Chuck vs Golden Thumb

Chuck vs Golden Thumb Chapter 12

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Finally it was late enough for most of the day sailors to be in their racks asleep while the night crew worked and kept the boat sailing. The night shift was a skeleton compliment composed of mostly watch standers. There were those that worked in the engine room and those on the bridge. The rest for the majority were asleep until the next morning.

“Come on let’s go,” said Alex as she peeked her head out of the A/C room. “Morgan for the record I had a good time this afternoon.”

“And for the record I did too,” said Morgan thinking that it was best if Casey never read that record because if he ever found out he’d be dead but it was worth it. “You only live once they say.”

“What? But I’d like to make that once last a long time,” said Alex. “Shush Morgan, the coast is clear come on we can go. Just stay behind me and let’s try to go up to the sundeck they give off on to the VIP cabins Laszlo has to be using one of them as his office.”

“Alex, Alex,” whispered Morgan. “How do we know which one he’s using as an office and which one he’s sleeping in?”

“Easy, the one he’s sleeping in will have him in bed and the office won’t. Shush now come on and follow me.” Morgan and Alex made their way up the ladders quietly to the sundeck.

“Okay we’re here now all we have to do is climb up on the railing then pull ourselves up and over then we’ll be on the balcony and we can go inside.”

“But that’s the outside of the ship if we fall off we fall into the ocean at night. No one will see us and we’ll be in the middle of the ocean.”

“If we fall off I don’t think you’d want these people to pick us up because their liable to toss us off again just with a little add weight to make sure we sink. But think about the positive and not the negative.”

“I’m positive this is a bad idea. Come on Alex there has got to be another way in that doesn’t involve dangling me over the side of a moving ship.”

“Well let’s see the other opinion would be to go up and knock on Laszlo’s door and ask him if we could come in have a peek at this evil plan.”

“You know sarcasm isn’t becoming,” said Morgan looking at Alex. “Okay let’s go dangle me over the side. Who knows I might meet the Little Mermaid or Charlie the Tuna.”

Morgan and Alex made their way to the deck below then Alex helped Morgan up on the railing. Then he tried to reach up and grab the bottom of deck above. But unfortunately he was too short to reach it.

“This isn’t going to work I’m too short,” said Morgan as he balanced himself on the railing. “Let me come down we need to rethink this.”

“No Morgan you can make it if you jump. I know what you’re going to say but remember think about the positive. Think you’re superman then up, up and away.”

“Jump! Are you crazy? Superman? You mean go, went, gone. This whole ship is made out of Kryptonite,” said Morgan as he looked down at her disappointing eyes.

“Morgan, listen to me I know you can do this. Just think you’ll be as great as Chuck without the intersect to help you. Morgan, break out the Cobra.”

“The Cobra, right... the Cobra, break him out and what is this just a few inches then I’ll be in. Okay let me collect myself and okay here we go,” said Morgan as he bent down like he was going to leap. “Hold on a moment when you said Superman did you mean Superman, Superman or Superman Smallville?”

“Come on Morgan you can do this let’s go. Just bend down leap then grab hold and pull yourself up easy as apple pie.”

“For the record there’s nothing easy about making an apple pie,” said Morgan as he caught Alex’s look. “Okay here I go but Sarah wouldn’t be pushing Chuck to do this.”

“She wouldn’t have to because he’d just do it without complaining about it,” said Alex. “Morgan I’m...”

“Oh that’s so unfair Chuck has the intersect,” said Morgan as Alex tried to interrupt him but kept on talking. “So this little leap would be easy for him,” said Morgan and Alex tried to stop him again but he kept on going. “Can you at least let me finish what I’ve got to say? Thank you, as I was saying we common mortals don’t have that advantage. So there what did you want to say maybe start out with sorry?”

“You’re right sorry now can you go open the door for me since you’ve already jumped up and swung yourself in. I assume no one is in or they would’ve heard your complaining by now.”

“I’ll go open the door come on up,” said Morgan then he went inside and unlocked it letting Alex in. They’d just relocked the door when they heard people coming. It sounded like two men then outside they heard the helicopter start to warm up and the rotors began turning.

