Chuck vs Golden Thumb

Chuck vs Golden Thumb Chapter 13

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Back in Langley the General was trying to follow everything that was going on and she realized she had too many irons in the fire but it couldn’t be helped. Some attribute to General Sherman the quote ‘war is hell’ and of that Diane had no doubt but she also had no doubt that if Lazslo Mahnovski were a country members of congress even the president himself would be screaming to declare war. This was her war and she knew how to fight it well and yes it was hell.

“It’s almost dawn,” said Connie as brought the General a cup of coffee and placed it on her table. The General was looking at the globe but her mind was a thousand miles away. “You’ve been up all night you should get some sleep.”

“What? Oh thanks just leave it there on the desk. Any word for down below yet something should be breaking soon. Rest comes at mission end this is the worst part waiting...” The General started to say when Roan and the Major came running it.

“We did it Ma’am we finally did it. It wasn’t easy but we made it,” said the Major exuberantly stating their success but forgetting what to say they’d succeeded at.

“I don’t know where this we comes from,” said Roan. “A little while ago you were going to send in a drone and take them along with him out. Connie could you be a love I’d like a cup of coffee too.”

“Roan, go get your own but after I know what’s going on. Hold up and back it up a bit,” said Diane. “We succeeded in doing what? You were going to send in a drone strike to take who out, Laszlo?”

“Yes and it’s a good thing he didn’t,” said Roan. “You have Agent McHugh on line one. They stowed away on Laszlo’s yacht and are reporting in from well it’s best if they explain.”

“They did what? That’s not what I told them to do,” said the General as she punched in the button and brought them on speaker. “I thought my instructions were clear. You were to find leads to Laszlo then report them in and we would run with it.”

“Sorry General but this opportunity arose and we took it. We are currently in a forward A/C room onboard the Xenia. We must be close to land because our phones just started receiving a signal so this is the first opportunity we had to report in.”

“Somehow I doubt that but okay we can talk about protocol later,” said the General as she took her seat so she could lean over the squawk box.

“I’ve sent you a data package with pictures of documents and two models we saw in Laszlo’s stateroom before they were loaded on a helicopter. They know onboard that you’ve got a satellite watching them.”

“Certainly they do Laszlo helped design them. Is Mahnovski onboard,” asked the General. “If he is we can arrange for a surprise for him as soon as he pulls into a U.S. port.”

“Yes Diane, I heard his voice last night,” said Morgan. The General raised her eyebrow when Morgan interrupted.

“Ma’am you should know it was Agent Grimes who spotted the trail that led us here. If he hadn’t seen it none of this would’ve been possible and we’d still be in the dark.”

“Well it’s good to see the diamond is starting to buff up well. Keep up the good work Agent Grimes you’ve come a long way. So do you know your destination?”

“Yes we’re supposed to be arriving in Hilo Hawaii and like I said now that our phones have signals we can’t be far away. Oh we also overheard a conversation while we were stowed away on the helicopter that brought us here that they’re planning on bring Stanley and Ginger here onboard. That is Dr. Fitzroy and Dr. Hartley.”

“There was a plane that landed in Seattle. Our men reported that the passengers boarded another plane then continued on to Honolulu. That has to be our bird,” said the Major as he picked up another phone.

“I want our people to be at the airport in Honolulu. I’ll forward you the flight information but we need to seize the plane and everyone on board it.”

“You’ve done good work,” said the General. “I want you to stay out of sight and wait for a boarding party we’ll send in as soon as the boat ties up in Hilo. I don’t have to tell you what Laszlo will do to you two if he finds you onboard.”

“Yes Ma’am we are well aware of that,” said Alex. “We should get off the line before they discover someone is calling out and try to trace this call.”

“Yes, you’re right. Well if you discover anything else that we need to know urgently then call but if not maintain radio silence. Keep your phones off and only turned them on every hour on the hour for a minute then turn them off. We’ll monitor your signal and if the need arises we’ll send in troops early. Beckman out.”

“General,” said the Major. “We should have our people abandon ship then send in a drone. We can take Laszlo out before he can do any more damage.”

“There you go with the drones again,” said Roan as Connie brought Roan his coffee. Diane looked at him then at Connie.

