Time of the Enterprises

In the game

..2366 B...

..USS Enterprise D...

We were strolling down the hall toward engineering. Data had explained to me how he intended to get back to his Enterprise. I was in a wheelchair that had been beamed aboard along with my pod. I made this wheelchair on Colo with help from the natives. It can replicated with specific requirements.

"I see," I said. "Is the blind boy..."

"Geordi," Data said.

"Is the blind boy still in Engineering?" I asked.

Data shook his head, slowly.

"No," Data said. "He died in a accident two years ago."

I stopped my wheelchair looking up toward Data.

"He found out?" I asked.

Androids can't sigh in a moment like this. Sad but true.

"I wouldn't do that to my friend," Data said.

I resumed strolling the wheelchair alongside Data.

"But it would be reasonable," I said. "You are not his Data."

"For awhile there, I was," Data said, lowering his voice. "I nearly lost myself in the first year aboard this warship pretending to be Data B."

"I am amazed you keep everyone apart by using alphabets to differ them," I said.

"You know how the timeline should be in my world," Data said. "I am Data A. The original one. The Enterprise of this era is very different."

"Picard with pointy ears," I said. "Takes the whole meaning of his character to a whole new level."

Data nodded.

"It took me awhile to get adjusted to this change," Data said. "But the captain acts using reason and logic."

"For a war ship," I said.

"Rest assured, he is still the same man," Data said.

"Same man?" I repeated. "You know Picard was born on Earth, not Vulcan!"

"And he grew up mostly on Earth," Data added. "For his childhood. But the ways of the Vulcan were followed to the tea, including his later youth."

"I don't see the same man," I said. "I see some-one else entirely different in his eyes. Every Jean-Luc out there in any timeline is a great leader but otherwise full of flaws refreshingly."

Data had a small smile that faded.

"What do you suppose will happen after you return the Enterprise to the past?" Data asked.

"I will be returned to the past as well," I said. "And no one of this era will remain."

Data looked puzzled.

"I thought you would be returned along with me," Data said.

"I have to spend one hundred one miserable years," I said. "If you are transported to right after I left..."

I explained to Data another way to send the Enterprise back to the Alpha Quadrant. Data nodded, listening intently, to this plan that would bring them right back to where they had been before getting into a messy place. I did really hope that Data would be sent back to the timeline Jean-Luc had told me.

Two birds taken care of by one stone.

"I get a feeling you must be wary of the Captain's explanation," Data said. "You think he is lying."

"Just about him retiring," I said.

We came to a stop in front of engineering.

"Are you ready?" Data asked.

I turned my head up toward Data.

"I have been ready for 33 years," I said. "Lets do some fixing."

I knew how to operate the Transporter. Take that from experience. I just hope the format for it is the same in this timeline. Fifteen minutes later I got into the Transporter room taking out a phaser on stun mode. There stood Petty Chief Miles along with an Ensign in a dark kind of uniform that wasn't eye friendly. Miles looked up then I shot the phaser. The two men fell to the ground stunned and unconscious.

I turned on levitation mode to the wheelchair then flew over to the panel.

"Sorry," I apologized to Miles, hovering above his legs. "It must be done."

I locked on the USS Enterprise D version A.

"Gotcha, Jean-Luc," I said, with a smile.

The doors opened to reveal Picard.

"Professor," Picard said. "What are you doing to my ship?"

My smile faded as I looked up.

"Saving it," I said.

Picard grimaced.

"The only thing you are doing is endangering it," Picard said, taking out his phaser. "I will not allow this to continue."

The doors opened behind Picard, then entered Data who delivered the Vulcan Nerve Pinch to Picard. He fell to the ground landing on his side.

"Did I interrupt?" Data asked.

"No, you came on time," I said. "Get on the Transporter! Quick, before he wakes up."

Data walked onto the Transporter.

"My...My neck," Picard groaned, rubbing the back of his neck getting up.

"Oh, I seem to have pinched the wrong area," Data said. "Oops."

"Tell Jean-Luc...I said, 'Hi'," I said, then slide up the two bars.

Data is beamed off the Transporter.

