wouldn't answer his questions on where they took Amanda. As he ran up the stairs to the roof, he checks his pocket but his cell phone is gone.

The guards follow him up to the roof.

GUARD #1: There's no where to run.

There is one way to go and that was off the roof. Kyle runs and takes a flying leap, analyzing through his peripheral vision in the seconds it takes him as he runs to the edge, all the surrounding buildings and how far apart they are from each other. Recognition of where he is helps him give the extra momentum he needs to land on the building across. He looks up to see the two guards astonishment before they duck out of sight.

Throughout his run towards home, he tries to detect Amanda's heartbeat, but she is nowhere around. Where did they take her?

When he arrives home, he first checks Amanda's house but she's not inside nor at his house.

He enters his home and finds Steven, Nicole and Lori in the kitchen at the table sipping a hot beverage.

NICOLE: Kyle, you're home early. (She looks past him). Did you take Amanda home?

KYLE: No. We were taken.

STEVEN (stands up): What?

NICOLE: Taken, by whom?

KYLE: I don't know.

Then he hears a buzzing sound and follows the sound to the front door and sees his cell phone on the shelf above the heat register.

KYLE: My cell.

NICOLE (having followed him): You left it here. (Steven and Lori are right behind her).

KYLE (glances up at her frowning in sudden concern): No, I didn't. (Did Latnok find a way inside his house and plant his phone where he could easily find it?)

He answers his phone and sees a video of someone holding a Latnok ring then someone turns the camera towards an unconscious Amanda who is lying on a bench in a curved room. He shows his parents.

KYLE: Latnok has her.

NICOLE: Oh, my God.

LORI: Kyle, I'm sorry. (She shakes her head).

STEVEN: I can't they believe they resorted to kidnapping.

KYLE: Neither can I. Foss warned me.

STEVEN: He did? When?

KYLE: He was at the dance, on the lookout for me. I shouldn't have sent him away.

STEVEN: Call him.

KYLE: No, I don't want anyone hurt.

NICOLE: I think this has gone beyond hurt. Kidnapping is a form of terrorism. I'm calling the police.

LORI: Mom, and say what? Wouldn't that put Kyle and Amanda in more danger? I agree with Dad, call Foss. He knows these people and what they're capable of.

STEVEN: If you won't call him, Kyle. I will.

Kyle looks torn but then turns his head toward the door.

NICOLE: What is it?

Kyle opens the door and sees Jessi there on the steps.

KYLE: Jessi, you don't know how glad I am to see you. (He feels better having her here rather than Foss. Not that he didn't appreciate what Foss does to protect him, but his measures can be extreme).

JESSI: I felt your panic. What's wrong?

KYLE: It's Latnok, they took Amanda. I escaped but they're holding Amanda somewhere else.

He shows her the video Latnok sent him.

JESSI: What's that popping noise?

They both listen and then say at the same time, "Train."

Kyle hurries over to the computer and calls up a map.

Just then the doorbell rings. Nicole answers it as Steven and Lori enter the living room, curious to see what Kyle and Jessi find.

NICOLE (in a loud voice): Carol! Hi!

CAROL (walks right in): Do you have any idea what time it is?

Nicole tries to block her from entering the living room.

NICOLE: Ah, one a.m.?

CAROL: How calmly you say that.

Cut to the living room where Steven, Kyle and Jessi are trying to scrunch further behind the wall so Carol won't be able to see them. Lori is looking around frantically then spies a tissue box on the desk and grabs a handful and puts them up to her nose. She tries pinching herself to bring tears to her eyes.

She then walks to the hall, sniffling.

LORI (in the hallway): I guess our heart to heart will have to wait now, mom. (She gives a big shake-filled sniffle). Oh, hi, Mrs. Bloom. Declan and I broke up. (She dabs at her eyes and makes blowing out her nose sounds, hiding behind her big wad of tissue).

CAROL: I'm sorry, Lori. Nicole, I didn't mean to interrupt.

NICOLE: Thank you, Carol. Maybe I should go talk to Lori, but I'm sure Amanda will call you back.

