Reunions: Part Two of The Daughters of Crystal Tokyo Collection

By Chari VonDillarizz

Drama / Romance

Chapter 5: Reunion


Usa-chan led the twins to the banquet hall. As the three children entered everyone looked at them. Usa-chan curtseyed. Ruka and Endo both bowed briefly. The girls followed Endo who walked swiftly to his parents' side. This kind of thing wasn't his forte. They were standing with a tall Senshi with long green hair and a petite Senshi with shorter black hair. Endo didn't see his mother filled with so much light this often. It was like her happiness was making her emit magic.

Kiyoko turned to her twins and then back to Setsuna, "This is Ruka and this is Endo." She smiled at each of them, full of pride and joy. But she still sensed anxiety in her serious son. She addressed Ruka and Endo, "This is Sailor Pluto, or Setsuna, and this is Sailor Saturn, or Hotaru."

Ruka knew how nervous these situations made her brother, so she stepped forward and took the initiative, "It's very nice to meet you both. Our mamma tells us lots of stories about all of you." She squeezed Endo's hand. Ruka may not be able to have a two way telepathic conversation, but she knew her brother.

Setsuna smiled down at Ruka and Endo, "You named them appropriately Kiyoko. She is bold, just like Haruka. He is reserved, but wise, just like Endymion." She then gave Ruka a hug and offered Endo a handshake. In a moment of courage Endo took her hand, but instead of shaking it he kissed it meekly. Setsuna smiled, "Well, there is some Seiya in you after all. I think we will get along well."

Endo smiled back at Setsuna. He sensed a great fondness for his mother and respect for his Papa. He could also tell that she was wise. This helped him relax a fraction. When he looked around Ruka had run off with Usa-chan and was talking to Sailor Uranus, her namesake. He decided he would stay here and simply listen. He quite enjoyed people watching, even if he didn't enjoy unfamiliar social situations.

Ruka looked over to see her brother was still with their parents, clearly in his people watching mode. She shook her head a little and then turned back to Haruka and Michiru. Her mother had always spoken so highly of them that she was fascinated by the pair. Though it was clear Haruka didn't like Papa, but Michiru was more of a mystery. She smiled up at Michiru, "You can't be my sort of grandma. You're too beautiful." Haruka chuckled and Michiru elbowed her.

Then she looked down at Ruka, clearly please and amused, "Thank you Ruka. You're a charmer, just like someone else." Her eyes darted to her Haruka and then back, "I bet you're very popular."

Ruka, knowing what Michiru meant, grinned, "Yes. All of the other kids in our class like me. The teachers think that I'm trouble. Especially when I am at recreation period. It seems like there are always several girls and boys who want to play with me. I don't mind, but the teachers seem to."

Michiru grinned even wider, "Well, aren't you something else. What about your brother?" Haruka was looking just a bit perturbed, but Ruka could tell it wasn't at her.

She looked at Endo and then back at Michiru, "Endo is quiet and a very good student. The teachers love him. But the other children like and respect him too. He is very smart and wise. Sometimes it gets annoying, but he looks out for me." Michiru nodded, seeming satisfied.

Now it was Haruka's turn to speak, "And what do you like to do for fun Ruka?" Ruka loved her namesake already, "I like to run, hike, and I really like combat training, especially archery. I practice extra. But I like astronomy a lot too. I have this simulator that I play with all the time."

Haruka nodded approvingly, "It seems your mother really did name you appropriately. Tomorrow we'll get you out of that dress and have some real fun. We can get our hands dirty." Ruka smiled widely at that and hugged Haruka.

Kiyoko was watching her Ruka out of her peripheral and was pleased to see her getting along so well with Haruka and Michiru. A moment later she received a tap on the shoulder and turned to Helios, "What is it dear Helios?" She sensed a seriousness in him and was perplexed.

