Time of the Enterprises

Bad news

. . Splinter universe . . .

. . Selisu. . .

Jean-Luc was in a hot tub.

"Captain!" Came a voice he had heard for the past thirteen years.

Jean-Luc looked over, muttering "Number one?".

He didn't see his first officer anywhere. He shrugged it off and relaxed himself, essentinally immursing himself in the warmth of the bubbly hot tub located at a very relaxing spa located near a hot spring. They had these little furnace related animals that some prefer to call numel,camerupt, toakle, chimchar, charmander, torchic, and so on.

The ship was under the command of Brooke (Or so often called Brookes) while his first officer was taking a Star Fleet Exam. He went to the planet where the Star Fleet exam was taking place on one week ago. Star Fleet wanted to be sure this man knew everything related to educational training of being a cadet including physical. Jean-Luc smiled thinking of what hell they could have his Number One undergoing.

This heated related beings could speak.

A furry hand tapped on Jean-Luc's shoulder.

"Captain Picard," Came a squeaky voice.

Jean-Luc looked up.

"Yes?" Jean-Luc asked.

"You have a emergency message from the Enterprise." The chimchar said.

"Tell them their commander can handle it." Jean-Luc said.

"That's just it . . . There's a problem with that." The chimchar said.

Jean-Luc took a sip of a drink raising a brow.

"What kind of problem?"

"Urgent enough to send me running for your immediate presence at the monitor."

"Give me an idea why."

"Rogue Klingons."

Jean-Luc grew alert.

"Rogue Klingons . . ." Jean-Luc said. "On my way."

The chimchar left Jean-Luc.

Rogue Klingons were never a good combination.

Jean-Luc dried himself off then got into civilian dressware. He went to the large screen where second officer Brooke stood. She seemed to have a face that wasn't so happy. He knew this kind of face all too well. It meant bad news. Everyone behind her was silent. Very silent. He didn't see Quarty anywhere on the bridge.

Where was he?

"Where is Commander Quarty?" Jean-Luc asked.

"The Klingons have him," Brooke said. "Captain, we're being taken somewhere by them. We don't know where we are going and at this rate we will come to your destination in three hours time."

"He gave them control of the Enterprise?" Jean-Luc asked, baffled.

"No, he did not exactly," Brooke said. "They are using a new kind of technology to tug us forwards."

"Captain," Clewis said. "He engaged in a saber fight against the leader Kurva."

"Tell the transport chief I will be ready for beaming three hours from now." Jean-Luc said.

"Yes, Captain." Clewis said.

"And put the ship on red alert," Jean-Luc said. "I expect one of you to have an idea how to retrieve Quarty."

"Yes, Captain." Clewis said.

"Jean-Luc out." Jean-Luc said.

What the hell did you get yourself into, Q?

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