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Shadows on a Bright Day: Part Five of The Daughters of Crystal Tokyo

By Chari VonDillarizz

Action / Drama

Chapter 1: Nervous Excitement


Sitting in the temple meditating, Seishin heard that voice again. It was weak and hollow, but it was there. It spoke to him, "Seishin, son of Fatomu, Crown Prince of Shibo…. Hear me." Sheishin had heard this voice many times, but he'd always shut it out. Something about it seemed… wrong… But for some reason he wasn't having any luck today. Perhaps it was the rage his father had been in for some time now finally getting to him.

He thought back to the day that word had reached Shibo of the impending marriage between one of the daughters of the Silver Millennium and the Guardian of Estara. It was common knowledge that they were a couple, however it distressed King Fantomu that they were marrying. At first he wondered if it bothered his father because they were both female. His father was a traditional man. Sometimes it felt like his ideas were so antiquated. But that wasn't it.

It wasn't until a few days ago that Seishin learned why. His father called him to his strategic planning room. It was his war room of sorts. When Seishin entered his father looked at him, anger and hate in his eyes, "It will be here soon… That damned wedding is upon us."

Seishin decided to be bold, "Tell me father, why does this marriage bother you so much?" He was a psychic, but part of his vows to the temple of Shibo were to never read someone's mind without their permission.

King Fatomu threw his hands in the air, "Why?! You ask why! It BOTHERS me because she should be marrying YOU! That way Shibo could secure the power and position involved in being part of the Silver Millennium." Seishin had no clue what to say and the look on his face must've given him away. His father turned away from him and spat, "Get out, useless boy!"

And so Seishin had been meditating in the temple since. Perhaps what he was really doing was hiding. He felt like such a failure. That voice interrupted his thoughts, "You don't have to be a failure young prince. I can help you. I can give you everything that you need to secure the power of the Silver Millennium. "

Unable to stop himself, Seshin finally responded to the voice, maybe out of curiosity or desperation more likely, asking, "How? How can you help me?"


Yaten wasn't helping with her off-hand remarks about how many people were either already visiting Estara or had made their intentions to do so clear. She'd told Kiyoko yesterday that by the wedding day there would be more people on the planet then there had in the just over twelve hundred years they'd inhabited it. She was so happy to be marrying Seiya, but so many saw it as something more than a wedding…. They saw it politically…. As some sort of event that would solidify the influence of the Silver Millennium across the galaxy. To her it was simply the declaration of love and commitment made between her and Seiya.

But Kiyoko also found herself nervous today because today was the day that all of her family form Earth, those who were able to come, would be arriving. Her mother had been to Estara many times, but none of the rest of them had. It was also the first time the Shitenou would visit the planet they'd agreed to help defend should they be called upon to do so. In the end it was quite a large group that was coming. They would all be staying at the castle of course. As a result Kiyoko had every single one of the staff in a tizzy making sure it was perfect, her family deserved nothing less.

She was stirred from her thoughts when Taiki approached her. She bowed and address Kiyoko, "My queen, we just received word from another group of diplomats intending to attend the wedding. It is actually the children of the royal family of a distant planet named Shibo. I'm not entirely familiar with them, but they stated that they should arrive in about three days. I've already sent staff to make arrangements for them to stay in guest housing with the others attending."

Kiyoko appreciated Taiki's efficiency, "Thank you Taiki." She sighed, "I can't wait until this is over and done. I am happy to be marrying Seiya… But all of the politics…."

Taiki actually chuckled, "It is all part of being royalty. Trust me, Seiya and I have had this same conversation." She touched Kiyoko's cheek, a rare show of affection from the typically reserved Taiki, and excused herself.

That left Kiyoko sitting in her study alone. She was trying to do some reading, but couldn't concentrate. Kiyoko sat there staring at the page a while longer and then she felt it. She hadn't had this feeling since she'd left Earth's solar system. She smiled at went to meet her family on the recently constructed official landing pad of Estara. They'd actually had to take a spaceship considering their number and their luggage. Kiyoko giggled thinking of the mountain of luggage they no doubt had. As she passed through the castle she saw Ruka, playing with her celestial simulator. She called out to her as she kept walking, "They'll be landing very soon, get everyone for me please."

Soon Kiyoko found herself standing on the edge of the pad. Her mix of excitement and nervousness increasing. She looked up and felt energy from above and behind her. A few minutes later Kiyoko felt Seiya's tender arms around her. Her children and the other two Starlights stood next to her. Kiyoko leaned back onto Seiya, taking comfort in her confidence. She kissed Kiyoko's ear, having become an expert at maneuvering around the wings Kiyoko had decided to keep, and whispered, "You have no reason to be nervous. They will love Estara and they'll just be happy to be sharing this with us." Her gentle voice and encouraging words made Kiyoko smile.