Picard opened his eyes and he glared right at my direction.

"Professor Quarty," Picard said, approaching me. "Where is the Android?"

"In his room," I said.

"No, YOUR Android," Picard said.

"In his Enterprise," I said.

Picard took out a phaser.

"I have the right to vaporize any threat to the ship," Picard said. "Including if they are Klingon spies."

I saw a flash of white light emit behind Picard.

"Aw," Trelane's voice came to. He came into solid form. "This is no fun. Father getting threatened by his own 'pal'. I really do not see how you find Picard fun to bother!"

Picard turned around toward Trelane.

"Trelane," Picard said. "Get off my ship!"

"Aw," Trelane said. "You usually say that to my father."

"Wrong Picard," I said.

"I am not wrong," Picard said. "Logic dictates you are a Klingon spy or someone not of this universe."

"I meant..." I started but I couldn't very well explain with a phaser pointed at my face.

"He meant I am referring to the wrong person," Trelane said. "This should get interesting. You've taken your turn in this game, father, and now it is my turn!"

Trelane vanished in a white light.

The ship went on red alert.

"Data to Captain Picard," I overheard Data B's voice. "We are being surrounded by Klingon ships."

"On my way, Number One," Picard said. "You, get to the brig, before I vaporize you."

"You are so different from the Picard I knew," I said. "Would you like it if I landed on your transporter chief?"

"Don't you dare," Picard said.

I pressed 'end levitation' button on the arm rest.

"Too slow!" I said, with my wheels landing on Miles's back.

A part of the transport machine is vaporized.

"Now, look what you made me do," Picard said. "That is going to cost me a lot of federation credits and I expect you to get off my chief's back."

"Say please," I said.

"Off," Picard said, with a glare.

"One magic word," I said.

"Please, get off his back," Picard said.

I wheeled right off Miles back onto the floor. The ship tilted over to the side sending the two unconscious bodies against the wall along with my wheelchair. Picard used the wall as his support to stand up. I had to use the levitation mode to fly right out of the transporter room with Picard on my tail.

Once in the hall I turned off levitation mode.

"Who are you to Trelane?" Picard asked.

"His father," I said.

"His...what?" Picard said, getting in my way.

"Father," I said. "Sire,creator, inventor..."

"I get it," Picard said.

"You should have understood when he called me 'father'," I said. "Or are you just too busy thinking about your big hunk of metal?"

"Don't call her that," Picard said.

"Well, she is," I said. "And I swear I am pushing your buttons."

"Vulcans do not have buttons," Picard said.

"Have you ever heard of figure of speech?" I asked.

"Yes," Picard said.

"That button comment was a figure of speech," I said. "I know my way around this ship. I have gone through these corridors more...More times than you can count. I know the Enterprise just as well as you do."

I rolled the wheelchair around Picard.

This version was a bit like Jean-Luc and Mr Spock put together rather crudely. Did I see a man who could be seen as a role model for children and older? No, not really. Did I see a man who other people could possibly relate to on some level? Why yes, I had. John-Luc Picard was the unique incarnation of Jean-Luc I had ever come across among the other versions. Why yes,the Q can hop with a thought into different realities. Wild timelines are generally not recommended as they can change within the hour after returning something to the past and it can end up inflicting some injuries upon the Q who had constructed this timeline. That is if they are not that wise enough like Trelane. Pro's can handle it with ease.

Did I really like Spock Picard?

I can't decide, really.

"Security, make sure this man gets to the brig!" Picard ordered a couple security guards.

I put the wheelchair on levitation mode. It does not get effected by anything moving or gravity's doing. I whistled hearing the bodies of several men land on the wall followed by groans coming from a couple men. One does not try guide a former Q to a brig. A hole is made in the Enterprise right where I am at! The whole deck had been destroyed in a frenzy of heat, rubble,and smoke! I slip into a random room. The doors closed behind me. I looked up to see I am in the weapon room where most of the concealed fire arms in cases.

"Just my luck," I said.

