Chuck vs Golden Thumb

Chuck vs Golden Thumb Chapter 20

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Earlier in the mini submarine sitting on the bottom off the Hilina slump down from Mount Kilauea. Paul had some serious decisions to make. He wasn’t sure what orders the First Mate had been given by Laszlo but he didn’t trust him. As he was trying to figure out what to do they received word from the platform above saying they were about to be boarded.

“Oddjob they’re waiting to hear from you,” said the First Mate obviously frustrated with him. They were all three trapped in the submarine like Sarte’s characters in ‘No Exit’ for truly they had no way out. “Come on man they’re waiting for an answer?”

“If they engage the chopper then the Destroyers move in on them they’ll have no escape. They could be sunk before they’re in position.”

“But we were going to sink it all along so what’s the problem. If they defend themselves then maybe they’re draw fire away from us so we can place the charge in the chamber then they can sink over the chamber to cap the breech. The bottom line is either they scuttle the platform or the Navy ships sink it but if they move now the result is the same they have to close the breech.

“Medusa this is starfish,” radioed the First Mate. “Defend yourself as best you can and bring the platform into position. Third Mate fire up the engines and bring us about we have to make it to the firing chamber before the platform seals the breech. Paul, go in the back and check on the warhead make sure those tech rats have it ready for placement.

Paul disappeared into the back of the small sub but before going he gave the First Mate the once over. Paul was going to say something about who was in charge but for now he let it go. He went back to where the two technicians had reassembled the warhead after shipping.

“How’s it going back here?” said Paul trying to regain composure. He was still milling over how to handle the First Mate. “Times up we need to place the warhead in the chamber tell me it’s ready.” said Paul as he looked at the two lab rats.

“Look you want to try to reconnect everything that needs to be connected and be constantly told to hurry up. These babies were smuggled out in parts then we had to painstakingly reassemble them without the whole thing going boom or our hair falling out.”

“That lab on the ship was contaminated because we had to rush this along. You’d think Dr. Zorin would understand seeing as he was one of us but no he didn’t.”

“If you guys are done complaining is or isn’t it ready,” said Paul wondering why the doctor put up with these guys and for that matter why did he.

“Of course it is. We might complain but we’re also the best on the market at this type of work,” said the one and the other nodded his head then they gave each other a high five.

“Speak to me back there,” radioed the First Mate. “Is the payload in the harness for delivery? We’re almost over the receiving chamber.”

“Everything is ready back here,” radioed Paul back up over the subs 1MC. “We’re on our way forward. Give us a few minutes then you can...”

The First Mate switched off the aft mic then reached up past the Third Mate to throw the toggle switch that sealed the water tight hatches then flipped another opening the bay doors to place the warhead

“You got anything to say,” asked the First Mate. The Third Mate shook his head. “Good now take us into position before one of those surface riders decide to launch a torpedo and ruin our day.”

The Third Mate turned on the lights and external cameras. He almost jumped out of his seat when he turned on the bay camera and got a close up of one of the techs staring back at him.

“Geez he must’ve grabbed the camera mount when you opened the bay doors,” said the Third Mate. He oscillated the boat from side to side as they made their way to their objective until the man broke loose then floated out of the bay. The last the Third Mate saw him was in the aft camera feed as he drifted off in to the abyss.

“Good now we’ve got a clear view. There it is dead ahead of us the housing chamber,” said the First Mate. Suddenly the lights blinked off and on, alarms sounded as the sub spun out of control. The First Mate went flying bouncing off the bulkheads until the Third Mate regained control.

“What was that,” asked the First Mate as he got up off the deck. He really didn’t need to ask because they both knew what it was.

“That was a proximity explosion from a torpedo we need to sit down on the bottom and wait. The next time we might not be so lucky,” said the Third Mate as he cut motors and started their descent.

“No we need to keep on going. We have to place the warhead in the chamber now because once the platform comes down it will be too late.”

“And if we take another torpedo like that one but a little closer we won’t be around to place anything anywhere.”

“I told you to place that warhead and that’s what we’re going to do,” said the First Mate. He pulled a TT-33 pointing it at the Third Mate. “That’s an order.”

