Time of the Enterprises

Recalling a minor memory

I had a little of a flashback shortly after Trelane left. It was what can happen in a year from now. It has happened so why bother being vague? It has already happened to me the first time around. It was like history being changed but it wasn't. It was one of my 'Q-ness' that hadn't left. A once in a awhile depiction at what has changed in my past. I rarely had these Q-depictions, really.

"I would have failed him." q said.

Janeway turned her head toward q's direction then called for security tapping on her com badge.

"Too bad, they are in a time loop." q said.

"Who are you?" Janeway asked.

"That, my dear Captain, is Junior." I said.

"Q?" Janeway said.

I appeared by q's side.

"Yes, it is I, the omnipotent father of several species. Why are you so surprised by that-"

As humiliating as it sounds and 'sounded' when being told; Janeway hugged me. Now at the time I so wasn't the hugging type. Why do I constantly remind people about me not being the hugging type back then? I certainly wasn't the one who enjoyed hugs. These days I cherish them because the next time I could get them that person might be dying or headed out to die or leaving.

"I thought I wouldn't see you again." Janeway said.

"Nonsense! I come around as I please. ..Excuse me," I snapped my fingers re-materializing myself across from her. "Nothing can stop me from doing what I want." I had my index finger above my thumb. "Almost."

"Dad, but you told me you don't like hugs." q said.

I lowered my hand.

"This is a different story," I said. "And Janeway, I would appreciate if you let my son spend vacation from the Q continuum here. To get firsthand experience of humanity from your prized crew."

Janeway's face had changed to what seemed realization.

I could read her thoughts.

Oh, Janeway thought, This is a different Q.

I frowned.

"Since when did Q's start going around pretending to be moi?" I asked. "Oh right, ever since you mistook Quinn for me." I rolled an eye. "I knew I should have gone to the Vulcan's first rather than the 'legendary' Voyager."

"Dad, you told me no spoiling!" q complained. "Why are you spoiling? You said no spoiling on the future of star ships-"

I snapped my fingers and vanish.

I snapped back to reality hearing the door being forced back open by Tuvok and another security personnel.

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