“You do know she works for me not for you and you’ve got two good legs so you can get your own like I think I told you. But aside from Roan’s view of servitude I agree with him Major. Did you read the report on all the projects Laszlo worked on for us? One being the remote access controls for our predator drones if we send one after him he’s liable to take control and minimum damage he’ll do is to return it to sender.”

“Oh... Ahm well I have our people looking over the pixs that Agent McHugh sent to see if we can figure out what Mahnovski’s next move is.”

“That’s good but I want a copy sent to Castle. Have the intersect look at them and maybe Chuck can come up with something that will finally put us out in front. I’m getting tired of being behind the power curve.”

“About Chuck,” said the Major as he looked over at Roan but Roan waved for him to continue the briefing.

“What is it? Will one of you two speak up or am I going to have to drop kick the both of you? What’s going on with Chuck?”

Chuck turned to his prisoner as the rain started again. In his ear Chuck could hear a man asking for a situation report. Chuck realized what he needed and what his prisoner could do for him. Lightning danced around them as the rains began to come down hard beating them as it fell.

“Listen, you’re going to do me a favor,” said Chuck. “I’m going to remove your gag but you’re not going to scream. I’m going to put a radio next to your head and you’re going to tell your man that your mission was a success. One took out the cabin and the targets were eliminated. However, in the heat of the action One and the Colonel killed each other.”

“Okay say I do that what will you do for me?” said Charlie as he tried to negotiate. What will you give me in return?”

“Charlie, I won’t gut shoot you here and leave you for the coyotes to finish you off. If you don’t think I won’t then you need to rethink that. I could always hike out of here and find your surveillance van. I think the guy in it might be a little more cooperative than you what do you think?”

“Go to hell,” said Charlie then he spit at Chuck. “Dr. Zorin will just send in another team and another until the job is done.”

“Wrong answer,” said Chuck. He drew his Telek from his forearm stabbing Charlie in the leg. “Now that’s a nasty wound. It won’t kill you but you’re not going to be able to run and the coyotes know that. Listen I think they might’ve found your other friends.” In the distance they heard growling and yelping.

“You wouldn’t do that to me. You can’t you’re an American agent you don’t do that to people. You have rules you have to follow.”

“You know normally you’d be right but you see as I explained to your friend Luke and it seemed to blow his mind...”

“How do you know our names? Who are you?”

“I was getting to that and listen up you’re getting off track here. You see my pregnant wife is one of the people you’re trying to kill and well I can’t have that so you can see I have a personal interest in this. You have no idea what I’ve done or what I’ll do to protect her.”

“Well I think you might be a widower soon,” said Charlie as he smiled back at Chuck through the rain. Chuck stabbed him in the other leg then twisted the blade.

“You’re just not being to cooperative,” Chuck said as he put his hand over Charlie’s mouth. “I want you to listen and listen hard. Now you can’t walk and to tell you the truth I’m tired of messing around with you. But before I go I’m going to cut off your hands then hang them around your neck so when the coyotes come, and they will come, you’ll be waving stumps at them to fight them off.” They heard a rustling in the brush and what sounded like a growl.

“You can’t! You won’t,” said the man terrified.

“I can and I will. Do you see anyone out here to stop me? Give me your hand,” said Chuck as he shoved Charlie over and put his knee in his back and grabbed the man’s hand.

“No, no wait... Okay I’ll do it I’ll do it. Okay you win just give me a radio and I’ll make the call,” said Charlie as he tried to speak and breathe with his face in the mud.

“Remember I’m listening and we can go back to plan B if you try anything cute,” said Chuck as the rustling noise got nearer. “If I were you I’d hurry up I think someone might still be hungry.”

“Zero this is Two,” said Charlie as Chuck held the radio. “Mission a success so to speak. Targets eliminated but I’m the sole survivor. I’ll explain when I get back but for now radio Dr. Zorin and tell him the contract has been completed.”

“Roger that I’ll pass it on,” radioed Zero. “But I don’t know if he’s going to want proof but I’ll pass it on. Are you capable of making it back to the van or do you want me to come and help extract you?” Chuck shook his head.

“No stay with the van I’ll be with you shortly. Two out,” said Charlie then Chuck switched off the radio. “Okay I did what you wanted now you’ve got to get me out of here.”