About ten minutes later the ship became visible in the sky. Ruka jumped up and down, she was so excited. Endo's smile grew. He was excited because her sister had allowed her niece to accompany her father, Helios. She and Endo had kept in constant contact since their visit to Earth about eight months prior. Even the other Starlights seemed genuinely happy about her Earth family coming. Seiya, well she was what Kiyoko expected. She was a mix of excitement and hint of trepidation. The latter came from how Kiyoko was able to sense them as soon as they entered the system…. Her psychic connection with Haruka.

How Kiyoko wished it didn't bother Seiya, but she understood why it did. Carefully the ship set down. Once the engines had powered down, Kiyoko and the others started moving closer to the ship. The airlock opened and a ramp extended to the ground. The first one out of the ship was actually Kiyoko's niece, Princess Chisana-Usagi or Usa-chan, who ran straight up to her son, Prince Endymion or Endo, and tackled him with a hug. This made her daughter, Princess Haruka or Ruka, break out into a fit of laughter.

The next off of the ship were Kiyoko's mother, the great Sailor Moon, and her brother-in-law King Helios. Thinking of him as king would always make Kiyoko snicker. To her, he'd always be the high priest who trained her and her big brother. Behind them came all of the inner Senshi and the Shitenou. It made Kiyoko's heart happy to see them all together and clearly in love.

Her mother approached Kiyoko and pulled her from Seiya's arms to hug her tightly. She said, "It is good to see you again Kiyoko!" Usagi looked over her daughter's shoulder and smiled at Seiya, "And it's good to see you too my soon to be daughter-in-law." There was a laughter in her voice. It made Kiyoko laugh too.

All of the others greeted one another and Kiyoko introduced the Shitenou to Taiki and Yaten who had been waiting and ready to make sure that they were properly informed and trained to defend Estara. Finally Kiyoko saw Michiru exit the ship with Haruka trailing behind her. It was Kiyoko's turn to be impulsive. She broke from the group and ran to them, tackling Haruka with a hug, laughing at how much she'd just mirrored her niece. Michiru was laughing too. Haruka just hugged Kiyoko tightly and smiled, "Maid of Honor reporting for duty my Queen." Then she laughed too. Michiru helped the two of them up and Kiyoko hugged her as well.

Afterward the three of them walked over to where the others were waiting. Trying to ignore the irritation she sensed from Seiya, Kiyoko addressed the group, "Let's all go inside. I will have the staff unload the luggage. She then slipped back to Seiya's side, taking her hand to soothe her, and led everyone inside. Behind her she heard Jadeite make some remark about feeling sorry for the staff who had to unload the luggage. Apparently Kiyoko had been correct in predicting that her family would bring quite a bit.

As they entered the castle Minako caught up to Kiyoko and Seiya, "So, is it true that there will be attendees from all over the galaxy coming?" She seemed delighted by the idea.

Seiya answered, her feelings mirroring Kiyoko's, "It's true. And it's all politics. We actually had another set of royals contact us about attending today. And on top of that they want to come early so that they can get to know the planet. It's ridiculous!"

Kiyoko looked over and kissed Seiya's cheek, "That is one of the many reasons I love you! I feel the same way!" But then she looked at her and sighed, "However, regardless, we must be gracious hosts and tolerate it. It is unavoidable."

Seiya nodded, "I know it is. You know, if I hadn't fallen in love with an all-powerful princess…" She broke into laughter, not even able to finish that sentence. When they'd fallen in love there wasn't a force of the universe that could've stopped it. Between Haruka's protective nature and Hina's darkness, enough had tried.

Kiyoko shook her head, "And if I hadn't fallen in love with a head strong Senshi…." She didn't even try to finish her sentence. Her face becoming more serious, "I am honestly glad she's dead…. I know that is terrible, but I wouldn't want Hina trying to ruin that bright day for us." Seiya nodded and squeezed her hand.

Soon they all arrived at the dining hall which had been decorated and set up with a selection of Estara's greatest delicacies. However, Kiyoko had made sure to have some of the dishes from Earth she knew her family loved prepared as well. Kiyoko turned to face them all and spoke, "I'd like to formally welcome you all to Estara with a feast. I am so happy to have all of you here. You'll never know how much it means to me. So please, help yourselves. There are dishes of Estara and Earth prepared. Today's cuisine joins both of the worlds I call home. Enjoy!"

As everyone began perusing the buffet, Kiyoko caught sight of Helios. He seemed to be happy and a little sad at the same time. She understood. Her sister, Queen Serenity, had stayed behind on Earth along with Sailor Pluto, Sailor Saturn, and the Sailor Asteroids. No one wanted to leave Serenity or Earth completely unprotected.

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