I had an funny feeling Picard is right outside struggling to keep his grip onto the nearby metal. John-Luc Picard may have the looks of Jean-Luc but he is a different man. I approached the door, held my breath, then reached out into the open out of the room. The first thing I caught was a jacket collar. With all my arm strength I tossed the figure into the room right behind me then turned away from the door where everyone who isn't holding onto anything is being blown out of the corridor.

Picard is grasping at his neck struggling for air apparently blue.

"War ship," I said. "First attack?"

Picard glared over toward me,leaning over with his knees on the floor.

"No," Picard said. "For me; it is my 102nd attack."

I had a hysterical laugh.

"Oh my-hahaha," I laughed, putting the wheelchair on gravity mode. "You?" I get a stone faced reaction from Picard. Picard straightened himself. "Attacked that many times!" I slapped my knees feeling my face burning red. "That is the most hysterical thing I have ever heard!"

"I am not joking, Professor," Picard said.

"Right," I said. "Vulcan's do not joke."

"We do," Picard said. "Just not in the very serious moments."

I finish laughing.

"I can't believe you," I said. "That many? That would be the record for a Romulan."

"We are partners with them," Picard said.

"You...what?" I said.

"We are partners with them," Picard repeated.

"What is with your Vulcan mind?" I asked. "Romulans are war oriented not peaceful! The Federation should not be allying itself with a force like that! The Federation is a group of peaceful planets willing to go on explorations to find new life and planets under the rule they do not interfere!"

"The Federation is not a peace society," Picard said. "They ditched that quota after the loss of the first Enterprise! I am the only Vulcan in the Federation." He stressed being the only half Vulcan in the Federation to my horror. "There has been no cooperation from Vulcan since we aligned to the Romulans."

At first I didn't know what to say.

"At least the Vulcans were in their right minds," I said. "The Federation has gone the wrong way."

"I believe one day the original Enterprise will be found," Picard said. "And when that day comes...It will be a victorious day," He had a glint in his eye. The kind that would usually be there when he was fond of something. The kind I usually saw in my Jean-Luc when he wasn't aware I was there. "The finest day."

I stared at Picard.

"That day will never come in the future, at least not your future," I said. "But it will come in my future. My future is in the past, and I will fade into the past, and you will not exist. You will never see the day the Enterprise is returned."

"That is illogical," Picard said. "It is not like you are stuck in the past."

"This is my past," I said. "The war will never end for you. Don't you get it? People will continue to die in this timeline and one of them will be you,John-Luc, of all people!" I pointed directly at his chest. "You will not be resurrected."

"On the contrary my mind can live on if I put my katra into someone else," Picard said.

"Cheating death," I said. "How lovely."

"Exactly," Picard said.

"But you won't be able to," I said. "Every living person aboard this chunk of war metal will die. The Enterprise has already returned to the past."

Picard did not seem happy.

"It has not," Picard said.

"It has," I said. "Data is already making progress rescuing two Enterprises. Hopefully one of his communications gets to the Enterprise before mine."

"You are illogical," Picard said.

"You are a illogical," I said. "In a hour you will become a paradox." I toss a oxygen mask with gravity boots to Picard. "Put those on if you want to be on the damn bridge!" Picard had a frown on his face holding the two items. "Perhaps you want to go out saving the day. But I,Q, will not go out that way!"

"Professor Quarty," Picard said. "Where is the Enterprise?"

I sighed, grabbing an oxygen mask.

"That's it, I am going out," I said, wheeling toward the door.

"Professor!" Picard said.

"I hate this game," I said.

"But Professor," Picard shouted. "You'll die!"

"Not like you know me!" I shouted back. "You barely know me!"

"This is not a game," Picard yelled. "This-"

"Is extremely serious," I finished. "BITE ME!"

I saw a Klingon Bird of Prey shooting at the Enterprise through the hole. A lightbulb went off in my head. Well, it would give enough time for me to live and to be brought back straight into the past unharmed. I should go to the brig! It is the safest place aboard the Enterprise that has fields up capable of preventing escape. The brig is where I was headed, to anyhow. I make my way to the brig using the most nearby lift.

The ship shook, violently, briefly enough the lights went out for a couple minutes.

The lights came back on five minutes afterward as did the power.