“I guess a promise is a promise. John, you can come out now,” said Chuck as Casey walked out of the brush.

“Leave me with your new friend and go back to the cabin someone is waiting for you. But how’d you know it was me in the brush and not one of your coyotes?”

“Coyotes won’t hunt in the rain and they’re full by now so they’re curled up in their dens nice and warm. You learn a lot by watching Animal Planet. John, I’m leaving him breathing with you.”

“Yeah, yeah I’ll try to keep him that way but I can’t promise anything. He looks a little peaked to me probably has a bad ticker but I’ll see what I can do. Just go I’ll take care of this.” Chuck looked at him. “I promise to try to keep him breathing just go. I swear this is the last time you leave me with your wife when she’s pregnant... she’s worse than when she’s not.”

Chuck walked down the trail to the front door of the cabin. He walked up on the porch and grabbed the door knob then hesitated. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to go in he just recalled all the times he’d been shot or shot at so he knocked.

“Sarah it’s me, Chuck. Don’t shoot I’m coming in,” he said as he opened the door slowly. He caught a flash from his right side then felt a burning sensation as he heard a loud pop. Sarah slapped him hard enough to take him off his feet then she turned the lights on.

“That’s for making me worry. You know you could’ve called or sent a text to say you were here, alive or whatever else,” she said as she knelt over him then kissed him.

“I’m sorry but I’ve been a little busy with ditching a plane, flying halfway round the world, driving here on the nighthawk, taking out a wet team and getting the hit lifted on you guys.”

“You got the contract lifted. But how? Chuck, Sweetie no more radio silence, please. I need you, we need you,” said Sarah as she sat on the floor with him.

“I love you,” said Chuck then he kissed her as they kissed there was a loud explosion not far away and the ground shook. “Wow did you feel that?”

“Yuck, I did too but before you two think it was the kiss. We’ve got a Black Hawk coming in they just took out the Surveillance van. You know there is furniture you can sit on but I’m thinking that hand print on your cheek is a welcome home greeting.”

“We just find it more comfortable down here. You should try it’ll give you a whole different perspective.”

“Yeah I’m sure it will. Hey I just got a text saying they’re here to take us back to Castle. Someone ought to wake Sam up and get Emma. I’m going to go back out and pack up our perp.”

“John, send the lead Agent in. You can tell him I going to need a favor.” John nodded his head then disappeared back out the door leaving the two of them sitting on the floor.

“You’ve got something planned? What is it?” said Sarah. “Don’t make me torture you to get your intel. What’s this?”

“It’s a telek a Tuareg dagger. It’s one of the few things I was able to save from the Lear. It’s for you actually but I need to clean it up first,” said Chuck as Sarah pulled it out to look at it.

“Chuck is this blood? What did you do?” said Sarah. He just looked away then tried to change the topic.

“John said we needed to get Sam and Emma ready,” said Chuck as he jumped up. “Sam’s probably still mad at me and this will give us a chance to talk.” He said as he went to the bedroom door. Sarah got up and then remembered.

“No Chuck wait make sure Emma knows...” Sarah never finished. Chuck grabbed the door knob then tried it but the door seems stuck so he put his back in it. There were two loud bangs Chuck flew back from the door landing in the middle of the living room.

When Chuck came to he found everyone standing around him looking down. He reached up and caressed Sam’s little worried face. Next to her were Sarah and Emma. Casey was standing in the room with a man in black talking off to the side.

“Knock, knock,” said Chuck as he sat up. “I was missing getting shot by you.” He said as he got up taking the vest off handing it to Casey.

“Nice grouping center mass” said Casey as Chuck rubbed his chest. “And through the door which makes it even more impressive.”

“Chuck, I’m so sorry I didn’t know it was you,” said Emma. “I thought... well I didn’t know it was you. I’m sorry.”

“If she did she’d gone for a headshot,” said Casey. Sarah gave him a look. “Okay, okay but you guys make fun of me and my itchy trigger finger. I only take out bad guys seems like all of you love to shoot the geek.”

“Nerd Casey, if you don’t mind,” said Chuck as he put his arm around Sarah. “Agent, have you called anything into Langley yet?”

“No just that we took out the surveillance van and brought the jammer down.” As they were talking Sarah and Casey’s phones started ringing.

