Chuck vs Golden Thumb

Chuck vs Golden Thumb Chapter 10

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The General arrived at Dulles with Roan and was met as she got off the plane by her Major who then led her to her waiting limo then climbed in after her. The Major began his briefing with the abduction of Stanley and Ginger as they headed into Langley. Informing her that they still were in the middle of the investigation but there was very little to go on so little progress had been made.

“Unfortunately this group knew what they were doing and temporarily killed CCTV in the whole area at the time of the grabbing and because of the time of night along with the weather we have no eye witnesses.

“Wait a minute,” said Roan. “Maybe we don’t need to know who grabbed them to find them. Use your tablet and bring up a map of Bethesda the area where they were taken. Okay you said all the cameras were down at the time of the abduction but came back on afterwards. It sounds like they had some sort of jamming device.”

“Okay we still don’t know who took them or where they went? I don’t see how this helps us any,” said the Major as he looked over at the General she just shrugged her shoulders. He brought up the map.

“Just humor me son and follow my instructions. Okay now follow the pattern of cameras that mysteriously went out then came back on. I’m willing to bet you’ll be able to track their movement through the city.”

“You’re right there is a pattern and it traces back here to Dulles. So now if I look to see what plane left at that time of night...”

“Now you’re catching on. Yes,” said Roan as he cut him off. “There won’t be any commercial aircraft flying at that hour so you need to concentrate on private planes and their destinations. Look for something that changed or amended its flight plan after departure. This will be like the shell game.”

“I’ve got three,” said Major as he opened apps and moved things around. “Okay there’s one that went to LAX, another to Cisco and the last one bounced around before landing in Seattle.”

“Without being able to look at who chartered those flights it would be in our best interest if we sent men out to look into each of those flights and check them out. Maybe we can get a hit off facial in those airports.”

“I’ll have people dispatched right away,” said the Major as he looked at his watch. “If I’d thought of this before maybe I could’ve gotten people in place before they landed.” He pulled out his phone and called the various substations. Afterwards he called the Situation Room and had them run faces. “Okay it’s done.”

“That’s very good Major but next time you might want to ask me my opinion. After all I’m just the director and if this goes sideways the president and congress will be coming to take their pound of flesh out of me.”

“Sorry General I guess I just got caught up in the moment and after so much insuccess this glimpse of hope... well I just wanted to run with it. If only I’d thought of that...”

“Hindsight is always 20/20. You don’t have to apologize you did the right thing running with it. If I hadn’t agreed with what you were doing I would’ve stopped you. Just next time let me at least nod my head in agreement and if it works out then we’ll all win. Were you able to get everything lined up in Miramar for Chuck? He should be on the ground by now.”

“Yes, I had everything setup and the equipment you asked for was in place for his arrival,” said the Major as he looked at Roan. “Oh no, things in place.”

“Yes, things in place,” said the General. “Roan, do you want me to have my driver swing by and drop you off at your townhouse after he drops me off at Langley?”

“About that Ma’am,” said the Major. “I’m sorry Agent Montgomery but the agency cleared out your place and everything was put in storage pending an investigation. With the accusations that were made everything in your house became evidence.”

“Well I bet that’s the cleanest my place has been since I moved in. Diane, it looks like I’m a wayward waif having need of shelter for the night.”

“Okay you can have my couch but only my couch and on two conditions. One you stay out of my bedroom unless invited...”

“Okay that’s something we can work on,” said Roan as he checked out the bar in the back of the limo pulling out the gin and the vermouth. “So what’s the second?”

“You’re holding it. I want you to stay out of my liquor cabinet. The last time I invited you over you drank through have of my stock. But you didn’t start with the cheap stuff you went top shelf right off the bat. Roan, as director I’m expected to host dignitaries and if you drink up all my good stuff all I have is rotgut to offer.”

The Major wished he could disappear or be anywhere but there. Listening to the General and Roan argue was like listening to his mother and father bicker. Finally they arrived at Langley and not soon enough for the Major. Heaving sigh of relief he thought it was over but he was wrong.

“Oh no you don’t Roan,” said the General. “You go to my place when I go and not before or I’ll have to toss you out before you spend the first night. Leaving you at home with my liquor is like putting a glass of water in front of thirsty man and telling him not to drink.”

“I resemble that analogy,” said Roan as he lifted his glass then stepped out of the General’s limo with Martini in hand.