I came to the brig shortly after the lift had stopped. It took me fifteen minutes just to get there. The doors opened to reveal a big hole where security guards were floating out into open space turning blue getting covered in ice. All of the brig had been destroyed. So much for my assumption for the brig's safety.

I went back to the turbo lift.

Since the Enterprise was a Galaxy type modified to be a star ship I knew my way around.

"Battle shuttle bay," I said.

I turned off levitation mode.

"Hold up!" I heard Data B.

Data B entered the turbo lift holding a unconscious body in his arms. I recognized that as John-Luc Picard. The doors to the turbo lift closed leaving me with someone I barely knew at all. I hadn't known of this version of Data. He could be different for all I knew! For once I felt scared.

"Thank you," Data B said.

I stare at him.

"Uh, hi," I said. "Awkward Android."

"I am not a Android," Data B said. "I have the body of a human with a prosthetic brain."

I observed Data B.

"You look Android," I said.

"Oh, this?" Data B said. "It is just a mirage to fool others. A sneaky way of escaping enemy clutches." He pressed a button on a machine resting on his arm. Data's skin turned into Caucasian and his eyes change to blue. "The most logical way possible."

I cleared my throat.

"So..." I said. "Your brain..." I had to be an idiot. "Was..." Off for three years and he aged as well. "...Mind blown."

"My brain is superior," Data B said. "I like that part."

The Turbo lift came to a stop at the shuttle bay.

"Many parts of the body you may like," I said.

"Which shuttle are you going?" Data B asked.

I stared at Data B.

"Are you mad?" I asked. "The whole purpose of this is to save the Enterprise not kill your captain!"

"My primary duty is to ensure the captain's survival," Data B said.

"You are his number one," I said.

"Correct," Data B said.

Data A would have done that, I thought.

"Then don't put him with me," I said. "I can help just not with a Vulcan looming my shoulder."

Data B glared down toward me.

"My files say you are the most trusted person aboard this ship," Data B said.

"I am not trust worthy!" I shouted. "Never was!"

I wheeled out of the turbo lift toward a large shuttle craft called The TARDI. I heard bootsteps following after me making squeaky sounds. Now I am feeling annoyed at the persistent human being. I pressed the side button to the TARDI. The back end to the TARDI fell down so I wheeled right into the shuttle.

"Computer, get ride of the pilot chair!" I ordered. "Take off!"

"Computer, delay take off," Data B said.

"Data!" I shouted. "Get out! This Enterprise should go with her crew."

"I have obligations that say otherwise," Data B said.

"I sometimes dislike goody two shoes who follow the rules to the letter," I said, as Data B placed Picard into a chair then he pressed a button. Picard is buckled in. "Get out and take him with you!"

"No," Data said.

"No?" I repeated.

"No," Data repeated.

"Fine, you prefer if your captain bows out aboard a shuttle," I said. "Then so be it!"

"Thank you," Data said.

"Don't thank me for going on a suicide mission!" I said.

Data B got off the shuttle.

"You have a plan," Data B said. "I assume this plan means your survival."

"No, it is the contrary!" I said.

"Your files say you would do anything to prevent the deaths of those you care about," Data B said.

"I don't have files in your timeline!" I said.

"I have them," Data B said. "And someone left them."

The doors closed.

"Taking off..." The computer announced.

Damn, did it really have to go this way?

The door to the shuttle bay opened up.

"Time to kick some Klingon ass," I said.

...The Bridge...

..2366 B...35 minutes later...

"We are under attack, Commander Data!" Yar B shouted. "Severely!"

"Put shields up," Data B ordered. "Lock on all phasers to the wings, just like what the TARDI is doing!"


The Enterprise shook making the power briefly turn off.

"The engine's have been hit," Yar B said. "Captain Worf is hailing us sir!"

"On screen," Data B said.

Captain Worf appeared on screen with a smirk on his brown Klingon face.

"Surrender,Enterprise," Worf B said.

"No," Data B said. "Our shuttle has taken out one of your vessels and is heading directly to a Star Base. We have the advantage," He held up a hand. "Engage on the second vessel, now!"

