Time of the Enterprises

Departing the voyager

. . . 10 minutes later . . .

. . .2373 . . .

"What is wrong with our Captain?" Tuvok asked, as Janeway stood there frozen with a 'one-of-a-kind' expression on her face.

"She is frozen in time, space, and relationship wise she can hear what is happening and see what is happening," I said. "Basic universal time freeze applied."

"How do we undo it?" Tuvok asked.

"Well,it would require getting a Q but don't call for me specifically," I said. "Oh right!" I snapped my fingers. "Send a message in subspace frequencies reading: Q2, you owe me that favor. Unfreeze Captain Kathryn Janeway at exactly . . . The exact time frame you are sending the message."

Tuvok raised a brow.

"I was unaware you referred to yourselves by numbers." Tuvok said.

"That Q would honestly believe it is Tom Paris of the other universe," I said. "He and Q2 have a thing going on."

Tuvok left Sick Bay.

And in came Ensign Kim with The Doctor. Ensign Kim had a ice bag on his neck.

"Doctor," I said. "You owe me a favor and I need that favor now. Send a message to the Fendora: lower your shields. All in caps."

"I don't owe you a favor." The Doctor said.

"The hell you do," I said. "Later in your time stream I will make you human. I promise."

"Uh, Captain?" Ensign Kim said, waving his hands in her way.

I looked toward Captain Janeway.

"Janeway . . ." I said. "I don't know if I will ever see you again." It was a rather honest admission. I had other duties to worry about as a Q. The Doctor went over to a computer and typed away. "Whatever consequence results . . . I might as well meet you again as a admiral rather than a Captain. Might be decades when I see you again to you and it might be thousands of years to me. But you'll know it is me when I have a very special someone close by. It might be your dying day I'll see you. Only Q know when." I sighed. "The reason why I may not see you again is because being a Q means I have responsibilities. Urgent responsibilities." I stressed the responsibilities part. I realized it sounded more like a love letter than a farewell. "I do like hugs these days." And there I opened a humiliating door for my past self. "Goodbye Janeway."

And I was beamed off their ship.

I only knew the Fendora was the ship nearby because Trelane planted it inside my mind.

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