Season 3


Kyle has been adopted by the Tragers but now faces a new threat as Latnok, what was once a group of visionaries, has their own agenda for him.

Romance / Drama
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S03 E02 A Friend In Deed

Kyle XY S03 E02 (Alternative to Psychic Friend - picks up after season 3 episode 1)

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A Friend In Deed

Kyle's Dream:

Kyle and Amanda are at The Rack. She’s cleaning off tables and he’s counting some money.

KYLE: Thirty-seven dollars and twenty-six cents.

AMANDA: That’s it? I worked double today.

KYLE: Eight hours minus lunch and two breaks that’s $5.32 an hour.

AMANDA: I need to get a new job.

She sighs and sets her tray of mugs down on a table.

AMANDA: I’m going to clean up the back and then we can go.

KYLE: Okay.

She pauses and comes over to him.

AMANDA: You know you don't have to walk me home every night but I love that you do. Ever since the prom you've been hovering by me. [She rubs her hand on his forearm, teasing voice]. Anything I should know about while I slept at the after party?

Kyle just grins down at her, uncertain of what to say.

AMANDA: I'll be quick.

She walks into the back room with her tray again and suddenly the lights go out.

KYLE: Are you alright?

He goes to investigate and runs when he hears the sound of glasses and mugs crash to the floor.

KYLE: Amanda?

She's not there.

AMANDA's voice [comes from the room he just left]: Kyle?

He goes into the other room.

KYLE: How did you get by me?

But she's not there. The door is open and he runs outside but she's nowhere around, so he goes to the back and catches a brief glimpse of her walking around a corner.

KYLE: Amanda, wait!

She disappears behind a door and he rushes over as it closes.

AMANDA's voice [behind door]: Kyle! Help!

KYLE: Amanda!

He struggles to open the door.


He grabs hold of the doorknob and finally it swings open and he sees the Latnok guy holding Amanda with his arm around her neck. Other members of Latnok are behind him.

CASSIDY: It's tonight.

Suddenly Kyle wakes up in his bathtub, it’s a bad dream. He lies there for a few moments scared and agitated then focuses and replays the events and gets up and draws a picture of all the Latnok members and guards he remembers seeing at both places.

Opening logo.

Kyle is in the kitchen with Steven and Nicole, he moves aside the curtain to glance out the window at Amanda’s place.

KYLE: I felt like it was really happening.

NICOLE [putting food on a plate]: It’s anxiety. Latnok really put you through the ringer and even though she was never in any real jeopardy you still experienced the trauma of losing her.

STEVEN [pouring some orange juice in glasses]: I still can’t get over what they did to you. That could have been a real bullet. At least we have some idea of who they are from your drawing. If I ever see one of them I’m going to rush over and shoot them.

Kyle looks a little alarmed at what Steven would do.

KYLE: You don’t have a gun, do you?

STEVEN: No. But that’s how and what I would feel like doing. I’m supposed to protect my family.

Nicole grips his wrist in a soothing manner.

NICOLE: This happened to all of us. Listen Kyle, could you ask Jessi to have Sarah call me? I’ve left her like a dozen messages and I really want to talk to her about this Latnok thing. Maybe she can share some insight into who they are and what they’re really about.

KYLE [eating from a bowl and still standing at the sink]: I’ve been trying to meet up with her all week. I wanna see her before they leave.

NICOLE: I hope they’re okay. This can’t be easy.

STEVEN: Well, let’s face it. Sarah does sound a little weird.

KYLE: Latnok put her through a lot in her life and she was right about them. They didn’t even listen when Adam Baylin told them to stay away.

NICOLE: Well, what about Adam? He’s been with them, would he know anything?

KYLE: I’ve tried to get a hold of him, too. All I get is a message saying out of range or disconnected. Before he left he said he’d call when he’s settled somewhere. I guess he hasn’t settled yet.

NICOLE: I hope Latnok will listen to you then.

KYLE: I don’t know if they will.

He turns to glance out the kitchen window.

KYLE: I guess that’s why I’m having the nightmares.

JOSH [walking into the room]: Maybe Foss could, you know, take care of it Zzyzx style.

STEVEN [shaking his head at Nicole]: I knew we should never have told him.

JOSH [goes to cupboard and takes out a mug]: Are you implying I’m not man enough to handle it? That stings a little, Steven.

Josh pours himself some coffee.

STEVEN: You’re kidding me, right?

Nicole turns away trying to hide a smile while Josh then turns and walks over to Kyle.

JOSH: Kyle, you ready for some summer street fair fun? Josh Trager bus is leaving in five.

He takes a sip of his coffee.

KYLE: The Josh Trager bus still needs a new fuel pump.

They are all looking at Josh as if something is up.

JOSH: Right. The actual bus then.

Kyle sets his bowl down in the sink.

JOSH: Good day parents.

Kyle follows Josh out the dining room door.

NICOLE: Good day.

She turns to Steven laughing.

NICOLE: What is up with him?

STEVEN: No idea.

Quickly switch scene to The Rack with Lori and Mark. They are getting some drinks.

LORI: Total disaster. Best friend making out with ex-boyfriend.

MARK: What did they say about it?

LORI: Nothing, I’ve been dodging both of them all week.

MARK [guiding her to a bar stool]: Here. So, um, how many songs have you written about it?

LORI [sitting down]: Nine.

He looks surprised.

LORI: That’s why I called you.

MARK: Oh. [He places a leg on his knee]. That’s why you called me. Just to exploit me for my musical genius?

LORI: Yeah, I mean, that’s okay right? Exploiting you?

MARK [not exactly what he wants to hear]: Yeah, yeah. No, I just thought, maybe, you uh, called for another reason.

LORI: Like what?

MARK: Like uh, um, maybe you wanted to hang out with me?

LORI: What would make you think that?

MARK: Well, I don’t know, because I’m, I’m smart, I’m clever, and uh, I’m intuitive, [Lori looks away], and you’re blushing.

LORI: I’m so not blushing.

MARK: You’re totally blushing.

LORI: Crap. Are you going to make me ask you out?

MARK: Uh, depends, do you wanna?

LORI: No, I was kind of hoping for the traditional gender roles here?

MARK: Oh, the guy asks the girl out and the girl plays hard to get.

LORI: Yeah, something like that.

MARK: Oh, well, how about this? The guy asks the daughter of his boss and the boss kicks guy’s ass.