He held out his hand, "Would the Queen of Estara please take a brief walk with me?" His face looked content, but his emotions didn't match. Kiyoko nodded and excused herself. She took Helios' arm and let him lead her to one of the smaller gardens that was adjacent to the banquet hall. The two sat on a bench and Helios looked up at the full moon in the night sky.

Kiyoko took in her brother-in-law, "What's bothering you Helios?" She always knew the look he got when he felt troubled, but her intuition told her it was more than that. This was something he hadn't told anyone.

Helios exhaled deeply. He looked at Kiyoko, constantly amazed by her. She sat, waiting, as he gathered the courage to voice a concern he didn't dare tell anyone, especially Serenity, "I'm worried about Usa-chan. I know that it took nearly a thousand years for Serenity to develop her powers, but I don't want Usa-chan to have to go through that."

Kiyoko understood why this troubled him. She'd heard the stories of the troubles her sister had went through and how long her body stayed that of a child, keeping her from growing up. After chewing on her lip and his concerns for a minute, Kiyoko nodded, "I'll spend some time with her tomorrow and see if I can sense anything. Perhaps I can help her spark something within herself. Seiya always says that's what happened with the twins. That just being around me ignited their powers. It's worth a try." Then she sensed they weren't alone. She turned her head to greet Rei, "Hello Rei. How are you?"

Rei, Sailor Mars and a fellow former Priestess, grinned, "Its wonderful having you back Kiyoko. I thought you two should know that we're beginning to sit down to dinner in there. Serenity sent me to find you two." Kiyoko and Helios exchanged a knowing smile. Her sister was so predictable, waiting for her. The two stood and they rejoined the others for dinner.

Everything was superb, and a nice homecoming. And of course Kiyoko had eaten three pieces of that amazing chocolate cake. Seiya teased her, but Kiyoko was certain she'd had two herself. As everyone was disbursing she got Usa-chan's attention. She told her young niece, "I'd like to spend some time with you tomorrow Usa-chan. Perhaps we can pick flowers in the field where the sun and moon meet." Usa-chan nodded and ran back to Ruka. Kiyoko was happy the two had become fast friends. Endo was with them, but Ruka was simply more outspoken.

Usagi, she hated being called the Queen Mother as was her official title now, escorted Kiyoko, Seiya, and the twins to their chambers. Her mother had offered to get the twins settled in, but Kiyoko knew it'd be no use. They had to have her sing to them regardless of anything else. She'd tried having Seiya do it many times when they were younger. But she definitely let her mother help her, particularly with Ruka. For some reason she didn't pitch a fit when grandmother brushed out her hair. Ruka talked endlessly of the fun she'd had and how much she was looking forward to her plans with Haruka tomorrow.

With a kind look Kiyoko decided to ask Endo if he'd like to come along to the field where the sun and moon meet tomorrow. He seemed hesitant until she mentioned inviting Setsuna along as well. She wondered if he was having his first crush, but did not delve into his mind to find out. Her mother refused to leave when it was time to sing to the twins and listened silently as Kiyoko sung her song about the star who fell in love with the moon.

Afterward the two of them stepped into the hall. Usagi grinned at Kiyoko, "I don't know where you got that beautiful voice, but I am as entranced as they are when you sing." Kiyoko thanked her mother and embraced her firmly. Usagi laughed and kissed her daughter's forehead, "I'm pretty sure someone is waiting for you Kiyo-chan. There'll be plenty of time for us." She started to walk away and then said, "And have fun with Usa-chan tomorrow. She's very special. Hopefully you're successful." With that she strolled down the hall. How had she known… Wait, she was Sailor Moon, of course she knew.

When Kiyoko slipped into her old chambers she found that her sister really had left them just as they were for her. However, there'd never been this amazingly beautiful naked woman in her bed before. She didn't hesitate to shed her own clothing as she made her way to the bed. Once she'd reached it only one word was uttered between them. Seiya breathed, "Finally!" Kiyoko started to laugh, but it was cut off by Seiya's lips and that kind of wordless passion lasted deep into the night.

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