White collar

A day in the Burke's office

PETER ran down the pavement leading to the big Victoria mansion. It wasn’t Neal’s old lair, but it was similar to its size.

Peter held his gun in a steady grip as he ran into the house, shouting out his presence.

The adrenaline made Peter’s heart beat even faster and Peter made his way upstairs.

“Peter, we’d like for you to take this case.”

“What case? The German case?”

“Yes, I believe that you’re one of the best, since you caught Caffrey, twice.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know. I have a family here, I can’t leave.”

“Why don’t you think about it?”

There was a sudden noise, a sudden movement, and Peter pointed his gun at a dark figure hiding in the shadows.

“STEP FORWARD. HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD!” Peter warned as he waited patiently for the figure to obey.

A silhouette of a woman appeared as she stepped forward. The lamp cast a bright light that illuminated her features; her dark brown eyes, her high cheekbones, her bronze curly hair and her red thick lips.

“Peter Burke,” She said with a smirk. Peter’s tightened his fingers around his gun that rested on his arm as support.

“Alex? What are you doing here?” a tsk escaped her lips and then she put her hands behind her head.

“You wish that you had a clue, don’t you?”

Peter just grinned, what the hell was she doing here?

“Turn around”, Peter said as Diana came upstairs with a pair of handcuffs. Infortune for Peter, Alex cracked a wide smile, showing her white teeth’s.

“Tell Neal hi.” And then she ran into another room and slammed the door. What had taken Peter off guard weren’t his slow reflexes but the mention of Neal’s name. A second too long Peter was stunned of the thought of Neal alive. But he quickly shook it off, and he broke through the door Alex had escaped.

He looked around the room, his gaze bewildered as he saw nothing but an empty room and an open window. Alex was gone.

The same day Peter went home he couldn’t help but think the same thought over and over again. Why was Alex back in New York? And why did she mention Neal? Peter had been on the chase after the “German” when he stormed that house. He had a lead, and now that lead had turned into something unexpected. What if Neal wasn’t gone?

Peter needed to find Alex, and he needed to question her about her mention of Neal. It made no sense for Alex to say his name unless she didn’t know that he was gone, which Peter highly doubted. So question was; what was her end game?

“Did she seriously just walk down the streets of Paris with the Mona-Lisa tucked under her arm like a baguette?”

“Yes Mozz.”

“Oh my god what do you see in that girl Neal?”

NEAL did not answer that question.

Neal went towards his wardrobe and he took out two ties, a dark blue and a light blue tie.

“Which one?” Neal said while shifting which tie would fit around his neck.

“The blue one.”


“They look exactly the same Neal”, Neal knit his eyebrows.

“No they don’t.”

“It’s the same color.”

“It’s not the same color!”

“Why are you so agitated?” Neal sighed deeply.

“Now when Kate finally trusts me, I think that she will tell me more about the treasure.” Mozzie nodded.

“Yeah, yeah, Neal, please tell me; why would she tell you now? Don’t you think that what she’s been doing is shady? I mean, for what and why does she need the Mona Lisa? What does the Mona Lisa have to do with the treasure? ” Neal took a deep breath.

“Fine Mozz, I don’t know. But I’m planning on finding out.” Neal tossed the tie which he thought was light blue unto his bed and then he threw the darker one around his neck.

That’s when the door knocked.

Kate led Neal into one of the fanciest restaurants of Paris that anyone had ever stepped into. The restaurant was so fancy that they even gave you silverware of actual silver.

“I think that you deserve to know Neal”, Kate said while sliding her spoon down into her over-priced ice-cream.

“But question is; do you really want to know? Because there’s no going back after this Neal.” Neal smiled, tilting his head a bit to the left.

“It’s okay Kate, you can tell me.” Kate brought the spoon to her mouth and sucked on the ice-cream slowly.

“Wouldn’t it be exciting Neal? One last heist? One last thrill? One last adrenaline rush?” Neal just shook his head sadly.

“There’s no ‘one last time’. We who con people, we’re addict’s. There’s no ‘one last dose’. There’s just another after another.” Kate sighed while putting down her spoon in the bowl.

“You’ve become so melodramatic since I went away.”

“Kate, I don’t know. I’m a free man. I don’t want to risk prison, hell, in ten years’ time I could return to New York without risking prosecution. Why would I want to risk it all for one small treasure?”

“Because you miss the thrill. Don’t you miss the old days?” Kate reached for Neal’s hand on the table, and this time he didn’t pull it away.

“Well, I did sort of steal the Mona-Lisa for you.”

“Don’t pretend that you aren’t thinking about a new trick, a new con, because you won’t convince me. Just like you said; there’s no last dose. You’ll just keep wanting for more.”

“Look at you, using my words against me.”

They both looked into each other eyes and it was like they hadn’t been all these years apart.

“I had a lined up buyer.”

“A buyer?”

“Yes, he withheld a really valuable piece of the puzzle; which I needed to solve the mystery.” Neal pretended to be intrigued of the hypothetical lines, but he most defiantly just wanted to know.

“There was a man; he owned a letter written by the very King John Lackland. He would only trade the letter for the very Mona-Lisa.” Neal knit his brows.

“You made me break into a museum and steal the Mona Lisa, only to trade it for one singular letter?” Kate sighed.

“No Neal. King John’s lost treasure, does it ring a bell?” Neal raised his eyebrows.

“Yeah, the ship containing endless of treasures, which should be worth about 70000000 dollars- if I recall right? It sunk around The Wash when King John was traveling back home to Newark Castle in 1216. The treasure’s been missing ever since. Please tell me Kate; what are you trying to tell me?” Kate smirked and stroked Neal’s hand smoothly.

“Wouldn’t you want to be a part of retrieving one of the greatest long-lost treasures?”

But Kate didn’t need an answer because all she needed was to look into his ocean blue eyes that shone of devotion to know that she had him wrapped around her finger.

Kate suddenly rose from her chair, making Neal to raise his gaze in order to hold the eye contact.

“I will tell you everything Neal, and then I mean it, but you will have to come with me”, she reached out with her hand and Neal was quick to jump on his feet and he was by her side in the matter of seconds.

“If you take my hand Neal, there’s no going back. Because once you know- you can’t unknown.” Her hand was slightly trembling. Maybe she was nervous? Maybe she was scared that he wouldn’t choose her? Whatever Kate was feeling, Neal decided to stop that. He knew what he was getting himself into, and even if his mind was screaming that it was a bad idea, his heart wouldn’t listen- it kept thumping and thumping, wanting her touch, wanting to breathe in her scent. Hell he just wanted to close his eyes, lean her into a kiss and then let the world fade away.

He ignored his mind and he took her hand. And just like that he knew that his world would never be the same again.

Mozzie was worried; his gaze failed to not shake- the world was a mess.

Mozzie looked down at his phone, asking himself if what he was just about to do was really sane, but he saw no way out.

So he dialed the number and he let the tones tune out and tune in into a voice.


“Suit, I need your help.”

“Mozzie? What’s going on?”

“It’s Neal, he’s alive. Look, long story short; he’s missing.”

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