LORI [nodding her head]: Mmmm, you’re afraid of my dad.

MARK: Well, I mean your dad technically holds the keys to my future in his hand.

Lori looks down.

MARK: But, I could ask him, you know, first.

She looks at him.

LORI: You would do that?

MARK: Uh, I mean, if we’re being traditional?

She nods.

MARK: Okay, yeah, no, all right, it’s settled. Operation, [waves his hand], date with Lori Trager, is in effect.

She smiles and they touch knuckles.

At the street fair we see Kyle talking on his cell as he weaves in and out of the crowd.

KYLE: Hey, Amanda. It's me. What's up? I'm at our meeting spot but I don't see you…just give me a call when you get this.

He thinks he sees the Latnok guy wearing sunglasses [who looks right at Kyle] and makes his way toward him. As he does this he sees Amanda now coming toward him.

AMANDA: Hey, sorry I'm late. I got a late start this morning. I wasn't feeling well.

Kyle wraps an arm around her shoulders and steers her away looking over his shoulder trying to see if the Latnok guy was there or not.

KYLE [thinks of her safety]: If you're not feeling well we could go home, relax. Have a quiet moment.

AMANDA: Oh? Quiet sounds nice.

KYLE [suggests]: Read a book? Watch a movie?

AMANDA: Maybe later. Right now I think the fresh air will do me good.

Kyle nods and tucks her more closely at his side, his gaze sweeping the crowd but the Latnok guy isn't anywhere in sight.

Scene cuts to Jessi in her apartment’s kitchen, she is concentrating on making a knife come to her hand and when it does she throws it. It, and a couple of other knives and sharp utensils by now, have hit the wall where she had tacked on Sarah’s goodbye note. The doorbell rings and she gets up to answer it.



NICOLE: I came to talk to your mom, she hasn’t been returning my calls.

JESSI: Maybe she doesn’t want to talk to you.

NICOLE: Why wouldn’t she?

JESSI: I don’t know, she’s not really a talkative person. You know, [Jessi looks away briefly from Nicole], she keeps to herself a lot.

NICOLE: Oh? [Her social-worker inner radar going up]. Still this is important.

JESSI: She’s not here.

NICOLE: I’m happy to wait. May I come in?

JESSI: It’s probably not a good idea.

NICOLE: Jessi, is everything okay?

JESSI: Yeah, never better.

NICOLE [trying to see through the small opening of the door]: I know this is a difficult transition.

JESSI: I don’t think you know anything, Nicole, and I think you should go.

Jessi tries to close the door and Nicole puts a hand out, stopping Jessi from shutting it in her face.

NICOLE: Jessi, [Jessi pauses], I’m coming inside.

JESSI [sighs]: Suit yourself.

She lets Nicole in and Nicole sees the kitchen in a mess before noticing the knives on the wall. Jessi sits back at the counter watching Nicole read the note.

Dear Jessi,

I can’t be the person…you need me to be. When I agreed to meet you I hoped to change and I thought that I was ready. I realized tonight that I’m not. I’ll continue to…financially but other…know how I love…deserve someone who loves you unconditionally, I’ll never be that kind of mother…that my past hasn’t…Sarah.

JESSI: Please don’t tell Kyle.

Nicole shakes her head and walks over to Jessi.

Scene breaks to Kyle and Amanda, she’s rubbing her neck.

KYLE: Still not feeling well?

AMANDA: It’s just this stupid headache I’ve had all week. It’s the world’s longest spiked punch hangover.

Kyle looks paler and ill at ease, suspecting something more has happened to Amanda. Latnok didn’t listen to him. They did do something more to her.

KYLE [trying to ward off suspicion]: Let’s get you some water.

Josh and Andy are walking behind them.

JOSH: You think they can tell?

ANDY: Tell what?

JOSH: Tell that, you know?

ANDY: That you’re a man now?

JOSH: When you say it like that, it sounds stupid.

ANDY: It is stupid. A girl’s considered a woman when she gets her period.

JOSH: Yuck, blachk.

ANDY: Real nice. Real manly.

JOSH: I just wondered if anyone can tell the difference.

ANDY: You didn’t tell anyone, did you?

JOSH: I said I wouldn’t.

ANDY: Good. Don’t.

She walks ahead to where Kyle and Amanda are. Amanda’s taking a sip from a water bottle.

AMANDA: Did either of you drink the punch at prom?

ANDY: I sure have enough germs with this one, [meaning Josh], on a daily basis, no need to take on more.

JOSH: They’d already confiscated it when I heard the good news about it being spiked.

AMANDA: I don’t know what was in it, but it really messed me up. I can’t remember anything about the end of the night.

Kyle looks at Josh.

ANDY: Yeah, where were you two?

AMANDA: We were there, weren’t we?

She turns to Kyle while he tries to think of what to say.

JOSH: Of course you were, Andy just didn’t see you.

ANDY: But I—

JOSH: Nothing embarrassing other than being passed out.

Glances pass back and forth between Kyle and Josh and Amanda and Andy.

JOSH [tries to defuse the awkward moment]: Oh, look, a Ferris wheel. Come on, honey.
Josh grabs Andy's hand and leads her away from Kyle and Amanda.
ANDY: Honey?
Amanda watches them go, puzzled, before turning to Kyle.
AMANDA: Is there something I should know?
KYLE: No, nothing. Let's go check out the Ferris wheel with them.
He turns a hopeful light-hearted smile as if there is nothing to worry about. When Amanda follows he's relieved, but not for long. Josh and Andy are a few feet ahead of them. Josh is buying tickets for the Ferris wheel.

ANDY: You’re keeping a secret?

JOSH: I’m just helping Kyle out with a problem.

ANDY: Uh, lying to your girlfriend about where you were on prom night problem?

JOSH: It’s a long story.

ANDY: Which you were going to tell me when?

JOSH: Never. A man is bound by his honor.

ANDY: Oh, for the love of God…

JOSH: Let’s go buy the tickets for the Ferris wheel.

ANDY: Maybe you could go buy yourself some more honor, honey.

Josh bites his lip, not daring to say more.

