White collar


Peter’s heart skipped a few beats.

“Mozzie, I swear to god, if this’s one of your paranoia’s…”

“No! Suit, I swear I’m not crazy. I wouldn’t have called if I didn’t have another choice.” For a minute, Peter’s world stood still. He lost his breath.

“Where are you?”

“Paris, you should come here.”

“Paris? Mozzie, I…I can’t leave. I have a family here, I can’t abandon Ellie… Neal…”

“No I don’t expect you to, but listen. You’re the one that’s caught Neal, twice. You know how he thinks, besides, I think that he’s been captured or something, because he wouldn’t leave me, not again, not without saying goodbye.”

“What? When did he go missing?”

“He’s been gone for two weeks, I’ve searched everywhere. He could be anywhere by now. I’m afraid for him, Peter”.

Mozzie just called Peter his actual name. Things must be bad. The thought of Neal being alive was too hard to process, too shocking. Peter couldn’t think rationally- his partner in crime was still alive. Not dead.

Peter rose from the kitchen table. Alex Hunter had been right- Neal was alive, but question was; how? But what concerned him most was that Neal was missing.

Obviously Peter was mad at Neal for faking his death, but he would need to put those feelings away for a little while. Peter could punch Neal later.

Peter walked around the living room and started asking questions like; ‘when was the last time you saw him Mozzie?’ ‘So after all this time he’s been drinking Mojitos on beaches? No Mozzie, I know that Paris isn’t in Spain.’ Or ‘I’m gonna kill him’, (which he muttered staring at the ceiling rolling his eyes.)

Peter ended the call, wanting to be pissed at Neal, he even considered leaving Neal in whatever hellhole he was staying in, but his gut told him that Neal was in real trouble.

Peter couldn’t believe himself that he was actually considering it, but hell, he was.

Peter needed to go to Paris.

He needed to hunt down Neal.

To assure Ellie that everything was fine and that he needed to leave for Paris for a few days and leave her and their one year old was so much tougher than Peter thought.

Ellie asked a lot of question, obviously, and Peter avoided every single one of them with Neal’s unique technic where he answered every question with another question.

It wasn’t like he wouldn’t tell Ellie later, he just needed to go to Paris and investigate- he needed to confirm that Neal was actually alive and not a part of Mozzie’s vivid imagination.

Peter packed his bag, and he said his goodbye’s as he got into his plane.

Neal wouldn’t get away with this, not again.

Every fiber in Mozzie’s body was screaming that involving ‘suits’ was one hell of a stupid idea. But did Mozzie listen to the screams? Of course not. Mozzie needed to find Neal, he didn’t know what the hell he had gotten himself into, but he was going to find out. So Mozzie waited patiently at the café where he would meet Peter in open public. If Peter had kept his promise, then he hadn’t involved the rest of the FBI, at least not yet.

At noon Peter appeared among the many figures walking down the street- to Mozzie’s misfortune, he did not look happy.

Peter sat down in front of Mozzie who was sipping a mojito, probably on purpose to annoy him.

“Mozzie, if what you’re saying is true-“

“It is.”

“”-Then I’m technically committing a federal crime by not telling the bureau about the not dead conman lurking around the streets.”

“Yes, we’ve a great influence on you.” Peter tried not to grunt at least.

“Mozzie, I do believe you, about Neal being a real pain in the- by faking his death. Either way, I need you to tell me everything he’s been doing lately, and does he have a place?”

Mozzie told him about Neal meeting Kate, which obviously blew Peter’s mind. Wherever that girl went problems followed. No but Neal’s disappearance started to make more sense, somehow.

“How did Neal react to the news about Kate being alive?” Peter asked while drinking his French coffee he had ordered. Mozzie sighed, and started folding something of a napkin.

“He was surprised, shocked at first, obviously, but then he seemed genially happy. I mean, just imagine your dead girlfriend coming back from the dead.”

“I’d be terrified,” Peter said, finishing his coffee.

“Okay Mozzie, could you take me to his place?”

Neal’s place was real nice and tidy, Peter even got jealous, again. He was a hardworking man with a high ranked job and still he couldn’t afford to live in a loft like this. Peter walked over to Neal’s wine collection and he didn’t need more evidence to know that Neal was really alive. Alive and missing.