“Don’t answer those. I need for you to send word to Langley that you got here too late. You were able to take out the wet team but arrived too late to help out the people in the cabin.”

“I get it,” said Casey. “Sneaky I like it. Chuck after a little persuasion got our perp to call into Laszlo that his men were successful. Laszlo will be looking for confirmation so undoubtedly he’ll be listening into our transmissions.”

“Exactly which will give him the confirmation he’ll need then you two won’t have to worry about some cowboy trying his luck.”

“This was your plan all along wasn’t it? I brought Sam here. You should’ve told me,” she said as she pushed him away then walked outside.

“Sarah, Sarah wait let me explain,” said Chuck as he ran out after her. “Come back at least hear me out.”

“Chuck you go out there and you’re liable to be turning the other cheek,” said Casey as Emma took Sam back to the bedroom to change and get their things ready.”

[Outside in the rain]

Chuck ran after Sarah grabbing her by the arm but she broke free then swung at him landing a right. She turn to leave he grabbed her again and she landed a left, right combination. Then she gave him a gut punch that dropped him to his knees.

“Augh not fair I was shot,” said Chuck. He rolled over and got back up dripping wet and muddy grabbing her again this time he held both her arms and kissed her.

“No, no,” she said as she tried to pull away. “You knew Laszlo was going to send those men yet you let me bring Sam here. She could’ve gotten hurt.”

“If you remember correctly I told you to send her to Montenegro or Chicago. You decided to bring her here,” said Chuck and as soon as he said it he wished he could’ve taken it back. He saw the look in her eyes that hurt him more than any of the blows she’d landed.

“So you’re saying this is my fault and I put her in harm’s way because I was too weak to say no to her. Is that what you’re telling me?”

“No, this isn’t your fault nor is it mine if anything its Laszlo’s. Don’t you see I couldn’t come out and tell you everything. If Laszlo had been listening in he would’ve known my whole plan. What I just found out is that he thinks I’m dead too and now he thinks you guys are too so everyone is safe.”

“Safe to hunt him down and put a bullet in his head,” said Sarah. “How’s your lip feel? You know you should really keep your guard up.”

“I didn’t want to hurt you. But I think if someone gave me as kiss it would make it better. Maybe I should go talk to...”

“You come back here buster there’s only one person who’s going to kiss those lips and that’s me,” said Sarah as she grabbed him by the collar and kissed him. “You got that or are we going to have trouble.”

“Can you show me that one more time? You know with the rain and everything it’s kind of hard to hear.” She kissed him again.

“Yuck,” said Casey standing behind them. “Now that we’ve kissed and made up maybe you guys want to get out of the rain before you both catch pneumonia. Come on everyone’s on the bird and I might have an ice pack you can put on that lip.

Oddjob sat at Laszlo’s desk in his VIP stateroom on the Xenia. He was just hanging up his phone after receiving a call from one of their moles in Langley. He smiled as he dialed Laszlo’s number he knew his boss would be happy at the latest news. He put the call on speaker so he could pour himself a drink from Laszlo’s private reserve onboard because news like this needed to be followed by a toast.

“Oddjob what is it? I thought I told you not to call me while I was in transit. You’re interrupting me from attending to my guests.”

“I just thought you’d like to know the contract has been fulfilled and it didn’t cost us a cent. Our people on scene called and said they’d finished so naturally I asked for confirmation.”

“I’m assuming you got it but how is this not costing us anything. These people aren’t the type to do pro bono work.”

“That brings me to the good part. I was waiting for confirmation from them when I got called by our man in Langley who confirmed the hit had been executed and added that the rescue mission arrived late but surprised our party on station.”

“So they confirmed the hit and did us a favor. You know if I wasn’t about to bring the roof down on their heads I’d have to send them a thank you card. You know I just might anyway.”

“I thought you’d want to know this right away and as far as everything else... well it’s going as planned. We dock in the morning and I’m getting ready for our reception. I’ll give your regrets to your guest.”

“Please do that and keep me posted,” said Laszlo as he hung up. Paul lifted his glass and took a drink as he got up and walked out on the balcony. “What this?” he said as he noticed scuff marks on the deck then he found a pair of shoes without laces. He shook his head then tossed them over the side then walked back inside for a refill.

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