Mass Effect: Milieu

The Little Things

Shepard sat back in her chair. Placing a hand to her lips as they twitched into a satisfied grin. There before her sat a perfect miniature model of Sovereign. The squid like body had been rendered in loving detail. She had poured hours into gluing all the little pieces together. Model ships were calming. A few hours of peace and quiet. She locked herself away from all the problems and worries of the galaxy by pasting and popping little plastic pieces together. Every piece had a part and every part had its place and purpose.

She dropped her hand, tapping a finger to the back end of the ship. She turned it a little to the left and then to the right. The light bounced off the deep red color of the model making the ship appear to be made of actual metal. The glue was almost dry. Once it was she would pick it up and place it the glass case with all the other ships she cared for and collected.
A soft scratching sound turned her attention to the small furry rodent trapped in glass behind her.

"Hello, Boo." She said sweetly to the little ball of fuzz currently digging food pellets from his porcelain food dish. The hamster picked up his pointy head twitching his nose twice at her before stuffing a pellet into his mouth and retreating back into the darkness of his house. Shepard laughed. "Good to see some things never change."

Redirecting her attention back to the model on her desk, she once again tapped the ship. If only the real Sovereign and Reapers were this big. Then they would be easy to handle. Annoying, but small and easily squashed with a stomp from her booted foot.

The galaxy would be easy to save. Earth wouldn't be burning as she sat here piecing together a miniature Reaper to keep herself from going insane from inactivity. She knew there was only so much she could do in between missions. But that didn't mean the downtime didn't make her stir crazy.

Sighing, she stood up. Picking up the ship, she looked thoughtfully at it. She only had room for one more on ship in the case. Her eyes drifted to the empty spot. It was perfect. Sovereign would be wedged between the Destiny Ascension and the original Normandy. The irony was not lost on her.

She stared at the small ship cradled lovingly in her hands for a few more minutes. She turned it left and right again, admiring her handy work and that of the designer of the model. Breathtakingly detailed and flawless. She wouldn't have been surprised to hear Sovereign's voice in her head, speaking to her telling her about the Reapers and them coming to destroy galactic civilization as she knew it. Shepard took a deep breath. Exhaling slowly, she tossed the model to the ground and smashed her boot down on it.

One, two, three.

After the third time she stared at the broken pieces of the ship. Red shards glittering at her like burning worlds. She rolled her shoulders and turned on her heels, leaving the mess for later. One Reaper down, only a couple thousand to go. Sometimes it was nice to enjoy the little things.

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