Out Of My Mind


Nadia Lahey has been practicing magic and training for the unknown. But nothing good last for long. Serial killers, packs of Alphas and a mysterious illness, it's enough to go out of your mind...

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Chapter 1 ~ Tattoo

"I swear to God Nadia, if you're sick in my car, I'm throwing you out." I groan in response from the backseat, holding my stomach which fills like it's been torn open, the car journey not helping my nausea.

"Lydia, you're the one that dragged me out of the comfort of my bed. I wouldn't be feeling this bad if it wasn't for you. I don't even know why I'm here. I have a boyfriend, I don't need to fifth wheel on this double date." I rest my head against the window, a wave of sickness hitting me again as we go over a bump in the road.

"It's not a double date. It's just a group thing." Lydia argues back.

"Do they know it's a group thing? Because I told you I'm not ready to get back out there." Allison, who is sitting in the passenger seat, complains to Lydia.

"You were in France and you didn't do any dating? For four months?" Lydia sounds applaud by this information

"Did you? I mean after-"

"Do not mention his name." Lydia cuts her off.

"Is he okay? I mean, did everything work out?"

"The doctors looked like idiots when he turned up alive, but everyone got over it. And yes, Derek taught him the Werewolf 101. Like how not to randomly kill people during a full moon."

"So you've talked to him?"

"Not since he left for London."

"You mean since his Dad moved him to London."

"Whatever. He left. And seriously? An american werewolf in London? Like that's not going to be a disaster."

"Then you're totally over him?"

"She's not. Do you know how many times she's taken me out for retail therapy?" I groan from my seat, feeling all the blood rush from my face as we go over another bump.

"Would I be going on a double-date if I wasn't?" Lydia ignores my comment. Looking at Allison's satisfied smile, she rolls her eyes. "Okay, it's a double date. Not an orgy. You'll live. And the reason Nadia is here is because she's been couped up in her house for the past week."

"Actually, I think you should lie down Nad. You look worse than you did a minute ago." Allison turns to me, concern and worry on her face. It wouldn't surprise me if I did look that bad. I have been feeling terrible for the last week or so. Melissa said it was probably just a bug but continued to check on me every hour she was home, filling the mother sized hole in my heart yet again. Scott seemed equally worried but was still dealing with his break up with Allison to smother me too much. Stiles on the other hand, was at my bed side every minute he could be, when he wasn't being dragged home by his father at midnight or forced to go out with Scott of course. Lydia did visit me a couple times, but was too busy with a different guy every other day to stay more than a couple hours.

And to add to everything else, Erica and Boyd were still missing, as well as my brother. He hadn't called me or visited in a couple days and I had this horrible feeling that something bad had happened to him. I do as Allison says and lie down across the seats, Lydia stopping the car as we pull up to a red light.

"Thanks Allison. At least someone cares about my health in this car." I say in a joking manner, making Allison laugh and Lydia roll her eyes. Over the summer, Lydia and I had bonded quite a bit, enough to joke over stuff like this.

"Hey! I do care. I just haven't really seen you much this summer. When you've not been sick, you've been with Stiles." I open my mouth to argue back when she continues speaking. "And before you say something like 'you could've hung out with us', no I couldn't. You two were disgustingly cute when I did see you. It's hard for someone who has had a bad break up."

"Lydia, you sound like a recovering alcoholic going into a bar for the first time." I say from my lying postion, staring at the ceiling to not throw up. This throws Allison into a laughing fit, Lydia letting out a little chuckle at my comparison. I close my eyes, resting my head against the comfy seat, when Allison stops laughing abruptly.

"Oh my God, oh my God, I can't see him. Not yet!" Opening my eyes, I lift my head slightly, seeing Allison panicking and attempting to hide in her seat.

"Ali? What is it?" I say softly, worried at what had suddenly freaked my friend out.

"Lydia, go. Please, go, please!"

"But the light..." She complains.

"What is going on?" I shout, catching Lydia's attention.

