Mass Effect: Milieu

Expect the Unexpected

Kaidan's hands were sweaty. His nose crinkled at the thought of just how sweaty his hands were. Yes, he was nervous. Him frickin' nervous. He would snorted at the thought of anyone telling him he could get nervous anymore. He had faced down geth primes armed only with his biotics, he had helped Shepard defeat Sovereign and Saren, and he had come nose to nose with monstrous hordes of rachni and husks all begging for his blood, had he flinched? Well, maybe a little at the rachni, but he hadn't shown his trepidation at facing them.
But now? He stared at the door leading to the training room. His body physically responded. His heart raced, hammering in his ears causing his head to start aching. He didn't need this. He should have told Anderson, no, a third time.
Rolling his shoulders, he couldn't do this. He would rather be stung by a Collector wasp again than go into that room. Everything instinctual was screaming at him to run.

Sighing, he looked around. Seeing no one in the white washed hallway, he wiped his hands on his dress pants. Thankfully, they were dark in color so no one should notice.

"I can do this." He told himself. The door still barred his way. He raised his hand and activated it. The green glow of the locking mechanism twirled brightly for a moment before it faded, and the doors slid apart revealing a white lighted training gym. At least upon first inspection it looked like a normal training gym. There were small differences.

The punching bags were reinforced with extra chain supports so they could take full force biotic kicks and punches. The workout machines were still present, but there were additional machines for practicing biotic lift and pull techniques there was even a range to exercise throwing weighted targets. A climbing wall built into the back wall allowed students to train on hovering with biotics with a proper safety harness. Practice dummies wrapped in metal lined another wall just waiting to be warped or reaved. The gym was just what was needed to teach biotics in the defensive and offensive aptitudes. It was a gym very similar to the one he had trained at in Brain Camp.

His breath caught in his throat as images from a past he thought over and done with flashed behind his eyes. Squeezing his eyes shut, he counted to three and opened them again. The last thing he needed was a trip down memory lane. He had moved pass BAaT.

Young people milled about the room all dressed in signature blue training fatigues. Some stood in small groups the lifting equipment; others were paired up at the targeting range and the sand bags. But all heads were turned toward the largest group gathered at the base of the climbing wall. A young man and woman were climbing. They were both about half way up the wall. They seemed to be racing each other.

"She's gaining on you, Myles, better not lose this one!"

"Come one, Mein! He's got nothing on you."

"Five hundred credits says, he beats her."

"I'll take that bet."

Kaidan watched speechless. They were good climbers, but he also noticed they were cocky and proud: Neither one was strapped to a safety harness. Which meant two things in Kaidan's mind:

A) either they had enough confidence in their biotic abilities to suddenly hover if they slipped and fell.

B) They were relaying on someone below to catch them with their biotics.

He preferred opinion B. That at least meant they had trust in other members of their squad, but from what Anderson had debriefed him about the Special Biotics Division recruits; they were new, young and arrogant. More likely than not they thought they would catch themselves.

He pinched the bridge of his nose. All nervousness was gone, now he was getting angry. He didn't lose his composure all that often, it was one of the reasons Anderson had picked him for this assignment. After all the crap he had endured at BAaT, he had come out pretty level headed. The Alliance needed his kind of biotic potential and talent to train and recruit up and coming students. So what if he was an L2 implant, he still spiked higher than most L5's. He learned long ago he was different, a freak among humans, but that didn't mean he thought he was better than anyone else. Too many young people were falling into that category and it bothered him. And these two climbers were pretty good examples of that attitude. No one had even noticed a superior officer had entered the room. It would take more than clearing his throat a few times to get their attention and gain their respect.

He looked around and spotted up against the wall near a couple of practice dummies, large clay disk.

Perfect. He thought, a slight smile tugged at his lips. If his time with Shepard had taught him anything it was people would listen to words, but only after you had their undivided attention. As he couldn't shoot his gun at these recruits, his biotics would have to do the trick. Let's see what these kids can do.

A familiar tingling sensation shot through him as he tapped into the dark energy stored within him. A glowing blue aura sprang to life around him; it swirled and twisted around his body hugging him close like a lover's embrace. It was almost as intimate, and definitely as comfortable. He shifted his stance and raised his right arm, then his left. Two clay disks rose easily from the stack. He smirked. His attention was divided between his concentration on lifting the disks and the distance of the recruits climbing up on the wall.

Yeah, he could do it. It wasn't cockiness just pure fact. Something these soldiers needed to learn. He threw his arms back and then shot them forward much like he was throwing two balls.

The disks flew straight ahead as if they had been fired from a cannon. Kaidan flicked his wrists upward changing the arch of the disks making them swing above the heads of the bystanders and up toward the climbers. The disks crashed right above the heads of each climber. Reddish dust powdered them. Shocked by the sudden and unexpected explosion of clay dust into their eyes, both climbers gasped, choking on debris. Their hands slipped and they started to fall.

A collective intake of breath escaped from the watching crowd, their eyes glued to their two falling comrades. No one moved, no one glowed. Kaidan lowered his arms and then snapped them up again. A blue glow surrounded the two. He slowly let them fall. When they were about five feet from the ground, he released his hold on them letting both thump unceremoniously to the floor.

"Lesson number one," He stated evenly, but loudly. All heads swiveled his way. He had their undivided attention. He suppressed his dark energy, the blue flames faded as quickly as he had called them. "Expect the unexpected. Now fall in."

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