Behind them Kyle follows Amanda, very aware of her every move, every beat of her heart, [close up of his ears listening to her heart rate], and is aware of when she leaves his side to walk away to find a garbage can. Because of the crowd he follows close, very close behind her, not wanting to let her out of his sight. Of course he ends up standing too close. When she turns around she smacks straight into him. He is quick to catch her when she loses her balance.
AMANDA [surprised]: Kyle!
KYLE [steadies her]: You okay?
AMANDA: I'm fine. Are you okay?
KYLE: I'm good.
He wraps an arm around her and leads her toward the Ferris wheel, aware she's watching him with both concern and puzzlement. Just then she spies a booth.
AMANDA: Oh, Kyle, why don't you go on ahead and get the tickets? I just want to look at something. I won't be long.
The booth she went to held various souvenirs. Kyle is torn between leaving her or staying next to her side. Staying won out easily. Again when she turns around from browsing she smacks right into him.
AMANDA: Oof! Kyle? Are you sure you're all right?
KYLE [holds her]: Never better.
She smiles and rubs her nose over his.
AMANDA: Seriously though. What's going on? Is it about the after party, because Josh and Any were being really weird. Did something happen? [He hesitates]. Kyle, tell me the truth.

KYLE (blurts out in a rush): I came out of the school after getting your bag and you weren’t there, you were just gone. I was scared. I looked everywhere for you and when I finally found you, you were asleep, out cold.

AMANDA (blinks at him in shock): Out cold? (She shakes her head confused and lets go of him). I don’t remember any of this. Where did you find me?

KYLE: Aways a way from the school.

AMANDA: What do you mean away from the school? How did I get there? [She's sounding and growing more panicked and crosses her arms in a protective stance].

KYLE: When I found you, you were fine.

AMANDA: So, we never actually went to the after party?

KYLE: I took you home.

Kyle can sense his vague answers aren't pleasing her, they are in fact making her more scared and confused. She is trusting him for answers he can't give her.
AMANDA [crosses her arms]: Kyle, by then it was 3am. The dance ended at eleven-thirty, thanks to the flood. What happened to me during those three and a half hours? What aren't you telling me?
KYLE: You're safe now.
AMANDA [shakes her head]: Kyle—
Andy and Josh came over.
JOSH: You two coming?
Somehow Amanda knows Kyle isn't going to say anything more.
AMANDA: Sure. [She walks on ahead with Andy].
Kyle looks on surprised at Amanda wanting to go on a ride other than a merry-go-round and wonders if being upset is making her forget her fear of other rides.
ANDY: All okay?
AMANDA: Yes, why? [But she shakes her head in a contrasting manner].
ANDY: No reason.
AMANDA [sees Andy's skepticism]: We're not fighting.
ANDY [isn't convinced]: Uh-huh. Well, if you ever need to unload… [She points to herself].
Amanda just smiles a small smile and pauses to wait for Kyle. At the same time Andy and Amanda are talking, Josh and Kyle talk too.
JOSH: You okay?
JOSH: What's up?
KYLE [looks around briefly]: The guy from Latnok's here. He's watching us.
JOSH: Crap. What do we do?
KYLE: I'll keep Amanda close while you keep Andy close.
JOSH: I like the sound of that.
Kyle walks beside Amanda, both are silent and though she's mad that he won't tell her anything and worried from what he's leaving out, she's glad he's with her. But this was serious. Whatever happened scared him as much as it was scaring her now. Only she knew he knew. She didn't have to have the same strong sense he did, she just knew him well enough by now that he was just trying to protect her. Again. She could feel a headache coming on.
Josh and Andy went on the Ferris wheel first then Amanda and Kyle. After a couple of more passengers came on the ride was smooth and Amanda found herself enjoying the fresh breeze, forgetting her anger and fright. Until Kyle started fidgeting causing the seat to sway, he ended up twisting in the seat trying to see over the back clearly agitated.
AMANDA: Kyle, did you see someone? [What she felt before came rushing back and so did her headache].
KYLE: Just people.
AMANDA: I don't need cryptic answers. [She leans her head back and rubs her forehead, sorry she snapped at him].
KYLE: You're headache's back. [He looks at her in concern].
She just nods, barely.
KYLE: Here. [He places a hand on the back of her neck and places his forehead on hers. Suddenly she feels her headache ease, but a strange sharp tingle passes from his fingertip onto her neck]. Sorry, did I hurt you? [He removes his hand as if puzzled by it].
AMANDA: Less headachy. Thank you.
He did his special thing again, he was constantly surprising her with what he could do. She was amazed and thrilled by him. What could she do but kiss him?
JOSH [calls over to them]: Guys, we can see you.
ANDY: I think they have the right idea. [She turns and starts kissing him].
The spin of the wheel sent Josh and Andy out of sight for a moment.
Amanda rests her head on Kyle's shoulder, loving the feel of him beside her. The whoosh feel of going around was how she felt when she was with him. Exhilarating.
KYLE [as if he can read her thoughts]: You're braver.
AMANDA: What do you mean?
KYLE: Last time you would only go on a merry-go-round.
AMANDA: You make me feel safe.
As if to prove her statement false the Ferris wheel suddenly makes a sharp jerky stop sending the seats of passengers swaying back and forth more strongly. Kyle holds her close.
JOSH [calls out]: Uh, guys, don't fall off.
AMANDA [gasps, gripping the bar tightly]: I am so not liking this. [Another sharp jerk causes some other passengers to scream in fright]. Kyle?
But Kyle is leaning over, trying to see what is going on down below. One sharp jerk and the Ferris wheel stops moving. By then she and Kyle are at the very top and Andy and Josh are one seat below. Josh makes sounds from the Twilight Zone.
ANDY [pokes him]: Will you stop that?
JOSH: Who's worried? They'll get it going again. If not, [he puts his arm around the back of their seat], we'll have to spend the night, beneath the stars, light of the moon.
ANDY: I take it back, it's not your honor you need to buy more of, it's your marbles.
JOSH: What? Just having a romantic moment.
ANDY: Oh, please. You call almost plunging to our deaths romantic?
Amanda doesn't dare let go of her grip on the bar.
KYLE [tries to reassure her]: I'm sure they'll get it fixed.
JOSH [calls up to Kyle over his shoulder]: Why don't you jump on down there and help get it started? [He notices Andy looking at him as if he really lost it]. Just kidding! He knows I'm kidding.
ANDY [in disbelief]: Right.
AMANDA [whispers to Kyle]: Can you?
He looks at her then down at the ground, nodding, making her eyes widen in wonder. It's the same height as the roof he jumped off of where he'd been held.
It takes a few minutes before the yells from the other passengers send technicians scurrying to fix the problem. After a long while they finally get it working but after many stops and jerks, they begin to let the passengers off, while at the same time keeping the wheel balanced according to weight. Amanda and Kyle are the last to get off. But Kyle sees the Latnok guy disappear into the crowd and he knows he'd been the cause of the technical glitch somehow.
JOSH [comes up to him]: Think it was the Latnok guy?
KYLE: I know it was.
They head over toward the girls. Josh and Andy move on.
KYLE: Amanda?
KYLE: After you finish work this afternoon do you want to spend the evening at my place?
AMANDA [thinks for a moment, studying him]: Truth time?
KYLE [hesitates at first]: As much as I can.

