Discovering Violet


Violet McAdams led a boring life full of secrets until she met the Benedict's. Why does she feel a link with Zed and Sky? Will two decades worth of secrets make her decide between family and love?....

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Chapter 1

The Hague, Holland.

"Gelieve ticket." I look at the officer in confusion. I hear tutting and sighing from the people behind me, clearly annoyed I am taking so long. The lady behind me sighed loudly before translating for me.

"He said ticket please." I say 'thank you' politely then turn to give the man my ticket. He checks it before nodding and letting me through the barrier. Throwing my backpack on to my shoulder, I hurried through the gate and walked out of the station. I had officially made it to Holland. While the flight took less than an hour from England and wasn't too busy, the train was full of people and made me feel even smaller than I was. I pulled out my phone to call Scarlet my older sister, and leant against the outside wall of the station.

"Hello." Her voice floated through my phone after the fourth ring.

"Hey Scar. I'm outside the station, please tell me you're nearly here." I glanced around the crowd of people before me, hoping to spot my sister.

"BOO!" She shouted, her voice coming from the speaker and beside me. In my jump of fright, I dropped my phone, it landing on my toe.

"Ow..." I pick it up, checking for cracks, luckily the case protected it. "Don't do that, you know how clumsy I am." I slap her arm, frowning at her laughing at my uncoordinated actions.

"I'm sorry Vi. How about a hug from your favourite sister?" She opened up her arms. "I'll even buy you dinner?"

"You're my only sister." Still frowning, I accept her hug anyway, having not seen her in months. Scarlet had moved to Holland to dance at the Netherlands Dans Theater a couple years ago. She is an amazing ballet dancer, which got her spotted by a Dutch talent scout and offered a place. "I've missed you Scar."

"Aww, I've missed you too Vi." I feel her smiling into my hair, her 5ft6 body surrounding my 5ft1 frame. "Come on, we need to stop off at the theatre before going to my cottage." She grabs my arm and pulls me through the crowd, heading towards the bus station. Scarlet rents a cottage by these beautiful tulip fields and it's only a half an hour drive from the theatre. Squeezing onto the bus, it took us to the theatre in ten minutes. Scarlet let us through the stage door and into her dressing room, which she shared with a girl called Fay, who is also her room mate at the cottage.

The dressing room was fitting to Scarlet's girly personality. Feathered fairy lights hung across the walls, colourful tutu's littered the tables, coupled with two Hollywood styled mirrored dressing tables covered with make up. I started moving some costumes off a chair to take a seat when Scarlet stopped me.

"No point in sitting down Violet, I only wanted to drop this off." She placed a brown bag filled with doughnuts onto the dressing table on the opposite side of the room. "Now come on, Fay's rehearsing right now and she's dying to see you!" I follow her through the backstage, which I'm pretty sure is a maze, before arriving at the main stage. Set up to do a performance of Swan Lake, the stage backdrop was a light blue colour with painted flowers around the edges, which matched the blue in Fay's eyes. Fay, a local Dutch dancer and also my sister's closest friend, had pale, porcelain skin, light freckles covering her nose and wavy ginger hair, a vast difference to mine and Scarlet's dark brown hair. She was the first friend my sister made in Holland and has become a part of our wacky family since.

"Mijn Violet!" I hear my name being shouted out across the stage, as well as a mass of orange hair rushing towards me. I nearly topple over due to the overexcited Dutchwoman attacking me in a hug.

"Hey Fay, nice to see you too." She pulls away, dragging me to sit on the side of the stage, rambling in English and Dutch.

"Hi Scarlet, my wonderful room mate. Thank you for bringing the doughnuts for me." Scarlet says sarcastically behind me, coming to sit on my other side.

"Oh, sorry Scar, hi. Did I hear something about doughnuts?" We laugh at her love for the sugary treat but are cut short when the doors to the auditorium swing open. A man, dressed completely in black clothing and wearing navy frammed glasses walks in with authority in his steps. He climbs the side stairs and walks over to us on the stage.

"Fay Bos." He says in a strong Dutch accent. "Er is iemand hier om je te zien." He points towards the still open doors, where a man in standing in the shadows. Fay looks to us before standing up and descending the stairs.

"What did he say?" I ask my sister. Having lived in Holland for the last four years, she can speak Dutch fluently.

"He said there is someone here to see you, I'm guessing he means that man." We both turn to see Fay reach the mysterious man, talking with him quietly. "What's this about Meijer? Is he another talent scout?" She directs the questions to the black clothed man.

"No Miss Scarlet. He's... He's" He looks uncertainly at me, as if the answer is something I can't hear about. "He's here because you two are... Special."

"Oh, you mean he's a Savant too." Meijer looks at me, a worried look in his eyes. What's wrong with him? "It's ok Meijer. She's my sister, she's one too." She chuckles at this strange man, clearly finding his confusion funny, which it was.