"Scott and Stiles just pulled up next to us." I look behind me to see the familiar blue Jeep out the window. Well, shit.

"Lydia, go! I'm supposed to be at home resting. If Stiles sees me out here he'll kill me." I panic, promising Stiles only a few hours earlier that I'd sleep while he went out with Scott.

"Okay fine!" She floors it, running the red light and leaving the boys behind us. I lie back down, glad that I avoided that unwanted interaction. Lydia eases up as we get further away from the Jeep. "You all right?" She asks Allison, who just shakes her head.

"Lydia, stop. I need to go back. I need to talk to him." Lydia slows to a stop, complying to Allison's demand. Both girls turn to look out the window in the back. I sit up to look too.

"They stopped too." Lydia mutters.

"Why would they stop?"

"It's Stiles and Scott. You really want to try applying logic to those two?"

"Should we back up and-" But Allison's words get cut off my a pair of antlers hurtling through the windshield. The three of us scream, trying to duck to protect ourselves from the flying glass in the car. Lydia and Allison manage to stumble out easily, while I end up falling to the floor in my attempt to escape.

"Are you okay?" Scott asks as both boys run over to us.

"It came out of nowhere-" Lydia begins to ramble.

"Are you hurt? Nadia, what-" Stiles spots me, helping me up from the floor an holding me in his arms gently.

"-ran right into us-"

"-I'm okay, I'm all right." Allison answers Scotts question. They stare at each other for a moment, almost in an embrace. A wave of nausea hits me at full speed, making pull away from Stiles, running to the back of Lydia's car to throw up.

"Well, I'm not okay. I'm completely freaked out. Why the hell did it do that?" Lydia continues but only Allison and Scott are listening. I feel hands pulling my hair back from my face, knowing instantly it was Stiles, him having done it a few time this week already. As he lets go of Allison, Scott approaches the deer still lying over the crumpled hood of Lydia's car. "I saw its eyes right before it hit us. It's like-like it was crazy."

"No. It was scared." He gently places a hand on the animal's stiff body. "Actually... terrified." I stand back up, wiping my mouth on a tissue from my pocket, noticing Stiles' sympathetic smile.

Getting up the next day, I felt a lot better. While I still didn't feel 100%, the pain in my stomach had started to fade, the nausea gone for now. After I had gotten dressed in my new Lydia approved outfit, I walked into Scott's room, knocking twice then entering.

"Ephemeral." He mutters, turning around to see me staring at him strangely. "Hey! You're looking better." I shake my head, accepting that Scott will always be a little odd.

"Yeah I am thanks, my stomach feels better and I don't feel sick anymore." I smile at him, which he returns. "I just came in here to say that Stiles is giving me a lift, so you can show off your bike on your own." He had been saving up all summer, managing to get a bright green second-hand one. He moves to walk to his dresser when I step into his path. "Actually, you haven't heard anything from Isaac have you? It's just, he still hasn't replied to my calls or texts yet. I'm really worried."

"I know Nad. But I promise that I'll call you if I hear anything." He gives me a brotherly hug, squeezing me gently, even without his werewolf powers, he could hurt my small frame.

"Thank you Scotty." I pull back, walking to the door. "Your mom's still at the hospital so I made breakfast. How does eggs and bacon sound?" And with that, he rushes past me like an excited child. Or a puppy.

"So he pulled you off the chair?"

"Yes, and it really hurt. I was busy looking at deer accidents, trying to find how common last nights accident was." Stiles pulled up in an open space in the parking lot.

"Ah poor Stiles." I say sarcastically, jutting my bottom lip out. He rolls his eyes, jumping out of the Jeep as my bag gets tangled with my seatbelt. By the time I had freed my bag, Stiles had come around to my side and opened the door for me. "Thank you." I take his hand to clamber down from the Jeep, the heels Lydia made me buy making me even more clumsy.

