Psych: Better Than Pugs

Chapter 11: The Struggle

As Juliet came to, she noticed that she couldn't move. She was positioned on a dining chair with her hands tied behind her and her feet tied to the legs of the chair. She felt something cold and wet dripping down the back of her neck. When her vision unblurred, she saw that someone was standing over her. He was a tall lanky man, dressed in a black suit and with greasy black hair. She recognized his face. "Pinkerton?" she said hoarsely.

"Sure. If that's what you want to call me," he said snidely. "Now that you are awake you can be of some use. Where is it?!" he screamed.

"Where's what?" said Juliet through a whimper.

"The ring! Where's the ring? Why wasn't it on your finger?"

"What ring?" cried Juliet, "I don't know what you are talking about."

"Don't lie to me! I know your boyfriend…or should I say fiancé… gave it to you last night. Now tell me where it is!" He held Juliet's gun which he had taken from her, cocked it, and pointed it to her head.

"Fiance? I'm not engaged. I swear I don't know anything about a ring. Please don't shoot me!" she pleaded.

"Damnit!" he said and hit Juliet across the head with the gun causing blood to trickle from her forehead. Her vision blurred again and she felt about ready to lose consciousness.

Just then there was a loud crash. The front door had been kicked off its hinges and Henry, Ed, Gus, and Shawn rushed through it.

Juliet lifted her heavy head a high as she could. "Shawn!" she exclaimed with a strained voice.

"Jules, it's me! I'm here," said Shawn as he began to cross the room towards her. He stopped short though, when he saw that Felix had turned Juliet's gun on him.

"Whoa! Don't shoot man. I'm the only one who can give you want you want, FELIX." Felix flinched at the sound of his own name. "Yeah. That's right. I know who you are. I know a lot of things. See, I know it was you that broke into my Dad's house and then into my office. I knew that those break-ins were not random, even though you tried to fool everyone by taking a few valuable items from each place. By the way, you totally missed the Ginsu knives…MVP of my Dad's house, seriously. And dude, do you mind if I get my Nintendo back…

"Shawn!" growled Henry.

"BUT…you should have known better than to try to fool a psychic. See, I sensed that you were the culprit, and I sensed that you were looking for this." Shawn held up the ring and Felix's eyes widened. Juliet's eyes widened too. "I was a little late in the game on that second one though, I admit…Sorry Jules," he mouthed to her.

While Shawn continued, Henry and Gus tried to approach Felix in hopes of taking him down, but couldn't manage to get close enough without Felix turning the gun on them.

"You see, this ring belonged to my Gamagama Spencer, but unbeknownst to us, it has a richer history than we could have ever guessed. It originally belonged to the Habsburg family of Austria, a royal family heirloom. Ed, here, was in Santa Barbara looking for this ring, and had traced it down to my own father. He was about to offer up a deal in exchange for returning the ring to its rightful owner. But you couldn't have that. You had to have the ring for your selfish little…well not so little…gangly, greasy self. So you followed Ed all the way to Santa Barbara and used his leads to try to steal it.”

“First, you broke into my Dad's house, but unfortunately for you, it wasn't there. It wasn't there, because…" Shawn paused and his eyes wandered to Juliet. "…because it was with me." Juliet lifted her head which felt like it weighed twenty pounds and her jaw dropped, dumbfounded, as she came to realize just why Shawn was in possession of his grandmother's ring. She caught Shawn's gaze briefly before he cleared his throat nervously and continued.

"It turns out you might have found it in my own office that very day, but your plan was foiled by an innocent little girl. She saw you trying to break into my office, you threatened her, and the next thing you knew the entire police force was on the lookout for you.”

“The next day you tried a new approach, posing as a client so you could take a look around the office, as well as sending us on a wild goose chase to keep us distracted from what you were really up to. When Gus and I stepped out of the room during our meeting, you snatched the photo of Jules and me from my desk. It was a weird thing to steal, but there was a reason for it. You hoped that tracking down my girlfriend might lead you to the ring…perhaps you planned to hold her hostage in return for the ring. Well, it was your lucky day because it just so happened that I had a spare key hidden inside the frame." Shawn looked to Gus. "That's right, Gus. I didn't forget to lock the door!" Gus shrugged guiltily.

"As soon as Gus and I left for coffee, you came looking in the Psych Office, but poo poo on you, because what you didn't realize was that by that time I had returned the ring to my Dad. And even if the ring was in the office, you didn't get to complete your search, because little miss Emma spotted you again. You couldn't have her blabbing to the cops before your mission was complete, so you eliminated her."

Shawn's voice cracked. "She was just a child, man… Why?" Felix didn't respond but only stared blankly. The heartlessness he displayed made the room heavy.

Shawn gulped and continued. "Finally, when you found out that I…" He couldn't believe he was going to say this in front of Juliet. "that I…wanted to give it to Juliet…" Juliet's mouth dropped again. "…you thought you'd just wait, find her unawares and just take it off her pretty little finger. Well, it sucks to be you, because when I realized that the ring was your target, I didn't give it her…" He turned to Juliet. "I'm really really sorry Jules. This is all my fault."