“Roan,” said Connie as she greeted them as they arrived. “How are you? You had us all worried. I knew those terrible things they said about you couldn’t be true.”

“Connie I appreciate your kind words. I’ll always have a fan in you...”

“But she works for me,” said Diane as she got everyone in her office. “I want a status report from L.A. Find out what Agent McHugh and Grimes have discovered on Catalina. Still no word from Chuck or from the Cabin and we haven’t found Laszlo. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done before any of us can go home tonight if we go home.”

“If that’s the case Diane you need to send out for more gin you’ve only got a half a bottle left. We’ll need at least two more.”

“Roan, go down to the Situation Room and relieve the Watch Officer then send him up here. He and I need to have a chat,” said the General as she looked over at her Major. “I want you to stay and listen. Snowshoes across a minefield in the DMZ I’ve got to remember that one.” The Major turned red wondering how she found out but there was a reason she was the General.

After lunch Sarah stood in the kitchen looking out the window wondering where Chuck was. They had agreed to radio silence but she and Walnut didn’t like it. Casey sat at the kitchen table field stripping and cleaning his Barrett .50. He had the barrel assembly off and was passing a patch inside as he looked over at her standing there looking out.

“Will you come over and sit down you’re making me nervous standing there. You know you’re making yourself a good target for a sniper and looking out the window won’t make Chuck get here any sooner.”

“I know but I can’t help it and as far as being a target for snipers Chuck’s father built this cabin. The glass in the windows is bullet proof.”

“There’s bullet proof and bullet proof with the right round you can cut through anything. I hate waiting here too...”

“I know you miss him,” said Sarah as she walked over to check on Emma and Sam who were in the Living room reading. Emma was reading to Sam to get her to take a nap but the only person who fell asleep was Emma. Sam met Sarah half way and held up her finger to her mouth.

“Shush, Nana Emma’s asleep we need to be very, very quiet,” said Sam as she tiptoed over to the kitchen table then pulled up a chair watching Casey clean his .50 caliber. As she was sitting there observing one of the pins fell on the floor she dove under the table to get it for him. He smiled at her as she handed it to him.

“Thanks squirt shouldn’t you be off somewhere playing or doing something for your mother?” said Casey as he started to reassemble putting the bolt assembly in then hooking the barrel. “You treat you weapon like you treat your women.”

“Like what,” asked Sam. She sat there with her little puzzled face looking at him.

“Don’t you need to do something with your mother,” said John as he looked over at Sarah who was smiling. “A little help here would be appreciated.”

“You dug your own hole with that last remark and I’d like to see you dig yourself out. Remember she’s not even five yet.”

“Well... that is I meant you weapon is... well like your girlfriend faithful, trustworthy and... and why don’t you go grab an MRE and let’s see if we can’t find you a brownie.”

“I’m not hungry and my mommy says that I shouldn’t eat between meals. It’ll spoil my appetite.”

“I think we can make an exception today. Uncle Casey is red enough,” said Sarah as she kissed her on the forehead.

[Not Far Away Sometime Later After the Sun Set]

It was getting dark when an old beat up van lugged its way down a fire road behind an Escalade. The van was bouncing all over the road. Its suspension wasn’t made for this type of terrain and when they were almost there the rear axle went out. Where it was, was where it was going to stay. Zero flashed his lights at the Escalade signaling them to stop.

“What’s the matter there,” asked One as he got out and walked back. “Why have you stopped here?”

“The van crapped out I think that last bump did something to the back end. I felt something give then the rear end dropped. This van wasn’t made for this road.”

“It’s the rear axle,” said Two who looked up under it. “This hunk of junk isn’t going anywhere. The best we can do is use it to relay communications from here.”

“Then that’s what we’ll do. Zero you stay with the van while we go on ahead. We’ll hook up with your guy at the site take out the targets then pick you up on the way out. Two put this charge under the van.”

“Wait a minute what charge?” said Zero. He didn’t like the idea of working on top of a bomb that could explode from any moment to the next. “Why can’t we put the charge in the van on the way out?”

“Because if we have to bug out in a hurry that’s just one more thing to hold us back. Are we having trust issues? Tell you what I’ll let you hold on to the detonator that should make you feel better. You can blow the thing up on our way out after we pick you up.”

“It’s not that I don’t trust you guys but we just met and so I really don’t know you... okay I don’t trust you yet but this goes a long ways and thanks for understanding.”