Scene cuts to Jessi’s apartment, it looks all cleaned up.

JESSI: Hello? [She heads to the kitchen]. Sarah?

Nicole walks in the room with a cloth and a spray bottle.


JESSI: You’re back.

NICOLE: I told the landlord I locked my keys inside; thankfully he never met Sarah and just assumed I was her.

JESSI: What are you doing?

NICOLE: I want you to come home with me.

JESSI: I already said—

NICOLE: I know and I’m not going to force you, but Jessi I counseled a lot of teenagers over the years and I’ve seen them through some terrible situations. Some of them I’ve been able to help, some of them I haven’t. But I’ve never given up on any of them. And I’m not giving up on you.

JESSI: Everybody else did.

NICOLE: No. Sarah did. The first thing you and I are going to work on is a way for you to understand that it’s not your fault. But in order for that to happen you’re going to have to come with me. You’re going to have to trust me.

JESSI: Does Kyle know about Sarah?

NICOLE: Not yet, but he should.

JESSI: Okay, I just need some time to pack.

NICOLE [nods]: I’ll send him over when you’re ready.

Jessi nods back.

Cut to scene at Trager house where Kyle and Josh are now back from the fair.

JOSH: Well, that was interesting.

NICOLE [entering the hallway]: What was interesting?

JOSH: Getting stuck on a Ferris wheel.

Nicole looks at Kyle as if to say what happened?

KYLE: I saw the guy from Latnok. I think he may have tampered with the Ferris wheel.

Nicole looks worried.

KYLE: I’m going to tell Amanda the truth, tonight.

Nicole and Josh look shocked.

KYLE: She needs to know what happened to her. It’s like having no memory.

Nicole and Josh understood that.

NICOLE: Are you sure?

KYLE: Yes, I need to.

Nicole remembers something.

NICOLE: Oh, Kyle. You can’t. Not tonight. You need to go over to Jessi’s.

KYLE: Is everything all right?

NICOLE: She’ll tell you.

KYLE: But, Amanda, I promised.

NICOLE: It’s important.

JOSH: Mmm, choice, [holds up one hand], girlfriend or, [holds up other hand], girl who’s a friend.

Kyle goes to his room to pick up the Latnok people drawing he did for Jessi, planning on showing it to her later.

Hillary walks into The Rack right on past Declan.

DECLAN: Hey, [he holds up his hand trying to catch her attention].

She walks straight to the back room where Amanda is.

HILLARY: Make mine a double.

AMANDA: What’s the matter with you?

HILLARY: Unresolved friend drama. [She sits down at a table]. You?

AMANDA: Headache. [Amanda sits down at table with Hillary].

HILLARY: Boyfriend headache?

AMANDA [smiling a sad-like smile]: Do you think I’m too innocent?

HILLARY: Is this a trick question?

AMANDA: Have you ever had an overprotective boyfriend?

HILLARY: Oh, oh. Number 27.

AMANDA: Number 27?

HILLARY: I can break down relationship troubles into 42 parts. The higher the number, the worse the problem.

AMANDA: What’s number 42?

HILLARY: Devastating breakup.

AMANDA: And number 27 is overprotective boyfriend?

HILLARY: Followed shortly after by woman asserting her independence.

AMANDA: What’s so wrong with that?

HILLARY: Absolutely nothing, if you’re the woman.

Amanda smiles. In next room Kyle has come in and walks over to Declan.

DECLAN: Hey, man.

KYLE: Is Amanda here?

DECLAN: Out back, talking to Hillary. [Kyle looks]. The source of many of my current problems.

Amanda looks over Hillary’s shoulder and sees Kyle talking with Declan. She waves and he waves back.

Switch to Kyle and Declan.

KYLE: Lori still not talking to you?

DECLAN: Neither is Hillary. Apparently kissing your ex’s friend is a major violation of something called the girl code.

KYLE: There’s a girl code?

DECLAN: Hey, it was news to me too.

KYLE: So, does this mean you’re interested in Hillary now?

DECLAN: What it means is I’m screwed. Again. You may have a talent for patching things up but, [sighing], I have a talent for messing things up.

KYLE [smiles a sympathetic smile]: If you need help patching up. Let me know.

DECLAN: Yeah, well, this kind of mess I need to clean up on my own…somehow.

KYLE [nodding]: I better see Amanda.

DECLAN: May you have better luck with the female persuasion.

Kyle enters the back room and Amanda stands up to greet him.


KYLE: Hi. We need to talk.

HILLARY [overhearing his comment]: Oh, oh. Number 36.

Kyle looks totally puzzled.

AMANDA [eager to be with Kyle and finally know the truth]: Hillary, I gotta go—

KYLE [looking uncomfortable]: About tonight…


KYLE: Can it be later?

AMANDA: How later?

KYLE: Can I call?

AMANDA [disappointment making her voice sound flat]: You’re canceling.

HILLARY [again in background]: Number 32.

Amanda seems annoyed but Kyle’s unsure if it’s Hillary’s strange comments or that he has to miss seeing her tonight.

KYLE: I’ll make it up to you, I promise. [He touches her arm].


KYLE: Promise me you’ll stay in tonight?

AMANDA [sensing something more is going on than what he is telling her, but then that’s par for the course with Kyle]: Whatever it is you need to do, be careful.

She walks away, not having promised him she’ll stay in. When she starts wiping tables and picks up dirty mugs Kyle walks back over to Declan.

DECLAN: No scratches or hysterics?

KYLE: She understood.

DECLAN: Lucky you.

KYLE: Later.

DECLAN: Later.

Kyle leaves The Rack.

HILLARY: So, he makes you housebound while he flies off.

AMANDA [hiding a smile]: If you noticed I didn’t promise I’d stay in. I just let him think I would be.

HILLARY: Passive assertiveness.

AMANDA: Do you want to do something tonight?

