Reunions: Part Two of The Daughters of Crystal Tokyo Collection

By Chari VonDillarizz

Drama / Romance

Chapter 9: Sisters


The next morning Kiyoko's mother showed up at her door with Minako and insisted she was kidnapping Seiya and Ruka for the day, planning on taking them on a tour of Crystal Tokyo. When Kiyoko asked her why she wasn't taking Endo, her mother smiled and said, "Well, he's spending the day with you, Serenity, and Usa-chan of course!" This was news to her. But they all got up and Usagi got the children ready while Kiyoko and Seiya got themselves ready.

Seiya and Kiyoko lingered in the great tub that adjoined to Kiyoko's chambers. Between kisses Kiyoko playfully asked her beloved, "Are you happy to be touring the city with my mother?" At first Seiya didn't answer her, simply enjoying kissing Kiyoko and running her hands all over her body. Kiyoko was so easily distracted by Seiya. But finally she pulled back, "Seiya?"

Such a serious partner she had, Seiya thought to herself. But she finally replied, "It will be a fun day. And I think you and Serenity need this time together. Besides, if Endo can help Usa-chan that's a winning situation too. It works out for everyone. Now…. Let's enjoy the last five minutes we're going to have together." With that she cut off Kiyoko with a very passionate kiss, melting into ecstasy that made Kiyoko moan and lose all sense of reality, even if only for five minutes.

Once the two of them emerged from their chambers, Kiyoko was greeted with a knowing look from her mother that made her blush and Seiya laugh. Seiya kissed Kiyoko and tussled Endo's hair before taking off with Usagi, Minako, and Ruka for their tour.

That left Kiyoko and Endo standing in the hallway. Kiyoko could sense that her son was excited to see his cousin again. She decided she'd help him get a head start on his telepathy and communicate with him that way as they walked, "I'm glad you're getting along well with Usa-chan. I get the impression she spends little time outside of the castle."

Endo nodded and responded, "I think you're right mamma. Why do you think that is?" A flash of images, stories that Kiyoko had been told about her sister being bullied as a child passed from Kiyoko to her son. His heart sank a little, "That's so sad Mamma. People shouldn't treat others like that."

Kiyoko agreed with him, but it still troubled her that Usa-chan got so few opportunities to experience life outside of the castle. They walked to her sister's chambers in comfortable silence. It was the way they both were. Kiyoko loved that Endo didn't feel the need to fill time and space with words for the sake of it.

When they entered Usa-chan ran straight up to Endo and took his hand, smiling widely. She was so happy and fascinated with the power and connection that had awakened in her. Kiyoko went to Serenity and hugged her, "So, what does the Queen of Earth have in mind for us today?"

Serenity smiled, "I'd like to just visit in the courtyard, if the children don't mind." Both children nodded. Serenity looked at Endo, "I am so happy you and Usa-chan are able to spend more time together." There was a strange mixture of joy and sadness in her voice that Kiyoko didn't understand. They all proceeded to the courtyard, Serenity and Kiyoko sitting at a small table with two elegant wrought iron chairs and a sunshade. Usa-chan and Endo ran off to play among the flowers.

Kiyoko could tell that there was something weighing on her beloved sister. She finally decided to broach the subject, "What's bothering you Serenity?" She wasn't sure what it was that was on Serenity's mind. But it worried Kiyoko.

After a brief pause Serenity spoke, surprising Kiyoko with her words, "You…. You just abandoned the Earth… the Senshi…. And me…. It took you ten years to come back." Tears began filling Serenity's crimson eyes, but Kiyoko knew she needed to get this out, so she waited. Serenity continued, "You tied me to Earth so that I couldn't come see you, and yet you waited ten years. I have this amazing nephew and niece that I scarcely know. They should be here to be with their family. It's not right…. I know you love Seiya….. But what about the rest of us?"

Kiyoko sighed, this was the part of the visit she'd feared, thought she'd dodged, but she'd been wrong. Gathering her thoughts she responded, "I didn't set out to stay on Estara. But when the golden crystal healed that planet I felt like I had a responsibility to those people. Just as you have a responsibility to the people of Earth. I am sorry it took me so long to come back. There's been so much work rebuilding the people of Estara. And it makes me sad to know that I don't know Usa-chan very well either. I feel guilty, thinking that her magic could've been awakened sooner. I feel guilty that she's been kept away from the world because of it. But to imply that Endo and Ruka are not being raised around their family is simply untrue. They are simply blessed with two families." Tears had formed in Kiyoko's eyes as well. She hated knowing she'd hurt her sister.

Neither of them said anything for a long time. They simply sat and watched the children play. It was a wonderful sight all in its own. They played tag and simple games, just like normal children, but from time to time they'd stop and stand there, holding hands with their eyes closed. Eventually Kiyoko spoke, "I am sorry my leaving hurt you. But I believe that I did the right thing. Endo and Ruka remind me of that every day. I love you Chibi-Usa." She gently placed her hand on top of her sister's.

Serenity looked down at their hands, "I know. I know you did exactly what mother and father raised us to do. You protected those in need. But it didn't make it any easier for me. If mother hadn't been here I don't know what I would've done." Slowly she pulled her head up to look at Kiyoko, "Promise me it won't be ten years before you come back! Besides, I think she's going to be very sad when he leaves." She gestured toward the children.

Kiyoko nodded, "It most definitely won't be ten years. And now that it's awake in her. Helios and Rei will be able to help her develop it too. From the look on Setsuna's face when it happened, Usa-chan has a bright future ahead of her."

Serenity smiled, "Yes, Setsuna told me that you were causing trouble again!" Both sisters laughed at the same time. But then Serenity turned serious again, "I'm glad you're happy Kiyo-chan. I just miss you. It's not the same here without you."

Kiyoko squeezed her sister's hand, "I miss you too…. And Setsuna only says that I cause trouble because I keep her on her toes. She can't stand me changing the story on her." They both laughed again and with that off of Serenity's chest the two were able to gab happily and watch their children play for most of the day.

In the late afternoon Helios came to find them and inform them that the others had returned from the city and dinner was waiting. His eyes fell upon the children and his face was full of pride and joy, "What amazing children. You know, I think that Seiya and I are privileged to hold a place in the legacy of the Silver Millennium. Shall we go?" Serenity and Kiyoko nodded and they called the children over, going to dinner with lighter hearts and high spirits.

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