“Hide Morgan, hurry get out of sight,” said Alex as they ducked behind a curtain. They hid behind the drapes just in time as two crewmembers walked in.

“What’s going on? The First Mate grabbed me out of the chow line for midrats and told me I needed to come to help you.”

“We’ve got to pack up some things to be taken off in the chopper. Word is the CIA moved a spy satellite overhead so the boss wants to run some things ashore just in case we’re boarded. I don’t know if it’s true or not but it’s got everyone all worked up on the bridge. Lay that case by your foot on the table and opened it up. I’ll do the same with this other one.”

“I take it that’s the place to avoid right now,” said the man as he laid the case on the table and opened it up while the other man did the same.

“Like the plague if you can. Okay help me, you grab one side of the model and I’ll take the other then we slide it in the case then lock it. After we’re done we’ll do the same thing with the other one.”

“Morgan we need to take a photo of those models,” whispered Alex. Morgan took out his phone and was getting ready to snap two photos. “Morgan the flash, make sure your flash is off or you’ll give us away.”

“Oh right, I almost forgot,” said Morgan as he switched it off. He took two quick photos holding his hand outside the curtain.

“Did you hear something,” asked the one man as they slide the last model in the case. “I thought I heard voices.”

“That was my stomach telling us hurry up because I’m hungry. I slept through lunch and dinner because I’ve got the midwatch. If I don’t get down soon and grab something to eat I’m going to have to wait until breakfast.”

“Okay, okay stop your complaining. Help me get these models on the chopper and you can go. I’ll come back and gather up the boss’ papers by myself.”

“That’s a deal,” said the one man as he picked up the case. “Let’s get a move on it so I can get out of here while there’s still food to get.”

“I’m coming,” said the other man as he picked up the case then looked around the room like he was looking for something. He shook his head then left. “I guess I’m hearing voices.”

“Come on Morgan we need to look at those documents before they get loaded on that chopper,” said Alex as she ran out and opened the brief case and started looking through the sheets of paper.

“What is it? Do you understand it?” asked Morgan. But his attention was attracted by Oddjobs bowler hat lying on the desk. He just couldn’t resist the temptation.

“Some of it I do. These are studies about the ocean floors in the Pacific and this one is a study about the floor in the Atlantic. But the rest of this I’m not sure about they have something to do with earthquakes and volcanoes. Morgan, can you put that thing down before there’s an accident and you get us caught.”

“What kind of accident could happen? Hey, did you see Goldfinger? When I was little I used to take my mother’s saucers and throw them at trees and things.”

“It’s the ‘and things’ that sounds like you got in trouble,” said Alex as she put a special lens on her telephone and started taking pictures of what she thought were key documents.

“Well one day I was bored and there was this car that drove by. It was his fault actually because he drove in front of the tree I threw at. I kind of hit him... I don’t know why he got so mad... Anyway he gets out of his car and chases me a good three blocks before I finally lose him.”

“Then I would think you would’ve learnt your lesson so put that thing down,” said Alex but just then the door opened and the same man walked in.

“I did hear someone in here. What are you two doing in here this is off limits,” he said as he started to go for the intruder alarm. Without thinking Morgan threw the hat.

“Morgan, what did you do?” said Alex as she ran over to check the man. There was little anyone could do for him. The hat brim was buried deep in the man’s forehead.

“Did I? Please tell me he’s not... well you know,” asked Morgan as he walked up behind Alex bent over the man. “Oh my God I think I’m going to be sick.”

“Morgan, you can’t afford to be right now. I need the trash bag out the trash can and the shoe laces out of his shoes. Plus Morgan you need to take that brief case down to the helicopter without being seen.”

“Oh Mamma.”

“Morgan, look at me,” said Alex as she got up. She grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him. “Morgan, you can’t freeze now. You can do this just repeat in your head what would Chuck do.”

“What would Chuck do? Yeah okay... No Chuck would’ve darted the guy and he’d be asleep not forever.”

“I don’t know about that. What if he thought Sarah or Sam were in danger?”

In the dark inside the cabin Sarah and Casey heard gunfire outside the cabin. They knew something was going on outside but they had no way to communicate with anyone to find out what was going on. Then Casey’s motion detectors went off so they knew roughly from what direction the people were coming from but not much more.

