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Nightmares (Shinso x Deku)


Shinso has nightmares about Deku, and tries to figure out what they mean and struggles with keeping his mind off of what he really feels

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It’s such a strange thing, how events lead to one another, no matter how weird, sad, terrifying, or terrible they are. Sometimes it’s saddest beginnings that bring the happiest endings. Sometimes it’s the brightest stories that end with scary conclusions.

Sometimes.... The most unexpected things can happen.

Shinso was running through the gravel filled street. He keeps his cries. Deku’s cries for help. It seemed like he’d been running for hours, never finding where the cries were coming from.

“MIDORIYA!!” He screamed. Shinso felt like giving up, but then something else echoed through the damaged grey city.

“Shinso!” The call wasn’t far, it sounded closer than the other hundred shouts. In a panic, Shinso ran towards Deku’s voice.

“Midoriya!?” Shinso turned a corner and finally saw him. Deku was standing in the middle of 4 connected streets. He just stood there, head down, not moving at all.

Shinso started running again, not knowing he even stopped before. Then... There was a sound. Like, rocks crumbling?

Shinso kept running, he noticed a building near Deku begin to break. It was going to fall on top of him. The building began to break more, about to give in to gravity. Shinso ran faster, but Deku was too far away.

As the building started to descend to the ground, Shinso fell, he couldn’t get back up.

“NO!” Shinso screamed. For a moment, time seemed to slow down. The falling building wasn’t falling at the fast rate it was anymore. The building wasn’t too much farther from Deku.

Shinso looked at Deku. In the sudden silence, Deku lifted his head after being still and quiet for so long. He turned to Shinso with a closed smile. Deku’s eyes were covered in a shadow. The look Deku was giving Shinso sent shivers down his spine.

The building sped up, sending Deku’s green hair in a rapid flow. Shadows fell over Deku as the building came closer. Deku’s smile widened to where his perfect white teeth were showing. Then-

“AHHH!!!” Shinso screamed. It was all just a nightmare. Sweaty and frightened, Shinso sat on the edge of his bed. He looked at his alarm clock. It was 5:55 A.M

His bedroom door opened, startling him. “H-Hitoshi, are you okay? W-we heard you scream.” It was Eri. Aizawa and Mic were right behind her, tired, but concerned.

“I’m fine Eri.... Just... Just another nightmare.” He sighed. The three at the door have known Shinso has been having nightmares for two weeks now.

Shinso cleared his throat. “Well, it was almost time to get up anyway...” Shinso got up and turned off the alarm before it could go off.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Mic said with concern. “Okay, this time I’ll tell you what happened, but I won’t tell you who it involved...” And with that, everyone started doing their morning routines.

At breakfast, Aizawa asked Shinso about his nightmare.

“Okay, what I remember out of it was hearing cries for help, and I knew who I was looking for. I called out their name, and they called my name. I ran to where I heard the voice come from, and I saw them standing and not moving... Then, a building started to break, it started to fall. And they finally started to move, but they didn’t run... They just turned and looked at me in a way that scared me. The building... It it almost crushed them, but I woke up before it even touched him...”

" ‘Him’?” Aizawa asked raising an eyebrow.

Crap, he revealed the gender.

“Um....” Shinso realized his mistake.

“So, your nightmares have been involving a male that you care about?” Aizawa asked calmly. Shinso slightly blushed, and gently nodded.

“Maybe we should get a book about nightmares and what they mean.” Aizawa said, looking at Mic. He nodded in agreement.

Shinso finished his breakfast and made his way to school. He’d seen Deku at the front of UA, alive and smiling.

“Good morning, Todoroki-kun!” Deku said.

“Good morning to you too, Midoriya.”

Shinso didn’t notice he was staring at Deku until he looked at Shinso. Everyone continued to walk to the first class after that. The day from there turned out okay.

After school, Shinso was ready to walk home. He was expecting Aizawa and Mic to come home with the book they were talking about this morning.

“H-hey, Shinso!” Shinso turned around to see Deku running to him.

“Midoriya? Is there something you need?” Deku stopped running and tried to catch his breath.

“S-sorry if I’m wasting your time.. But, why were you staring at me this morning? Honestly, you looked kind of sad. I-I was just wondering if you were okay...” Deku said a bit shyly.

Shinso’s heart started beating knowing Deku was concerned for him.

“Thank you for worrying about me, but I wasn’t sad. I’ve just been dealing with a lot lately, and... I.. Um... Sorry, I’ve got to go.”


“I’m okay. You haven’t wasted my time, I feel like I’m wasting yours.” Shinso then walked away, leaving the green haired boy alone.

Shinso went home and went to his room. He layed on his bed, and stared at the ceiling. He started remembering the other dreams he had of Deku dying.

He’s been shot, suffocated, stabbed, ran over, decapitated, poisoned, burned alive, drowned, impaled, tortured, froze to death, he’s even overdosed and hung himself.

But this one nightmare was different. Deku smiled. In every other nightmare, he would be crying or already be dead. It was almost like Deku wanted this one to happen.

Aizawa and Mic came home with Eri and called Shinso down. Shinso hurried down the stairs.

“Did you get the book?” Shinso asked as he got to the bottom of the staircase.

Aizawa nodded and handed him a book with a thick cover. “Hizashi and I have to return it in 2 weeks, so make sure you finish up at some point.”

“Yes, sir.” Shinso said before walking back upstairs. Shinso layed down on his bed and opened the book. Soon enough he found a section about death nightmares. He read aloud.

"You fear losing something or someone.

Fear of loss is often behind dreams of someone dying. When you value someone highly and you are afraid of losing them, this fear often gets transferred into your subconscious mind as dreaming. It is natural that you are afraid of losing the person you feel most strongly for...."

Then it clicked.

"I... I like Midoriya."

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