Time of the Enterprises

The beginnings of round five

. . . Splinter Universe . .

. . Cybernetics room. . .

Jean-Luc entered the room. This time he saw a robotic yet organic like panther in a cage appearing to be grumpy with head on its paws and a flickering tail. Jean-Luc looked over to the rather identicle android who resembled his close friend Data. Sometimes he showed Data's quirks.

"B-4?" Jean-Luc said.

B-4 came out of a doorway holding what seemed to be a large meat.

"Yes, Captain?" B-4 said.

"It has come to my attention by Mr Quarty that you are in communication with Data," Jean-Luc said. "B-4, you do realize you can be honest with us. If you are seeing ghosts . . . and Data; you don't have to lie about it."

"I am not seeing Data." B-4 said.

Jean-Luc raised his eyebrows.

"Hm?" Jean-Luc said.

"I am seeing Lore." B-4 said.

Jean-Luc frowned.

"Lore." Jean-Luc said, with a grim look.p

"Yes, him." B-4 said.

"Where is right now?" Jean-Luc asked.

"He left awhile ago." B-4 said.

"Left as in . . . He went into the light?"

"In a sense, yes," B-4 said. "He tried taking over my programming exactly two hours, forty-three minutes, and thirty seconds ago."

"Exactly when we were on Zelus Three," Jean-Luc said.

"Yes," B-4 said. "I assure you. . ." He dropped the stake into the cage. "There will not be any further problems on the return to Star Fleet."

"The Vlectorians spoke highly of you." Jean-Luc said.

"They were quite enjoyable company, but I found myself missing the company of human beings." B-4 said.

"Did you make this panther?" Jean-Luc asked.

"It is compiled of technological organized versions of nanobots forming into one being and this being pernament," B-4 said. "Why yes, Captain, I did make this unusual creature," Jean-Luc lowered down watching the beast chow down into the meat. "And I will find the right planet to let it explore. It can also multiply if left alone."

"How do you know?" Jean-Luc said.

"Look to your right." B-4 said.

Jean-Luc looked over to see a cub sized version of the panther.

"Fascinating." Jean-Luc said.

"I am working on their genes so they won't have over populate their new planet," B-4 said, walking over to the small cage. "Their reproduction capablitity begins when they are fully grown. These are proof that cybernetics can become life not just machine."

"Data-, I mean B-4. . ." Jean-Luc said, standing up. "These panthers do not have advocates for their continued existence."

"I am their advocate, and I understand your little slip-up," B-4 said. "Many people have called me by the name of my other brother." He slid the cub's cage alongside the parent panther. "I have learned after my matrix repairs what my brother did and I have his memories. He regarded you highly, Captain."

The two exchanged a few words then Jean-Luc left the room.

It eased B-4's worries that is until the sound of a door closing drew his attention behind.

"Hello Data," I said,leaning against the doorway. "Was that really Lore?"

"My name is B-4." B-4 said.

"So that's the story," I said. "Lying your butt off."

"It is not a lie." B-4 said.

"Androids are very good liars, and the one I know the best is you." I said, pointing to B-4. "I came to the conclusion that you had taken over B-4's body due to a system check up. B-4 usually made it on time but today he came thirty minutes later. " I walked around the room. "B-4's matrix gave out. Lore jumped at the chance to take over a new body but knowing Data I assumed he would have won for his strong spirit and sense of individuality."

"Did he really?" B-4 asked.

"Data, you can stop pretending. I can tell you possessed his body and made some changes." I pointed over to the panther. "B-4 was interested in insects not in larger animals." I lowered my hand. "Data is interested in a verity of animals namely being the cat. You were trying to bring Spot back, weren't you?"

"I do not have a pet." B-4 said.

"You used to," I said. "Worf used to own Spot the third."

B-4 looked up surprised.

"Hm?" B-4 said, randomly blinking.

"I quote 'Spot makes a fine sneaky warrior'," I said. "Worf was devastated when the cat died in 2385."

"Why are you a commander?" B-4 asked, curiously.

"The former guy went missing thirteen years ago," I said. "And I was about to walk out to find myself a new home when Picard offered to help me. I still haven't found the place to call home. A permanent home."

"What about the Enterprise?" B-4 asked.

"Feels just as homely as anyone can get," I said, with a little smile. "The Galaxy model was upgraded last year."

"Your record has been changing randomly off and on." B-4 said.

I frowned.

"I don't have a record." I said.

"Apparently, you do." B-4 said.

"Oh, that was Picard's doing probably." I assumed.

"He left you a recommendation." B-4 said.

I just stood there frozen by the news.

"You didn't know he did?" B-4 said, surprised.