“That’s the trail that comes down from the ridge. Let’s see what we have,” said John as he brought up a camera he and Sam had set up then went to IR. “I’ve got two incoming. That’s almost an insult wait I’ve got two more that’s better. Crap one of them found my camera.”

[Outside on the trail]

“There that’s how he’s been picking us off,” said One as he pointed at the camera he’d just taken out. “From now on the odds will be with us. Colonel Casey,” radioed One. “I just took out your eyes but I thought you ought to know something. I brought an RPG with me and in a few minutes I’m going to level that cabin you’re trying to keep us from. But it doesn’t have to go down this way. If you give yourself up I’ll give you my word we’ll let everyone else live.”

“What proof do I have that you’ll keep your word,” they heard back in mic. “Sounds to me like hollow words spoken by a hollow man.”

“Tell me what you want us to do. You call it as long as it’s within reason,” said One. Two started to protest but One held up his hand.

“Okay let’s try this you place the RPG on the ground in front of you then I’ll come out. We can talk this out looking at each other face to face.”

“If he can see us well enough to tell us to put the RPG on the ground in front of us why doesn’t he just take us out before we can use it.”

“Because he wants to take us alive,” said One as he smile. “Okay I agree and if you can see me you can see I’m putting the RPG on the ground. Now come out and we can talk,” said One then he turned to Two “Okay we’re playing cat and mouse now so look alive if you see him take the shot don’t wait and above all don’t hesitate.”

“Okay I’m coming in,” said the voice over the radio. Then they heard the sound of rustling brush then they saw a silhouette of a man walking towards them with his arms up.

“There he is,” yelled Two as he pointed and opened fire then One joined in. They fired until the man dropped.

“Cover me,” yelled One as he ran in the brush to check the body to make sure. He had to know if the Colonel was gone and he wanted to put the last bullet in him.

“No, no he did it again,” yelled One when he saw what they’d done. “We just killed Three. Crap, the Colonel had him gagged with his arms tied behind his back. What we thought were his arms were tree branches inside his coat sleeves to hold them up. His vest is missing... Hey did you hear what I said. Two...Two,” yelled One. He jumped up to find Two missing but he RPG was still there. Two must’ve put up a fight he thought the Colonel didn’t have time to grab it. He ran back and picked it up.

“Well it’s down to you and me,” One heard in his earbud. “I’m getting a little tired and I think I’d like to get this little game over with. I have my man to interrogate so I’m willing to let you go if you want to leave?”

“You didn’t keep your word so now I’m going to teach you there are consequences,” said One as he shouldered the RPG.”

“You had no intention of keeping yours. Your contract is for the Colonel and Sarah Walker who happens to be my wife. Now let’s let that soak in. My name you piece of... well I could call you by your given name Luke. This numbering system is... well not very personal.”

“How do you know my name? Your wife? Wait a minute that can’t be we were told her husband was dead.”

“Oh I can assure you I’m quite alive and well which is more than I can say about two of your people and very shortly the third one. I won’t let you hurt my wife and child. I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure they stay safe.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” radioed Luke AKA One as he raise the RPG once more and pulled the trigger. There was a loud explosion and fired ball.

“That includes booby trapping an RPG. Goodbye Luke,” said Chuck. He turned to the man he had tied up. “Come on Charlie I don’t think you want me to leave you here tied up,” said Chuck. Suddenly they heard the howls of coyotes. “They already know there’s fresh meat on the menu tonight.”

Morgan gathered his courage and took the briefcase out to the flight deck. He sat it on the deck. This was what he agreed to do with Alex so he wouldn’t run into Laszlo. He’d just sat it down and let out a deep breath. Done he thought but as he was about to leave someone called to him from the helicopter.

“Hey where are you going? You can't leave that there,” said a man getting out of the chopper. “Didn't anyone ever tell you about FOD on a flight deck? Where are the two deadbeats I told to bring this stuff down?”

“Brad,” said Morgan remembering what was written on the man’s name tag. “He told me he had a splitting headache and asked me to bring this down. I guess he forgot to tell me it was supposed to go on the chopper.”