“Are you as crazy as our boss? You shoot that thing in here and the bullet goes through me then bounces around a bit. Well I hope you were good at dodgeball and can do some serious shoring by yourself. Okay let’s do this let’s try to edge our way over moving a little bit at a time then when we’re close enough we give it everything we’ve got drop the load then haul. However, you won’t have long.”

“Okay sounds like a plan,” said the First Mate as he put his weapon away. “See you can come up with good ideas when you put your mind to it. All you need is the proper encouragement.”

“Yeah sounds like a plan all right,” said the Third Mate. It sounds like a suicide mission to me he thought but didn’t say anything. He just smiled at the First Mate as he moved a little closer.

[Before In The After Compartment]

“Hey what’s going on,” yelled on of the Techs as the hydraulic arms began to move and water started flowing the compartment.

“This is the First Mate following that worm Laszlo’s bidding,” said Paul as he looked around the space. “He’s getting rid of ballast.”

“He’s doing what? What ballast?” yelled the other Tech as the water level started to raise rapidly and everything loose started falling out the bottom.

“That would be us,” said Paul as he fought to stay afloat gathering as much air as he could. He saw the one Tech go under and the other one grab hold of the video camera like that was going to save him.

Paul took a couple deep breaths then dove under. This was where they used to send out and recover divers so if he was lucky in the scuba locker there would be oxygen tanks. He found the locker then pulled a knife prying the door open but he was out of breath. He came back up to find a small pocket he took a breath then went back to the locker. The first tank he grabbed was empty suddenly it looked like this was it then bubbles came out of the second one. He had hope again.

The Tempesta pulled back into the berth she’d left from and as she pulled back in there on the pier waiting was Chuck. He waved to Laszlo who waved back like old friends and as soon as the brow was down Chuck walked up. But at the top he was greeted by two armed men who covered him while a third man frisked him.

“He’s clean,” said the man as he shoved him around. An attractive dark skinned woman walked up the port side towards him.

“No weapons,” said the woman with a thick accent that some might have found sexy. “You just stroll up here like this unarmed. Either you’re very brave or very stupid... which one is it?”

“Who said I was unarmed. I didn’t need to bring a pistol the way I see it you’ve provided me with a number of them. Oh and is it you I have to thank for the ride? How helpful of the local authorities to provide transportation for a poor lost tourist. May Day I presume,” said Chuck as he took her hand and kissed it. “What is your real name off this tub?”

“Maria Sgozzare, when I’m not on board this tub as you say and so you’re Charles Carmichael. I’m sorry for staring but you have to excuse me but you don’t seem all that... well I was expecting Daniel Craig or Roger Moore... then you show up.”

“Ouch that hurts but personally Sean Connery is my favorite followed by Timothy Dalton. But you certainly don’t look like Grace Jones.”

“I hope you mean that it a good way,” said May Day as she started to get close to him but Chuck moved back. He could smell her perfume which took him outside his comfort zone.

“What Mr. Carmichael don’t you find me attractive?” said May Day but luckily for Chuck, Laszlo interceded so May Day had to break off their conversation.

“May Day will you leave our guest alone and bring him up to my stateroom. We have somethings to talk about and tell the Captain we can pull out again.”

“Well maybe later after you’ve had a good look at me you can tell me who I resemble,” said May Day Then she motioned for the two armed guards to take Chuck up to Laszlo.

Mary watched what was going on from a distance in a small speed boat she’d rented when she arrived anticipating that it’d be needed and she was right. Listening in she following what was said through Chuck’s open mic; however, as soon as he went inside the ship the audio died.

“Crap Chuck,” she said as she looked at her watch. Suddenly the ship slipped its mooring and started out. She waited and watched then followed them out into open water. “Chuck, I don’t like this,” she said as she manned the helm trying to stay far enough behind not to be noticed but close enough that if she opened the throttles she could be there in minutes.

[Onboard in Lazslo’s Stateroom]

“It’s been a while hasn’t it Chuck,” said Laszlo. Can I offer you anything? A drink or a snack? I know how about a cherry coke. Please I was going to have one you can have one with me.”

“How about a gun so I can shoot you? But I don’t think you’ll give me that so the cherry coke will be fine. Besides it hasn’t been that long ago,” said Chuck. He walked over and took the glass from Laszlo then walked back over to a chair then sat down crossing his legs.

