Time of the Enterprises

A little surprise for Janeway

. . 2373. . .

. . . Voyager . . .

Instead of being beamed directly to the transporter room, the Picard fellow and I were transported to Sick Bay. I had awaken in mid beaming. The Picard fellow put me down on a biobed.

"Doctor to Captain Janeway!" Came a man with balding dark hair. "Why didn't you tell me you were beaming Captain Picard to sick bay?"

"Where am I, Picard?" I asked.

"You are on the Voyager, Quarty." The Picard fellow said.

The Doctor came over with a frown on his face.

"Why are you in my sick bay?" The Doctor said. "My Captain is making her way down and will need to hear it from you."

"My spouse needs your help, Doctor." John-Luc said.

"S. . . Spouse?" The Doctor said,turning his head toward me.

I wiggled my wedding finger.

As I said, time is irrelevant.

The lady Captain had a argument or something along the lines of an explanation with the Picard fellow. I didn't like her. I really didn't. She was a new person to me. Was she this 'Captain Janeway'? I couldn't see their argument because it was in private but it is only logical they had an argument. The lady Captain came back with her arms folded.

"What is your name?" The lady Captain asked.

Instead of replying with, "Old Q." I replied with "Quarty."

I felt some form of attachment to the name Quarty. It had bubbly and fluffy feelings.

"And who are you?" I asked. "Are you this Captain Janeway?"

"Yes," Janeway said. "You are so. . . old."

"Who are you calling old?" I asked, feeling angry.

"I told you not to call him old." The Picard fellow said.

Janeway unfolded her arms and faced toward the Picard fellow.

"And you think we can help him?" Janeway asked. "You just lied to my crew about being a Star Fleet vessel and beamed yourself aboard my ship."

"Star Fleet . . ." I said. "Star Fleet. . ."

It rung a bell in my mind.

"If he doesn't get help any time soon then he will die, Mrs Janeway," The Picard fellow said. "I do not want that to happen and so does Trelane."

"You will be beamed back aboard your ship." Janeway said.

The Picard fellow sighed.

"Fine then," The Picard fellow said. "Maybe Quarty was right about you not being helpful. I thought you were different from my Janeway."

"'You told me your Janeway died." Janeway said.

"My Janeway died because she refused to help one single Klingon get back to her family by allowing her doctor to heal her and letting her go undetected to Kronos. She was the wife of one member of the Klingon High Council. Her name was Margh. Margh could have been the one to help us end the war and begin peace that would last for generations." The Picard Fellow said. "I can't believe I am actually saying this. . .But you are more heartless than my Janeway!"

The Picard Fellow left Sick Bay.

I looked up at the woman who seemed visibily hurt.

What is her name again?

And who's that guy?

"Captain?" The middle aged man said. "You know he is wrong about you."

"Prepare Mr Quarty for transport, Doctor." The captain said.

"Right Captain-" The Doctor turned toward my direction and he looked as though he could faint. His face turned white. "Dear god."

The lady captain left Sick Bay.

"What are you staring at?" I asked.

"Your head." The Doctor said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because there is something wrong with it." The Doctor said.

"What does Q mean to you?" I asked.

The Doctor looked at me, oddly.

"Wait, you are him." The Doctor said, as though he just realized it.

"Him who?" I asked.

"Q." The Doctor said.

"The name is Quarty," I said. "I do not want to affiliate myself to the name Q. Who is he to you? What is he? Why does everyone hate him so? What did he do to deserve this kind of treatment from everyone around him?"

The Doctor's face turned to its regular color.

"It has been two years since you first appeared on this ship," The Doctor said. "And each time you have played tricks on us. We didn't like these tricks. Last time you appeared there was a civil war going on in the continuum."

"Lady Q. . ." I said, closing my eyes.

"As I was told you mated with another of your own." The Doctor said, walking away.

"And?" I asked.

"The war ended because you had a baby." The Doctor said.

I sighed opening my eyes.

"So I mess with everyone and everyone hates me," I said. "No wonder I have one friend in this timeline."

The Doctor came over.

"One?" The Doctor asked.

"Someone similar to the Picard fellow." I said.

"Jean-Luc Picard." The Doctor said.

"Yes." I said.

I felt really sad knowing what I know.

"So. . . When did it start?"

"When did what start?"

"The memories slipping away faster than they should."

I sighed.

"You should ask the Picard fellow about it," I said, feeling weak and drowsy. "I have him. I am not entirely alone in this universe. . . I have my John-Luc. . ."

My eyes closed.

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