Time of the Enterprises

Tell me a story

. . Wild Timeline verse . . .

. . . July 20th . .8:48 PM. .

"Green . . . " I said. "He is your son."

"I can't handle it right now," Green said. "I just lost my wife."

I sighed.

"We both lost someone," I said. "Jenkins needs his father."

"I need time for myself, Ambassador," Green said. "I. . .I just can't see him right now." Green turned away with sad eyes from the screen. "Green out."

The screen became black.

"Tell him about Mr Worf." Trelane had told me.

I sighed, relaxing my shoulders.

Jenkins hadn't been sleeping for days. Not since the day his mother died. I had been sleeping, though, because sleep is the most valuable and healthy part of daily human life. I had to confront hate. Nor avoid it as I usually did being a Q. John-Luc and I had our disagreements but we both came to a understanding about them. This was different. Actually, this was no different.

I opened the door to Jenkins room.

Jenkins was in a ball curled up in fetal position along the bed sobbing.

"Jenkins . . ." I said. "Do you want to hear the story of a man named Worf Mogh?"

Jenkins raised his head.

"Why would I want to hear that?"

"Because . . . Grumps knew him."

"Oh really?" Jenkins sarcastically asked.

My kind of sarcasm.

My inherited my sarcasm. Damn it.

"He was just born seven months ago," I said. "He is seven months old. Your father. . . inadventurely met him because Mr Worf went into the past along with two others. They were Lolu and McCreary."

He glared through my head.

"Those are terrible names."

"They are to protect the innocent."

"Huh, as if."

I sighed.

"Let me tell you a story . . . One of Grump's many adventures aboard a star ship. It was called. . ." I stroked my beard. "Hm . . . What was it again? It started with an E and ended with a E."

"I dunno."

"It was the Enterprise!"

Jenkins looked up toward me.

"But that is outta commission."

"This happened way before you were born," I said. "It was a very long, long, long time ago . . . in a place far,far away. . ."

. . . 2296 . . .

Grumps and Worf were stranded due to a rock avalanche. They were underground. They had been fleeing with McCreary and Lolu from a group of merchants who turned out to be well armed. Lolu and McCreary had managed to escape out of the merchantmen's line of field while Grumps fell into a hole breaking his leg and Worf went after him. This rock avalanche was made due to an explosion the merchants made.

They pissed off the Ferengi's, enough said.

"Mr Worf, you could have gone." Grumps said.

"With all due respects, sir, this kind of injury requires you to be in a trance and some-one to wake you up." Worf said.

Grumps laughed.

"So amusing to hear it from you," Grumps said. "The ones I knew would have just left me for dead."

"My kind are different than the ones you knew," Worf said. "I have done research on Vulcans and their ways of healing. You should rest."

Grumps looked at the brown rocky cieling above him.

"And what about you?" Grumps asked.

"I will find a way up without alerting the Ferengi." Worf said.

"Now I understand why your friend referred to them as jumping children . . ." Grumps said.

Grumps closed his eyes and fell into his trance. He focused all of his energy to his leg in order to help it heal. He wasn't aware of what happened around him. When he was deep in focus everything around him seemed irreverent. Just as irreverent as color is to you, Jenkins. I know being color blind means color is irrelevant but that is the point.

"Slap me." Grumps said.

Without hesitation, Grumps was slapped multiple times until he grabbed their hand. The last slap had jolted him awake. The side of his face burned with red marks. And overall his leg seemed to be fine. It was McCreary who had been slapping him. Grumps noticed he was aboard a shuttle.

"What happened?" Grumps asked.

"Mr Worf dug out of the cave, returned for you, and then we got blackmail over the ferengi," McCreary said, as Grumps let go of the man's hand. "When Worf returned for you he came to discover a hole right above and you were not where he had last seen you. Worf went after the Ferengi then stole one of their wives who was pregnant with another Ferengi's child. He made two deals separately with the Ferengi in exchange for your return and access to a spaceship."

Grumps appeared to be amused.

"Why are we in a shuttle?" Grumps asked.

"We are headed to The Fendora," McCreary said. "Lolu is with Worf on the ship. The Ferengi beamed them up first and their transport systems are . . .rather. . . not-able-to-be-used. So we are taking a shuttle."

Grumps noticed he was in the passenger seat.

"And what happened next?" Jenkins asked.

I smiled.

"They went off to rescue a dying man," I said. "With an other space ship about one hundred or less years into the future. It had a doctor. A very brilliant doctor who was called the Emergency Medical Hologram aka Doctor Joe." Jenkins was in bed at this point. "And you want to know something?"

"What?" Jenkins asked, curiously.

"Mr Worf is a Klingon," I said. "And one day you'll get your own Mr Worf who goes by the human word of honor: never leave a man behind."

Jenkins yawned.

"But . . .He coulda backstabbed him." Jenkins said.

"He could have . . . But Mr Worf valued the trust he had with Grumps," I said. "And his honor with him."

Jenkins turned around closing his eyes.

"Sounds cheesy." Jenkins said.

"Mr Worf is a tall Klingon with a stoic serious face and you could find yourself intimidated by him if you allowed him to do it," I said. "There are several kinds of Klingons who can do the exact same thing as he can. They pry on fear. They have a death glare that locks on target. Klingons have a interesting culture and very loyal friends."

I heard Jenkins low snore.

"And one day you might meet him." I said.

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