Time of the Enterprises


.2366..7:48 AM...

...USS Enterprise...A Monday...

"It has been a hundred earth years since the Colonian's had a major conflict with the Kolosters who claimed Colo as its territory," Picard said. "The Federation wants to be part of this resolution by hosting the meeting aboard the Enterprise with the very old Colonian Ambassador."

"How old is he again?" Riker asked.

"One hundred eighty-five," Picard said.

"One hundred eighty-five," Riker repeated. "Wow, that is old."

"A relative of Ambassador Quarty will be joining," Picard said. "The Ambassador claims his grandson can help him a good deal."

"Ambassador Quarty," Riker said. "Funny name for a Colonian."

"The Ambassador and his grandson are ready,Captain." Miles said.

"Energize," Picard said.

Miles slid up the bar.

Two figures apppeared on the Transporter. One figure apparently is in the wheelchair along with a young man beside. The two figures came into focus. The younger man came first in terms of becoming solid. Picard's face slowly turned into fury. Next came a much older figure who appeared to be somewhere in his late nineties.

"Q!" Picard shouted.

Ambassador Quarty, however, did not seem to have the significant details that made him recognize-able so long ago as Q. He had a bald head and the only hair Quarty had left was his gray beard. The young man is his grandson Charlie Jenkins Janeway. His grandson had red curly hair. Jenkin's face bore a remarkable resemblence to Quarty when he had been the youthful Q that Jean-Luc knew.

Jenkins laughed.

"Q?" Jenkins said. "My god, the resemblance is strong with my grandfather!"

"No more games, Q," Picard said. "This is a very important matter."

Ambassador Quarty shared a weak little wave.

"Hello, Jean-Luc," Quarty said, with a little wave. "Over here!"

Picard turned his head toward Quarty as did Riker.

"Excuse me, but it is Picard," Picard said.

"Grandfather,-" Jenkins started but Quarty held his hand up.

"I know," Quarty said, lowering his hand. "Jean-Luc, it is completely fine you don't recognize me. I understand the confusion..." Quarty coughed, into his left hand leaning forward. He straightened up. "I have my last meeting to handle."

"Sorry,Captain Picard," Jenkins apologized. "My grandfather is . . currently ill. He gets easily confused of who he is."

"Do not!" Quarty shot back.

Jenkins lightly pat his grandfather's back.

"Q's a nickname he uses often." Jenkins said.

Well, that part was true.

...Spare quarters...8:39 AM.


Deanna Troi entered the room where a silent, but paralyzed man sat staring into open space. She could feel his delight, wonder, and satisifaction. It was an unusual feeling to encounter from a old man. He was so happy. The doors closed behind Deanna ever so swiftly. Deanna came completely into the almost dark room that was partially lit.

"Hello, Counselor." Quarty said.

"Hello." Deanna said.

Quarty turned around from the window.

"Did Jean-Luc send you?" Quarty asked.

"Yes," Deanna said, with a nod. "He prefers to be called Picard."

Quarty smiled.

"I just love getting on his nerves," Quarty said.

"You are not actually Q," Deanna said.

"I am Q," Quarty said, wheeling right over to Deanna. "Flesh and bone."

Deanna sat down into a chair.

"Q is a entity," Deanna said. "You are human."

"I have lived with a Vulcan for a long time," Quarty said. "I know the ways of the mind meld."

"But it might be conjecture." Deanna said, mostly concerned about seeing fake memories.

"It won't be," Quarty said. "Please...Let me show you."

"I better come out whole." Deanna said.

Quarty had a low laugh.

"You will," Quarty said. Quarty placed one hand on the side of her face. "My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts..." Quarty sighed. "Our minds are one. We are seeing the past."

Five minutes later the mind-meld ended.

"Q?" Deanna said, as Quarty nodded. "Oh my..."

Quarty took his hand off Deanna's face.

"I want you to tell him after the meeting," Quarty said. He cracked a smile. "I have one last duty to fulfill."

...11:49 AM...

..Enterprise...Interrogation room...

"Q, why are you pretending to be a human?" Worf asked.

Jenkins stared at Worf.

"Q who?" Jenkins asked.

Worf kept his cool.

"Q, you know who you are." Worf said.

Jenkins smirked.

"I am Charlie Jenkins Janeway," Jenkins said. "I was named after my god mother."

"Who is your god mother?" Worf asked.

"She was not around for my birth," Jenkins said. "I never actually met her."

"Answer my question, Q." Worf said

"My name is Charlie!" Jenkins said.

"I want answers as you do," Worf said. "And you better answer them!"

"Her name is Kathryn Janeway," Jenkins said. "I was born 2330 on the planet Colo. My mother was a half breed and my father was a human. I am human, even though my ears are their elf form..." Jenkins stood up. "I do not appreciate being name called a entity who terrorizes others! I am NOT Q!"