"Do you think he's here to see if she's his soulfinder?" I ask her, knowing that both Fay and Scarlet had yet to find theirs. I had yet to find mine to, only my little brother and my parents having found theirs. Finding your soulfinder, your other half, your perfect match, was so rare that many people give up by the time they are thirty. Although, I am seventeen years old, nearly eighteen, and I had already given up. Unless I find the only living soulseeker, I've accepted that I will never find my other half.

"Maybe... But it's not her." I look at her in confusion. "He's not her type." Oh yeah, Fay's not really into boys. She smirks at me, turning back to see the man kick at chair. "Oi!" She stands up and jumps down from the stage, rushing over with me close behind her.

"Meijer, you said it was her. It's not, she's into girls!" The man shouts, an American accent echoing throughout the theatre. Built like a rugby player, the Hispanic man started throwing a tantrum by kicking chairs around him. "You said she's the only Dutch savant in this theatre, you said you were sure it was her!"

"Hey two year old, stop with the hissy fit. So what if she's not your soulfinder, there are plenty of other Dutch savants out there." Scarlet glares at him, using her mum voice which she hadn't used since Jett was little. Being the eldest girl in the house, Scarlet was used to having to take control at times when Ma wasn't in the room.

"No there isn't. I've tried every other Dutch girl in the Net that lives in Holland. She was the last one!" He starts to get frustrated again, grabbing his hair and pulling at it.

"You haven't tried with me though. I may not be born Dutch but I am a Dutch resident, and I'm born around the same time as Fay. So why not try with me? What have you got to lose?" They stare at each other before he nods. They take few steps towards each other, Fay coming to my side as Meijer comes from behind me.

They look into each others eyes for a few moments before their pupils widen, both rushing to embrace the other. As they hold onto each other tightly. Scarlet begins to cry, hopefully in joy. The guy, whose name I still don't know, pulls back to kiss her passionately. I look at the ground awkwardly, not really wanting to see my big sister snogging a stranger.

When they finally break apart, huge smiles fill their faces, the biggest smile I've ever seen on Scarlet. She smiles at him sweetly before glancing at me slightly from the corner of her eye.

Come here Vi. She says to me telepathically. I walk towards her shyly.

"Will, meet my sister Violet. Violet, this is Will, my soulfinder." She says out loud with a massive grin on her face. I smile at him awkwardly, trying to look anywhere but the happy couple. "Violet? What's wrong?" My sister asks me with a frown.

"Nothing, I'm just tired from the flight. Can we go to the cottage now?" She nods, looking towards Will, smiling after a few moments of staring at each other.

"Fay? Could you take Vi back while I go with Will to get his stuff from the hotel?" She turns around in his arms to address the red haired girl. Wait, what?

"Scarlet, don't you think you're moving a little too fast?" My sister frowns at her. "It's just, you've only just met him and he's moving in." Scarlet shakes her head and begins to speak when I do instead.

"Scar, you met him like five minutes ago and you're already moving in together!" Her frown turns into a glare that matches my own. "And it's Fay's house too. You didn't even ask her first!"

"It's a soulfinder thing Vi. You'll understand when you find yours." She glares at me, turning back to Will. "Come on, let's go to your hotel." She drags him to the door, leaving Fay and I standing there fuming.

London, England

The flight home was an awkward one. The plane was packed full of people, meaning I had no choice but to sit next to my sister and her new soulfinder. Once they had arrived at the cottage yesterday, they told me that we were flying back to England the next day to see our families. Will's family, the Benedict's, were in London visiting one of his brother's soulfinders family. Ma was arranging for our two families to meet a few hours after we arrived back home. The whole flight back consisted of Scarlet and Will swapping stories of each others families, which I immediately tuned out. It was a relief for me once we had finally landed and collected our bags, it meant I only had to endure the two hour car journey back to our house then I could be free of the couple. My older brother, Gray, picked us up at the airport. As soon as I saw him waiting in the crowd, I ran over to him, nearly tripping a few times from the heavy wait of my bag.

"Gray!" I dropped my luggage at out feet, allowing myself to be pulled into his awaiting arms.

"Hey, I only saw you a couple days ago, calm down." He squeezes me back tightly despite his teasing tone. Since our sister left for Holland, Gray and I had become very close. The only two people at home not to have a soulfinder, we comforted each other when the others got unbearable. "Hey, Scarlet." He lets me go, forcing me to pull away and turn to my sister and Will.

"Gray, long time no speak." She pulls away from a hug, a smile brightly at him, a look on her face that we had only seen on our parent's faces. "I'd like you to meet Will, my boyfriend." Emphasis on the boyfriend, not wanting to say the real word out loud in such a public place. Gray shakes Will's hand, giving him a once over and a nod that all boys tend to do.

"I'm Gray, Scar's brother." Will smiles at him kindly, before being pulled closer to him by the hand. "If you hurt her, I'll hurt you." Scarlet rolls her eyes and grabs her suitcase.