“Now that we’ve got this episode of Dr. Phil over let’s load back up in the Escalade. We’re almost there so let’s go.”

One got everyone in the Escalade then they took off. It was already dark and getting darker as Two looked in the mirror Zero and the van soon were out of sight.

“You really didn’t give him the detonator to hold on to did you? If you did I might have to slap you for being stupid.”

“Let’s just say I’m going to need to get a new clicker for my car alarm.” Everyone in the vehicle broke out in laughter.

The helicopter ride out to the yacht seemed to last forever. Morgan and Alex stayed as quiet as they could. Morgan had some serious doubts about this but now was too late to do anything. The only good thing was Morgan was so afraid that they’d be caught that he forgot about being afraid of flying. When they were almost there Oddjob received a phone call.

“Okay so you got them. What ‘them’ I thought you were only supposed to grab the girl, Ginger? ... Oh so the boss decided he wanted the doctor too. Okay I just hadn’t been informed yet. Where are you now? ... Good I’ll have someone meet you at the airport in Hilo. Just make sure your cargo arrives without too many dings. The boss doesn’t like his playthings damaged.”

“Did you hear that,” whispered Morgan. “How many doctors do we know connected with a Ginger? I can only think of one, Stanley.”

“You think they grabbed Stanley and Ginger? Morgan if you’re right we need to hold off on grabbing Laszlo. We should wait until the yacht reaches Hawaii then we can grab him and free them. If we grab him before they might either use them as ransom or get rid of them.”

“Piece of cake we just have to sneak off this chopper without being seen then find someplace to hide on board the yacht that Laszlo or the crew wouldn’t think of looking.”

“You’re forgetting we also need to figure out Laszlo’s evil plot too,” said Alex as she leaned over and kissed him.

“How could I forget,” said Morgan as he kissed her back. “I wonder if this is what Sarah and Chuck feel when they’re about to get killed?”

“I think we’re here,” said Alex as the chopper seemed to slow down then began to hover. Slowly they felt the chopper descended until it touched something. Then the rotors started slowing down until it stopped they had definitely landed.

“Okay get that pallet out of the back,” they heard someone yell outside as the side hatch opened up and light shined in.

“Very good work Oddjob I saw on the news about the mishap on San Clemente. Are you sure those people can’t be traced back to us?”

“No they were hired through a shell company and on paper they worked on a ship that sank over a year ago in the Atlantic. As you can see we brought you back your Cherry Coke. It was the only hold up because it seems the crew of the Kidd likes it too. They bought up all of it on the island so I had to get them to ferry this in from the mainland.”

“You’re almost the perfect manservant but we’re going to correct that minor defect,” said Laszlo. “I’ve got something for you.” Laszlo opened a box he had with him and handed Paul a hat.

“You want me to wear a Bowler?” asked Paul looking at the hat. “You know it really doesn’t go with the rest of my clothes.”

“But this is special look at the band inside,” he said as he turned it over. “I make this myself out of the thinnest and sharpest metal I could find. Watch this,” said Laszlo as he pointed to a target he had set up on the fantail. Throwing the hat like a Frisbee he hit the bull’s eye then one of the crew retrieved it bringing it back up to them.

“Try your hand, I don’t expect you to do as well as I did but try anyway,” said Laszlo. He handed Paul the hat then motioned him over. Paul made his throw but was off and the hat went into the ocean.

“I guess I need practice,” said Paul. “I’m sorry about the hat.”

“No problem,” said Laszlo as he pushed the crewman overboard that was standing next to him. “He’ll get it for you.”

“Augh,” screamed the man as he hit water and began to swim to get away from the yacht before the screws pulled him under.

“What are you doing down there? Stop messing around and get the hat before it sinks,” yelled Laszlo. “Captain, I don’t want him brought onboard without it.”

“Maybe I should start closer to the target then work my way out,” said Paul as he looked over the side watching the man swim for the hat. In the distance he thought he saw a fin then a lookout saw it.

“Shark,” yell the lookout pointing near the man in the water.

“Well this should be interesting, don’t you think? Captain, you heard my orders we don’t bring him on board without the hat.”

“Very well,” said the Captain. He disappeared then came back with an M-14. “Swim man swim,” he yelled as the sailor grabbed the hat then started back. “Come on get back up here.”