"I am not in Star Fleet." It came out more as a whisper.

"Give Star Fleet a try," B-4 said. "Star Fleet is likely to jump at the chance of having a former Q member."

"And they'll brag about it until I am dead." I said.

"Have you not noticed you have ceased to age?" B-4 asked.

"I have," I said. "But I am still able to be hurt like a ordinary human being. It was one of the side effects to leaving the Q continuum." I headed toward the door. But I stopped halfway then turned toward B-4. "I respect your decision to start anew, Data, in favor of not telling your friends. They'll die knowing they will meet their android friend once again."

I didn't like his decision, really.

But I had to respect others in this field.

"I do not know rather to thank you or not." B-4 said.

"Don't." I said.

I walked out of cybernetics.

. . . Wild Timeline verse. . .

. . 2340 . .

Kurva had kept a tab on Quarty's activities.

He had proposed a way to get even with the Ambassador.

A evil way to get even.

Perhaps we should rewind and show how it came to be.

Kurva had come to a large building labeled in Klingonese 'The haters of Ambassador Quarty'. He found the right crowd. It had taken him a couple decades to find this very useful building to gather fellow Klingon haters of Quarty who hated him with a burning passion. He walked into the dark yet well lit building. The Klingon Captains were coming to the reasonable number large enough for a attack. He wanted Ambassador Quarty to pay for getting him stuck on the planet Scalos.

It wasn't fair what Alian did to him.

But she earned his respect years later when Romulans crashed through the barrier of time and caught up with the Scalosians. The Romulans attempted to take over the planet and make it a military planet rather than the peaceful yet unusual planet that didn't bother anyone until males were needed. Ship after ship of Romulans came. There was a twenty-three war going on in accelerated time not even Star Fleet noticed. The war ended when the planet was scorched, cures for their accelerated time was discovered and used on everyone all at once.

Alian died in that war.

Though the child she had because of Ambassador Quarty had vanished when she was eight years old. She vanished in a flash of light after discovering she could make anything she thought of. Alian and he had a Klingon-human son named Scar. Kurva viewed it as a honorary name that honored a great lion who tried to be a great leader and failed. Scar and Kurva made it out of the war together. There they plotted a way to get back at Quarty. No one dare visited Scalos.

In 2305, Scalos was destroyed abruptly.

His son, Scar, was talking with some Klingon Commanders. The usual was going around, fighting (Which was common besides chugging down drinks), arguments, and conversations regarding subjects. The building was located several light years from the Klingon homeworld Qo'noS on a very abandoned planet. A few years ago Kurva decided to begin his great plan. He had two accomplices; one his son and the other being a wanted criminal.

"Hello, father!" Scar said.

Kurva approached the two.

"Why my son, you recruited new commnders," Kurva said. "That's my boy."

Scar laughed.

"They came to me!" Scar said, taking a drink.

It had been years since Ambassador Quarty was interjected and then he had been miracously cured one year afterwards. It didn't make sense. The cure wasn't suppose to have come around until 2249. By then Ambassador Quarty was slated to be dead, buried six feet under or cremated, one of the two.

"I have a new idea," Kurva said.

"What idea is this?" The first commander asked.

"We attack the planet Ambassador Quarty calls home." Kurva said.

The second commander froze.

"My family is on that planet," The third commander said. "I don't want my family to be attacked!"

"My wife is on there too," The second commander said. "I won't be engaged in a attack that harms my dearest."

Kurva smirked.

"Do they live in a Mexico like-strip?"


"Your wives must be best friends."

"They are."

"We're attacking in the central section of Colo."

"Central, Father?"

"Yes, my son. The central section. Where the damage makes all the more horror."

"We don't know where he lives, father."

"I do, son."

The two other commanders shared a look then faced toward Kurva.

"What exactly do you have in mind?" The second commander asked.

Kurva seemed to have a sinister plan.

"We threaten his loved ones and then launch for the kill on our most hated enemy . . ." Kurva threw his dagger at a picture of Ambassador Quarty when was younger pinned to the wall. The knife landed straight on the forehead. "For our revenge."

"I thought we are going to tarnish his honor." The third commander Klingon said.

"Come on, it is not all that bad." The first commander Klingon said.

The third commander Klingon sneered.

"I am moving my family off Colo to Colo 2," The third Klingon Commander said. "I hope you burn in Gre'thor,son of Kurva."

The third commander Klingon left the building .

"As if." Scar said, with a eye roll.

"Ignore him,' Kurva said. "We will launch the attack in three months. Hopefully we'll have enough other enemies of Quarty that don't have a connection to Colo who wouldn't care about slaying."

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