"Yes poor Stiles! I think I need a kiss to make me feel better..." He looks at me expectantly. I roll my eyes, taking a step forwards and reaching up to drape my arms around his shoulders. He smiles and wraps his arms around my waist.

"Oh really? Even from a sick girl? You might catch my germs." I smile at him pointedly.

"You said you were feeling better. And besides, if it were infectious, I would've gotten sick a long time ago." He squeezes me tighter as I consider this for a moment.

"Fair enough." I shrug, even with the heels on I have to go on my tip toes to reach his lips. He smiles into the kiss, having finally won the argument. Every kiss we share makes me feel like our first, only we've gotten a lot better at it. At the begining of summer, our kisses had included teeth hitting together and the occasional smashing of foreheads. Now, there was hardly any of it, only when Stiles tries to kiss me in a hurry. As we both get more into the kiss, Stiles moves one of his hands into my hair.

"Eww gross. Please put her down." The sound of Lydia's voice breaks us apart. While over the summer Lydia and I had gotten closer, so had she and Stiles. Only, it was in the bestfriend and the boyfriend kind of way, not in the romantic way that I had feared.

"I better go." I pull out of Stiles' arms, kissing his cheek before I do. He turns his head to capture the kiss with his lips instead, making me giggle afterwards. "See you later."

"Yeah. See you in English girls." We smile at each other, him walking off to find Scott while I walk to Allison's locker with the girls.

"Freshmen. Tons and tons of fresh men." Lydia looks at the crowd like an animal surveying its prey. Allison closes her locker as lean against the locker next to her.

"You mean fresh boys. They're fourteen." Allison mentions.

"Some are more mature than others."

"How? Lydia, some boys never mature. Stiles for example. He got excited when I bought him an ice cream." Both girls laugh a little.

"You know it's okay to be single. Focus on yourself for a little while. Work on becoming a better person." Allison points out.

"Allison, I love you. So if you need to do the thing where we talk about me and pretend like we're not actually talking about you, that's totally fine. But I don't want a boyfriend. I want a distraction." She looks down the hall. "Like that..." We follow her gaze noticing a new student, but not a freshman, walking though the crowd with a black motorcucle helmet in a gloved hand. Then a second student joins him, also carrying a black helmet.

"Brothers?" Allison asks. But it was clear they weren't just brothers.

"Twins." Lydia smiles devilishly as they walk past, purpose in their strides. The bell rings, signaling that class was about to start. We walk towards English, gossiping about the new teacher we would have. Following the crowd through the door, I spot an open seat in front of Stiles, Lydia going over to the one on his left. We quickly claim these seat, leaving only one avaiable for Allison. In front of Scott.

"Hey. Anyone sitting-"

"No, on one. It's all you. All yours. Totally... vacant."

I smirk at the awakward conversation between my friends, having to cover my mouth when a laugh manages to escape. My phone buzzes in my pocket, as well as everyone else's in the class. I turn to look at Stiles, who shares my confused expression. I look at the message, reading it in my head when a voice reads it out loud instead.

"The offing was barred by a black bank of clouds..." The sound of heels entering the room could be heard as a young woman enters the room, reading the same text off her phone. "...and the tranquil waterway leading to the uttermost ends of the earth flowed somber under an overcast sky..." She lowers the phone, reading the last line from memory. "...seemed to lead into the heart of an immense darkness." We stare at her, the entire class's attention captured by her presence. "That is the last line to the first book we're going to read. It's also the last text you'll receive in this class. Phones off, everyone." Everyone does as she says, opening our books to take notes as she starts the class.

Around ten minutes later, as we were writing in our books, the Principal walks in and talks to Ms. Blake, the new teacher, for a moment. "Mr. McCall?" She calls Scott over, taking outside to speak, the entire class watching as he leaves. I turn around to look at Stiles questioningly, but he only shrugs in responce.

A pounding in my head a while later forces me to drop my pencil and stop working. Pressing my hands to my head does nothing to relieve the pain, but does catch Stiles' attention.

