Chuck vs Golden Thumb

Chuck vs Golden Thumb Chapter 27

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Chuck went back in the armory and got things together he was going to need then remover the clip from his Makarov. As he was working on it his phone rang it was Sarah. Mary looked over his shoulder while it was ringing to see who it was.

“You’d better answer that Charles. She’s not going to stop and it will just make matters worse in the long run.”

“Your right,” said Chuck as he answered putting her on speaker so he could continue to work. “Sarah sorry it took so long to answer but we hurried here to Castle and now I’m in the middle of a personal project.”

“I bet you are. I’m calling to tell you we should be landing a later than scheduled so if you wanted to start for the airport later it would be okay.”

“About that I won’t be able to pick you up like I promised. I’m sending Alex she’ll pick you guys up then run you all out to the cabin. I was thinking about us all going away and spending the week out there. Mom can take Sam walking in the woods and she could play the shell game with the squirrels.”

“Funny Chuck, don’t think humor is going to get you out of this. You’re going after Laszlo, aren’t you? Even after what the General told you you’re still going.”

“Well technically he came after me… oh okay Laszlo took Morgan and has a dirty bomb. I’m going to meet him this evening under the Santa Monica pier. Before you yell I have Mom and Casey as backup they’re going to be my two snipers. But Laszlo is mine.”

“Sweetie, what are going to do if he uses Morgan as a shield? Can you shoot your best friend Chuck? Please tell me you can’t.”

“Love, I don’t have much of a choice. I love you more than anything I hope you know that but Laszlo has to be dealt with and I’m the one who has to take care of him. I didn't ask for this but I'm the one who has to handle it.”

“Now you sound like your mother. Is that why you’re sending Alex to pick us up so she won’t see? Chuck, don’t let your guard down for a moment. Don't give Laszlo an inch. You know what he’s capable of.”

“I guess this is as good time as any to confess,” said Chuck. Mary just rolled her eyes and shook her head. “I kissed another woman. Maria, she kept coming on to me and I kept pushing her away…”

“Chuck, do we have to talk about this now? Wouldn’t it be better if you waited until we’re together? I promise I won’t hit you… well not that hard.”

“No you need to hear this. Well Maria took a bullet that was meant for me and died in my arms but before she died she asked me to kiss her. It was her dying wish how could I not kiss her? Laszlo was shooting at me but she took the hit so you ask me if I can go through with this… Yes, I’ve got this. Are you mad at me?”

“If anything I love you even more… but it’s good she’s dead because I would’ve kill her. Chuck be careful and come home to me. Please don’t lose yourself because of Laszlo.”

“I love you too I’ll see you this evening.”

The Mercedes SUV drove away from the Buy More with Morgan on board along with all the bad guys. They pulled out on the I-5 then on the I-10 soon they were driving into the parking area near the pier. Laszlo got out with his men and the one man with the bag pulled Morgan out.

“That’s enough Mr. Scarpine after all Mr. Grimes is our friend. I don’t have to tell you if you act up Mr. Scarpine will kill you then I’ll be forced to use what’s in the backpack.”

“Chuck’s going to kick your insane butt and I’m going to watch. So sure I can promise not to act up but I think I ought to pay for the ticket to watch this show.”

“Let’s see if you’re all talk Morgan. You said you handed me my butt in Missile Commander let’s see about a rematch. We’ve got time to kill among other things.”

“Okay I can kick your butt then Chuck can kick it I hope you brought some cushions to sit on. Let’s go see what you’re made of,” said Morgan as he watched Laszlo send his men out to take up position.

They played video games all afternoon then after that they went and grabbed a bite to eat on the pier where they ordered pancakes.

“Chuck and I ate pancakes here, that was when we first met, before he sold me out to the government. They took me back to that lab… how are your pancakes Mr. Scarpine?" said Laszlo changing the topic.

“Excellent I have to say,” he said as he finished his last bite. “You know they really hit the spot now I feel like going and killing someone.”

“I hope you liked them Scarpine they were your last meal,” said Morgan as he pushed his plate away. “Because that’s what you just had. Laszlo, I’ve got news for you Chuck didn’t sell you out he was just trying to protect you from yourself.”