"Sit down." Worf said.

"Unlike my grandfather," Jenkins said. "I share plenty of resentment toward Klingons and I don't sit down for them."

Worf narrowed his eyes toward Jenkins.

"Q, pretending to be a Ambassadors grandson is not your best act." Worf said.

"I am not acting!" Jenkins protests. "My grandfather has been alive for the past hundred years and he hadn't been the victim to experience what you are accusing me of!" He pointed directly at Worf. "Once upon a time a hundred years ago Grandpa looked a lot like me without the ears!"

"How do you know?" Worf asked.

"I have pictures and records," Jenkins said. "In fact I don't believe the whole family story about how my mother was born. He is only my mother's Mom's dad. " He leaned his arms on the table staring at the Klingon. "Go ahead and search these files," He slid them on the table toward Worf. "And you will be apologizing to me by the end of today. I promise you that!"

From behind the screen Picard is watching the interrogation.

Jenkins turned his head toward the screen.

"You think we are related to Q?" Jenkins said. "We are not. My grandfather has a bad case of dementia but he can carry out on negotiations. Heck, he even negotiated a brand new vehicle built for a wheelchair last week." His glare stared through into Picard. "You may resemble my late grandfather but that does not mean I can be just polite as I would without my living grandfather around."

Riker came beside a shaken Picard.

"Are you okay, Captain?" Riker asked, concerned.

"He reminds me of Q," Picard said. "It is like I am staring at a mirror."

Riker had a short laugh then had a sigh.

"We did a DNA test." Riker said.

Picard turned his head toward Riker.

"And?" Picard asked.

"You are not going to believe it, Captain." Riker said.

"Try me." Picard said.

"He is your grandson." Riker said.

Picard had a look of disbelief on his face.

"No, that can't be." Picard said.

"And the other DNA came up with Ambassador Quarty." Riker said.

"I don't understand," Picard said. "That should not be possible."

"Both produced a baby," Riker said. "It seems one of your ancestors had it out with Quarty."

"But none of them was a Vulcan," Picard said. "None of my relatives are Vulcans."

Riker smiled.

"This is a compelling strange picture," Riker said. "Maybe this is one of Q's so called 'lessons'."

Jenkins sat back down into the chair.

Worf picked up the padds then exited the room.

"This is one sick lesson." Picard said.

Jenkins puts his feet on the table, his arms behind his neck, and whistled a merrily tone.

Worf came into the other room holding the padds with a not-so-happy look on his face. It looked as though Worf had come out of an hour long debate with Q and had gotten only a pointless reply. Worf put the Padd alongside the screen, tapped on it, and then images came to for the senior officers.

"That..." Riker said, in shock.

They were staring at two pictures.

One of Professor Quarty with his trade mark goatee.

And the second picture is the one in the room.

"They have a striking resemblence," Picard said.

"Poor man," Riker said. "Q must have molded him to his looks."

"He must have been pretty bad before Q came along." Worf said.

"Agreed." Picard said.

...Enterprise...5:49 PM...

...The Bridge...

Ambassador Quarty came out of the observation room wheeled by his grandson Jenkins. Data stood up recognizing man. Data approached the old Ambassador. Jenkins didn't know who Data was but Quarty did. Quarty held his hand out for the Android. Data came down to Quarty's level and shook Quarty's hand slowly.

"Hello Q," Data said. "It is nice to you at this phase of life."

Jenkins was puzzled.

"That's my grandad's nickname." Jenkins said.

"Hello, Data." Quarty said.

The Holosters had themselves beamed out shortly after the negotiations had ended. Data and Quarty's handshake had ended.

"Ambassador-" Picard started to say but Quarty interrupted.

"My name is not Photonic Riker Quarty," Quarty said. "In fact it is Q."

"Why are you making such a claim?' Picard said. "Q would not make such a delibert prank as this."

"Because he is Q,Captain." Deanna said.

Quarty's heart rate slowed.

"The time is coming." Quarty said.

Deanna turned pale.

"Captain," Deanna said. "He is dying."

"No!" Jenkins came over to Quarty. "Grandfather...You can't just leave right now!"

"I can. . ." Quarty said. "Turn me toward the captain of this ship."

"I don't want you to leave . . . " Jekins said.

"I know," Quarty said, taking Jenkins's hand. "It is my time, Jenkins."

Jenkins fought back tears.

"Yes, grandfather." Jenkins said.

Quarty let go of Jenkins's hand. Quarty had long told Jenkins that the last thing he would love to see is someone resembling his best friend. He kind of predicted his own death in a eerie kind of way. Jenkins went behind the wheel chair then turned the wheelchair toward Picard.