“Well that's still no excuse for leaving FOD on the flight deck. Stow it inside. I’ll have a talk with Brad later and I’ll take care of his headache for him.”

“Is everything ready,” asked Oddjob as he walked up to the First Mate. “Dr. Zorin wants this bird in the air right away. Who are you?” He asked looking at Morgan.

“He’s no one and as a matter of fact he was about to leave,” said the First Mate. Morgan took that as his cue to bow out and leave.

“Wait I need for you to run up to the VIP Stateroom and get me my hat. You know the hat I’m talking about? You can’t miss it I left it on the hatrack by the desk. Laszlo, I mean Dr. Zorin will have a fit if he sees me without it.”

“Yes Sir I’ll be right back,” said Morgan then he left thinking now what am I going to do? He went back up to the VIP stateroom and found Alex had taken care of the body. She’d pulled the hat and placed the man’s head in the plastic trash bag tying it off with the shoelaces. As he walked in she was finishing cleaning up the blood.

“I delivered the briefcase like you wanted me to,” said Morgan as he kept staring at the man with the plastic bag over his head hoping he’d see him breathe but no such luck.

“Good, now you need to help me heave this body over the side but we need to be quiet about it. We should drop him as the helicopter takes off and no one will be the wiser.”

“About that Oddjob was down on the flight deck and wants me to bring him his hat. The one cover in blood now. Geez, what do I do? This is that guy getting even.”

“Morgan, don’t be silly. You have to take it to him he’ll be waiting. Drag this body outside to the railing I’ve got an idea,” said Alex. She ran into the head then ran water over it as Morgan dragged the body to the railing propping it up next to it.

“Don’t go anywhere and by the way I’m sorry,” said Morgan then he ran back inside. “Okay, I left him there now what do you want me to do?”

“You can take this hat down to Oddjob and tell him it’s still wet from went it fell in the ocean. I think this will work.”

“I think? Geez thanks,” said Morgan as he ran.

[Meanwhile on the flight deck]

“Where is that guy at? I could’ve run up myself and been back by now. First Mate you need to take care of....”

“Here he is,” said the First Mate with a look that told Morgan they weren’t happy with him. “What took you so long? You kept Mr. Oddjob waiting and he doesn’t like being kept waiting.”

“I’m really sorry but I was trying to dry it with a towel. It’s still wet from this afternoon when... well we all know what happened.”

“I thought sure it’d be dry by now,” said Oddjob as he grabbed it and it was in fact still wet. “He’s right,” said Paul as he turned the hat around looking at it.

“I did my best but I’m afraid it wasn’t good enough,” said Morgan. He was sweating bullets afraid Oddjob would notice the blood.

“You kept me waiting but I have to give it to you for initiative. Thanks you can go now. See now that’s what you ought to reward,” said Oddjob to the First Mate. “Your man saw a problem then took initiative to fix it most of the crew onboard would wait for someone to tell them to do something.

“Here comes the boss now,” said the First Mate quickly changing the subject. Morgan had disappeared just in the nick of time so he didn’t see Laszlo and more importantly Laszlo did see him.

“Is everything on board?” asked Laszlo as Paul put the wet hat on. Both he and the First Mate nodded their heads.

“Yes Sir per your orders your briefcase and the two models have been loaded. Are there any last minute changes or new orders?”

“No, once I leave you’ll be in charge here. When you arrive in Hilo you’re set to host a reception. Go all out and make it the biggest most lavish party these people have been to because for many of them it will be their last. If I’m right you’ll have some uninvited guests but you can offer them a drink from me.

While this was going on Morgan ran back up to Alex and to help her dump what needed to be dumped over the side.

“It worked but how did you get the blood out,” asked Morgan as they went out on the balcony. “He didn’t notice a thing.”

“I noticed a tag on the inside that said it was Scotch Guarded so the blood stains just washed out. It was still humid so I figured Oddjob or whatever his real name would never notice. The chopper is taking off let’s get this done then get out of here before we’re caught.”

There was a splash on the starboard side but with the helicopter reviving up then lifting off no one heard it and all eyes were looking up as it took to the night sky. Soon it’s running lights disappeared in the night sky and in the moonlight a fin popped out from underneath the water.

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