“Okay you can bring him onboard now,” said Laszlo as they watched the fin get near him. The Captain fired a couple of rounds behind his man to scare the beast off.

“Get him out of the water,” yelled the Captain as he covered his men. A coupled of sailors helped pull their crewmate on board.

“Have him bring that hat up to me,” yelled Laszlo from the flight deck as he smiled at Paul. “Mr. Oddjob wants to wear it.” The man ran up the ladder to Laszlo with a towel wrapped around him and the hat in hand.

“Here you go Sir,” said the man. Laszlo took it and put it on Paul’s head as wet as it was and getting him all wet in the process. The sailor smiled then was about to leave.

“Wait there’s one other thing come here,” said Laszlo as he moved over to the side. “You should wave to your friend who’s going hungry today.”

“I’m sorry but...” the man never got what he was going to say out. Laszlo pulled a Beretta Bobcat putting a round in the back of his head. The man fell overboard.

“I’m sorry too, but we can’t let our friend go hungry can we? Next time I don’t expect to have to push anyone to get them to jump,” said Laszlo to everyone present. “Now let’s get back to work. I don’t see my Cherry Coke being taken down to the galley?”

“Geez, did you see that,” whispered Morgan. “Geez, he’s not just missing a few marbles he’s missing them all. Calling him crazy is an understatement.”

“Shush Morgan keep it down or you’ll give us away. Right now we need to wait then get onboard and go below deck before we’re seen. Be quiet they’re coming for the pallet.”

“Okay let’s cut the bands then carry them down a couple cases at a time,” said a man standing outside the chopper.

“I thought there were supposed to be more men than just me and you,” said another man. “This is going to take a while.”

“Have you got somewhere to go? They probably got lost on the way. Let’s get started I don’t have any desire to become shark food, do you?”

The man didn’t reply he just cut the bands then he grabbed a couple of cased. The guy next to him grabbed two more then they started off going down below.

“Follow me I’ve got an idea,” said Alex. She grabbed two cases then had Morgan grab two too they then caught up to the other two men carrying Cherry Coke cases below. Alex had Morgan hold up the case on his shoulder so it blocked his face from view as they followed the others down below.

“I’m glad you two finally showed up,” said the guy bringing up the rear. “Hey why aren’t you two in uniform?”

“They’re in the cleaners and this was all we had,” said Morgan thinking quickly.

“Well I wouldn’t let the boss see you or he’ll think you’re a couple of stowaways. And I don’t think you’d want that especially after what just happened.”

“Go to the laundry and find out why they didn’t deliver you guys your uniforms. They’re supposed to leave them when they pick up.”

Morgan and Alex sat their cases down in the galley then left before the other two sailors turned around to see them.

“Well that went better than I thought it would. Now what?”

“We need a change of clothes.”

“If Chuck were here,” said Morgan as he peeked around a corner. “He’d probably tranq a couple crewmembers then take their clothes.”

Back outside the Bartowski cabin not far away in the dark the man Zero had left was spying on the cabin through binoculars with his radio lying next to him. He jumped when he heard his name being called unexpectedly until he realized it was coming from the radio

“Ernie come in, come in Ernie can you read me,” said Zero as he tried to raise his man on the radio to let him know the team was coming in.

“Geez this is Ernie I can read you Pepe. You almost gave me a heart attack. What’s going on I thought you weren’t supposed to be here until tomorrow night?”

“Change of plans there’s a team coming in now to link up with you. The boss wants the hit done tonight. They’re going to be making their way over the ridge like we planned. You can rendezvous with them once they break free from the underbrush near the cabin.”

“Roger that and I’m glad the boss move up the timetable. I’ve been hearing sounds I think are either wolves or coyotes and they seem hungry. Well I need to go. Ernie out.”

“Thanks for the intel,” said a voice behind Ernie as he felt a blade at his throat. “Put your hands behind you and don’t do anything stupid.”

“Go to hell,” said Ernie as he rolled over throwing an elbow knocking his attacker off. He reached for his pistol but instead he saw the glimmer of a blade flying through the air landing in his chest. He looked wide eyed at it for a second before dropping to his knees.

“I told you nothing stupid,” said the voice. Then Ernie felt a tuck as the man removed the knife wiping it on him.

“Who are you,” asked Ernie looking up at a turban clad man with just his eyes visible. He dropped face first in the dirt. Not too far off a lone coyote howled.

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