Time of the Enterprises

The game begins


..10:47 AM..Observation Deck.

"Are you ready for the games to begin, father?" Trelane's voice came out into the blue.

I turned around.

"You mean 'Game'," I corrected Trelane.

"Ah father," Trelane said. "You still haven't lost your touch."

"Get onto it," I said.

"As part of the game I have Data on Earth but not around major population," Trelane said, with a smug smile. "The game shall begin...With some explosion!" The next I find myself on a unusual planet with grass, dirt, blue sea, and unusual animals. "Look at the sky."

I looked up.

"Explosion tiiimmmeeee!" Trelane said, so child like. "Oh and you have to guess which Enterprise it is."

I saw the Enterprise, the one Jean-Luc commands or will command, in the sky.

Then it exploded.

"Now, I will transport you about...70 years into the future on the Colonian planet," Trelane said.


That was 33 years ago. Long time no see. I discovered years ago I stopped aging once I hit the human age of 51. In the year 2360, I decided to put myself into chronostasis. I felt that the game was going on too long and nothing had happened. My vision cleared to see a familiar location I had seen an eternity ago. I saw Doctor Beverly and a pointy eared bald man staring right at me.

"Jean Luc?..." I said.

"John-Luc Picard,call me Picard," Picard said. "And you are responsible for the disappearance of the original Enterprise."

"Captain-" Beverly started.

"I have questions that must be answered," Picard said. "The Federation expects the sole survivor to answer for the disappearance of an entire crew, and I intend to get these, Doctor."

So different, yet so alike.

"Don't press him," Beverly said, then she went off.

"What happened to the Enterprise, Professor Q?" Picard asked.

"You are a Vulcan," I said.

"Half Vulcan," Picard said.

"No..." I said. "You..." I notice what he had on is a battle suit. "Can't be."

"Where is Captain Kirk and his crew?" Picard asked.

"I don't know," I said.

"You are lying," Picard said.

"She's off saving a different Enterprise!" I said. "You are suppose to be human."

"I am not human," Picard said. "I am half Vulcan."

I sighed.

"Do you know of an entity calling itself Trelane?" I asked.

"Yes," Picard said. "We have dealt with him numerous times. This is a battle ship not a play toy."

I felt heartbroken.

"You are irritated," I said.

"Irritation is a emotion," Picard said. "I am simply stating the fact."

In came a rather familiar man.


"Captain," Data said. "I have come up with readings from the shuttle."

Except Data has three pins not two on his collar.

"Data?..." I said. "A commander this early into your career?"

"Good," Picard said.

"And you will need to be suited to enter the shuttle," Data added. "Very radioactive. There are some evidence of technology from the former Enterprise and log entries."

"Good job, Number One," Picard said, then he left through the doors.

I stare at the Android.

"Are you my Data or are you...Different?" I asked.

"The Data of this universe was shut down by me and put into a spare pod under the bed," Data said. "So yes, I am Prime Data. I managed to copy all his memory files into what you would call my brain."

I never felt so happy.

"Oh Data..." I said.

"I was found by the Enterprise," Data went on. "I had trouble getting me and Data B in privacy of his quarters, at first. I have been posing as Data B for three years now."

"I am so glad to see you," I said.

"But we must act as though we don't know each other," Data said. "In order to get home...I must have someone at the Transporter."

"That someone being me," I said.

"You are right," Data said.

"What about Data B?" I asked.

"I have recently done a memory copy to his processor but kept out how it happened for me in the original timeline," Data explained. "I have a system keeping him offline until I have left this timeline. Then he will reactivate on his own."

"That is very clever," I said.

"But there is one problem," Data said.

"What?" I said.

"Trelane," Data said. "And the first Enterprise. Klingons are not part of the Federation due to the first Enterprises strange disappearance. I feel like I can send them back after being transported..."

"Coorrect!" Trelane sang.

Time froze except for the two of us.

Trelane is sitting on a biobed with one hand cupped on his face, leaning on his side, and posing.

"The game is finally starting," Trelane said. "Data can't trust anyone aboard except for you. I will put the whole Enterprise in danger..."

"No, you wouldn't!" I said.

"With you aboard and exiled; I can!" Trelane said.

Trelane vanished in a flash of light.

"He is correct on the assumption of trust," Data said. "I am not sure if I could ever give my hand in friendship to anyone on here."

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