"No, Shawn. You couldn't have known…" she mumbled. She looked like she was having a hard time keeping her eyes open.

Just then, Felix turned the gun back to Juliet.

"No!" yelled Shawn.

"Give me the ring, or I'll shoot!" shouted Felix.

"Ok! Ok! Ok! Whatever you want," said Shawn in a panic, "Just don't hurt her, please!"

Shawn held out the ring and stepped carefully towards Felix. Felix took the ring and then hesitated, taking in his current situation while keeping the gun pointed towards Juliet's head. Seeing that he was outnumbered and not likely to make it out of the house without doing something drastic, he hatched a new plan.

Shawn saw the cogs working in Felix's brain and watched as if by slow motion Felix's finger pressed onto the trigger. He immediately launched himself towards Juliet, hearing the shot ring as Juliet, chair and all toppled sideways.

Henry and Gus reacted by tackling Felix to the ground and attempting to pry the gun from his hand, while Ed simply watched the scene in horror. The gun went off again, this time the bullet flying haphazardly toward the front window causing it to shatter to pieces. Outside the house, Detective Lassiter and several cops had arrived just in time to see the front window shatter and they rushed towards the house, Lassiter barking orders.

Despite his puny stature, Felix had proven to be stronger than Gus or Henry anticipated. He had managed to wrestle free with the gun still in hand, though he had dropped the ring in the process which rolled across the room and landed smack dab in front of Ed who picked it up off of the floor. Felix had just aimed the gun toward Henry when Lassiter and the officers entered the home, their guns trained on Felix. "Drop your weapon, now!" screamed Lassiter.

Several tense moments passed while Felix eyed Ed holding the ring and the arsenal of weapons pointed at him. He could see that he was outnumbered and that any chance of remedying the situation had gone out of the broken window. He surrendered and placed the gun on the floor. "Hands in the air!" Lassiter yelled. Lassiter kept his weapon on Felix while three officers surrounded him and put him in cuffs.

Shawn missed all of these events, having lost all awareness of everything around him as he pulled himself of off his girlfriend, panic-stricken as he inspected her from top to bottom. Juliet looked into her boyfriend's eyes woozily.

"Shawn…you're hurt," she mumbled.

Suddenly Shawn felt a stinging in his left arm and realized that the blood soaking into the carpet was his own and not Juliet's. He looked at the gaping bullet hole in his left bicep, and openly thanked the heavens that he had been hit instead of her.

"Shawn?" mumbled Juliet, through tears.

"It's ok, Jules. It's just my arm. I'll be ok. You're going to be ok too. It's all over now."

"I love you, Shawn," she said, and then her eyes closed and her head dropped. She was unconscious.

"Jules! Juliet! Wake up! Someone call an ambulance now!

Shawn paced back and forth in the hospital waiting room, waiting to hear that his Juliet was going to be ok. His wound had been fixed up and bandaged quickly and his arm was bound in a sling. Juliet had been unconscious for at a least a couple of hours and had been admitted to the ICU for numerous tests. Shawn was accompanied by Gus, Rachael, Lassiter, and Chief Vick. All of them slumped into the uncomfortable chairs, tapping fingers and feet nervously.

Henry entered the waiting room and found his son. "Shawn! How is she?" he asked, hugging Shawn while being careful not to squeeze his wounded arm.

"We're still waiting…" answered Shawn.

Henry nodded and placed a comforting hand on his son's back. She'll be alright, Shawn," he encouraged, hoping that he was right.

"Look, Shawn. I know this isn't any consolation right now, but I made a deal with Ed." He handed Shawn an envelope, which Shawn opened and pulled out the check inside. At first he just stared at it, nonplussed as counted and recounted the number of zeros.

"Dad? Is this a joke?" he choked. "This can't be for real…"

"I guess you'll find out when you take it to the bank on Monday," Henry answered. Shawn's mouth opened and closed a few times before inserting the check back into the envelope and trying to hand it back to his father.

"Dad? Don't you want to…?"

"No, Shawn. It's all yours," said Henry backing away from the envelope. "Your grandmother left the ring to you, not me." Shawn reluctantly retracted his outstretched arm and looked disbelievingly at the tiny bit of paper in his hands. "Don't blow it all at once," advised Henry before taking a seat next to Gus.

Shawn stuffed the envelope into his pocket and resumed his pacing. After what seemed like a lifetime, a nurse entered the waiting room and called for Mr. Spencer.

Shawn sprinted to the nurse. "How is she? Is she ok?! Please tell me she's ok," pleaded Shawn.

"You can relax," said the nurse, "Ms. O'Hara suffered a moderate concussion, but now she and the baby are doing just fine."

Everyone left out a sigh of relief, except for Henry.

"Baby?!" he shouted. Shawn turned red. Of all the people in the room, Shawn's own father was the only one who didn't know yet. Even Rachael had found out from Gus.

"By the way Dad," said Shawn, "You're going to be a grandpa. Congratulations!"

Henry was speechless.

"She's asking for you," said the nurse to Shawn.

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