HILLARY: You mean like a girl date?

Amanda nods.

HILLARY: I have these tickets to this great band playing down at the street fair. I was going to ask Lori and Declan but…

Amanda is thinking of how worried Kyle was at the fair, fearing for her safety and how she hated to admit how afraid she was but more afraid she was being too much like a fragile doll that needs protecting.

AMANDA: Actually, I was thinking of: stay in, eat some chocolate, watch a DVD.

HILLARY: That could be fun, too. [She leaves].

DECLAN: Hey, Hills. [He stops her before she walks out].

HILLARY: You need to keep your distance. I can’t be seen with you.

DECLAN: This is ridiculous. I was drunk. Why can’t we all just pretend like it didn’t happen?

HILLARY: Because it did happen and now my best friend isn’t speaking to me.

DECLAN: I’m sorry, I’m sorry it’s some weird violation of the girl rule.


DECLAN: Whatever. You and I are friends, you helped me through everything with Lori, [he places his hand over hers], don’t bail on me now.

Just then Lori enters The Rack and sees them holding hands.

LORI: You have got to be kidding me?

DECLAN: Trager, come on. [They release hands].

LORI: Come on what? Choose a guy over your friend.

HILLARY: That’s not what happened.

DECLAN: Lori, it wasn’t her fault.

LORI: Are you sure about that because she certainly has a history with the boys.

HILLARY: I can’t believe you just went there.

LORI: Oh, well that makes two of us.

They each glare at the other and walk off leaving Declan to shake his head in defeat.

It’s evening now and scene cuts to Amanda’s house where Hillary is flipping through DVD’s.

HILLARY: The Little Mermaids. Cinderella. The Princess Diaries. I see nothing here.

AMANDA [brings more DVDs over to look through of the same variety]: What do you mean?

HILLARY: Never mind.

Lori walks in with a plate of cookies.

LORI: Let girl’s night commence.

LORI/HILLARY [glaring at each other and saying at the same time]: What the hell is she doing here?

Amanda looks from one to the other.

AMANDA: I’m sorry, I didn’t know you guys were in a fight. I swear I didn’t plan this. I thought it would be nice as a threesome. I enjoyed the last time when we went to U-dub together.

Hillary and Lori glare at each other for a moment but Amanda’s last comment seems to make Lori pause. She pauses long enough for her cell to ring and puts the plate of cookies down to answer it. Its Kyle’s text message, saying Amanda didn’t promise him she’d be in so if she wouldn’t mind keeping her company all evening while he helps Jessi.

LORI: I suppose I could put aside our differences.

HILLARY: Meaning I can’t?

LORI: Can you?

HILLARY: Try me.

Amanda rubs her temple feeling another headache coming on and decides it might be better to take Hillary up on her offer to see a band. The noise and other attractions would hopefully deter them from bickering.

AMANDA: Hillary, do you still have tickets for that band?

HILLARY: Yeah, why?

AMANDA: I think I’d like to go out after all.

HILLARY: Hallelujah!

Amanda looks imploringly at each of them when it looks like they are about to argue and other than glaring at each other they give in. Lori finds it funny Amanda seems to be adopting Kyle’s lost puppy dog look that pulls at a person’s heart strings.

LORI: Fine with me.

HILLARY: Me too.

Scene cuts to Jessi opening her apartment door to find Kyle there, finishing texting something on his phone.


JESSI: Hi, good you’re here. I’m almost ready.

KYLE: Ready for what?

JESSI: Didn’t Nicole tell you?

KYLE: She said you’d tell me.


KYLE: Is everything all right?

Jessi opens the door wider for Kyle to come in. When he does he sees how empty the apartment is and senses no other person’s presence. Kyle turns back to Jessi as she walks over to the kitchen counter where a ripped letter lies there.

KYLE: Jessi, no. Not Sarah too. I'm sorry.
JESSI: Why should you be?
KYLE: Come home with me. I know Nicole will want you to stay with us—
JESSI [interrupts him]: Kyle, she already asked me when she came over earlier today.
KYLE: She did? And?
JESSI: I just need your help with a box.
KYLE: Sure, [he pauses], Oh, I drew something for you. [He hands it to her]. I thought you should be aware of who I all saw at Latnok. I kept seeing this guy, [he points], at the fair today.
Jessi looks at Cassidy then at Kyle.
JESSI: He's here.
KYLE: Who?
JESSI: This one. [She points at the drawing]. He lives here. He introduced himself to me. His name's Cassidy. I met him when Sarah and I were to leave on prom night.
KYLE: Do you think she saw him? Maybe that's why she left.
JESSI: Doesn't matter. She left me.
KYLE [feels her pain and doesn't push]: What apartment is he in?
JESSI [smiles not very nicely]: Let's go see.
KYLE: Wait. We need a plan.
JESSI: What for? [She goes on ahead and he follows. When she's at Cassidy's door they listen at the door]. I don't think he's home.
A dog starts to bark but Jessi concentrates and the dog stops. Kyle looks at her questioningly.
JESSI: The dog and I have met.
She withdraws a file and jimmies the lock. Kyle looks on in shock.
KYLE: What are you doing? That's breaking and entering.
JESSI: I locked myself out one time and had to get in the apartment without Brian noticing I had left. It was just that once. Besides, do you tell me all your secrets? [She grins at him].
Kyle looks the way he did when Declan sucker-punched that college kid at the bar, an "only you would be so bold" look.
They walk in, the dog starts to growl when he sees Kyle but Kyle stops him with a look and the dog sits down. They creep in and look around. But the apartment is barren, no personal knickknacks, other than a dog bed and a few chew toys. There is one thing tacked on the fridge by a magnet. A brochure advertising the White Rabbit Party Band one night only on Faber Drive. Kyle thinks of his dream where Cassidy says "it's tonight" and suddenly a strong sense of danger hits him and is anxious to phone Amanda to check on her. Kyle has a sense they are being watched and looks for a surveillance camera like the type Foss hid in the Trager house. Sure enough he finds one conveniently located next to a mirror near the entrance where they walked in.
KYLE: Jessi, [he points to the hidden camera], he knows we're here. Let's go. [He speaks into the camera]. Stop following me, Cassidy. I'm warning you.
Jessi pats the dog's head as they leave Cassidy's apartment and Kyle quickly phones Amanda.
KYLE: Hi, Amanda. Just wondering how you're doing and that I'm thinking of you. Call me.
When they are back at Jessi's place she turns to him and shakes her head in disgust.
JESSI: I'm warning you? How effective is that?
KYLE: I know there's a better way. [She looks at him expectantly]. I just need time to think of one.
She rolls her eyes and gets her bag.
JESSI: Here's the box. [She takes a final look around, her face hardening].
Kyle is careful to keep any sympathy from showing on his face in case she'll think its pity. He picks up the box and just before they lock up Jessi heads back inside then comes back out and he catches sight of the letter in her jacket pocket. She had picked up the torn letter, her last and final connection to a mother who didn't care enough about her to stay. Just then Kyle's phone rings and it's Amanda. He sets the box down and answers it.
KYLE: Hey.
AMANDA's voice: Hi. I miss you already.
KYLE: I miss you too. What's that noise? Amanda? [He sounds alarmed]. Aren't you home?
AMANDA [cut to her at the fair, Lori and Hillary are a few feet in front of her]: No, I decided to go out. But now I'm regretting it.
KYLE [cut back to him where Jessi waits impatiently beside him]: Why? Is anything wrong? Are you okay?
AMANDA [cut back to her]: I'm fine. Can't say the same for Lori and Hillary. They're too busy fighting. [View ahead of Hillary and Lori arguing].
KYLE's voice: Where are you?
AMANDA: At the Faber Drive fair.
KYLE [cut back to him]: Stay right there. I'll come get you.
AMANDA's voice: Kyle, I'm fine. Quit worrying.
KYLE: See you soon. [Kyle dials Declan's number]. Hey Declan, can you swing by Jessi's and then take me to the fair?
DECLAN's voice: Sure, what's up?
KYLE: Amanda's there and I have a feeling something bad is about to happen.
DECLAN's voice: You got it. Be right there. I know by now to trust your feelings.
KYLE: Thanks.
JESSI: See? You don't tell me everything. What dream?
KYLE: You have enough to worry about. [Wrong thing to say, Jessi looks insulted as if that wasn't the point. He picks up the box]. Come on. I'll tell you as we go.
Jessi follows him.

