Time of the Enterprises

The unexpected has a habit


...USS Enterprise...5:40 AM...


I rolled right out of bed. I have done that countless times within a six month period. I use the nearby wheelchair. Not once yesterday did I get any indications his little game had begun. I really want this to be over with; the game, I mean. I pull myself into the wheelchair then guide myself toward the restroom.

Thank the universe for there being a bathtub.

I got a myself a change of clothes.

25 minutes afterward I came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my hair. I prefer to do the rolling rather than using this foolish kind of technology that can backfire at any given time! Just the slightest hand accident can do the trick and I could be sent into a rather humiliating scenario. I do not trust human technology despite how efficient it claims to be. This is why I use a old schooled wheelchair.


The sound is coming from the computer.

I go over to the computer.

"Computer," I said. "What is this nonsense?"

"You have one new message from 2387," The computer said. "It is labeled Prime Timeline."

"Start message!" I ordered, turning toward the screen.

The black screen blinked to life.

I saw a older Jean Luc on the screen. He must be eighty-two by now. Jean-Luc visibly appeared to be older with the wrinkles on his face (yet he seemed quite healthy like the last time I saw him), the lack of hair on the side behind his ears, and the aged look in his eyes. He had a different uniform on that was different to the one I had seen him in earlier. It was mainly dark gray with a red shirt being visible.

He seemed to be quite content at where he is.

"Hello Q," Jean-Luc said. "The instructions you sent made us ten years from our quadrant...This is the one year anniversary since our return to the Alpha Quadrant." He had a smile. "Thank you Q. If there was any way I could thank you it would be this. On our return to the Federation the Enterprise was attacked, severely, we almost didn't make it."

My eyes grew wide.

"But we made it," Jean Luc said. "We had help from another Enterprise. Don't know where she came from; but she appeared in the nick of time."

I touched the screen.

"And you lived," I said.

"And you were not aboard that ship, far as I am concerned," Jean-Luc said. "From all those who were aboard the Enterprise and served with me; thank you. I have since retired-"

"Jean-Luc!" I overheard Doctor Beverly. "Are you coming or not?"

I take my hand off the screen.

"Five more minutes, Beverly," Jean Luc said.

"Five minutes," Doctor Beverly said.

Jean-Luc turned his head back to the screen.

"But in fact we did lose someone," Jean-Luc said. "I am hoping you can find him."

"Who was it?" I asked.

"We lost Data," Jean-Luc said. "He was beaming back up from a nearby planet and was lost in the transporter. I am pretty sure he is still out there. And I want you to bring him back to his time no matter the cost. Can't have two Data's in the same universe...Right?"

I nodded.

"I will bring him back, somehow," I said. "I promise."

"I have already told Data in case he got into a scenario like that; search for you, wherever he is," Jean Luc said. "I can count on you being there." I generally felt touched at that. How considerate of him. "You are the only one who will believe anything Data has to say."

"Correct," I said.

"Help bring Data home,please," Jean-Luc said. And I can't believe he plead. "Goodbye Q."

The screen turned dark.

"I will, Jean-Luc," I said.

And oh, I can tell Jean-Luc lied about retiring. Jean-Luc had on a Star Fleet uniform I had seen a long time ago in the distant future. In a timeline where Data sacrificed himself to save the dear Captain, a timeline I really do not like. First, Data died. Second, the whole clone ordeal. Third, the way the Romulans were going to start negotiating with the Federation over the death of a malfunctioned clone! And last of all,B-4. Noonien could have given B-4 a better Positronic Brain.

I then get one of the cards out and get myself breakfast.

Ten minutes afterwards, I get a visit from Captain Kirk.

"Come in," I said.

Kirk came in.

"We have a unexpected visitor," Kirk said.

I raised a brow.

"I am confused," I said. "Why come to me when you have a new visitor?"

"He asks for you," Kirk said. "And he has golden skin."

"He is here," I said then exit my quarters with Kirk right behind me.

I made my way to the Transporter that happened to be close by. I rolled right into the room where there are several guards including Spock and McCoy staring at Data. Data seemed to be startled by this unusual development. Data looked at me, and then, only then did he recognize me.

"Q," Data said.

"Professor Q," I said.

"Where am I?" Data asked.

Kirk entered behind me into the Transporter room.

"You are aboard the Enterprise," McCoy said.

"No, I am not," Data said.

"Yes, you are," Spock said. "Logically you were being beamed to your Enterprise but instead was beamed here."

"You are not in your timeline," I said. "Mr Spock meet Mr Data. McCoy meet Data."

"Why is his skin golden?" McCoy asked,in pure shock.

"I am an Android," Data said.

"Data," I said. "Lower your phaser."

"Android," McCoy said, as Data lowered his phaser. "Not like the ones we have seen."

"I am the unique one of my kind," Data said. "I am a Soong type Android." Data looked at me, oddly. "Q, I thought I would never see you again."

"So did I," I said.

"You two know each other?" Kirk asked. "Security, lower your weapons."

Data turned his head toward Kirk, stepping off the Transporter.

"We do," Data said, then he approached me. "How long has it been for you, Professor Q?"

"Six months," I said. "And Data is indeed from the other Enterprise, Kirk."

"Nice to know the uniform still has color," Kirk said,jokingly.

"You are wrong," Data said. "I am out of style. I do not know what the new trend of Star Fleet Uniforms are."

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