Chuck vs Golden Thumb

Chuck vs Golden Thumb Chapter 5

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Morgan walked back to the holding cell to get Kim where he found him playing a game of solitaire in his cell. He was in the middle of a game when Morgan arrived and when he told him the Marshals were there Kim just held up his hand telling him he wanted to finished the game. But it was late and Morgan wanted to get this over with so he could get back. Everything that was going on with Chuck had everyone one on edge him included.

“Come on let’s go the Marshals are outside. You’re holding up progress here I need to go and get back. Chuck’s been missing and we think we’ve found him.”

“Missing so that’s why everyone was walking around with the faces today. I thought my deodorant ran out. I was afraid I was going to have turn in a customer complaint card on my way out for poor service.”

“Funny maybe they can book you at comedy central. Come on let’s get a move on it can we,” said Morgan as Kim shuffled the deck. “If you want you can keep the deck just let’s go.”

“I appreciate it but I don’t know if your half pint agent would like that. She sure took you to the cleaners. Do you want to know how? Here pick a card any card look at it then put it back in the deck.” Morgan thought a moment he was in a hurry but...

“Okay one time then we have to go,” said Morgan. He pulled the card looked at it without letting Kim see it then Kim held the deck out for him and he put it back in.

“Now tap on the deck three times. Go ahead humor me,” said Kim. Morgan looked at his watch then tapped three times. “Okay abracadabra,” said Kim. “Your card was this card, the two of clubs.”

“Yes but how did you do that? Sam took me to the cleaners doing that trick now you’ve got to tell me how it works.”

“It’s easy the cards are shaved on one side so when you take your card I simply turn the deck around so after you put your card in I pass my thumb over the side and presto I find your card as if by magic. The kid’s got talent if she can pull this off at her age but then again all you need is the right sucker.”

“Come on the Marshals are waiting,” said Morgan. Not sure how he felt knowing Sam’s little secret but then again she was Jack’s granddaughter why should it surprise him. “I’m going to have to have a talk with Chuck when he gets back.”

“Don’t you mean if,” said Kim as he walked out of his cell and they walked past Casey and Alex staring at their consoles. “Although I will give you that he does seem to have some of the best luck I’ve ever seen anyone possess,” he said as he looked over at them.

“We’re heading up,” said Morgan. “I’ll be right back down. If you find out anything you can wait until I get back to tell me.”

“Just go Grimes those Marshals will be calling for reinforcements soon if you don’t hurry up,” yelled Casey. “What’s been taking you so long anyway? We don’t want them kicking in the doors.”

Morgan and Kim got in the elevator and rode it up. When they stepped out in the breakroom Kim saw Casey’s bran muffins sitting in the middle of the table untouched.

“Do you mind,” said Kim as he grabbed a couple. “You know how hard it is to find bran muffins these days. Plus I don’t know if the Marshals are going to feed me tonight.”

“Help yourself,” said Morgan. “Take as many as you want. If you like them that much why don’t you take the whole plate?”

“Really, you sure you don’t mind,” said Kim as Morgan handed him the plate. “Do you have a bag or something I can put them in?”

“Sure let me get you one,” said Morgan. Kim waited for Morgan to turn his back then he did another magic act he palmed a metal fork off the table slipping it up his shirt sleeve. Morgan filled Kim’s bag then they walked out in the Buy More. Morgan, none the wiser at what Kim had done. They walked up to the doors where Morgan let the three Marshals in.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting, good evening, Agent Grimes,” said Morgan as he shook their hands. “Well here’s your man. I just need some sort of paperwork from you saying that you took charge of him.”

“I’m sorry,” said one of the Marshals. “You see our orders where to get Colonel Casey to sign him over to us. So we really need to see him. We really have to insist.”

“He’s a little bit busy at the moment if it’s all right I can sign for him if you want. I just need something back with your signature. It doesn’t have to be all three of you one would do.”

“I’m sorry but that won’t do we have paper for him and for an Agent Sarah Walker. She could sign but we really would like the Colonel.”

