Time of the Enterprises

To warn the ending of a game is coming

. . Wild timeline . .

. . . Colo . . . 2340. . .July 4th. . .

T'Fara, this time around, decided to spend her summer vacations with her child on Colo. I understood her reasoning. She lost Jessie. . .So long ago. Now her son, Charles Jenkins Janeway, turned out to really like animals. He preferred to be called Jenkins instead of Charlie, funny enough. I had a bad feeling.

"Hello, Father." I heard Trelane's voice.

I turned away from a painting of the Enterprise D crew (one of which I finally got back to after years) holding a paint brush.

"What are you here for now?" I asked.

"You still haven't completed that picture." Telane pointed out.

"Because of round one." I said.

"Hey, you got your Picard!" Trelane shot back.

I frowned.

"I never got to finish this painting and I would prefer if I would." I said.

Trelane frowned.

"Father, round five just began twenty-four hours ago." Trelane said.

"So?" I asked.

"Someone very close to you is going to die today." Trelane said.

My eyes widened, so I dropped the paint brush.

The paint brush was freely floating above the ground.

"No!" I shouted, in anger. "Not Jenkins!"

Trelane shrugged.

"I am sorry," Trelane apologized. "But they went through the fabric of reality. There is nothing I can do but let it unfold."

My jaw dropped.

"No one can do that," I said. "Breaking through the fabric of reality is physically impossible!"

Trelane laughed.

"To your Klingon enemy, it is not," Trelane said. "I have no idea how his armanda flew in. Only a Q could do that."

"Trelane . . ." I said. "Are you aware that Q7 made my heart stop?"

Trelane stared at me.

"He must have a reason to do that." Trelane said.

"I was explaining wild timelines." I said.

Trelane had a small laugh.

"Good reason." Trelane said.

I was angry, to say for the least.


Trelane's face turned into shock.

Real shock.

He just put two and two together.

"You weren't supposed to be there." Trelane said.

"But I was." I said.

Trelane went through his hair.

"I don't understand. . . " Trelane said. "The Continuum is not supposed to be tinkering except for me."

"I think it is Q7." I said.

Trelane paced back and forth.

"Q7 is not that nefarious." Trelane said.

"Oh?" I said. "And the Q who calls himself 'Sam' is the most nefarious Q in the continuum?"

"Father," Trelane said. "There is no need to insult a nice Q."

"Nice?" I repeated. "He pretends to be nice then he yanks your toys out of your hands and undoes . caution taken to make the game fun!"

"You can't blame him for following the rules and putting reality in your face." Trelane said.

"That is not right of him," I said. "One day a M will kill him because of his attitude!"

Trelane stopped his pacing.

"I will check around and see who allowed Kurva to go through the fabric of reality," Trelane said. "Happy?"

"Do not use short cuts, young man," I said. "I may not be young as I used to be but I can still use your stick against you!"

Trelane laughed, amused apparently.

"You can't catch me," Trelane said. "Or hit me. I am the fastest Q capable of missing."

"Then did you really intend to get repeatedly punched at the face in the beginning?" I asked.

"It was to prove a point." Trelane said.

"Quarty!" John-Luc shouted.

I turned my head toward John-Luc's direction.

"What is it?" I asked.

"You must come to the hospital, quick." John-Luc said.

I looked over to see that Trelane had vanished.

I turned my head in the direction of John-Luc.

"This better be interesting." I said.

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