Numerous phasers destroy the third Klingon bird-of-prey.

Worf tapped his fingers together.

"You are very wrong," Worf B said. "I have more where that came from. Uncloak!" The Enterprise is surrounded by Klingon space ships. Worf B smiled lowering his hand down to the arm rest. "You are surrounded. You will surrender to me and become slaves to the Klingon empire."

"Sir?" Markus Evans B, a Lieutenant,asked turning away from the helm.

Data B stared at the screen.

"Well?" Worf B said. "I can stay here for decades if needed."

Data B turned around toward the crew.

"I..." Data B said. "I am sorry."

But suddenly a old version of the Enterprise came out into space. Data B ordered Yar to pull up hailing channel to which she did. Data turned toward the screen to see the very image of a long lost Federation space ship on the screen out of the circle made by the Bird-Of-Prey's lingering around.

On screen appeared a 35 year old Captain James T Kirk.

"Need some help?" Kirk asked.

"Captain Kirk," Data B said.

"Yes," Kirk said. "That is my name."

"Why yes, we-we need some help," Data said. "It is an honor."

"Fire torpedoes,Mr Sulu," Kirk said.

"Ay sir," Sulu's voice came over.

Several of the Bird of Preys are destroyed in the engine area.

"Captain,I have reports of damage on the lower decks," Came a woman's voice.

"Put everyone on red alert,Miss Uhura," Kirk said.

A split screen appeared on the Enterprise D version B.

"I demand an reason of this mockery!" Worf B demanded.

"We got the modifications from Mr Data A to visit timeline B," Kirk said. "The rest I am not entirely sure to explain. We are going to be in the area for at least until the Klingons have backed off from the Enterprise D."

"Klingons do not retreat!" Worf B said.

Kirk laughed.

"Well, the Klingons I know are capable of retreating," Kirk said. "And why is there ridges on your forehead?"

"I am a Klingon!" Worf B said.

"I know, but why do you have ridges on your forehead?" Kirk said. "The Klingons I know don't have those."

"We had a forehead disintegrating disease," Worf B said. "Klingon augment virus to be precise."

"Interesting," Data B said. "Then you will surrender to us."

"Klingons do not surrender!" Worf B said. "We will die fighting than go to Gre'thor! Worf out!"

The screen split ended right then.

"Well," Kirk said. "Do you think this deserves all at once attack, Mr Data?"

"Yes," Data B said.

Kirk smiled.

"I am ready when you are," Kirk said.

"So am I," Data B said. "Data out."

The two Enterprises shot at the Klingon space ship at once. The Klingon ship exploded. The original Enterprise set course to its timeline where a large portal surrounded by metal with strange odd texts at the top that seemed alien. The gate was extremely wide enough for just one ship to pass through the crystal clear blue waterbody. The original Enterprise soared through the portal leaving a trail of light behind.

Our view returns to Q's perspective.

The shuttle is parked across from the Enterprise. A ideally good distance. I saw all of the Klingon ships be destroyed namely by the work of two Enterprises; past and future. I glided the TARDI over to the Enterprise. The war ship qualities are fading away and so is the damage. Lights slowly start coming to in darkened holes. The quarters of civilians and personnel are returning.

It was more like a transformation going on that is slow yet visible. I felt excited, happy, and otherwise delighted to see the Enterprise D coming back into being. I looked over to Picard to see he still had pointy ears. He still has pointy ears, I noted. His uniform, strangely, is not changing. I found that to be a little odd. It puzzled me, really. Time dictates, even in wild timelines, that change must occur when the transitioning is happening including to the natives (except me, because I was not born in this timeline).

His gray uniform did not change nor did the pointy ears.

What in the Q continuum is going on?, I thought.

I turned my head away from Picard down toward the systems of the TARDI.

I saw the controls to the shuttle are fading.

"Whole point of this game was to prove a point," I said. "Trelane failed to make that point."

The Enterprise slowly repairs itself, time wise, becoming the version I do like.

"Data..." Picard talked in his sleep. "Klingons..."

I wish I had known this version of Jean-Luc, perhaps we would have made great frenemies.

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