“Let’s go to my office and I’ll call him. We can see if he can break away for a bit to come up and meet with you guys. I’ll explain the situation then I’m sure he’ll come up.”

“That would be nice we can’t leave without seeing him. We thought Agent Walker was supposed to be here too?”

“You mean Carmichael she’s…. augh Geez will you watch where you step,” Grimes started to say but Kim stepped on his foot.

“Sorry Morgan but for someone so short you sure have big feet and a big mouth. You were asking about Agent Walker well she had to go out. Are those Tauruses you guys are carrying? I was wondering when they were going to become standard issue. I have to say I like them too. Some people don’t because they’ve got a bad rep as being cheap Saturday night specials but they’re past that now. I find I could get more shots off with jamming than your standard issue Glock.”

“Yeah the Marshal Service is switching over. So can we go to your office and make this call some of us are dying to get out of here.”

“I bet you are,” said Kim. “Come on Morgan you heard the man they’re dying.”

Sarah drove Emma and Sam home to Echo Park. They parked outside then walked through the courtyard. The cleanup crew did a good job of putting things back the way they were. The birds of paradise seemed like the same flowers that had always been there but they were, in fact, freshly planted and the fountain... only an expert eye could tell the majolica was different. In this case she was almost five.

“This is different,” said Sam as she rubbed her little hands over the new tiles. “The blue is brighter and the gold is clearer.”

“There was an accident and so we had it fixed. Let’s get inside it’s getting late and you need to get to sleep,” said Sarah thinking that once Sam was asleep she could run back to Castle.

They walked in to find the apartment nice and spotlessly clean. There was just a slight hint of bleach used to erase the last biological traces.

“So the question at hand is do we take a shower or have a bath?” said Emma. “Because you’re not going to bed covered in playground grim.”

“If you take a shower I’ll take one with you,” said Sarah as she kissed her. It was Sarah’s way to hurry things along. They took their showers together and were coming out of the bathroom in robes. They were going into Sam’s when the monitor in the living room blinked then came on.

“Come here quickly,” yelled Emma. She’d been sitting in the living room with a glass of wine relaxing thinking that she need to get back to Molly before Jack did irreparable damage. “Both of you need to get her on the double.”

“What’s going on? Is there news,” asked Sarah as she and Sam ran in. She still had Sam’s hair brush in her hand when she looked up and there was Chuck on the monitor.

“I ought to throw this hairbrush at you for making me worry,” said Sarah as she waved the weapon in question out in front of her.

“I’m sorry but there was nothing that could’ve been done. I’m sorry if I called you at this time you’re about to put Sam to bed?”

“I don’t want you to be sorry I just want you to hurry home,” said Sarah as she sat on the sofa with Sam in her arms.

“When are you going to come home? And why do you have that thing on your head?”

“This thing on my head is called a tagelmust. They wear it in North Africa and the Middle East. I had to wear this where I was at. About me coming home I’m sorry but I’m coming home but you’re going to have to leave. You have a choice you can go stay with Aunt Ellie and Devon or go with Nana Emma to Montenegro to be with Molly and Rajib.”

“But why I don’t want to go? You keep sending me away it’s not fair I just made friends in the park. You don’t want me.”

“No it’s nothing like that. Sam there is a bad man whose wants to hurt me and your mother. He tried to hurt me now said Chuck as he took off the tagelmust so she could see the bandage. We need to keep you safe and the only way to keep you save is to send you away. I’m sorry.”

“Mommy already told you to stop saying you’re sorry,” said Sam as she jumped out of Sarah’s lap then ran back to her bedroom.

“I’ll talk to her,” said Emma as she went after her. “You two keep on talking it looks like there’s a lot to talk about.”

“The missile attack against Castle was so I’d call you and distract you from what you needed to do to save yourself. You knew that when I called you. Why didn’t you tell me your situation and don’t tell me I’ll always chose you because I’ll always do the same so next time I won’t call.”

