Time of the Enterprises

Ambassador ship

. . . 2305 . . .

. . .July 13th . . .

Jean-Luc was born on the 13th of 2305 in La Barre, France. The exact same day it is right now. I know John-Luc is two hundred one years old. For some reason is not inflicted by the emotional sickness that plagues Vulcans in their elderly years. Perhaps it is because he is human. Human. Perhaps it is because he lets them out rather than containing the emotions like any rotten Vulcan.


I am one hundred twenty-nine.

We were fishing in outer space for a space fish.

Quite really in space suits.

A few years ago we came across these strange unusual beings that resembled fish attracted by radionation items. We catelogued the animals over two years but . . . It was so fun catching them then throwing them back. Turns out we broke the Alien Fish record by adding in space fish that were recently discovered. I am starting to think John-Luc is developing dementia but it is insignifficant. I once pointed it out to John-Luc and the reply I got was, "So? That's not stopping me."

It turns out there is rather a cure for it.

I recalled the cure when making Earl Gray Tea for John-Luc one day.

It took time but I made the dose and when he was asleep, very asleep, I injected him with it. I didn't want him to know. He didn't care about it, apparently. But he must have been scared of his memory becoming bad as mine. But my memory was a different story. I had to thank the stars he didn't develop the uncurable Irumodic Syndrome. I had the needle be destroyed by a machine shortly using it.

It was a miracle I remembered it.

Now, let's get back to fishing.

"Is that the USS Excelsior?" John-Luc asked.

"Hm?" I said, looking up.

And then we were beamed aboard their ship without our consent. It was annoying really. AND GUESS WHO WASN'T THERE. Tuvok. Oh yes, he was so not there. I am just happy rather than sad. I don't have to be meeting him for the fourth time. Thank the stars. The Transporter chief was a woman. Let's say still have issues with women since that awful day on Scalos.

"We were fishing, why did you intervene?" John-Luc asked, upset.

And in came Captain Sulu. Hikaru Sulu. THAT Sulu.

"Hello Mr Pocirld," Sulu said, holding his hand out. "Nice to see you again."

"Oh Sulu," John-Luc said, his mood turning friendly as he shook the hand of the man who still appeared to be young. "It has been too long."

I was in a wheelchair adapted for rocky surface travel and any kind of travel. I put on levitation mode then flew off the transporter then landed on the floor and turned off levitation mode. I take off my space suit by merely pressing a button. A genius mind comes with incredible knowledge. John-Luc did the same after he ended the handshake with Captain Sulu. I put the now square shaped item back into my pocket.

"Why yes it has," Sulu said. "Hello, Mr Quarty." He turned toward my direction. "Mr. . . Quarty?"

"Why yes, it is me." I said, rolling an eye.

Sulu looked up toward John-Luc.

"Is this really Q?" Sulu asked, again unsure.

"It is," John-Luc said. "Flesh and bone."

"Mr Quarty, you have been selected as Colo's only Ambassador."

My jaw dropped.

"He never applied for that." John-Luc said.

I did everything in my power to prevent that from happening.

"May we take this to the conference room?" Sulu asked.

"Sure," John-Luc said. "Honey?"

"I for one want to hear what he has to say." I said.

. . . Fifteen minutes later . . .

. . . Conference room. .

Captain Sulu entered with his number one. A man, luckily enough. A human being by all accounts. He lacked one ear to his left. I found that a little odd. I was at the table and so was John-Luc. Sulu thanked us for waiting for so long under the conditions we came in.

"There are stories out there that say Mr Quarty claimed to represent Colo when visiting a alien planet or alien space ship when they were on the brink of war," Sulu said. "And then you came in to negotiate."

I shook my hand.

"No,no,no," I said. "I didn't go around and say 'I represent Colo', I went around saying 'Hi, my name is Quarty and this is my husband Pocirld and we are from Colo a Federation Colonized planet of mixed races.' rather than that political statement."

"He only negotiated because most of the time we were heading to archaeological sites or to a planet with incredibly rare animals, fantastic food, and enjoyable recreational activities." John-Luc said.

"The Federation told them what they were getting into," Sulu said. "That was when they first started considering you."

