Time of the Enterprises


. . . July 20th . .

. . Colo. . .

"I HATE KLINGONS!" Jenkins shouted.

Jenkins was upset.

Very upset.

We were staying on Earth rather than Colo 2. So it was very understandable.

"Jenkins, hate is a strong word." I said.

"They killed my MOTHER!" Jenkins shouted.

"But you can't just hate them all because of how they turned out to be." I said.

"Grandpa, they killed grumps!" Jenkins said. "And they murdered my friends! They killed my friends!"

I grabbed Jenkins by the shoulder.

"Calm down," I said. "It is over. We are waiting for your father to take you-"

"To where? Romulus? Vulcan? Kronos? I hate them all!" Jenkins proclaims.

I sighed.

"Jenkins. . ." I said. "Your hate towards Klingons will burn you inside out and you will not have any friends because of that attitude, your grumps would not appreciate this attitude and I could have you be adopted by Klingon parents or Vulcan parents so you could ACTUALLY grow up as a emotionless cold hearted being." I took my hand off his shoulder. "You grandfather hated Klingons but he had to draw a line to where the hate ended with his relationships and trust between them!"

"Why would he ever trust them!" Jenkins exclaimed.

I sighed.

"Jenkins,you're pressing my buttons." I said.

"Fine, at least I am getting through you!" Jenkins said.,

I wanted to spank him so badly.

But he is grieving and he needs to be snapped to his senses.

That hate can't be so overpowering it ruins him!

I felt hurt by that reply.

"If you don't respect Klingons, then you don't have to stay with me, young boy," I said. "You can go straight to Vulcan for all I care."

Jenkins grew a disgusted look and he didn't say a word.

I expected him to turn around but time froze up right then.

I heard a slow clap.

"Nicely handled." I heard Trelane.

Trelane walked into my view with his walking stick.

"You. . ." I said.

"This is the end of the fifth round," Trelane said. "Much as I wanted it to be different then how you experienced it."

"You . . You . . .Asshole." I said.

"Trust me, John-Luc wasn't supposed to die that way." Trelane said,

"BRING HIM BACK!" I demanded.

"I am sorry but round five was constructed to show you that you are never always going to have your beloved by your side," Trelane said. "You are a human and he is a Vulcan. A Vulcan who cared so deeply that he would rather stand in the way then let you be silently cut down by a Klingon. Now I admire that relationship as I do with Spock and Kirk."

"My daughter is dead because of you."

"T'fara was not supposed to die."

"Everyone I know is dead. Those who know my past."

"You got yourself into this hole by transferring your files and changing your file as Ambassador Quarty of Colo."

"And how can I get myself out of it this time?"



"Moving on. You have to be human."

"How can I move on with a grandson who hates Klingons?"

"Give him a reason why not to hate them all."

"I am not a Q, Trelane."

"Tell him about Mr Worf."

I sighed.

"Mr Worf is seven months old," I said. "Ranting about a Klingon baby . .. Now that is a funny story."

"Talk about the grown up Mr Worf without telling Jenkins what he is, Father," Trelane said. "I find it as a useful tool. It will be . . ." He gazed at the boy. "Tell him the truth. The complete truth."

"But he won't believe me." I said.

"Tell him about the Enterprise. Don't describe them down to a tea. Tell them as though you are talking about Sky Trek." Trelane said. "McCreary, Lolu, Luke, Mr Warf, Counsolor Teanna, Ensign Shirk Pushover, and Goldy Johnson. To name a few."

I wiped off a few tears.

"Reveal the truth at the end of the story and say what Mr Warf is," Trelane said. "Make him befriend a young Klingon girl if possible. If he wishes to stay with you. . . Things need to be dealt with not avoided."

"You are right." I whispered.

"I am always right," Trelane said. "And I like being right!"

"Easy for you to say." I said.

"You know. . . Life will be wild for you, Father," Trelane said, in a more gentler way. There is no more games. No more lessons from me. You are simply have to . . .Like the Judges said: Wing it. It is all impromptu. There is not a double meaning to everything. You are grieving and so is Jenkins."

"In his very twisted way." I said.

"Oh, and that Proto-Q Alian made . . ." Trelane said. "She is a lot like you. She mostly visits the 21st century."

Trelane vanished in a white flash.

"I hate you!" Jenkins shouted.

Jenkins ran into his temporary room leaving me alone then slammed the door.

I felt along my face.

Oh John-Luc, I wish you were here.

The words 'I hate you' were a dagger to the heart.

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