“No, it’s not like that,” he said as she looked at him through the monitor. “Okay a little you but there was nothing I could do at the time you called to make my situation better or worse. I was getting close to the ship that was supposed to pick us up and so I was able to juggle both balls. You can always rely on me I will always be there that’s why you have to leave too.”

“I’m not going anywhere either, this is my home and I’m fighting for it. First Sam now me, Chuck you’re starting to sound like your father.”

“I know what I sound like but I want you and Casey to go to the cabin in the mountains. You can bring up the exterior sensors so no one can sneak up on you.”

“Plus it’s away from our family and friends that could end up as collateral. Okay, say I go along with this. What’s the plan?”

“We find Laszlo then we neutralize the threat,” said Chuck. “I don’t care how intelligent he might be nor what inventions he might come up with. I can tell you whatever he invents it will be to hurt people and that has to end.”

“Chuck, Sweetie when you say neutralize what do you mean?” asked Sarah. She already knew the answer but she wanted to hear him say it. Although afterwards she regretted it those were words she never wanted him to say.

“I’m going to kill him. It’s that simple he’s declared war on me so now it’s my turn to declare war on him. Don’t assume the Home Office is dead we might have gotten some of their higher ups and taken a bite out of them but there are more of them lying about in hiding.”

“Chuck, don’t let Laszlo make you paranoid. Come home and we’ll hunt him down together the team will. Once we have him we can talk about what to do with him.”

“I don’t think I’m being paranoid, paranoia will be what keeps us alive. Laszlo had someone replaced the valve assemble on my jet so that it could be remotely accessed to open and dump my reserve fuel supply after we were halfway across the Atlantic. That means one person to do the work and another person somewhere to monitor my flight. That’s not paranoia but facts so when I tell you to watch your back I mean it. I’m sorry I’m just a little off my game right now.”

“I understand. You need to go they’ve got to be about to kick you off this satellite. Okay we’ll head for the cabin but Sam stays with me until you get home. She’s right we can’t keep sending her away even it is for her own good. Both of us know what that’s like and you can’t expect her to understand, not at her age. You didn’t.”

“I know you’re right but between her getting hurt or being safe and hating me. I’d chose the latter and I know who I sound like but I’m not promising pancakes. Do what you think is best I’ll support your decision. I’ve got to go I have an unhappy looking Chief of Staff that just walked in. I love you and tell Sam I love her too.”

“We love you,” said Sarah as the screen went blank and she was left there sitting in the dark with Emma’s wine glass next to her. How she longed to take a sip but she told herself only four more months to go.

“You need to get this taken care of,” said Sarah as she got up then headed back to Sam’s room. She stopped at the door when she heard Sam and Emma talking.

“Why don’t I come and stay with you forever,” said Sam. “If I stayed with you then I wouldn’t have to go back and forth. Then Molly could be my sister too. I promise I’ll behave and be good.”

“It doesn’t work that way and your parents love you. This life they live is hard and it’s hard for you too but they still love you. Your father doesn’t want you to go away because he doesn’t love you but because he does.”

“I don’t love him. I hate him... I hate them both,” said Sam. Sarah heard from the door and it cut her like a knife. She felt like she’d been stabbed then someone twisted the blade inside her. Her emotions got the best of her and a floodgate of tears came down.

“You don’t mean that you’re just angry and this is your anger speaking. I knew a little girl once who said the same thing when she got sent to her granny’s to live... and well words do hurt especially when they’re said in anger.”

“Can I come in,” said Sarah as she knocked on Sam’s door. She was greeted with a wall of silence so she took a deep breath then dried her tears and walked in. “I thought you should know I told your father you weren’t going anywhere until he got back. Then we’ll decide as a family but we are all leaving tomorrow morning to go to the cabin in the mountains.”

“So I don’t have to go anymore,” said Sam as she turned over in bed to look at Sarah.

“I didn’t say that I said we’ll discuss this as a family. It’s not fair for your father to have to make this decision on his own. If we make it we make it together so you can hate us both if you want but in the end you’re safe which is what matters. I’m sorry if that wasn’t what you expected me to say and I’m sorry if you got stuck with me as your mother,” said Sarah as she looked down at her feet. “But this is the way it is and whether you realize it or not I love you very much. Well we all need to get some sleep tomorrow will be here quicker than you know.”