“Funny the way that ended up with me being locked away in a lab with four walls and no windows. Just work, work, work and that was for my own good? I won’t go back there ever again. You trust Chuck don’t you Morgan?” asked Laszlo. Morgan realized this was leading somewhere.

“Yes of course I do we’ve been friends for over twenty plus years. Chuck is my best friend I trust him with my life if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Actually yes, because time is almost up and when it’s up I’ll be forced to show him I mean business. You know what that means don’t you? No hard feelings it just the way things have to be.”

“Sir,” said Scarpine, “we just got a call from one of our guys that Chuck’s waiting under the pier for you. We should head out now you don’t want to be late.”

“Yes let’s go. Well Mr. Grimes it looks like you get to live a little longer after all but will you be able to live with the fact that Chuck got killed because he came for you?”

“Someone will die today but it won’t be Chuck,” said Morgan as he got up and dropped money for his pancakes. “I pay for my own.”

[Under the Pier]

Chuck was standing there throwing rocks in the water. He made sure Laszlo’s men saw him walk down under the pier. Now all he had to do was wait but he knew he wouldn’t have to wait long. He did a quick radio check with Mary and Casey before Laszlo showed.

“Mom, Casey radio check. How do you read me?” radioed Chuck but as they were answering Laszlo showed up with Morgan and another man.

“I’m counting four hostiles,” radioed Casey looking at the tablet readings. “I’ll take the ones on the right you take the ones on the left. This is like shooting fish in a barrel.”

“Okay we take them on my mark,” radioed Mary. “Mark,” she said and the four men dropped in twos almost in unison.

“Chuck hostile threats eliminated now you’re up,” radioed Casey. “Chuck good luck. I’m repositioning under the pier try to keep him talking.”

“I’m on the move too,” radioed Mary. She broke down her weapon the climbed out of her nest then was walking down the pier only to run into Sarah. “What the hell are you doing here? I thought Chuck was clear.”

“I couldn’t stay away. Kat and Alex took Sam to the cabin but I had to come so I grabbed a taxi from the airport. Where’s Chuck? I need to see him.”

“No you’ll just distract him. You can stay with me but you can’t let him know you’re here. He’s got a plan but if he knows you’re here he’ll throw it out the window to save you.”

Mary and Sarah went to end of the pier where Casey had reposition. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Sarah.

“Geez, what the hell are you doing here,” said Casey as he looked over at Mary she just shrugged her shoulders.

“Nice to be wanted,” said Sarah. “What did you expect me to do? Stay in the van? You should’ve figured that wasn’t going to work so can someone tell me what’s going on?”

“Laszlo and his goon Scarpine are meeting Chuck now and they have Morgan as well as the bomb with them. Chuck is going to try to extract Morgan and get the bomb. Here’s an earbud you can listen in Chuck left his mic open.”

Sarah put in the earbud as Mary pointed out Chuck standing with a Laszlo, Morgan and another man that had to be Laszlo’s henchmen.

[Under The Pier]

“So Laszlo we’re here again,” said Chuck as he walked towards them. “Let Morgan go then we can settle this once for all.”

“One take the shot,” radioed Scarpine but he got no reply just static. “Two take the shot,” he radioed but got the same answer.

“If you’re looking for your men my associates took care of them so we’re here all alone. Laszlo, I couldn’t help but noticed you’re not calling yourself Zorin anymore is the name uncomfortable now that people are looking for you?”

“I’ll kill you then myself,” said Scarpine he started to draw his pistol but Laszlo shot him. The man dropped in the sand looking up at his boss. “But why?”

“Because he’s cutting his losses aren’t you Laszlo? Maybe being a lab rat isn’t so bad after all. It certainly is safer than what you have now.”

“But you said as we were eating pancakes that you’d never go back,” said Morgan. “You made it sound like it was… well worse than death.”

“Morgan he said that for Scarpine or whatever his real name was to hear. This was his way out all along, his plan B in case things went south. The plan was he’d turn himself in the agency and they would pardon him then he’d go back plotting waiting to try again in a few years.”