CAROL: I'm sure she will. I just can't help worry. It's so late. (She wrings her hands, then checks her cell again).

NICOLE: I understand. Phone me if you don't hear back from her, okay? I'll be up. (Eases Carol out the door).

CAROL: I will. (Then glances over at Lori seeing the tears in her eyes). Sorry.

Lori just nods.

When Carol has gone, Nicole lets out a big sigh of relief.

NICOLE: Good thinking, Lori.

LORI (has real tears now): Um, yeah, wasn't too hard.

NICOLE: Aw, (she gives her a hug). Declan's been your safety net, hasn't he?

LORI: Yeah, he has. But, I think I like someone else now.

They hear Steven cough and peak around the corner.

STEVEN: Hey, Lori. I'd love to hear who the someone else is now too, but--(he nods back over his shoulder).

NICOLE (enters the living room and sees Kyle checking out a site): What is it?

KYLE: I know where Latnok has taken Amanda.

NICOLE: Where?

He points to a silo located on View-It Earth.

KYLE (to Jessi): Let's go out the back way, I don't want Mrs. Bloom to see us.

STEVEN: I'll take you there.

KYLE: Thanks, Steven, but I think we can move faster on our own.

STEVEN: Yes, but I don't trust these guys.

KYLE: I don't either. We'll be careful. (He's about to head to the back with Jessi right on his heels).

NICOLE (calls out): Be sure you do. And Jessi, (Jessi pauses), thank you for being here.

Jessi nods.

LORI (to her dad): And Mrs. Bloom may come back, Dad.

Steven rolls his eyes but watches Kyle and Jessi leave with a worried look.

Cut to Kyle and Jessi as they stand outside a gated fence surrounding a compound with the silo and warehouse they found on View-It Earth. A group of guards are at the entrance.

JESSI: How do we get in?

KYLE: We slip past them, (then he concentrates on the lights).

She catches on and they both make the lights explode. Now the yard complex is in darkness.

Guard yells, "Hey!"

Kyle and Jessi look at each other as their night vision enhances and they can easily see everything.

Jessi is feeling strong vibrations from Kyle, all his senses are alert and on high, like he's operating at a higher level. His feelings of anger, fear and worry are all cumulating into one big ball of energy. Like any strong emotion she can sense a new ability about to happen and she tunes in and feels her senses cumulating also. What new ability she'll develop she can't wait. She's only sorry it has to happen by having Kyle hurt and afraid.

JESSI (as they walk through the silo in a certain direction and on hearing several heartbeats, she whispers): Guards are coming.

Kyle quickly glances up and points.

JESSI: Hide?

KYLE: Yes. (He jumps up and grabs on to the pipes. She does the same).

As the guards pass below and move away, do they then jump down.

JESSI: I'd rather we do it my way.

He continues on.

JESSI: You know it's only a matter of time until they realize we're here.

Ahead of them some more guards round the corner and see them.

JESSI: See? My way now.

KYLE (lays a hand on her arm): Distraction only.

He moves slightly ahead of her and concentrates. Lights pop and alarms blare. The guards rush towards them.

Kyle holds up a hand and suddenly they stop as if they have walked into a wall. Jessi senses he did what she did back at the cafeteria where he saved her life. She puts up a hand as well to mentally block the guards.

KYLE: Think you can hold them back?

JESSI: No problem.

He drops his hand and hurries to rescue Amanda.

When he's gone, Jessi debates on doing it her way, by physically engaging the guards one on one. His blocking technique is no fun. Just then more guards arrive. She smiles, it may be her way after all.

Kyle runs down a long hall and arrives at a locked door. A hose is nearby where he takes it and sprays the door with water, drops the hose and places his hands on the door, concentrating. The door freezes and by pressing hard, he's able to shatter the door.

Cut to Jessi where she grabs a guard's ankle and flips him. She ducks a punch and quickly karate chops with enough force to knock the guards unconscious. Only one is left. She grabs him in a choke hold and lifts him off his feet.

JESSI: What do they want from him?