Scene cuts to the Trager house where Steven and Josh are looking in the fridge.

JOSH: Tuesday’s pasta, Thursday’s pot-roast…

STEVEN: Where’s Monday’s chicken?

JOSH [he takes out a scary looking dish]: I think it’s sprouted wings and flown the coupe. [He puts it back and grabs a jar of sauce and walks over to the burner]. All right I’ll cook.

STEVEN: You’ll what?

JOSH: Don’t sound so surprised. Any moron can boil a noodle.

STEVEN: Wow, just so grown up of you to offer.

JOSH: Face the facts, Steven. I’m grown up.

STEVEN [getting a pot and placing it on the burner]: Okay, first of all Steven is my name only to people your mother did not give birth to. Secondly, what the hell’s going on with you?

JOSH: Nothing.

STEVEN: Nothing? You’re acting like you’ve been body swapped, so you’re either up to something or… [he stops and guesses at once why Josh is acting the way he is]. My God, you’re having sex.

JOSH: What?

STEVEN: You’re having sex. I can’t believe I didn’t see the signs, I’m such an idiot. [He grabs a bag of spaghetti].

JOSH: Dad, it’s not something that’s easy to talk about…

STEVEN: You said it didn’t happen.

JOSH: Well, actually it did…

STEVEN: I believed you, I can’t believe you would keep something like that from me.

JOSH: Andy didn’t want anybody to…

STEVEN: I trusted you, Josh.

JOSH: ...know. [He finishes on a lame note].

Steven just keeps looking gobsmacked. Doorbell rings and Steven rips open the bag of spaghetti too hard and it goes flying all over the counter and floor.

STEVEN: Dammit!

Steven answers the door.

MARK: Hey, Mr. Trager.

STEVEN: Mark, did we have a meeting?

MARK: No, actually, I, I came by, I wanted to uh, I wanted to talk to you about your daughter.

STEVEN: Oh, I feel for you, Mark, because if you’re standing on my doorstep at this moment to ask permission to date my daughter then you quite possibly have the worst timing in the history of the universe. So I’m just going to cut right through the chase and I’m going to say no, 100% absolutely not, over my dead body, no. Got it?

MARK: Actually, I just…

STEVEN: Got it? Good.

MARK: I just wanted to…

Steven shuts the door in his face.

MARK [sighs]: Oh, Wow.

Scene cuts to The Rack and Josh hands Andy a drink.

JOSH: So, my secret wasn’t safe after all.

ANDY: I knew it. You couldn’t help yourself, you had to blab to the heavens you got laid.

JOSH: I didn’t blab to anyone. My dad figured it out.

ANDY: Your dad? [She leans over the counter]. Your parents know?

JOSH: Well, usually the one knows the other follows.

ANDY: Josh, this is a disaster.

JOSH: For me yes, why you so pissed?

ANDY: Because now every time your parents look at me they’ll see the girl who was having sex with their son. What if they tell my moms? They’ll freak.

JOSH: It doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

ANDY: No, but it’s officially the end of our sex life.

JOSH: What? Why?

ANDY: It’s just, um, I’m not ready for people to look at me like that.

JOSH: Like what?

ANDY: Like a walking statistic. Like a possible Juno in the making. Like every other idiot girl who gives it up too early and has to suffer the consequences. That’s not going to be me. I’m sorry. I really am. But it, the sex, is done.

Andy leaves and Josh doesn’t look happy.

Back at the fair Lori, Hillary and Amanda head through the crowd toward the boat where the band will play. Amanda lags behind to talk on her phone before putting it away, sighing.

AMANDA [walking closer to Hillary and Lori who were looking everywhere but at each other]: Unbelievable. Maybe I shouldn’t have told him.

HILLARY: Let me guess, Kyle?

AMANDA [nodding]: He’s coming by.

HILLARY: Oh, oh. Number 27?

AMANDA: Number 27 exactly.

LORI: What?

AMANDA: Kyle’s being all overprotective on me.

Lori doesn’t comment but Amanda can tell by the expression on her face that she knows why. No doubt every member of the Trager family knows why, aren’t they keeping secret Kyle’s true identity? Whatever that is. To get Lori to talk in front of Hillary wouldn’t be the best way to find out more of the mystery that is Kyle.

AMANDA [to Hillary]: So, tell me all 42.

HILLARY: Well, number one is….