“Almost Chuck,” he said as he pointed his pistol at Morgan. “You see this bomb is a fake but the gun is real. I’ll shoot your friend if you don’t tell your friends to stand down then toss me your pistol.” Chuck started to reach for it. “Don’t do anything stupid I’m warning you.”

“Just calm down Laszlo you win. Guys stand down I got this. Here you go two fingers,” said Chuck. He tossed Laszlo his Makarov into the sand in front of Morgan.

“Pick it up Morgan then hand it to me,” said Laszlo. When Morgan didn’t move he shove the pistol barrel into Morgan’s head. “I’m not bluffing.”

“Morgan, it’s okay listen to Laszlo hand him my gun,” said Chuck. “Come on Little Buddy it’s okay I’m cool with this.”

“I’m not I don’t want to be the one to get you killed. Don’t you see that’s what he’s going to do? I can’t please don’t make me.”

“Morgan think of Alex, think about your life together and just reach out pick up the piece then hand it to him. It’s okay.”

[Back in the Nest]

“John, take the shot,” said Sarah. She was watching with Mary as John was looking through the scope. “What are you waiting for take the shot?”

“I can’t I don’t have a clean shot. I can’t Sarah and hold it down,” said Casey. “If I shoot now I risk hitting Morgan. Do you want me to shoot Morgan?”

“I didn’t say that but… Oh crap I don’t know what I mean. Tell me Chuck has a plan that doesn’t involve him getting himself killed.”

“Chuck’s got a plan,” said Mary as she put her arm around Sarah. “My son always has a plan just like his father. Sometimes you want to strangle them but most of the time you just have to love them. He’s a Bartowski he’ll be all right.”

“Will you two pipe down before you give our position away?” said Casey as he adjusted the sight to get a clearer view. “Morgan’s going for the gun. Crap still no shot.”

[Back under the Pier]

“Thanks Morgan this almost makes up for all those video games this afternoon. Chuck, you’re right I’m going to play the game and make Dr. Dreyfus happy for a bit. Live on his little pills then slowly wean my way off them again. Then start over but next time I’ll succeed because you won’t be around to stop me. The funny thing is I can shoot you both and no one is going to care.”

“Now that’s a little cruel there even for you. Someone will care,” said Chuck. “I think you’re getting us confused with you. The only people that will come to your funeral will be… well no one.”

“And you’re probably right but not that I really care because that won’t be for a while yours is today right now as a matter of fact.”

“You’re going to shoot me with my own gun,” said Chuck. “That’s a little cold there don’t you think but then again why not.”

“Exactly and since Morgan was kind enough to get it for me why let it go to waste. I’ve never handle a commie gun before.”

“Why do people call it a commie gun? It’s a gun and that’s that. I just happen to like the size and weight plus like the 47 it’s simple and easy to work on.”

“We’ll see,” said Laszlo. He pointed and pulled the trigger but nothing happened. He didn’t even feel the hammer click there was nothing. “Well that was rather anticlimactic. I think you’ve got a dud.”

“I don’t think so remember what I said about them being easy to work on,” said Chuck. As they were talking Chuck worked his way closer and closer to Laszlo and Morgan until he was close enough.

“Morgan out of the way,” yelled Chuck as he dove on top of him pulling him away from a startled Laszlo. Laszlo looked at the gun when it exploded in his hands leaving a not so pretty sight.

“Morgan come on we need to get out of here,” said Chuck as he helped pull him up. They looked back at the blood stained sand. “We’ve got to get out of here someone could’ve heard the blast and called the police.”

“But you’re bleeding,” said Morgan. He put his arm under Chuck and helped him out from under the pier. Casey, Mary and Sarah ran to them and help them both out.

“Sarah, what are you doing here? You weren’t supposed to be here,” said Chuck as he saw her standing next to his mother.

“The next person who asks why I’m here I’m going to punch out. I’m your wife where do you think I was going to be?”

“I’m glad you are I missed you,” said Chuck as he brushed her hair back and kissed her. Then he put his hand on her stomach. “I missed all of you.”