Back in Castle Casey was thinking over what Chuck had told him. ‘Trust no one’ was one of the last things Chuck told John before he broke the link. John heard what he said but it really didn’t registrar at least not completely. He feared no one so this was more a dare for him and one he’d gladly take up if anyone came knocking.

“Geez what’s taking him so long?” said Casey as he looked up at the monitor. He watched Morgan walk out of the back with Kim then they went over to the three Marshals at the door.

“Forget about Morgan for now look I think I got something here. There was a chopper that deviated course that left Bob Hope for Catalina but Tower Control lost them for twenty minutes before they came back. When they asked them what happened they just said they had some technical difficulties without going into it. I’m pulling up the CCTV feeds from Catalina Airport. Crap why can’t I get them.”

“Just pass him off already. What’s he doing asking them to go out for a dance,” said Casey as he watched them chatting in the entrance.

“Dad, I asked a question. Why can’t I get the CCTV feeds from the airport in Catalina? Is there something wrong?”

“I don’t know the cameras could’ve been down. Try looking at some of the traffic cams around the parking lot. You might get lucky if they grabbed a vehicle and while you’re at it they’ve got a few boat landings you might run facial recognition at too. Who knows if you go fishing you just might land a big one,” said John then he got distracted again by Morgan. “Geez, why is he taking them to his office? What’s he going to offer them a drink? And what does Kim have in his hand? Crap those are my muffins I swear I’m going to strangle Morgan does he have any idea how long I slaved over them.”

“Dad, if you’re that concerned about what Morgan’s doing why don’t you go up and check on him in person. But you were the one who said he couldn’t screw it up those were your words or were you wrong? Dad you need to start trusting Morgan. If you concentrate on what he gets wrong you’ll gloss over everything he gets right and reinforce only the negative.”

“Don’t tell me the Troll has you watching Dr. Phil on TV,” said Casey as the computer came back with a hit then another.

“Here we go Dad we got Laszlo at the airport in Catalina getting into a Golf cart then here’s another of him on Empire Landing road heading towards Two Harbors.”

“Good keep facial recognition going through all the databases we can access and widen up the search for the whole island. I’ll move a bird overhead,” said John. “This could be the break we’ve been looking for.” John glanced up to see Morgan and Kim with the other agents disappear into his office John just shook his head.

“Dad the bird,” said Alex realizing what he was looking at. She had to do something to distract him before he went back into talking about Morgan. Then as luck would have it John’s phone began to ring. He put the call on speaker so he could input the request for the repositioning of the satellite.

“Colonel Casey this is Deputy Marshal Dillon I don’t know if you remember me. We haven’t seen each other in a while.”

“Who could forget a Marshal with your last name? How’s life in Dodge City? I know I shouldn’t ride you on that I also know a Colonel by the name of Saunders. You can image the grief he’s had to put up with.”

“Well I’ve always heard if it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger so I usually let the Marshal Dillon jokes slide off but it was one of the longest lasting shows on TV so in a certain sense it’s an honor.”

“I guess that’s one way to look at it. So I thought you were going to come to pick up our man,” said Casey as Alex’s phone started to ring. John frowned when he looked over and saw it was Morgan.

“That’s what I’m calling about,” said Kenny. “We were involved in a small traffic accident no one was hurt but we’re going to have to wait for a tow truck so that’s going to make us late for the pickup. Is that a problem with you guys?”

“What do you mean late? Then who are the men who just showed up here to pick up Kim?” asked Casey. He heard Chuck’s words in his head again ‘trust no one’.

“Dad that was Morgan he said he needed you to come up to his office. The Marshals need you to sign something and to tell you... well pineapple. What does that mean?”

“We’ve been played.” Suddenly they heard gunshots and saw muzzle flashes coming from inside Morgan’s office.

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