"Hey, Naddy. Are you ok?" He whispers. I turn and smile at him through the sudden pain in my brain.

"Yeah I'm fine. Just a headache." He doesn't look convinced but something else catches his eye.

"Lydia, what's that? Was that from the accident?"

"No, Prada bit me." She whispers back.

"Your dog?"

"No, my designer handbag. Of course, my dog."

"Has it ever bit you before?" She takes a moment to think before shaking her head. "What if it's the same thing as the deer? Like how animals start acting weird right before an earthquake."

"Meaning what? There's going to be an earthquake?" The feeling in my head suddenly got more intence, the pain starting to make me whimper quietly, so quiet only Allison could hear. I she her mouth something to me but the pain makes me lose focus.

"Or something. Maybe it means something's coming. Something bad."

"It was a deer and a dog. What's that thing you say about threes? It's once, twice-" A thump against the window cuts her off. All the students watch as Ms. Blake approaches the window slowly. A bird slams into the window, making Ms. Blake scream in surprise. Another hits the window, and another, revealing a swarm heading straight for us. Another bird cause the window to crack as it hits it. The pain in my head gets too much, making me scream in pain as Ms. Blake shouts to the class.

"Get down. Everyone-" The entire glass window breaks, causing chaos in the form of birds, to fill the room. Students stumble out of their seats, desks are knocked over while screams and shrieks of panic fill the room. I feel Stiles grabs me, pulling us down to the ground and covering me with his body. I manage to find his hand, clasping onto it in terror. Despite Stiles covering me from harm, I could still feel the various wings brush against any exposed skin, even being pecked at a couple times, to which I swatted away in panic. Finally, after what feels like forever, the birds stop flapping, the screams dying down. We lift our heads slowly, Stiles still holding me close, looking at the carnage that had been left behind. Dozens of dozens of dead birds lying all around the classroom.

It only took the police ten minutes to get here, worried parents joining them. Sheriff Stilinski stood in the corner, surveying the mess around the room with a bewildered expression on his face. Allison had gone over to have a bandage applied and talk to her father, while Lydia helped a few other students reorganise the classroom. Stiles had me sit onto of a table, gently rubbing his thumb over a scratch a bird had given me on the back of my hand. The pain in my head had disappeared as soon as the birds had stopped, leaving me painless now. I squeeze his hand, giving him a reassuring smile, which he returns.

"I'm fine, really." I say softly. "It's only a little scratch."

"But you got hurt." A small frown appears on his face, really making me want to kiss it away. "It was my fault. I don't want you to get hurt at all. It doesn't matter if it's just a scratch or a headache from feeling sick or... or a fully fledged nose bleed from using magic." He whispers the last part so no one else can hear. After we had gotten together, we had one serious afternoon together to go over everything. From all my knowledge of witches to all of his past supernatural experinces in detail. It was a very long afternoon but it needed to be done. We didn't want to keep secrets from each other at all.

"I know Stiles. But it doesn't even hurt and it will be gone in a couple days. I'm fine I promise." He leans down and rests his forehead against mine, sighing as he does, hands locked together between us. He leans down closer, the tip of his nose touching mine. From the corner of my eye, I see Ms. Blake sitting on her desk, still shocked from what had just ahppened. "But I don't think Ms. Blake is. Go see if she's ok." He pulls back, looking at me like I had two heads. I give him a quick peck on the lips for encouragement. He gives in, walking over to check on the teacher.

While no one was looking, I pull up my skirt a little, revealing a larger cut from where a bird had gotten too close. I'd hidden it from Stiles, knowing that if he had acted like that over a small scratch, he would go balistic over a cut this bad. Checking the coast was clear once more, I began to mutter the healing spell to remove it before Stiles came back over. Although, a small part of me wanted to keep it, to show Lydia what a stupid idea it was to force me into a skirt today. But the rest of me that didn't want Stiles to freak out and demand that I go to hospital for unnecessary surgery, evidentially won out. Within five seconds of casting the incantation, the cut was gone, not even a scar in it's place, seeing as it was supposed to be used for major injuries, according to the Grimoire.