Peter walked around the loft and tried to think what had happened to him.

“Okay, so he went out on a dinner with Kate, and then he didn’t return, right?”

Mozzie considered telling Peter everything but that would not be the smartest plan of them all; to admit to Peter that Neal and him had stolen the actual Mona-Lisa, and then that Kate had wanted it all along. There was no way that Mozzie was going to tell Peter that. Besides, he didn’t look good in orange jumpsuits…

“Mozzie,” Peter called from the living room and Mozzie followed his voice. Peter stood in the living room holding jars of the three prime colors. He looked at the jars and then back at Mozzie.

“Do I want to know?” Mozzie shook his head quickly.

“Most defiantly not.” Peter placed the jars back on the table.

“Okay, but only because I couldn’t find any recent theft’s in Paris, I will let this one go.” Mozzie nodded. Yep, he was most defiantly not telling him.

“I think that I’ve got everything I need, Mozzie, I will need you to show me which restaurant Neal went to with Kate.” Mozzie raised his eyebrows.

“You don’t think that I’ve already gone there and gotten the security tapes of that night?” Peter arched his brows.

“I really don’t want to know.”

Mozzie gestured with his hand to follow him and they went to the sofa and Mozzie took his laptop and then he put in a USB.

“I’ve already watched it, there’s nothing here.” Peter gestured him to be quiet, took the laptop and then he watched the whole tape of that night. Kate came in to the restaurant with Neal at 22:01. They started eating at 22:27 and then they talked until 23:07. Then Kate rose at 23:08 holding out her hand until 23:09 where Neal took her hand and then she smiled. At 23:10 they left the restaurant and they took Kate’s car.

“Did you trace the registration number, Mozzie?” Mozzie looked defeated.

“The registration number was invalid; my program couldn’t find any results. But, I managed to follow the street cameras, it took a while, but they went to this building, Mozzie said pointing at the picture. The picture was of an old tall building, there were guards with guns in front of the building. Peter looked at the screen and watched as Kate and Neal exited the car, and Neal looked around the streets. He said something, misfortune for Peter he could not read lips. Besides, the quality of the tape was too bad for Peter to even try. Neal started walking towards the building holding Kate’s hand, but then he stopped under a street light and Peter could see Neal’s face clearly. Neal looked a little out of it, and suddenly he looked into the camera. His expression was rigid, but unreadable. Kate started dragging him forwards and he followed her into the building, and they bypassed the guards.

“Wait a second.” Mozzie said as he paused the tape quickly and then he ripped the laptop out of Peter’s grip. He backed a few frames and then he zoomed in the picture. He took a screen shoot of the frame and then he started doing things in Photoshop that was beyond Peter’s knowledge.

“There!” Mozzie exclaimed pointing at the picture.

Neal and Kate had just excited the vehicle and you could see by the weak light that the street lamp casted that she pressed something that looked a lot like a needle into Neal’s arm. The deed was nearly impossible to see.

“How could I have missed this?” Mozzie questioned himself loudly as he went back to the video. Kate injected Neal with something and then he said something, there after he stopped by the light and looked into the camera. Maybe it wasn’t a coincidence.

“What if it was a cry for help?” Peter muttered.

“What was?”

“Neal, when he looks directly at the camera, directly at us.” Mozzie seemed to realize that too.

“But why would she do this? Mozzie, is there any security tape of them exiting the building?” Mozzie shook sadly his head.

“I think that the street cameras have been hacked because they never exit the building, from any other angle ever. Although-“ Peter looked curiously at Mozzie.


“Their fire wall is too hard core, it’d take me 30 days to get through it. But, there’s another way.” Peter shook his head and rose from the couch. Mozzie wasn’t really suggesting what he thought he was?

“Peter, we need to get inside the building. Unfortunaly, as you see the video, the building is surrounded with guards with guns. I don’t do guns. And it’s not a one-man job. Come on Peter.” Mozzie just asked Peter to infiltrate a building with armed men. Unbelievable, Peter sighed.

“We do need the tapes if we’re supposed to find Neal- but there’s another way Mozzie.” Mozzie gestured him to keep talking. Peter just fished out his FBI certification from his pocket and Mozzie smiled, Peter had a plan.

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