“I hear sirens we need to get out of here,” said Casey as he got everyone loaded up then they took off for the cabin.

“Hold still and let me look at you,” said Sarah as he examined his wounds. “The good news is you didn’t break or puncture anything important. The bad news is you’ve got some shrapnel that needs to come out.”

“You could just leave it but it’ll make going through a metal detector a bear. What did you do to my weapon anyway?”

“I packet the clip with C-4 then attached a delayed detonator to the trigger. Don’t worry I can get you another one for your collection. I’ll tell Igor if he wants his satellite back I need one.”

“What would you’ve done if he hadn’t used your pistol?” said Sarah. “It seems to me you took a big risk back there.”

“All calculated ouch,” said Chuck as Sarah fished out the first piece of shrapnel. “Can’t we wait until we’re at the cabin on a flat steady surface?”

“Did I say I forgive you because you kissed another woman? Well I might’ve but I’ve rethought it so hold still.” There was a silence in the van.

“It wasn’t like that… it was nothing. Oh Laszlo was all about being smarter than anyone else and when he had my pistol he had to use it to prove he was smarter than me. He just had to.”

[Back at the Cabin]

It was getting late evening when they pulled up outside the cabin Sam came running out jumping in Chuck’s arms. He groaned a little in pain as he caught her but he wasn’t going to let her down. Alex came out after Sam throwing her arms around Morgan kissing him.

“I missed you Sweet Pea,” said Chuck as he hugged her. Casey was about to say something but before he could his phone rang.

“Yes General,” said Casey looking around at everyone signaling for them to keep it down. “... That’s right we’re not at Castle right now but I guess you figured that out. ... Why Ma’am? Well we decided to get out of town to avoid the possibility of meeting Laszlo so we came to the cabin. … Yes Ma’am you want to talk to us on the monitor. Right away,” said Casey as he hung up. “Come inside everyone we need to face the music. Chuck, she didn’t sound too happy.”

“If anyone has to take the blame let me take it,” said Chuck. “You guys need to stay out of this and let me handle her. It’s not like she’s going to fire her only intersect?”

They walked inside then Chuck went over to his father’s workstation entered in command codes then linked to a comm sat overhead that bridged the connection with Langley. Shortly he brought the General up on the monitor in the cabin.

“General, is there news,” asked Chuck sitting in a chair in front of the monitor holding Sam. “Casey said you had something you wanted to tell us. Is it safe for use to return to the city?”

“You ask me if there’s news,” said the General as she gave Chuck a look. “Do you have anything you want to tell me? Chuck, is there something you want to confess?”

“If you’re asking about the kiss that’s old news. I confessed that to Sarah so she knows I kissed Maria Sgozzare aka May Day but it needs to be kept in context…”

“Yes he told me and although I understand I don’t have to be happy about it. However, she’s dead so I guess…”

“I could care less who Chuck kisses. No, I’m not talking about a kiss,” said Beckman as she tapped on her desk with a pencil. “Are you trying to tell me you don’t know anything about what happened earlier today at Santa Monica Pier?”

“Did something happen,” said Chuck. “You know that’s the pier that Laszlo was going to blow up with the herder... Oh my, does this have to do with him? I should’ve seen this coming.”

“Okay I’ll play along and yes you should’ve. Earlier today the police were notified about a possible shooting and bombing at the Santa Monica piert. When they arrived they found a number of bodies and a partial one floating in the water under the pier. When their fingerprints were run flags went up and I got called. It seems they belonged to Laszlo and some of his men. Does any of this sound familiar?”

"Sounds to me like one of the people Laszlo pissed off got to him,” said Morgan. “I guess he wasn’t as smart as he thought he was.”

"That's just it none of them are coming forward to take the credit,” said the General as she continued to tap on her desk. “Sounds strange, doesn’t it. It seems like someone would want the bragging right. If I asked you where you were before you got to the cabin would you tell me the truth?”

“Would you want to know the truth,” said Chuck as Sam curled up in his arms. “What’s important is this nightmare is over.”

“You’re probably right. I’ll tell the White House Laszlo wasn’t as smart as he thought he was.”

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