"She's fine, just a little freaked out." Stiles says as he walks back over. I discreetly pull down my skirt as his gaze returns to where he had previously been looking, the Argents and his father. "I should probably call Scott." He pulls out his phone, dialling his best friend. I grab his other hand, noticing a small graze from the birds. He shrugs at me, feeling me rub it just like he did with me. "Hey, it's me. You're not going to believe what just happened..."

"Hey Nadia. You alright?" I look up to see the Sheriff a few feet away from me. I smile at him kindly, his one a fatherly look that I'm pretty sure I had never been given by my own. Over the summer, Stilinski had treated me as his own whenever I was round, which was quite a bit. Although both the Sheriff and Melissa had jobs that meant they weren't home a lot, meaning Stiles and I had a choice of both houses, we spent most of it at his as he had way more DVD's and things to do in his room compared to mine. Also, whenever we went to the McCall's, Scott would always end up stealing Stiles, leading to them playing X-Box and I would just have to watch or read in the corner.

"I'm fine thanks. It was only a little scratch."

"I'm pretty sure this qualifies for immediate discussion."

"At least you weren't seriously hurt then." Ignoring Stiles next to us, he pats my arm in a fatherly way.

"Derek's house? What the hell are you doing at-"

"Yeah, I think I got away pretty lightly compared to some other people."

"No, I am not bringing Nadia too. Scott? Scott?!" He puts the phone down in frustration. Both his father and I turn to stare at Stiles, now confused as to why he didn't want me at Derek's house. "Dad, we've got to go. I'll uh, I'll see you later." He grabs my hand and pulls me out of the classroom, leaving his confused father behind.

We walk through the red door of the burnt house, looking around for the two werewolves. We spot them sitting at a table in a room to the right. They both look up, acknowledging our arrival. Derek points to the corner of the room, where a table stood, a body lying on top of it.

"He's over there." I give him a confused look, going over to the body anyway. As I get closer, I realise that it is Isaac. I rush over, checking to see if he's alright. Apart from being unconscious, he looks to be alright. I faintly hear the boys talking about tattoos, not really listening in, too busy worrying about my twin. I begin to stroke his hair, sitting on a chair I had pulled up next to him. The last time I had seen him unconscious was due to one of dads beatings that went too far.

"Nadia, this doesn't concern you. Go to your room!"

"But dad, you're going to hurt him!"

"I'll hurt you too in a minute if you don't shut up. He needs to be punished." He pushes my thirteen year old self away, turning back to slap Isaac again. According to our father, Isaac had talked back to him. Isaac falls to the floor, spitting out blood as he does.

"Stop dad stop!" I push dad away from my brother as he goes to swing again. He turns to me, an angry glint in his eye.

"What do you think you're doing? Trying to hurt me? You think you're strong enough?" He backhands me, making me hit my head on the counter as I fall. "You're pathetic." Through my tear filled eyes, I see him turn back around to punish Isaac again, only to see my twin holding a knife.

"Y-y-you're not going t-to hurt us d-dad." My father takes slow, threatening steps towards him, forcing him to shakily back away.

"Are you gonna stab me boy?" Isaac falls to the ground, the knife clattering to the floor, he starts to crawl away. He picks the knife up off the floor, holding it in one hand as he backhands Isaac with the other. Isaac hits his head on the kitchen cabinat, falling to the floor, unconsious.

"Isaac! Isaac wake up!" I shout from the other side of the room, trying to crawl towards my twin but am stopped by a knife appearing in front of my face.

"You stay there. He's breathing, he's fine. And if you say anything to anyone, I'll make sure he doesn't wake up. Ever. Now. Go. To. Your. Room."

"The pain's going to be worse than anything you've ever felt." I come back from my flashback to hear the boys still talking about that damn tattoo that Scott wanted.

