Time of the Enterprises

One unique kind of hit

. . .2340 . . Colo . .

"John Luc. . ." I said. "We have to kill Kurva one way or another."

"But we have no idea where he is." John-Luc said.

I took his hand.

"Trust me on this, honey," I said. "You have to think like a Klingon who's been thinking of many ways to kill me for the past hundred some years. We are going to get right into the action and kill this bastard."

John-Luc appeared to be pleased.

"It has been too long since you last talked like that." John-Luc said.

I only talked like that on the day we met, that conversation we had in private.

"Alert, alert, alert, hospital floors are going under in one hour." The alarm wailed.

. . . 3:27 PM . . .

. . . Colo . . . Hospital. . .

The old man. . . My other self?

He looked so old. So different. I could not recognize the old man as me and I refuse to believe he is a different me. Though I took his words of encouragement. He had a comforting hand. He had a old frame of glasses on. I could see that he was sitting in a wheelchair. Who knew you could learn a lot from a memory? Sound was so loud. The ground was trembling but it was made more louder thanks to my new ears.

I had puff balls in my ears.

I should be in on the action not sitting around.

But gaah, the pain the sound makes in my ears!

I could feel there being slight pain. I looked down to see that after the surgery they had put me in white matching attire. Wow. How 'un-exciting'. I leaned forward then winced feeling the pain steam up. I looked over to see my uniform on the table. I picked up the jacket then held it up to see four slits. Gee, I need a new uniform. I unclipped the pips then put it on the collar of my shirt. I also took my Vulcan Belt and snapped it around my waist. I took my combadge then put clipped it on my right breast.

I grabbed onto the edge of a counter then hoisted myself up.

I had a flash of pain.

"Ow, ow, ow." I said.,

I looked down toward my shirt expecting to see there being blood.

No blood what so ever.

I guess the technology of these days are still comparable to the ones that make the wound vanish.

I stood up. The only pain I have left is the feeling of it leaving my organs. I guess my organs have a thing against medical related instruments that make whatever scarring unviewable to the trained eye. I raised my head back up then use the counter as my walking support. I had pulled through whatever state I was in. What was it that helped me out? Maybe it was the Ambassador's words.

I looked over to see through the window just dark ground.

I tapped on my com badge.

"Quarty to Enterprise," I said, and then I heard back a sharp pitch noise. "Yowtch."

I closed my eyes briefly.

"Enterprise here."

I opened my eyes, relaxed and relieved to hear Betty.

"Beam me up."

"Problem here, we can't lock on your pattern."

"Figures. I am underground. Quarty out."

I slowly walked out of the room. Everytime I walked quickly I feel my intestines flare up and my kidneys doing the same thing. I took slow steps making my way to the elevator. I felt like I wanted to puke. I collapsed in the corner of the elevator. The doors closed. Damn did I hate being unwell. I needed bed rest. Sharp high pitch sounds radiated through my head. I saw a white flash appear at the other side of the room.

". . . Trelane?" I said, feeling so ill.

Not one of the people I would want to see me so ill.

"Nah, I am Q." Q7 said.

I froze as I looked up.

Most Q refered to him as Q7 because he had a knack for using number seven on anything he did. Except for when he followed Continuum rules; he did nothing seven times. He was chewing on a toothpick grinning from ear to ear. He approached me taking the slimey tooth pick out of his mouth. The toothpick caught on fire.

"You certainly look young again."

"You are referring to the Ambassador."

He gave me a long drawn out stare.

"You're not the Ambassador type." Q7 said.

"I agree." I said.

Q7 had a 'what' look on his face.

"You're rather . . . agreeable." Q7 said.

"Because it is the truth, Q." I said.

Q7 stood up as the toothpick turns into a flame.

"You know I just put in the favor of sending your worst Klingon enemy through the fabric of reality in exchange that you learn living with a Vulcan and avoiding not spoiling the future is far a too ill fate to live with."

Q7 dropped the toothpick then he used his boot to crunch it and make the flame vanish.

"SO IT WAS YOU!" I saw a white flash out of no where and the whole Elevator extend. There was a random guide-rail appeared to my side. I saw Trelane standing two feet away from the young Q. "You . .This is MY game. MINE. You just made it more serious than I intended it to be! The Enterprise was never supposed to come here. IT WAS THE OLD ENTERPRISE that should be here!"

"You are an idiot like your father on lessons. After all. . . He will lose someone clearly dear to him."

"Wrong father." Trelane said.

I used the rail as my support then press the button reading 'surface'.

"But this is the right version." Q7 said.

"No, it isn't," Trelane said. "I am going to make sure the Continuum hears about you going against the rules they set in place regarding my father's exile: no interference from fellow Q except his watcher." Trelane pressed his walking stick against Q7's chest with a child like grin on his face. "Guess what? I got your admission."

Q7's face became awfully pale.

The two vanished.

The elevator lifted up and up. I felt the urge to throw up. I turned my head around to see in a white flash a bucket. I picked the bucket up then puked out what I had this morning for breakfast. The taste felt awful on my tongue. I put the bucket in the corner of the elevator feeling so . . . unwell. . . That I didn't feel up to taking it with me.

Who wants to walk around holding a bucket of their puke?