“Laszlo don’t tell me you already forgot? Don’t your remember calling me while I was on a Lear flying from Morocco to Burbank. You sabotaged my plane so I ditched it in the Atlantic not too far from here but far enough. I take it that was the plan. Does any of that ring a bell?”

“Something I recall, but I knew you’d make it Chuck you always do. You’re an intrepid spy and I admire your steadfast commitment to country and Queen.”

“Queen?” said Chuck but before he could say much more he began to feeling dizzy. He tried to get up but fell back in the chair. “Laszlo what did you put in my coke?”

“Just something to keep you from interfering with my plans don’t worry you won’t be out for long. I want you bright eyed and bushy tailed to witness my revenge. Soon it will be complete then no one will be able to stop me James not even you.”

“Laszlo you’re schizo...,” was all Chuck could get out before he completely blacked out. Chuck slumped forward.

“I want you to bring him up to the conference and tie him to a chair. He won’t be out for long so you need to hurry.”

“Why don’t you let me put a bullet in his head right now,” said May Day. “This game of cat and mouse you two have going will backfire on you.”

“I know what I’m doing,” said Laszlo as his men took Chuck out. “You’re not questioning me or my judgement are you May because we both know what happens to people who do and I like you May but don’t push your luck.”

“No of course not now let’s go see if our sleeping beauty is awake.”

“Yes let’s go have some fun.”

[In the Conference Room Onboard the Tempesta]

When Chuck came to he was tied to a chair in what looked like a large open room with a large table in the middle and chairs that were bolted to the floor. Laszlo was talking with May Day at the end when they noticed Chuck was coming around.

“Oh I’m glad to see you’re with us again. I’m sorry about the drink but I couldn’t have you running around doing any of your usual heroics. I’m sure you understand.”

“Laszlo, I know what’s wrong with you. You’re suffering from bipolar-schizophrenia with medication you can lead a normal productive life. This need for vendetta you concocted is all in your head. Laszlo listen to me before it’s too late.”

“Somehow I expected more Mr. Bond. This appeal to emotion that there’s something wrong with me, with my mind, is somehow demeaning and beneath you....”

“Tell him Maria that my name is Charles Carmichael and your name is Maria. Tell him his name is Dr. Laszlo Mahnovski for God’s sake tell him the truth.”

“Tell him what truth Mr. Bond,” said Maria. “From where I’m at I have a nice view of everything that’s going on and Dr. Zorin is in complete control,” said Maria as she pulled the cloth off Laszlo’s models. “What I see is a new world order and us at the top of it.”

“Nice try Mr. Bond but May Day knows to agree with me. Bad things happen to those who don’t which you will find out shortly. Come love we have a world to dominate.” Laszlo and May Day left the stateroom heading towards the flight deck. “Once we’re gone you can kill Mr. Bond,” said Laszlo to one of his men as a helicopter landed on the flight deck and they boarded.

[Back in the Conference Room]

On the table in front of Chuck were the two models looking at them then he flashed. He saw Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He saw the Bikini and the Los Alamos experiments. He saw tremor shakes from the nuclear blasts register on the Richter scale.

“Geez, I need to get out of here,” he said as he fought against his bonds. Chuck heard the sound of a helicopter and knew it was the rats abandoning ship. He got one arm loose enough to use the cutting edge of his cufflink to sever the ropes.

“Mom can you hear me, Mom come in,” but there was nothing. The ship had to have some sort of signal dampener inside. He had to get word out. But as he was trying to contact Mary he heard footsteps coming from the passageway outside in his direction. He grabbed can of hot cherry coke that was left on the counter and shook it then as two men came in with weapon drawn he jumped into action.

“Are you thirsty,” said Chuck as he popped the ring on the soda and sprayed them both in the face with cherry coke blinding them. They fired wildly but Chuck managed to shove them off to the side and ran outside. He pulled the door shut grabbed a fire extinguisher then knocked the doorknob off the door.

“Get off me and get after him,” yelled the one man as he shoved the other man off. “Get up and let’s go,” he said as he grabbed the doorknob but as he pulled the knob came out in his hand. One man kicked the door down while the other called away the alarm.

“Crap I spent a lot of money on these clothes,” said Chuck as he came out topside. Sirens started sounding and he knew they were for him. “Mom I hope you’re nearby,” radioed Chuck as he continued forward.