"What is the meaning of this?" Picard asked.

Well, let's just make the transtioning to my perspective again! YES! AH HA! Thought you lost me. No, you did not lose your omniscent narrator. Picard was very startled about this random claim. Time can be ordered differently to my will in the closing minutes of the timeline in which I had been exiled in.

"Please understand what I have to say..." I said. "This timeline...is ending..."

"I do not understand," Picard said.

I stood up feeling my legs.

Everyone is frozen in time save for Picard.

"You are paralyzed!" Picard said.

I smiled approaching Picard with a smile.

"Are you convinced now, Mon capitaine?" I asked, hearing my voice become younger.

I took Picard by surprise grabbing his hand and the scenery around us turned white.

"Q..." Picard said. "What kind of plan of yours is this?"

I smiled,as he tried to squirm out of my grip.

"I have something very important to say." I said.

"Q!" Picard ordered. "Let me go!"

"I want you to be the one to be aware of a couple things," I said. "One; I am always watching you. Two; There are a couple paintings I have to bring and show your precious crew that were made by me. Three; I really do care about you enough that watching you die is the second worst thing in my line of existing. Four; I prefer if you wouldn't die."

"If you are offering me to become a Q; I refuse." Picard said.

I frowned.

"I wasn't asking," I said. "I have already spent a eternity with you."

Picard did not seem to be too happy about me holding his outreached hand.

"Q, get to the point," Picard said. "I am not in the mood for your games!"

"Picard..." I said. "I could tell you so many things that I think about you but I am wise enough not to," I let go of his hand turning the scenery into the ready room. "Don't worry I have fixed the timeline so you will be the only one to remember this . . ." I went over toward the door wondering if I should tell him or not I fell for his counterpart. "I . . ." I turned around founding myself in fear. It is quite scary telling it to the prime Picard that I needlessly find him the best person a Q can ever ask for as a friend. "Am very grateful for you."

"For what?" Picard asked, pressing a button on the desk.

The doors opened to reveal Worf.

"For being my friend," I said, snapping my fingers freezing time again this time with Picard aware but not Worf. "I don't have much friends outside the continuum..." I came over to Picard. "But you are an exception. A remarkable one." I walked around the man. "I am your Moriaty and you are my Sherlock...No, that is a terrible comparison!" I shook my head coming to a stop at the front of the desk. "My best comparisons are running slim at the moment..." I smiled. "Ah."

"What?" Picard asked.

I remembered what John-Luc compared us to.

"You are my O'Niell and I am your Teal'C." I said.

"I do not know who you are talking about," Picard said.

"A Jaffa and a human," I said. "They are very good friends."

"I hardly see a friendship between us." Picard said.

"I am much as a alien as you are to me," I said. "In a way I am O'Niell and you are Teal'c. I put my neck out for you and sometimes you snap back for being saved. I wouldn't give it a second thought saving you at the cost of my life." I had a sigh once realizing this conversation is not getting through his skull. "All I am trying to say is; thank you...Thank YOU for letting my stay aboard your ship."

Picard still had that nasty glare on his face.

"Do you want to hear something?" I asked.

No response.

"It will be crazy..." I said. "But...No." I look away. "You don't know me that well...Yet. Can't very well admit it right now." I had a laugh. "I find it amusing that I am the one giving the speech. Naturally it would be you." I lean against the wall. "Your turn."

I snapped my fingers.

"And your point?" Picard asked.

I smiled.

"The universe is lucky to have you," I said. "And so is Beverly. Toodles!"

I vanished in a white flash.

"Yes sir?" Worf said.

"Q was just here," Picard said.

"Ah," Worf said. "May I leave?"

"Permission granted," Picard said.

Worf exited the room.

Picard sat back down into his chair, picked up a tea cup, and began sipping when on the screen appeared a image of a Romulan version of Worf. The facial stoic and serious look in the Romulan's face was so distinctive. Picard had to smile at the unusual picture. It switched to Riker as a Klingon and then to Deanna Troi as a green tinted princess with erotic dance moves. The next one was of Data. A human Data, no less with three pens on his collar and instead of his uniform being yellow it was red.

The last was of Picard's young self with hair.

On the screen appeared a line of text.

"To the crew of the Enterprise; I hope you enjoyed these pictures." Came my message.

Picard shook his head turning the screen off.

It became apparent that my images were sent throughout the ship (Which it was, no less) while I held the reunion of the original Enterprise crew for Spock. It was worth bringing Uhura,Sulu,Scotty,Kirk, Spock,Chekov, and McCoy together as their younger selves for the last time. Because they were a family. I won't admit this out loud but I do have a family aboard the Enterprise on the Bridge.

They will never know they impacted me that much.

And I will jealously defend that family from fellow other omniscents such as the M if needed.

The End.

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