"Stop with the dramatics Gray. Let's go home. I want to see Ma and Pa." The once serious look on his face turns into a cheeky grin. He turns on the spot and heads out towards the carpark, the three of us following behind with our suitcases. As we approach the grey car, I rush towards it shouting 'shotgun', stopping when I reach the boot of the car. Gray simply rolls his eyes, opening the boot so we could put our bags inside. Once everyone was in the car, my brother turns on the radio, letting it play as we started the last part of our journey home.

Gray pulled up to the two storied red bricked building, with white windows and a dark blue door. The curtains in the window overlooking the small driveway moved, the figure moving away as we got out of the car. Before any of us could reach the boot, a woman with greying brown hair and glasses rushed out of the house, heading straight for us. Or more like past Gray and I and straight for our sister.

"Ma!" Scarlet shouted in delight as she dropped her hand bag and attacked her in a hug. "Oh it's so good to see you again."

"You too sweetie. And this must be Will." She lets go of Scarlet and pulls Will down for a hug. While being the same height as my sister, she was still shorter than the tall Will. "Nice to meet you. And welcome to the family." My mother practically squeals in delight.

"Hi Gray, my favourite son. Oh and hello Violet, my youngest daughter. So lovely to see you two." Gray announces sarcastically. Ma turns quickly and hugs my brother and I, before ushering us into the house, muttering that Pa is inside making brunch for us. Entering the door, I'm greeted by our small hallway, covered in family photo's and a staircase to the right. I walk through the doorway on my left instead of the one adjacent to the front door, where Gray, Scarlet and Will go to greet Pa.

I smile once I see the familiar small living room, yet again covered with family photo's. On the couch against the wall of the door was a teenage boy and girl. The boy had dark brown hair, the same colour as my other siblings and I, while the girl had light ginger hair. She rested her head on the boy's shoulder, his arm around her as they both watched T.V. They looked up once I had entered the room.

"Vi! You're back early. You only left yesterday." He got up from the couch, pulling me into a hug. While being only fifteen, he was still quite a bit taller than me.

"Hello to you too Jett." I pulled away from the hug and did the same to his girlfriend beside him. "Hey, Lily." She greeted me back, a sweet smile on her face. Jett put his arm around her as soon as we'd let go, smiling at her too. Both Jett and Lily have known each other since they were little, Lily's mother being a friend of ours. One day, four year old Jett came to Ma stating that he could talk to Lily in his mind just like he could with us. But he also said that it felt different with her, like there was fireworks in his head when they spoke telepathically. It wasn't long before Ma and Pa realised he was describing the exact same way they felt when they speak to each other. It was cute really, they will always be childhood sweethearts.

"So, where's the new lovebirds then?" Jett says, earning a smack from his soulfinder.

"Don't be rude Jett. Violet just got back, at least talk to her." Lily's small voice floats through the air as she speaks. It was really hard to hate Lily, she looked so innocent. Or maybe it was just her power to control people's emotions.

"It's fine Lily. They're in the kitchen. The big meet up with the Benedict's is at two. I'm going to get changed." I say, making my way into the hallway, while the couple go to the kitchen with the rest of the family. As soon as I step out of the living room, Pa calls out my name from the kitchen doorway.

"Violet. Come have some brunch." I turn to Pa, crossing my arms. Like most savant families, we had many different cultures and ethnicities in our blood. Pa was a well built Scottish man with a broad accent that made him difficult for even us to understand sometimes. His mother came from Ireland and his father was Australian but grew up in Scotland. Ma had Italian, Spanish, Welsh and even American origins but grew up in England.

"I'm not hungry Pa. I'm just gonna go to my room." I smile at him, trying to hide the fact that I would rather be eaten alive by ants than be in a room full of soulfinders. He nods, going back to the others. As I walk to the stairs, a certain photo on the wall catches my eye. The picture shows my parents sitting on the sofa, about thirteen years younger than they are now, a two year old Jett clutching a teddy sitting by them, a four year old me dressed up as a fairy on the floor and a seven year old Gray pretending to fight an eleven year old Scarlet with a toy sword. But what really caught my eye was the teenager standing to the side, a happy smile on his face. A hand falling on my shoulder makes me jump.

"Sorry, Violet. I didn't mean to make you jump." Will's American accent is so foreign in my ears. He takes his hand off of me and looks at the same photo I was looking at. He points to the four year old me. "Is that you?" I nod, staring at that teenager again. He notices my gaze. "Who's that?"

"That's Teal." He gives me a confused look, unsure of what I was talking about. "Scarlet didn't tell you? Teal is our psycho older brother. Three years after this photo was taken, when he was twenty, he went on some kind of criminal road trip. He robbed, threatened and killed innocent people. I was only seven when this happened so I don't remember much, all I know is that he went crazy." I looked at his reaction, seeing that it was shocked. "Welcome to the McAdams." I walk away and up to my room, dreading the rest of the day.

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