“There he is! Someone get him. Go around and cut him off,” he heard yelled behind then there was gunfire and bullets whizzing past him.

“Somehow I think I made the wrong impression,” said Chuck as bullets whizzed by ricocheting off the bulkheads lodging in the teak deck.

“You’re mine,” said this big guy as he jumped out in front of Chuck cracked his knuckles before trying to grab him.

“You never played baseball friend,” said Chuck as he went down feet first sliding between the man’s legs like he was trying to steal a base. He got up on the other side of the man then continued running.

“Charles starboard side bow dive off and I’ll pick you up,” radioed Mary. Chuck ran as fast as he could then he dove over the railing and into the water as bullets whizzed past him. Mary got him aboard her speedboat then raced off. They hadn’t gone two hundred yards when there was a loud explosion behind them. The yacht was engulfed in a fireball and fiery debris speckled the surface of the water.

“Laszlo is trying to cover his tracks. I think he might have finally gone over the edge,” said Chuck as he watched the yacht burn. “I need to get word to Casey and while I’m doing that we need to get to the Cumbre Vieja,” said Chuck as he pointed it out. “Laszlo has a mining operation up there but first Casey.”

“You’re going to have to go through Sarah she’s established a relay. The powers to be are moving quietly some of the gear from Langley and Fort Meade to a more secure location.”

“Just like them protecting the equipment but leaving the people behind,” said Chuck as he established a link with the satellite then contacted to Sarah.

“Chuck you’re wet what have you been up to or do I really want to know? We’ve set up a temporary unified command here in Sir Reginald’s office.”

“That’s good but I need to get word to Casey. I saw Laszlo’s models up close when he invited me on board his yacht today.”

“He did what! That’s why you’re wet. What did I tell you before you took off? Do I need to come down there because I will if I have to?”

“I have no doubts about that but Sarah that’s not important now. Listen Casey has got to keep them from sealing the breach. How to explain this... Okay Laszlo had a series of tunnels dug under the Hilina slump connected to a shaft that leads out into the ocean. The thing is like firing a shotgun in the mud. He’s built this in a way to direct the force of the nuke down and out. The water in the tunnels now will vaporize and expand then this expansion will break the slump away from the rest of the island sending it into the ocean.”

“But if the breach isn’t caped what will happen? All that radioactive steam with end up in the ocean contaminating the area around it then the currents will spread it over the rest of the pacific. It doesn’t sound much like a win.”

“I agree ideally what would be a better solution is a partial blockage that would let enough steam off that it wouldn’t break the slump loose and it doesn’t spew that much radioactive steam in the ocean. The best solution is they recover the nuke and disarm it but that’s going to be almost impossible. I need to go now we’re almost ashore. We’re going to go climb into a volcano.”

“I hope it’s dormant. I love you and be safe which given everything is hard to promise I know.”

“I’ll do the best I can do I love you too,” said Chuck. Then the screen went blank.

“Chuck will get the job done,” said Cole as he walked up behind her. “Don’t worry he can take care of himself and he knows what he’s up against.”

“Cole, I do too and that’s why I’m worried he might be thinking about saving the lives of over 11,000,000 people but I only care about one. I need to contact the O’Kane and get this message to Casey. Shouldn’t Carina be back?” said Sarah trying to change the subject. “I wasn’t hungry before but I’m starting to get that way and so is Walnut.”

“Walnut? That’s what you guys are calling your baby, Walnut? Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? I would go with...”

“I get it all right. Ha, ha, very funny now if you don’t want to get my fist you can move along and find out what’s taking Carina so long while I talk with Casey,” said Sarah as she cut him off. It was bad enough that she got sidelined because she was pregnant now she had to hear pregnant humor well enough is enough.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean anything by it I was just...”

“I know what you were doing so let’s drop it. It’s a sore subject with me right now. How would you like to be sidelined on an important mission for something you had no control over?”

“I’m sorry I was just trying to make you feel better,” said Cole as he pulled out his phone.

“Well it didn’t work and you can go outside to make your call. I need quiet in here when I call Casey.” She took a deep breath then let it out. “I’m sorry I guess I’m on a short fuse right now.”

“I’d say something else,” mumbled Cole low enough she couldn’t hear him.

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