Lori looks worried as to why Amanda wants to know about break up signs. Hillary’s voice fades as they walk through the crowd and scene pans out to show fair with Cassidy lurking nearby, watching Amanda.

His palm device vibrates and he pulls it out of his pocket and sees a signal flashing. He checks a mini-recording showing Kyle and Jessi in his apartment from earlier today. He calls Kyle from his phone.

CASSIDY: You know, I could charge you with breaking and entering.

KYLE [cut to him now in Declan's car in the front passenger seat]: Really? I could charge you with kidnapping. What was in that drug you gave to Amanda when you had her? [Kyle doesn't like it that Cassidy seems to be one step ahead of him].

CASSIDY [cut back to him]: We haven't touched her since you told us not to. Come on, Kyle. Come know us.

KYLE's voice: Leave me, my family, my friends alone.

CASSIDY: You'll soon see it our way. [He looks around]. Do you know where your girlfriend is? [He locates Amanda by a booth].

Cut back to Kyle who looks over at Jessi and Declan. Both are listening closely as Declan floors it.

CASSIDY [cut back to him, taunting Kyle]: Like I said, not touching, just watching. Shall I tell you what she's doing?

KYLE [cut back to him, looking worried]: You leave her alone.

CASSIDY [continues his taunt]: Taking a sip of water. Oh, now stopping by another booth, buying something. Gift for someone? You perhaps? Oh, there she goes, must be off now. Think about joining us. It won't just benefit us, it will benefit you. [Cassidy hangs up and cut back to Kyle looking even more anxious].

JESSI [sitting in the back, looks over at him]: My way, this time.

Kyle is too worried to disagree and phones Lori.

KYLE: Lori, a Latnok guy named Cassidy is there watching you guys. You have to leave.

Cut to Lori as she looks around before stopping. She doesn’t want to alarm Amanda who is watching her too closely while Hillary is looking at her with suspicion.

LORI: Oh, … hi, Mark. [She pauses]. Oh, you know, night out, hanging around. Might see a band play. [She pauses]. Faber Drive. [She pauses]. You did? No good, huh? Thanks for letting me know. Yeah, maybe I’ll bail then.

KYLE’s voice: Uh, thanks, Lori.

LORI: Later.

Hillary and Amanda look at each other, then at Lori, then suddenly over her shoulder.

LORI [sounding too enthused]: Hey guys, let’s do something else. Doesn’t sound like this band is any good.

HILLARY [aside to Amanda]: Sounds like number 30 to me. Enlisting help from sibling to cover tracks.

LORI: What?

Lori finally catches on that their attention is directed behind her.

MARK: Lori?

Lori turns as Mark comes up to them.

LORI [to Amanda]: I’m really sorry.

Amanda just nods and walks off towards the boat, still planning on seeing the band.

MARK: Uh, I was going to call you tonight.

LORI: Sort of wishing you just had.

MARK: I talked to your dad. To say that it went horribly would be a massive understatement.

HILLARY: Talked to her dad about what?

LORI: None of your business.

HILLARY [looking from one to the other]: Unbelievable. You’re giving me all this crap about Declan and you’re busy lining up the D.J. on the side?

MARK: The best friend, I presume?

Lori nods her head yes.

HILLARY: You know what, Lori? You’re a hypocrite.

Hillary walks away.

LORI: I’m having a bad night.

MARK: Oh? We can talk later. Where are you guys headed?

LORI: To see the Faber Drive play. I’m sorry, I have to go.

MARK: Yeah, yeah. Never mind.

Cassidy walks up to Mark as soon as Lori leaves.

CASSIDY: Where are they all running off to?

MARK: Faber Drive Play.

CASSIDY: Sounds like fun. Maybe I’ll go check it out.

Cassidy follows after Lori. Mark seems to be regretting having said anything.

HILLARY: Here you are. [She hands Amanda a candy bar].

Amanda notices who the caller is on her cell phone. Apparently if he didn't succeed in persuading his sister to get her to leave he is going to do it himself. The fear of what is really going on makes her want to rebel.


She tucks her ringing cell phone in her purse.

HILLARY: Put it out of your head.

AMANDA: We’re going to have fun, right?

HILLARY: How could it be anything but?

Amanda rubs her neck.

AMANDA: Great. My headache’s back, full force.

HILLARY: It’s not to late to go home.

AMANDA: No, I’m gonna do this.

They walk over to the boat where the band will play.

Scene switches to Trager house.

STEVEN: Nicole, thank God you’re home.

NICOLE: What’s the matter?

STEVEN: While you were out saving a teenager I’ve gone and lost control of ours.

NICOLE: Oh, no. What happened?

Scene cuts to the fair again. Kyle hops out of Declan's vehicle before Declan has a chance to fully stop the car and runs through the fair. Jessi hops out too and follows Kyle.

LORI [sighs in relief as she sees Hillary and Amanda overlooking the water towards the boat]: There you guys are, I’m glad I caught up with you.

HILLARY: Good, you made it. You need a ticket. [She tears up her extra ticket in her hands and throws the torn pieces at Lori’s feet].

LORI: I can’t believe you just did that.

HILLARY: And I can’t believe you refused to speak to me over something that doesn’t even matter to you anymore.

Amanda looks tired of their fighting and looks over towards the boat.

LORI: Oh, what doesn’t matter? The fact that Declan kissed you or that you let him?

HILLARY: I didn’t let him.

LORI: I know what I saw. You liked it.

Amanda walks away from them, tired of their fighting.

HILLARY: All right, fine. I liked it. Happy? You dumped him, you decided he wasn’t good enough for all your “woe is me I need to find myself without you” crap.

LORI: It’s not crap.

HILLARY: Face it, Lori, you had a good guy and you blew it. This whole thing’s your fault.

Hillary turns away from Lori and Lori grabs her arm.

LORI: Wait, it’s not my fault.

HILLARY: Let go of me.

Hillary gives a slight push and Lori bumps into a stand and condiments spill on her.

HILLARY: Serves you right.

Lori takes a ketchup bottle and squirts it all over Hillary. Hillary gasps.

LORI: Oh, I hope that doesn’t stain.

HILLARY: You so did not just do that.

LORI: Oh, I think I just did.

Hillary grabs a bottle of something and squirts it all over Lori. They both are now squirting each other.

KYLE [runs up to them]: Lori, where is she? Where’s Amanda?

LORI: She’s in line for the, [pointing but sees her missing], boat.