GUARD: They have a plan. (He chokes and makes a grab at her but her grip is too firm). Please.

JESSI: What plan?

He gurgles, refusing to answer and when she lets him go, he falls to the floor unconscious. A few more guards arrive but this time they pull out guns. She takes off.

Cut back to Kyle as he goes over to Amanda.

KYLE: Amanda! (He picks her up and holds her close, placing one hand along her cheek).

Adam said he couldn't have healed Andy but Josh thought he did, and so too did Jessi. In fact, she called him out on denying that fact. He'd known, he was scared to admit he could be that strong. When he restarted Jessi's heart and felt like he could do anything now was the time to put all his training and abilities to the surface.

Feeling not just Amanda's heartbeat, but feeling everything living cell in her body, he had to determine what they did to her - and he found it.

VOICE OVER INTERCOM: Security breach!

He picks her up and carries her out the way he came.

JESSI (runs down the hall towards him): Kyle! They're coming! (She leads him back down another hall). Let's go!

Alarms are blaring and guards chase them. Jessi and Kyle enter the room Latnok members were last seen in. Jessi comes to another door and tries to barge through it with her foot.

KYLE: Take her.

He passes Amanda into her arms then he knocks the door open with his foot.

Guards enter and one points a gun at them.

GUARD: Put her down! (He draws closer). Put the girl down. (He aims his gun).


As Jessi leaves the guard pulls the trigger and Kyle reacts on instinct by jumping in front to protect both Jessi and Amanda. The bullet hits him in the chest and he falls to the floor, stunned.

He immediately senses the bullet isn't real.

Outside, Jessi has laid Amanda on a wooden pellet in a jarring movement as she feels the impact of the fake bullet and Kyle's stunned reaction. Maybe being too in snyc with him isn't so good. What if that bullet had been real? He could have died!

She grows angry on Kyle's behalf and as she makes a deeper connection, she is seeing what he sees as the stunned feeling wears off.

GUARD: Put him in the chair.

Another guard does so as several people enter the room. Latnok members. One of them is Cassidy.

Outside Jessi gasps as she recognizes him as the man she met at the apartment.

Cut to Kyle as he looks down at the bullet then back at the group, standing up and feeling anger coil inside him.

CASSIDY: It was a rubber bullet.

KYLE (voice cold): Obviously.

CASSIDY (grins): Waited a long time to meet you, Kyle. Glad your'e here.

KYLE: You call this a right way to meet someone? I call it harassment.

CASSIDY: Been through a lot tonight, but you were amazing, man. You handled everything we threw at you.

Kyle feels the air around him vibrate, if there had been any windows in the room, he knew they would have had cracks in them.

CASSIDY (impressed): The way you used and controlled your abilities even though you were upset about Amanda.

KYLE: What did you do to her? (He glances around at the others but they are all staring at him in fascination and possessive wonder - which causes his outrage at their tactics grow).

CASSIDY: She'll be fine by the way.

No she won't be fine, he just knew. As if in response, the air seemed to charge with electricity, he can feel a build up surge through him and a tingle in his fingers seemed to crackle.

KYLE (glares at Cassidy): No, she won't be. You put something in her. What is it?

CASSIDY (frowns): Look, you're angry. Fair enough, our methods can seem a little extreme.

KYLE (narrows his eyes at him): Extreme? If you don't tell me what you put in her, (he raises his hand where sparks of electricity radiate from the tips), you will see something extreme.

He can feel the others astonishment and picks up on their worried expressions. Finally, they were getting the point. Did they really want to push him? Really see what he can do if his abilities can turn dangerous?

He hears their heartbeats speed up, every physical and emotional nuance. Except for Cassidy. Something deeper, darker, and desperate was inside him. Cassidy could not be trusted.

CASSIDY: Just something new we've developed. It's safe, instead of a typical sedative so she won't remember what's happened this night. W've used a nano-scopic neural block that attaches to the receptors of the brainstem.

KYLE: And to get it out?

CASSIDY: Yeah, that could be tricky, mate. Not to worry though, it will dissolve.