"They . . . what?" John-Luc asked.

I was unable to say a word.

"The Federation told Colo who Mr Quarty really was," Sulu said. "That was back in 2297."

I rubbed my forehead.


"And when did they re-reconsider their choice?" John-Luc asked.

"I heard former Colo Ambassador Ronald was their second choice, Spock was their third, and their fourth was a Vulcan named Slevik."

"Slevik is dead." I whispered.

I can still remember the disturbing crack his neck made after being twisted. I had told John-Luc about it.

"Since when?" Sulu asked, startled.

"August 1st, 2296. . ." I said. "I saw him die before my eyes. He couldn't have transferred his Katra in the space of seconds."

Sulu looked over to John-Luc.

"No one has ever seen Senator Slevik since 2295." Sulu said.

"He was in a nursing home with my husband," John-Luc said. "From what Quarty told me . . . A poltergeist is responsible."

"A ghost?" Sulu asked.

"That is right, a ghost." John-Luc said.

"Then where is his body?" Sulu asked.

"You ask the Federation that question, Captain Sulu," John-Luc said. "It wasn't easy getting him out of their base."

Then Sulu's number one, being Jake Long, spoke up.

"What base?" Long asked.

"Base 328.47." John-Luc said.

"So you were there." Long said.

"Outside." John-Luc said.

"The final part of accepting the position of Colo Ambassador is a month long visit to the planet," Sulu said. "Star Fleet sent us to take you there and inform you of the selection."

"How come I wasn't made aware of this?" I asked.

"They called. A lot. Their messages went unanswered. " Long said.

I looked over toward John-Luc.

"So that is why there were a thousand messages from Star Fleet in the inbox." I said.

We deleted all their messages.

'Why?' you may ask.

We had enough of Star Fleet.

John-Luc did the honor of hitting delete.

"Before we go, we have one last fish to catch." John-Luc said.

"Space fish," Sulu repeated, amused. "I thought they were joking that you were space fishing."

I turned my head toward Sulu with a smile.

"We never joke about what we do." I said.

And today is the day Jean-Luc Picard was born.

Today is the day I learned I was selected to be the Ambassador of Colo while I went around in space with my most trusted friend John-Luc Picard enjoying our years without anything having to do with the Federation. We still have a few years behind our backs to live out. Perhaps I couldn't stop the event, that of becoming a Ambassador, from happening in the beginning. In a way I have been doing diplomatic/ambassador-ish stuff actively.

Did I make Colo feel proud about my achievements?


Did they feel ashamed and furious after learning of my involvement with Khan?


It took them awhile to forgive me for what I had did.

John-Luc went to a recreational room with Sulu leaving me with Long.

"I have heard a lot about you, Mr Quarty." Long said.

I laughed.

"Everyone has, apparently." I said.

"Have you ever had problems with your own kin?" Long asked.

"We are not perfect," I said. "And so am I."

"You can say that again." Long said.

"One time my son screwed up royally by putting the mind of a fangirl into the body of a female Vulcan. A Vulcan whose mind was lost in a terribly crash." I lowered my head. "That was Juniors doing. I had him send her back soon as the girl was dying. What was her name again. . . " I gazed down toward the table tapping my fingers on the plastic surface. "Started with a C. . . Ended with a 'W'." I snapped my fingers. "I got it! It was Courtney Winters!"

I looked back up toward Long.

"Interesting." Long said.

I rubbed both temples.

"Not really," I said. "Sadly Chekov, a different one, went after her with permission from the Alternate Kirk."

"Why is that sad?" Long asked.

"He went through the fabric of reality with Juniors help," I said. "I was the laughing stock of the continuum for centuries afterwards! When they returned to their universe I had a word with Junior regarding his move." I lowered my hand. "There is a reason why we Q have rules. We don't want Star Ships going in and out of the fabric of reality as they please!"

Long nodded.

"I see." Long said.

I sighed.

"Don't tell me. . ." I said. "Big fan?"

Long took out a padd keeping back what sounded like a squeal.

"Why yes I am," Long said. "Could you sign this?"

I took out a pen and take the pad.

"Sure." I said.

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