Not me.

You have to be crazy to do that.

The doors opened up with a ding. I continued to use the wall as my guidance. I saw light gray smoke hovering there against the glass doors. I felt shaky. I felt the ground tremble beneath my feet. I still had on black socks, thank the universe! I continued my way onwards. Around my eyes started to appear darkness. NO!, I thought, I won't lose consciousness. Not now! I made it to the doors . Ooh, I forgot my shoes.

Damn it.

My hands pressed against the window.

The door beside me opened.

I carefully slid forwards out into the wide open.

I tapped on the combadge.

"Quarty to Enterprise," I said, seeing people of different races running holding weapons in their hands. Some aimed them up at the sky. Then a huge blast went on striking the land based civilians blowing them up into bits. "BEAM ME UP!"

I felt light weight and the high pitch sound returned.

"We got you, Commander." Betty said.

And then I just blacked out feeling the time to rest was fine.

. . 3:50 PM . .

. . Colo. . .

The ship had crash landed. The Klingon ship keeping the armada together had crashed landed right into my house. My house has been destroyed. So many memories that were made in there were destroyed. I felt the very least sad. I only knew it was my house because I plotted the course in navigation while Kurva was pinned under a piece of metal. I had used a phaser to pin his fellow combatants.

"Attention all Klingon war themed vessels in and above Colo," I said in Klingonese. "I have a sophisticated and advanced Enterprise ready to take down more vessels like this. Your leader is down. So down he can't get up. I have your leader. I don't expect he'll live long. If you do not return to your space then Colo will be forced to unleash The Jaffa and Klingon partnership that has allowed us to build war vessels in times like these. These are slated to be out in the next twenty-four hours. If you want to die in honor then you must reevaluate and see if you want to be crushed by the civilians of Colo. Blow us up, shoot our skulls out, and destroy our homes. We will hunt you down, one by one, and you will be the one who'll die as a coward. Quarty out."

I heard a thump.

The sound of a body crash landing to the ground.

I looked over to see John-Luc's body on the floor.

"Damn you Vulcan!" Kurva shouted.

I raised up the spear blaster 2.0 then aimed it at Kurva's forehead.

"See you in hell, Klingon." I said.

I pressed the trigger. I watched Kurva's body lose life. I dropped the spear blaster trembling feeling so much emotions. Then I wheeled over to John-Luc feeling horrified. It can't be him. NO. NO. NO! I lunged forward out of the wheelchair and come to his side. I saw his very lethal wound straight into his side spanning like a line across his chest.

Today, I learned T'fara died sending her only son into the tunnels.

"No, please don't leave me." I said, almost in tears.

"It was great while. . . it lasted." John-Luc said.

I shook my head.

"Don't talk like that," I said. "You'll get patched up. There is bound to be a doctor around here-" I looked around. "Trelane, heal him!" I felt John-Luc's soft yet small aged hand on the side of my face. I turned my head toward John-Luc. "I. . .I don't want you to go."

"Let's mark the moment . . . " John-Luc suggested. "One last mind meld."

"I will never mind meld with another man." I said.

"Never is a long time." John-Luc said.

"I don't care." I said, as I bring my fingers over to the side of his face and he did the same to me.

"My mind . . . to your mind." John-Luc said.

I closed my eyes.

The sad emotions were replaced by warmth and happiness. It was incredible. I saw all the memories we shared flying by. I was sharing his last moments alive allowing John-Luc to see everything that he could of Jessie when he wasn't there. I showed him everything that had happened when he wasn't there. There will be a second hole in my heart when he leaves. I showed him that.

I felt tears coming down my cheek.

'I'll miss you. And when I am a Q again, I will find you.' I conveyed my thoughts to the dying mind.

'I love you.' I heard his mind.

'I love you, too.' I thought back.

Then his mind was gone and I opened my eyes. His hand had fallen off my face down to his side.

I noticed it started to rain in the ship. But that didn't stop me from crying. I cried holding the dead Vulcan in my arms. For years I had a anchor to keep me down and going out of control messing up the future. I had the body of a former captain in my arms. The captain who went through so much. I had seen all his memories regarding his life-time. I knew everything I needed to know about my husband. I was a widow. I consider myself a widow.

The only person I had left in this life was my grandson Jenkins.

Our grandson, really.

I had him to live for.

I had Colo to live for.

I don't know how long I spent with the dead body but it must have made up for the fallen Klingons who had no one to make their passing known to their gods. My crying, my grief, and my twisted anger at the universe had been furious. I cursed at the stars. I cursed at the land. I cursed at whatever came into my mind. Where was Trelane when I needed him?

I saw a Jaffa come with reinforcements.

"Ambassador?" One Jaffa asked me.

"He is dead!" I said.

I had been grieving much like a woman holding her deceased husband. At least former Q are not so different to human beings.

"Ambassador," One Jaffa said. "The ships have all but vanished due to the Klingon-Jaffa fighter modes or. . . They went through something."

I looked up.

"Was it like a invisible force field in the sky?" I asked.

"Yes." The second Jaffa said.

I lowered my head down toward John-Luc's empty body.

"The battle of Colo . . ." I said, then looked over toward them. "We won."

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