KYLE (has a psychic vision just then, where the block won't dissolve and she will have trouble with it): If it doesn't?

CASSIDY: Better let us handle it. (He eyes the electricity sparking from Kyle's fingers). I wouldn't recommend trying anything yourself, it might damage her.

KYLE: Like you haven't already.

CASSIDY: Kyle, come on. We're not the enemies. We just want to know you. Work with you.

KYLE: Not the enemy? Friends don't kidnap, nor terrorize.

He takes the rubber bullet out of his shirt and tosses it on the table but did use it as a dampening tool in order to dissipate his electrical charge. So when the rubber bullet bounces and the members saw a charge spark from it they can't help jump back. One woman reaches over and picks it up, the charge is gone, it's safe.

Kyle catches a brief glance she sends Cassidy's way and he gets a strong sense they have a connection. His brief concentration on the blood flowing through their cells he detects and almost 'sees' their DNA. It's similar, they're related.

KYLE: I'll never be part of your organization, (he glares at each of them), you will stay away from me, my family, my friends, and Amanda.

CASSIDY (unfazed by his anger): It's too much to take in for one night. Here, (he indicates for a man to hand Kyle a bag), take Amanda's bag, (then he throws Kyle a tie), don't forget your bow tie. Go home. And we'll see you around. (He turns to walk away).

Kyle, however, puts up a hand and when Cassidy stops abruptly as if he's walked into a wall he turns back to Kyle.

KYLE: I don't think any of you would be wise to cross me. If you really wanted to know me, you could have introduced yourselves like normal people. But then that's not what you really want from me, is it?

CASSIDY (holds up a hand in sudden supplication): Now Kyle...

KYLE: It's what Ballantine wanted, and now you want it too. The information inside my head. All the data of Adam's company Zzyzx I downloaded. That's what you really want.

And when he glances down at the woman who still held the rubber bullet he catches a certain gleam before she quickly keeps a poker face in place. He knows the truth.

KYLE: Know this, I would die before I hand any of that data over to you. (Then felt a horrible premonition that he would have to do more). And I would do anything to protect all those I love.

Then he walks out, hoping beyond hope they would heed his warning. He wasn't going to have Foss kill for him, but he did need Foss to help him form a plan.

When Kyle exits the silo he sees Jessi. She's staring at him and with a silent glance, he knew she knew everything he did.

JESSI: That man, I saw him, he was at my apartment.

KYLE: Cassidy.

JESSI: That's his name?

He nods and walks over to the wooden pallet Jessi put Amanda on.

KYLE: What time is it?

JESSI: Two-thirty.

KYLE: I have to take her home, (but then he puts a hand to his head, and more than just a feeling of being watched comes over him, something bad has happened, but not with him and Amanda).

JESSI: What now?

She feels what he feels but since his feeling can't pinpoint anything concrete she wonders if his senses are on too high alert. Until he looks at her.

KYLE: You need to go home, now.

Then he looks at Amanda and then back at her, torn between wanting to go with her and wanting to take Amanda safely home.

Jessi looks towards home and starts running.

KYLE (mentally calls out to her): Jessi!

But she keeps running.

KYLE (mentally projects): Be careful.

He then picks up Amanda and takes her home.

When Jessi arrives at the complex she sees that Sarah's car is no longer parked in the lot. As she enters the apartment she knows and senses that Sarah is gone. A note is left on her bag. Nothing dangerous like she thought Kyle had sensed. Only a mother who didn't want her.

Cut to Kyle as he stops in front of the Bloom house where Amanda has now come to.


He sets her down.

AMANDA: Did I fall asleep on you? (She looks around in a sleep-filled fog).

KYLE: I didn't mind.

AMANDA: I'm sorry. That must have been so boring for you.

KYLE: I wasn't bored.

He leans over and caresses her cheek.

She leans closer and he kisses her.

KYLE: Goodnight.

AMANDA: Goodnight.

As he watches her enter safely inside, he knew she was far from safe. He had to figure out a way to dispel that neuro-block Latnok put inside her head.

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