"Do it." I look over to see both Derek and Scott seated, the former holding a blowtorch, igniting it with a lighter.

"Yeah. I'm going to wait outside." My boyfriend complains. He tries to walk past Derek but is pulled back by the much stronger Alpha.

"No, you're going to help hold him down."

"Oh, my god." He complains. He stands behind Scott anyway, placing a hand on his shoulder and arm. Derek lowers the blue flame slowly to Scott's arm. He flinches almost instantly, his teeth gritted as Stiles struggles to keep him still. I watch as Scott's eyes start to glow yellow, an intinctal response to the pain.

"Hold him." Derek almost growls.

"Nadia, a little help?" Stiles looks towards me, his expression one of desperation.

"Onon de es Sinj un Ctas, on Gu ol De." I flick my wrist in Scott's direction, casting a werewolf weakening spell I had memoriesed over the summer from the Grimoire. I had tested it on both Scott and Derek many times, making them only as strong as a normal human, like Stiles. This time was no different, Scott still struggeling but not as much to push Stiles to the floor as he had nearly done a minute ago. However, the pain continues for Scott, his fangs appearing and letting out a loud scream. Not long after, he passes out. I get up and walk over to my boyfriend, who was still holding Scott down as Derek finishes the tattoo. "Hey."

"Hey. How is he?" He nods over to my sleeping brother.

"He's fine, I think. I don't really know." Derek pulls the torch away, having finished the tattoo, the two black bands letting off smoke.

"I was going to check on him now." Derek mutters. Scott gasps awake, sweat covering his skin. He looks at the three of us before staring at his arm, a smile forming on his face.

I stare after Derek as he goes over to tend to my brother, while Scott pulls on his shirt a few feet from Stiles and I, the latter putting his arm around me.

"He'll be fine. We'll visit him tomorrow and Derek will call you if anything happens, ok?" I smile at his comforting words, leaning up to kiss his cheek. He smiles at me, turning to Scott as he walks closer. "Looks prettty damn permanent now."

"I kind of needed something permanent. Everything that's happened to us, it just feels like everything changes so fast. Everything's so... ephemeral." The three of us nod, silent for a moment, then I realise something.

"That's the second time you've used that word today." I point out to him.

"Third time actually." He smirks proudly back.

"Studying for the PSATS?" Stiles asks.


"Nice." Scott opens the front door for us to leave, but pauses in the doorway.

"You painted the door." Scott gently touches the surface of the door, Derek looking up from his spot by Isaac. "Why'd you paint it?"

"Go home, Scott." Derek responds monotonely.

"And why only one side?" Derek starts toward us, but stops when he sees Scott get his claws out. Stiles and I watch as Scott raises his hand to the door, a clawed finger tapping at the new paint.

"Scott-" He scratches at the paint on the door. A black mark beneath the blood red paint reveals itself. Scott slashes at the door again. And again. And again. Adding his other clawed hand, he makes quick work of removing the dried paint of the door, flecks flying everywhere. Stiles moves us away from Scott's attack on the door. When he finally finishes, we all stare at the familiar mark on the door. It looks like Dereks curly triskele tattoo, this mark was made up of straight lines.

"The birds at school and the deer last night. Just like the night I almost got trampled by deer. The night I got bit by an Alpha." He looks towards Derek. "How many are there?"

"A pack of them. An Alpha pack."

"All of them? How's that even work?" Stiles asks, confusion laced within his voice.

"I've heard there's a kind of leader. He's called Deucalion." He walks closer to the three of us. "We know they took Erica and Boyd. Isaac, Peter and I have been trying to find them for the last four months."

"What if you do find them? How do you deal with an Alpha pack?" Scott asks.

"With all the help I can get."

"Where is she?" We all turn towards the new voice, seeing Isaac now sitting up. "Where's the girl?"

"Isaac!" I break away from Stiles, running to my brother, pulling him into a tight hug which he returns.

"What girl?" I hear Derek ask.

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