They look and see that the boat has left the dock. Kyle runs off to try to catch the boat. Jessi pauses when she sees the state Lori and Hillary are in before going to help Kyle. Declan too has now caught up and looks at Hillary’s and Lori’s clothes.

DECLAN: Are you two twelve?

They both roll their eyes at each other but Hillary has noticed Jessi.

HILLARY: Was Kyle out with Jessi tonight?
Declan doesn't answer.
HILLARY: Oh my God, number 39 – out with another girl.
LORI [mad]: Will you stop already with the break up list?
Amanda is walking through the crowd enjoying the band's performance while Kyle runs and leaps over a cab. Someone bumps into her which makes her headache worsen and then rubs her temple. She stands at the rail rubbing her neck then hears a sound and looks up to find that someone has lost his grip on a lighting prop and has fallen. But in doing so wires from the lights come loose and the lights go off. The prop itself breaks free and people scream as the beam swings over their heads and straight towards her.
She ducks but two others aren't so lucky.
Kyle has now reached the end of the dock when he sees two people fall into the water. Calling on all his senses he knows Amanda's still safely on the boat. He dives in. Jessi dives in too. She had seen the two people fall in also. As one, each sees and grabs a hold of the two and they surface, swimming toward the shore. Once Kyle sees they are looked after, he looks toward the boat.
JESSI: Go, get your precious girlfriend. I'll stay here and look after them.
He heads again for the boat and makes it on board.
KYLE [calls out for her]: Amanda?! [People are looking at him as if he's deranged as he searches through the crowd dripping wet].
AMANDA [waves a hand]: Kyle! I'm here! [She's standing by the rail].
He goes over to her and holds her close but gets her all wet and has to pull free.
KYLE: You okay?
AMANDA: Fine. Thanks to you, [she nods toward the shore], so are they.
On the shore, paramedics have arrived and are looking over the two who had fallen into the river. Amanda sees Jessi there.
AMANDA: She came with you?
KYLE: Yes.
AMANDA: You were with her tonight, that's why you cancelled our talk?
KYLE: She needed help.
Of course she did, when didn't she? Amanda kept her peevish thoughts to herself. At least he wasn't lying about where he'd been. She hugs him closer.
KYLE: I'm getting you wet.
AMANDA: I don't care. [She smiles up at him and he smiles down at her].
Once the boat reaches the dock Kyle has been given a blanket and one given for Amanda to dry off with.

Scene cuts to Trager house.

NICOLE [talking into phone]: I’ll be right there. [She turns to Steven]. I have to pick up Kyle and Jessi.

Josh walks in the front door.

STEVEN: I’ll stay here with Josh.

JOSH: Great, so you can yell at me some more?

NICOLE: I love you, [she kisses Josh goodbye on his cheek], we’ll talk more later.


She leaves.

STEVEN: Josh, sit. [He points to the couch]. Before you say anything I have to tell you that I’m sorry.

JOSH: You are?

STEVEN: When I gave you the condom I knew I was putting the choice in your hands. I’m not upset that you had sex. I mean, I’m a little upset. [Josh nods]. But I’m mostly disappointed that you found it hard to talk to me about it.

JOSH: Dad, come on, it’s embarrassing.

STEVEN: It shouldn’t be embarrassing, Josh, it can be a great thing when it’s right but I don’t want you to feel like you have to handle this all alone.

JOSH: Apparently Andy was the one who couldn’t handle it. She’s cut me off.

STEVEN: She has? [He sounds pleased]. I mean, she has? [This time he sounds more sympathetic to Josh’s disappointment].

JOSH: Girls are confusing.

STEVEN: Oh, this is only the beginning.

Josh looks as if he’s going to say great.

STEVEN: So, do you feel like you wanna talk about it?

JOSH: Yeah, maybe. But not all of it, dad!

Steven sits down then scene cuts back to fair. Lori is trying to rub the goop out of her hair when Declan comes up to her.

DECLAN: What’s next? Mud-wrestling? [He hands her a cloth]. Can’t stay mad at her forever.

LORI: What? Are you choosing sides?

DECLAN: Honestly, Trager, I was just drunk and feeling sorry for myself. I wasn’t trying to hurt you. But I did, and I’m sorry.

LORI: Are you into her?

DECLAN: No. [Lori looks at him with doubt]. I don’t know. Maybe. [She looks away from him]. But it shouldn’t matter. You made the choice to move on, it’s not fair for you to hold me back.

Nicole is there at the fair now too and comes up to Jessi.
NICOLE: Where's Kyle?
JESSI [points]: Where else?
Nicole looks and sees Kyle holding Amanda.
NICOLE: Well, it's time, we should go home now. [Nicole smiles and places on arm around Jessi].
Jessi smiles somewhat nervously. A new home. But at least it's with Kyle. When Nicole starts toward Kyle, Jessi volunteers to get him.
JESSI: I'll go.
Kyle asks Amanda if she bought anything.
AMANDA [looks at him in shock]: How did you know?
KYLE: You did?
AMANDA: Yes. Why?
KYLE: It's nothing.
AMANDA: No, it's not.
KYLE: At a fair, lots to see and buy…deduced it?
She's not convinced, as he doesn't sound convincing and sighs. She pulls out a stuffed white rabbit.
AMANDA: It was a gift for you. A surprise.
KYLE [takes it]: For me?
She nods.
KYLE: Thank you. [But his thanks rings a little hollow as if he is deep in thought. He's thinking of Cassidy who had watched her buy this. He leans down to kiss her].
Just then Jessi walks up to them.
JESSI: Nicole's here to take us home.
KYLE [pulls away] Okay.
AMANDA [sounds suspicious]: Us?
JESSI: Yes, us. [Jessi smiles at her and can't help but be smug over the fact that she'll actually be living with Kyle and watches as he manages to peel himself away from her].
Amanda sees her mom has come for her as well and takes her time, lingering long enough to overhear Kyle tell Nicole that some guy named Cassidy had been here. Was Kyle being stalked by this man, was she being stalked as well? So much for their heart to heart talk.
Kyle then gets Jessi's stuff from Declan's car and puts it in Nicole's car. He sits in the back with Jessi as Lori sits beside her mom in front.
KYLE [narrative]: On the ride home I couldn't help wonder what Cassidy and Latnok wanted from me. I didn't trust they wouldn't leave anyone I loved alone. Forming a plan was even more imperative. What that plan was I didn't know, but I knew I had to come up with something fast.
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