Time of the Enterprises

Memories set in stone end round four

". . . He won't remember anything from the past three hours he had abord this ship." I heard the Doctor.

My eyes opened.

I recognized the Doctor and then Captain Janeway.

The first question that popped up into my head was: Why am I aboard the Voyager?

"My head." I complained.

"Do you remember where you were last?"

"I can't say exactly where, more like in someone's arms escaping a federally armed base while trying to sleep." I said.







"Mr Pocirld will explain to you," The Doctor said. "Now excuse me, I have a house call to do."

The Doctor left sick bay.

Janeway came over to my side as I helped myself upward with a aching head.

"Do I have a god child?"

"Jesssie . . ." I said, closing my eyes.

I remembered the mind meld that John-Luc did with me. I remember everything that happened in my mind and everything that happened in reality. I felt sick recalling the death of Slevik. I controlled my breath just to prevent myself from puking. I count down to ten thinking of happy thought. I had a sigh of relief opening my eyes.

"Had." I said. "Her name was Jessie Jenkins Janeway."

"I am so sorry," Janeway said. "I didn't expect you to name someone after me."

I looked at her sadly.

"I never was suppose to live at the age I met you two years ago," I said. "But apparently the rules have changed."

"How old are you now?" Janeway asked.

"Lost track." I lied.

"Q." Janeway said.

"Call me Quarty, please." I plead.

"Quarty, how old are you in human years?" Janeway asked.

"One hundred twenty." I said. I looked back at her. "Tell me. . .What was in my damn head?"

Janeway took out a rounded container with a squid like creature with smaller versions of itself.

"They are dying now." Janeway said.

I gasped.

"Just how I saw them . . ." I said.

"They were passing through your lungs when the Doctor started the operation. It took a whole day to remove them. You are lucky he found the eggs when he did." Janeway said, putting the container on the table across from me. "You are currently on antibiotics for Caulistoctopuiffy Invasion."

I laughed.

"A deadly bio-eningeered alien." I said.

It felt hard to laugh with pain in my chest.

"If it feels difficult to laugh, your chest had a beating of them too." Janeway said.

I winced.

"Thank you for the consideration." I said.

The doors to Sick Bay locked, and in a flash appeared Trelane leaning against the door with a smile on his face. His arms were folded. He didn't have his usual brown walking stick in his sight.

"You just passed round four, FINALLY!"

"Who the hell are you?"

"Treeeellaaaane!" Trelane said. "Oh yes,I am the one and only Q to send their father on a very long game. Yes. I have the current longest game record but I suspect another Q might try to break that."

"Get off my ship." Janeway said.

Trelane rolled his eyes and Janeway froze.

"Much better," Trelane said, approaching me. "How was your year of no memory in the mind?"

"Terrible." I said, with a glare.

"Round four was to teach you that people do care about you in the universe when you are close to your death bed," Trelane said. "I had to pull a few strings to prove my point. But they were well worth it."

I folded my arms.

"I wasn't there for three hours." I said.

Trelane sighed.

"Fine," Trelane said. "I will show you the conversation the two Janeway's had."

I saw the conversation ensue. I had a easy time guessing who was the original Janeway and who was a product of a timeline negated from this. The scene switched to the other sick bay where I saw a very much old Lady Q. Kathryn came to Lady Q's side holding a little baby in her arms. The lady Q was in a chair and still could walk but she was unable to due to her being weak.

She was in a wheelchair.

I could recognize Lady Q in her old state.

He then showed me Lady Q picking up a needle and injecting herself with the same infection right in the arm. It was on the same road I killed the man following me. I saw Lady Q be exiled from the continuum prior to that. What had she done? She must have been furious over something. Something so insignificant to the human world but significant to the continuum. I saw what Trelane did. I saw what Trelane did to save mine in exchange for losing his position in the continuum.

I looked up toward Trelane.

I understood.

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